App Review: Instagram for Android Mobile Devices

When it was launched for Android devices, Instagram grew immensely. Though the app didn’t have all the functionality of the iPhone app out of the box, it did indeed receive updates to make it more on par with its iOS version. The app is still very popular on the Google play store and can keep a photographer creative and spontaneous.

There is a very good reason why Facebook paid a hefty sum of money for Instagram

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Review: Adobe Lightroom 4

Adobe’s Lightroom series of products have often been championed as the best software out there for photographers to use for most jobs. Indeed, most of the staff uses Lightroom. When the Beta came out, I sat there at a cross-roads. I’ve used Capture One Pro before, and loved it. The color rendering engine blew my mind away. It still does in many ways. But Lightroom has the advantage of quicker updates for various RAW files types from newer cameras.

Then Adobe provided a review copy of Lightroom 4 for me for evaluation; and I started to compare the two much more.

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Sometimes Us Editors Mess Up Too: The Team from SnapHeal Schools Us On Fixing an Image

Sometimes we as editors make mistakes. We recently reviewed Snapheal, the software that essentially makes content awareness editing super simple and works rather well. In our review, we weren’t quite able to get it to work with one image. However, we sent the image to the team over there for them to try; and they got it.

We apologize for the error, and I thought it really deserved its own full post. Snapheal is available in the Mac App Store; and is available only for those that bow down to our overlord Tim Cook.

Review: SnapHeal Image Editing Software


If you are a Mac user, there’s a new program available for photographers that does a fairly decent job of removing objects from photographs you don’t want in the image. While this has been a feature in many photo processing programs like Photoshop, this may be the only example of a stand-alone program to accomplish this for just $15 (and 60% off for a limited time). Granted, it’s not Photoshop and has some limitations, for the price, it’s a pretty cool product. Take a look at these examples and judge for yourself!

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Review: CameraBag 2 Image Editing Software

Though there is still quite a bit of hype going around about Adobe Lightroom 4, it’s nice to know that there are other options available tailored to the styles of different editors. We previously went hands on with Nevercenter’s CameraBag 2 while it was in beta and have been testing the now fully released version of the software for quite a while and over many different shooting sessions.

In a nutshell, the software is perhaps what every enthusiast photographer that doesn’t want to spend a ton of time in the editing stage may want to get their hands on.

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Editing Video in Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta: Canon’s Cinestyle Color Profile

Various rundowns and impressions have been posted over the internet on the impressions of Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta so far. For me, I wanted to see how the new video editing interface worked. This came after downloading the Technicolor Cinestyle Color Profile for my Canon 5D Mk II. To be quite honest with you, I don’t see why I couldn’t have just manually set the color, saturation, contrast, and sharpness settings myself. However, I do see how it allows the user to have more latitude with their editing providing you’ve got a working knowledge of color theory.

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Review: Perfectly Clear Lightroom Plug-In

I had heard of Perfectly Clear before and have also seen very positive reviews of the software, but it was only when I got to try it myself was I actually able to make any concrete decisions about it. Perfectly Clear is a plug-in for Lightroom 3, Photoshop, and also exists as a stand-alone software. The aim is to make editing as simple as possible for consumers and it does so by using more vernacular terminology and by giving in-depth explanations as to what each setting does.

But will simplifying things still help you to accomplish your tasks?

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Quick Review: Camera Bag 2.0 (Beta) Editing Software

Camera Bag is an editing software program primarily centered around the use of presets with levels of adjustment: similar to the way that many mobile phone applications like Instagram work. While Adobe Lightroom 3 and Photoshop all have presets that allow users to get images with a cross-processed, plastic camera type of look (amongst others) not many people still know how to accomplish these look or understand color theory.

So does Camera Bag worth your time?

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Fun Review: Pixlr-O-Matic for Android Phones

Sometimes we don’t want to bring a point and shoot, mirrorless camera, film camera, or DSLR with us. And at those times, we’ve often been good enough with the results from our phones. Indeed, when we tested the Apple iPhone 4’s camera, it performed very well. While the iPhone users have their fun with Instagram and Hipstamatic, the closest thing that us Android users (whether using HTC Smartphones or others) have had for a while was Retro Camera (which has undergone many changes since our review.) Enter Pixlr-O-Matic for Android: hands down the single app that is killing my battery due to my absolute addiction.

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Three Free Preset Packages To Emulate Film in Lightroom 3

Do you love the look of film but don’t want to have to shoot and scan? Luckily, Adobe Lightroom 3 has presets that allow you to emulate that look very closely. After searching around the web for a while and shooting with the likes of Portra, Fuji Professional, and looking at Kodachrome prints, I’ve found a couple of free presets that can get the job for you on the cheap. Here are a couple of my favorites and what they look like.

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Apple Aperture 3: Importing & Managing Images

As you import your images from your camera, it is important to organize them. This makes it easier in the future when you want to edit, store, and eventually archive photos. This is especially important when you have clients. You never want to be in a situation where you’ve lost or can’t find a client’s images. This article and tutorial video will show you how to import files, and help you decide where your files will “live” on your computer or storage media.

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PiRAWnha: RAW image editor for iPad

RAW files are all the rage among photographers: the Holy Grail of better image quality is seducing us into thinking all images should be shot RAW, just in case. After all, that Pulitzer-prize winning image is just a trip down ACR away. The reality is somewhat different. RAW files suck space and processor power like there’s no tomorrow, and are probably best left to professional photographers (who might actually need the data which is in a RAW file but not in a JPEG) and people with plenty of time for post-processing and have the computer power to match. Which brings us to PiRAWnha, an iPad App for processing RAW files. From the outset let me say this is a useful, possibly job-saving application – but is also a complete waste of time for most photographers.

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App Review: Perfectly Clear HD for the iPad

Open an image in Perfectly Clear HD and it's displayed like this: on the left the original file, on the right the processed image.

Apple’s iPadis a great way to display photographs, whether to family and friends or to show to clients, and it’s easy to get images onto the device, either with the Camera Connection Kit (from Apple) or via a connection to your computer and even wirelessly using software such as Shuttersnitch. However, unless you’ve spent time correcting your images on your computer and then transferred them, you’re basically stuck with the images as they were in camera, which isn’t good enough: nearly every digital photograph will benefit from some correction and enhancement. Athentech Imaging has produced Perfectly Clear HD, its image enhancement software, to do just that on the iPad (as well as being a plug-in for PhotoShop, but we’ll deal with that in a later article).

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Review: Nero Multimedia Suite 10

Nero’s latest offering, Multimedia Suite 10, is an excellent toolkit for the video inclined. You can burn, rip, convert, back up, organize and edit digital media. The suite is divided into three programs: Nero Vision Xtra, Nero Burning ROM, and Nero BackItUp & Burn. In this post, I’ll provide a brief tutorial for creating a basic video with Nero Vision Xtra.

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