Lotte Grønkjær’s Ethereal Flower Photographs Are a Thing of Beauty

All photos by Lotte Grønkjær. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Photographing flowers is a common and popular route through which many of us get started in photography, and it’s easy to see why. With their unique, delicate, and timeless beauty, they make perfect subjects for exploring a variety of genres such as macro, nature, and fine art photography. With her stunning work, Copenhagen-based Lotte Grønkjær sets a good example for those who want to elevate photographing flowers. Clean, minimalist, and distraction-free, her work emphasizes the elegance of her chosen flowers.

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Creative Portraits Shot with Rear Curtain Sync Flash by Michael Winters

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your portraits, you might want to try shooting in rear curtain sync flash.

Working with flash for portrait photography may seem daunting at first, but it can open up your work to many creative techniques and possibilities. Shooting with the rear curtain sync flash mode is a good example. We’ve seen some noteworthy examples over the years, and we’d like to add one more to inspire you to try it out. New Hampshire portrait photographer Michael Winters gives us some ideas for working with the rear curtain sync flash mode in the studio.

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This New Book Is a Beautiful Love Letter to New York Street Photography

All images by Phil Penman. Used with permission. 

“God I love this city,” says Phil Penman. There’s no further evidence of that than in his debut photobook, STREET. Through a series of brilliant photographs, he communicates this beautiful 20-year love story between a man and a place he now calls home. The eccentric, the beautiful, the New Yorkers, the celebs, and the architecture all have a starring role in this story. If you’re yet to visit the Big Apple, STREET is going to show you everything you need to know. Phil will also be talking about the making of this book as part of Develop Photo Week on September 4th in NYC.

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Thibaud Poirier Captures the Peaceful Beauty of “Sleeping Venice”

All photos by Thibaud Poirier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s always fascinating to see a different look at the world’s most famous cities. One way photographers do it is by capturing a glimpse at night, as the cities often take on a different persona without all the activity, lit only by the faint glow of street lights. We’ve seen some excellent examples (like Mark Broyer’s After Hours in Hamburg) in the past, and we’re adding one more to the list. From Paris-based Thibaud Poirier comes a series featuring the calm and quiet side of Sleeping Venice, which can be a drastically different visual experience for those used to the hustle and bustle of the popular Italian city.

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Beauty Beyond Scars Uses Black and White to Look Past Tragedy

All images by Krysada Phounsiri – aka, Snap PIlots. Used with permission. 

“My main motive is to create dope photographs while allowing people to express their story,” explains San Diego based photographer, Krysada Phounsiri – aka, Snap PIlots. In his moving portrait photography series, Beauty Beyond Scars, he puts the focus on those who may wish to avoid the camera, reminding them of their identity, the love, and the self-love they deserve. “I want the photos to establish a visual narrative on their own while providing a space for people to share their story about their scar(s), their pain, and how they gather strength to move forward.” Phounsiri is building a beautiful story, filled with heartwarming and motivating narratives. We could not pass on the opportunity to discuss his work, as it’s truly inspiring.

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This Dope, Refurbished Blue Leica M4-P Can Be Yours for $956

Still looking for a cool vintage Leica to your camera collection? A refurbished Leica M4-P we spotted could fit the bill. 

Once in a while, we come across some unusual but cool vintage cameras than grab the attention of photographers and camera collectors. A good example is a refurbished Leica M4-P body dressed in a “Blue Lizard” grain leather cover that comes with a Leica Winder M. If you don’t mind some bright color on your vintage Leica, our latest find could be worthy of your attention and a space on your camera shelves.

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Manish Lakhani Reveals a Day in the Life of Sulfur Miners in Indonesia

All photos by Manish Lakhani. Used with permission.

Certain professions come with some level of danger, and the sulfur miners of Ijen, in East Java, Indonesia certainly endure one the most hazardous working conditions. Noxious fumes, clouds of sulfur dust, challenging terrains, an acidic crater lake, and perilous hikes are all part of the job. During a trip in 2016, travel, documentary, and landscape photographer Manish Lakhani was able to meet one of the miners and a get a glimpse of their life along the perilous slopes of the so-called “Mountain of Fire.”

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“Smithy” Places the Spotlight on the Smithing Crafts of Ural Artisans

This beautiful documentary project showcases the smithing and forging crafts that today’s generation of Ural artisans are still actively engaged in.

Craftsmen and artisans are among the most compelling subjects for documentary photography for their mastery and interesting stories. Despite the reality that many of the tools we use today are made in factories and manufacturing plants, these artists are at the forefront of keeping some of the oldest professions alive. The stories of craftsmen from the Ural region is what piqued the interest of photographers Oleg Kovalyuk, Maxim Loskutov, and Andrey Kuskalo. Together, under the Form 42 collective, they introduce us to the metalsmiths, leather crafters, and artistic forgers who creatively make the tools and items available to those who can appreciate fine craftsmanship.

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Florian Nick: Showcasing Nature’s Diversity in Timelapse Photography

With nature being a potent source of inspiration for many creatives, it’s no surprise that Stuttgart-based Florian Nick found the great outdoors the perfect playground for his timelapse photography.

My name is Florian Nick and Iʼm a freelance director of photography and timelapse photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. My ideas and visions as a filmmaker are inspired by the diversity of our planet with its stunning places to be traveled, extraordinary people to be met and inspiring stories to be told. This drives my passion for capturing unique moments and images from around the globe in an authentic and meaningful way. As my work is particularly dedicated to the outdoors, sports, travel and lifestyle, my fascination for nature had me specialize in timelapse photography as a powerful method of creating impressive high-quality imagery of stunning landscapes.

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This Pink Olympus XA2 Is an Extremely Rare Commemorative Edition

Don’t let the blush pink color fool you — this Olympus XA2 is an extremely rare commemorative model that deserves a spot in your collection.

If your camera collection is comprised mainly of rarities and curiosities, our latest vintage find is worth your attention: an extremely rare pink Olympus XA2 with matching flash. Chances are you’ve never heard of it — a testament to how rare it is! Whether you’re yet to get your hands on an XA2 or simply have a penchant for intriguing editions, this could be a candidate for the next addition to your collection!

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Damien Guiot: Summer Nightscapes to Make You Long for Starry Nights

All photos by Damien Guiot. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to summer scenes, it’s always sunsets at the beach or the golden sunrise that gets the spotlight. But nighttime can also be a great shooting opportunity during summer. This is what Damien Guiot shows us in his stunning collection of starry nightscapes shot around the Vosges in France. For those of us who have skipped shooting the night skies in favor of the deep blues and vibrant golds of sunrise and sunset, this series will inspire us to try it out.

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Zach Alan’s Light Painting Photographs Are Fire – Literally!

All images by Zach Alan. Used with permission.

“…my chief strength in this genre is improvisation,” says Zach Alan. He adds, “Whenever a location doesn’t quite pan out, it’s a good feeling to still pull off a shot I can be proud of.” Everyone should admire Zach’s light painting photographs, not only for how interesting they are but because of the time and effort he puts into creating them. While viewing them, we feel like we’re looking into another world, his creative world. We’re big fans of this type of photography. It takes us away from the pressures of everyday life and injects some fantasy and awe into our minds. We describe the work as fire, not just because we’re cool, but because they literally are. Not content with an orthodox lighting approach, he introduces actual fire to his larger than life scenes! Tired of asking, “How does he do it?” we thought it would be better to contact him and find out.

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You Secretly Want This Rare, Unused Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 for $3,215

Anything Hello Kitty touches is guaranteed to be saleable, but we’re not sure a Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 should be going for this much.

If you’ve been following our vintage finds, you’ll know that we keep our eyes peeled for all things noteworthy, cool, and sometimes overpriced. Today’s find has all three ticked: a rare Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, in unused condition, going for $3,215. It’s definitely a collectible item both for Hello Kitty fans and Polaroid photographers (and Polaroid photographers who are also Hello Kitty fans). But whether it warrants the hefty price tag is another matter altogether.

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Kevin Krautgartner Plays with Light and Shadow in Aerial Photos of Dunes

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of outstanding aerial photography lately for the abstract imagery they offer to intrepid photographers. It’s exciting to see them uncover nature’s breath-taking art that stays hidden from most of us. It’s also interesting how each shot is a testament to the impact of perspective on perception. Case in point is the expanse of sand dunes that German photographer Kevin Krautgartner captured to present a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

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Photographer Carmen Yahchouchy Visits Your World as You Sleep

All images by Carmen Yahchouchy. Used with permission.

“I was only a visitor to their ‘safe’ space, and they were eager to go back to ‘dreaming’ as well,” says photographer Carmen Yahchouchy. Carmen has an inquisitive mind. A tremendously intelligent photographer, she communicates her view of the world through compelling visual storytelling, as we see in her series, Vulnerable Visits. On a much deeper level, the place in which we rest can be something sacred, and Yahchouchy recognizes that. She took something as simple as men sleeping and turned it into an exploration of anxiety, dreams, and vulnerability. The work is simple in execution, but complex in its meaning – naturally, we found this intriguing.

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Exploring the Bigger Creative Roles of Film Photography and Print (NSFW)

For Nick Sabatalo, film photography is less about the cool factor and more about its role as a bastion of fine art alongside the print.

With film photography still having a place in our creative arsenal, we’re always curious about how fellow film photographers are going against the grain and making the most out of the unique medium. So, when (currently) Los Angeles-based fashion photographer and casting director Nick Sabatalo got in touch with us to share the latest in his film photography forays, we were curious. Five years after picking up a film camera, he’s now venturing into a major component of the medium that most of today’s film photographers are skipping: making fine art prints of their images. In our chat with Nick, we asked him to tell us more about his insights on print (specifically darkroom printing), the plans for his all-film photography magazine, and what roles film is meant to fill in the realm of fine art photography.

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Yusuke Nishibe’s Creative Photos Honor a Traditional Japanese Print

All photos by Yusuke Nishibe. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Before photography became one of the primary tools for creative expression and documentary work, there were traditional art and printing techniques. Japan was a cradle of some of the most fascinating of these, including a nature printing method called Gyotaku. It’s safe to say that it inspired Yokosuka based Yusuke Nishibe to use photography as a way of paying tribute to the unique craft with his own digital version.

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Tobias Friedrich’s Old Canon DSLR Captures Critters of the Deep Seas

All photos by Tobias Friedrich. Used with Creative Commons permission,

If you were fascinated with the surreal sea creatures photographed by Tobias Friedrich during one of his blackwater dives, he’s got more to satisfy your curiosity. In his latest snaps, he showcases the diversity of tiny critters in tropical waters of Indonesia, training his macro lens on creatures both weird and wonderful. If you have a keen interest in marine life, or simply find blackwater diving intriguing, this collection will surely be worth checking out.

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Giacomo Bruno Makes a Beautiful Tribute to the Masters of Japan

All photos by Giacomo Bruno. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to getting a glimpse of life in the world’s best-known places, Giacomo Bruno remains one of our go-to documentary photographers. The last time we followed the adventures of the Milan-based photographer, he took us to the depths of the Amazon forest in Brazil to show how the people of Beira do Río grow and harvest the açaì berry. His latest travels took him to Japan, which he found a fascinating country for its strong and heartfelt adherence to traditions, especially when it comes to art and craftsmanship. Of course, he couldn’t pass up documenting this particular side of the country’s culture. He did so by photographing the masters of the most typical and traditional of the Japanese arts.

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Analog Self-Portraits Help Chantal Convertini to Love and Accept (NSFW)

All images by Chantal Convertini. Used with permission. 

“I don’t like these overly perfect fashion images that are as pretty as they are empty.” That’s the thought of Chantal Convertini. She adds, “shooting self-portraits is a form of self-acceptance and self-love.” She gives her audience a raw, straight out of camera view of her world with film photography that is gentle, but also has a powerful message – we’re human, we’re different, and that’s okay. In her portfolio, a mix of portraits and self-portraits, we see women wanting to connect to themselves, not to the self that society tells them to connect to. We find this truly inspiring and we adore the beautiful results that come from this creative approach.

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Marta Syrko’s “Dot” Is a Very Clever Take on Fashion Photography

Feeling stuck in your fashion photography projects? You might want to draw some timeless inspiration from the work of Marta Syrko.

Fashion photography can sometimes look bland and repetitive these days. What usually works to remedy this is trying something new, or drawing inspiration from a totally different style. If you’re looking into shaking up your practice with more timeless imagery, we think you’ll find the work of Ukranian fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer Marta Syrko inspiring.

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