The Telling Black and White Portraiture of David Drake

Photographer David Drake has a style to his portraiture. A Je ne sais quoi.

Photographer David Drake is not only the man behind the vycra presets for Lightroom, but he’s also a fantastic film photographer. “My step-father was at ground zero in NYC on September 11th 2001, and was photographed by the Magnum photographer Larry Towell,” he tells us. “It was published in the Magnum September 11th book. I was 15 years old at the time, and the fact the a photo of one of my parents was being exhibited and published really interested me.” After getting a copy of the book and a Minolta XG7 from his step-father, he started shooting in black and white film. And according to him, it was probably because of that photograph.

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Daniel Garay Arango Gives Architectural Photography a Zero Gravity Spin

All images by Daniel Garay Arango. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How do you make something mind-blowing with something as commonplace as architectural photography? In a marvel of photography and digital art, Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango gives us a good idea. He imagines what architectural elements would look like in a zero-gravity environment. At least, that’s what I’d say the story would be from the set’s title alone.

But, all sci-fi suggestions aside, Daniel’s idea for his GRVTY series is actually quite interesting. I imagine it evolving from an original idea to “dissect” some buildings into different frames. Instead of taking pictures of buildings from different angles and vantage points, he went for a more literal execution, cutting them into sections and even pieces.

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Dylan Lucas Gordon Seeks Adventure in the Russian Arctic Circle

All images by Dylan Lucas Gordon. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re craving for an adventure, we have just the right stuff to inspire you with some wanderlust. In his playful and stunning photo diary, California-based photographer Dylan Lucas Gordon shares what went down during his trip to the Russian Arctic Circle in search of waves to surf and concrete to skate.

Russia is home to some of the most extreme places in the planet. “Raw, Cold, Barren…” Dylan himself said, yet he and his companions thought it was also one of the best places to look for unique experiences. Their chosen destination to make their journey – the Russian Arctic Circle. They eventually found that it was “…beautiful, enlightening, full of adventure.” For anyone who’s ever been curious about this side of the world, he’s got some pretty interesting stuff to show us.

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Victoria Nazarova Shows How Black and White Film Still Makes Beautiful Portraits

All images by Victoria Nazarova. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Film is very much alive, and in fact remains the photographic medium of choice for many portrait projects. Nothing compares to the mood, look, and image quality of film for this purpose, especially in black and white, and when exposed correctly. If you’re not convinced, we think the portrait portfolio of Russian photographer Victoria Nazarova will drive the point home.

But first, allow us to make a case for film photographers. We’ve been getting a lot of buzz about analogue in the last few years; the cry for more films and film cameras getting stronger and stronger. There are short documentaries exploring why it’s still alive. There are new books being published to guide today’s generation of analog photographers. Then, there’s the case that film photography matters because black and white still matters.

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Florian Wenzel Illustrates the Power of Color in “Farbfleck”

All images by Florian Wenzel. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The power of color in photography isn’t always in the display of the most vibrant hues, or filling the frame with the most eye-catching color combinations. It’s also evident in the simplicity of minimalist techniques and approaches. German photographer Florian Wenzel demonstrates how this works with a short series curiously titled Farbfleck.

In this set that is part conceptual and largely landscape-driven, Florian was inspired by an idea encapsulated in a quote by a German musician. “I’m a spot of color in a black and white world.” His train of thought later moves into the melancholic imagery often best depicted in black and white. “You just lay in your bed for hours, sad, and you don’t know why. It’s like the colors disappear and you turn black and white like the world around you.”

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Markus Hofstaetter Shoots Steampunk with a Handheld Wet Plate Camera

Yes, you read it right. Markus Hofstaetter shows us how it’s possible to shoot a wet plate camera HANDHELD.

Remember portrait and wedding photographer Markus Hofstaetter and his passion for wet plate photography? He’s back with another awesome wet plate project. This time, he shot with a 91-year-old box-form SLR handheld for a beautiful steampunk-themed photo shoot.

Doing wet plate photography with centuries-old equipment and chemicals is certainly a challenge on its own. For those of us who are yet to experience it firsthand, Markus has given us an idea, first with an interview about his Generations project. Then, he shared with us a 360 video of him traveling to the Czech Republic to shoot in the historic Museum Fotoatelier Seidel with his massive wet plate cameras.

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Jean Yves Lemoigne Depicts the Strength and Grace of Muay Thai Boxers

All images by Jean Yves Lemoigne. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we speak of intense combat sports, grace is often the last thing that comes to mind. However, French photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne has found that some sports can unexpectedly resemble something different, like dance. He picked a rather interesting sport to demonstrate this idea: Muay Thai.

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Lukas Holas Celebrates the Animal Kingdom with Stunning Portraits

All images by Lukas Holas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Some of the most compelling bodies of work showing the beauty of nature are also the simplest. It works with landscape photography as we’ve recently seen in the impressive works of photographers like Przemyslaw Kruk and George Digalakis. This is certainly more challenging to pull off for other nature-centric genres like wildlife photography, but we’ve found a series that did it, and did so beautifully. Czech graphic designer and photographer Lukas Holas has achieved it with his stunning collection of Portraits of Animals.

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