Skander Khlif Captures the Tunisian World Cup Revelry in “Hooligans of Love”

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with permission.

It’s been a while since the 2018 FIFA World Cup has concluded, but that doesn’t stop us from showcasing this beautiful and heartfelt photo essay by Skander Khlif. In his set titled Hooligans of Love, the Munich-based street and documentary photographer captured the revelry of the Tunisian team’s supporters. Interestingly, it the was the only group that he ended up making a series about throughout his attendance of the World Cup, and here, he tells us why.

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The Nature of Things in Light and Color: Minimalist Landscape Photography by Li Ye

All images by Li Ye. Used with permission.

Landscape photography has always been about immersing ourselves in nature’s grandeur first, and bringing home photos that serve as a reminder of the experience. It’s also the same for freelance photographer and writer Li Ye, who is based in one of the most sought after destinations among photographers: the mystic and majestic Tibet. Apart from scaling the region’s mountainous landscapes, he also explores other regions in China whose features best fit his minimalist style and creative approach of finding the nature of things in light and color. In this quick interview, Li Ye gives us an insight into what inspires him within and outside Tibet, how he developed his moody and minimalist style, and how he began his journey into landscape photography.

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These Light Painting Portraits from Jason Page Are for iHeartRadio

All images by Jason D Page. Used with permission.

Based out of Hobe Sound, Florida, photographer Jason D Page has been creating light painting photographs for over a decade. Jason is also the creator of the Light Painting Brushes system, a collection of specialty lighting tools designed with light painters in mind. We had previously featured some of Jason’s work here on the Phoblographer: These Faces Were Created With Long Exposure Light Painting and his “Lady of the Lake”. Most recently, Jason did a light painting portrait project with the artists performing at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango music festival in Los Angeles, and shared his experiences with us.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s Latest Shoot Continues His Stopping Liquids at High Speed

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz recently shot an ad for Atom Compression Wear using his signature look.

When I think about photographers who are really, truly unique, the name Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz of course comes to mind. Very few have been able to do what he does. We’ve covered lots of his work in the past with him making it really big with his Milky Pinups, then Splash Heroes, Bamboo ForestFallen Angels, and Splashscreen. But his latest project is much more commercial and done for Atom Compression Wear.

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Finding Inspiration in the Great Outdoors with Sunny Herzinger

All images by Sunny Herzinger. Used with permission.

Some photographers travel to take photos, while others take up photography to travel. For Germany-based engineer and landscape photographer Sunny Herzinger, it’s hard to tell which camp he belongs to. “Probably both,” was also he could say, and it’s pretty easy to see why he thinks it’s the case, as travel and photography are inseparable. Luckily for him, inspiration is not hard to come by, as he’s surrounded by the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Continue reading…

Grace Chen’s Sense of Wanderlust Fuels Her Photography

All images by Grace Chen. Used with permission.

While some photographers may get their pleasure in portraiture and street photography, Grace Chen (Instagram) is more about taking full on experiences and expressing them in a single photo. Grace has been shooting for almost 10 years now, and combines her love of traveling and exploring with her love of photography. Recently named one of Adobe’s Rising Stars of 2018, Grace originally hails from San Francisco and both the travel and photo bug bit her while studying abroad. We asked her a few quick questions about what she’s up after being named a Rising Star.

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How Introversion and the Camera Made Sarah Blesener Get into Photography

All images by Sarah Blesener. Used with permission.

For photographer Sarah Blesener (Instagram), photography began as an experiment into what she calls “an escape.” She started photographing those around her, namely her sister, going through an eating disorder. She’s a documentary photographer by trade who, interestingly enough, took a lot of inspiration from literature. Yes, literature; something lots of creative, surreal photographers typically draw influence from. And of course, she adores movies and film. Sarah was just named one of Adobe’s Rising Stars of Photography for 2018, and we had a moment to ask her a few quick questions about her, her work, and her future as a photographer.

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In Pursuit of Candid Moments with Irynka Hromotska

All images by Irynka Hromotska. Used with permission.

The love for photography is sparked by things both big and small. For Ukraine-based Irynka Hromotska, those things were as big as her dad’s lot of undeveloped films from his mountain trips, and as small as a few issues of National Geographic magazine. These things naturally sparked her interest not only in travel and photography, but also the pursuit of candid moments. This is very much the meat of her work, whether it’s travel photography or street photography.

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Abstract Visuals Dominate Fabio Giachetti’s Architectural Photography

All images by Fabio Giachetti. Used with Creative Commons permission.

A big chunk of the architectural photography we’ve featured in the recent past shows us one of the most effective approaches to the genre; clean and minimalist in black and white. Today, we’re adding one more to the pile with the works of Italy-based photographer Fabio Giachetti, who makes the curves, shapes, and outlines shine in his architectural photography.

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Steve Roe Turns Streets Into Trippy Neon Wonderlands Using Fractal Prisms

All images by Steve Roe. Used with permission.

There may be no signs of the neon trend going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep shooting the same looks over and over. The latest on our roster of photographers who are creating some interesting stuff with this trend is South Korea-based Steve Roe, who found a way to make neon extra trippy by combining it with kaleidoscopic prism effects.

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Ian Pettigrew Aims for Smiles With His “Floating Dogs” Project

All images by Ian Pettigrew. Used with permission.

Ian Pettigrew is one of our favorite creative brains to pick when it comes to photography projects. This time, we have him back for something totally different from his usual work. A drastic departure from hard-hitting topics like Cystic Fibrosis explored in projects like the SaltyGirls and SaltyKids, this adorable new project brings smiles to our faces in place of the tugs at our hearts. Interestingly, the idea for this “floating dogs” series just popped in his head — literally and figuratively — in a way that only seems to happen to an art director-turned-photographer. Ian tells us more about this beautiful project through our lighthearted chat after the jump.

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Jesse Echevarria Unravels the Beauty of Colorado’s Hidden Dunes

All images by Jesse Echevarria. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Attention, landscape photographers! Here’s a spot to add to your list of stunning places to photograph. Brooklyn-based art director and photographer Jesse Echevarria says visiting and staying overnight at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado is a must, and he definitely has the photos to prove it. If you’re up for some driving, hiking, and camping, you’ll have the opportunity to snap some breathtaking landscape photos in one of Colorado’s hidden natural treasures.

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Troyce Hoffman Captures Stunning Black and White Landscapes Using a Holga

All images by Troyce Hoffman. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you still have a Holga camera lying around, we spotted a set of stunning black and white photos that will make you want to pick that Holga up and take it on a road trip. Through his snaps of the American West, California-based documentary photographer Troyce Hoffman shows us exactly how the iconic toy camera works wonders in capable hands.

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“Through a Different Lens” Looks Back at Stanley Kubrick’s Early Years as a Photographer

Stanley Kubrick may be best known for his work as a motion picture director, but an ongoing exhibit in New York City reminds us that he was also an outstanding photographer.

Before he became an acclaimed film director and New York City’s most famous sons, Stanley Kubrick was first a photographer with an exceptional creative vision. He was just 17 when he sold his first photograph in 1945 to pictorial magazine Look. To remind us of this fruitful period in Kubrick’s life as a visionary, the Museum of the City of New York showcases his photographs in a newly opened exhibit.

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Sergey Lebedev Handcrafts Unique Pinhole Cameras Using Driftwood

Here’s something to inspire you to make pinhole cameras using the most unique and unexpected materials out there.

Pinhole photography is as simple and basic as it gets when it comes to creating images, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make impressive work out of it. In fact, photographer and camera maker Sergey Lebedev proves you can make the camera itself jaw-dropping. After seeing his gorgeous handmade pinhole cameras made out of driftwood, I believe we no longer have any excuse to not take on crafting our own pinhole cameras — and getting experimental with it in the process. I’m sure that seeing something that is typically ignored made into something beautiful, unique, and functional is nothing short of inspiring. Continue reading…

Matthew Guido Gives the Neon Trend a “Nightmare” Treatment

All images by Mathew Guido. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The neon trend may be one of the most overused visual styles or aesthetics today, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether. If you can re-imagine and reinvent it to suit your own creative vision or style, then make good use of it by all means! To inspire and give you an idea on how to go about this, just look at this mesmerizing example by Toronto-based photographer Mathew Guido.

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Felix Inden’s Mesmerizing Fairy Tale Landscapes of the Lofoten Islands

All images by Felix Inden. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If moody landscapes are your thing, one of the best places to find them is up north, where nature is often both moving and intense. In his latest set, German landscape photographer Felix Inden showed us another destination to add to our must-visit list: the Lofoten Islands of Norway, which is home to some of the most magical landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

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Pep Ávila Pictures Children’s Heartbreak for an Emotional Ad Campaign

All images by Pep Ávila. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Of all the things we like asking children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” resonates the most. These dreams mean a lot to young minds and hearts, so watching them crumble or fade is always a heartbreaking ordeal. This was the idea that Barcelona-based photographer and cinematographer Pep Ávila executed into an emotional ad campaign for international independent children’s organization Save the Children.

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Louis Dazy Explores Moody Black and White Photography in “Smokescreen”

All images by Louis Dazy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We take a break from Louis Dazy’s punchy colors and moody double exposures to revisit one of his old works. In a set from a few years ago called Smokescreen, the Paris-based film photographer showcased his eye for sentimental imagery sans the hues and overlaps that have become his signature style.

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This Detailed Infographic Encourages Us to Preserve Our Digital Memories

An infographic says it’s time to start preserving those countless photos in your phone and hard drives for the future.

While digital cameras and smartphones have enabled virtually everyone to document their life through photography, the fate of many of the photos we take are often uncertain. A portion of it goes to social media, sure. A big percentage of “misses” definitely get deleted. What about the rest? How many of us even think about what to do with the ones we choose to keep?

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Luc Kordas Documents the Characters of Coney Island in Black and White

All images by Luc Kordas. Used with permission.

We’ve featured photographer Luc Kordas a number of times on our website, and his latest project features Coney Island. The popular Brooklyn tourist destination is iconic for a number of reasons, and in the past few years it has arguably become a hot spot for street photographers. Those looking to start out will have a much easier time honing both their ethical standpoints and their photography chops. At the same time, veterans will find a number of creative challenges that keep them coming back. For Luc, he’s been all about being an observer.

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