Ryan Brown Snaps the Frenzy of Morning Subway Commute in New York City

All images by Ryan Brown. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Cities at their busiest times are among the favorite subjects of street photographers. The energy can be hypnotic, and the activity often makes for an interesting profile of its city dwellers. With today’s featured snaps taken in New York, it’s easy to see why photographers often get drawn to the hustle of rush hour.

In 2003, street photographer and photojournalist Ryan Brown squeezed amidst the crowd of morning commuters in one of the busiest spots in the world: New York City. To really get into the morning rush of the city, he chose Grand Central Terminal, which also happens to be one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. As expected, his black and white photographs paint a picture of the frenzy that New Yorkers typically find themselves entangled in during their rush hour subway commute.

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Vikas Vasudev Shows the Faces of a Forgotten Land

All images by Vikas Vasudev. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Among the travel advice that we are often told is to make a genuine connection with the locals for unique experiences. It can be pretty intimidating at first, especially when you travel to big cities or set out on your own for the first time. But if you’re a photographer, overcoming your shyness and apprehension can set you up for an interesting project and keepsake of your trip. Today’s travel and portrait snaps by Mumbai-based Vikas Vasudev proves to be an inspiring example.

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Elena Iv-skaya Shows Stunning Retro-Styled Swimmers for “Dreamer Pool”

All images by Elena Iv-skaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There are some who say that today’s generation of creatives have this strange nostalgia for an era they never experienced. Instagram, for one, is partly responsible for the retro aesthetic we often see slapped on social media today. However, I totally understand the fascination of stylists, photographers, and designers for vintage elements and retro styling. The fashion editorials and portrait sets such as Elena Iv-skaya’s DREAMER POOL clearly shows why this trend has been catching eyes and turning heads.

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Mikael Broidioi’s Road Trip Diary Shows Stunning Landscapes of the American West

All images by Mikael Broidioi. Used with permission.

A trip doesn’t feel complete without a travel diary of some sort, especially if it’s a major road trip full of picturesque moments and postcard-worthy landmarks. The travel set taken by French photographer Mikael Broidioi during a trip to the United States early this year is certainly brimming with these, and flipping through it is sure to bring you a serious case of wanderlust.

For 15 days, Belgium-based Mikael and his wife traversed the American West, traveling 3,117 miles and visiting some of its most famous national parks: Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Antelope Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Petrified Forest, and Joshua Tree. Their scenic road trip also included driving along Route 66 from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. Mikael ended up with a big collection of travel snaps to remember this trip by, and I have to say they’re all marvelous.

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Evelyn Bencicova’s “artificial tears” Puts a Beautiful Spin on Mundane Life

All images by Evelyn Bencicova. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We hear the phrase “art imitates life” every now and then, but I think sometimes we see “imitations” that make us wish life can be just as artful in the real world. I was recently reminded of this as I browsed through the beautiful set by Bratislava-based photographer and art director, Evelyn Bencicova.

Entitled artificial tears, Evelyn’s set lets us follow a lone subject who appears to be going about her days, which seem mostly hushed and unhurried. Many of the scenes we witness are relatable and familiar. Stressful days at work, solo walks around town, daily chores we sometimes don’t want to be bothered with, an occasional visit to the local museum or art gallery, random Instax-worthy moments, and sometimes just doing nothing but staying still. Everything feels so everyday that I can almost hear many of you say, “Yeah, been there, done that.”

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Giacomo Bruno Beautifully Documents Tea Picking in Sri Lanka

All images by Giacomo Bruno. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Documenting daily life in plantations is one of the most beautiful projects that every photographer should take on if they have the chance. Every location holds a different story and shows a certain scenery but the messages are always eye-opening. Case in point is the excellent documentary work by Milan-based Giacomo Bruno, simply titled Ceylon Tea.

Taken most likely during a visit to the country last year, Giacomo’s work takes us to one of the lush tea plantations in Sri Lanka, and shows us what the typical days are like for its hardworking tea pickers. Ceylon Tea, the country’s very own brand of tea, is considered as one of the “raw gold” crops of Sri Lanka. Through this set of candid portraits, Giacomo also introduced us to “the people who bring this popular beverage on our tables everyday.”

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Charlie Naebeck’s Energetic “Kinetic” Project Takes Dance Photography to New Heights

All images by Charlie Naebeck. Used with permission.

After more than a year of shooting, scouting for collaborators, editing photos, and putting everything together, Charlie Naebeck is finally set to release a book to culminate his Kinetic project. This series, which is an exploration of the energy of dance, is his own take on photographing the graceful movements of this art form through long exposures and multiple exposures. Early into the project last year, we’ve given a preview of his experimental and non-conventional approach to photographing the dancers he collaborated with. Now, he’s gearing up for a worldwide launch of his Kinetic book and an accompanying music album on October 20th.

To catch up with him and learn more about his project, we recently had a chat with Charlie, who shared in great detail the processes, motivations, and ideas behind Kinetic, as well as some information about his upcoming international launch.

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Liselotte Habets Tells an Unusual Tale of the Bond Between Humans and Pets

All images by Liselotte Habets. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How many of us are guilty of keeping photo diaries, videos, and portraits of our beloved pets? All of us, I guess, at some point in our stints as photographers, will have amassed a big photo collection of our adorable furry or feathered companions. The pet portraits of Amsterdam-based Liselotte Habets, however, go beyond the usual adorable photos that make everyone melt into a collective “awww”.

Instead, she came up with the idea to tell the relationship between people and their pets — or at least, how she imagined the relationship would be like if people made odd choices for pets. To make it even more out of the ordinary, Liselotte chose to tell her story through animals made immortal via taxidermy.

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