The BlackRapid Camera Sling Has the Female Photographer in Mind

The BlackRapid Camera Sling was designed by Nicole Elliot with the female photographer in mind, but it can be enjoyed by everyone!

Transporting heavy gear can be a struggle. That’s why a durable camera strap is an absolute must! The latest offering from BlackRapid aims to provide a durable camera strap that allows photographers to conveniently access their kit. Pro photographer, Nicole Elliot, came up with her concept for a camera sling back in 2016, while on a trip in Ecuador. As a woman, she wanted to create something from the female perspective, using a centuries-old concept as the foundation of her product.

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This Zorki Rangefinder Has the Heart of a Panasonic XS1

This Zorki rangefinder frankencamera would undoubtedly turn some heads.

The level of innovation, vision, and skills of craftsmen and craftswomen never ceases to amaze us. While browsing the web recently, we came across an incredibly unique Zorki Rangefinder camera that will certainly get some attention. Zorki cameras are 35mm Soviet-era Rangefinder cameras that are copies of Leica cameras. The particular Zorki we are talking about will already grab the attention of passers-by because of its bronze finish, but its digital heart will wow even more. Let’s talk about it after the break.

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Maren Klemp and Her Powerful Story Show the Strength of Photography

All images by Maren Klemp. Used with permission.

“I’m sure every parent is or has been worried about their children, it’s part of being a parent,” says photographer Maren Klemp. She was faced with one of her biggest challenges in life. In 2013, her daughter became unwell, resulting in a complex febrile seizure. The seizure shook Maren and her family to pieces. Although her daughter survived, the consequence, for Klemp at least, was a world of worry, anxiety, and PTSD. As life got darker for the Norwegian photographer, she turned to photography to help her heal. Born out of her pain was her latest project, Scenarios.

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On the Myth of the Leica Photographer Who Doesn’t Have a Ton of Money

Despite how folks like to jeer at Leica photographers on the web, you don’t have to be rich to own one.

I bought my first Leica camera when I was in college, and I wasn’t rich. I then sold it because I needed the money, and only in my 30s did I really start buying into their cameras again. But, I’m not rich. I purchased used cameras. I bought film cameras. I bought third party lenses. The system is easy to get into if you just go third party or used sometimes. Sure, there’s the idea and the pride with having the Leica badge on your camera. But if you’re passionate about the cameras and photography, then the badge won’t mean a thing to you. Why you’d buy a Leica in the first place isn’t all about the tech, it’s all about you.

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Your Camera Sucks. Your Lenses Suck. But How Is Your Creative Vision?

Creative vision outdoes the best camera gear any day of the week.

I’m writing this blog post fully admitting that I haven’t done a truly creative project or even image in a little while. It’s been well over two years since I’ve given myself a project and a few months since I created an image. When I say create, I don’t mean document. I don’t mean put a light in front of a model and just shoot. I mean full set creation, manually controlling every aspect of the scene, an original idea, etc. What I’ve known for many years is that new cameras don’t make you a better photographer. They help you do new things that you couldn’t do before if you use certain features, but at the end of it all, you’re the one who creates the images. And a solid creative can shoot sports with a pinhole camera in a very unique way that only they can do.

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Opinion: Clarity Is the Feature Every Camera Needs

Clarity adjustment should be included with every single camera release from now on.

When the Fujifilm X Pro 3 launched and added clarity adjustment, I was incredibly thrilled. Even better: it seemed to add my changes to the RAW files. “Why doesn’t everyone do this,” I wondered to myself. And then, more and more, I started to see camera manufacturers add the feature. But I think everyone needs it at this point. With so much of a heavy emphasis these days on the post-production aspect, there is a vast need to differentiate between a photographer and a photo editor. A photographer, does most of the work in-camera. But, a photo editor does most of the work in post-production, and that’s created a culture of merely just fixing images in post-production. By adding clarity to a camera’s functionality, a photographer can focus on shooting and continue shooting rather than spending more time in post-production. I think that’s huge.

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Looking for a Good Photography Documentary? Check These Out!

If you want a solid photography documentary, check what we’ve got below!

If you’re passionate about photography, then it’s likely your interest goes beyond the practical aspect of the craft. Your love leads you to consume: other photographs, photo books, tutorials, and the like. A well-made photography documentary is popular with budding photographers and seasoned pros. Thanks YouTube, there are plenty of photo docs you can invest your time in, and gain inspiration and education along the way. Let’s take a look.

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Photographer Kat Grudko Has a Secret for Better Boudoir Photography

All images by Kat Grudko. Used with permission.

“I think I have to go with a conductor of a small orchestra,” explains photographer Kat Grudko when describing her boudoir photography. “I feel like it is this big thing (in terms of how vulnerable the subject needs to be), but at the same time while I am shooting I am so zoned into every little detail of my subject that nothing else outside of that matters.” Kat is an ambassador for Profoto and is based in South Africa where she mostly shoots lifestyle work. On the side, she shoots boudoir. Ms. Grudko explains that she’s a sensitive person who believes most creatives need to tap into that part of themselves. It lets them create from a deeper and more genuine place. This, combined with the vulnerability on a boudoir shoot, are fascinating to us. So we asked Kat to dive deeper, discuss being an empath, and talk a little bit of the cosmos.

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Photographer Evan Baines Studies How to Make a “Good” Military Portrait

All images by Evan Baines. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

“I think the most consistently interesting thing about this project to me is the tension between the individual and the ‘uniform,'” explains photographer Evan Baines. Evan has been shooting military portraits for a long time now. And over the years, he’s had many challenging scenarios. One of the biggest ones is the portrayal of women in uniform. It started out with his infatuation with history, so everything used to be done in black and white. Evan said it helped emphasize medals very well. But then his creative vision and his gear evolved.

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Pedro Vidal’s Beautiful Behind the Scenes Ballet Will Leave You in Awe

All images by Pedro Vidal. Used with permission.

“Shooting makes me see things in a beautiful way,” says Barcelona based documentary photographer, Pedro Vidal. He adds, “To photograph is to rediscover your surroundings and that’s what motivates me the most.” Vidal is a multi-disciplined creative whose photography focuses on human form and behavior. After spending some time with his work, enthralled by its beauty, we knew we had to offer him our platform. Join us as we get to know him better, and take a look at his latest project, Dégagé.

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5 Reasons Why Less Gear Will Help You Be a Better Photographer

You might not think so right now, but your gear and G.A.S. are stopping you from becoming a better photographer.

We all go through phases in our photographic lives where we believe that new gear will help us create better images. I need just one more lens then I will be able to create better pictures. I need this new camera because the extra megapixels will make me better. We’re not saying don’t go out and buy new gear; what we are saying is that lots of gear will not make you a better photographer. We’re here to tell you why more gear may be a hindrance, and that less gear can actually make you a better photographer. How? Let’s talk about it after the break.

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How to Manage Nerves at Your First Paid Photography Gig

Getting your first paid photography gig can be exciting, but also extremely nerve-racking!

Going from a photographer that shoots for fun to one that shoots for cash is a strange transition. You move from having the freedom to shoot as you please to needing to deliver and meet a client’s expectations. Of course, someone saying your work is worth paying for is amazing, and it’s something you should celebrate. But nerves can take over, and self-doubt begins to creep in. We want to help you manage those first-gig nerves so you can work at your best and deliver to your client.

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These 7 Things People Say to Photographers Will Infuriate You

We take a look at some sure-fire ways to rub photographers the wrong way.

Photography, although fun, can be a frustrating practice at times, not only because of the technical aspect but also the extra baggage that comes with it – like dealing with non-photographers. Here at The Phoblographer, we’ve heard some ludicrous things in our decades of combined experience. Some requests have been so ridiculous all you can do is laugh, and others, well, make you want to punch the wall and say, “I do that sometimes!” In this piece, we take a look at the seven most infuriating things you can say to photographers.

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7 YouTube Videos Highlighting the Role of Photography on 9/11

Photography has played a crucial role in helping people remember and learn about 9/11.

Another year has passed us by, but memories and feelings remain the same. The September 11 attacks are still the most impactful, talked about, and polarizing event in modern history. The role of photography on that day allowed people to see the pain felt by millions of people in New York and around the world. Some images have, unfortunately, become iconic. And they serve to help us remember, while teaching younger generations of the heartbreak felt by the western world. In this piece, we’re going to combine photography with video, as we turn to YouTube to remind ourselves of the importance of photography almost 20 years ago.

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Matt Stanman and His Fujifilm GFX Make Beautiful Landscapes

All images by Matt Stanman. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

“…I kind of put the camera away for a few years. Then, Youtube came about, and it reinvigorated my spirit for photography,” says photographer Matt Stanman about how he fell back in love with photography. Matt life with photography has a long history. It involved a move from California to Florida, which drastically changes landscape photography. Matt told us about his love for black and white photography, clouds, and his Fuji GFX system.

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Why New Photography Gear Isn’t Always the Best Gear for You

The Phoblographer surely has gear lust, but we’ll never tell you to make an irresponsible decision.

I’ve learned this lesson twice in the past decade. Actually, I’ve learned it three times. Sometimes the latest camera options aren’t the best products for the year–and this could be a significant reason why so many people buy vintage. But, this is why you should always carefully consider any purchase you make, or even consider renting from a company like Lensrentals. Photography and photography gear are incredibly personal from one person another. Paul and Brett both like bigger grips on cameras. On the other hand (no pun intended), I like rangefinders like a Leica or something like an X Pro 3. And at times, this means that you wait for a really long time without buying new gear. In fact, sometimes there’s no real reason to buy a new camera with how often refreshes are released. But there are much better reasons to buy augments like lenses. Let’s look at three examples I had in my career.

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Gabor Nagy Reveals the Otherworldly Abstract Rivers of Iceland

All photos by Gabor Nagy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not so long ago, we placed the spotlight on the stunning aerial photos of Iceland’s Stampar volcanic crater row which were snapped by Gabor Nagy in the Reykjanes Peninsula. It was yet another reason why Iceland is one of the most otherworldly places on Earth. However, the Budapest-based photographer and Sony Ambassador wasn’t done yet. In another installment from his Iceland From Above series, he takes us deeper into the island nation’s magical landscapes for a fascinating view of its frozen rivers.

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This Senior Portrait Shoot by Jake Zaepfel Will Make You Laugh

All images by Jake Zaepfel. Used with permission. See his work on Instagram, Facebook, and his Website.

“They look like Sexy Kenny Powers,” I said to photographer Jake Zaepfel in a Facebook conversation. He laughed. In fact, Jake credits the entire thing to his client, Dane. The amazing photos wouldn’t have been possible without Dane’s confidence and personality. It all happened after an offer Jake put out. Essentially, he let seniors have free photography sessions amid the Coronavirus pandemic. He then blew up on the local news, and in a few weeks he had 75 senior portrait sessions. And even after I sent Jake the interview questions, he was shooting and editing a wedding. Jake is an understandably busy guy with this much talent. But he walked us through this shoot and his creative vision.

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Street Photographer Joe Aguirre Is Now on a Sexual Misconduct List

An Instagram account dedicated to calling out sexual predators in the Bay Area has added street photographer Joe Aguirre to its list.

Several allegations have been made against street and portrait photographer Joe Aguirre. While rumors have circled for several years relating to Aguirre, they’ve finally come to fruition after brave women came forward to speak out about their experience. The sad reality is, what we’re seeing is nothing new. Too many male photographers act in an overly aggressive, sexual manner when photographing women. Joe is yet another name added to the list. And it’s a sign that, even in 2020, female models have to worry about their safety during shoots.

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Do We Really Need a Law Dictating the Ethics of Photoshop?

An MP in the UK is proposing a bill that is sure to impact celebs who depend on photoshop.

The Daily Mail recently reported that an MP in the UK has put forward a photoshop law that could ban celebrities secretly photoshopping their images. If passed, the bill would mean celebrities would have to label images that are digitally altered when those images are posted to social media. It’s unclear whether the bill will pass, but it does bring up the debate about ethics and responsibility. And although the focus will be on celebrities, responsibility also falls on photographers and photo editors. One has to ask if we have a duty of care to the wider public?

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El Santo: The Mysterious Photographer Questioning Those in Power

All images by El Santo. Used with permission.

Hi! My name is El Santo, I am an anonymous Chilean photographer, publicist by title, but photographer of the soul. I have been with this digital project since 2015, photographing the day in day in the city of Santiago de Chile. In October 2019 I exhibited my first photographic exhibition in Santiago de Chile (specifically at Galería Montegrande, the gallery that hosted my artistic project). It is about two series called “Samsara” and “Special Forces”. Today due to the coronavirus I have decided to offer the experience of the exhibition completely free online. I think this project it’s very representative of the conflict of my country, so I think, why not share this project for the non-Spanish speakers. I will comment on these two photographic series after the questions and answers.

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