Prathamesh Dixit: Inspiring Wanderlust Through Travel Photography

Indian travel photographer Prathamesh Dixit shares his passion for documenting adventures in the hope that intrepid travelers become inspired to do the same.

I am Prathamesh Dixit, a full-time travel photographer based in India with an experience of over five years. The opportunities I had along the journey involved some amazing places such as Venice, Paris, Scotland, and London, along with the beautiful Himalayas and Indian destinations. Currently, I am traveling with my buddy, a Canon 5D Mark IV, and a few amazing lenses.

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Daniel Stein Does Beautiful AstroPhotography on Film and Digital

If you’ve ever wanted to point your camera up to the night sky and capture the majestic Milky Way, you’ll surely pick up some pointers from our interview with Daniel Stein.

“Astrophotography has never been easier to get into than ever before!” New Jersey-based photographer Daniel Stein rightly reminds all of us in our recent chat with him. True enough, many of today’s cameras are powerful enough to capture the grandeur of the night sky which is typically hidden in plain sight. Some of you may remember him for his impressive astro snaps on Polaroid, an unbelievable feat given that the medium is something you won’t expect photographers would be using to shoot star trails and Milky Way photos. But those are just a few of the tricks he has in his sleeve. As an astrophotographer who shoots in both film and digital, Daniel is in a great position to inspire and encourage us to give the craft a try with whatever camera we have.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz Returns with “Splash Villains” Photo Calendar

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is back with a special edition of his Splash Heroes. 

London-based Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has always been on our radar for his unique and innovative splash portraits, beginning with the Milky Pinups project. He recently released the latest version of the Splash Heroes series, aptly titled The VILLAINS Edition. So, we asked him to tell us more about the newest iteration of his fan-favorite series; the inspirations, motivations behind it, the creative process, and the challenges everything entailed. If you’re a fan of comic book characters and out of the box creative projects, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our latest interview with Jaroslav.

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This Black Fujifilm Klasse S Is Worth Adding to Your Premium Compact Wishlist

This pristine Fujifilm Klasse S will catch the attention of fans and collectors of premium compact cameras.

Move over, Contax T2, we’ve found a premium compact camera pricier, newer, and rarer than you. Luxury camera collectors and film photographers (with deep pockets), say hello to this Fujifilm Klasse S Black we recently spotted up for grabs on eBay. If you’re looking for the next pocketable beauty to splurge on, this could be right up your alley.

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This Rare Black Paint Canon 7 Was a Leica M3 Competitor

If you’re a collector of Leica copies or M39 screw mount cameras, this mint Canon 7 could be one of the rarest and most interesting cameras to add to your collection.

Vintage Leicas remain some of the most popular cameras with collectors and film photographers. Along with them, Leica copies and competitors also receive a fair amount of attention, whether for novelty or for being interesting models on their own. A great example is our latest vintage find, a rare Canon 7 rangefinder, which became a direct competitor of the Leica M3. If that makes you curious, step right up, and check it out!

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Photography Helped Ian MacDonald Overcome the Darkness of PTSD

We speak to Ian MacDonald about his involvement with Fujifilm’s Create Forever Series.

“By the time I was twenty years into my career, the gaps in my armor started to reveal themselves,” says Ian MacDonald. “This is when I can recall experiencing the earliest signs of PTSD.” Ian is a multidisciplinary photographer who most aligns with street and travel photography. To say he has been on a journey is an understatement. Once a paramedic, Ian has seen things many of us hopefully never will. Because of his experience and dedication to helping others, Ian found himself having to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) Always a creative, photography would act as a catalyst for his healing. It would help him to move out of the darkness and into a better place in life.

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Documenting Eagle Hunting in Mongolia with the Sony A7R IV

The recent nomadic games and eagle hunting sport in Mongolia turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Michael Bonocore to test the Sony A7R IV.

If you just purchased the Sony A7R IV and are searching for the perfect opportunity to test it out, you might look for something as fascinating as the nomadic games and eagle hunting in Mongolia. Travel photographer Michael Bonocore did just that with DPReview, and his photos and footage should give you an idea on how Sony’s latest flagship, Full Frame mirrorless camera will fare in these energetic events.

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These Photographers Achieve Great Results with the Leica M10

Vi Vante Classic Tread strap

The Leica M10 is a full-frame beast that’s popular with photographers across many genres. We’re going to take a look at some of them making great work with it.

When the Leica M10 was released in 2017, the Leica community couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. It’s a full-frame system that packs 24MP into its CMOS sensor, and, of course, it’s a Leica (so people were always going to drool over it). Boasting you have a Leica M10 is one thing, but proving you can use it is another. We know a thing or two about what makes a good photograph. Because of that, we can see past the gear heads and identify who the real photographers are. In a list that packs some of the very best, here are five photographers doing the Leica M10 the justice it deserves.

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How to Become an Instagram Influencer in 30 Days

So, you want to be an Instagram influencer? Be prepared to do loads of unbelievable work on top of actually taking good photos.

Everyone wants to be popular on social media and there’s a term for it: influencer. Photographers, of course, aren’t immune to this. Instagram has become the platform of choice for the mission of having tons of followers, likes, and engagement. As strange and shallow as it may sound, it’s real, and the reach does help businesses and brands. Whether you’re a photographer or not, it’s a long and winding road to becoming an Instagram influencer. And a big portion of it often involves more than merely sharing great photos, as a social experiment by VICE‘s Sally Burtnick revealed.

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Does Anyone Remember the P-Sharan Pinhole Camera?

There was a time when you could simply grab a P-Sharan Pinhole Camera if you wanted to try out pinhole photography. Does anyone remember that?

Pinhole photography isn’t really difficult, but the results can be hit or miss. Still, its appeal is the fact that you can make a pinhole camera out of anything, and it’s actually a fun, experimental way to learn about photography. But, just a couple of years ago, you could also simply pick up one of those simple P-Sharan cardboard pinhole cameras, pop in a roll of 35mm film, and get shooting. Let’s look back at one of Alastair Bird’s 2016 videos to refresh our memory about this fun paper camera.

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Wildlife Photographer Ralf Schneider Talks About His Poignant Animal Encounters

Keen on getting into wildlife photography? We bring some inspiring insights from German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider.

German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider has been shooting the beauty of nature for 40 years. But, it was only during this year that he added a feather to his photographer hat when his adorable photo of a napping Weddell seal made it to the roster of Highly Commended black and white photos in the largest wildlife photography competition in the world, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year . We wanted to learn more about how the outstanding photo was shot, and fortunately Ralf also obliged to share more about his insights from years as a wildlife photographer, including a number of his poignant animal encounters. If you’re developing an interest in this genre, we think our quick chat will be inspiring.

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Instagram Has Made Street Photography Cliche and You’re the Problem

Now more than ever, street photography has become cliché. But what’s the solution? And more importantly, do we need one?

In an article recently published on World Press Photo, writer Colin Pantall asks: Why photograph when every picture has already been made? It’s a great question that highlights the impact of both an oversaturated industry and hobby. Because nowadays, everyone is a photographer – especially with the rise of social media and the smartphone camera. In his piece, Pantall focuses on the impact cliché images have had on documentary photography and photojournalism, but I want to take a look at street photography; a genre many complain has become stale.

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This Black Pentax Spotmatic II Is in Almost Mint Condition

Is the Pentax Spotmatic still on your film camera wishlist? You might want to check out our latest vintage find!

The Pentax Spotmatic models remain among the most popular 35mm film SLR cameras today, and are frequently recommended to those just starting out with shooting film. These sturdy and reliable mechanical cameras are affordable and relatively easy to find. Still, it can be challenging to find units in flawless cosmetic and working condition, especially the black models. Enter our latest vintage camera find: a near mint Pentax Spotmatic II in black that comes with a 50mm lens. If you’ve yet to add one to your camera collection and don’t mind splurging a little for a camera and lens in this condition, go ahead and check it out!

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Ready Your Wallet: A Rare 1959 Nikon F Body Is Up for Grabs

Been gunning to add a rare Nikon F to your vintage camera collection? Now’s your chance to grab one from the first batch made in 1959!

If you’ve ever wanted a Nikon F (we’re betting you do), chances are you’re hoping one from the very first production run would come out, ready to fall into your waiting arms. Well, we’re glad to say the day has finally come, and your wallet better be prepared for it.

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Sophie Turner Shares How Photographers Should Treat a Plus-Size Model

We spoke to plus-size model, Sophie Turner, about her experience so far in our challenging industry.

“Fat people wear clothes too, and we deserve to see ourselves represented in campaigns.” Those are the raw, unfiltered words of plus-size model and influencer, Sophie Turner. She’s working in an industry which has said people like her do not belong for far too long. Times have changed, and so have attitudes. Because of this, the market has opened, and plus-size models are now part of the conversation. It’s not easy settling into an environment where people still struggle to accept you. However, Sophie – and many others like her – remain determined to be seen, accepted, and celebrated. In a story that’s seen her rise to superstar status, Sophie shares her experience in an industry guilty of shaping unhealthy beauty standards.

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5 Photographers Prove the Ricoh GR III Has Professional Performance

The pocket-sized Ricoh GR III may look like your average point and shoot. However, these five photographers show it offers so much more…

The Ricoh GR III continues the GR trend of revolutionizing the way people shoot street photography. How can such a small system pack so much power and impeccable image quality? We answered that question in our official review of the camera. In this piece, we want to go beyond the specs and focus on those using the GR III in the real world – and at a high standard. So we got comfy in our chair, made a cup of homebrew, and began trawling the internet for the best photography shot with the Ricoh GR III. We were not disappointed, and neither will you be.

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These Photographers Are Getting the Best Out of the Sony a7R IV

The Sony a7R IV promised big results, but at a cost. These photographers prove it’s worth every penny.

When the Sony a7R IV was announced in the summer of 2019, Sony lovers waited with anticipation to get their hands on the latest flagship model. Packed with a 61MP full-frame sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, and a ridiculously fast focusing system, the a7R IV certainly holds its place amongst the boys and girls. Eventually released this September (read our first impressions), Sony shooters have only had a couple of months to put the camera through its paces. But even in such a short amount of time, plenty of photographers have created quality images with Sony a7R IV. And because we’re so selfless and loving, instead of keeping all these great photographers to ourselves, we’re going to share the best of them with you.

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These Rare Snoopy Toy Cameras Are Perfect for Kids and Young at Heart

If you’re looking for something to get them young ones into shooting film, we think these rare Snoopy toy cameras will do the trick.

‘Start them young’, as the age-old wisdom goes, and with our rare vintage find, you will certainly get the young ones interested in shooting film. Two kinds of rare Snoopy toy cameras just popped up on our Etsy and eBay radar, and we thought to share them in case any of our readers are keen on getting their kids (or nieces or nephews) to be their film photo walk buddies. If that sounds like you, details are after the jump!

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Zac Henderson Explores Our Place in the Universe in “A Cosmic Perspective”

All photos by Zac Henderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

For as long as mankind has been around, we’ve been gazing up at the heavens both in awe and in wonder of what could be out there in the vastness, far from our reach. The night sky fuels this curiosity even more, as it unveils to us all the celestial bodies that the daytime keeps hidden. Apart from astronomers, photographers like Zac Henderson continue looking up to observe, document, and explore our place in the universe. In fact, for his stellar set of landscape snaps, the Boulder, Colorado photographer and videographer was inspired by one of the ideas of the late astronomer, cosmologist, and science communicator Carl Sagan.

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Arild Heitmann Showcases the Stunning Mountain Scenery of Senja Island

All photos by Arild Heitmann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The last time we shone the spotlight on Arild Heitmann and his work, we had a great tour of the visual wonders Iceland has come to be known for. Today, we want to present another set of magical landscapes from him, this time a place closer to his home: Senja Island in Norway. If you’re looking for the next stunning northern destination to visit and photograph, we’re sure you’ll be convinced after looking through this collection!

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Arlindo Camacho Talks About His Well Executed Travel Photography

All travel photography by Arlindo Camacho. Used with permission.

“Japan is about peace and joy,” says Lisbon born travel photographer, Arlindo Camacho. He isn’t wrong either. Which is why Japan continues to be a popular hotspot for photographers far and wide around the world. But not everyone shoots in the style Arlindo does. While most visit Japan in the blossom season, Arlindo wanted to go against the grain. Instead, he focused on creating something different from the status quo. He explains, “I decided to go in the winter to avoid Sakura’s chaos even knowing that I would miss those incredible colors of springtime.” And it’s because of his planning that he came home with a series of images that we – and many others – totally fell in love with.

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