Breaking Down My Fear of Photographing in Dangerous Countries

Photographing in dangerous countries can be crippling for a photographer.

I’m fortunate to have traveled to many corners of the earth. I have photography to thank for that. From Los Angeles to New Delhi, I’ve had the opportunity to make photographs in some cool locations. But I’ve also visited some dangerous spots during my travels: the kind of places people quickly tell you to put your camera away. It can spoil a trip and instill fear of making photographs. It’s something I had to learn to overcome, and here’s how I did it.

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Next January, the Fujifilm X Pro 1 Will Be 10 Years Old

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 camera and the Fujifilm X mount will be 10 years old in January 2022.

It’s taken a decade, but Fujifilm will have been dedicated to the X mount for this long. That’s longer than Samsung was dedicated to the NX mount. It’s also longer than Sony has had full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market. Ten years of the X Trans sensor and a specific look. I remember the days before this that Fujifilm was sort of a joke. They weren’t looked at as a serious camera company. But after the Fujifilm X100, everything changed. When the X Pro 1 hit the market, everyone stopped and stared. It was the first time that a rangefinder-style camera has captivated us since the M9. 

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Platon: The Man Who’s Far More Than a Photographer

All images by Platon. Used with permission.

“I’m not really a photographer at all,” proclaimed Platon in the opening of his 2017 Netflix documentary. Hearing this left me feeling perplexed. How could someone who had dedicated so much to the craft tell the world he’s not a photographer? Four years later, I was given the opportunity to speak to him. One hour after our conversation started, I understood exactly what he meant. As talented as he is, Platon offers so much more than a man using a camera.

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OP Ed: Street Photography Sucks and Here’s How to Save It

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Street photography is a beautiful art form. Personally, the process of creating a truly authentic image is what makes it the best form of photography in the world. The more accessible cameras have become, the more the popularity of the genre increases. People love street photography not only because it’s the most accessible genre, but because the thrill of making a candid frame is so addictive. However, as time goes by and more minds enter the genre, it becomes over saturated. Now it feels like most street photographers are looking for the most impossible, most coincidental scene they can find, thinking it’s what makes for a good photo. It’s destroying the craft. Here’s why.

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Dear Getty: My Photographs Have Value, So Do Yours.

Getty Images has bought Unsplash. This is disappointing, but it shouldn’t be surprising news.

In the race to the bottom, Getty Images always seems to be first. They bought Photo Disc in 1998, one of the first royalty-free photo stock agencies. Then in 2006, they bought iStock, one of the first microstock agencies. If someone is distributing photos for less money, Getty seems to want to buy them. Now, unfortunately, they have an even larger platform, and the only way Unsplash could be cheaper is if photographers paid people to use their photos.

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Why I Think the Olympus OMD EM5 III Was One of Their Worst Decisions

The Olympus OMD EM5 III was one of the company’s weirdest decisions, and it still baffles me.

If there is anything that Olympus did, which I always found odd, it was the Olympus OMD EM5 III. As a guy who bought the original and adored it, it felt like a slap in the face to customers. We even thought so amongst ourselves as staff. It was akin to the downgrade that the Canon 50D and 60D got many years ago. I’m dating myself at that point. But either way, know that it felt like a slap in the face.

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Clint Kaster Was Visually Impaired, Now He Creates Beautiful Portraits (NSFW)

All images by Clint Kaster. Used with permission.

“The camera feels like an extension of my imagination and a natural part of who I am today,” explains Clint Kaster. It took Kaster a long time to get to that feeling. Somewhat of an outcast as a child, he was never sure where he fit in. He certainly wasn’t connected to the visual arts, mostly due to the struggles he faced with his vision. But five years ago, Kaster picked up a camera. And today, he’s certainly no stranger to what makes a compelling photo.

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Statement: We Have Removed All Content Relating to David Alan Harvey

The Phoblographer has decided to remove all content relating to David Alan Harvey

On March 17th, Magnum announced it had removed David Alan Harvey from its membership. The decision was made after current members came together and voted to remove him – the vote prompted Harvey to resign. This comes after many serious allegations were made against Harvey. Women, whom Harvey mentored, alleged he committed various degrees of sexual harassment against them.

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We’ve Sadly Lost the Sensory Romance of Photography

The sensory romance of contemporary photography is long gone, and that’s something worth mourning.

While I’m not necessarily sad about the loss of film photography in many ways, I’m more heartbroken about the lack of romance. Let’s think about this. Lots of major hobbies have some sort of perfect combination of senses. Whiskey and fine alcohols are all about it. Cars exude sensory indulgence. Gaming adds to it in various ways–from the arcade consoles at the pizza store to chugging Mountain Dew in a basement. Even the outdoors hobbies have it. But photography has more or less robbed itself of this. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like manufacturers care about it. That’s why I feel the soul has been sucked so much out of photography. It’s a major hobby that’s been replaced by an unfeeling algorithm.

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Don’t Sell Your DSLR Lenses, Give Them New Life

Put your DSLR lenses on a film camera and give them new life.

Of course, you could adapt them to your mirrorless camera. But generally speaking, your DSLR lenses are too big for your mirrorless camera. Instead, why not consider getting back into film? DSLRs were the direct evolution of film cameras. And if you really want to keep using them, it just makes sense to use them on another format. Maybe you’ve never shot film. I’ll judge you for a bit, but you really should. It teaches you so much about shooting and photography that you wouldn’t know otherwise. I’m not saying that you should shoot only film, of course. But you’ll see how you start creating differently.

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Timothy Hiatt Blends Reality and Fantasy in Latest Photobook Perfectly

“I really wanted to give a shoutout to all the amazing people I’ve worked with over the years,” explains Timothy Hiatt when talking about the release of his new book. He adds, “they mean the world to me…they’re the ones who make the images a helluva lot more than me.” In a body of work dating back to 2009, Hiatt is now offering everyone a look at his glittering career. From subtle portraits to full-blown conceptual shoots, his book, Muses, has everything! We spoke to Hiatt to learn more about his new release and why now was the right time to offer it to the world.

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The Phoblographer’s Favorite Prints From the Magnum Square Print Sale

There are plenty of awesome images to purchase from the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re going to look at our favorites.

The Magnum Square Print Sale is soon to come to an end. Photographers old and new have placed their best work in the sale, allowing you to own a high-quality print for a fantastic price. All the images are quality, but, of course, we all have our favorites. Let’s take a look at six of the best, according to The Phoblographer.

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my12seconds: A Beautiful Journey of Female Self Discovery (NSFW)

All images by my12seconds. Used with permission.

“It’s our freedom of choice to share or not share. To be seen or to hide,” explains the creator of my12seconds. While the name is protected by an alias, the person is exposed for all to see. Inspired by the limitations of lockdown, this photographer used the opportunity to rediscover herself. With only 12 seconds to create a frame, she was intrigued by the journey of the unknown. How will the images come out? Let’s take a look.

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These Powerful Projects Got $10,000 For These Photographers

Early this month, Leica announced the winners of its second annual Leica Women Foto Project Award.

Leica has just awarded three talented women photographers $10,000 each. Matika Wilbur, Karen Zusman, and Anna Boyiazis submitted their projects to receive the award. A Leica Q2 was also awarded to each photographer winning the Leica Women Foto Project. Unfortunately, Matika and Anna were unavailable to speak to. But we caught up with Karen to learn more about her work and the impact $10,000 will have on her project.

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Nanna Heitmann On The Importance of Print in The Digital Era

It’s the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re speaking with Magnum nominee Nanna Heitmann.

“Personally, I’m tired of constantly being online,” writes Nanna Heitmann. “And with all the digital information, I feel flooded and unfocused,” she adds. That’s part of her response to topic of printing photography, its value, and why it’s important. At only 27, it’s refreshing to see Heitmann support the printed image. Already a Magnum nominee, we thought it was a good idea to learn more about her journey.

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Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry on The Importance of Being Curious

This week is the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re speaking to legendary photographer Steve McCurry.

“It’s impossible for me to select a photo out of hundreds of thousands…,” replies Steve McCurry when asked which photo he would most like people to remember him for. He continues, “I hope that each person who views the pictures will gravitate to the ones which speak to them…” His portfolio is certainly impressive, offering something for everyone. It’s why he’s widely regarded as one of the best of his generation. We caught up with McCurry to discuss prints, travel, and career lessons.

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Khalik Allah’s Powerful Photos of Harlem Made Him a Magnum Nominee

It’s the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re speaking to Magnum Nominee Khalik Allah.

“I’m grateful for my life and all the opportunities I’ve received,” says Khalik Allah. He adds, “I want to maintain my compassion and keep my heart healthy. And I want to help others on their journeys as well.” At 36, Allah has already achieved so much. His photographs and films have earned him several nominations from respected institutions. No more so than Magnum Photos, of which he became a nominated member in 2020.

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How This AI Camera Tech Might Outdo Dedicated Cameras Soon

The AVA AI Robot Videographer is doing what you only dream your camera could do.

When the AVA AI Robot videographer hit Kickstarter, it confirmed a lot of what I’d thought was already possible. A few camera manufacturers are working on improving their AI algorithms. Canon and Sony do a great job already. OM Digital Solutions also some too. Even Leica boasts those capabilities. But understanding how an AI Camera works is even more exciting.

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Bruce Gilden Talks About the Powerful Influence of Street Photography

Images by Bruce Gilden. Used with permission.

“I think it’s fine if that’s who they are and as long as they’re comfortable working that way,” says Bruce Gilden when asked how he feels about photographers adopting his style. He continues, “For me, working in that style is natural.” Gilden is a leading mainstay in the street photography community. His work has polarized and revolutionized the candid frame. And as Magnum kicks off its annual Square Print Sale, we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with one of street photography’s most influential players.

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Can the Canon RF 135mm Reproduce the Magic the Old Lens Did?

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If we take a moment to consider some of Canon’s best lenses, lots of films will cite the Canon 135mm f2 L. No matter how far behind it was on resolving their sensors, that lens was magic. It was very difficult to take a bad photo with that lens. Arguably other, third-party options leaped ahead of it. And with the Canon RF lineup, they have a new start. And we really wonder if the Canon RF 135mm L lens will be able to compete.

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The Photo Industry Needs Transparency on Its Weather Sealing

Weather-sealing and durability are incredibly important to each and every camera user these days; otherwise, we’d just use a phone.

“It can probably survive a rain shower, but we’re not going to say that,” is a common phrase we hear. Some cameras are weather sealed. Some don’t have weather sealing, but they can survive being frozen. And then there are lenses that only have weather sealing at the mount. Why? We’ve done some pretty torturous things to cameras and lenses in the past. I think that camera manufacturers need to start coming clean about the durability of their products. Weather sealing is so incredibly important these days. 

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