You’re Only Going to be “Minorly Annoying” as a Street Photographer

Eric Kim tells us why it’s okay to be “aggressive” as a street photographer and get our best shots

Street photography is certainly one of the most engaging genres to get into, but it also comes with some pretty significant caveats. Among them are the ethical considerations when it comes to taking photos of people on the streets, often without consent. The rules differ in every city, state, or country, but the general consensus says there shouldn’t be a problem taking photos in public spaces as long as you’re not photographing the homeless, disabled, sick, and even children. But what if you’re still having doubts about pressing the shutter, in the fear of upsetting a potential subject? Eric Kim says, just go and take that shot; you’re only going to “minorly annoy” someone.

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Ryan Struck Photographs Adventure with Kodak Aerochrome Film

All images by Ryan Struck. Used with permission.

One of the things I really enjoy doing is follow up interviews with photographers to share how they’ve grown and made themselves into success stories. In the case of photographer Ryan Struck you’re going to have a giant smile on your face. We interviewed Ryan years ago about the lifestyle surfing work he does on the East Coast. The last time I saw him, he packed up and left New York and moved about. He’s back now, and Ryan is showcasing a special project that he did called World & Color. This project showcases his travels to various places and is shot with the elusive Kodak Aerochrome film.

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Colin Anderson’s Stylish “Mission to Mars” Turns Up the Cool Factor

All images by Colin Anderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Now, more than ever, the fascinating realms of science fiction, particularly space travel, have become fertile grounds of inspiration for creatives outside filmmaking. A number of our previously-featured photographers and their imaginative projects certainly prove this. We’ve seen them take us to landscapes both alien and familiar, parallel universes, and intriguing characters donning space suits as they navigate around these uncharted territories. The latest addition to our roster of space-themed projects is a series by Melbourne-based Colin Anderson, who crafts a stylish imagining of the next generation of space travelers on course for Mars.

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Can We Guess Which is Better? Leica M10 vs Leica M6

Negative Feedback weighs in on the street and portrait experience with the Leica M10 vs the M6

Ever been curious if it’s worth “upgrading” from a Leica M6 to an M10? In a recent trip to New York City, George Muncey of Negative Feedback swapped his M6 with New Yorker Joe Greer‘s M10 for a day to see how the experience and the results would stack up.

For their photo walk around New York City, George shot with the Leica M10 and a 28mm lens, while Joe shot with the Leica M6 and a 40mm lens (loaded with Kodak Portra 400). A really big difference there is the focal lengths aside from going digital after some years, but George also wanted to see if the wide angle experience is something he’d enjoy. For this test, they decided to shoot street snaps first in Chinatown and take advantage of its busy scenes.

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Daniel Tjongari’s Black and White Photos of Lone Mangroves Will Put You in Awe

All images by Daniel Tjongari. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The tranquil allure of nature is often amplified in minimalist approaches to landscape photography, and we’ve featured a number of stunning examples to demonstrate this. The latest addition to our roster of favorites is the collection of serene seascapes by Daniel Tjongari of Surabaya, Indonesia. Anyone in need of some inspiration in the realms of nature, minimalist, and landscape photography should definitely check his work out.

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Check Out This All-Aluminum Handmade Medium Format Camera

You’ll wish you have the skills and the tools to make your own epic medium format camera

If you’ve been lurking around vintage camera and film photography groups, you’ve probably seen an amazing DIY medium format camera project recently shared by Lucus Landers. If you’ve ever wanted to actualy have the bragging rights to a polished camera you built yourself, here’s what it takes.

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Thiago Botelho Plays with Colors to Capture “Ghetto” Street Fashion

All images by Thiago Botelho. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Colors are often a big creative component of fashion, not only in the design process but also in the photography aspect. The latter revolves around making sure the treatment complements the colors of the fashion elements, if not elevate them. One of the trendiest treatments in many fashion editorials involve neon colors, but it’s just one style that Brazil-based Thiago Botelho played with for his street style photography project.

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Stijn Hoekstra Explores the Abstract Beauty of Valencia

All images by Stijn Hoekstra. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The first few times we had a peek at Stijn Hoekstra’s work, the spotlight was on the cinematic quality of his documentary and street photos of Cuba and Amsterdam. His latest series, however, show that the Amsterdam-based photographer and cinematographer also has a keen eye for detail. If you often find inspiration in the eye-catching details of your town, you’ll surely enjoy getting lost around Stijn’s abstract rendition of Valencia.

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