Blast From the Past: 7 Photography Projects That Still Look Good Today

We go into the archives and share photography projects that still hold value today.

Everything moves at a fast pace in the digital era. What’s relevant today is forgotten tomorrow. Photography is no different. With so many photographers around, publications are constantly delivering new and exciting work to their audience. But as new work emerges, previous work doesn’t need to lose its value. So to keep the fire alive, we share photography projects from the past which still remain strong today!

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Steve Stockhall Opens New Pathways for Photographers in Africa

Steven Stockhall - the Phoblographer - Elephants cross the Okavango.

All images by Steve Stockhall. Used with permission.

“It was a combination of studying the great contributors to National Geographic and spending time in the wilderness that led me to wanting to be both a guide and a photographer,” says Steve Stockhall, photographer and founder of Earth Ark Travel. Steve has quite the portfolio. He documented Prince Harry’s anti-poaching work protecting some of the destination’s last black rhinos. Plus, he’s photographed chimpanzees in Uganda and gorillas in Rwanda. It’s evident that Steve is passionate about trips that matter. Here, he offers advice for planning the ultimate African photographic safari. That includes what gear to pack and clever field tips that can be practiced at home.

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5 Photographers Getting the Best out of Fujifilm Cameras (NSFW)

There are some fantastic photographers getting the most out of Fujifilm cameras.

There’s no denying that we’re big fans of Fujifilm systems here at The Phoblographer. We don’t think they’re perfect, and we’re happy to call out their flaws, but when used properly, they’re some of the best cameras on the market. And in this article, we bring five photographers that are creating wonderful images with their Fujifilm cameras.

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Carlos Ocando’s Double Exposures are a Love Letter to the Natural World

All images by Carlos Ocando. Used with permission.

“I guess I’m using photography as a meditative process, and when I look through the viewfinder, everything disappears…” explains Carlos Ocando. He adds, “it’s just me and nature without all the craziness around.” Ocando is a seasoned photographer with a strong portfolio. His double exposures caught our eye, where his images seem like a visual representation of his relationship with nature. In what he describes as a “life-changing” journey, we caught with Ocando to learn more about his story within photography.

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Photography and Elitist Language: Something Has to Change

Members of the Reddit community have spoken, and these are their least favorite buzz words and phrases from the photography industry.

Like any walk of life, the photography industry has its own language. There’s nothing wrong with that. It makes communication more fun and interesting. But let’s be honest, some of the phrases can be slightly cringy and cheesy. In this piece, we look what which “code words” grind the gears of the Reddit community. And we’ll also explore the importance of inclusive language.

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Han Chen Made an Awesome Instax Back for the Mamiya RZ67

All images by Han Chen. Used with permission.

“I don’t have my own Zinstax, believe it or not. If I had a spare one, I would always send it to the next customer on the waiting list”, says Han Chen. Currently a student based in Germany, Chen’s brainchild is the aptly named Zinstax – a 3D printed back made for shooting Instax film on a Mamiya RZ67. His love for photography and making new things came together to produce this unit. In 2019 he realized the lack of such a product in the photography world, so he designed and manufactured one himself. As with almost all film photography lately, the results are uniquely unpredictable. The finishing quality of the Zinstax alone has me considering the thought of getting an RZ67 someday.

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Larissa Honsek Lets the Light in with Her Amazing Pinhole Photography

Larissa Hosnek - Black and white pinhole camera portrait - The Phoblographer

All images by Larissa Honsek. Used with permission.

“I have always liked carrying cameras around and taking pictures of my world,” explains Larissa Honsek. While working as a graphic designer, Honsek became immersed in the world of pinhole photography. She was able to take the simplicity of the art form and add a splash of creativity. Covering a series of images that are sure to amaze, we spoke with Honesk to learn more about her journey so far.

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Jason De Freitas Takes His Time Shooting Astrophotography on Film

All images by Jason De Freitas. Used with permission.

“I’m so starved for light that I’m usually exposing for as long as I have time for or my tracking accuracy can achieve,” says Jason De Freitas. Jason is based on the South Coast of New South Wales and is one of the world’s few long-exposure film astrophotographers. He’s a fine art photographer who makes the most of Australia’s varied landscape and dark night skies. That’s a critical part of how he makes his unique astrophotography on film.

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The Truth About Photography Workshops I Didn’t Want to Accept

Read this before committing to a photography workshop.

Photography workshops can be a sound investment. If you’re new to the industry and want to learn more, paying for expert advice certainly has its value. But when selecting the best photography workshop, it’s important to do research. Because, like I learned first hand, not all of them are what you expect them to be.

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Are Photographers Who Shoot for an Algorithm Really Artists?

With more photography available for consumption online than ever before, what makes some photographs “art” and others just an exercise in technical photography? And should we care? 

I could not ask these questions in good conscience without sharing how I started as a photographer. I remember the first time that I picked up a camera. I was ten years old, and I was standing in the driveway of my childhood home. My first intuition was to go crazy and snap away at anything that I “liked.” I embraced photography simply as something that I had fun with and nothing more. 

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Emmanuel Munier Creates Landscape Photos That Look Like Paintings

All images by Emmanuel Munier. Used with permission.

My name is Emmanuel Munier. I am a self-taught French photographer who creates abstract landscapes or seascapes. I discovered ICM photography two years ago, and it radically changed my way of photographing my region. I love the random part of this technique, you can never really know in advance the image you’ll get, and you won’t ever be able to shoot it twice exactly the same. All my pictures are single shots (no Photoshop, of course, no multi-exposure).

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The Inevitable Rise of the 2nd Hand Market for Cameras

I never thought I’d see the day where it’s sometimes less expensive to buy a new camera.

COVID-19 caused something bizarre to happen to the photo market. There’s actually a giant mess of things that happened, and I don’t think that COVID-19 is the only factor. But, it’s caused major issues with low stock supply. People want cameras and lenses, but they’re very hard to get right now. That’s caused second-hand market pricing to go up a bit, and in some cases made the second-hand market more expensive than buying new.

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Five YouTube Videos for Better Smartphone Photography

Ready to take your smartphone photography to the next level?

Smartphone photography isn’t easy. Despite the advancements of the cameras in the likes of the iPhone and Google’s Pixel line, making images with such devices has its limitations. For example, they’re not as responsive as mirrorless and DSLR cameras. And the way they feel in hand can make usability a little restricted. Using a smartphone camera is a skill in itself. If you’re looking to improve your skills, and want to take better photos, then the YouTube videos below will surely help.

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JP Stones Magnificent Photos Offer a Vital Education to Photographers

All images by JP Stones. Used with permission.

“I started looking for answers to the deeper questions in photography,” explains JP Stones. He adds, “questions I had never really had time to accommodate.” He certainly put the global lockdown to good use. Not content with remaining creatively stationary, Stones has instead developed a deeper relationship with his craft. What’s more impressive is how he communicates his thoughts on photography. For anyone looking to develop their skills in the art form, keep reading. Stones offers one of the most insightful and educational interviews we’ve published.

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For Tom Bendelow, Underwater Photography Is a Wonderful Escape

All images by Tom Bendelow. Used with permission. Images of the model are also used with permission.

My name is Tom Bendelow. I make art to slow down, take a breath, and allow myself to focus on only one thing. I find peace by working and eliminating the noise of the outside world. In my artwork, I try to recreate this same sense of focus and provide my viewer with a moment isolated from reality. I like to shoot out “on-location,” somewhere that is outside of my everyday life. I really love to shoot underwater. It’s a completely different space with a whole new set of challenges for me to overcome. When I first look through the viewfinder, I consider what the final version of my image will look like. I try to preconceive what I will do to the image, how I will edit it.

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Bebe Wang Revisits His Childhood and Gives His Passion New Life

Al images by Bebe Wang. Used with permission.

“I hope this work can evoke the audience’s childhood memories and dreams,” explains Bebe Wang. He adds, “I want people to remember those pure happy and harmonious moments.” For this series, Wang delved into his childhood. Reconnecting with an anime series that inspired and shaped so many children, Wang set to bring it to life. In this interview, he takes us behind the scenes of a world that means so much to him.

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Street Photography: Where’s the Line on Photographing Breastfeeding?

This photograph may polarize the street photography community.

Street photography is perfect for documenting the current state of society. It acts as a visual form of education that allows us to identify how humanity has evolved. That’s why I love it. So as attitudes change, so do the kinds of images we view. Here’s a perfect example of that and one that is sure to spark debate.

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This Simple Photography Tip Will Make You a Much Better Editor

Here’s a simple photography tip that will make you a better editor.

Today’s photography tip has nothing to do with how you use an editing tool but instead when you use it. Many photographers like to get home after a long photo walk, fire up the computer, and start editing. I’m guilty of doing this many times over the years. But such an overzealous approach may lead to poorly edited photographs – here’s my solution.

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Film Photography Needs to Do Something Digital Doesn’t

Film photography has undoubtedly made a comeback, but it needs differentiation from digital.

Some of you may think I’m nuts to say that film photography is back. But it really, truly is. In the pandemic, more people decided to take it up and start their own darkrooms. It’s fun and a completely different way of creating images that everyone should try–at least for a month! However, I only see the current film renaissance as a way for film to truly find its own place. And to do that, I think film needs to do something that digital doesn’t do. For that, it will come down to the final image.

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It’s Time to Accept The Faces of Photography Are Changing

The faces of photography are changing, and many of us need to get comfortable with that.

Like most of society, the photography community is protective of its elders. Those that came before and paved the way are held in the highest regards – and rightly so! People see names like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Diane Arbus as the masters. While the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Steve McCurry have long been some of the industry’s poster boys and girls. But times are changing, and here’s why we need to accept it.

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The Lurking Projector is the Worst Person on Instagram for Photographers

You’re most likely very familiar with who the lurking projector is on Instagram.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you know about my gripes on Instagram. In fact, they’re my gripes on social media. We were partially built on it, but I abhor it. It’s still a sizeable part of our traffic. But gauging how big it truly proves difficult due to how Algorithms interact with Google analytics. So today I’m talking less about photographers per se and more about the business side of it. It’s about the shallow, self-centered smoke and mirrors account that pretends not to be. You’re probably one of them. And if you are, then you’re the worst. You probably complain about how Instagram isn’t real and yet you’re just as awful. In fact, let’s just call this a rant.

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