Zac Ong Presents the Dreamy Street Imagery of New York’s “Smokies”

All images by Zac Ong. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s a common sight for New Yorkers, but can nevertheless be an eye-catching one. Senior Design Technologist Zac Ong introduces the rest of us to one of the most familiar scenes of his city: smoke pipes dotting the streets, which create a particularly fascinating imagery for street photography. While we’ve seen a lot of New York City’s skyscrapers and bustling urban scenes, we think this set are easily great additions to our favorite snaps of the city so far.

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Keren Stanley: Of Surreal Photography and Alternate Worlds

All images by Keren Stanley. Used with permission.

Here in The Phoblographer, we put the spotlight on a lot of impressive conceptual portraits, especially those with a touch of the otherworldly. The latest of these are by Keren Stanley, a self-taught  fine art and conceptual photographer who builds alternate worlds rooted in reality. Today, let’s join her explorations of beauty and pain, addictions, and the transient nature of identity through surreal photography.

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François Ollivier’s Collection of Night Self-Portraits is a Mood Study

All images by François Ollivier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re familiar with color studies and pattern experiments, but how often do we see mood studies? We think a collection of self-portraits shot at night by François Ollivier is precisely that: an assemblage of moods that he used either as a guide for his series, or as a way for him to immerse into the scenes he creates. If you’re thinking of doing a self-portrait project, this set could very well inspire you.

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This Fujifilm Camera and Vintage Lens Help Jennifer Carter Create Unique Concert Photos

All images by Jennifer Carter. Used with permission.

Jennifer Carter fell into concert photography through circumstance. Her love for music and passion for photography were brought together and she hasn’t looked back since. Her images provoke connection and feeling, almost to the point you can hear and feel the music from her subjects. Borrowing from the best of both worlds, Jennifer uses a combination of modern camera bodies and vintage lenses. Intrigued by this approach, we caught up with her to learn more about her work.

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Dmitri Pryahin Unveils the Most Intense Expressions in Portraiture

All images by Dmitri Pryahin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We are often told that the most effective and compelling portraits are those that make us feel. In that case, the work of Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin easily achieves — and exceeds even — our expectations. His focus on the most intense and most primal emotions challenges our ideas and preconceptions about portrait photography once again in one of his latest series.

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Bold and Bright: Direct Flash as One of Today’s Hottest Visual Styles

Everywhere you look, direct flash is lighting up projects and editorials in various genres, from portraits and fashion, to street and documentary, to food and product photography.

Terry Richardson may have fallen out of favor and spotlight, but the visual style he helped popularize remains one of today’s trendiest. Direct flash photography, also called high-flash photography by some, has become the tool of choice for magazines, newspapers, Instagrammers, and social media marketers as of late. Or, as one article put it, from salad bowls to CEOs.

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Thomas Oscar Miles Creates Stunning Worlds Out of Beauty and Darkness

All images and text by Thomas Oscar Miles. Used with permission.

I am Thomas Oscar Miles, a Fine Art / Fairytale Photographer based in the West Midlands, UK. I juxtapose beauty and darkness, showing how they can work with and against each other in a world filled with magic and wonder. I began by taking self-portraits in local woodlands, but began to grow the confidence to shoot with models, a make-up artist, and designers to help bring my stories to life in ways I couldn’t do alone.

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Mark Mawson Gives Photos of Coffee Extra Life in an Abstract Way!

All images by Mark Mawson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Ever been curious about getting experimental with food photography? The genre can yield some pretty interesting results with some out-of-the-box approaches. Case in point is the clever project by Gabriella Marks which put the spotlight on the produce rather than scrumptious dishes. Let’s look at another fine example in this a simple yet fun abstract exercise by London-based photographer Mark Mawson using coffee and milk captured in high speed.

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Maryline Rivard’s Conceptual Photos Convey Magical Levels of Inspiration

All photos by Maryline Rivard. Used with Permission.

Within a scene of truly spectacular fantasy, Maryline Rivard portrays elements of her reality. Her conceptual creations are something to admire, more so as she plays the dual role of photographer and subject. Through hard work, persistence, and the odd climb up a huge rock, Maryline sets the bar in terms of her work ethic and creative output. Impressed by the photographer, and mesmerized by the subject, we wanted to get to know the artist from Quebec, Canada a little better.

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Get Lost in the Atmospheric Nightscapes of Simon Åslund

All images by Simon Åslund. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nighttime is one of the most inspiring times to shoot, as we’ve seen in a lot of impressive works we’ve previously featured. Today, we bring yet another series to inspire everyone to seek their own nighttime visions and bring them to life. In his Night Series, Simon Åslund takes us to some of the most captivating night strolls caught on camera, full of mood, colors, and atmosphere.

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Arnaud Bathiard Loves Singing ‘The Rain Song’ With his Stunning Landscape Images

The skies tell such amazing stories when it comes to landscape photography. All images captured by Arnaud Bathiard. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There is really something quite beautiful about the way that skies tell stories in landscape photography. Clear blue skies can often symbolize peace and calm, while cloudy skies can evoke feelings of uncertainty and unrest. Landscape photographer Arnaud Bathiard set out to capture landscape images before, during, and after rain storms to see what emotions and feelings his images would make people feel.  After the break check out some of the beautiful, moody images that he was able to capture. Continue reading…

Kilian Schönberger Explores the Ghostly Imagery of Spruce Forests

All images by Kilian Schönberger. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Last time we put the spotlight on the works of Kilian Schönberger, we were in awe of his landscape photos that seem straight out of a fairytale. But, apart from these stunning sets, the Cologne-based landscape and architecture photographer has also snapped some unique forests and the fascinating imagery they create. Among his series that shows this is Deadpole, which features his long-term project of monitoring the spruce forests along the borders of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

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Salvatore Matarazzo Puts the Spotlight on Smokers in the Streets

All photos by Salvatore Matarazzo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Saturation and strong flash are the tools of the trade for Italian contemporary street photographer Salvatore Matarazzo when shooting street portraits. Check out how he does this in his series called Smoke.

Flash photography is not the first thing that comes to mind when shooting out in the streets. Still, some photographers have found it a pretty powerful tool to capture some unique street portraits. Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden is most likely the best known when it comes to this, and we can say that Matarazzo has been doing good in adapting this style for his own work.

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In the Realm of Legends: Discovering the Majestic Icelandic Horses with Drew Doggett

All images by Drew Doggett. Used with permission.

When we speak of Iceland we immediately envision the surreal landscapes that make it one of the most sought after places for both travelers and photographers. But, apart from the volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and coastlines that comprise its dramatic landscape, the Nordic island nation has one more natural wonder that will mesmerize you; the Icelandic horse. Photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett has recently put the spotlight on the majestic horses, setting them against Iceland’s magical landscapes for a stunning series aptly titled In the Realm of Legends.

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The Lams of Ludlow Street Follows a Chinatown Family Over Almost 20 Years

All images by Thomas Holton. Used with permission.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to follow your instincts and your heart.” says photographer Thomas Holton in our interview with him about his project The Lams of Ludlow Street. “If something ‘feels’ right to you as a curious and engaged photographer, keep making work and pay attention to the narrative you want to tell.” This is part of the motivation behind the series, which is currently part of a larger exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. In a way, Thomas’ answers reflect him trying to find his tribe–something all of us suffer from in some way or another. And like any good narrative, he shows that life is a series of ups and downs.

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Michael Taylor on Capturing the Mystery of Light and Colors

All images by Michael Taylor. Used with permission.

We all know that light is the vital ingredient that makes every photograph possible. But for UK-based commercial photographer Michael Taylor, it’s also a fascinating muse in itself to explore and experiment with. He believes that “there’s always mystery inherent in light,” and it’s up to us to heed the call to unravel that mystery, and let playing with light inspire and surprise us. Taylor recently shared with us his project titled Light Trace, one of his recent projects under a bigger body of work called Lumen. Here, we see him experimenting with the idea of light itself as a subject, creating vibrant imagery using techniques like light painting and long exposures. The goal of this series, he says, is to “explore the convergence of light, fashion, and technology.”

In the interview below, he tells us more about the ideas that sparked Light Trace, the process behind the series, and how collaboration enabled him to realize his vision for the project.

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If You Want to be Happy, Stop Stressing About Cameras and Just Focus On Your Photography

It’s easy to get caught up in camera lust and what new cameras can do, but are you focusing enough on your photography to get the most out of your gear?

Gear lust and gear envy are two very real things that all photographers go through at some point during their photography journey. While it’s nice to fantasize about the newest camera on the block, or pour over technical specifications, you shouldn’t spend too long there. If you’re not careful you’ll fall into trap that becomes harder to get out of as time passes by. Not only will you never be happy with what you have, your photography will suffer too. YouTube star and photographer Thomas Heaton has just found this out for himself as his quest for a new camera continues. After the break we have his latest video that explores what he has gone through and the realization that he has made. You don’t want to miss this. Continue reading…

Adam Miller Shoots Street Photography with Flash in NYC’s Blizzards

When blizzard season arrives, most people stay warm and indoors as much as possible. Adam Miller is not most people.

With respect to the use of flash in the street, I think it comes down to, well, chutzpah!” explains photographer Adam Miller to us about his NYC Snow Blizzards project. Miller loves New York City. He never takes it for granted and appreciates all that it gives. That’s why no matter the season, you will find him out with his camera making his awesome photographs. Known for his fine art prints and breathtaking cityscapes, Miller is also an excellent street photographer. We were particularly drawn to his project NYC Snow Blizzards in which he has created a series of images that document New Yorkers during the coldest of climates.

We spoke to him to better understand what life is like shooting street during the challenging blizzard season…

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Traversing “A World on Rails” with Street Photographer Skander Khlif

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the works of street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif for some time now, tagging along in his adventures around his hometown of Munich and destinations like Moscow and New York City. In his latest set, he lets us hitch rides aboard trains across the globe, en route to a destination simply called A World on Rails. If you’re looking for a photography project to do on your trips, you might get an idea from this collection.

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See How This Photographer Brings Star Wars to Life with Their Amazing Toy Photography Skills

toy photography

Toy photography is a rapidly growing genre with creatives, and this amazing Star Wars toy shoot shows why. All images by Felix Hernandez. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

There are many genres of photography that are growing at an incredibly fast rate thanks to cameras becoming more accessible to the masses and because of what can be created in post production with software like Photoshop. One of those genres is toy photography. After the break take a look at some truly amazing Star Wars toy photography, and watch a short video that shows some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.

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Pictures Speak a Thousand Words – A Love Letter to New York City by Photographer Andre Josselin

andre josselin

Photographer Andre Josselin writes a love letter to NYC with his Leica M (Typ 240). All Images by Andre Josselin and used with Creative Commons permission.

We all have certain places in the world that we want to visit. We build up the destination in our heads to such massive proportions that we then start to wonder whether the magical place can really live up to our expectations. Photographer Andre Josselin’s dream destination was New York City, and after a couple of years of things not going how he planned, he decided to visit the Big Apple. After the break check out some of the truly magical shots Andre was able to capture during his visit to his dream location. Continue reading…