Kim Høltermand’s Grå is a Story of Moody and Minimalist Urban Geometry


All images by Kim Høltermand. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

As of late, we’ve showcased a lot of works that depicts how architectural photography becomes powerful when we go beyond photographing buildings. Today, we look at a recent work by Danish fine art photographer Kim Høltermand, who once again proves his keen eye for detail and prowess in urban geometry in a set simply entitled Grå.

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Jonathan May Imagines the Adventures of a Sleepwalker in THE SOMNAMBULANT

All images by Jonathan May. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

We’ve seen the kind of visual narratives that the night inspires, whether it’s a town’s vibrant alter-ego, a city’s pervading darkness, or the slow celestial dance of the night sky. In yet another stirring tale, set in the ungodly hours of nighttime, Sydney-based photographer Jonathan May invites us to join him as he follows the journey of a sleepwalker named Yuri.

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Michael Streckbein Captures Cinematic Urban Scenes for NIGHTLAND

All images by Michael Streckbein. Used with Creative Commons Permission

The gloom of cities at night becomes even more ominous when fog comes to envelope the surroundings. Yet for some photographers, the drama of this combination is something too beautiful to pass up. If capturing this scene is something that you have on your street photography bucket list, you’ll certainly find this series by Michael Streckbein nothing short of inspirational.

Cologne-based Michael joins our roster of camera-wielding nightcrawlers who have a penchant for documenting the different faces of cities at night. For his ongoing series aptly titled NIGHTLAND, he prowls his city on foggy nights while the rest sleeps. However, instead of showing the nighttime alter-ego of bustling cities like Hamburg-based Mark Broyer, Michael roams empty railroads, sleepy railway stations, and perhaps even construction sites to create his own vision of a moody urban landscape.

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Mauricio Candela’s Nostalgia Project Portrays the Simplicity of Childhood

All images by Mauricio Candela. Used with Creative Commons Permission

One of the qualities that make childhood memories powerful subjects for creative work is their universality. While we differ in experiences, the nostalgia of our younger years is something we all feel once in a while. Today’s photography inspiration will surely inspire you to take a trip down memory lane for your own creative work.

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Kaitlin Rebesco Plays with Light in Chicago’s Cityscapes

All images by Kaitlin Rebesco. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Much of photography is about telling a story with light. The way light falls on your subject or your chosen setting opens you to a lot of creative possibilities and beautiful narratives. This is why many photographers like Brooklyn-based fine art photographer Kaitlin Rebesco prowl the streets looking for that sweet spot where light hits just right.

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“Plumes” Took A Lot of Experimentation And Careful Setup to Get “Almost Perfect”

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

“I think it is very important for a photographer to continue to be interested and curious about photography.” explains Andrei Duman about his project, Plumes. “For me, that means that although I may be known more as a travel/landscape/aerial photographer, I am still wanting to push myself and try something new. Stepping outside what you consider to be your comfort zone forces you to be uncomfortable which is when you have the greatest opportunity to learn.” Plumes is a bit of an experimentation that Andrei wanted to do in the studio. And believe it or not, the project ended up helping Andrei with his travel photography.

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Mitja Kobal Documents the Japanese Way of the Blade Today

All images by Mitja Kobal. Used with Creative Commons Permission

Whether you’re a practicing photojournalist or simply interested in real-world photo narratives, today’s fascinating set will certainly inspire you. Many centuries after the samurai rose to power in medieval and early-modern Japan, the excellent craftsmanship of their blades persist to this day. This is what Vienna-based photographer Mitja Kobal has found and chronicled for an interesting photo documentary project.

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Sonia Szóstak’s “Magic Hours” Depict Vivid and Gorgeous Landscapes

All images by Sonia Szóstak. Used with Creative Commons Permission

Nature has been mankind’s biggest sources of inspiration and ideas for all kinds of creative pursuits. Nothing compares to being inspired while immersing in the hues, textures, lines, shapes, and formations that we can find in the great outdoors. Such was the experience of photographer Sonia Szóstak and her team while travelling across the beautiful landscapes of Bolivia and Peru.

For Paris-based Sonia Szóstak, Bolivia and Peru are among the best places to study color composition, and her series of travel photos entitled Magic Hours bear testament to this claim. Indeed, her beautiful snaps show jagged mountains, sloping hillsides, snowy hiking trails, and sprawling grasslands painted in different eye-catching colors. This set definitely shows what makes the two destinations among the most sought after in South America.

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