Carsten Witte Reimagines Dubai’s Skyscrapers as Monolithic Architecture

All images by Carsten Witte. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers in modern times, making it a prime playground for architectural photography. While the possibilities and ideas for portraying these buildings are endless, Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte presented an interesting perspective with his straightforward architectural photography in the city.

In a set he interestingly calls Desert Tombstones, Carsten emphasizes the stateliness of Dubai’s skyscapers, both in their size and their ultra modern design. Each building he photographed stands tall as a symbol of the city’s stunning architecture, rivaled only by a few in the world. Each also has their own distinct features, shapes, and patterns that are interesting to explore and capture as urban geometry studies.

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Jose Ferreira Documents the Unique Battle of Men Against Breast Cancer

All images by Jose Ferreira. Used with permission.

When we speak of breast cancer, it’s almost always in reference to a woman’s battle against the disease. However, a small percent of men also get inflicted with this devastating condition. In a series of compelling documentary photographs by Lisbon-based Jose Ferreira, we get to picture the present situation concerning men’s breast cancer. The documentary portraits in black and white tell a powerful story on their own. But to create a clearer picture and raise better awareness, it helps to have some expert opinion on something as serious but rarely discussed as men’s breast cancer. Paired with Jose’s photography is an equally eye-opening write-up by Dr. Fatima Cardoso, the Breast Cancer Unit Director of Champalimaud Medical Center and the Head of the International Program for Men’s Breast Cancer.

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This Film Canister Project is for the Very Bored Film Photographer

Whether this project is a fun use of your empty plastic film canisters, we let you decide.

Got a bunch of those plastic film canisters lying around? The most resourceful of film photographers have found a bunch of uses for these typically discarded items. What the video tutorials you’re about to watch, however, may only be particularly useful if you’re an incredibly bored film photographer. It could be fun, though. Somewhat.

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Benjo Arwas Combines Photography and 8mm Footage for a Fashion Campaign

All images and videos by Benjo Arwas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since the vintage look has made a comeback in many creative aspects, but the visual appeal hasn’t waned. In the realm of fashion, for example, we see that nostalgia sells, not only in style itself but also in how it’s presented to the fashion-forward. Case in point is the beautiful Holiday 2017 campaign done by Los Angeles-based Benjo Arwas for designer brand Anine Bing.

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Mike Campau Explores the Anti-Social Realities of Social Media

All images by Mike Campau. Used with permission.

Social media has been making a big impact of today’s generation, not only for making personal connections but also for building a professional network. As such, it has been consuming a big chunk of our daily activities and demanding so much of our attention, sometimes for the wrong reasons. In one of his recent projects, Michigan-based Mike Campau has put together the creative disciplines of photography and digital art to make a compelling case based on the backlash against some of the most popular social media platforms.

Aptly titled ANTISOCIAL, the set is a thought-provoking exploration of the paradox tied to social media today — the more “connected” we are using these platforms, the lonelier or more isolated we seem to feel. At their worst, each social media platform drives us towards certain social anxieties and even ironic realities. Mike presents this message in a frank, bleak, and humorous approach throughout the set.

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For $18,000 Get This Sony E Mount Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1 Lens

Care for some rare Astro-Berlin glass to pair with your Sony E Mount camera? 

It’s been a while, but we’re back with our latest ebay find for all you fans of vintage gear out there. Today, it’s a rare Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1.0 lens, an ultra-high speed lens that was modified for Sony E Mount cameras. If you’re looking for a unique German lens and have around $18,000 to spare, you might want to check this listing out.

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Taylor Luo’s Monochrome Architectural Photography Will Bend Your Mind

All images by Taylor Luo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The abstract treatment is an obvious and common approach to architectural photography, given the interesting shapes, lines, and patterns architecture creates. In one of his recent sets, Los Angeles-based Taylor Luo combines photography, digital art, and a touch of abstract to re-imagine some architectural elements with an “order” that emphasizes their form.

“The Subversion, The Reformation,” Taylor simply wrote in his description for Order, a set of black and white photographs of some curious-looking buildings. Heavily angular and geometric, they look clean, crisp, and futuristic in this minimalist style. The attention to detail to make every line, angle, and shape stand out is particularly noteworthy here, and what most of us would say is the stand-out feature of this body of work.

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Dillon Marsh’s “Contours” Give a Bird’s Eye View of Curious Landscape Features

All images by Dillon Marsh. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Photographers know very well how shapes, lines, and patterns make interesting imagery; so do unique angles, perspectives, and vantage points. Cape Town-based fine art photographer Dillon Marsh takes it up a notch with his aerial photographs of some curious-looking markings on the arid west coast of South Africa.

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