B+W Filters is Showing off Their New Packaging at Photokina

Schneider Kreuznach is set to present several improvements to their B+W Filters at the Photokina 2018.

If you’re already excited about checking out the manufacturers’ booths for the upcoming Photokina on September 26 – 29 in Cologne, you might want to add Schneider Kreuznach on your list. The German optics company is set to bring some improvements to their B+W Filters and related accessories. These include new packaging design, a B+W ND Calculator App, innovative surface coating for filter mounts, and new B+W square filters. Landscape photographers in particular may be interested in checking these out.

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Inspiration: The Winning Projects and Pictures of the 2018 URBAN Photo Awards

Get inspired with the impressive winning photos being showcased in this year’s URBAN International Photo Awards.

International photography contest URBAN International Photo Awards has recently announced the winning pictures, projects, and portfolios for this year’s competition. Now on its 9th edition, the contest is being promoted by Trieste-based cultural organization dotART, and gathers thousands of participating photos and photographers from across the globe. If you’re looking for some of today’s inspiring and outstanding photography, you might want to check out the entries that made the cut.

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Venus Optics is Showing Off (Sort of) 12 New Lenses at Photokina

Venus Optics creates a number of manual focus, unique lenses and at Photokina they’re announcing three brand new ones.

While the new 17mm f1.8 and 12mm f1.8 for Micro Four Thirds lenses from Venus Optics are probably what will appeal to photographers a lot more, the company is also announcing a new cinema lens. That, and there are new variants on a number of their optics. The company’s press release explains it way better than I can.

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The Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master is the Lightest of the Big Four’s Lens Options

We’ve been playing with the new Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master lens for a little while and we’re pleasantly surprised.

Yes, we know that Fro Knows Photo leaked it before; and now we can officially admit that the Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master is real. This lens isn’t just an 24mm though and we can say with certainty that there really is innovation here. It’s got dust and splash resistance on top of being smaller and lighter than the options from Sigma, Canon and Nikon. Traditionally wide angle lenses with fast apertures were always huge. But with Sony’s new design for the Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master, photographers who own a Sony FE camera are bound to more or less glue this lens to their body.

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2018: This is the Year of the Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

The full frame mirrorless camera finally started to creep out of its confines and it was long overdue.

The full frame mirrorless camera: I genuinely feel like in every portal, group, and forum that I step into there is a conversation about this. It’s been a long time coming. Leica was the first to the scene nearly 10 years ago with the Leica M9. Then Sony came along with the Sony a7 and Sony a7r. Heck, even Hasselblad and Fujifilm released mirrorless cameras with bigger sensors than full frame 35mm. And then this year, Nikon and Canon finally decided that they’d step up and give us the Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7, and the Canon EOS R. It’s about time: barring a few players, the world of DSLRs and APS-C cameras was starting to get kind of dull. Combine this with the fact that Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei are trying to give everyone a reason to not buy a bigger camera and you’ve got a photography world that needs to modernize.

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CatLABS of JP Won’t Be Making Pack Film Happen Anymore; But Wait…

The latest update from CatLABS of JP on making pack film isn’t one we wanted to hear. 

For those who have been following the journey of CatLABS of JP to bringing back pack film, sadly, it has all come to an end. Two years after vowing to recreate a sustainable and viable production of pack film, the Boston-based darkroom resources and service provider has announced that they’re no longer pushing through with the project.

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Really Nice Images Brings All Films 4 – PRO to Capture One

Photographers using Capture One finally now have Really Nice Images’ most film-like simulations at their creative disposal.

After nine months of development and preparations, Really Nice Images has finally made the All Films 4 – PRO available to Phase One Capture One users. The release of this new version of RNI’s flagship film-simulating package is a pretty big news, allowing many discerning and dedicated photographers on Capture One can now tinker around with the closest film simulation there is to the real deal.

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The Infagram Camera Reveals the ‘Secret Life of Plants’ with Infrared

Now here’s one nifty camera geared specifically towards people with green thumbs. 

Today’s find is for those with green thumbs: Infagram, which is “a simple, affordable near-infrared camera produced by the Public Laboratory community in a series of collaborative experiments over the last few years.”

Infrared photography has been around for a long time. While it’s more popular nowadays for delivering surreal, otherworldly results, it’s also particularly useful with agricultural and ecological assessments usually done by larger entities such as vineyards, large farms, and even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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If The Fujifilm GFX 50R is Real, It Needs These Features

The reports of the new Fujifilm GFX 50R are making photographers carefully consider their next purchase.

One of the most exciting announcements that could be coming at Photokina 2018 is that of a brand new Fujifilm GFX 50R. This camera is slated to be the most affordable digital medium format camera on the market thus far. For those of us who have been looking at medium format as a serious option, it could be a major entry point. Years ago Pentax tried to do this with their Pentax 645 system and arguably weren’t able to capture the market due to pricing being akin to those of Canon 1D and Nikon D5 levels. But the new Fujifilm GFX 50R is reported to be even more affordable–nearly on the level of Sony’s a7r III and a few other cameras on the market.

If it is indeed real (and at this point we genuinely have no idea) then we hope that it has these features built in.

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The Chroma Chrono Flash is for Photographers Who Love Flash and Color

Peep this product if you love playing with colored bursts of light in your work! 

If you’re someone who loves using flash to make colorful and creative photographs, our Kickstarter find for today would surely get you hyped up: the Chroma Chrono flash. The Chroma Chrono is developed by George Davis, a UK-based electronic engineer who runs a small electronics contractor that provides “electronics for the creative industries” called Pecelec. According to George, his experience with producing electronic circuits and assemblies as well as contacts with manufacturers help him with developing the product.

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“Half-Light” Photo Book Chronicles the Life of a Photographer Battling With Cancer

Half-Light, a limited edition photo book, gives us a peek at the life of Shahrzad Darafsheh, a photographer and artist currently battling cancer in Tehran.

Those who are into collecting photobooks and publications that are deeply personal in their message and nature might want to check out a complex book to be independently published by Gnomic Book. Half-Light chronicles the life and experiences of Iranian photographer and artist Shahrzad Darafsheh, who has been battling cancer for some time now. The project has already been fully funded on Kickstarter, but there’s still time to grab a copy and show your support.

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Drool Over These Gorgeous Holster Cases for Leica M and CL Cameras

Thinking you could use a new case for your beloved Leica M or CL camera? You might want to consider these beautiful, leather holster cases.

If you’re into simple yet elegant camera cases, you’ll surely fall in love with the gorgeous Angelo Pelle leather holster cases by Angelo Smaldore. If you happen to be looking for one for your Leica M or CL camera, spoiling yourself with these gorgeous holster cases would be a good idea.

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Manfrotto Adds New 2N1 Tripod to Monopod to Befree Collection

The Manfrotto Befree 2N1 is a new option for photographers on-the-go who are looking for a versatile and reliable travel tripod for their next adventures. 

Every travel and landscape photographer knows that a stable and sturdy tripod is a staple for working in the field. If you’ve been eyeing the Manfrotto Befree tripods, you might want to check out the collection’s latest addition. Dubbed as the most versatile model in the popular travel tripod line, the new Manfrotto Befree 2N1 boasts of being an all-in-one solution that easily converts from a tripod into a monopod in just a few steps.

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Sample Image Gallery: Canon 24-105mm F4 L IS USM (Canon EOS R)

So far, the Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM seems to be a great walkaround lens for the Canon EOS R.

We’re still actively testing the new Canon RF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM for the Canon RF camera system. On the Canon EOS R, it seems to be a great walkaround lens. Is it big? Yes. But it’s also highly capable in most situations. It gives the Canon EOS R the image stabilization that it needs in certain situations.

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Latest Aurora HDR Update Features AI-Powered Quantum HDR Engine

Skylum Software is now taking pre-orders for the latest version of the Aurora HDR program.

If you’re doing a lot of HDR for your landscape or architectural photography projects, the latest version of Skylum Software’s Aurora HDR program could pique your interest. Pre-orders are now open for the Aurora HDR 2019, offered at $89 for new users and a limited time special price of $49 for current users who would like to upgrade. Prices will jump to $99 for new users and $59 for upgrades during its release on October 4th.

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Is This The End of In-PUBLiC? Questioning What Street Photography Really Is

The question ‘what is street photography?’ has caused a divide within the community for decades. It could now be causing destruction.

iN-PUBLiC has been a long-standing and respected collective in street photography. For the best part of 18 years, it has featured some of the most applauded and successful street photographers in the game. However, could one simple photograph be about to bring what has been a strong source of education for so many to its bitter end?

This week two of the collectives photographers, including the founding member, made the decision to leave iN-PUBLiC. Sources have suggested that both Nick Turpin and Nils Jorgsensen (who have both been removed from the website) were unhappy with the collectives current selection in their ‘Photo of the Month’ category.

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Could This 35mm F2.7 Be the Ultimate Pancake Lens for Street Photography?

If you’re a street photographer looking for a handy pancake lens for your camera, here’s a 35mm f2.7 that boasts of being the smallest in the world.

Pancake lenses are revered primarily for the superb optics they provide in such a small package. If you’re both a street photographer and a pancake lens fan still looking for one to pair your camera with, here’s a Kickstarter project that could just pique your interest: possibly the smallest pancake lens in the world!

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The Apple iPhone XS Has a Camera that Does 1 Trillion Operations Per Photo

The new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are packing some new features that some probably won’t care about.

The day has finally come where we can pretty much squash any rumors involving the new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. This is an upgrade to the previous Apple iPhone X. It brings with it a new processing engine and changes the way that it handles apps, graphics, etc. It also does it in a really battery efficient way–or at least that’s what Apple is claiming in their keynote.

But what about the camera?

Our story focuses on the camera. We’re positive you can get all the other news everywhere else.

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Curious Looking Film Digitizer Promises to Help Scan Your Negatives Better Than a Scanner

Calling all film photographers: Looking for an alternate way to scan your negatives? Check this gadget out.

For serious film photographers, getting a proper film scanner is just as important as getting the right gear. It’s an investment (a pretty expensive one at that) but if you don’t do your research properly you might end up just throwing your money away on a model that produces substandard results.

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