The Rokinon AF 45mm F1.8 Is Odd Compared to Other Sony FE Lenses

Rokinon AF 45mm

The new Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 has an odd focal length compared to other Sony FE lenses, but it’s priced right.

In the last few years Rokinon has been slowly but surely increasing their Sony E mount lens offerings. Their latest lens, the Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8, is being billed as the perfect lens for your Sony camera. What really makes this offering stand out is the lenses unique focal length. The new Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 is surprisingly the eighth new lens that the company announced this spring. This once small player in the lens market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and their lens offerings keep on getting better. The Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 will hopefully be able to deliver the goods too, like some of their other newer lenses have.

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Firmware 2.0 Gives the Nikon Z6 and Z7 New Autofocus Revamps

The Nikon Z7 and the Nikon Z6 will today get improved autofocus performance according to the company.

When we went about testing the Nikon Z6 and the Nikon Z7, we found the autofocus performance of each of them to be behind that of pretty much every other manufacturer. And now, the long awaited autofocus improvement firmware is ready to launch. The company is today announcing that in addition to eye-detection autofocus for still-image shooting, the Nikon Z6 and the Nikon Z7 should be able to focus better in low light situations. All the details you need from the press release are after the jump.

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The MiNT InstantKon RF70 Gets Updated with Auto and Manual

Heads up, instant film photographers! The folks of MiNT have finally and officially unveiled the InstantKon RF70 with not one, but two models!

It’s already been a year since we last heard about the InstantKon RF70 and took it for a test run. Now, the folks of MiNT have made it official. Not only did they just launch one model, but also an Auto version for those who are still learning the ropes of manual controls. If you’re only hearing about this instant camera now, allow us to introduce you to this wide-angled wonder.

Updated with more official specs

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The 10th EPSON International Pano Awards Is Now Open for Entries

Professional and amateur photographers around the world are invited to submit their best panoramic photography to the 10th EPSON International Pano Awards.

Above: 2018 Amateur Landscapes Winner Nathaniel Merz (Daedunsan, South Korea)

If panoramic photography is your craft and passion, you might want to catch up with your pending projects or dust off your drives for your best work so far. Now on its 10th year, the EPSON International Pano Awards continues with its dedication to showcase outstanding work by amateur and professional panoramic photographers across the globe. In this run, the world’s biggest panoramic photography contest will be giving away $50,000 in cash and prizes.

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This New Lidar Surveillance Camera Can See You from 28 Miles Away

surveillance camera

Big brother can watch you from across the city with this new Lidar powered surveillance camera.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much creepier, along comes a story about a new Lidar powered surveillance camera system so powerful it can cut through 28 miles (48km) of city smog and see you stuff your face with those six Taco’s you purchased for lunch. Join us after the break for more details about this new, powerful shoe box sized surveillance camera system. Continue reading…

KONO! Launches New Funky 35mm Film, Introduces Original Six Pack

KONO! has just rolled out some new stuff for film photographers who enjoy shooting with their funky-colored emulsions.

It’s been a while since we heard something from the folks of KONO!, but they’re back with some welcome updates! First, they have a new, reanimated 35mm film: the Original MIRAGE. Second, their Original reanimated films now come in a Six Pack for those who want to try out a fun selection from their lineup! If you’re an experimental film photographer looking to try something new, these funky films could do the trick. The new KONO! film is the Original Mirage, which they described as being reanimated by not one, but two awesome colors. The effect changes from subtle hues when shot in sunny and bright conditions, to highly saturated colors when shot in the sunset. “Pictures shot in bright daylight invoke the feeling of a warm, late summer day and as soon as it gets darker, the colors get more prominent and richer.”

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Yodica Films Are All ISO 400 and Have Cool Names Like Pegasus

If you’re craving for more colors and cool effects in your film photography, Yodica offers a lot of fun options for you to try.

Can’t get enough of those emulsions with various creative effects and crazy colors? These films from companies like Revolog, KONO!, and Dubble remain popular creative tools for experimental film photographers, and we can’t deny that they can definitely produce some pretty surreal results. We recently got word of Yodica, a Milan-based brand that offers a pretty cool roster of these fun films. They’re looking into launching their website and a new film soon, so if you’re looking for more options to those quirky emulsions, you might want to keep an eye on their goodies.

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Shimoda Releases Shoulder Strap Line Especially Designed for Female Adventure Photographers

If you’re a female outdoor photographer struggling with the ill-fitting straps of your camera bag, this new shoulder strap line by Shimoda is certainly for you. 

While photographers today have virtually unlimited options when it comes to camera bags, choices especially designed for women are few and far between. However, this new offering could change that. Adventure camera bag company Shimoda Designs has recently launched their new Women’s Shoulder Strap line, custom-tailored specifically for female adventure photographers.

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Wacom Completes Advanced Pen Tablet Series with New Intuos Pro Small

The new Wacom creative pen tablet is the company’s lightweight and portable addition to the now complete the Intuos Pro line. 

Photographers, digital artists, and designers looking to upgrade their creative pen tablet might want to check out the Wacom Intuos Pro Small. The new addition completes the company’s advanced creative pen tablet line, joining the Intuos Pro Medium and Intuos Pro Large sizes. With its host of features and benefits, this family of advanced pen and touch tablets promises expanded choices that bring the best of Wacom’s innovation and expertise in developing tools for digital art and design.

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Is 2019 the Year Photographers Finally Take Back Their Copyrights?

A new court ruling is the first indication that the tides are changing in regards to copyright laws and photography.

We see it time and time again; a company or an individual sees an image online that they like, so they take it and profit from it without consent from the photographer. This scenario plays out over and over again each and every day, but previous laws in the United States of America have made it virtually impossible for an individual to fight for compensation, even if the image was copyrighted. Thanks to the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and a coalition of visual arts groups, a reform is coming that will finally favor photographers and other small creators. Continue reading…

The Canon 85mm F1.2 L USM RF Is $901 More Than Sony’s 85 G Master

The Canon 85mm f1.2 L USM RF is officially being announced today after its development announcement.

One of things that genuinely sets the Canon RF camera system apart from others is a lens like the Canon 85mm f1.2 L USM RF. As the company’s second f1.2 aperture lens, the 85mm is more targeted to portraiture than the 50mm f1.2. Photographers who use the system and shoot portraits a lot will be inclined to spend their hard earned $2,699 on this lens, which is almost $1,000 more than Sony’s G Master. The new Canon 85mm f1.2 L USM RF includes the control ring around the lens, perhaps better weather sealing, a blue refractive element to reduce CA, and an f1.2 aperture. However, Sony’s 85mm f1.4 G Master Lens has 11 aperture blades where the Canon sports only 9. Sony’s also focuses closer.

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The Panasonic S1R Is the Best Ranked Full Frame Camera at DXOMark

panasonic s1r

The Panasonic S1R has been making waves in the testing labs over at DXOMark.

DXOMark has been hard at work putting one of Panasonic’s new cameras through boot camp, and it’s passed with flying colors. The Panasonic S1R has set a new standard for Full Frame camera sensors as it has displaced the Nikon D850 from its third place spot. This means the Panasonic S1R is only bested by the Medium Format Pentax 645Z and the Hasselblad X1D-50C. Join us after the break for more details about the DMOMark results. Continue reading…

B&H’s Payboo Credit Card Charges 29.99% Interest in Trade of Sales Tax

The new B&H Payboo Credit Card has a higher purchase APR than Chase bank.

Last night, a number of B&H Photo affiliate partners were sent an email about a new way B&H Photo is trying to change the game for online purchasing. The new system is called Payboo, and once you get past the eye-roll-worthy name, you begin to see some great ideas. The premise behind Payboo is that B&H Photo is trying to go back to the way things were when they didn’t need to charge state sales tax for online sales. Amazon and others need to do this according to the law, and when you think about it ethically it makes sense to pay your state taxes anyway. Since they had to make that change, B&H Photo lost a competitive edge as even New York residents (where the company is based) would ship a product to a friend to Jersey and then have said friend bring the goods to NYC for them.

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Red Bull Illume 2019 Now Open to Adventure and Action Sports Photographers Worldwide

Red Bull Illume, the world’s biggest competition for action and adventure sports photography, brings awesome prizes from Sony, Skylum, SanDisk, and COOPH. 

Looking for the perfect channel to showcase your incredible photos of heart-stopping action and adventure sports? It’s time to dust off your drives and select your best snaps; the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, the world’s biggest competition dedicated to action and adventure sports photography, is now accepting submissions. For its 2019 run, the competition now has new categories, a judging panel of 50 international photo editors and digital experts, an innovative worldwide exhibit tour, new partners, and more prizes.

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Extremely Rare Leica M3 Prototype Awaits at Leitz Photographica Auction

If you’re looking for an extremely rare Leica like the M3 Prototype, you don’t want to miss the upcoming Leitz Photographica Auction!

Not so long ago, we excitedly reported the sweet lineup of the greatest and rarest Leica cameras that await us at the 34th run of the Leitz Photographica Auction (formerly WestLicht Photographica Auction). If you’ve set your eyes on the precious Leica M3 No.700005, you might also want to keep your eye out for the Leica M3 Prototype!

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The ILFORD Ultra Large Format Ordering Window is Back!

Attention, ILFORD fans and black and white film photographers! Now is your chance to go big — like Ultra Large Format big!

If you’ve been long waiting for the chance to shoot Ultra Large Format (ULF), it’s now time to dust off your gorgeous cameras and grab some black and white film from ILFORD. HARMAN Technology Ltd. (ILFORD PHOTO) has just opened their ULF program for this year, allowing practitioners of the craft to go big with their black and white snaps without having to worry about most of the restrictions that come with typical minimum order quantity.

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Remember Photobucket? They’re Back and Promising Nice Features

Photobucket, through the leadership of a new experienced team, promises the best value for its greatly improved services and focus on user experience.

If you’ve ever wondered about what happened to Photobucket, they now have the answer for us. The photo storage, hosting and sharing pioneer, now under the helm of a new and experienced leadership team, has just launched its newly enhanced website as part of its efforts to service today’s digital content owners. Other product enhancements and additional feature are also slated for this year, which will also be extended to their mobile app.

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Rory Lewis Captures Sir Patrick Stewart in Van Dyck Triple Portrait Style

Sir Patrick Stewart looks regal in the 17th century style triple portrait snapped by fine art photographer Rory Lewis.

Photographers have always drawn ideas from classic paintings and other creative disciplines, especially when it comes to portraits. Sir Patrick Stewart is the subject of one such painting-inspired fine art portrait by British celebrity portrait photographer Rory Lewis. Having started his acting career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the English actor eventually became best known for his iconic roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Star Trek TV series and films, and Charles Xavier of the X-Men film series. All these make Stewart a fitting sitter for a modern-day rendition of the historic Triple Portrait of Charles I.

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The Think Tank Stash Master Turns Any Backpack into a Camera Bag

The new Think Tank Stash Master Travel Cube can carry the photographer’s trifecta with ease.

Do you have an old camera bag laying around that needs a makeover, or perhaps any old large backpack that you’d like to start using as a camera bag? If so, this product might be just for you. The Think Tank Stash Master 13L Travel Cube, which can easily fit inside many existing bags and their own Mind Shift Backlight Elite 45L bag, has been designed to allow you to expand gear capacity easily in any large backpack. Continue reading…

Garry Winogrand’s Color Street Photo Exhibit is Enthralling and Confusing

Color, the latest Garry Winogrand exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, parades the great street photographer’s work for the Instagram generation.

Those who head out to see the Garry Winogrand’s Color slide work at the Brooklyn Museum will most likely be photographers; and those photographers will be given a fantastic treat for most of the exhibit. While Color showcases a number of these images with incredible justice to the great street photographer, I spent some of my time in the exhibit scratching my head with a number of questions. I’ve personally had a very on and off relationship with Garry Winogrand’s work–and Color has done a lot for further selling me on his photography. While my problem with the exhibit isn’t the way that most of the images are portrayed, attendees will spend most of the time in a particular, single room.

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