This Big Book of Pit Bull Headshots from Hollywood is So Heartwarming

Pet photography is a hard genre to master, but this L.A based commercial photographer has it figured out and is putting his skills to good use.

We’ve all heard the terror stories about Pit Bulls and how they’re a dangerous breed of dog. One photographer though is doing his best to raise awareness about this kind, playful breed through a new campaign on Indiegogo. By creating a big book full of headshots that show off Pit Bulls playful sides, Peter Michelena is hoping to remove the stigma that surrounds these dogs through pet photography. Read on after the break to find out more about how this commercial photographer is trying to change peoples perceptions of Pit Bulls one headshot at a time. Continue reading…

Could the 40mm F1.4 Art be One of the Sharpest Sigma Lenses Ever Made?

Just when you thought Sigma lenses couldn’t get any sharper, along comes the 40mm f1.4 Art.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Sigma lenses are some of the sharpest currently available. From the 18-35mm f1.8 Art that shook the world of APS-C cameras a few years back, to the super sharp 135mm f1.8 Art that was released last year; sharpness hasn’t ever really been an issue with Art series lenses. Just how much sharper can their lenses possibly get though? Quite a bit it seems. Kai Wong recently took this massive prime lens out onto the streets of London during a Santa festival to see how it would perform, and of course in typical Kai style, hilarity ensues and it’s all caught on video; which we just happen have for you just after the break.
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There’s a New E-6 Film Developing Kit for Color Slide Film…At Home!

This is exciting news for enthusiasts and students who want to dabble in Color Slide film developing.

In the last few years, film based photography has seen a huge surge in popularity. More and more photographers are returning to analog cameras because of the low cost of many great cameras, and because of the overall look and feel of film based images; something that digital cameras have trouble replicating. Due to the excitement that surrounded an announcement from Kodak in which they stated that they will be bringing back Ektachrome color slide film, OmegaBrandess have just announced that they will be releasing an at-home small batch film developing kit; the Edwal EZ E-6 Kit. Skip through the break to see the full press release. Continue reading…

Instant Print Cameras are Dead! Long Live Instant Print Cameras!

As we begin to tire of the digital age, retro is becoming cool again, with instant print cameras becoming the victors.

Before Smartphones lived in our pockets and gave us access to cameras 24/7, instant print cameras from the likes of Polaroid were all the rage. As the digital revolution took over, the instant print camera business and many others started their sharp decline. Before we knew it, these fun cameras that gave use immediate prints were all but dead. Times are starting to change though as these retro, easy to use, colorful cameras are making a comeback in a huge way. Read on after the break to learn about how these analog gems are coming back in a big way. Continue reading…

PhoGo App Aims to Change How Clients and Freelance Photographers Connect

PhoGo promises to make it easier for clients to connect with the photographers they need through a revolutionary mobile app.

Ever needed a photographer for an urgent project but can’t seem to find one? Alternatively, are you a photographer having a hard time getting started with your career because clients can’t seem to find you? The solution could soon come in the form of the PhoGo app, which promises to transform the freelance photography market as it stands today. Continue reading…

If Portrait Mode Is So Great, Why Have Samsung and Huawei Used DSLR Photos?

Smartphone manufacturers are banking hard on computational photography to bridge the gap between conventional cameras and smartphones.

As the old adage goes, “The best camera is the one that you have on you,” which is why so many of us photographers carry our dedicated cameras with us wherever we go. If you have purchased or upgraded your smartphone within the last couple of years, or have watched any of the keynote announcements for the current generation of flagship smartphones on the market, you will have undoubtedly noticed the significant efforts the smartphone industry has been focusing on the camera capabilities of their wares. Google, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and the rest are trying to find a way to make you not carry your DSLR or mirrorless camera with you anywhere. One of the most popular trends among smartphone manufacturers at the moment is the ability to simulate the look that conventional cameras can achieve when photographing using wide aperture lenses.

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Meyer Optik Görlitz’s Bankruptcy Shows Kickstarters Don’t Always Work

Here’s an important update for backers of several Kickstarter campaigns for brands under Net SE, including Meyer Optik Görlitz.

If you backed any of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns of NetSE for vintage brands like Meyer Optik Görlitz, Ihagee Elbaflex, and Oprema Jena, chances are you won’t get any of your money back, as the company already filed for bankruptcy a few months back. But there seems to be some hope at least for Meyer Optik Görlitz to continue, as another German optics company has recently acquired the trademark rights to the brand. In this case, there is a bit of good for the backers. But for a number of other Kickstarter campaigns out there, it seems like things just don’t always work unless they’re from some sort of established company.

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Loupedeck+ Photo Editing Console Now Works with Photoshop CC 2019

The popular photo editing console is gaining Photoshop support because of community feedback.

Loupedeck, the makers of the Loupedeck+ have just announced that, thanks to community feedback, the photo and video editing console will be gaining full integration with Photoshop CC 2019. The Loupedeck+ became a firm favorite with users of Adobe’s Lightroom thanks to its ease of use, so there is no doubt that those same fans will welcome the company’s efforts to integrate the hardware with Adobe’s Photoshop. The full press release is after the break. Continue reading…

Nikon D750 to Sony A7 III: Is the Grass Greener After 10 Months?

Many photographers are ditching the DSLR to move in with Mirrorless cameras, but does it always work out?

Hardly a day passes when you don’t hear about a photographer moving on from traditional DSLR’s to newer, shinier Mirrorless cameras. While the move to the new technology always sounds like the right thing to do, is the grass always greener on the other side of the photography fence? After the break check in with a wedding photographer and hear what he has to say about his experiences with life after DSLR’s. Continue reading…

Size Comparison: Fujifilm GFX 50R, Mamiya 6, Fujifilm GW 690 III

We put the Fujifilm GFX 50R, Mamiya 6, and the Fujifilm GW 690 III all next to each other to show a size comparison.

For those really interested in what the Fujifilm GFX 50R is like, we’ve got a size comparison for you. If you’ve ever held a Mamiya 6, then you know this camera is bigger. If you’ve ever held a GW690 III, then you know this camera is smaller. For what it’s worth though, the lenses on the film cameras are much smaller than the digital lenses on the Fujifilm GFX 50R.

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Could The New Fujifilm and Panasonic Organic Sensors Replace X Trans?

These new organic camera sensors offer an exciting glimpse at what could eventually come to Fujifilm and Panasonic consumer cameras.

The world of technology is moving along at a blistering pace which means we get more and more advanced cameras hitting the streets all the time. Fujifilm and Panasonic teamed up a few years ago to create a completely new type of organic sensor so that they could not only make advancements in technology, but so that they could try to steal some market share back from Sony who supply most of the world’s camera sensors. This new co-developed sensor will be capable of 8K at 60 frames per second, and will have a few more tricks up its sleeve. But just imagine what could be possible if in some way it were combined with X Trans. Continue reading…

Why Pro Body, Crop Sensor Cameras Deserve More Credit in the World of Professional Photography.

Crop sensor cameras are far more advanced than they used to be, and deserve much more credit in the professional photography world.

Just a few short years ago it was pretty easy to say that APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras could never be used by professional photographers. Crop sensors cameras of yesteryear were known for poor high ISO performance, lacked a lot of features their much more expensive Full Frame brothers had, and often produced images that were lack luster. Times have changed in a major way though. Current APS-C and Micro Four Thirds crop sensor cameras like the Fujifilm X-T3, the Nikon D500, the Olympus EM-1 Mk II, and the Panasonic G9 have been adopted by professional photographers around the globe, and for good reason.  Continue reading…

COPYTRACK Lets You Track and Get Paid for Your Images Used Without Permission

COPYTRACK promises to help photographers with websites, media outlets, and businesses using their photos without permission.

A good number of creatives now encounter unauthorized or uncredited use of their photos and images. It has become a common problem especially of photographers, regardless of the genre. If you’re a victim of such despicable act, you might want to enlist the services of international copyright enforcer COPYTRACK, especially if you’re determined to collect monetary compensation on top of legal action.

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The Umbrill Active Pack Is a Shock-Proof Camera Backpack with a Built-In Airbag

The Umbrill Active Pack is a camera backpack that brings protection and functionality to the next level with its built-in airbag.

If a camera backpack is your carrying bag of choice, there are now plenty of options. The latest of these is the Umbrill Active Pack, an innovative backpack that claims to be the world’s best, intuitively designed bag with a built-in air cushion to provide safety, functionality, and comfort. It could be an interesting choice if you’re still looking for a camera backpack to serve your needs.

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“Camera Kids” Aims to Teach Photography to Vulnerable Children Across the Globe

Be instrumental in empowering children around the world through photography by supporting the “Camera Kids” project on Kickstarter.

It’s one thing to teach children to take better pictures with whatever camera they have, and another to empower vulnerable children with it. This is exactly the mission of Through the Eyes of Children (TTEC), a non-profit organization founded in 2000. They soon began conducting the “Camera Kids” photography workshops for children orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi. Now, the organization wants to take their workshops to other vulnerable children around the world, and they need your support to make the next generation of Camera Kids happen.

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The Phoblographer Talks About What You Need to Know About Third-Party Lenses

Been eyeing third party lenses but aren’t entirely sure about them yet? You might get some useful insights from this interview with The Phoblographer himself, Chris Gampat. 

If you’re curious about exploring third party lenses, we have just the right stuff for you. The Phoblographer Editor-in-Chief Chris Gampat recently had a chat with Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photo to talk about third party lenses in the latest episode of TWiP Talks. Give this podcast a watch or listen and you may just find out if these non-OEM lenses are worth a go for you!

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Palette Gear Modular Controller Now Has Capture One Integration

Palette Gear brings their modular controller’s comprehensive tactile editing experience to Capture One macOS users.

Looking for a more precise editing tool to streamline your workflow on Capture One? Starting today, the customizable and modular Palette Gear is now available for the latest version of the photo editing software on macOS. This innovative tool boasts of being the first fully modular hardware controller for Capture One, providing users with powerful new features and functionalities especially developed based on feedback from expert users.

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Replica Surfaces Offer Picture-Perfect Backdrops for Your Product Snaps

Replica Surfaces may be just the tool you need if you shoot a lot of product and food photography — or just want more flattering flatlays on Instagram.

Ever wished you could make your product shots, food photos, and flatlays more appealing with some nice backdrops? Before you reach for pricey backgrounds or cheap options that may not suit your needs, you might want to check out what Replica Surfaces has to offer.

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We’ve Updated Our Canon EOS R Review: RAW Edits in Capture One 12

The Canon EOS R proves to have very versatile RAW files in Capture One 12.

With the Canon EOS R, we’ve found that the RAW files in Capture One 12 are surprisingly robust and yet even more capable than they are in Lightroom. Personally speaking, I bought the Canon EOS R because of both the lenses and how it renders skin tones. I still stand by this, but I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how good the image quality output is in general. The colors are fantastic, the high ISO output is more than good enough or both the web and prints, and the dynamic range has proved itself to be very useful.

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Stroppa Gets Festive with New “Rudolf” Set and Active Strap Colors

‘Tis the season to get festive with the Stroppa holiday offerings!

Just in time for the holiday season, the folks behind the simple yet elegant Stroppa camera straps have launched some new stuff for stylish photographers. Aside from giving their Active strap line a splash of colors, they also put together an aptly named strap set for us to don our cameras with — or, for those of us feeling generous, gift our photographer friends!

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Canon Apparently Has a Focal Reducer for EF-M Mount in the Works

Canon is developing a Metabones-inspired focal reducer for the EOS M system that will convert a 50mm f1.4 lens to a 40mm f1.2–or at least that’s what a patent says!

Despite the EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera being the most popular of Canon’s recent releases, the company has maintained its commitment to the EOS M APS-C mirrorless camera line. Looks like they’re busy cooking up something to prove this as well; reports have surfaced about a Canon patent for a Metabones-inspired speed booster for the EF-M mount.

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