“Atomic Ed” Photo Book Tells About an Anti-Nuclear Activist and His “Black Hole” Shop

This interesting photo book about anti-nuclear activist Ed Grothus deserves your support — and a space on your bookshelf.

Heads up, photo book collectors and military history fans! We’ve spotted an interesting project you might want to check out and support on Kickstarter. There was once a unique military surplus store at the heart of Los Alamos in Northern New Mexico filled with all kinds of technologies, relics, and objects from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. A photo book titled Atomic Ed holds some stories about the intriguing shop as revealed by the work of anti-nuclear activist Ed Grothus, the man who put it all together.

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The Inrigo Is a Smart, Waterpoof Backpack for Your Camera and Gear

If you do a lot of photography in wet locations, you’ll definitely find the Inrigo a useful camera backpack for protecting your gear.

If the Inrigo camera backpack looks unlike any camera bag you’ve seen before, that’s because it’s not your ordinary camera bag. First, it’s a waterproof bag, much like the dry bag you use when you when you go to the beach or anywhere your valuables can potentially get wet. Second, it’s a smart bag that monitors the humidity inside and alerts the user when there’s too much moisture in the bag.

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The Fujifilm 8-16mm F2.8 R LM WR Lens Is Here. And So Is Much More!

The Fujifilm 8-16mm f2.8 R LM WR lens isn’t all that’s being announced tonight.

We’ve known about the Fujifilm 8-16mm f2.8 R LM WR for quite a long time: today the cat is finally out of the bag. The new lens is designed to be Fujifilm’s wide angle zoom lens amounting to a 12-24mm focal length with an f2.8 aperture. Of course, that also means the depth of field will be deeper due to this being an APS-C optic, but it will also be a wide angle. With that said, we’re not quite sure that the aperture will always matter. This lens has weather sealing built into it. In fact there are 11 points of weather sealing. While I’ve never doubted Fuji’s build quality, I’ve never been a major fan of their zoom lenses, so let’s hope this one is better.

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The Fujifilm XF10 Doesn’t Replace the X70

The Fujifilm XF10 surely isn’t going after the same consumer who wants a Fujifilm X100F.

There have been reports on a new Fujifilm point and shoot camera circling the web for some time, and those regarding the new Fujifilm XF10 seem to be true. The new Fujifilm is a brand new point and shoot camera targeted at the lower end and the enthusiast. It doesn’t have an X Trans sensor but instead just a plain old 24.2MP APS-C sensor along with a three inch touch screen. And instead of adding new film simulation modes, they’re adding more advanced filters–perfect marketing for folks who may be reaching for this camera. On top of all that, Fujifilm is only charging $499.95 for the Fujifilm XF10.

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This Fun 2019 Pinup Calendar Features Our Favorite Characters from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you’re already thinking ahead and have started listing the stuff you need to start 2019 right, check out this galactic pinup calendar being funded on Kickstarter!

Next year is still several months away, but if you’re an early bird who plans to start your 2019 preparations soon, we’ve found something you might want to put on your list: a fun galactic pin-up calendar which stars everyone’s favorite sci-fi characters from a galaxy far, far away!

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Ferrania Fixes Major Factory Issues, Secures In-House Production of P30 Film

After facing and fixing some issues that made production impossible, Ferrania is finally back on their feet to bring us some precious emulsions.

“Normally, when we are quiet it’s because we are very busy. This time the opposite is true,” Ferrania began in their latest update, referring to their factory being non-functional since February. There, they briefly mention the hardships that have halted production, but also, more importantly, that they’ve fixed the problems and can now continuously produce P30 film.

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“Witnesses to War” Aims to Show the Resilience of Syrian Children

This powerful photo book project captures the moving resilience of children in war-torn Syria.

Much of what we know about the tragedy that war has brought upon Syria is taken from the perspective of a bigger picture. A powerful project, however, puts the focus on the most vulnerable victims of this conflict. Syrian war photographer Bassam Khabieh put his lens and narrative to use to tell us the story of loss, tragedy, and the astonishing resilience of Syrian children for a photo book titled Witnesses to War: The Children of Syria.

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