The Panasonic G9 is Claiming to Have the World’s Fastest Autofocus Speed

It wasn’t such a great kept secret, but the Panasonic G9 is finally a real thing.

The Panasonic G9 looks to be one of the company’s most serious mirrorless cameras to date; and when you look at the thing, everything about it makes you think about a Canon 5D series camera but in mirrorless form. I mean, look at it: the body resembles a DSLR so much. The Panasonic G9 has a 20.3MP Four Thirds sensor at the heart, 6.5 stop of IS compensation, claims the world’s fastest autofocus speed, 20fps shooting in continuous autofocus, 60fps in single autofocus and all of that at 20.3MP. Yes, that’s insane. But there’s even more.

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TurnGram Delivers Prints of Your Instagram Snaps Every Month

Screenshot images courtesy of TurnGram.

At the height of the digital age, people have turned to social media to share photos and memories with their friends and loved ones. Rarely do we see people keeping thick photo albums for viewing later. Framed photos of various sizes also don’t grace living rooms, offices, and personal spaces like they used to. But if you’re among the handful who still like having your photos printed, an online service called TurnGram conveniently sends prints of your Instagram snaps to your doorstep every month.

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So How is Street Photography with the New Apple iPhone X?

Featured image is a screengrab from the below featured video.

The iPhone X (10) is now out in the wild and reviewers everywhere are getting their hands on Apple’s latest and greatest hardware. One of the iPhone X’s top features is the improvements to the camera as well as updates to Apple’s software bokeh functionality, so as you would expect, many reviewers are talking a lot about that. Continue reading…

Your Hasselblad V Camera Can Shoot Fujifilm Instax Square With This Back

The Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back is fully analog and could surely be fun!

Hot on the heels of the Rezivot Instant Film Back Kickstarter is this brand new one: it’s called the Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back. It does pretty much exactly what it says it does. The back, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter, is a plastic, 3D printed back that takes Fujifilm Instax Square film and attaches to your Hasselblad V medium format camera. The Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back has a manual wind system, so that means no batteries are involved and that cuts down the cost of the back over time. It’s a fantastic option for photographers who want to use an Instax back or Instax film with their Hasselblad V camera.

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The VNTG8 8mm Film Canisters Are Repurposed to Carry Memory Cards

Featured image provided by VNTG8.

Memory cards, chances are if you are a photographer you have a nice collection of these that you need to protect and keep with you when you go out on jobs. But let’s be real for a second, most of the time the carrying cases that we find for these are pretty ugly and many don’t even offer all that great of protection. VNTG8 is looking to change that with their new Vintage memory card case which may be the coolest new way for you to carry your cards around.

As you can see the idea behind the VNTG8 Memory Card case is a call back to the early days of motion picture film when rolls of 8mm film had to be toted around in order for movies to be made. These small rolls, which once held up to 200 feet of 8mm film, are being repurposed by VNTG8 with a special custom foam insert to convert them into stylish and uniquely vintage modern memory card holders.

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The Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 is Now Available in Leica M Mount

The Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 lens in M mount is identical to it’s Sony FE variant, but rangefinder coupled

A little while ago, Voigtlander released a brand new Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 manual focus lens for the Sony E mount; but just recently they announced it for the Leica M mount. This lens is nearly identical optically to the Sony E mount version but the Voigtlander version is cosmetically different to accommodate more of the rangefinder crowd. Additionally, the M mount version is rangefinder coupled. Of course, this also means that you should ensure that your rangefinder can work well with lenses that focus down to that shallow of a depth of field. Of course, you could always zone focus too; but the point of having a lens like this is to shoot at f1.2.

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