We Hope Sigma Is Making More F1.8 Zooms for APS-C and M4/3

E Mount Lenses

Sigma DC DN lenses might become much more commonplace on APS-C and M4/3 cameras in the near future.

Sigma has been knocking it out of the park for a few years with lenses focused primarily on Full Frame cameras, but we have seen flashes of their brilliance with a few APS-C and Micro Four Thirds lenses as well. Now, it seems Sigma might be about to turn their attention to both APS-C and M4/3 markets, and this can only mean great things for those who shoot on those platforms. Let’s talk about this a little more after the break.

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Good News: The Canon EOS R5 Doesn’t Seem Needlessly Crippled

The cripple machine appears to have stopped as the Canon EOS R5 is going to be fully loaded with goodies!

There has been a ton of news recently about the upcoming Mirrorless Canon EOS R5. While we have all been super excited about the development announcements so far, we have all been sitting back waiting to hear that there would be some major comprises somewhere in the camera and its feature set. However, a new development announcement suggests that the cripple machine, which held back some Canon cameras in the past, has come to a halt. Join us after the break to learn about all of the incredible things the Canon EOS R5 will be able to do.

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Canon Gave Up on Medium Format, But a 150MP EOS R Could Come

Surprisingly, a powerful 150 Megapixel EOS R is not as crazy as you think.

Canon is undoubtedly the flavor of the month right now and for good reasons instead of bad ones, which makes a nice change. We are all still trying to compose ourselves after the development announcement of the Canon EOS R5, but hot on the heels of that fantastic news come murmurings of a possible 150 Megapixel EOS R camera. What the what? Let’s talk about this possible 150 Megapixel camera, and if it would even be likely, after the break.

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The New IRIX 45mm F1.4 Offers Smooth Bokeh for Pentax Users, More

IRIX 45mm f1.4

Sigma may have bowed out of the Pentax K mount, but Pentaxians can look forward to the new IRIX 45mm f1.4 prime.

The list of lens manufacturers who still support the Pentax K mount may be slightly on the slim side, but IRIX is one of the few who still support the platform. The great news is that their lenses (thus far) have been seriously impressive, and IRIX has added a new lens to their line up today: the IRIX 45m f1.4. Not only will it come in all the usual flavors (Canon EF and Nikon F mounts), it will also be available to those rocking any K mount Pentax body. Click past the break to see if this is a lens you want to use on your Pentax K1 II or your Pentax KP.

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Rogue Drops Improved FlashBender v3 for Your Flash Photography Needs

The new FlashBender v3 products are now out for those looking to upgrade to more portable and efficient flash accessories.

Whether your flash accessories are due for an upgrade or you’re already looking to finally invest in them, the latest iterations of the FlashBender products could be of interest. Now on their third version, these kits and tools come with improved features that should fit your indoor and outdoor flash photography needs.

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World Press Photo Nominee: “I Strictly Reject the Accusation of Plagiarism.”

A photographer has aired their concerns over the work of a 2020 World Press Photo nominee.

World Press Photo (WPP) nominees always generate conversation and debate. In an article published by Kaveh Rostamkhani, Iranian photographer, Solmaz Daryani, feels ethics have been broken by one of the WPP nominees. Maximilian Mann was nominated in the Environment category for his series, Fading Flamingos. However, Daryani has expressed concerns that many of the images submitted by Mann are too similar for comfort to a project she created a few years earlier.

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Will 2020’s Occulture Visual Trend Spill Onto Photography?

It will be interesting to see how the growing curiosity and visual experimentation involving the occult, esotericism, and spirituality translate into photography projects this year.

Among the visual trends Shutterstock included in their fearless forecast for 2020 is Occulture, which they described as imagery involving spiritual elements like magic, astrology, alchemy, witchcraft, and palmistry, with motifs that range from cosmic to creepy. We’re definitely seeing a lot of these in illustrations, packaging design, and branding. We’re sure some of you may be wondering whether this trend will crossover to photography? How can photographers use and interpret this growing interest in the occult?

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Kingston’s Refreshed Canvas SD Cards Now Support UHS-II Cameras

Canvas SD Cards

If you need blazing-fast transfer speeds, you might want to take a look at Kingston’s new Canvas SD cards.

If there is one thing you need to know about SD cards, it’s that they are not created equal. A lot of cameras these days support UHS-II SD cards, which support much faster data read and write speeds and help you not fill up your camera’s buffer so quickly. Until this point, Kingston didn’t offer any UHS-II cards, but now, they have some speedy Canvas SD cards that do. Join us after the break for all the details.

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This is the ASMR Earporn for Fujifilm X100 Photographers

If you’re a Fujifilm fan, especially of the popular X100 series, here’s an ASMR video that will tickle your eardrums, whispers, shutter sounds and all. 

Shutter sounds are music to our ears without a doubt, which is why some photographers are delighted by the loud clanks, slaps, and whirrs of film cameras. There are lots of shutter sound videos out there, but it looks like it can be taken a notch higher with the addition of ASMR. We’ll let you decide if it’s silly or a serenade!

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Luce: An App That Could Help Analog Photographers Log EXIF Data

An app developer is working on a solution for EXIF Data from analog photos, and it’s called Luce.

“We’re currently just a two-man team who really wants to help the Analog community out with our development skills,” explains Don Chia to the Phoblographer in an email interview. “The app has changed in a myriad of ways since the alpha creation stage. We have received a ton of support and suggestions from the community and we have taken the suggestions into consideration.” After posting on Reddit, Don learned even more about the needs of analog photographers. One of the biggest problems that they face is logging their EXIF data. Lots of shooters often use a notebook or maybe start a Google Doc on their phone. Then when developing and scanning, they’ll keep this info in mind. This is one of the main motivations behind the Luce App. Currently, there isn’t a whole lot like Luce on the market since it’s very niche.

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Op ED: The Canon EOS R5 Will Be What the 5D Series Was to DSLRs

The Canon EOS R5 is shaping up to be one of the greatest cameras Canon has released in a very long time.

The Canon EOS R5 is one of, if not the, most highly anticipated camera of 2020. We’ve been wowed with the specs Canon has disclosed so far, and drooled over the EOS R5 images Canon released. As a fan of photography, it is hard not to get excited about Canon’s new pro-body camera. Now, more images of Canon’s next big thing have hit the web, and it makes us even more excited for the camera that could shake up the Mirrorless camera market. Could the EOS R5 do for Mirrorless cameras what the 5D series done for DSLRs? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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How the Library of Congress Looks for Clues in Old Photographs

The Library of Congress sometimes does interesting sleuthing to answer questions about photos in their archives.

Sometimes, when we see an old photo, we can’t help but wonder about the story or circumstance behind it. Who’s in the photo? Where and when was it taken? Can we still find this exact spot today? Questions like this spark curiosity even for the Library of Congress, as Kristi Finefield recently shared in the Library’s Picture This blog.

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The EIZO ColorEdge CS2731 Monitor Can Power Your Laptop via USB-C

eizo coloredge cs2731

The EIZO ColorEDge CS2731 puts out 60w of power which means you don’t have to rely on your laptop charger.

One of the most overlooked photography accessories is the humble PC monitor: we stare at these screens for hours upon hours when we edit photos and videos. Yet, rarely do we make sure it is doing an excellent job of calibration and displaying the Adobe’s RGB color space, and that’s where EIZO comes in. EIZO has been making monitors for creatives for a long time, and the new EIZO ColorEdge CS2731 has a few tricks up its sleeve that can make your life as a photo and video editor easier. Join us after the break for all the deets.

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Hasselback Portrait Lets You Shoot Instax Mini Film With Hasselblad V-System Cameras

If you’ve been hoping to shoot instant film with your Hasselblad V-System camera, there’s finally a camera back that will let you do so with Instax Mini films.

Since it’s been difficult to get hold of pack film for the most common Polaroid back for Hasselblad cameras, there have been many attempts to create hacks to shoot Instax Mini films with it. Now, we finally have a viable option in the aptly named Hasselback Portrait, dubbed as the first fully-compatible Instax film back for the Hasselblad V-System camera. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your Hasselblad into an instant camera, this new contraption looks like your best bet.

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Capture One 20 Now Supports the Fujifilm XT4 and Fujifilm X100V

The latest update for Capture One 20 is now available, and more cameras got support.

When Fujifilm owners get their brand new cameras, they’ll be delighted to know about the latest Capture One 20 update. The software will give support for both the X-T4 and the X100V. But in addition to that, there are a few bug fixes that have come. Even better, new lens support is also here. That means specifically that the RAW support will be there as will the film simulation support. While most folks like Lightroom, I’m going to strongly encourage everyone to check out Capture One. If you really, truly care about better editing and getting more from your RAW files, you’ll realize that Capture One will do a better job each and every time.

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The Kingston DC1000M NVMe Will Handle Large RAWs, 4K Video Easily

DC1000M_ktc-hero-ssd-dc1000m-sm_08_01_2020 17_20

Photo and video file sizes are getting bigger by the day, and if you don’t have fast drives like the Kingston DC1000M NVMe, your workflow will suffer.

Modern Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are fantastic; there are no two ways about it. One thing that isn’t so great, though, is the ever-increasing file sizes that these new cameras push out. These days you need pretty beefy computers with tons of RAM, additional GPU’s and fast storage if you want to have any sort of efficient workflow. Kingston is aiming to at least offer some hope in the storage area with their new Kingston DC1000M NVMe, which provides read and write speeds up to 3,100MBs/2,800MBs. Find out more after the break.

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So Why Does This Photographer Still Use a DSLR? Because It’s Great!

Innovative cameras - Nikon D850

DSLRs get a lot of stick from ‘those in the know,’ but there’s still a place for them in the Mirrorless world we now find ourselves in.

Over the last few years, Mirrorless cameras have really come into their own. Photographers have flocked to Mirrorless platforms thanks to advanced autofocus systems, electronic viewfinders, incredible burst rates, and many more features, but for some photographers, DSLRs are still viable options. David Taylor-Huges is one such photographer who has gone back to using DSLRs as well as his Mirrorless cameras, and he gives some solid points as to why aging technology is still relevant in 2020. Read all about it after the break.

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