Opinion: It’s About Time Canon Gave Up on EF Mount

The Canon EF mount had a great run, and some classic lenses will never be forgotten, but it’s time to move on and RF Mount is the future.

We know Canon arrived super late to the Mirrorless party, and we are pretty aware the Canon EOS R, as fine as it is, is still quite far behind the competition in terms of specs and features. One area where Canon is excelling and showing the rest of the pack how it’s done though is with their RF Mount lenses. RF mount glass is some of the best you can get your hands on, hands down. The RF Mount is the future, and it seems as though this has finally clicked with Canon too. Join us after the break to find out more about big C’s decision to bid adieu to the Canon EF Mount.

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The New Paul C. Buff Link 800WS Flash Has TTL for Under $1,000

The new updated Link 800WS flash has been a long time coming, but the wait is worth it.

If you’re a fan of lights from Paul C. Buff, you’re going to love this news. Today, the company announced that the long-awaited 800WS link flash will be hitting store shelves this spring and that it has all of the bells and whistles modern photographers need to produce impressive images. Join us after the break for all of the details, including specs and pricing info.

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“Flora” Is an Upcoming Zine for Double Exposure Fans

If you’re into double exposure snaps and want some creative inspiration, you might want to support this zine project on floral doubles.

Double exposures may not be a recent invention in the photography world, but the last decade saw more and more photographers experimenting with it. We’ve seen this creative technique become popular for portraits juxtaposed with buildings, seascapes, foliage, and flowers. If you’re particularly interested in floral double exposures, we found a zine project you might want to support on Kickstarter.

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Fujifilm, It’s Time for Faster Primes with Weather Sealing (F1.4 and Up)

Fujifilm has been setting new standards with their APS-C cameras, and they have also racked up an impressive library of X Mount lenses, especially when it comes to primes. The F2 lineup is lauded by many for sharp optics, beautiful bokeh, and excellent color renditions. They are also weather-sealed primes with great price points. Their more expensive primes produce even better images, but for some reason, lack weather sealing. This lack of faster weather-sealed primes creates an issue for pros looking to use the system full time, and it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Join us after the break to find out what we would like to see in terms of new lenses from Fujifilm.

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New Computers Announced at CES 2020 Will Make Creators Lives Easier

The computers we are seeing at CES 2020 show that technology in this space is advancing at a rapid pace.

The annual consumer electronics show (CES) kicked off earlier this week, and there have already been some exciting announcements in regard to upcoming photography gear like the Nikon D780. Another segment that has caught our eye, though, is the computer segment. Unless you still shoot film, you need a computer to access and process your RAW files. Some fascinating laptops will be hitting shelves in the not too distant future, which could really help with creating media and photo editing. Join us after the break to see some of the most radical computers announced at CES 2020 so far.

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Fujifilm’s X-T4 Could Launch This March – Here’s What We Want to See

Fujifilm hit a home run with the X-T3, so its replacement will have some big shoes to fill.

Fujifilm has been killing it over and over again with their cameras during the past few years. The success of the X-Pro series, the X-TXX series, and the X-H1 propelled Fujifilm into the spotlight. The star of the show has been the X-T3. This APS-C camera captured the hearts of many thanks to its gorgeous design and fantastic image output. The camera is still young, but it seems that Fujifilm may be ready to replace the X-T3 already with the X-T4, and it could happen as early as March. We love the Fujifilm X-T3, but there are some improvements we would like to see implemented in the X-T4. Join us after the break for all the details and to find out what we would like in the X-T4.

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Shooting with the Unusual Bronica RF645 Medium Format Camera

Curious about the Bronica RF645 and want to know if it’s a medium format film camera for you? Alastair Bird shares his experience in his quick review video.

Thinking of getting into medium format film photography and looking for a camera with which to start your journey? One of the newer cameras you might want to check out — but most likely haven’t heard of — is the Bronica RF645 rangefinder camera. If that just piqued your curiosity, we bring a new video by Alastair Bird that will serve as your quick introduction to this interesting camera.

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Samsung’s Credit Card Sized T7 Touch SSD Backs Up Files in a Hurry

If you need an SSD that can back up your files in a hot fire flash, and that can slip into your pocket, you might be interested in the T7 Touch SSD.

Who remembers back when a floppy disk that could hold 1.44mb of data was the stuff of the future? I remember that, and I remember 5.25-inch disks that could hold 1.2mb or less (yeah, I’m old). Now though, companies like Samsung are making SSD’s that can hold 2TB of data on devices the size of credit cards. Samsung’s new T7 Touch SSD not only boasts rapid data transfer rates, but it can also be secured with your fingerprint. For more details about the new Samsung T7 SSD, head on past the break.

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OmniVision’s New 48MP Phone Sensor Promises to Be a Low Light Beast

Smartphone cameras will progress in leaps and bounds during 2020.

CES 2020 has given us a glimpse of the future in regards to new computers for creators, and some of Nikon’s roadmap for the coming year. But quietly, over in a corner, an announcement from Omnivision about a new smartphone sensor made our ears tingle. It seems as though the digital imaging company has a new 48-megapixel sensor up its sleeve, and it is destined to bring considerable improvements to smartphone cameras by way of excellent low light performance and 8K video. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Lomography LomoChrome Purple Now Comes in 110 Format

With Lomography’s latest news, it’s time to take your parents’ 110 cameras out for a spin with the dreamy LomoChrome Purple.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to bust out your 110 film camera? Now would be a great time as ever, as Lomography has recently launched their prized LomoChrome Purple film in 110 format. If you’ve already tried this famed film in 35mm and 120 formats, why not give it a go in this miniature format as well?

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The Nikon D780 is Just Part of the Company’s CES 2020 Announcements

With the Nikon D780, photographers are getting a 24.5MP BSI BMOS sensor at the heart of a full-frame DSLR.

We honestly didn’t think we’d see new DSLR cameras beyond what was already announced this year, but Nikon is proving us wrong with the new Nikon D780. This camera is a step above the Nikon D750, which will continue to be sold. After the break, we have the specs you care about, along with all the details of Nikon’s newest lenses.

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The New Canon 1DX Mk III Could Hint at the Next EOS R’s Features

The Canon 1DX Mk III packs a lot of cool features, and we hope that they’ll be in Canon’s Pro-Grade EOS R camera.

“That’s a great question,” was our Canon rep’s reply when we asked about the new flash modes on the Canon 1Dx Mk III. When doing TTL, the flash settings can be configured to give more priority to ambient light or the flash itself with a selection of the menu. This is only one of the new features on the Canon 1DX Mk III. To be honest, a lot of them seem to be centered around the autofocus abilities of the camera while shooting in Live View. It’s for just that reason that we think the Canon 1Dx Mk III is going to hint at what’s coming with a new Canon EOS R.

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These Trends Show Instagram Does Not Care About Photography

As we enter the new decade, Instagram marketing trends are already in full force.

It’s a new year, and with that comes a new focus on how to approach Instagram. Brands and those lovely influencers will take to the app to push the latest trends that will help them ace their IG game. In an article posted on Later, the author shared seven key points that those who live for Instagram should focus on in order to succeed. None of them are groundbreaking, and all of them are, well, rather soul-destroying.

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Here’s Your Last Chance to Win All This Gear! Enter Now! Ends Tonight!

Photography Prizes

Last Chance! The Gift of Giving Away package is full of photography prizes we know you want!

Enter now to get your hands on a bunch of photography prizes totaling over $3,000 in value. We are sharing the chance to win prizes such as a Fujifilm X-T3, a Tamron 18-400mm Di VC HLD lens, and prizes from Datacolor, Blurb, Sandisk, Moab, WANDRD, any more. Best of all, entry is free! Join us after the break for all of the details about the Gift of Giving Away prize package!

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Tiffen Offers Two New Lens Filter Kits for the DJI Mavic Mini

These Tiffen lens filters for the DJI Mavic Mini will really help elevate your drone photography and videography.

If you recently purchased or received a DJI Mavic Mini, and had wished there were some lens filters you could use on its capable camera, you’re going to love this news. Earlier this week, Tiffen announced they would be releasing two kits of lens filters for the spiffy little drone, which should help you get even more out of your flying camera. Join us after the break to find out more details

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Gallery Visit: Collecting New York’s Stories: Stuyvesant to Sid Vicious at Museum of the City of NY

What happens when two native NYers tour the new Collecting New York’s Stories: Stuyvesant to Sid Vicious at Museum of the City of NY exhibit?

“You know it kind of makes sense that it mostly focuses on Manhattan, because everything happening there through those years,” my good friend Tyson Ho tells me as we make our way down 5th Ave. The exhibit on the Museum of the City of NY’s 3rd-floor spotlights works from Janette Beckman, Bruce Davidson, Helen Levitt, Ruddy Roye, Richard Sandler, Gail Thacker, James Van Der Zee, Harvey Wang, and others. Those names are enough to make most folks smitten with the romanticism of old New York book their tickets. Quite honestly, the curators did a pretty darned good job. They not only tried to condense the diversity within NYC but also tried to show its unification during a time when we all feel so divided.

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Thank You for 10 Years of the Phoblographer!

Thank you for 10 years of helping the Phoblographer be one of the best photography blogs on the planet.

Hi folks,

Today the Phoblographer officially turns 10 years old. It’s been a crazy journey. But, I knew it was one I wouldn’t regret when I quit my day job at B&H Photo many years ago. We’re not going to take a lot of time away from your holiday breaks. This is a quick thank you to our staff, our advertisers, and our readers, and a promise that, within the next 10 years, you’re going to see quite an evolution of the site.

Don’t Miss the Last Chance to Win over $3,000 in Gear!

Photography Prizes
Last Chance! The Gift of Giving Away package is full of photography prizes we know you want!

Enter now to get your hands on a bunch of photography prizes totaling over $3,000 in value We are sharing the chance to win prizes such as a Fujifilm X-T3, a Tamron 18-400mm Di VC HLD lens, and prizes from Datacolor, Blurb, Sandisk, Moab, WANDRD, any more. Best of all, entry is free! Join us after the break for all of the details about the Gift of Giving Away prize package!

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Dubble Dabbles in Candy-Colored Camera Straps

If you’re looking for more playful options to camera straps, the simple yet sturdy offerings just launched by Dubble promise to bring a pop of color.

Bored with your plain camera straps and looking for more exciting options? Think your cameras can use more playful and charming accessories? From Dubble, the company that brought us candy-colored, psychedelic, and experimental emulsions, comes a new collection of camera straps. Say hello to the Dubblestraps – beautifully simple straps that will give your camera a pop of color.

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This Fancy-Looking Rear Cap Has a Temperature and Humidity Meter

Are you worried about your lenses getting all fungused up? This strange but fancy-looking rear cap could be the answer for you.

The strangest and most unexpected photography accessory we’ve seen as of late is most likely this rear cap only for Micro Four Thirds lenses. While it functions normally as your good old regular rear cap it also has a fancy-looking temperature and humidity meter, most likely placed there to help you keep pesky fungus away from your precious glass.

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Fotografiska New York is the Photography Museum You Really Deserve

I hope that the lighting designers at Fotografiska NY are getting paid in the six-figure range because they deserve it.

New York has been waiting for Fotografiska NYC to open to the public, and it finally did. The Fotografiska New York museum is specifically dedicated to photography. With a restaurant, cafe, shop, and many levels of exhibits, this is a photographer’s dream spot. More importantly, it’s open until midnight – you can go late. So, if you’re not feeling like spending time at a bar at night, Fotografiska is a nice spot to go relax. With memberships as low as $150/year, and with a ton of benefits, this is the best place for showcasing photography in the city, and there are lots of reasons why.

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