The Meural Canvas: An Interactive Photo Frame That Responds with Gestures

If you haven’t heard of Meural, then the Meural Canvas may be something you’re going to want to pay attention to, photographers! The company has been around since 2014 and making art installations interactive and fun for artists everywhere–and that doesn’t just apply to hipsters. What’s special about the Meural Canvas is that you can think of it as a large sort of iPad but instead of responding to your interactions via the screen, all you need to do is wave your hand and swipe in order for the next photo to come up. That’s significantly tougher to explain about while reading a blog post, but like all other materialized art, you need to experience it in person.

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New Kickstarter Project Inspires Photographers to Follow in Dorothea Lange’s Footsteps

All images by Kenneth Wajda via Kickstarter

In the spirit of documentary photography from the era of Dorothea Lange, photographer and photojournalist Kenneth Wajda aims to create a photo book of documentary images that will introduce America to the Americans. The inspiration behind it is the initiative of Roy Stryker: the economist, government official, and photographer who commissioned Lange, among others, as part of the documentary photography movement of the Farm Security Administration (FSA).

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There’s a New Autofocusing Samyang 35mm f1.4 FE Lens for Sony a7 and a9 Cameras

Sony camera users rejoice: you’ve got yet another autofocus lens in the form of the new Samyang 35mm f1.4 FE offering. Just announced today, the Samyang 35mm f1.4 FE is the fourth offering of autofocus lenses Samyang has created for the Sony FE lineup of cameras. That means that the Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 has a competitor, though this one is slated to be a lower end option (it doesn’t include weather sealing). To that end, you won’t want to take your camera and lens out in the rain unless you’ve got some Sony or Zeiss glass on there.

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Sad News: The New Yashica DigiFilm Camera is a Major Let Down

All images taken from the New Yashica DigiFilm Camera Kickstarter

Here we were thinking that the announcement of the new Yashica camera would be a life changing and super amazing competitor of some sort to something like the Fujifilm X100F; but instead it has to be one of the biggest letdowns of this year. Before I start off, it isn’t the Yashica 35 GSN Electro. The Yashica Kickstarter recently launched and the new camera is, well, cool in some ways and completely heartbreaking in other ways. Let’s start with the cool: it’s called the Yashica DigiFilm camera and uses an interesting interchangeable digital film system where you have to buy different types of films to get different types of looks. Some of them are ISO 200 color, some are black and white ISO 400, and then there is 1600 which Yashica is saying is the grainiest option. So far that sounds really cool and puts very fun limitations on the shooter, which makes photography truly fun again–there’s even a winding lever!

But then your heart breaks.

Correction: The campaign was updated to say a 14MP sensor.

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Joby Updates GorillaPod Flexible Tripods With 15 New Models


For many photographers, a tripod is a necessity, and while they do not replace a standard size tripod in all ways, Joby’s line of GorillaPod tripods have been incredibly popular for minimalist ‘grab and go’ photographers who just need a sturdy place to place their camera. The GorillaPod lineup had been aging though since their last update, but that all ended recently with Joby’s announcement of 15 new updated models.

The new GorillaPod lineup, as mentioned, consists of 15 models ranging from the small point and shoot/phone focused 325 up to the 5K which is designed to handle the weight and needs of professional DSLR setups. All of the GorillaPods feature that signature bendable leg design that allows the legs to be wrapped around tree branches, light poles, and other objects in the world.

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SanDisk’s New Industrial and Automotive SD Cards Can Work at -40° C

These new SD cards from SanDisk can operate at extreme temperatures such as -40° C

Western Digital has announced two new lines of SanDisk (WD bought Sandisk last year) SD cards aimed at unique applications and surviving extreme conditions. In terms of what will appeal to photographers, or be used by photographers the most, the new Automotive line could be something that you professionals could consider. Continue reading…

Giles Duley Talks About Documenting the World’s Problems on Ilford Film

Image by Giles Duley for ILFORD Inspires

Photographer Giles Duley is a documentary photographer who specifically states he photographs what he doesn’t like. It’s a powerful statement.

Through a series of global events called ILFORD Inspires, HARMAN Technology and ILFORD Photo seek to encourage people to try traditional black and white film. The latest photographer to be featured in their upcoming event is Mr. Duley, with images from his stunning “I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See” exhibit. Set to take place during the PhotoBlock at the Old Truman Brewery in London on October 14th, the second ILFORD Inspires event will give visitors a private viewing of Giles’ impressive black and white photographs documenting conflict, and a talk from the esteemed photographer himself about the art of storytelling he has mastered.

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