Rant: Modern, Dedicated Photo Printers Desperately Need Bluetooth Integration

If photo companies want us to print more often, they need to make it a whole lot simpler.

I think that one of the biggest things that I hear from all the manufacturers out there is that print is on its last legs, evolving, becoming more niche, etc. And to be very transparent, I think that they have themselves to blame. It’s only been in the past year that I’ve been bigger efforts from Fujifilm, Canon, HP (sort of), and Epson to really reach out to younger audiences. By that, I don’t necessarily mean age, but more photographic age. There are still so many photographers that don’t know what their images look like on a print and haven’t had the opportunity to really get prints made. I think that Bluetooth can honestly make this so much easier.

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The Best Accessories for the Enthusiastic Smartphone Photographer

Do you have a strong interest in smartphone photography? Here’s some gear to help you take it to the next level.

Whoever thought we would be taking credible photographs on the same device we call our mothers on? Well someone did, hence why smartphone photography has become its own popular sub-genre. With that, it’s hardly a surprise that photography companies have created a plethora of accessories to help boost your smartphone photography experience. From lenses to tripods, mini LED’s to ring lights, smartphone photography can just about offer the same experience as the more traditional DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. In this list, we have something for everyone. And don’t worry if you’re not an iPhone or Samsung user – we’ve got you covered too.

Below are seven accessories to help you build on your enthusiasm.

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The Color Film Photography Blind Taste Test: Can You Figure This Out?

The purpose of this article is to help you decide which of nine C-41 color film stocks, of those currently available in the US, is right for you. If you’d rather digest this content in video form rather than article, that’s an option as well.

To make this blind comparison, I took, and will compare three identical shots, each taken on the nine emulsions discussed in this video. You’ll be able to compare these photos “blind”, meaning you won’t know which stock is which ahead of time. I’ll also talk through some of the differences from my perspective. This will be especially interesting to you newer film shooters looking to find a color film that fits best with your style of shooting, developing, and/or budget. But even if you’re a long-time film shooter, you may find it interesting.

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Do Any of Us Shoot Street Photography for Just Ourselves?

“It doesn’t matter what others think; I just shoot street photography for myself.”

If you’re somebody who likes to converse about street photography a lot, I am almost certain you have listened to someone make the above statement before. It’s highly possible you have even said it yourself. However, in this digital world, do any of us shoot street photography just for ourselves?

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10 Weather Sealed Cameras That Can Survive Bad Storms

Weather sealed cameras will allow you to get the shots that everyone without a weather sealed camera will miss.

Anyone who works out in the field will tell you about the importance of having a solid, weather sealed camera. Weather sealing will allow a photographer to go out into a downpour, a snow storm, or a windy day with dirt and debris flying everywhere. Rain and snow aside, weather sealing will also protect your camera when it is operating in humid conditions, and even the freezing cold. As long as you have a weather sealed lens attached to the front of your camera you will be good to go. Here we take a look at 10 of the best weather sealed cameras currently on the market. Continue reading…

12 Weather Sealed Lenses That Can Take a Beating From Mother Nature

Pair these weather sealed lenses with a sealed camera body and you can shoot no matter what the weather is doing.

Being able to shoot outside when the weather isn’t the best can yield some truly spectacular results. From reflections of lights hitting the street, to capturing falling snow, and from the light that appears at the back end of a storm, to capturing menacing clouds or lightning, the weather can help create some truly dynamic images. But you need to have the right gear to go out and play in the elements. We’re going to take a look at some of the best weather sealed lenses across multiple platforms and price points that will help you get the shots you’d otherwise miss with non-sealed lenses. Continue reading…

Just How Does the Weather Sealing on Higher End Cameras Stack Up?

We asked manufacturers to show us what they’re got when it comes to weather sealing their cameras.

Weather sealing is far more important than you’d think when comes to your camera’s operability. It’s one of the biggest variables that we test with cameras that boast this. With our 10 years of testing cameras and lenses, we asked each manufacturer to show us some of their best. With that said, we asked for weather sealing diagrams on some of their best cameras–and they provided, for the most part. We incorporated this with our real world testing to see just how each system is stacking up to one another.

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Your First Real Camera: 6 Excellent APS-C Cameras Under $1000

These budget friendly, feature packed APS-C cameras have a ton of features, and being under a grand, they’re hard to ignore.

In the recent past, cameras that were priced under $1,000 were often laughed at by photographers the world over. Cheap usually meant poor build quality, less than stellar image quality, and bare bones features, but my times have changed. These days, APS-C cameras that are under $1,000 aren’t just there to make up the numbers, and they aren’t just for moms and dads who want a cheap camera to capture images of their kids.  Today’s APS-C cameras at this price point are absolute power houses that are rewriting the books on cheap cameras. Continue reading…

Yes, a Photographer’s Lenses are Still More Important Than Their Camera

Years ago, we wrote about how your lenses are more important than your camera; and that’s still true.

Photography has changed, but amazingly not all that much in the terms of lenses vs cameras. And the reason why I’m coming to this is because of a number of discussions that happened over the holiday season as they pertain to cameras being crap or great. The truth: a crappy camera can take amazing images with great lenses while simultaneously a great camera can take crappy images with a terrible lens. It’s a true statement and I’m not sure that anyone should really consider anything else to be the truth.

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8 Lenses That Will Help You Rock Your Next Concert Photography Gig

These fast prime and zoom lenses are perfect for concert photography and for the upcoming concert season.

Concert photography is one of the more exciting genres that we can participate in. Not many things are better than hearing the music of our favorite bands, and getting to take pictures at the same time. Having the right lenses can make this challenging genre much easier for the photographer. Whether you are shooting a concert inside in a dimly lit venue, or are outside and have to deal with more distance to the stage, your gear must be able to perform. Here we’ll take a look at eight fast lenses that will help make concert photography easy. Continue reading…

Opinion: The DSLR is Dead and We No Longer Need Them

perfect camera

The DSLR is dead; mirrorless cameras, premium compacts, and phones have all superseded them.

In the past few years of shooting and traveling there hasn’t been a single moment where I pick up my backpack with electronics and tell myself “Man, I wish this were heavier.” To that end, I have thoroughly enjoyed my years of being DSLR camera free. Though I am a Canon EOS R owner, I’ve found that my Sony FE kit and my Fujifilm X series kits are lighter and often just as capable. So more often than not, those are what end up coming with me. But there have been times where I’ve dreamed of a small, large sensor compact camera with weather sealing and good image/autofocus performance that could do a great job. This would be ideal. For many others, there is the phone.

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8 of Our Favorite Camera Bags To Travel With That are TSA Friendly

With these TSA friendly Camera bags you’ll be able to keep your gear with you on the plane.

One of the big worries that we have as photographers is letting our gear out of our sight; even for the smallest amount of time. Our camera bags can hold thousands of Dollars worth of camera bodies, lenses, and accessories so it is always preferable to keep it with you as much as possible. Fortunately there are a ton of great camera bags on the market that can hold a good amount of gear, while also coming in under the maximum dimensions for carry on baggage as set by the TSA (22 x 14 x 9). Here’s a look at some of our favorite airline, and TSA friendly camera bags. Continue reading…

The Essential Landscape + Astrophotography Lenses for Fujifilm Cameras

There are some truly stunning fast, wide angle lenses for Fujifilm cameras, and they’re perfect for landscapes and astro work.

Fujifilm cameras are fantastic to use for landscapes, cityscapes, and astrophotography. Their small size means you can take them just about anywhere without having to worry about weight, the sensors are capable of capturing tremendous details, the colors they produce are gorgeous, and the fast, wide angle lenses that you can pair with the camera bodies are simply outstanding. Lets take a quick look at some lenses for Fujifilm cameras what will help you capture the beauty of the world both under your feet, and above your head. Continue reading…

Everything Above ISO 1600 Looks the Same, Stop Complaining About It

Photographers tend to look for the stupidest reasons to complain about anything, like photos above ISO 1600.

In the past year, we started doing something most other photographers don’t with images at ISO 1600 and above: we started printing. Printing is arguably the best thing we can do when it comes to making images. Printing helps make our images manifest and gives them a different look that can’t be experienced behind a screen. Just the other day, a friend and former colleague came into my office and looked at prints that we’ve made at ISO 6400 and above. And she said something absolutely amazing to me.

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Is Claiming You’re a “Minimalist Street Photographer” Just a Lazy Excuse?

Although minimalist street photography isn’t a new concept, it has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. With that I ask, are we mistaking minimalism for lazy photography?

Let me tell you, I love minimalism. Honestly, I love everything about it. From minimalist living to minimalist spending, I’m someone who has been caught up in the buzz that has come our way over the past few years. And, of course, I love minimalist street photography. But as that sub-genre grows, I’ve started to think about why so many street photographers dig it too. And whilst it has been great for the scene, I’m also wondering if it is doing some harm.

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6 Versatile Lenses for Sony FE Cameras Under $1,000

These Sony E Mount lenses aren’t only affordable, they’re super fun to use and produce wonderful images.

There are a plethora of Sony E Mount Lenses available to Alpha shooters, and honestly it can be a little hard to sort through all of the offerings. Sometimes this can lead to fantastic lenses falling through the cracks. In this round-up we’re going to take a look at six third party Sony E Mount lenses that are wallet friendly, will produce outstanding images, and are just a pure joy to use. These third party Sony E Mount Lenses prove that you don’t have to buy official Sony glass, and you don’t have to spend over four figures to get glass that will simply wow you.
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Comparing Fujifilm Lenses for Portrait Photography with Denae and Andrew

In this article, we’re going to do an in-depth comparison of seven Fuji portrait lenses.

Studying and comparing all these lenses is a bit of a daunting task. To make it easier to to tackle, we’ll come at this in two ways. First, I’m going to compare them all against each other. Then we’ll go through each of them, one at a time, and talk strengths and weaknesses of each but most cover who each one is for, and who each one maybe isn’t for. As we get into this, please keep in mind that these are the Fuji lenses that span the traditional portrait lens focal lengths. We won’t be discussing environmental portraiture, which normally require wider focal lengths. We’ll cover the  focal length you would commonly expect to see in a headshot or classic portraiture situations, so anywhere from 50mm to mid hundreds (speaking in APS-C focal length terms).

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6 Versatile Zoom Lenses for Documentary and Lifestyle Photography

Being able to capture a story with a single shot can be tricky; these zoom lenses will help make documentary photography easier though.

Being a lifestyle or documentary photographer can be quite challenging. You need to be able to work in a variety of scenarios, and you need to be able to capture the moment in a split second. Prime lenses are great, but sometimes zoom lenses allow you to get the shot a lot quicker due to you being able to stay in place and zoom in or out on the scene at hand. You also need to be able to shoot in both good and poor lighting situations. There’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing lenses for these genre’s of photography, so we have put together a short list of zoom lenses that will make your life as a lifestyle or documentary photographer that much easier. Continue reading…

9 Weather Sealed Lenses For Show Stopping Landscape Photography

The weather can change in an instant so make sure your landscape photography lenses are weather sealed.

Any photographer who has been practicing landscape photography for a while will likely have many stories about being caught out in ‘the storm of the century’. I know I have my tales. The weather can can change in an instant. A seemingly gorgeous sunny day, can soon become dark with rain cloud filled skies. Can your current lenses handle being caught in an unexpected rain shower? The lenses we will take a look at today are made for just these types of situations. They are weather sealed to the nines, and they will do just fine in a downpour.
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A Look at How Photographers are Using the Google Pixel 3

Smartphone camera capabilities are getting better and better. The Google Pixel 3 is a clear sign of where the industry is going.

My first camera phone was a 2MP Nokia. Never in a million years (actually, 14 years) did I think we would be where we’re at now. But the modern smartphone market brings with it a range of devices that have impeccable cameras built into them. The demand for the best camera and the rise in quality even has Canon and Fujifilm debating about the future of the digital camera world. No matter how you feel about it the quality is evolving, there’s no clearer sign of that than the Google Pixel 3. From insane low light performance to smooth, soft portraits, it’s hard to say why you shouldn’t be taking images with this camera. Could this be in fact a replacement for every photographer’s main camera? Let’s take a look…

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These 9 Lenses Will Make Your Travel Photography Dreams Come True

If you’re planning on globe trotting and want a do-it-all lens for travel photography, check out this list.

When we hit the road, or fly around the globe, we don’t always want to be bogged down with a ton of gear. Traveling light can make our lives and our trips more enjoyable. Being able to call upon a lens that can be used to shoot a landscape one second and then a portrait moments later is crucial if you only want to travel with minimal gear. Here we’re going to take a look at nine lenses across various platforms that we would take with us on our travels. Continue reading…