4 Handy Items a Professional Photographer’s Computer Can Use

Being a professional photographer isn’t really all that simple. You need a lot of stuff. As if the business side of the job wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of essentials beyond cameras that are necessary. What’s more, the world of photography keeps evolving, and the needs keep changing. Lucky for you, we’ve tested lots of the gear you need. So we dove into the reviews index to look at everything you could possibly ask for. Here’s what we recommend for a photographer’s computer.

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3 Fantastic Canon RF Lenses We Tested Showing True Innovation

Is it time to get a new lens? If it is, then you’re probably wondering what lenses are doing that makes them stand out from the others. In truth, not many lenses are very innovative. But since the Canon RF mount came about, we’ve seen some exceptional Canon RF lenses. In fact, Canon RF lenses are incredibly innovative most of the time. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed most of them. Be sure to check out our Reviews Index or Canon RF lens guide. And now, take a look at some of our favorites.

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3 Sony E Mount Lenses That Survived the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors are a fantastic place to clear your mind. Bring a camera with you. Distract yourself with your passion. And better yet, don’t give yourself anything to worry about later. By that, we mean you don’t need to break the bank. We dove into our reviews index to find some of the best Sony E-mount lenses to survive the great outdoors. Companies like Tamron make fantastic ones that don’t really make any compromises. Check out what we’ve tested!

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The Best Medium Format Cameras We’ve Reviewed (2021)

Medium format is becoming more attainable by modern photographers. It’s also not necessarily just for portraits and landscapes. You can photograph events and photojournalistic assignments with medium format now. The autofocus has improved a lot. And what’s better is that a lot of the time, you don’t even really need to edit the images. It’s so nice to get your live back in that way! We dove into our Reviews Index to find the best medium format cameras around. And yes, we tested all of them.

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3 Affordable Zoom Lenses for Pro Photographers Using Sony FE Cameras

This is a fascinating time in photography gear history. We’re in a unique spot where you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to shoot as a professional photographer. You can do a great job with a meager budget. That’s incredibly evident in the Sony FE lineup of cameras. Companies like Tamron make great, affordable zoom lenses for the Sony FE camera system. Plus, they’re protected from the elements, reliable, and deliver excellent image quality. Proud of your #SonyFam? Then you can enrich your passion for photography even more without spending a ton of money.

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Not Just 85mm! 4 Great Portrait Lenses for the Canon RF System

If you’re seriously looking at the Canon RF camera system, you’re likely considering it for portraiture. It’s fantastic for it! And we’ve reviewed nearly every Canon RF lens, so we’ve got a lot to say. The system is brilliant for portraiture. Better yet, there are tons of fantastic portrait lenses for Canon RF cameras. Whether you’re using the Canon EOS R or the Canon EOS R5, there’s something for you. So we dove into the Reviews Index to get just what you need.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to the Wonderful Leica SL Prime Lenses

At The Phoblographer, we work diligently to produce the most lens reviews of any independent photo publication. Our small team takes the lenses into the field to put them to the test. We use them the way passionate photographers would. And we take our passions seriously. With so much interest in the Leica SL system, we dove into our Reviews Index to lend a bit of guidance. Are you ready to make the Leica commitment so many of history’s best photojournalists have? Then take a look at this guide to Leica SL Prime Lenses.

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Our 3 Favorite f2.8 Zoom Lenses for Professional Photographers

One of these is bound to be your favorite f2.8 zoom lens after you try them!

The venerable f2.8 zoom lens is one of the darlings of many photographers out there. It’s a staple for portrait photographers, photojournalists, wedding photographers, and more. It’s also a fantastic lens for passionate photographers who do this as a hobby. They prove to be some of the most useful lenses in almost any situation you can name. Better yet, they’ve become more affordable for what they offer of the years. We dove into our Reviews Index and found some of the best f2.8 zoom lenses you can get. You’ll love these!

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These are the Best 24mm Lenses to Use in the Great Outdoors

The 24mm lens is a classic focal length for street photography and documentary shooting. In recent years, it has lost some popularity for those genres. But, it’s very good for environmental portraits, landscapes, and anything outdoors. Lucky for you, we’ve tested a lot of them. So we dove into our Reviews Index to find some of the best to take into the rain, snow, and dirt. Here are the best 24mm lenses to use in the great outdoors.

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4 Fantastic Cameras for Black and White Photography Purists

The best thing to do is realize that you really love black and white photography. And with today’s cameras, you don’t need to do it in post-production only. Lots of cameras let you apply the settings to the RAW file. And what’s more, some cameras have black and white already baked in. We dove into our reviews index to find the best cameras for Black and White photography. Take a look at these!

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These are Awesome! 4 Portrait Lenses No Photographer Can Deny

The art of portrait photography is one that’s got a whole lot to deal with talking to people. There needs to be a connection. And oftentimes, you should talk to someone before you shoot their portrait. But of course, you don’t always have the time to do that. So instead, you should make sure you’ve got the best gear you can. That means getting fantastic portrait lenses. We dove into our reviews index to get just what you’re looking for. And here are four of our favorites.

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We Tested the 3 Best LED Lights for Photographers

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LED lights are so cool! They’re easy to use. Gel them a bit and they can give you a totally different look. Better yet, they’re incredibly versatile, which let’s you focus on just creating. The cherry on top: they can give you a cinematic look. Most of The Phoblographer staff swear by flash and studio strobes, but there are times when an LED can surely do the job. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed some of the best LED lights for photographers. Dive in with us!

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3 Excellent 35mm Lenses Under $500 Every Photographer Will Love

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The tried and true 35mm lens is a favorite for many photographers. You can find it affixed to the cameras of portrait photographers, photojournalists, street photographers, landscape photographers, and more. The convenience that it comes with is invaluable. No matter the situation, it’s hard to not justify shooting with a 35mm lens. At least, it’s hard to justify not having one in your camera bag just in case. We dove into our Reviews Index and found some of the best. Take a look with us at some of the best under $500!

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3 Beautiful 90mm Lenses That You’re Bound to Love!

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If you’re looking for something in-between an 85mm and 135mm lens, consider 90mm Lenses. For many years, it was considered a classic portrait lens. And today, there aren’t many of them left. However, that doesn’t mean that modern 90mm lenses aren’t great. In fact, they’re arguably some of the best lenses in the market. And for what they are, they’re instrumental in a variety of situations. We’ve rounded up some of the best we’ve reviewed over the years.

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5 Great 70-200mm F2.8 Lenses That Will Make Your Portrait Shoots Easier

User friendly and versatile, these 70-200mm f2.8 zooms can make your portrait sessions easier.

Prime lenses are usually the go-to options when it comes to portrait photography. Primes offer faster aperture speeds than zooms, and they can be sharper due to less complicated designs. However, they aren’t as versatile as a good zoom. Also, constantly switching out lenses to achieve different looks can become a chore. This is where 70-200mm f2.8 zooms come into play in the portrait arena. 70-200mm zooms cover four loved portrait focal lengths. 85mm, 90mm, 105mm, and 135mm. You can switch between these focal lengths in a matter of seconds. Of course, you can even zoom past them too on to 200mm, where these zoom lenses will offer an incredible amount of compression and glorious bokeh. At f2.8, you give up speed over primes, but you gain versatility and a simplified workflow. Check out five of our favorite 70-200mm f2.8 zooms after the break.

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Natural Light Portrait Photography Is Easy with These 5 Lenses

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Natural light portrait photography is easy to do but difficult to master. But indeed, some of the most beautiful portraits are shot with diffused window light, skylight, or outdoors. Always remember that a five-in-one reflector is your best friend. However, the love of your life, the one you’ll always want by your side, is a lens that’s perfectly synced with the look you want to create. Finding the right balance of color, bokeh, and sharpness can be pretty tough. Luckily, The Phoblographer has reviewed the most lenses of any publication out there. And we’ve got an essential list and a few pro tips right here for you.

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Product Photography: 4 Macro Lenses That Will Make Products Shine

These sharp macro lenses will allow you to capture immense amounts of detail.

Macro lenses are fantastic. They allow us to get closer to objects than other lenses, which makes them great for product photography. Sharing images of products that highlight fine details can really help sell a product to those interested. Fortunately, there are quite a few great macro lenses on the market these days, and they’re affordable. If you want to elevate your product photography game, you should consider a solid macro lens. After the break, we will share four macro lenses that have seriously impressed us.

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One and Done: These Zooms Are Perfect for Travel Photography

If you want to travel light, you need to check out these lenses that are perfect for travel photography.

With things starting to ease up a little regarding COVID, many people will start traveling again. That’s something we’re all ready for, but are you ready for it from a photography standpoint? When traveling, keeping your kit as light as possible is a must. Sure, it can be cool to take a half dozen lenses with you, but you’ll soon get tired of carrying so much gear. The answer is to have one lens that can do it all: one lens that can shoot wide to telephoto within a blink of an eye. The lenses we have rounded up after the break are perfect for travel photography due to their versatility, excellent optics, great builds, and price points. If you want one lens to take with you on your travels, take a look at these options after the break.

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4 Great Tenba Camera Bags for Every Photographer

No matter what genres of photography you shoot, there are Tenba camera bags for it.

Camera bags are a vital accessory for every photographer. We all need a way to get our gear safely from point a to point b. The camera bag market is a minefield, though. However, Tenba has been making camera bags for 44 years this year. You can guarantee that not only will Tenba camera bags stand up to both city and trail life, they’ll also be easy on the wallet, and they’ll look great. After the break, we rounded up four of the best ones that suit multiple genres of photography. Head past the break to see what you’ve been missing out on.

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3 Cameras That Will Nail the Shot for Birding Photography

Birding photography is such a great way to have fun with your camera. 

One of the most satisfying things to do is to photograph birds in the wild. And appreciating nature is taken to the next level when photography is involved. These days, we don’t need extremely high-end gear to get better bird photos. Instead, you can do it with a decent lens and a powerful camera. So we dove into the Reviews Index to find the best cameras for birding photography.

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Looking for the Best Pancake Lens? We Really Liked These 3

The pancake lens is a favorite of so many photographers who want to travel light.

Mmmm, the pancake lens. It’s seriously one of our most favorite optics for any camera. Mount it to your mirrorless camera and the whole package will be small and lightweight. It’s hard to hate on the image quality when the feeling is this great. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed a ton of different pancake lenses. So we dove into the old Reviews Index to figure out which ones on the market are the best. Without further adieu, here’s the list.

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