7 Underappreciated and Overlooked Digital Cameras Worth Your Time

These seven digital cameras were never given the mainstream attention they deserved, and that’s shocking because they are fantastic!

As soon as some digital cameras are released, they send shockwaves through the industry and forever go down as instant classics. And then there are some that slip through the cracks. It’s not until a good few years down the line that we start to appreciate just what these overlooked and underappreciated cameras were about and just how fantastic they were for their time. After the break, we will take a quick look at seven seemingly forgotten digital cameras that deserve your loving gaze today.

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10 Affordable Lenses and Accessories For New Portrait Photographers

These high quality, yet low priced lenses and accessories will help new portrait photographers get started without destroying the bank.

When you’re just starting out in any field of photography, it can be easy to make yourself think that if you want to have any chance of success, you’ll need to break the bank to get the best of the best when it comes to lenses and accessories; however, this simply isn’t true. There are tons of quality lenses and accessories on the market that are affordable, yet still very high in quality, and that will serve new portrait photographers well until they start making more money. In fact, these lenses and accessories for new portrait photographers are so good, you might find that you want to just keep on using them. Check out our picks of the best affordable lenses and accessories for portrait photographers after the break.

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8 Lenses and Accessories for Landscape Photographers on a Budget

fall landscape photography

Landscape photographers, these are lenses and accessories that will help you capture your best images yet while on a budget.

Can you believe Summer is already drawing to a close? Pretty soon, the sun will set earlier, and the landscapes around us will undergo a beautiful transformation. It’s this time of year that excites me more than any other simply due to how gorgeous the world becomes. Trees are filled with vibrant colors, sunsets and sunrises take on another life, and of course, the lower temperature make it a joy to be outside. If you want to capture the beauty of Fall though, you need to have the right gear. After the break, we will take a quick look at some lenses and accessories that will help all landscape photographers create their best landscape images yet.

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85mm Prime Lenses: Sony Portrait Photographers Are Spoiled for Choice

Lens deals - Rokinon 85mm f1.4

When it comes to Sony’s E mount, there are 85mm prime lenses that will suit every portrait photographer’s budget.

If you pay attention to the news at all, you’ve seen that Sigma just announced a new version of their 85mm f1.4 Art lens for Mirrorless cameras (Sony E and L Mount Alliance). This got us thinking. Users of Sony cameras are spoiled for choice when it comes to 85mm prime lenses, and the new Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN is going to come up against some pretty fantastic lenses that are already available. We’ve decided to take a quick look at the 85mm prime lenses for Sony’s E mount we have reviewed in the past that fit all photographers’ budgets so that you can decide if the new $1,199 Sigma worth a closer look.

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9 Top Drawer 50mm Prime Lenses for Photographers Who Want the Best

These 50mm prime lenses are the cream of the crop.

When it comes to prime lenses, none are celebrated more than the old trusty nifty fifty. 50mm prime lenses are loved by photographers thanks to their exceptional ability to comfortably shoot most genres of photography. We have picked nine fantastic 50mm prime lenses that seriously impressed us during our time with them. There is simply no doubt in our minds that every photographer should have a 50mm prime in their collection, and if you’re the type who needs to have the best of the best, you should take a closer look at the 50mm prime lenses listed after the break.

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Popular Photography Gear: Fujifilm, Tamron Top Our List for July 2020

Lots of new photography gear (with some surprises in the mix) found new homes during July 2020.

Wow, this month has just flown by, and while things are still crazy out in the world, it is nice to see and know that we are still practicing photography (safely, I hope). There have been some exceptional deals on both cameras and lenses throughout July, and you have been taking advantage of the savings. After the break, we will share the most popular photography gear that has been snapped up during July 2020.

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The 10 Best Lenses According to DXOMark (July 2020 Edition)

According to the boffins at DXOMark, the lenses listed in this roundup are the best you can attach to your cameras.

The old saying is that your camera is only as good as the lenses you use. Well, if you want to attach the best lenses to your camera, you might be interested to see which lenses DXOMark believes to be the best of the best at the end of July 2020. Check out the top ten lenses according to DXOMark, combine them with our real-world tests, and you will have a much better idea why these lenses have been ranked the way they were. If you want some of the best lenses around, take a look at the top ten performing lenses according to DXOMark for July 2020.

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The Best Camera Sensors in July 2020 According to DXOMark

If you’re looking to buy a camera that has the best output, you need to check out the best camera sensors, according to DXOMark.

While there’s a lot more to a camera than just the sensor it uses, when DXOMark performs their lab tests, they assign a ranking to each camera based on its sensor performance alone. We know this cannot possibly give you the best representation of what a camera might genuinely be like (that’s what our real-world reviews are for). Still, these tests can give you a strong indication of just how good the sensor can perform in optimal scenarios. If image quality alone is all that’s important to you, you’re going to want to see which camera sensors deliver the goods consistently. After the break, we will break down the best camera sensors in July 2020 per DXOMark.

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9 Terrific Lenses That Deliver the Goods on Sony APS-C Cameras

E Mount Lenses

There are some cracking lenses for those who use Sony APS-C cameras like the A6100, A6400, and A6600.

Sony APS-C cameras are small, yet incredibly powerful cameras that pack some of the best autofocus technologies in the business, and they are capable of delivering fantastic images too. While you can use full-frame lenses on cameras like the a6100, a6300, a6400, and a6600, the weight of them can often harm the user experience. However, fear not, as Sony and some third-party lens makers have some pretty fantastic APS-C specific lenses that can help you get the most out of your camera. After the break, we will take a closer look at nine lens options for those of you who are thinking about switching to, or who currently use Sony APS-C cameras.

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He Sold This Leica for College Money, It Returned on His 30th Birthday

When he had to sell his Leica to pay for college tuition, he never would have believed it would someday come back to him.

In the year 2008, the United States of America went through a crippling economic recession that affected everyone. And one man desperately needed money to finish his classes at University. Knowing student debt would plague many Millenials his age, he chose to ensure that he didn’t have any debt. So he did well, maintained scholarships, and sold things. He lived at home with his mother who had poor health and dealt with a massive rift in his family. He commuted every day. He did over five internships before graduating. And he had a lot of writing under his belt before he donned his cap and gown. He escaped debt-free. But in order to do that, he had to sell his Leica camera. Nothing in life comes without sacrifices.

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Buy Right: A Quick Look at Fujifilm Cameras for All Genres of Photography

All Fujifilm cameras are great, but make sure you get the right one for you.

There are many Fujifilm cameras on the market, and it can be hard to choose between them all. Whether you want to shoot street photography, sports, weddings, events, documentary images, or if you’re just a beginner finding your way in the world of photography, just know there are Fujifilm cameras for you. In this roundup, we will break down some of the models Fujifilm currently has on the market, and help you get a better understanding of which models are suited to different genres of photography.

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Weather Sealed Cameras: 7 Tough Cameras That Can Handle It All

weather sealed cameras

If your work demands that you be out in the rain, snow, or other bad weather conditions, you need to see these weather sealed cameras.

Over the last few weeks, we have taken a closer look at weather sealed cameras from Canon, Sony, and Nikon. While the big three have some great camera models that can play in the snow rain, so do other camera manufacturers that don’t get as much light cast upon them. In this roundup, we will be taking a look at weather sealed cameras from Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, and Leica so that you can fully explore the weather sealed camera marketplace.

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10 High Resolution Cameras That Leave No Details Behind

If you need lots of megapickles for your work, these high resolution cameras will fulfill all of your needs for detailed images.

No details left behind! This would be the rallying cry of a group high megapixel sensors. If you’re in the market for high resolution cameras, this roundup is for you. These high resolution cameras have some of the best sensors you can find inside of them, and they are capable of capturing stunning amounts of detail. If you like to make gigantic prints of your images, these high resolution cameras will thrill you to bits. Join us after the break to take a look at 10 of the best high resolution cameras that you can currently get your hands on.

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6 Rangefinder Style Cameras With Vintage Charm, Modern Performance

If you’re looking for a camera with gorgeous retro styling, but you don’t want to give up performance, you need to see these Rangefinder Style cameras.

If you long for a camera that can offer classic retro looks, but you don’t want to give up performance, the Rangefinder style cameras we have rounded up for you here will fit the bill perfectly. There are Rangefinder style cameras that fit all types of budgets, and there are APS-C, Full Frame, and Medium Format offerings to choose from. All of these Rangefinder style cameras look amazing, and they will help you create images you’ll be proud of. Check out six of our favorite Rangefinder style cameras after the break.

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Affordable Full Frame Cameras: 6 Options for the Frugal Photographer

If you do a lot of low light work, and have a tight budget, check out these affordable Full Frame cameras.

Full Frame cameras are more popular than ever with hobbyists, enthusiasts, and of course, professionals. While prices of Full Frame cameras have come down a lot, the newest models can still be pretty pricey. If you want to get your hands on a Full Frame camera, but you don’t want to wipe out your bank account to get one, there are some wallet-friendly options out there. These cameras might have a few years on them now, but if you simply must have Full Frame, these affordable Full Frame cameras are the ones worth a closer look.

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Forget Full Frame, These Small Sensor Cameras Are Great for Pros Too

Fujifilm X-T4

Stop believing that you must own a full-frame camera to be a pro: it’s simply not true and these small sensor cameras prove it.

You can’t be a pro unless you use Full Frame! You can find this kind of toxic rhetoric all over the web, especially on YouTube, where many self proclaimed photography overlords live. The truth is, you don’t need a Full Frame camera if you want to take professional-looking images. Professional looking images come from the person who uses the camera as a tool, and not from the camera itself. Any photographer worth their salt can create greatness with any type of camera, even small sensor cameras. After the break, we will look at some small sensor cameras that aren’t only the best in their class, they are some of the best cameras on the market. Period!

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Windows PCs: 3 Great iMac and Macbook Alternatives for Photographers

There are a few Windows PCs on the market geared towards photographers and creatives that give the Macbook and iMac a run for their money.

For quite some time, Macbooks and iMacs have been favored by photographers and creatives due to their ease of use and excellent product support, but times are changing. Many PC manufacturers are now creating Windows PCs aimed directly at a market Apple has been cultivating for years. We have to say there are now some fantastic Windows laptops and desktops on the market that give iMacs and Macbooks a great run for their money. We have rounded up all of the Windows PCs we have reviewed so that you can see if the time has come for you to make the switch, or if you need to replace your older computer.

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7 Weather Sealed Nikon Cameras That Aren’t Afraid of Mother Nature

Innovative cameras - Nikon D850

These weather sealed Nikon cameras are some of the toughest around, and no matter what weather conditions you might find yourself in, these cameras will keep on working.

If you’re looking for a durable camera that’s really built to last, perhaps it’s time to take a look at some offerings from Nikon. Not only are Nikon cameras capable of producing gorgeous images, but they are also built like tanks, and that applies to both their DSLRs and their Mirrorless cameras. If you like to be outside with your Nikon when it’s raining, snowing, blowing a gale, or when Mother Nature is just generally feisty, these are the weather sealed Nikon cameras worth a closer look at.

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6 Mirrorless Cameras Under $1,000 and Perfect for Enthusiasts

All of these Mirrorless cameras can help you produce stunning images, and they’re easy on the wallet.

Looking back just a few short years ago at the cameras aimed at enthusiasts makes you realize just how far Mirrorless cameras have propelled us into the future. Now, Mirrorless cameras under $1,000 have many of the same features as those aimed at pros. Fantastic EVFs? You bet! Great sensors that capture a ton of detail? Absolutely! IBIS? Weather Sealing? Insanely fast autofocus systems? That’s a solid yes to all of those. Really, this camera segment is nothing short of amazing, but how do you know which Mirrorless cameras under $1,000 are worth it? Well, roundups like this help. If you have $1,000 to spend on a new camera, the ones we have listed after the break are the models worth a closer look.

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Top Sellers: Popular Photography Gear Our Readers Purchased in June

Lots of photography gear, especially Sony and Olympus products, have found new homes this month.

Another long month of 2020 has passed by (thank goodness), and you guys and gals (our readers) have been busy adding all sorts of photography gear to your personal collections. We have seen a good mix of lenses and cameras find new homes this month, and we’re sure that everything will be put to good use. After the break, we will share the photography gear some of our readers now get to call their own.

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Weather Tested: The Best Sony Cameras to Use in the Rain or Snow

If you want to play around in the rain, snow and howling winds with dust flying everywhere, and you want to use Sony cameras, you need to see this roundup.

Weather sealed cameras give photographers so many advantages over cameras that aren’t sealed in any way. First of all, you can go and shoot in a myriad of conditions without having to worry about your gear (as long as you use weather sealed lenses too). This in itself means you will be able to get shots others with non-weather sealed cameras would miss. Secondly, weather sealed cameras have a much better build quality overall, which means your huge investment will last significantly longer than cameras that aren’t protected. Sony has been upping their weather sealing game of late, and there are now some Sony Cameras on the market that we wouldn’t hesitate to go and run into the rain with. After the break, we will take a quick look at Sony cameras that aren’t afraid to get a little wet.

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