9 Mirrorless Weather Sealed Cameras That Love Being Outdoors

These Mirrorless weather sealed cameras love the snow, the rain, and anything else that can be thrown at them.

Many photographers shy away from shooting outside in conditions that are less than favorable. This is a real shame because capturing images in the rain or snow can make for much more dynamic pictures. However, having said this, you need to make sure your gear is tough enough for the conditions. There’s plenty of Mirrorless weather sealed cameras on the market now. After the break, we will share the ones we’d take with us into any storm.

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The Best Fujifilm Lenses For Every Genre Of Photography

The lineup of Fujifilm lenses is impressive, and no matter what you shoot, you’ll find a great one.

Are you thinking about joining the Fujifilm family? Are you already a member but aren’t sure which lenses to pick up? Have no fear, we’re here to help. Navigating the lens marketplace can be difficult, and it can be challenging to choose the right lens for a given genre of photography. However, this roundup will show you which Fujifilm lenses are the best for specific jobs. Whether you shoot sports, events, weddings, landscapes, macro, or anything else, there are Fujifilm lenses for you. After the break, you’ll see that we have broken down the 10 most popular genres of photography, and the Fujifilm lenses we believe will give you the best results.

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The 10 Most Popular Traditional Digital Cameras According to Flickr

When it comes to traditional digital cameras out in the real world, the DSLR is still king, according to Flickr.

Flickr has seen a little bit of a resurgence of late. The once struggling photo-sharing platform has turned into a buzzing community again. After a quick look at my own Flickr account, I decided to dive deep into the website’s metrics to see what the most popular traditional digital cameras are, according to Flickr’s data. It’s no surprise that DSLRs are still king; after all, there are so many of them out there. Still, Mirrorless cameras aren’t far behind. After the break, we’ll show you the ten most used traditional digital cameras based on figures from Flickr.

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Under $600: 8 Portrait Photography Lenses for Mirrorless That Amaze

These portrait photography lenses are well built, sharp, render colors beautifully, and are wallet-friendly.

It’s truly incredible just how far lens technology has come over the last few years. Buying high-quality lenses for under $600 used to be unheard of. Now, you can get stellar lenses for around that price and much less. If you’re an aspiring portrait photographer, you should take a closer look at these six, affordable, portrait photography lenses. When we tested and reviewed them, we were blown away, and we’re sure you will be too.

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6 Fixed Lens Cameras That Make Everyday Shooting Easy

If you like to get out of the door quickly and shoot with minimal fuss, these fixed lens cameras will be perfect for you.

Sometimes, the thought of having to load up your camera bag with accessories and lenses so that you can go and shoot can put a stop to your photography plans. This is where small fixed lens cameras can be game-changers. The thought of heading out with a tiny camera and just one lens can be exciting. Using fixed lens cameras can save your body from all the weight of your gear. You’ll also find that you’re forced to be more creative, which is a plus. If you’re in the market for a camera that you can grab quickly and take along everywhere you go with minimum fuss, these fixed lens cameras might be for you. We have listed six of our favorite fixed lens cameras after the break.

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Sub $1000: These Small, Powerful Budget Cameras Destroy Smartphones

You don’t have to spend a lot to get significantly better image quality, and these budget cameras prove that.

You’ve been carrying your smartphone with you for years now. Over time, you’ve developed a keen eye when it comes to photography. You like to share your images online. You also like to print photos you’ve made, but you wish you could make larger prints. If these statements sound like you, it’s time to step up to a dedicated camera. We get it, spending money on a traditional camera seems like overkill. After all, you spent close to $1,500 or more on your phone. However, we have a secret to tell you. Ready? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a camera that will make your smartphone camera look like a toy. After the break, we will share our favorite budget cameras that will simply amaze you.

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The Best Mirrorless Cameras You Can Buy For Around $2,000

Camera Deals

Mirrorless cameras in and around the $2,000 price range offer outstanding value for money.

It still blows my mind that you can buy feature-packed cameras, including Full-Frame options, for around $2,000. In the past, cameras that were considered to be ‘for pros’ would cost double this amount. They weren’t as feature-rich as today’s Mirrorless cameras either. If you need a new camera and have around $2,000 to spend, this roundup is for you. After the break, we’ll look at eight Mirrorless cameras to spring for if you’re a professional photographer or hybrid shooter.

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Many Camera Manufacturers Have Lost the Art of Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship, tactile feeling, and experience that certain cameras bring are becoming rarer.

Years ago, Nikon made an attempt to buy into the whole vintage appeal and aesthetic with the Nikon Df. Olympus did it with the Pen F. Fujifilm’s entire line of X series cameras does this. And pretty much every Leica that I’ve ever held did it too. But these cameras didn’t buy into a hype model; they demonstrated true craftsmanship. This can be found in pretty much every film camera that you hold which doesn’t have electronics in it. There are even cameras with electronics where you can truly feel the craftsmanship. But in recent years, I feel like camera manufacturers have lost their way. In favor of a newer type of photographer who understands and feels computers more than anything else, the art of a craftsman’s tool has been all but lost to us.

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Street Photography: 8 Great Mirrorless Cameras to Hit the Streets With


These small, powerful, and compact cameras are perfect for street photography.

Street photography is an incredibly popular and powerful genre of photography. Many think street photography is just about up close and personal candid portraits. It’s so much more than that. Street photography is about capturing and connecting with humanity, and it’s much easier when you use a camera that doesn’t get in the way of doing that. Fortunately, there are some great cameras on the market that can help you excel in this genre. After the break, we will look at eight of our favorite cameras for street photography.

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10 Prime Lenses for Sony That Will Amaze (They’re Under $600 Too)

These bargain-priced prime lenses are so good, they’ll never leave your camera.

Lenses can be expensive, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great ones. Sony shooters have been blessed with tremendous support from third parties – manufacturers like Rokinon, Tamron, Sigma, and more. The best part is that the super-sharp prime lenses we’ll share cost much less than you think. In this roundup, you’ll find ten prime lenses that will blow your socks off with their performance. How these lenses sell for under $600 each is beyond me, but they do, and you can reap the rewards they give.

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Capture Fabulous Fall Landscapes with These Great Lenses

The fall landscapes you’ll capture with these lenses will be your best yet.

It’s almost here! Soon crisp air will surround us, pumpkin spice everything will be in our faces, and gorgeous fall colors will amaze us. All photographers want to make beautiful fall landscape images. If you want to capture these landscapes and do them justice, you’re going to need lenses that are up to the task. In this roundup, we’ll take a quick look at some beautiful lenses on various platforms that will make your fall landscapes come to life.

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Small Cameras Are a Big Deal (They’re Affordable Too)

Modern small cameras are feature-packed and very wallet-friendly.

Mirrorless cameras were supposed to be smaller and lighter than DSLRs. This was the major selling point of Mirrorless cameras in the beginning. A quick look at many cameras today shows how we’ve deviated from that vision. Still, there are some small Mirrorless cameras that are priced right and have a ton of features. If you long for a lightweight, high-quality camera that you can tote around, you have options. In this roundup, we will take a look at seven small cameras that will make you grin from ear to ear.

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APS-C Cameras Win Big Over Full Frame Models in August

People talk about Full Frame cameras a lot, but APS-C cameras continue to outsell them according to our readers.

Lots of new cameras and lenses found new homes during August. Over the last several months, we’ve seen small sensor cameras outsell Full-Frame models by a large margin. This month, APS-C cameras have been most popular with our readers again, especially the Fujifilm variety. With the X-T3 coming in at just $999 right now, we expected nothing less. Prime lenses have also been popular with our readers during August. After the break, we’ve listed the ten most popular items with our readers.

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DXOMark: The 10 Best Cameras Money Can Buy (August 2020)

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

If you need a new camera and want the cream of the crop, look at this roundup of the 10 best cameras you can buy per DXOMark.

If the time has come for you to buy a new camera, you have come to the right place. Before dropping vast sums of money, it’s always worth spending time researching first. It’s easy to spend multiple thousands of dollars on cameras. Fortunately, DXOMark and ourselves spend quality time with cameras so we can tell you how well they perform. If you have the money and need the best of the best, this roundup of the 10 best cameras will interest you. When combined, our reviews will help guide you in your decision-making process. Check out the 10 best cameras money can buy after the break.

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My Favorite Sony Prime Lenses: Editor in Chief Chris Gampat

weather sealed primes

If you want an honest and heartfelt answer to what my favorite lenses are, please know these are my favorite Sony prime lenses.

I’ll always say Sony’s cameras feel more like computers stuffed into a body that’s supposed to be a camera. While I’m not the biggest fan of their bodies, I’ll admit I adore their lenses. The company shows they have an investment in the photography world in many ways. Not only do they make the imaging sensors for pretty much everyone, but they also create some great technology themselves. Implementing AI into their cameras and creating some of the best autofocus around, they have changed quite a bit from a decade ago. Further, they’ve built up a fantastic selection of lenses. And though I’ve tested a whole lot of them, they’re not all my favorites. The ones that are the gems in my eyes tend to really take advantage of what mirrorless cameras are about.

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The Best 10 Performing Lenses According to DXOMark (August 2020)

If you don’t want to make compromises when it comes to lenses, check out the glass DXOMark ranks as the best.

We’ve unlocked an achievement for reaching the end of August! Good job, everyone. Speaking of achievements, we’ve rounded up the ten best lenses (according to DXOMark) your hard-earned money can buy. Want a new lens that’s earned high optical performance marks? The ten listed after the break that DXOMark has declared the best of the best might interest you.

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So, You Want A Micro Four Thirds Camera? Here Are 6 of Our Favorites

weather-sealed cameras

One of the most searched for terms on our website is ‘best Micro Four Thirds camera,’ so we have done a roundup of the best M4/3 cameras.

It’s true; ‘the best Micro Four Thirds camera‘ really is one of the top search terms that is typed into our search bar. On any given week, that term will be there, near the top. Micro Four Thirds Cameras receive a lot of hate, but there are plenty of you who are still interested in the system. Not too long ago, we made a roundup of the best Micro Four Thirds lenses for new photographers, and it was well-received. So, now we have rounded up the best Micro Four Thirds cameras for most types of photographers. Whether you like travel photography, sports photography, event, portrait, street, or landscape photography, there’s a M4/3 camera for you. Jump past the break to see our favorites.

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8 Unique Lenses: Dare to Be Different and Create Like Never Before

These unique lenses will help you create entirely different images than anything you have made before.

Modern lenses are stunningly sharp, and free from distortions, lens flares, and anything else that gives them character. There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes it can get a little boring seeing images that are flawless and clinical in appearance. However, worry not, because a few incredibly unique lenses have bags of character that are sure to make your images stand out from the sea of sameness. If you really want to add style to your images in-camera, you absolutely must see the unique lenses we have rounded up after the break.

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7 Stylish and Affordable Camera Bags You Can Buy For Under $150

These camera bags are comfortable to carry, easy on the eye, and they all cost less than $150!

Camera bags aren’t an accessory that many people spend too much time thinking about, but really, we should. We trust our camera bags to hold thousands of dollars worth of camera, lenses, and accessories, and on top of that, we carry these camera bags for long periods sometimes, so they have to be comfortable. Just buying any old camera bag simply will not do. The great thing is that you honestly do not have to break the bank to get fantastic camera bags, in fact, after the break, we will show you seven camera bags that are comfortable to carry, and that will protect your gear for under $150!

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Ditch Your Entry Level Camera for a More Powerful, Yet Affordable Option

An entry level camera is great, but for just a little more money, you can get many more features.

Are you still rocking a Canon Rebel, a Nikon D3XXX series camera, an old Olympus EPL body, or some other entry level camera? Have you been considering buying one of these cameras? Hold up! We have something to tell you. If you already own an entry level camera and are ready to break up with it, we have some fantastic options that won’t break the bank. That same message goes to anyone thinking about buying a consumer, entry level camera. If you want to get serious about photography, or if you truly want a camera that will outperform your smartphone, you need to see the cameras we have rounded up after the break. You’ll be surprised what you can get for under $1,000 these days.

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EISA Awards: The Best Lenses of 2020 According to EISA

Canon, Tamron, and Sigma are among the EISA award winners for 2020.

If you want to buy some new lenses but you aren’t sure which ones are worth a closer look, you might be interested to see what the guys and gals over at EISA have to say about all things lenses. The annual EISA awards have just been announced, and they have given their recommendations on lenses in various categories, and we have to say that, for the most part, we agree with the awards they have dished out. Tamron, Canon, Sigma, and Sony have all been killing it lately, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. After the break, we have listed which lenses received EISA awards, so hop past the break and see if any of them excite you.

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