These 35mm Primes Will Quickly Become a Multi-Tool in Your Lens Library

Canon RF Mount Lenses 35mm

35mm primes are in the Goldilocks Zone when it comes to versatile lenses.

We absolutely love 35mm primes at The Phoblographer, and it’s for good reason. This focal length may just be the most versatile lens you can get your hands on, and we think all photographers should have one in their lens library. Why? Well, 35mm primes are great for so many genres. Shoot street? 35mm primes will have your back. Shoot portraits, landscapes, events, weddings, documentary, astrophotography, food photography? You guessed it, 35mm primes are fantastic for all of those genres too. In this roundup, we will take a look at some of our favorite 35mm primes.

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These High-Resolution Cameras Capture Immense Details with Ease

Nikon cameras - Z7

If you need a high-resolution camera to capture intimate details in landscapes, fashion, or product shots, check out these cameras.

It wasn’t long ago when we were dreaming of mainstream cameras having sensors that packed over 30 megapixels. Today, we have an abundance of high-resolution cameras that can capture an immense amount of details, and are quite affordable when you consider the amount of tech and power these cameras pack. If you’re a landscape photographer, high-fashion photographer, product photographers, or if you get a high from pixel-peeping images, the high-resolution cameras we list in this roundup are the ones you should take a closer look at.

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Make Your Next Trip Memorable with These Travel-Friendly Cameras

Small, powerful, and easy to use. That’s what you need in travel-friendly cameras.

The big ball of fire in the sky is starting to hang around a bit longer these days, and that can mean only one thing; winter is on the way out, and it will soon give way to spring and summer. This means travel and vacation season is nearly here. If you plan on traversing the globe this year, and want to carry a small, yet incredibly capable travel-friendly cameras along that won’t take up much space (that costs less than a grand), you need to check out the travel-friendly cameras we have listed after the break.

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These Third Party X Mount Lenses Complement Fujifilm’s Film Simulations

There are some great third party X mount lenses available for your Fujifilm cameras.

Recently, Sigma told the world that they would love to make lenses for the Fujifilm X mount platform. Still, because Fujifilm will not play nice and share their algorithms with third parties, Sigma said they would have to walk away as they do not have the time to reverse engineer Fujifilm’s AF system. You would think this means that you cannot use or buy third party lenses on your X mount camera, but you would be wrong. You can actually get your hands on some fantastic third party X mount lenses; you just have to know where to look for them. In this roundup, we will share a few of our favorite third party X mount lenses.

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Shoot for the Stars: These 9 Cameras Help Make Astrophotography Easy

Thanks to the technology found in modern cameras, astrophotography is now easier than ever.

Astrophotography season is us upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and soon we will all start seeing truly magical pictures of the Milky Way and of other galaxies and nebulae in the night sky while swiping through Instagram, or any photo sharing sites. We all look at these images and think, ‘I wish that I could make images like this,’ well, you can, and you don’t need ultra-expensive cameras to do it either. After the break, we will take a look at nine cameras that excel at astrophotography thanks to their modern features, but that also won’t totally break the bank.

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7 Feature-Rich Cameras That You Won’t Believe Cost Less Than $1,000

$1,000 can get you some pretty incredible cameras that will delight whoever uses them.

We remember when $1,000 would barely get your hands on a half-decent camera. Even when you did get one, they were stripped-down models that rarely had any cool features (those features were reserved for photographers with fat wallets). Fast forward to today, and for under a grand, you can get feature-rich cameras that give even the big boys a run for their money. After the break, we will take a quick look at seven feature-rich cameras that cost less than $1,000 each and set the standard in terms of features and specs for ‘entry-level’ cameras.

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8 Wallet-Friendly Full Frame Cameras for Photographers on a Budget

You can get some marvelous Full Frame cameras for under two grand these days.

Just a few years ago, Full Frame cameras were way out of reach for most photographers. Older DSLR’s like the Canon 5D series and the Nikon 8XX series were priced around $3,000 or more, and unless you wanted to settle for an entry-level, almost featureless Full Frame camera, you had to really save up those pennies. Today, things are slightly different. You can grab affordable Full Frame cameras full of features with the latest tech for under $2,000 (sometimes even less). In this roundup, we will share some of our favorite Full Frame cameras in this category.

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5 Steps for Photographers Who Want a Healthier Relationship with Instagram

Instagram is a useful tool for photographers, but it can quickly become toxic and a barrier to productivity when misused.

Ask yourself this question: “Am I using Instagram exactly how I should be?” Some of you do, but most don’t. Although Instagram has become a key player in a photographer’s journey, it was designed to be addictive. The powers that be want you using the app all the time, and most of you are doing just that. App dependency, as harmless as it seems, isn’t healthy. The likelihood is you’re giving Instagram far more time than you should, no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise. To help you break away and use the app more economically – and effectively – we’ve got some tips that will help you have a healthier relationship with Instagram.

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These 9 Cameras With IBIS Will Make Your Life as a Photographer Easier

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Cameras with IBIS make low light shooting, videography, and many other things so much easier.

One of the best changes to cameras over the last five years or so has been the introduction of in-body image stabilization. Gone are the days of needing monopods and tripods to get low light images (unless you’re doing really long exposures) and sharp photos while using extreme super-telephoto lenses. Cameras with IBIS allow us to handhold cameras and get shots otherwise impossible without some kind of support. The great thing is that this technology has started to find its way into affordable cameras. After the break, we will take a quick look at a few of our favorite cameras with IBIS.

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You’re Too Busy Shooting for Likes and Missing Beautiful Moments

In an age when everyone is seeking to capture the so-called “Instagrammable” moments, we may be overlooking the simple joys and beauty in photographing the mundane. 

Social media has affected societies in ways that perhaps not a lot of us have foreseen. Like a wave crashing over the shore, it has taken over many aspects of our personal, social, and creative lives. Photographers of this generation are not immune to this, as evidenced by the myriad of trends that pop up on Instagram, further magnified by YouTube. What sells on these platforms dictate a lot of what is made and gets passed around. This observation has led me to think about how we’re missing out on a lot of beautiful and authentic moments simply because we’re overlooking the mundane.

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9 Retro-Style Cameras That Are True Modern Marvels Under the Hood

If you love retro cameras, but like the mod cons modern cameras bring to the table, you’ll love these cool retro-style Mirrorless cameras.

Modern Mirrorless cameras are simply fantastic. Under the hood, modern cameras are more powerful than we ever imagined, but a lot of cameras that hit the market today leave much to be desired when it comes to styling. They look okay, but they lack character and personality: they’re just boring. Fortunately, a few camera companies have tried to breathe some much-needed life into modern Mirrorless bodies by releasing retro-style cameras that are just as feature-packed as those without a soul. Join us after the break to take a quick look at several of our favorite retro-style cameras.

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5 Inspirations Throughout My Journey in Street Photography

We each have different journies in street photography. But, something most of us have in common, no matter the path we take, is that we have street photographers who have deeply inspired us along the way.

Street photography is one of the oldest genres of photography. The first photo ever made with a person in it was taken on a street way back in 1839. Then came the boom in the 1970s after the likes of Garry Winograd and Joel Meyerowitz made street photography increasingly popular. Today, street photography is practiced worldwide, as it continues to be one of the most popular genres of photography to practice. So with that, there’s plenty of material available to help people fall in love with the craft. It’s no secret that I’m passionate about the art form. And in this piece, I want to share the photographers who have inspired me along the way.

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The Best Micro Four Thirds Camera for Every Type of Photographer

compact cameras Olympus Pen F

Despite what some people say, The Micro Four Thirds Platform is alive and well, and there is a camera to suit your specific needs, even for pros.

The Micro Four Thirds platform doesn’t get a whole lot of love these days thanks to the prices of Full Frame and APS-C cameras plummeting, and misinformation bandied around the web by people who think they know it all. I’m here to tell you that the Micro Four Thirds platform is doing just fine, and believe it or not, the cameras are more than capable of producing stunning images. Heck, some Micro Four Thirds cameras are more than good enough to be used by pros too. After the break, we will take a quick look at several M4/3 cameras that suit every photographer from beginners to professionals.

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Need to Carry More Gear? Check Out These Stylish Camera Backpacks

Camera backpacks offer great levels of comfort while being able to carry, and protect all of your gear,

Messenger bags are adored by many thanks to their gorgeous looks, and their ability to carry the essentials. But they can become a little uncomfortable to carry. They place quite a bit of stress on one side of the body. Camera backpacks, on the other hand, can be lugged around for hours as they disperse the weight of your gear across your entire upper body. There are more options available when it comes to sizes and the amount of equipment they can carry. Need small camera backpacks that can hold the essentials while offering unmatched comfort? You can find backpacks like that. Need a bigger bag that can carry multiple camera bodies, numerous lenses, strobes, accessories, and more? You can find those too. Camera backpacks never used to be the most stylish bags around, but that too has changed. If you need a new camera bag and want to see what camera backpacks are out there, click past the break.

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10 Great Pieces of Photography Gear Popular with Our Readers (Jan 2020)

photography gear

There are some surprises in the list of best-selling photography gear for the month of January.

The first month of the year has come and gone already, and a lot of you have been busy adding some cool photography gear to your collections over the last 31 days. We have to say you all have great taste! In this roundup, we take a quick look at ten items picked up by our readers, who are no doubt now enjoying their new toys! There are some surprises in the list this month too, which warm our hearts! Join us after the break to see the photography gear that your fellow readers have put their hands on this month.

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(Under $150) 5 Functional Camera Bags for Photographers on a Budget

We all need camera bags to protect our gear while we are out and about, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great one.

Camera bags are one of those items that we need as photographers, but we don’t always give them the attention and credit that they deserve. Camera bags are essential as they allow us to carry and protect our gear as we traipse across town or go on a hike, but did you know that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a great one? The camera bags we have put together in this roundup are not only functional, protective, and stylish, they all cost under $150 as well; in fact, most of them are under $100! Join us after the break to see which affordable camera bags we highly recommend.

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Tested: 10 Weather Sealed Cameras That Can Take Lots of Abuse

weather-sealed cameras

If you want to go and create great shots while the rain and snow are falling, or when the winds are howling, you need to check out these robust, weather-sealed cameras.

We recently published a great how-to guide for shooting in the rain and inclement weather, and how you can create some gorgeous images while not worrying about Mother Nature. One thing we did stress is that you make sure to have weather-sealed cameras and weather-sealed lenses for this. In this roundup, we will take a look at some of the best weather-sealed cameras you can get your hands on right now.

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8 Non-Full Frame Cameras That Are A-OK for Professional Photographers

These APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras prove that non-full frame cameras are more than good enough for pro use.

Over the last few years, Full Frame has become a buzz term in the photography world. The sad thing is that there is a growing belief that if professional photographers use anything other than Full-Frame cameras, then they aren’t really a pro. That, my friends, is a bunch of nonsense. Professional photographers can get the best out of any camera regardless of sensor size. There are many non-Full Frame cameras on the market, specifically APS-C and Micro Four Thirds (and Medium Format, but that’s for another article) which are more than suitable for professional photographers and professional use. The non-Full Frame cameras we will share with you after the break prove you don’t need to have a Full-Frame camera to be a pro and get beautiful images.

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If You Just Got a Nikon Camera, Check Out These Affordable Lenses First

If you just picked up your first Nikon DSLR or a new Mirrorless Z camera, you need to check out these affordable lenses.

It’s exciting when you get your first camera; whether it be a DSLR or a Mirrorless model, you will be able to create beautiful images with it. While the cameras themselves are great, they are nothing without lenses. There is a good chance that the camera you purchased came with kit lenses, and while these are good lenses, you will find that you outgrow them rather quickly. Fortunately, there are a ton of great, affordable lenses for Nikon cameras that will seriously impress you with their quality and overall performance. After the break, we will share with you a few affordable lenses that you should take a closer look at if you want to expand your collection of glass.

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These Sony E Mount Lenses Will Make Your Portraits Come to Life

If you want to get the most out of your Sony cameras when it comes to portrait photography, you need to take a closer look at these killer E mount lenses.

There are good reasons why portrait photographers decide to join team Sony. Sony’s cameras, from their APS-C cameras to their Full Frame offerings, are capable of producing gorgeous images. Then, when you throw in unmatched autofocus performance, including the best eye and face tracking performance in the business, it’s easy to understand why so many photographers choose them. Portrait photographers who shoot with Sony cameras also have some incredible E mount lenses to choose from too. In this roundup, we will share the first lenses worth a closer look if you want to create some killer portraits.

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When It Comes to Landscape Photography and Fujifilm, Use These Lenses

These Fujifilm lenses, when paired with any Fujifilm X mount camera, will give you the results you want when it comes to landscape photography.

When is the best time for landscape photography? Anytime is the best time for landscape photography! And if you have a Fujifilm camera and want to capture the splendor of the world around you, this roundup will help you. There are a ton of great Fujifilm lenses on the market, but when it comes to landscape photography, these are the cream of the crop. Join us after the break to see which Fujifilm lenses we recommend for landscape photography.

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