This Is The Ultimate List of Affordable Fujifilm Prime Lenses at Every focal Length

Fujifilm’s Fujinon prime lenses are legendary, but they aren’t the only game on the block

Ask almost anyone about their reasoning for choosing Fujifilm as their camera system and much of the time the top, or one of the top, reasons for that decision has something to do with the quality of their lenses. But it goes beyond lens quality because every system has some good lenses attached to it, but in Fujifilm’s case, not only are these lenses quality, but they are very affordable – especially when compared to similar lenses in other systems. Continue reading…

Question: Why Do Photographers Still Need Tripods?

Back in the day, a tripod was a necessity for photographers.

I’m going to preface this post by saying once again, no, this isn’t an ad of some sort. Our policies on sponsored content are very clear and they’re also clearly labelled. But instead, this is more of an insight into the evolution of photographers. Years ago, having a tripod was an absolute requirement. You’d put a camera on a tripod to ensure that your images were blur free due to your coffee drinking habits. That way you’d get a crisp images at ISO 50 10 seconds and f8 to the best of your ability. But then photography evolved and lenses started to become image stabilized. It got better and better and these days photographers don’t necessarily require tripods with them all the time. Plus now there is image stabilization built into camera sensors for the most part. So with all that tech supporting your ability to take a good picture, why do you need a tripod?

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8 Fantastic Lenses for Candid Photography In Any Situation

Anticipation, Reaction. You must think and react fast in Candid Portraiture, and you need a lens that won’t get in your way. 

Candid photography has become more and more popular as the masses become more and more tone deaf to the look of cliché posed portraits. It’s a less perfect form of portraiture, but a truer to life one as well – in many ways at least. But popularity and technique to capturing these candid images aside, what sort of lenses are best for Candid Photography? This is the question that we hope to answer for you today, with the goal of pointing you in the direction of some gear that will make your life as a candid photographer easier. Continue reading…

Why These Professional Photographers Still Print Their Photos

All images used with permission. Lead image by Victoria Yore.

For some photographers, printing is the ultimate way of displaying photos. It brings the image to life, manifest, makes it tangible and ends up making the photo a thing you can cherish forever. It isn’t lost amongst a giant number of other images in a gallery on your phone, but instead it’s just there. It’s a much different experience that commands someone to sit and look at the photo. That image is the one that stands out amongst the rest.

So with that said, we talked to a number of professional photographers about why they print.

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The Cameras of Stephen Shore: On Display at the MoMA NY

Stephen Shore used some very interesting cameras over his career

Photographer Stephen Shore needs no introduction to many who’ve studied the greats: he’s well known in various circles as an incredible landscape photographer, candid photographer, and for his documentary work including that of Andy Warhol. His exhibition currently on display at the MoMA NY (ends on May 28th 2018) showcases a number of these images across a span of rooms and in various sizes and formats. Towards the end of the exhibit, a room includes some of the cameras that he’s used over the years. They correspond to the exhibit and many of the descriptions as Mr. Shore chose to move from 35mm to large format and finally digital later on in his career. Part of these moves are because Mr. Shore wanted to make larger prints after some time. Then to keep up with the times he switched to digital. Stephen still believes that all photographers should start out with film though, and considering his evolution it’s quite fascinating.

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The Best Lenses for Candid Portraiture

So you want to do candid portraiture? Well, here are the lenses for you!

Chances are most of you shoot portraiture of some kind, be that families, weddings, kids, boudoir, pets, etc. But one niche of portraiture that is often overlooked is candid portraiture, which to some extent could also probably be classified as lifestyle in some scenarios. What is important in candid portraiture? Heck, you may even be asking yourself right now what candid portraiture even is. Continue reading…

Opinion: There is Nothing Wrong with Image Grain and Your Photos Don’t Need to Be 100% Sharp

If you’re an amateur photographer, don’t worry about things like image grain too much

Image grain and sharpness are two things in the photo community that, when you get into the more old school circles of thinking, is frowned upon. You’ll always hear, “You should’ve gotten it in focus,” or, “You should’ve shot at a lower ISO setting.” It’s ingrained (pun intended) into the heads of so many photographers out there and that mentality continues to spread to others. But the truth is the technical matters of a photo are second to the subject matter.

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7 Beautiful Camera Straps with Both Functionality and Good Looks

In the market for a new camera strap? Then look no further!

There are a number of great leather and canvas camera straps currently on the market. Some have been Kickstarted while others began all on their own. But the problem that many folks complain about with these straps is that they’re too pretty and often not functional enough. Well, say no more: thess camera straps are bound to impress you.

We went through our reviews index and found a number of fantastic camera straps that you’re going to want to use immediately.

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