Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey Talks About the Meaning of HOME

USA. Nags Head, NC. 2017 Fishing off the Nags Head Pier at the height of summer.

We got to pick David Alan Harvey’s brain about what HOME means to him as a photographer

Recently, both Fujifilm and Magnum Photos collaborated on a project surrounding the idea of HOME. The resulting images are present in an international gallery exhibit that is taking place throughout early March in accordance with a number of events. One of the photographers who has work showcased in this series is photographer David Alan Harvey. David, who has been a Fujifilm camera user for a while, got a moment to sit down and tell us about what his idea of home is. And for David, the idea of home has been pretty consistent over the years.

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Behind the Scenes: How TAP and DYE Make Their Camera Straps

TAP and DYE are one of the most revered modern camera strap makers. And they’re more or less made by one guy.

When you visit the workspace of TAP and DYE, you see a well manicured, clean, and well organized workspace that outputs any number of camera straps a day. In many ways, it looks like those picturesque photos of random things presented neatly. There are tools on a green desk for creating the straps, other tools on a wall, leather of various types in one corner, vintage machines that simply work on any given side, and a number of gorgeous vintage cameras that are used for product photography. The space isn’t large; in fact it’s probably around 1/3rd of the size of my two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

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Silver Gelatin Photography: The Medium That Changed the World

Article by Ellis Vener. Lead image by Mary Bailey Thomas. This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image.

The invention of silver gelatin based photography as a ready made media changed the world as profoundly as the printing press, the cotton gin, the steel plow, the Wright Brother’s first airplane, the first controlled atomic chain reaction, and the personal computer. It changed the world by making photography both portable and widely accessible. No longer did photographers have to manufacture their negatives immediately before exposure and likewise when they went to print those negatives. The invention of shelf-stable photographic media transformed photography from a tool with rigid technical constraints   tool used by only those who went to great lengths to use it and made it a medium for the masses. Silver gelatin media launched photography’s classical period by allowing freely roaming photographers to go out into the world, transforming our knowledge of it. As a tool of creativity, it allowed photography to take its rightful place as a powerful, expressive art form, helping usher in the era of Modern Art and what has come since.

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10 Essential Zoom Lenses for Landscape Photography

In landscape photography, the phrase ‘zoom with your feet’ is more of a practical joke.

It’s not always the case, but often times when one is shooting landscape photography, they will find they are not in the exact spot to achieve their desired framing or composition. If this photographer was out and about with a prime lens they would be out of luck, or they would have to walk to another spot that better fits their vision. This is not ideal; it’s easy to miss the ideal light and moment in landscape photography and as you all know, once it’s gone, its gone – no getting it back. So it’s important to be able to adjust your position and framing at a moments notice.

In practical terms, this means shooting your landscapes with a zoom lens. This affords you the most flexibility in terms of composition and perspective without having to full-bore sprint from one spot to another in search of the best shot. So, while in many landscape posts we have talked about prime lenses, in this post we will be focusing exclusively on ideal zoom lenses for landscape photography. Continue reading…

Medium Format Digital Photography is in a Weird Place Right Now

Medium Format Digital Photography is at an evolutionary place right now

Photography in and of itself is in a spot where all digital sensors are incredible and it’s very difficult to tell apart a photo shot on APS-C from one on full frame. So to that end, medium format digital photography is also in a weird spot. For the first time, we’ve got some really amazing autofocus systems in a number of cameras. On top of that, we’ve got the obvious medium format quality that is available from these sensors. If you really pay attention though, you can see that the writing is on the wall–medium format is about to fundamentally change in big ways.

How big?

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Everything You Need For Macro Photography

What you need in order to create great macro photography images

We have talked about it previously, but Macro photography is one of those niches in the photography world that can and does have a lot of overlap with many genres. The niche itself at the base level really only requires a macro lens, which for those unaware is generally considered to be a lens with a 1:1 magnification ratio or better( 2:1, 4:1, etc).

The idea with macro photography is to show us the details of small objects, so if you can’t even reproduce things at their full size on the image how are you going to show people more than they would see otherwise? You couldn’t. But as with all things photography related, what you can accomplish with a minimal kit is impressive, however, there are certain things that you should invest in if you are serious about Macro Photography. We are here today to talk about those things. Continue reading…

4 of the Best External Storage Drives for Photographers

Data comes cheap these days, sure – but you still need a lot of it!

Photographers are using more and more data every day, especially with so many of us unwilling to delete all but the most dreadful images from our systems in the off chance that someday we may end up needing that shot of Aunt Jane mid-sneeze. Joking aside, we as photographers really do need a lot of storage space for our images these days and the unfortunate fact of life is that at some point your computer, be that a Desktop or Laptop, will no longer be able to handle all of your storage needs.

Eventually, you will need to get yourself an external storage solution of some kind. You could go all out and get a DAS raid setup, but honestly, for most of you, that is likely overkill. A single external storage drive is all that most of you will need. So you may be asking yourself now, “OK Anthony, but which external drives should we be considering?” Don’t worry for a second – I got you. Continue reading…