We Found the Best Lenses for Sony FE for a Steal!

The Sony FE lenses you’re looking for are available at good prices right now!

New lenses for your Sony camera don’t need to be super expensive or hard to find. More importantly, Sony’s best lenses are available right now at a more affordable price over at KEH! If you shoot portraits, photojournalism, or are even a passionate hobbyist, we found something for you! We encourage you to take a look at our ethically selected list. We’ve reviewed over 700 lenses, including these!

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Five Low-Cost Wide Primes Great for Architectural Photography

fall landscape photography

Wide and fast, these affordable wide primes capture building exteriors and interiors easily.

Wide primes are generally associated with things like landscapes and astrophotography. However, they can be used for far more than that. One more genre where wide primes excel is in architectural photography. Photographers who need to capture building exteriors, interiors, bridges and more, need lenses that can take it all in. After the break, we round up five wide primes that are affordable and capable of capturing sharp images with great colors. If you’re ready to try your hand at architectural photography without breaking the bank, read on.

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We Loved These Beautiful 50mm Lenses For Portrait Photography

The 50mm lens has evolved over the years to be a fantastic portrait lens.

If you want a wider portrait lens, then 50mm is pretty ideal. In the past few years, the distortion in them and the overall quality has become stellar. When you shoot with one, noses are bound to bulge nowhere as much as they used to. But in addition to that, the colors and the bokeh will simply pop. We’ve reviewed well over 700 lenses that you can find in our Reviews Index. So we chose some of these special lenses. We know that it’s hard to get your hands on new gear right now. So we partnered with KEH for some of the best out there!

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Four Great Lenses That Make Wildlife and Birding Photography Affordable

Wildlife and birding photography don’t need to be expensive.

The pandemic has seen the popularity of both birding photography and wildlife photography skyrocket in recent months. With social distancing in place, we have begun training our lenses on other creatures. However, you need a lens long enough to capture the great action. Fortunately, there are lenses out there that can get the job done well at an affordable price. Do you want to improve your wildlife and birding photography without breaking the bank? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out the affordable zoom lenses we have rounded up after the break.

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Three Items to Help Visually Impaired Photographers Shoot Better Photos

Take it from a visually impaired photographer who’s legally blind; these three tools have helped so much.

There was a time when I honestly thought I’d need to give up on photography. As long term readers will know, I’m legally blind. I have keratoconus, which makes a lot of things difficult. So taking photos and getting details can be complicated. It also means that I need to get closer to things than others would to understand. It never occurred to me to use binoculars and scopes to help me, but I’ve been doing so in recent times. At least one of those will accompany me when I’m doing adventure-style photography. Being able to see helps a whole lot. It’s nice to get a zoomed-in view of something from above or far away. Then, I can typically get up closer to whatever I’m going to photograph. Here are three items that have helped me and that I strongly recommend to other Visually Impaired Photographers.

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Four Lenses That Make the Leica M9 Shine Like a Brand New Camera

The Leica M9 is truly a joy of a camera to use, even in 2021.

There aren’t that many iconic digital cameras. But if you had to pick one, everyone would agree about the Leica M9. It was the first mirrorless full-frame camera ever made. And it stood out from the pack with a CCD sensor that looked like chrome film. This was much different from lots of the other sensors going for better low light quality. The look the Leica M9 delivered is yearned for by many photographers today. If you happen to get your hands on one, we recommend you snag these lenses from the Leica Camera store.

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Five 70-200mm Lenses Great for Land and Cityscape Photography

70-200mm lenses are great for more than just portrait photography.

When you think about 70-200mm lenses, you probably think of portrait photography. You’re not wrong. These lenses have been used to capture portraits for years, but they can do so much more than that. 70-200mm lenses are also perfect for landscape and cityscape photography. Being able to zoom in to isolate one area of a scene can be incredibly beneficial. The extra levels of compression these telephoto lenses offer can also help create dramatic images easily. If you’re looking for a lens that can help create dramatic landscape and cityscape images, you should check out these five lenses after the break.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Into Infrared Cameras! Here Are 3 Great Ones!

It’s always super fun to use infrared cameras, and right now is the best time to get one!

If you’ve been taking long hikes to get away from it all, infrared cameras might be for you. They deliver a look that you can’t easily get otherwise. The entire way you work with them is much different. So if you’re heading out on a hike, one of these cameras might be great! You’ll be able to get that surreal, ethereal look that is otherwise just not possible. We delved into our reviews index to share reviews of some of our favorite cameras. And luckily, the folks over at KEH have them converted to infrared!

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4 of Our Favorite 35mm Lenses: One Is a Beautiful Classic!

The 35mm lens is incredibly essential for every photographer at one point or another in their life.

It took me a while to grow out of the nifty 50 idea and into the love of my life: the 35mm lens! We’ve tested so many of them in the past 11 years. Some are better than others, but not a single one of them is bad. Lots of them have a bit of charm, while others boast the clinical perfection some photographers crave. We went into our Reviews Index to look up some of our favorites. Lots of them aren’t new, so that means KEH will have them at a much more affordable price! Here are some wonderful 35mm lenses you’re bound to adore!

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The 3 Best Weather-Sealed Prime Lenses for Your Fujifilm XT4

The Fujifilm XT4 is a winner all around, and these are the best lenses for it.

In our review, we awarded the Fujifilm XT4 with five stars. It’s everything most photographers would want. The Fujifilm XT4 boasts image stabilization, fast autofocus, video capabilities, weather sealing, and more. Perhaps best of all, it’s got those beautiful film simulations that make everyone on Instagram drool. So we delved into our Reviews Index to find the best weather-sealed lenses for the camera.

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Under $1,000 for Cameras with IBIS and More? You Bet!

All the bells and whistles of modern cameras can be yours in these cameras that cost much less than you’d imagine.

Technology has come a long way. What used to be high-end features are now present in entry-level camera models. However, don’t let the term entry-level fool you. For under $1,000 these days, you can get Mirrorless cameras with IBIS, eye autofocus, excellent motion tracking, tilty flippy touchscreens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fast burst rates, and so much more. If you’re in the market for a camera that you can step up to from your smartphone, you have options. We’ve listed three cameras bursting at the seams with tech that used to be reserved for cameras costing much more. After the break, check out three cameras that will wow you for under a grand.

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4 Small Cameras That Will Help Keep You Hidden On The Streets

Powerful, well-built, and easy to use, these small cameras are perfect for photography on the streets.

When it comes to street photography, you have to capture images quickly and, in a lot of cases, discreetly. Being able to blend into the crowd with a camera that doesn’t say “look at me” is important. While keeping things on the small size is nice, you also have to make sure that the camera can perform the job. Fortunately, there are many powerful small cameras currently on the market that are suited perfectly for street photography. Fixed lens cameras offer a quick and simple way to get started. Pair up a small interchangeable lens camera with a small prime, and you’ll also be good to go. Here we’ll take a look at four small cameras that will help you blend in and nail the street shots you want to get.

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Fast 20mm E-Mount Primes Perfect for Landscapes, Cityscapes, and More

Sony Sale

Fast, wide lenses like these 20mm E-Mount Primes are incredibly versatile and affordable.

Fast, wide primes have become more popular over the last couple of years. Photographers would usually get their wide fix from lenses like 14-24mm f2.8 options. However, having faster primes can open up many more doors. Not only are primes usually sharper than zooms, but they’re also lighter and more portable. This makes them great to take on hikes or photo walks through the city. Their fast apertures also make them perfect for low light and astrophotography. There are a few 20mm E-mount primes available for Sony cameras. After the break, we’ll take a quick look at three of our favorites.

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These Sturdy Tripods Make Composing Landscapes A Breeze

Sturdy tripods are a must-have for landscape photography, and these ones will help you create stunning shots with ease.

When it comes to landscape photography, you need great compositions to be able to tell the story. You also need to capture as much detail as possible. This, my friends, is where tripods come into play. When it comes to tripods, we often short-change ourselves. For whatever reason, a lot of photographers don’t spend much money on stable, sturdy tripods. They would rather opt for a ‘big box special.’ This is not a good idea for several reasons. Cheap build quality, questionable parts, flimsy legs, I could go on. Why would you put your camera and lenses, which have a combined value of thousands of dollars, on a tripod that costs $60? So, If you’re in the market for sturdy tripods that will help elevate your landscape photography game, check out the five options after the break.

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4 Fantastic Portrait Lenses That Offer Serious Bang for Your Buck

Affordable, sharp, easy to use, and they produce magnificent bokeh; these portrait lenses are keepers.

We recently took a look at some premium 85mm lenses that blew our minds when we reviewed them. Following on from that, today, we’re looking at four 85mm prime portrait lenses that get our seal of approval. Honestly, these lenses are so good that any portrait photographer could use them and easily achieve incredible results. If you’re stepping into the world of portraits and you don’t want to break the bank buying portrait lenses, these options might be for you.

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Jack of All Trades: 5 24-105mm F4 Lenses That Make Life Easier

Perfect for photo walks, landscapes, events, and more, 24-105mm f4 lenses are a godsend.

Like many other photographers, I have multiple lenses in my camera bag. All of them are suitable for various jobs and genres of photography. While it’s nice to pick and choose from a long list of prime lenses, sometimes it’s nice to have one lens that can do it all. 24-105mm f4 lenses are the perfect do-it-all lens. You can be shooting a wide-angle environmental portrait or a landscape one second, and then you can be shooting a close-up shot of an object or person. The versatility of these wide to telephoto lenses is unmatched. If you want one lens in your collection that will do everything you need without complaining, you need to look at these five 24-105mm f4 jack of all trades.

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The New Normal? These 40mm Primes Make A Strong Case

Some say 40mm lenses are perfect for everyday photography.

40mm might seem like a weird focal length to some, but this focal length is loved by many. Falling between the more popular 35mm and 50mm focal lengths, 40mm primes have been making a name for themselves of late. Being a tad longer than 35mm lends to more pleasing bokeh when used to shoot close-ups. Being shorter than 50mm lenses, 40mm primes perform well for street photography in tight spaces. There are quite a few 40mm primes on the market today, and for good reasons. Street photographers, documentarians, photojournalists, photo walkers, and event photographers swear by them. After the break, we’ll share four solid 40mm primes worth taking a look at.

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Portrait Photography: You’ll Fall In Love With These 85mm Primes Instantly


85mm primes are an essential tool for portrait photographers.

Portrait photographers need a lot from the lenses they use. Lenses have to be sharp, reliable, produce great bokeh and beautiful natural skin tones. Another quality they need to have is great build quality. Like many other things in life, not all 85mm primes are created equal. However, we’re sure that you’ll love the 85mm primes we have listed after the break. If you’re in the market for a new go-to portrait lens, the five we have listed after the break will offer you everything a modern portrait photographer needs.

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Fast Fifties: 5 Beautiful 50mm Primes That Are Niftier Than Most

There are some truly gorgeous 50mm primes on the market.

Thousands of photographers around the globe absolutely love 50mm primes, and for good reasons. These primes are incredibly versatile and great for many photography genres, including street, portraiture, documentary photography, and more. While you can get your hands on relatively inexpensive 50mm primes with decently fast apertures, the ones we’re looking at here today at the pick of the crop. After the break, we’re going to take a quick look at five ultra-fast 50mm primes that will allow you to work magic in low light situations and that will create beautiful bokeh.

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Crème De La Crème: 35mm Primes That Will Mesmerize You

35mm primes have a special place in our hearts, and these will stay there for quite some time.

There aren’t many lenses that are more versatile than 35mm primes. These classic lenses are great for portraits, weddings, events, food photography, photojournalism, documentary projects, landscapes, and so much more. While most 35mm prime lenses hit the mark, some go above and beyond and will simply amaze you. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at five 35mm primes that will not leave your camera once you attach them. They’re well built, have incredible optics, and produce gorgeous colors and lovely bokeh. Check them out after the break.

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Top of the Crops! 4 Powerful APS-C Cameras Good Enough for Pro Use

Full-Frame cameras are all the rage, but APS-C cameras can deliver the goods too.

One of the biggest questions in photography is whether you need a Full-Frame camera to be a professional. The answer is no. If you’re able to produce the goods and get paid for them regularly, then you’re a pro. The type of camera you use plays no part in whether you’re professional or not. Many will still tell you that you need a Full-Frame camera to get the most features. Well, this used to be the case, but it’s not anymore. Today’s APS-C cameras are packed with the same features their Full-Frame brothers have. You’ll find IBIS, powerful sensors, incredible autofocus systems, dual card slots, and more. You’ll often find them at more affordable prices too. If you like the idea of having extra reach from a crop sensor camera for your work, check out these four APS-C cameras that are good enough for professional use.

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