Pimp Your Camera: Accessories to Refresh Your Camera’s Boring Look

There is no reason for your camera to look standard and dull; let everyone know that it’s clearly yours.

Here at the Phoblographer, we’re all about aesthetics–and that’s why we think every photographer should do what they can to truly call their camera their own. Lucky for you, there are a plethora of accessories on the market designed to do just that. Some are functional, while others are fashionable, but very few manage to walk the line. For the photographer looking to add some peacock and flair to their camera, we dove into our Reviews Index to figure out just what the best selections would be for that purpose.

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The Best Manual Focus Lenses Photographers Will Love

Some photographers are 100% in tune with their surroundings, and they’re the ones using the best manual focus lenses available.

There are photographers who just never understand how to use manual focus lenses, and photographers who know that using them requires you to be in tune with your environment. Think about the way Leica M shooters think and about how they’re able to predict something before it happens. Being in tune with his surroundings is how Robert Capa was able to capture some of his best images. Indeed, the best manual focus photographer can be quicker than one using autofocus. Manual focus lenses are not only great for photojournalism, they’re also for moments where slow photography allows you to make genuinely better photos. So, we went into our Reviews Index to round up some of our favorites.

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3 Lenses City Photographers Are Bound to Adore in L Mount

The L Mount Lenses available will make cityscape photographers grin from ear to ear.

The L mount alliance is still in its infancy, and because of this, there are limited camera bodies and lenses that feature the L Mount. However, that’s not to say the available lenses aren’t good. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you have jumped into the L Mount life, and you are looking for L Mount lenses suitable for landscape and cityscape photography, you’re in luck. After the break, we share three L Mount lenses that will make any landscape or cityscape photographer happier than a kid in a candy store.

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Dem Tones: The Three Best Canon Cameras for a Portrait Photographer

These Canon cameras are perfectly suited for portraiture work thanks to their excellent features and access to some of the best portrait lenses in the business.

While Canon’s cameras may be lacking in features compared to some of the other cameras on the market, that does not mean they are any less capable when it comes to creating gorgeous images. Canon cameras can be found in the hands and studios of portrait photographers the world over simply because they are reliable, they produce consistently excellent results, and because they can use Canon’s infamous L series lenses. Best of all, the color depth on the sensors is incredible. The Canon cameras listed after the break are the three we would highly recommend any aspiring or pro portrait photographer to take a closer look at.

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Film Photography Is a Form of Creative Rebellion and I Love It

Film photography probably doesn’t mean much to most people, but to some it’s an exciting and much-needed creative rebellion from the digital grind. 

When I first joined film photography communities some 10 years ago, I honestly did not expect that it would grow very much. Most of the world seemed to have moved on from film stocks, and the cameras were no more than vintage keepsakes of photography history. I would get strange looks whenever people figured out I was shooting with a film camera. We were seen as a bunch of misfits, or hipsters, as the wretched label came to be. But, the deeper I got into it, I more clearly saw what shooting film meant for those who did: it’s a form of creative rebellion in a world that puts a premium on perfection.

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Three Zeiss Lenses That Will Make a Landscape Photographer Drool

Zeiss makes some of the best optics, so if you’re a landscape photographer who demands more, you need to check out these Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss makes some of the most beautiful lenses around, and their wide-angle options are no exception. Zeiss lenses are a work of art in themselves. They all have fantastic build qualities, offer razor-sharp images, have beautifully dampened focus rings, and they produce colors that absolutely sing. If you’re a landscape photographer with a wallet deep enough to splash out on these lenses, and you like the finer things in life, you should check out three of our favorite Zeiss lenses for landscape and cityscape photography.

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7 Perfect Examples of Inspiring Wedding Photography

We love good wedding photography. A wedding is a happy time to be alive, and here are some fresh photographers doing great work on the big day!

Weddings are one of the most stressful gigs a photographer can take. High emotions and interfering families make shooting a wedding an interesting time, to say the least. That’s why it takes a level of skill – and temperament – to ensure you deliver the client something they can cherish forever. It can take years to reach a standard where you can charge thousands of dollars for the gig. But rather than focusing on experienced photographers, we want to show you the freshest of wedding photographers we’re digging right now.

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7 Macro Lenses That Can Easily Make Small Objects Larger Than Life

Irix Macro Lenses

If you want to get up close and personal with the smaller things in life, you need to introduce yourself to macro lenses.

Have you ever wondered how photographers get insanely detailed shots of bugs and insects and make them look like giants? Do you need to take incredibly detailed shots of small objects? If so, you need to learn more about macro lenses. In this roundup, we have listed seven macro lenses so good that once you use them, you’ll be hooked on macro photography for life. Join us after the break to see why we recommend that every photographer should have a macro lens in their bag, and more importantly, which seven lenses will impress you.

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5 Photographers Show the Google Pixel 4 Is Worth Every Penny

With the Google Pixel 4, the tech giant continues to be a leader in the smartphone camera market. These photographs show how good the camera is.

Ahhh smartphone photography. It’s incredible how far it has come. And the new Google Pixel 4 is a prime example of the exceptional quality coming out of a pocket-sized device. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been available for just over a month, but already some fantastic photography is being made with both devices. Investing in a $900 smartphone can feel like a risk, especially when your primary motivation is to get a good phone camera. So, if you’re still on the fence about whether you should put your hand in your pocket, these photographs will show that the new Google Pixel 4 is worth every penny.

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3 Sigma Lenses Every Landscape and Cityscape Photographer Needs

These Sigma lenses are perfectly suited to landscape and cityscape work thanks to sharp optics and rugged build qualities.

When it comes to third party lenses, offerings from Sigma can be tough to beat. Over the last few years, Sigma has improved the quality of the optics so much that they are considered to be some of the best you can buy. Their build quality also matches lenses put out by first part companies like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. When it comes to lenses for landscapes and cityscape photography, there are quite a few ideal Sigma lenses. After the break, we will share the three Sigma lenses we choose to capture stunning landscapes and cityscapes.

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3 Sony Lenses That Excel at Landscape and Cityscape Photography

fall landscape photography sony

These Sony lenses produce gorgeous colors and capture tons of detail, which makes them perfect for landscape and cityscapes.

We recently compiled a list of Sony cameras ideal for landscape and cityscape photographers. Sony makes some of the best cameras and lenses on the market. The three Sony lenses we list after the break are the ones we would leave home with if we were going out to capture the magnificence of the countryside or the awe-inspiring cities we live in. There are cheap, expensive, big, small, and a variety of other lenses in between, but here are the three we think are the best.

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When it Comes to The Instagram Business Model, We’re The Problem

We can’t keep complaining about Instagram if we continue to be part of the problem.

When Instagram was first released in 2010, it generated excitement like no other app had previously done in the photographic community. Before that, Flickr was the go-to platform for sharing photographic content. But, because of the sheer reach and simplicity Instagram offered, the tide changed, and with it millions of people fell in love with the photo-sharing app – a love that would eventually turn sour.

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How Gentrifying Photographers Can Be Responsible Story Tellers

There’s a meaningful conversation photographers need to have about the power and impact of gentrification.

I’ll never forget the 1st time I encountered it after moving to New York City. I was on the train, working for a wedding photographer in Coney Island. An irate minority man barked, “Go back to Manhattan where you belong, white girl.” I was both deeply saddened and deeply grateful for this exchange. It was horribly uncomfortable but, it’s about time that feeling gets flipped on white folks. It was also an important wake-up call to a rural hick-chick from farm country, Pennsylvania. This was my first exposure to how deeply divided and segregated the city can be, to how much more complex the issue is than most photographers realize. I knew, as an emerging photographer, I was no more capable of affording Manhattan rent prices than this man was. But also, my moving to Brooklyn possibly impacted him by making a neighborhood where he may have spent his whole life less affordable for him.

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These 3 Sony Cameras are Great for the Landscape Photographer

These Sony cameras will help any photographer create landscape images with gorgeous colors and immense detail.

Sony has done a tremendous job of fleshing out its camera line up. No matter what budget you have, there are Sony cameras for you. The three Sony cameras we have featured in this roundup are all fantastic options for photographers who like to get out into nature, and who want to capture the splendor of the world around them. All of the cameras have fantastic image processing chips, sensors that are capable of capturing incredible details, and levels of dynamic range that leave the competition in the dust. If you’re looking for Sony cameras that are well suited to landscape photography, head on past the break to see three of our recommendations.

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3 of Our Favorite Canon Cameras for Capturing Stunning Landscapes

canon cameras

These Canon cameras, when paired with gorgeous L series glass, can help create some breathtaking landscape images.

There are some great Canon cameras perfect for landscape photography. Canon cameras are built incredibly well, they have weather sealing that can take all kinds of abuse while they’re out in the field, and they have sensors that can deliver a ton of detail. Add these features together, and throw in some of the quality glass available for both EF mount and RF mount Canon cameras, and you have a winning package for landscape photography. After the break, we will take a quick look at the three Canon cameras we love for making landscape images.

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The Best Street Photographers of 2019 According to the Phoblographer

Lead photo by Phil Penman. As we say goodbye to 2019, we take a look at some of our favorite street photographers from the past year.

It should come as no surprise that we’re huge fans of street photography here at The Phoblographer. Because of what we do, we’re fortunate to be able to feature and speak with some of the best street photographers in the game. The craft has become extremely popular over the past decade, with many declaring their love for shooting the streets. Some are good – and some, well, not so much. But, beyond that are some fantastic shooters, creating great work, all while flying the flag for the street photography community. We have our favorites, so as we approach the final stretch of another wonderful year, we want to share our favorite street photographers of 2019.

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3 Nikon Cameras Perfect for Landscape Photographers

Innovative cameras - Nikon D850

If you love landscape photography and you love Nikon cameras, these are the three cameras worth a closer look.

If you love heading into the great outdoors to capture the magnificence of the countryside, and you just happen to like Nikon cameras as well, this roundup is for you. We have gone through our extensive review section and have picked out three Nikon cameras that would make the perfect companion for any landscape photographer. Join us after the break to see which Nikon cameras we would take with us on a landscape photoshoot. Continue reading…

These Media Companies Condone Unsplash Blindsiding Photographers

Once again, it’s time to call out a rights grab when we see one.

We at the Phoblographer have already spent a lot of our energy talking about how and why Unsplash is profoundly detrimental to our industry. While they are not the only company to engage in rights grabs, or run the only contest guilty of blatant copyright obtainment, they are undeniably one of the worst, most unapologetic perpetrators. If you’re not presently aware of the danger they pose to photographers and working professionals for any reason, here are the main takeaways to know. Continue reading…

Some of the Best Camera Bags for Traveling Photographers Facing TSA

If you’re getting on a plane soon, you’re going to want one of these camera bags.

It’s always amazed us that there is no single, perfect camera bag, but there are camera bags that come close. Bags are especially important for photographers who are traveling. Converting a standard bag to a camera bag isn’t enough because of the different access points, padded dividers, and ergonomics necessary for photographers. More importantly, they need to have a degree of weather sealing and protection. You never know what sort of weather you’ll be getting into once you land. Our editors travel a lot, and so here are some of our favorite bags that we’ve tested while on the road.

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These Three Printers Help Photographers Step Their Game Up

Looking at prints are incredibly important, and with these printers, you can make them yourself.

Fact: there are tons of photographers who have never printed and never had any serious interest in it. The truth is that, whenever anyone sees their photos printed in a large size, their jaws drop. It happens every time. One of the best gifts a photographer can get themselves is a good printer. Printers are useful for increasing revenue, creating wall decorations, and looking at your images in a different way. What photographer doesn’t aspire to have their images in a gallery in Soho? So, we went through our reviews index to find some of the best printers.

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The Phoblographer’s Editor’s Choice Awards for 2019: All the Best Gear

Presenting the Phoblographer’s Editor’s Choice Awards for 2019 with the best cameras for photographers and much more.

Each year, we round up our favorite products for our Editor’s Choice List specially geared towards photographers. The year 2019 felt almost like a Photokina year when it comes to new products being released. Crazily enough, that festival didn’t happen, however every camera manufacturer is clearly trying harder than ever to get a piece of a market that is becoming more and more niche. And, of course, the cream will rise to the top. The sweetest of that cream is what we’ve curated in this list. It contains some of the best cameras, lenses, camera bags, and photography accessories. And you can get all of them at Adorama.

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