5 Camera Bags Under $100 That We Truly Adore (We Think You Will Too)

These camera bags will blow your mind. Then, you’ll see the price, and you simply won’t believe what you can get for under $100!

Unfortunately, the adage ‘you only get what you pay for’ is still around and believed by many, but honestly, in most cases, this simply isn’t true anymore. We have seen affordable cameras that are feature-packed and that are strong performers that cost little compared to cameras of yesteryear, and we have seen the same with camera lenses too. You simply do not have to spend crazy money to get quality products now. Fortunately, this also applies to camera bags. We hunted down some of the most affordable camera bags on the market and put them through our real-world tests, and we discovered some real gems! After the break, we will share with you five camera bags that cost less than $100 that will honestly blow your mind.

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Ready to Try a Prime? Check Out These Affordable 50mm Prime Lenses

These 50mm prime lenses offer outstanding value for your money thanks to their performance to price ratios.

Good things in photography don’t always have to be expensive. You will find many photographers who will say that unless you spend thousands of dollars on top-notch gear, you won’t be able to generate excellent images. This is fake news, my friends, and it is advice like this that can stop new photographers from exploring many options when it comes to lenses. If you think it’s not worth dropping less than $400 on your first prime, or just a new prime for you, we’re here to tell you to change that mindset. The 50mm prime lenses that we list after the break perform far better than their prices suggest.

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8 Game-Changing Photography Accessories That Deserve a Closer Look

We all love new cameras and lenses, but quality photography accessories are just as important.

We spend a lot of time thinking about which cameras and lenses we should buy. You could even say we fetishize about them, but for some reason we never seem to do the same for photography accessories. Photography accessories such as filters and even computer accessories can make our lives as photographers so much easier. They help us get the images we want in-camera, or they make it easier for us to get the result we want during post. After the break, we will share some photography accessories that are not only game-changing, they’re also super affordable.

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7 Affordable Macro Photography Lenses to Try While You’re Stuck Inside

Being stuck in your home doesn’t mean you have to stop taking pics: macro photography is the perfect solution.

Just because you might be trapped indoors for a short period, it doesn’t mean your photography has to come to a stop. There are hundreds of items around your home that you see every day that you never look at twice, but what if we told you there is a whole different way to see them. Macro photography allows us to get up close and personal with tiny objects, or any object that has immense detail, with ease. Macro photography is incredibly rewarding, and it can be eye-opening. After the break, we will share some of our favorite lenses for macro photography that won’t break the bank.

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More Awesome Square Format Film Cameras to Add to Your Collection

If you’re still missing some square format cameras in your film photography lineup, allow us to make a handful of suggestions.

When it comes to medium format cameras, square format or 6×6 is considered the standard image size. We’ve previously featured other frame sizes you can opt for, but to get the full experience, square format should never go missing in your film photography gear. If you are still missing one, allow us to give you more recommendations apart from these five square format cameras we already featured.

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10 Popular Point and Shoot Film Cameras for the Compact Shooter

If your gear of choice has to be small, pocketable, and iconic, you might want to give these popular point and shoot film cameras a try.

We’ve all heard the sage advice that the best camera you have is the one with you, and for many people, it’s their smartphone. Others still prefer an actual camera, albeit a small one that they can bring everywhere, instead of a bulky DSLR. A mirrorless camera makes for an easy choice if you’re a digital shooter. If you’re curious about film cameras, you must have heard of two increasingly famous but also insanely expensive models: the Contax T2 and Yashica T4. But if those are way beyond your budget, you actually have plenty more options.

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Landscape Photography: Affordable Lenses to Capture Spring Landscapes

You don’t need to spend your life savings to get lenses that will deliver stunning results when it comes to landscape photography.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. All around us, the world is beginning to wake, and you’ll see everything from colorful wildflowers, greening grass, and trees that are full of life. Spring is the perfect time to get outside into the great wide open, especially during this time that we have been told to socially distance ourselves, in fact, now is the perfect time to get away from hoards of people in bustling city centers. After the break, we will take a quick look at some great performing, affordable lenses that you can take with you into the great outdoors.

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A Quick Look at Some of Our Favorite Fast Lenses for Astrophotography

The Astrophotography season in the Nothern Hemisphere is about to kick off, and these lenses will help you capture the millions of stars in the night sky.

Right around the end of March is an exciting time for photographers in the Northern Hemisphere. Not only are warmer days afoot, but the Milky Way and all of the beauty and splendor it adds to the night sky finally become visible. Astrophotography is seen as a hard genre to break into by many, but it needn’t be that way. Anyone with a camera made in the last decade and some fast glass can create gorgeous astroscapes with a little practice. After the break, we will take a quick look at some lenses on multiple platforms that are perfect for astrophotography.

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7 Rugged But Very Comfortable Camera Bags For Outdoor Photographers

These camera bags will let your slog your gear around in comfort while you look for that perfect landscape composition.

Part of the fun of landscape photography is wandering around in the great outdoors while you look for the perfect shot, or while you hike to your destination. One thing that’s not so fun, however, is lugging your gear around in bags that are uncomfortable. That’s right, not all cameras bags are made equal, and some are far better suited for photographers who travel along dusty trails or up rocky mountains. Not only is comfort important, but keeping your cameras, lenses, and accessories safe is too. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at camera bags that are ideal for those who plan on trekking around this spring (and beyond) to find those perfect locations for landscape photography.

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Best of the Best: Great Landscape Photography Cameras for Every Budget

gear doesn't matter

Whether you have under a grand, or unlimited funds, we’ve rounded up the best cameras for landscape photography that will fit any photographers budget.

There’s nothing better than heading out into the wilderness, the peace, the quiet, and the fresh air with just your camera so that you can capture the beauty of the world that surrounds you. These days, the great thing is that there are cameras on the market at every price point imaginable that will help you capture and create some genuinely breathtaking landscape images. If you’re ready to get into landscape photography, and you want to capture the splendor of the great wide open, the cameras listed after the break are the ones that should be on your radar.

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6 Tripods for Landscape Photography and Great Spring Photos

If you want to capture the beautiful colors that this time of year brings, these tripods for landscape photography are going to help.

For lovers of landscape photography, there is nothing better than seeing long winter months give way to warmer days of spring and the beautiful colors that come with it. To capture all the detail in the magnificence around you, you’re going to need a tripod that can help get the most out of the powerful sensor in your camera. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at six tripods for all budgets that will help you create memorable pictures of spring landscapes.

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5 Great 6×9 Format Cameras for the Medium Format Film Photographer

If you’re looking to get larger images with medium format film, these 6×9 format cameras are some of your best options.

One reason why 120 film is a medium loved by many is the versatility offered by its different frame sizes. Some photographers prefer the 6×7 format because it’s only slightly larger than the 6×6 format and prints nearly exactly to 8×10 paper. Others go for the 6×9 because it has the same aspect ratio as the frame of 35mm film. So, if you need both the extra resolution and a wider area for your photos, this medium format frame size may be for you. If you’ve already decided to make the shift, we have a bunch of camera recommendations for your consideration.

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6 Luxury Mirrorless Cameras for Photographers Who Demand the Best

If you want the best of the best, and you have deep enough pockets, these are the luxury Mirrorless cameras that should be on your radar.

We do a lot of roundups that focus on affordable, feature-packed cameras that are more than enough for 99% of photographers out there. But what if money was no problem, and you wanted to get your hands on some of the best cameras out there? In this roundup, we will take a quick look at six of the best luxury Mirrorless cameras that money can buy right now.

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Under $600: 9 Sony E Mount Prime Lenses We’ve Reviewed and Liked

These bargain-priced E mount prime lenses prove you don’t have to sell a kidney to get a great lens.

The other day I was watching a YouTube video where the ‘star’ proclaimed that they turned down a lens because it wasn’t a G Master. “Who wants to use anything less,” they scoffed. It’s this type of arrogance and elitism that gives the photography community a bad rap. Sure, expensive glass is great, and these lenses do have their place, but what if we told you that just because a lens is affordable, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Wow, mind blown. Well, it’s true, and the E mount prime lenses in this roundup prove it. After the break, we will share nine E mount prime lenses, which cost less than $600, and that perform much better than you could ever imagine.

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The Modern Photography Exhibit Desperately Needs to Evolve

The more I look at galleries and exhibits, the more I think that curators need to think more about marketing.

There is a very simple thing that gets infinitely more complicated when it comes to making spaces where photographers show off their work better. While the art spaces should really, truly be about focusing on the art, the truth of the matter is that everyone and their mother is going to take pictures and share later on social media at one time or another. And so I think that traditional art galleries and museums need to find a way to modernize and therefore make their installations interactive and dare I say it–Instagrammable.

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These 5 Vintage Hasselblad Cameras Are Great, and Here’s Why

Today, Hasselblad is known for its high-end, digital medium format offerings, but we can still grab some iconic vintage models for a premium medium format experience.

Swedish camera maker Hasselblad has a long and colorful contribution to the history of photography, making it one of the most popular brands for medium format photography for both film and digital. If the hefty price tags of the digital Hasselblad cameras have been keeping you from shooting with one, you might consider grabbing a vintage model instead. Now, more than ever, is a great time; film photography continues to thrive, with more and more film cameras getting a new lease on life.

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The Best 24-70mm F2.8 Lenses We’ve Tested, and Why They’re Great

When it comes to lenses that offer extreme versatility, you can’t help but think of 24-70mm f2.8 lenses.

If you went up to any working photographer and asked if there was one lens they couldn’t live without, or if they could only carry one lens with them, chances are, they would quickly say 24-70mm f2.8 lenses. This focal range is loved by many thanks to the sheer amount of versatility, and when you throw a fast aperture of f2.8 into the mix, you can start to understand why these lenses are adored by many. 24-70mm f2.8 lenses are perfect for event photographers, documentarians, portrait photographers, landscape photographers, photojournalists, and so many more. Join us after the break to take a quick look at a few of our favorite 24-70mm f2.8 lenses.

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Smartphone Cameras Could Be So Much Better if They Just Did This

The thing that could make smartphone cameras even better is just a little bit more protection.

One of the most frustrating issues with cameraphones that makes a dedicated camera far superior doesn’t have to do with the sensor. In fact, the sensor and all the computational photography that they build into a cellphone camera is fantastic. Instead, the issues have to do with the lens. We’re not talking about cameraphones needing a zoom lens but we’re instead talking about a little thing that we all take for granted: lens hoods. How many of you reading this use lens hoods and not lens caps? Many of you probably use both. Personally, I hate lens caps–they get lost a lot. But a lens hood is often the perfect thing for me and there are a variety of reasons why.

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Our Favorite 645 Cameras for Medium Format Photography Magic

If you’re bored of shooting squares on medium format film, you might want to get your hands on these noteworthy 645 format cameras.

If you feel limited by the square format, it may be time for you to try other frame sizes available. Yes, there’s more to shooting 120 film than the popular 6×6 format. If you feel like experimenting with other frame sizes, you may want to try 6×4.5 first. Whether you’re curious about this (or simply need the perfect excuse to grab another medium format film camera) we put together a quick camera recommendation with five of your best options. You’re welcome!

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What Our Readers Bought: You Folks Love APS-C and M4/3s Cameras

You’ve all got great taste, and we’re sure the photography gear you’ve added to your collection will be loved.

Can you believe February is over already? How times flies! You, our readers, didn’t waste any time when it comes to adding new photography gear to your collections. For all who think only Full-Frame cameras are popular, or that Micro Four Thirds is dead, we must say you’re mistaken. Both APS-C and M4/3s cameras are being snapped up by more photographers than ever right now and for good reasons. Cameras in these segments are more capable than ever and represent incredible value for the money. In this popular photography gear roundup, we share the ten most popular pieces of photography gear (cameras and lenses) our readers have been snapping during February, 2020.

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These 35mm Primes Will Quickly Become a Multi-Tool in Your Lens Library

Canon RF Mount Lenses 35mm

35mm primes are in the Goldilocks Zone when it comes to versatile lenses.

We absolutely love 35mm primes at The Phoblographer, and it’s for good reason. This focal length may just be the most versatile lens you can get your hands on, and we think all photographers should have one in their lens library. Why? Well, 35mm primes are great for so many genres. Shoot street? 35mm primes will have your back. Shoot portraits, landscapes, events, weddings, documentary, astrophotography, food photography? You guessed it, 35mm primes are fantastic for all of those genres too. In this roundup, we will take a look at some of our favorite 35mm primes.

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