The Best Leica Lenses for Black and White Film Photography

Black and white film lovers rejoice!

Film has to be one of the most fun photography experiences we have! Some of us just want to create in a completely different way. Indeed, film does a lot of things that digital doesn’t. When used properly, it will ultimately make you think more about your photos before shooting. You’ll pay a lot of attention to the frame before you shoot. And eventually, you’ll become a master of the format. If you’re looking for the best Leica lenses for black and white film photography, check out our selects.

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We Tested 3 Best 50mm Lenses Under $500. Here They Are!

The 50mm lens is the standard for many photographers, and everyone grows from it.

When photographers start out, they usually go for a 50mm lens if they don’t reach for a zoom. It’s indeed the best way to grow as a photographer. A 50mm lens is incredibly versatile. In fact, some of the best lenses made are 50mm lenses. So, we dove into our Reviews Index to choose some of the best. Specifically, we looked for options under the $500 mark. Trust us, you’re going to love these. Here are the best 50mm Lenses under $500.

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The 3 Best Affordable 35mm Lenses for Portrait Photography

The 35mm lens is one of the best portrait lenses to make the viewer feel like they’re there.

We’ve tested a bunch of 35mm lenses over the years. The good news is that they’ve become progressively better for portrait photography. Photojournalists and editorial photographers use them these days. 35mm lenses deliver a look that makes us feel like we’re right there in the picture. Bringing people into the photo makes it that much more exciting. So we dove into our Reviews Index to find some of the best 35mm lenses for portrait photography. More importantly, we made sure that they were affordable.

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The 3 Best Instant Film Cameras for Your Next Party

These instant film cameras will shoot photos you and other guests will love.

If you’re going to a party, there’s no reason not to bring instant film cameras. They’re so fun. You point, shoot, and get the photo. What’s better than that? You can then get back to drinking and hang out with those you care about. And better yet, it’s almost impossible for anyone to look bad with instant film. That’s because of just how big the lenses are and how they work with the film. And yes, you’re shooting real instant film–sort of like Polaroids back in the day. Check out this guide on choosing the best instant film cameras.

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3 Great Gifts for the Fine Art Photographer on a Starving Artist Budget

The fine art photographer is usually experimenting with lots of ways to make new images.

The essence of a fine art photographer is summarized in one word: play. They’re often playing around and trying new things far more than other photographers. They don’t care about algorithms. They march to their own drum. And most of all, they often don’t have much of a budget to work with. Sometimes their creations are born out of pure boredom. But these tools won’t bore them at all. We went into our Reviews Index to find some of the most fun things to satiate your creative appetite. 

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3 Camera Messenger Bags Our Photographers Use All the Time

Many photographers prefer messenger bags over backpacks–and these are some of the best we’ve used.

Sometimes all you need is a smaller bag than a backpack. That’s why lots of photographers love reaching for camera messenger bags instead. They’re positively perfect for mirrorless cameras. And if you’re not planning on bringing a whole lot around with you, why not get one? Of course, there’s a concern about weight distribution. But these bags are the most comfortable and ethical options we’ve used. We went through our camera bag reviews and our Reviews Index to figure out what camera messenger bags were best. Here’s our selection.

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3 of Our Favorite Manual Focus Lenses for Street Photography

Street photography is sometimes much easier and faster if you use manual focus lenses.

When is the last time you truly felt like you were being romanced by a lens? For many street photographers, that only comes with manual focus lenses. As a play on words, street photographers like to zone focus. Colloquially, that means that you’re focusing on a specific zone away from you. But one could also interpret it to say that you’re in the zone when you’re shooting. With manual focus lenses, you’re always going to get what you need and want as long as you’re careful. That’s not always the case with autofocus. So we looked at our Reviews Index to find some of the best manual focus lenses for street photography.

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3 Lenses We Love for Cityscape Photography. They’re Small Too!

street photography

We tested these lenses for cityscape photography and positively love them–we’re sure you will too.

Let’s start this off by telling you one big thing that you positively don’t need for cityscape photography–big lenses. Big lenses can be heavy and sometimes make you not want to shoot. They also don’t necessarily give you the best image quality (a myth in the photo industry). When you’re traveling or on vacation, you want to pack light. You also need lenses with great features that can also be very versatile. Lucky for you, we dove into our Reviews Index to find some of our favorite lenses for shooting photos in big cities. You’ll love these lenses for Cityscape Photography!

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3 Exceptional Lenses That Will Always Shoot Flattering Portraits

There’s no need for a beauty filter when you’ve got lenses like these!

The secret to flattering portraits starts with an attitude. Part of it could be word choice when working with a subject. Some subjects need music to make magic happen. Then there’s the outfit choice, the lighting and all. Of course, a lot of it has to do with your creative vision. So we dove a bit into our reviews index to find some of the best lenses for flattering portraits. With the right lens and communication skills, you can shoot photos that don’t need any post-production. Here are three lenses we love for flattering portraits–and a pro tip for you too!

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3 Lenses for Portrait Photography with Vibrant Colors

To create portraits that are as vivid as paintings, you need a lens that makes them look that way.

Color in portrait photography is so important. We use neons to add separation to our subjects. We also specifically choose wardrobes that add contrast to an image. So with portrait photography, there’s a big need for more vibrant colors. Luckily we dove into our Reviews Index to find just the things for you. In our 11 years of reviewing over 700 lenses, we believe that sometimes the newest ones aren’t always what you need. But these three lenses for portrait photography are fast, weather-resistant, and have unique colors.

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It’s Time to Photowalk! Enjoy It with These Lightweight Lenses

No one wants to drag along something heavy, so check out these lightweight lenses!

If you’re a passionate photographer, then you probably love photo walking. It’s a fantastic social activity that can also be done solo. And no matter what, it’s a great idea to bring along a lightweight lens. There’s nothing worse than having extra weight on your hike. Similarly, a lightweight lens is just what the doctor ordered to help you clear your mind on a photo walk. So we went into our Reviews Index and found some of our favorites. These lightweight lenses are bound to be some of your favorites.

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The Best Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses of the Past Decade

We’re rounding up the Fujifilm products we think are the best of the past decade.

Fujifilm has been a major digital camera player for almost a decade now. When the X100 first was announced, it turned so many heads. Its good looks and features were a slap in the face of the boring camera market. And we’ve got them to thank for the whole ergonomics revolution. Indeed, they’ve been an incredibly important company this past decade. So we’re rounding up some of the best cameras they’ve made.

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Five Fantastic Mirrorless Cameras That Deserve More Attention

Canon cameras - Eos RP

These Mirrorless cameras are better than many people would have you believe, and they’re competitively priced too.

Visit any site on the web or any mainstream YouTube channel, and you’ll see that most will sing the praises of any flagship camera. You’ll also find that unless a camera is a flagship, they’re often written off and aren’t given a fair chance. We don’t do that here at The Phoblographer. We give every camera a fair shake. If it’s worthy of praise, it will get it. If the camera has shortcomings, we’ll address them. We will never write them off just because. In this roundup, we’ll focus on five cameras that were considered “dead on arrival” to many. We, however, see the value in them and gave them honest reviews. These Mirrorless cameras have seriously flown under the radar, and we think they deserve more attention. Find out what cameras we’re talking about after the break.

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Retro Looks, New Tech – These Mirrorless Cameras Have the Lot

Beautiful looks and all the tech you could ever need – these Mirrorless cameras have both.

There’s just something special about retro-inspired Mirrorless cameras. On the one hand, they give us all the feels from the glory days of photography. On the other hand, they give us everything we need in a modern tool: great autofocus, fast burst rates, touchscreens, great EVF’s, and more. If you want your camera to make a statement and get you through any shoot you can imagine, check out these five retro-inspired Mirrorless cameras.

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We Found the Best Lenses for Sony FE for a Steal!

The Sony FE lenses you’re looking for are available at good prices right now!

New lenses for your Sony camera don’t need to be super expensive or hard to find. More importantly, Sony’s best lenses are available right now at a more affordable price over at KEH! If you shoot portraits, photojournalism, or are even a passionate hobbyist, we found something for you! We encourage you to take a look at our ethically selected list. We’ve reviewed over 700 lenses, including these!

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Five Low-Cost Wide Primes Great for Architectural Photography

fall landscape photography

Wide and fast, these affordable wide primes capture building exteriors and interiors easily.

Wide primes are generally associated with things like landscapes and astrophotography. However, they can be used for far more than that. One more genre where wide primes excel is in architectural photography. Photographers who need to capture building exteriors, interiors, bridges and more, need lenses that can take it all in. After the break, we round up five wide primes that are affordable and capable of capturing sharp images with great colors. If you’re ready to try your hand at architectural photography without breaking the bank, read on.

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We Loved These Beautiful 50mm Lenses For Portrait Photography

The 50mm lens has evolved over the years to be a fantastic portrait lens.

If you want a wider portrait lens, then 50mm is pretty ideal. In the past few years, the distortion in them and the overall quality has become stellar. When you shoot with one, noses are bound to bulge nowhere as much as they used to. But in addition to that, the colors and the bokeh will simply pop. We’ve reviewed well over 700 lenses that you can find in our Reviews Index. So we chose some of these special lenses. We know that it’s hard to get your hands on new gear right now. So we partnered with KEH for some of the best out there!

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Four Great Lenses That Make Wildlife and Birding Photography Affordable

Wildlife and birding photography don’t need to be expensive.

The pandemic has seen the popularity of both birding photography and wildlife photography skyrocket in recent months. With social distancing in place, we have begun training our lenses on other creatures. However, you need a lens long enough to capture the great action. Fortunately, there are lenses out there that can get the job done well at an affordable price. Do you want to improve your wildlife and birding photography without breaking the bank? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out the affordable zoom lenses we have rounded up after the break.

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Three Items to Help Visually Impaired Photographers Shoot Better Photos

Take it from a visually impaired photographer who’s legally blind; these three tools have helped so much.

There was a time when I honestly thought I’d need to give up on photography. As long term readers will know, I’m legally blind. I have keratoconus, which makes a lot of things difficult. So taking photos and getting details can be complicated. It also means that I need to get closer to things than others would to understand. It never occurred to me to use binoculars and scopes to help me, but I’ve been doing so in recent times. At least one of those will accompany me when I’m doing adventure-style photography. Being able to see helps a whole lot. It’s nice to get a zoomed-in view of something from above or far away. Then, I can typically get up closer to whatever I’m going to photograph. Here are three items that have helped me and that I strongly recommend to other Visually Impaired Photographers.

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Four Lenses That Make the Leica M9 Shine Like a Brand New Camera

The Leica M9 is truly a joy of a camera to use, even in 2021.

There aren’t that many iconic digital cameras. But if you had to pick one, everyone would agree about the Leica M9. It was the first mirrorless full-frame camera ever made. And it stood out from the pack with a CCD sensor that looked like chrome film. This was much different from lots of the other sensors going for better low light quality. The look the Leica M9 delivered is yearned for by many photographers today. If you happen to get your hands on one, we recommend you snag these lenses from the Leica Camera store.

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Five 70-200mm Lenses Great for Land and Cityscape Photography

70-200mm lenses are great for more than just portrait photography.

When you think about 70-200mm lenses, you probably think of portrait photography. You’re not wrong. These lenses have been used to capture portraits for years, but they can do so much more than that. 70-200mm lenses are also perfect for landscape and cityscape photography. Being able to zoom in to isolate one area of a scene can be incredibly beneficial. The extra levels of compression these telephoto lenses offer can also help create dramatic images easily. If you’re looking for a lens that can help create dramatic landscape and cityscape images, you should check out these five lenses after the break.

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