Popular Pentax Film Cameras Every Pentaxian Collection Should Have

If you consider yourself a true blue Pentaxian, you absolutely need these popular Pentax film cameras gracing your shelves.

With Pentax just having turned 100, we placed the spotlight on some of the company’s classic medium format cameras, rivaled only by a handful of competitors. Among the most popular of these are the Pentax 67 and the Pentax 645, which are also on our favorite 67 format and 645 format cameras. We decided to do a quick follow-up on those features with a rundown of other popular Pentax film cameras that should never go missing in a true blue Pentaxian’s collection. If you’re still building your own, this guide should be useful to you!

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Seven Must-Have Affordable Lenses for the Olympus OM Shooter

If you’ve already set your eyes on the Olympus OM System, these are the prized and budget-friendly lenses to be on the lookout for.

Last year, we placed the spotlight on the Olympus OM System, a landmark camera series that showed the world Olympus can go small, even with their 35mm SLR cameras. Apart from the iconic, compact design for the camera body, the series also came with the equally famed OM Zuiko range of lenses. If you happen to still have an OM series camera around, you might want to pair it with with any — or all — of these beautiful, must-have lenses.

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Buying the Fujifilm X-T4? Here Are the Best Prime Lenses to Use with It

The Fujifilm X-T4 will be a superb camera when it finally hits the street, and these are the prime lenses you should pair with it to get the most out of it.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is one of the most highly anticipated cameras of 2020, and while it was already supposed to have been released, we will have to wait a bit longer to be graced by its presence. In the meantime, we can take a look at the best prime lenses to use with this powerful APS-C camera. The prime lens Gods have blessed Fujifilm users with stunning choices for every genre of photography out there, from street photography to portraiture and wildlife photography to macro; Fujfilm has you covered. Not only are Fujifilm primes rock solid when it comes to build quality, but they are stunning performers too. If you’re going to pick up the IBIS rocking Fujifilm X-T4 when it finally launches, these are the prime lenses to snap up.

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Opinion: True Master Photographers Shoot for the JPEG, Not the RAW

I’m of the steadfast belief that a good photographer is in control of their camera and does at least 80% of the work in-camera.

This piece is obviously going to annoy a ton of people. Quite honestly, I’m not apologizing for it. I think that there are great photo editors. I believe that some people that we label photographers are some of the best Photoshop artists of our time. But, I genuinely don’t think that they’re photographers. Adobe believes that you’re a photographer if you use Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Camera. But I don’t. Instead, I think that a photographer works to get the image as perfect as possible in-camera. Great photo processors work in post-production. Can you be both? Sure. But most “photographers” are one or the other. The label is essential for the future of our industry and odds are that you’re probably screwing it up for everyone.

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7 Amazingly Affordable But Awesome Canon FD Lenses to Drool Over

If you still have a nice Canon FD mount camera lying around, we invite you to pair it with any — or all — of these awesome lenses. 

Not so long ago, we gave a rundown of Canon FD cameras for photographers thinking of going back to their film roots, and for first-time film photographers looking to purchase their first 35mm SLR camera. Now, it’s time to pair them with some of the best Canon FD mount lenses. If your FD mount camera is still missing a great lens, or you’ve been thinking of adding one (or two) to your arsenal, we suggest keeping an eye out for these lenses.

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The Four Best Vintage Contax Cameras That Won’t Break the Bank

There’s more to the Contax brand than the insanely expensive cult compacts T2 and T3, as these cameras surely prove.

A good portion of film photographers today must be familiar with Contax through the insanely expensive and popular Contax T2 and T3 compact cameras. However, there’s more to the historic camera model-turned-brand that hails all the way back to 1932 Dresden. Whether you’re interested in scoring a more reasonably priced Contax or simply want to familiarize yourself with the other noteworthy models, we think this list will be of great use to you.

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How We Rate the Lenses That Took the Gold for TIPA Awards 2020

The TIPA Awards 2020, again, made some interesting choices when it comes to the best lenses of the last year.

Following on from our roundup, which focused on the TIPA Awards 2020 for best cameras, we bring you the best lenses according to TIPA as well. TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association rounded up their members and banged their heads together to come up with the list of best lenses which covers everything from the best DSLR lenses for pros to best the best portrait lens for Mirrorless shooters. There are some great choices and some eyebrow-raising ones too. Check out all of the winners of the TIPA Awards 2020, and decide if you need to add these lenses to your collection.

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Are the TIPA World Awards 2020 Camera Winners as Good as They Say?

There are some surprising inclusions in the list of best cameras from the TIPA World Awards 2020.

TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association has just announced the winners of their annual awards. To come up with the winners from various categories such as cameras, lenses, photo editing software, and accessories, TIPA partners with publications affiliated with them, and then editors and reviewers cast their votes. In this roundup, we will take a look at the cameras TIPA has awarded their gold star to, and share our thoughts on whether we agree with their decisions. Join us after the break to see the TIPA World Awards 2020 winners in the best cameras category.

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Vintage Under $150: 5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras You Should Try

Point and shoot film cameras are great for getting started with shooting film without putting a dent on your wallet.

For a lot of photographers today, vintage point and shoot cameras often serve as the gateway drug into film photography. They’re compact, easy to use, and often inexpensive. Some of these cameras also produce or enhance a distinct look of nostalgia that film photography has come to be known for. So, it’s not surprising that so many vintage point and shoots make it to lists of recommended film cameras for beginners. Whether you’re looking for one or two point and shoot film cameras to get started with, or add to your growing collection of vintage compacts, these are some of the awesome and affordable models you can grab today.

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8 Quotes from Photographers to Motivate You This Weekend

We went through our Instagram and found some of the best quotes from professional photographers.

If you’re looking for extra motivation to get out there and shoot, we’ve found a great round up of quotes to help out. Many of these are from photographers who pushed themselves to not only be good enough to shoot pleasing images but also turn it into a daily living. It takes a lot of motivation to get up every morning and chase income. For more motivation, we recommend checking out our Instagram.

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Under $1000: The Affordable 85mm Primes That Are Bokeh Beasts

If you are planning to jump into the world of portrait photography, you might want to check out these affordable 85mm primes.

There is a huge misconception about portrait photography (and many other genres of photography) that you need to spend boatloads of cash on very fast lenses to be able to create portraits that will stun people: this simply isn’t true. There are 85mm primes on the market that produce razor-sharp images with stunning bokeh that won’t break the bank, but these lenses are often overlooked. If you are planning to get into portrait photography, don’t let photography elitists make you believe that you need to spend thousands. Trust us when we say that the 85mm primes we share with you after the break are more than good enough for most.

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Five Great Film SLR Cameras to Grab for Under $150

35mm Film SLR

Start your film photography journey with these noteworthy film SLR cameras that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve been looking for some great cameras to begin your film photography journey with or add to your vintage camera collection, we can see how it can be overwhelming given all the choices out there. Today, allow us to narrow down the list with a handful of film SLR recommendations. These models are some of the best and most interesting cameras film photographers have been picking up since the so-called analog resurgence. While prices for many cult cameras have gone up, you can still grab these particular models today without breaking the bank.

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Under $1,000: 6 Cameras for Self Portraits, Vlogging and So Much More

Self portraits are all the rage right now, and with the right camera, they are easier than ever to make.

Quarantine and social distancing have put us in a position that we have little experience with, but not being able to go outside has not stopped us as creators. If you look at any photo-sharing app or even YouTube, you’re going to see self portraits and tutorials on how to take compelling self-portraits, but neither of those talk about the gear that will make taking self-portraits that much easier. After the break, we share some cameras that feature great flippy screens that will make creating your self-portraits much easier.

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Beautiful and Affordable: 7 Vintage Soviet Lenses to Adapt to Your Camera

If you want to get the authentic vintage look for your digital snaps, these beautiful and budget-friendly vintage Soviet lenses are your best bet.

The dreamy look of retro photography continues to be a popular aesthetic even for digital photography, and nothing is better than achieving it using the real deal. Vintage Soviet lenses make great options for adapting to your digital cameras because there’s still a fair number of them available for cheap. To help you make the best choices, we’ve done a bit of looking around for some vintage Soviet lenses to score today.

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Flash Photography: Learn a New Skill and Master It with Affordable Gear

If you want to up your flash photography game consider adding some of these fantastic products to your collection.

Utter the words flash photography to any new (or even some quite seasoned photographers), and the look of fear will wash over their faces before they run and hide. Many photographers think flash photography is either far to difficult to master, or much too expensive to break into. We are here to tell you that those statements are fake news. Modern flashes and monolights are incredibly affordable, and with just a little practice and learning, you will find there is nothing to fear about flash photography. After the break, we will share some excellent learning guides and some of our favorite lights and modifiers.

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10 Great Lenses to Use for Photography Projects During Quarantine

Photography Projects are all about capturing and documenting things happening in your life, and these lenses will help you do that easily.

Nobody likes being stuck inside, especially creatives who thrive on being out in the world. Don’t think for one second that just because you are stuck inside your house that photography and your creativity have to stop. We’re living in an unprecedented time right now. Years from now, our kids and their kids will be asking us about 2020. What was it like? What did we do? How did we pass the time? These are the questions we will be asked. Wouldn’t it be great if we could pull out a photo album we made, or share images with those who wanted to know what life was like for us during these weeks, possibly months? Photography projects help us capture these moments that will help tell our stories. The lenses we have rounded up after the break will help you capture daily moments that will relay the stories of our time in quarantine.

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Under $100: We Found a Bunch of Photography Essentials Just for You

These bargain-priced photography essentials will help you grow and make your life as a photographer easier.

When we talk about photography and the gear we use, more often than not, we end up talking about the cameras and lenses we own, but for some reason, other accessories such as learning materials, flashes, tripods, and bags take a back seat in the conversation. To get the most of our cameras and lenses (and ourselves), we need accessories that can help us perform and grow to our fullest potential. After the break, we are going to take a quick look at some great items that we believe are photography essentials: the best part is that they all cost under $100.

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6 Cameras for Street Photography That Started a Movement

There have been some excellent cameras used through the decades for street photography: let’s look at them.

In modern times, street photographers get excited about cameras like the Ricoh GR III and the Fujifilm X100V. But since the practice of street photography began, there have been some absolute gems in the hands of photographers. Many of those cameras have had their time, and moved aside to be replaced by modern, more advanced systems. But they still hold value, and there’s no doubt they were considered remarkable cameras in their day (and some are still remarkable even by today’s standards). And some cameras from the past started a movement: something people got behind and held dearly to their hearts. Let’s take a look.

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Best Sellers: Photography Gear Popular with Our Readers in March

Lots of photography gear found new homes in March of 2020.

There were some great deals on photography gear throughout March, and you guys and girls made the most of what was on offer. With everything from photography accessories to lenses and cameras on sale, March was an excellent time to buy despite all that’s going on. When things return to normal, you will all have new gear to play with. After the break, we will take a quick look at the photography gear on its way to your homes.

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These Cool Film Rangefinder Cameras Can Be Yours for $150 or Less

If you’re a fan of rangefinder-style cameras and would like to give their vintage forerunners a try, here’s a bunch that won’t break the bank.

Vintage cameras, especially rangefinders, are still pretty popular not only due to the sustained interest in film photography but also because they are often highly collectible items. However, that also means the most popular and coveted ones often come with a hefty price tag, putting them out of reach to most. But there are actually a lot of rangefinder cameras out there that won’t break the bank, so even if you’re a complete beginner, you won’t be intimidated by the cost. In fact, you can grab many of them off eBay for around $150!

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8 Versatile F4 Zoom Lenses and Why We Love Them

If you don’t need f2.8 zoom lenses, or if your wallet can’t open that far, have no fear: these 24-70mm and 24-105mm f4 zoom lenses are sensational.

A short while ago, we assembled a round-up of the best 24-70mm f2.8 lenses currently available on each platform. Just a couple of weeks ago, we also chatted about whether or not you need an f2.8 or an f4 version of zoom lenses on our new live, interactive chat show called Pro Camera Reviews. Today, we will be continuing this theme, and we will take a look at a few of our favorite versatile 24-70mm and 24-105mm f4 zoom lenses that are stunning in their own right. Join us after the break to see which lenses made our list.

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