The Best Sony Lenses For Most Genres of Photography

There are fantastic Sony lenses available for just about every genre of photography now.

No matter what genre of photography you like to shoot, chances are that there are Sony lenses for you. It took Sony a little while to really cater to all photographers who jumped into their Mirrorless ship, but now the E Mount lens selection is as robust as any. You may pay a little more for Sony branded lenses when compared to some of the third party offerings on the market, but there is no doubt that the sheer quality and performance of Sony lenses is well worth the price of admittance. Here we will take a look at the best Sony lenses for different genres of photography.
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7 Powerful, Rechargeable Monolights Perfect For On Location Portraits

These rechargeable monolights will make it possible to do portrait shoots anywhere at any time.

Are you tired of not being able to hold portrait sessions once the light of the day disappears? Do you dread having to shoot on days when the blistering sun is high overhead creating harsh, hard shadows? Do you wish you could take your studio lights with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this roundup is for you. We are going to be taking a quick look at seven powerful monolights that will enable you to shoot anywhere, and at any time. Continue reading…

Street Photographers Taking Pictures of Homeless People is Exploitation

Street photographers who photograph homeless people aren’t doing those people any good in today’s world.

I’ve spoken before about photographing and doing street photography with intent. And I think that when street photographers take photos of homeless people that they’re not doing these people any good. Photographing scenes where these homeless people are the primary focus and surrounded by others more financially fortunate is also not such a great thing to do. While many years ago, this could have told stories when put into the pages of credible publications, today’s world doesn’t lend itself well to this type of photographic intent. Indeed, the world has changed and actions speak louder than words. What often ends up happening is that these photographers self publish by adding images to Instagram or other platforms. These images are then passed by in a feed, double tapped, and moved onto another photo or served an ad. The result is that a person viewing the photos doesn’t want to go help a homeless person in the way that politicians and people used to do.

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Why Don’t We Teach Photographers What to Charge for Their Photos?

“The position I come from in writing this article stems from the opinion that a lack of openness about pay, the cultural norm condemning disclosing financial information, is what allows pay gaps to develop, continue, and exist.”

I’ve heard countless versions of the same story: a photo assistant discovering that the photographer charged the client double what they paid the assistant in regards to the assistant fee on the client’s invoice, a tragic problem frequently encountered and rarely remedied. When I first began photo assisting, I was massively underselling myself without realizing, and people took significant advantage – it was only when another female photographer pulled me aside and told me what my rates should be that I realized how much I had been selling myself short. And in a world where women’s requests for what we’re worth are rarely met, though asked for just as often as men, having a lack of knowledge and confidence about how and what you should be charging makes it that much harder to keep our industry healthy, vibrant, and lucrative.

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7 Super Telephoto Lenses Perfect For Stunning Airshow Photography

airshow photpgraphy

These telephoto, and super telephoto lenses will help you excel at airshow photography.

Airshows are going on all around the country right now, and if you want to be able to capture these electrifying aerial displays with ease, you’re going to need a super telephoto lens that will let you get up close and personal with those incredibly fast metal birds. All of the super telephoto lenses listed here offer incredible image quality, ridiculously fast autofocus performance (perfect for locking on to planes flying 700mph), they produce colors that will make your jaw drop, and they are all easy to use despite being on the heavier side of things. Regardless of which lens you choose, you will absolutely love the results you get. Check out our favorite lenses for airshow photography below.

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Nude Photography: Models Share How Not to Be Creepy (NSFW)

Do you feel like getting into nude photography? Well, here’s how not to do it in a creepy way.

Nude photography can be a sensitive subject. Whilst there’s nothing controversial about the human body, the same cannot always be said about a photographer’s intentions. For many, their motives are honest and they just want to create. However, for others, it’s sad to say that they’re looking for cheap thrills and ways to take advantage of a vulnerable situation. There’s also the camp that has all the best intentions in the world but still manages to tick the creepy male photographer box. So if you’re new to this or need to reflect on your own approach, here are some tips from The Phoblographer and active models working in the industry.

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Film Is Not Dead: Insights from Decades-Old Richard Photo Lab

We’ve heard film photographers say over and over that film is not dead. Here’s what Richard Photo Lab, which has been around since the 1970s, has to say about it.

Whether haters like it or not, film is still very much alive today, several years into the so-called film revival. While companies and independent manufacturers making our favorite emulsions have been vocal about making ensuring it stays that way, we don’t really hear much from our trusty film labs. We rightfully should: they’re a crucial part of what keeps the magic of film photography alive. There’s a good number of these film labs scattered around the US, and we sought to get in touch with some of the ones that are best known. It was the decades-old Richard Photo Lab that answered our call, and we thought you should know what they have to say.

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Under $600: Eight Great Wide Lenses For Landscape Photography

Quality wide angle lenses for landscape photography have never been more affordable.

If you want to be able to get out with your camera and have a quality, affordable, wide angle lens attached so that you can partake in landscape photography, this roundup is for you. Here we take a look at eight, bang for your buck, wide angle lenses capable of producing gorgeous images with amazing color rendering. While they may be cheap, they shoot like lenses that should cost two or three times as much as they do. All eight of these wide angle lenses will impress when it comes to image quality, color rendition, overall build quality, and their ease of use. The fact that most of these lenses are below $600 will impress your wallet too. If you want a lens that will help you produce ultra sharp, detail-rich, landscape images, check out the list below.

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The 10 Best Performing Camera Sensors Per DXOMark (May 2019)

panasonic s1r

There’s a newcomer in this months DXOMark top 10 camera sensor list!

Things are starting to move and shake over at DXOMark. A new camera has bullied its way into the top 10 performing camera sensor league table, and the new camera has left seven other cameras in its wake as it shot up the charts to third place. The Panasonic S1R scored a whopping 100 overall in the tests that DXOMark perform, and they said in some cases it performed better than the two Medium Format cameras that sit above it in the league table. Join us after the break to see the new standings. Continue reading…

How My Journey For a Perfect Camera Landed me on Pentax’s Doorstep

full frame cameras

I left team Canon after 17 years, and my journey to find the perfect camera for myself took me far and wide before I finally made it home.

We are always in search of the perfect camera. We read reviews, we watch videos, we drool over spec sheets, and we marvel at all the things that modern cameras can do. It is so easy to get caught up in the the new camera spec wars these days that it can be easy to take a wrong turn down the camera highway. After leaving behind Canon and their cameras after 17 years of use, I embarked on a journey to find the perfect camera for me, and it led me down a long dusty road to the last place I ever would have imagined. Pentax. Continue reading…

The 10 Best Performing Lenses Per DXOMark For May 2019

sony lenses

If you’re in the market for a new lens, check out the 10 best on the market according to DXOMark.

DXOMark are known for putting lenses, and other photography gear through stringent tests, and then they publish their findings so that consumers can make more educated decisions before dropping large chunks of change on new equipment. Their lens tests check for sharpness, distortion, vignetting, transmission, and chromatic aberration. When you couple DXOMark findings with our reviews, you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting the best information from both controlled environments, and real world tests. A lot of people take DXOMark findings with a pinch of salt, but if they help you make a better purchasing decisions, go ahead and soak up their findings, and then read our reviews which are linked here as well. Below are to the 10 best performing lenses according to DXOMark for May 2019.
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The Best Gear for Successful Wedding Photography in 2019

This gear will make wedding photography that much easier for you, and your clients will love the results.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding, most challenging genres of photography around. Photographers usually find themselves in dimly lit churches, cathedrals, and gathering places, and they usually have a list of demands from their clients as long as Mt. Everest is tall. There are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves, but perhaps the best thing we can do is use cameras, lenses, and accessories that can not only cope with the rigors of wedding photography, but that can also make it easier. Continue reading…

9 Powerful, Entry Level Cameras Perfect for Beginners and Beyond

These powerful, entry level cameras are perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and more. 

When the term ‘entry-level’ was muttered by photographers in years gone by, one would instantly think of poor performing, nothing to write home about, cameras that really didn’t inspire anyone to pick up the thing to create images. My how times change. Today, entry-level cameras are powerful, feature-rich devices capable of creating stunning images when paired with nice glass. In this roundup we will take a look at nine entry-level cameras perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and even pros looking for a backup camera. Continue reading…

New Photographers: Please Stop Supporting Unsplash, Support Behance

You don’t need to keep giving your rights up photographers; you can still have self-respect.

The motivation for this piece comes not only from the message that I’ve been actively preaching about Unsplash and the companies supporting them, but also because I’ve noticed that a ton of new photographers who enjoy showcasing their work on Reddit just don’t know any better. And so it is my genuine hope that everyone shares this message with every other photographer that they know. This isn’t at all a sponsored post for Behance–we’re pretty strict about our editorial policies and transparency in a journalism world where so many aren’t. I don’t want to call this a public service announcement, but instead I want to call this my beckoning to photographers to stop giving up their work and their creativity for free.

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These 35mm Primes are Great For Almost Every Genre of Photography

Put one of these 35mm primes on your camera and you might not ever take it off.

There are lots of prime lenses out there that are great for specific types of photography. 14mm primes are great for landscapes, 40mm primes are great for street photography, and 85mm primes are great for portraits, but what if we told you that there is a sweet spot in the prime lens world? 35mm primes are like a multi-tool. They’re great for weddings, environmental portraits, street photography, product photography, architectural work, and they’re still wide enough to capture landscapes, cityscapes, and even out of this world astrophotography. Join us after the break to take a look at six 35mm primes that will rock your world. All of the 35mm primes we have listed here are incredibly impressive. Along with having one of the most versatile prime focal lengths, they’re well built, offer wide apertures for low light shooting, they produce ridiculously sharp images, they’re fast to focus, produce great colors, and they’ll even make you breakfast (okay, they won’t make you breakfast, but you get the point.) Slap one of these 35mm primes on your camera and you will be ready to shoot to matter what situation you find yourself in.

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These 135mm Prime Lenses Will Help You Capture Stunning Portraits

135mm prime lenses are just about the perfect lenses for portrait photography.

Ask any photographer his or her favorite lens for portrait photography and you’ll likely hear that an 85mm prime is their glass of choice. You’ll hear some say they like to use 50mm primes, and some even prefer to use zooms like a 24-70mm f2.8, or a 70-200mm f2.8. Every once in a while though you’ll come across a photographer who will say that their favorite glass for portraits is a 135mm prime lenses. The 135mm focal length is honestly just about the perfect lens for portraits thanks to fast apertures, incredible optics, and levels of compression that produce flattering images. Join us after the break as we take a look at six 135mm prime lenses that will help produce jaw dropping portraits. Continue reading…

How I Stopped Obsessing Over Canon L, Sony G Master, and Nikon G Lenses; and Just Continued to Shoot

There’s an obsession with Canon L, Sony G Master and Nikon G lenses that isn’t necessarily justified.

Before I go on, you should know that I’m not at all saying that lenses from these manufacturers are bad at all. Just go to DXOMark and take a look at their scores: Sony is very high up there and Canon is highly rated with their zoom lenses. But amongst those photographers who seriously started picking up the camera within the past four years, I’d like to relate to you a tale of how my obsession was similar to yours and perhaps even worse years ago. It started with Olympus, then went to Canon, and then I finally learned my lesson. Before you drop absurd amounts of money that you don’t really need to spend, you should probably consider how the bliss from ignorance will one day only make you realize that you’re not going to be any better of a photographer just because you own these lenses.

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Opinion: Why Vertical Grips Are Overrated for Photographers

camera market

Vertical grips aren’t really necessary in photography, and they’re pretty overrated.

If you’re a photographer who really, seriously has a need for shooting with a vertical grip for business purposes that involve you padding your bottom line and ensuring that you can keep making money, then you can disregard this article. But, I feel like most photographers don’t do this. The vertical grip on a camera is the photographer’s equivalent to the person who buys a Toyota Corolla just to put a body kit, spoiler, LEDs, and rims on it while rolling through a suburban neighborhood with music that folks can hear a block away. While this doesn’t quite disturb the peace, it surely is obnoxious.

Here are some more in depth reasons why I think that vertical grips are overrated.

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6 Accessories That Can Greatly Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography will become much easier, and you’ll spend less time in post by using these accessories.

Landscape photography is one of the most enjoyable genres of photography. You get to be out in nature, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Getting to your location, finding perfect compositions, waiting for the best light, and being able to get the image right in camera requires more skill than you might think. Fortunately, there are some great filters and accessories on the market that can help you capture stunning images in camera. This means that after a long day of hiking and shooting, you won’t have to spend hours in post processing. Like other genres of photography, getting your landscape images right in camera will save you so much time later on when it comes to editing. By using filters such as polarizers, ND filters, graduated filters, light pollution filters (handy for night time landscapes, cityscapes, and astrophotography), and by using tripods that can help ensure your shot is level and your gear is stable, you will save countless hours in post. Let’s take a quick look at some affordable filters and tripods that will help you get stunning images, and that will make landscape photography much more enjoyable.


Breakthrough Photography X4 Circular Polarizer


landscape photography

Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • High build quality
  • Nano Coating for dust resistance, water repellent, and therefore easier to clean
  • Weather resistance, said to be designed specifically to resist salt water
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Greater light transmission is beneficial for stopping motion (in sports or wildlife photography, for example)


  • Difficult to remove

Buy now ($129-$199): Amazon


Neewer Complete ND Filter Kit for Cokin P


Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Loads of filters
  • Loads and loads of very well built (though I’ve felt better) step up rings
  • Easy to use ND filter holder
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a nice case to carry everything
  • Great image quality
  • If you don’t like the image quality, it’s very ease to embrace any flaws it has with modern cameras


  • Filters are prone to fingerprint smears

Buy now ($21.99): Amazon


landscape photography

Pro Tip: Landscape photography may look easy, but it requires a fair amount of skill and patience to get the perfect shot. You need to be able to find the perfect composition, you have to wait for the right light, you need to shoot manual so that your exposure is perfect, and you have to know how to edit the image to make it look its best. If you’re new to landscape photography, and you want to learn all the ins and outs of the genre, this guide will walk you through every step of the process, and will help you create images that will stun viewers. The best part is that it’s only $29. What a bargain.


Irix Edge Light Pollution Filter


landscape photography

Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Nice textured grips around the ring of the filter make it easy to handle
  • Fantastic build quality
  • No loss of image quality
  • It really does what it says it can do. Sodium lights will no longer cast yellow hues in your pictures


  • Honestly nothing that we can think of. It just works

Buy now ($73-$116): Amazon


Vanguard VEO2 235CB Tripod


landscape photography

Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Solid build quality
  • The rubber sections for the legs feel really good
  • If you’re on the sand, they will keep dust and dirt from getting into the legs
  • Pretty much all the versatility that most photographers will need providing they adjust carefully
  • Lightweight
  • Fits onto the side of most backpacks


  • We wish there was a hook at the bottom to weigh the tripod down

Buy now ($146.09): Amazon



Pro Tip: Having the right equipment is one thing, but being able to get your gear to the location you want to shoot is another. Perhaps one of the most important accessories we can have is a comfortable bag. Not only will a camera bag hold, and protect all of your gear, it can make the difference between being uncomfortable and comfortable on a long hike or trip. It’s vital to have a bag that will protect your gear from the elements, and that will not destroy your back. The Kenora 4th Gen from Portage Supply does all of these things, and is incredibly affordable.


MeFOTO Roadtrip Leather Edition Tripod


Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Well built
  • One leg can be unscrewed to turn the unit into a monopod. That’s seriously cool!
  • Sections can easily and quickly be deployed just by gripping them in the right place and twisting
  • Stylish
  • Fairly intuitive


  • Friction control is really subtle
  • Tripod plate could use a D ring instead of needing to take a key out to unscrew it from your tripod

Buy now ($199): Amazon


Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Aluminum Alloy Tripod


landscape photography

Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Fantastic and perfect for travel
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Stays secure
  • All the adjustments that a photographer could really need or want at the price point
  • Two way release ensures that your camera doesn’t slip out of the ball head


  • Doesn’t really have a whole lot of support for the Peak Design Capture Clip

Buy now ($189.88): Amazon

Try This: When Photowalking, Shoot in Manual Mode Not Aperture Mode

landscape photography

The mere act of putting the extra effort into taking your photos will result in naturally better images that you’re paying more attention to.

The next time you go on a photo walk, I encourage every single one of you to turn off all the automatic modes and shoot completely manual. While this may sound like something lots of folks do, I’m sure that you all know in the deepest darkest parts of your hearts that you’re not doing this. Many folks shoot in aperture priority or even P for Professional mode. I did it. You most likely do it. Lots of folks do. And I think that we should all stop operating on autopilot and instead make more concerted efforts to take better images instead of just shooting hundreds just because we can. It genuinely isn’t going to make any of us any better no matter how hard you’ll try to argue against it.

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