7 Mirrorless Cameras Perfect for Students Heading Off to School

These Mirrorless cameras are perfect for capturing memories of the best days of your life.

Are you a student heading into their final year of high school? Perhaps you’re about to embark on the next stage of your journey and you’re heading off to college, or maybe you’re in the final year of your four-year school. Either way, these are all monumental moments, and you should cherish them. Having a camera with you will help you capture the memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Whether it’s memories made with friends, your personal achievements, or even wild parties you want to remember, these Mirrorless cameras will help you. Here are seven easy to use Mirrorless cameras that won’t break the bank. Continue reading…

Boys! Boys! Boys! Further Shows Objectification of Women in Photography

To follow the full scope of this article, please see the prior piece written on this gallery’s approach to online auctions.

Sometimes people throw out the modern cultural adage ‘stay in your lane,‘ with varying degrees of validity. Thanks to Black Box Gallery, this is a particularly evident case of “more than warranted” – it’s undeniable that the respect and representation of the queer/gay male community are held in much higher regard by the curators than their respect for women. In their previous auction, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Black Box showed lewd, borderline pornographic (and I don’t mean that in any anti-porn capacity: we as a culture need to embrace more sex positivity and end slut-shaming. Rather, I’m speaking to the hypersexualized nature of the curation), male-fantasy driven imagery portraying ‘women’s powerful sexuality’ through the lens of the male gaze. In this new auction which, for the purposes of this comparison piece, could not be more appropriately named, we see an exploration of the queer/gay male community via male sexuality.

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10 Lenses to Pair with the Sony a7r IV for Sensational Studio Shoots

If you’re going to ante up for the Sony a7r IV and you do a lot of studio shoots, you might want to consider using these incredible lenses.

The Sony a7r IV is going to be one powerful camera, and we’re sure many photographers will decide to splash the cash on the Full Frame Mirrorless beast once it hits stores later this year. If you’re a photographer who does a lot of studio shoots, and want to be able to get the best out of the 61 Megapixel sensor, you’re going to need lenses that can resolve a ton of detail. In this roundup, we take a look at 10 lenses perfect for studio shoots.

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I’m a Street Photographer and Gave Being an Instagram Boyfriend a Shot

To see what it was like to make photographs for “The Grams,” I turned myself into an Instagram boyfriend!

People travel all over the world to visit cool destinations. In previous eras, people were more than happy to get some snaps on a disposable camera, but holiday goers today take their photography very seriously. Social influencers are now a thing, and the everyday person is cashing in. That’s why you will often see the fashionable, beautiful girlfriend review her iPhone and promptly tell her boyfriend to “retake the photo!” I wanted to see what that experience would be like. Now, I’d like to say that, in order to become an Instagram boyfriend, I met the woman of my dreams. And I’d like to say that we both fell in love and embarked on a fantastic journey of emotional growth and development. But the truth is we worked with a highly talented, professional model to build this piece. Katie Hodgson is a UK based model who was more than willing to be my muse for what turned out to be a grey, rainy day in London (shocker!).

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Sigma Tops The DXOMark Top 10 Lenses League Table for July 2019

The DXOMark lens league table is dominated by Sony, Zeiss, and Sigma yet again.

It’s that time of the month again where we take a look at the top 10 lenses according to the guys and gals at DXOMark. If you have been wondering which lenses are the very best optically, and want to know where you should spend your hard-earned money, you should check out the DXOMark lens league table. There may be a few surprises in there that have flown under your radar. Join us after the break to see which lenses you should buy if you want the best of the best. Continue reading…

On Using the Fujifilm X Series of Cameras as a Journalist

The Fujifilm X series is given a lot of credit, but nowhere as much as Sony’s also great full frame mirrorless cameras.

The Fujifilm X series of cameras make solid companions for photojournalists, but only if certain cameras are used along with certain lenses. If a photographer chooses to work with the options available, they’ll find that the Fujifilm X system can be a fantastic option for a journalist working to earn a living. Sony arguably has the best option with all of its sensors being stabilized, and a variety of cameras that can do different things and offer a variety of features for different needs. But in the case of Fujifilm, that option isn’t available. All of their cameras more or less have some iteration of the same sensor. To that end, different form factors and features are what separate one camera from the next.

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A Quick Look at DXOMark’s Top 10 Performing Sensors For July 2019


It has been a quiet month over at DXOMark, but it’s still worth checking out the top sensor league table before you drop your cash on a new camera.

While it may have been a quiet month in the labs at DXOMark, the camera world has been rocked by new announcements that will surely shake up the DXOMark top-performing sensor league table here very soon. A quick look at the current league table shows that Sony has three cameras in the top ten already, and one can only imagine that the new a7r IV (once reviewed) will likely jump in and will make a mess of the current DXOMark standings; until that time though, lets take a look at the top ten performing sensors according to DXOMark for July 2019. Continue reading…

8 Street Photographers Who Deserve a Solo Exhibition

A solo street photography exhibition is precisely what these folks need.

Street photography festival season is fully underway. There are plenty of competitions and opportunities to get your work out there and seen by all the key players. The only slight problem is, if you’re lucky enough to get exhibited, your image will be amongst many others and risks not being fully appreciated. For the below photographers, their work deserves a center stage. They need a space that’s all about them. And while their images often stand out from the pack, it’s about time they had a solo exhibition.

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5 E Mount Lenses For Photographers Who’ll Travel With The Sony a7r IV

Pair these E Mount lenses up with the new Sony a7r IV, and you’ll have the perfect kit to capture stunning images from your travels.

If you do a lot of traveling, you’ll know that the best way to travel with your camera is to pick just a lens or two to come along on your journey with you. Being able to travel light, but still being able to capture gorgeous images is the name of the game when it comes to travel photography. Fortunately, there are quite a few exceptional E Mount Lenses that would make great travel lenses, and they would be even better if you were to pair them with the 61 Megapixel Sony a7r IV Continue reading…

Is This Sony a7r IV Feature Signaling the End of APS-C Cameras?

With the new Sony a7r IV, Sony is pushing the company’s ability to get higher resolution images at the APS-C level.

We know this could sound a little insane, but if you look at how the photography world is playing out, we could be seeing the end of APS-C very soon. As it is, there isn’t much of a reason to purchase an APS-C DSLR camera over a mirrorless camera. From Sony’s presentation, we were able to gather what Sony is touting at the APS-C level despite the Sony a7r IV being a full-frame mirrorless option. At the APS-C area, the Sony a7r IV has a lot of megapickles (spelled this way purposely); they could be trying to tell us something. To understand it a bit more, we talked to Sony’s Mark Weir.

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6 Lenses That Will Make a Sony a7r IV a Landscape Photography Monster

landscape photography

The new Sony a7r IV, when paired with any of these lenses, will become a landscape photography beast.

Landscape photography is such an amazing genre of photography. You get to be outside in nature, you can get some great exercise, and you get to see some stunning scenes where the light takes your breath away. As cameras have become more powerful, and as lenses have improved optically, it’s easier than ever to capture that stunning light as it hits the landscape in front of you. The new Sony a7r IV has a huge 61 Megapixel sensor and insane levels of dynamic range. It could quickly become one of the best cameras for landscape photography, especially if paired with any of the six lenses listed in this roundup. Continue reading…

Calling Men: Sherri Littlefield’s Special Project with Snap! Spectacles

All images by Sherri Nienass Littlefield. Used with permission.

Sherri Nienass Littlefield, the Associate Director of Foley Gallery and a photographer in her own right, has spent the better part of the last four months developing a new body of work, Calling Men, capturing documentary-style images of the men who cat-call her on a regular basis. Through the use of special glasses (developed by Snapchat), Littlefield is able to subtly photograph her cat-callers with her sunglasses in a less confrontational/direct way than a typical camera allows. The images she captures speak both to the frequency and severity of this universally shared female experience.

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Film Photography Lovers Need to Follow These 10 Togs!

We’re back with a selection of photographers who need more love on Instagram. This time we focus on film photography!

The satisfying feeling of shooting film photography still lives strong. With the digital world in full force, we’re pleased to see there are plenty of photographers keeping it old school. Whilst plenty of presets try, there’s nothing that can match the aesthetic of a good roll of film. Many well-established photographers are still choosing this format, so it’s no surprise that this style filters down. Focusing on the work of great film photographers who need a little extra love, below are 10 film photographers with under 10k followers on Instagram.

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8 Portrait Lenses That Can Harness the Power of the Sony a7r IV

These portrait lenses will really put all 61 Megapixels of the Sony a7r IV to use.

The new Sony a7r IV is a Full-Frame powerhouse that packs a whopping 61 Megapixels into a small body. The potential of this camera will give portrait photographers the ability to capture stunning images when paired with portrait lenses capable of resolving crazy amounts of detail. Fortunately, the Sony E Mount platform has a plethora of lenses that will blow your mind. After the break, we will take a quick a look at portrait lenses you will definitely want to use with the new Sony a7r IV. Continue reading…

Canon Needs This If They Want a Successful Mirrorless Camera System

Pretty much everyone starts out with the Nifty 50, and Canon really needs to bring one to the EOS RF system.

If you’ve been shooting photos seriously for a lengthy period of time, you’ll remember some of the first lenses you used. If you’re like me, one of your first serious lenses was a Nifty 50. If you’re a former or current Canon user, then you probably started with their Nifty 50–the fantastic 50mm f1.8. (It is fantastic relative to the price and performance for its price point.) Currently, the mirrorless camera world has nothing that high-quality that is affordable to the point of near disposability. But think about all the images you created with that lens, and how it made you fall in love with photography. Yongnuo has tried to create lenses like this, but it’s rational to ask for something a bit higher grade at a cheaper price point. In all seriousness, this is what is missing right now in the mirrorless camera world.

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Off-Camera Lighting: A Quick Look at Some of Our Fave Gear for Portraits

This off-camera lighting gear will dramatically improve your portrait photography.

There are two types of photographers in this world: natural light specialists, and off-camera lighting specialists. Both lighting styles are fantastic and can yield some incredible results. Today, we’re going to look at off-camera lighting gear that is not only powerful and easy to use, it’s also incredibly affordable. Join us after the break to see some of our favorite off-camera lighting products. Continue reading…

These Camera and Lens Combos Will Make Street Photography Fun

These camera and lens combinations will help take your street photography to new heights.

There are some things in life that just go together. Mac and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly come to mind, but there are also non-food items that pair equally as well. When it comes to street photography, having the perfect camera and lens combinations can make or break the experience. In this roundup, we’ll take a quick look at the best camera and lens combinations for several different platforms that will make street photography easy and fun. Continue reading…

Around $500: 7 Primes for Sony E Mount That Overperform

sony e mount

These Sony E Mount lenses perform miracles and prove that you don’t have go bankrupt to own one.

There are many photographers who scoff at the idea of purchasing cheap lenses. These photographers also look down upon anyone who uses anything but glass that can cost thousands of dollars. They believe that in order to create mind-blowing images you must spend beyond your means to get truly fantastic glass, but that is so far from the truth. The Sony E Mount system has been blessed with many first and third-party lenses capable of producing razor sharp images with gorgeous colors for around $500. After the break, we will take a look at seven Sony E Mount prime lenses that perform well above their weight. Continue reading…

Mini Photo Printers: Why Photographers Should Consider Having One

If you’ve never thought about getting one of those mini photo printers, now would be a good time to consider adding it to your creative tools.

It may seem easy to dismiss them as fads or trendy gadgets, but mini photo printers have been getting pretty popular in recent years. There are now a lot of options out there, among the latest being Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Camera and Smartphone Printer and Kodak SMILE Instant Digital Printer. It also seems that major smartphone and camera brands are jumping on the bandwagon: popping out their own versions. Pocket-sized, stylish, and playful, they seem to be targeted toward the Instax-smitten youth and mobile photographers. But should you bother getting one as well? There are a handful of reasons why it could well be worth it.

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Concert Photography: These Cameras and Lenses are Real Rockstars

If you want to try your hands at concert photography, just know that these cameras and lenses will help you score incredible images.

As we head deeper into summer, more and more concerts come to our cities, and that means that more and more photographers try their hands at concert photography. This exciting, yet challenging genre of photography requires fast lenses so that you can shoot in low light, and it requires cameras that can handle high ISOs easily.  There are plenty of cameras and lenses on the market that are suitable for concert photography, but this roundup will focus on our favorite cameras and lenses that will help you capture all of the on-stage antics. Continue reading…

The Voyeur in Photography as it Relates to the Photographer’s Intentions

The idea of the voyeur in photography is one that is romanticized but never discussed in fuller length.

We talk about street photography, street portraiture, and intentions often on this site, but I feel that the idea of the voyeur is something we genuinely need to bring up again. I’m not one to say that voyeurs should be berated, but I think one’s intentions should be put into perspective. To get right to the meat of the problem, I want to tackle the issue of photographing children–an issue often brought up. Many photographers will say “No, that’s wrong and you’re going to get in trouble.” And they’re right–in today’s society, it’s easy to be labeled as a predator of some sort. While taking pictures of people in public is 100% within your legal rights, I believe street photographers should check their intentions in an effort to move street photography forward beyond the casual snapshot and the emulation of all those who came before us. That’s not to say there isn’t good work out there–the street photography world has some fantastic work. But there is a lot of the same and the images of many people look the same.

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