3 Sigma Lenses That Will Make Your Next Wildlife Photography Trip Easier

sigma lenses

If you love wildlife photography and the results from Sigma lenses, these three telephoto lenses will please you.

Sigma’s lenses have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years; they now produce some of the very best lenses on the market. Sigma is known for its prime lenses, but Sigma’s zoom lenses are equally as great. If you’re a wildlife photographer or you enjoy birding, and you haven’t looked at Sigma’s telephoto options, this roundup will clue you in on what they have to offer. After the break, we will take a quick look at three Sigma lenses ideal for all types of wildlife photography. Continue reading…

Is Instagram the Best Medium for Sharing Creative Nude Photography? (NSFW)

When it comes to getting the word out about our work, Instagram remains the medium of choice.

We live in a tricky time. Creativity comes in many forms and approaches, yet for some reason, we are still averse to things like artful nudity. Art has explored the human body since we’ve come to have a more profound appreciation for it, yet today, even implied nudes are sometimes deemed lewd or inappropriate. Nudity in photography, no matter how tastefully done, is often either frowned upon or censored, especially on social media platforms. Photography seems to be the hardest hit because of its realistic nature. If you’ve ever posted portraits with nudity involved, chances are it’s been removed no matter how tasteful or creative the approach was. You’re not alone in this.

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New to Portrait Photography? Check Out These Affordable 50mm Primes

These incredibly affordable 50mm lenses are all you need to get started in the world of portrait photography. 

Photography is an incredible art to get involved with, but it can also be one of the most expensive. We are inundated by people and YouTube channels advising that you MUST use the most expensive lenses in order to be a pro or get pictures worth anything. This is simply not true. If you’re a photographer considering portrait photography, you’ll be pleased to know there are affordable 50mm lenses that create sharp images and produce all the bokeh you need. After the break, we have listed some of our favorite 50mm lenses for portrait photography that won’t make your wallet cry. Continue reading…

How the Photography Industry Changed for Women Over the Last Decade

Photography has been a part of our world for over 150 years. Lead Photo by Kezi Ban

It began as most things did, available only to the privileged few, mostly where wealth and power were concerned. As such, it’s undeniable that the field has historically been male-dominated and slow to change with the times. While we’ve made many advancements as an industry, we have a long way to go, and yet, there seems to be a lot of resistance in acknowledging how and where things still need to shift. Given this, we decided to explore the changes made over the years with female photographers who have been in the industry for at least a decade. We spoke to them about how things were when they first started, what things disappeared over time, and what things are still present in our community and culture. While some shifts have definitely happened, through speaking with these five phenomenal photographers, certain sentiments were repeatedly echoed as issues we still face today.

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The Best Wide Angle Zoom Lenses for Landscape Photography and More

fall landscape photography sony

Wide zoom lenses will have you covered when it comes to landscapes, documentary, environmental portraits, and so many more genres of photography.

While we love our prime lenses, there’s always space in our camera bags for versatile zooms as well. If you like to have just a few lenses to cover multiple focal lengths and multiple genres of photography, wide-angle zoom lenses have you covered. Want to shoot gorgeous landscapes? Wide-angle zooms will help with that. Do you like astrophotography, documentary photography, architectural photography, and environmental portraiture? You guessed it, wide-angle zoom lenses will help you with all of those genres and more. After the break, we list some of our favorite wide zoom lenses that cover multiple platforms. Come and check out what lenses we wouldn’t leave home without. Continue reading…

These 24mm Lenses Are Very Special, and Here’s Why You Need Them

24mm lenses are perfect for many photography genres, including street, weddings, environmental portraits, and more.

Here at The Phoblographer, we have a soft spot for 24mm lenses, and for good reason. These prime lenses are so handy they should have a permanent home in each and every camera bag around the globe. Need a lens for street photography? The 24mm has you covered. Need a solid performer for environmental portraits, landscapes, astrophotography, weddings, or documentary and photojournalism work? A trusty 24mm won’t let you down. Here’s a quick look at six of our favorite 24mm lenses that you should consider adding to your lens library. Continue reading…

8 Compact Cameras for Photographers Who Like to Travel Light

compact cameras Olympus Pen F

These compact cameras are small in size, but big on performance and features.

Compact cameras give photographers the chance to travel with gear small and light enough to fit in your coat pocket, yet still have access to incredibly good performance. Technology has come so far that the sensors and overall feature sets in compact cameras can (and do) rival cameras more than twice their size. If you’re a photographer who likes to sometimes leave their big bulky cameras at home so that you can travel light, these compact cameras are calling for you. Check out eight of our favorite pocket powerhouses after the break. Continue reading…

Why the Leica SL2 Is Good for a Certain Type of Portrait Photographer

The Leica SL2 is more or less a camera for creative photography and that makes it great for portraits.

It’s no surprise that the Leica SL2 could probably be one of the best options for portrait photographers using medium format. During my time with the Leica SL2 before its announcement, I thought carefully about who this camera is targeted towards. In many ways, I liken it to the Canon 5D Mk II’s launch many years ago. That was a camera designed for the creator–the portrait, landscape, studio, and documentary photographer who did things slowly with careful setup. It’s not a speed demon like the Sony a9 II. It’s not designed for those who do sports, photojournalism, etc. Part of this is due to the autofocus system coupled with the fantastic lens lineup that Sigma, Panasonic, and Leica all offer. The camera will have issues in low light, but the image quality will always be solid. For that reason, I think the Leica SL2 is a great camera for the photographers amongst us that do slow work. And let’s be honest: there’s a ton of you.

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There Are Cheaper Solutions to Chimping Than the Fujifilm X Pro 3

The Fujifilm X Pro 3 is targeted at those who want to stop chimping. But surely there’s a cheaper solution?

The announcement of the Fujifilm X Pro 3 has plenty of people talking within the street photography community. The decision to hide the LCD screen, and emulate a build that pays homage to an analog camera, is attractive to many. Designed to prevent people from chimping (the act of reviewing each image after it’s been shot), the Fujifilm X Pro 3 comes at a hefty price. Starting at $1,799.95 (and going up to $2699.99) the camera certainly isn’t a cheap fix to a widespread problem. If you don’t have the cash to drop on this camera, check out these more cost-effective methods that will help prevent you from chronic chimping!

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The Best 85mm Lenses for Pro Portrait Photographers (That Bokeh!)

85mm is the sweet spot for portrait photographers, and these 85mm prime lenses are some of the best around.

There are lots of lenses on the market that are considered portrait lenses, but the 85mm focal length is perhaps the sweet spot for portrait photographers. This focal length sits nicely between 50mm and 135mm offerings, and it gives photographers the ability to either capture great 3/4 length shots, or beautiful headshots. The 85mm prime lenses we have listed after the break are some of our favorites across multiple platforms: we’re sure portrait photographers everywhere, whether new to the genre or well decorated, will love the performance of them. Continue reading…

Conceptual Photographer Katinka Schuett Explores the Idea of Space

All images by Katinka Schuett. Used with permission.

“I like to plan pictures in advance and to deal intensively with picture ideas during the research phase,” explains conceptual photographer Katinka Schuett. “Conceptual photography leaves a lot more control than other photography subjects and allowing me to work with the subject very consciously.” Katinka is one of the two winners of the Female in Focus photography award recently. Her project, Cosmis Drive, revolves around the exciting intersection of conceptual images and realistic scientific components. It’s also an exploration of the human desire to communicate with the unknown. Below, we delve deeper into the ideas present throughout her body of work and discuss her artistic journey as a photographer.

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How You’re Alienating Women in the Photo Industry (And Don’t Know It)

As a woman, I can only speak to the microaggressions directed in gender-specific ways towards myself.

It’s been years of subtle stripping of humanity, constant questioning of my intellect, experience, and skill, and underminings of my opinions and feelings. I’ve already written about quite a few. Here, however, I’m speaking to a broader picture – the sense that we don’t belong because we didn’t pass enough ‘”tests” with a gearhead, or a demeaning comment about women was made in your presence, and how that divides and alienates women from the photographic community.

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8 Powerful Lenses That Make Wildlife Photography Easy

These lenses will get you closer to the action on your next birding or wildlife photography trip.

There’s always talk about street, portrait, sports, landscape, and the documentary genres of photography, but little about the wildlife and birding genres. It seems as though lens manufacturers are taking note of the growing popularity of these two categories: there are more and more lenses suited to this type of work that are hitting the market. Wildlife photography and birding photography may sound easy, but I can assure you that if you aren’t skilled and do not have lenses with great reach, you will struggle. We have picked out eight lenses for various platforms that will help you get closer to the action. Check them out after the break. Continue reading…

When Photographers See Models as Human Props Instead of People

Sometimes photographers forget that models are human beings.

Models provide opportunities to learn, they reignite inspiration, and connecting with them provides an excellent excuse to get out of our editing caves and meet with other creatives. As such, several members of The Phoblographer staff and I joined a model on the last day of the Photo Plus Expo and discovered a story deserving of discussion that unfolded right before our eyes. Usually, photo walks are quite fun and create great ways to connect with other photographers. But, this walk became a different sort of revelatory encounter. As the model who was hired to help with the photo walk joined us, we watched what we’ve probably seen all too often on the set of a shoot: a slow but steady dehumanization of the young woman in front of us: beautiful, photogenic, and seen as a prop instead of a person.

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9 Weather-Sealed Primes to Pair with Your Sony Camera This Winter

These weather-sealed primes will put up with whatever Mother Nature throws at you this winter.

When the air becomes cold, and the snow and freezing rain start falling from the sky, many photographers will head inside. But there are those of us who are brave enough (or stupid enough) to head out into the elements. When we go outside, we need to make sure our gear can withstand cold temperatures, blowing winds, and precipitation. If you’re a Sony shooter who likes to get outside when the going gets rough, check out these nine weather-sealed primes that will get the job done for you. Continue reading…

7 Pieces of Photography Gear Our Readers Were Excited About in October

It’s always interesting to see what photography gear is causing a stir in the community.

October has been an exciting month for photographers. Fujifilm announced the much anticipated X-Pro 3. Canon shed some light on their upcoming 1DX III. Sony showed the A9 II off to the world. And the a7r IV has been landing on the doorsteps of those who ordered Sony’s new flagship. Which items really got our readers excited, though? It’s fun to see which cameras and lenses are trending. For us, it’s no surprise to see that the Fujifilm X-H1 is still selling like hotcakes. This impressive APS-C camera is still just $999, and yes, that price includes the battery grip! The Sony a7r IV has a bunch of photographers excited, as does the new Fujifilm X-Pro 3! In terms of lenses, the Sigma 35mm f1.2 has been added to several photographer’s lens libraries, as has the lens Zeiss Batis 135mm f2.8. Below, check out the list of photography gear that has excited our readers.

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I Told Myself I Wouldn’t Buy Another Leica, But I Was Stupid to Say So

Leica cameras are beautiful, but I thought I grew out of them.

Everything I can do with a Leica camera I can do with any other camera. What makes Leicas so special are their lenses and how they work specifically with the sensors in their cameras. I’m referring specifically to the M series. The L mount cameras and the Leica Q series are nice, but with their price points they don’t make a lot of sense for the type of work I do. If I did a lot of photojournalism in war zones, the Leica SL would be a mainstay. I still own my Leica CL film camera, and after selling my Leica M4P I have come to be at peace with letting it go. But, the itch came roaring back. And as a gift to myself for the site turning 10 years old, I bought an old Leica M6 TTL. I’m sure no one would be able to tell what came from my Hexar AF and what came from the Leica M6 unless they really knew the differences of the images straight out of the camera. To that end, I accepted that the Leica M cameras were a luxurious item for me and my film photography–but film in and of itself is really a luxury.

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9 Lenses Perfect For Documentary Photography With The Fujifilm X Pro 3

fujifilm lenses

The Fujifilm X-Pro 3 may just be the perfect camera for Documentarians to tote around, and these lenses will help you get the most out of it.

The just-announced Fujifilm X Pro 3 has warmed the hearts of many photographers due to its beautiful retro styling, it’s innovative rear E-Ink screen, and of course, its tried and true X-Trans Sensor. Previous iterations of this camera have been incredibly popular with street photographers, documentarians and photojournalists. There’s no doubt the Fujifilm X Pro 3 will be as well. Fujifilm has a vast collection of both primes and zooms that will help make this camera a fantastic tool for those who love documentary photography. Here we will take a quick look at the lenses that we would use for this genre of photography. Continue reading…

4 Photographers Helped Rekindle My Love for Street Photography

I had the privilege of shooting street photography with some great photographers recently. I can honestly say it rejuvenated my passion for the art form.

While in New York, I was able to connect with people who share as much love for street photography as I do. I’m grateful for this because, honestly, I needed to be in an environment that brought positive vibes and zero negativity. The truth is, I’m on the receiving end of a lot of trolling. And although I’ve committed to taking the rough with the smooth, it does sometimes put a downer on how I feel about the craft. So to be out with the likes of Mark Beckenbach, Clay Benskin, Rinzi Ruiz, and Jens Krauer was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Here’s why.

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So You Want to Buy a Leica…You Should Know This

If you want to buy a Leica, you’re most likely going for a Leica M camera and need to know these things.

Someone out there will tell you they’re thinking about buying a Leica. What they typically mean by this is a Leica M camera. The Leica M isn’t necessarily for the photographer with a lot of money. Instead, it’s for the photographer who wants to create and capture photos in a completely different way. The inherent design and functionality of a Leica go against much of what modern tech is. Yet somehow or another, a Leica M can be a better image capturing device than others on the market. In the past few years, Leica cameras have gone down in price and on the second-hand market: it’s not difficult to find a good one. So if you want a Leica, then we’re going to talk you through the purchasing process.

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7 Primes That Will Make The Fujifilm X Pro 3 a Street Photography Gem

The Fujifilm X Pro 3 is just begging to be used out on the streets, and these prime lenses will make it sing.

The Fujifilm X Pro series of cameras have become firm fan favorites of street photographers over the years. The classic Rangefinder styling, solid build quality, and impressive image output make X Pro cameras a fantastic choice. A camera needs great lenses, though, and there are a ton of them available to Fujifilm users. If you plan on using the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 ($1,799.95 at Adorama) for street photography when you get your hands on one, these are the lenses we recommend that you pair up with it. Continue reading…