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Who is The Phoblographer?

Founded in 2009, the Phoblographer is a story of a few driven individuals working to change the way we think about cameras. It started with taking the cameras and lenses out of the lab and into the field. We’re all passionate photographers. And we love to shoot our daily lives with the photo gear we purchase. So it just makes sense for us to incorporate it into our lives. That’s what our staff does.

The website has bridged the gap between the art world and the tech world for over a decade. We do this holistically in all our content as much as possible. It starts with our reviews. By applying it in our gear tests, we work to remind photographers that there’s still a passionate, creative person behind the camera. So you have to work to get the shot. This is further translated through in our various interviews and series’ like Creating the Photograph. What’s more, we’ve worked with partners over the years to uplift the voices of women, POCs, disabled photographers, and others. Our Editor in Chief and Founder Chris Gampat is legally blind. And through Phoblographer, we’ve worked to motivate and inspire passionate photographers everywhere. Nothing should hold you back from getting the shot!

Our founder has been involved in every aspect of the company’s growth and development over the years. He cares, and it shows holistically through the content. Part of the site’s strength is our incredibly strong Search Engine Optimization. We’ve applied strict ethics to our stories and earn the trust of Google and our readers. Everything from our word choices, stories we tackle, and our image selection is meticulously chosen.

What Does The Phoblographer Do?

The Phoblographer publishes on our website daily. Our content varies from thought pieces, opinions, reviews, tutorials, roundups, deals, and more. We strive to not deliver the same content and have different conversations from everyone else. Our posts are transmitted out to our Facebook page, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Flipboard. They also go out into The Daily Phoblographer: our newsletter sent every evening. Most of our stories are translated and read by an AI algorithm. You can listen to it on our website. We’re streaming daily on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcherPocket Casts, and Spotify! Lastly, you can tune in once a week to our Live Show called Pro Camera Reviews. We talk about big subjects in the Photo World on this show. It’s simulcast to Facebook. And later on in the week, you can catch it on YouTube and Flipboard TV.

We interview photographers on the Inside the Photographer’s Mind Podcast as well. Below is a screenshot of some of our audio podcast stats as done through our website. There’s a lot more where this comes from though.

Achievements and Accolades for The Phoblographer

We’ve been quoted and referenced all around the web in the LATimes, NYTimes, CTV, Glamour, CreativeLive, 1 Hour Photo, Pop Photo, Look4Ward, Creative Boom, Neatorama, the Tony and Chelsea Show, and much more. Our content is included in various high school lesson plans around the world.

The Phoblographer has earned participation in the coveted Amazon OnSite program. What’s more, we’ve also got our own Amazon Camera Shop.

Our staff is located all over the world too! Other accolades include:

  • Continuing to break traffic records. Through our partnership with Yahoo!, we continued to break traffic records with stories like this one about an incredible image shot on 9/11.
  • We’ve objectively reviewed the most lenses of any photographic-niche publication. We even made a big announcement earlier this year and the number has continued to increase.
  • We’ve reviewed the most camera bags of any photographic-niche publication. Folks continue to come to us to hear the honest truth about camera bags.

We were an All-Out award 2021 media partner and we continue to champion the LGBTQ+ community. Take a look at our coverage.

We were a sponsor of the 2021 Mobiography Awards. Take a look at our coverage.

We are a Sony World Photography Awards Media Partner.

We built the Phoblographer into an app this year. It’s available for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

We Were Named One of the Best Photography Blogs By

These Schools Have Included Our Content in Their Curriculum

Let’s Talk Numbers

As of December 2021, here are some of our average yearly stats:


  • Average of 1.58 million pageviews a month average across all feeds
  • Average of 562,000 unique visitors a month
  • Average of 1:27 minutes a session


  • Over $650,00 in shipped in hardware-based affiliate revenue
  • Approximately 2 Million come to us to find a good deal!
  • We’ve worked with various manufacturers to provide reader exclusive discounts via Amazon Storefronts



  • 74% Male, 26% Female
  • 1.7 million folks consider themselves techies
  • 1.5 million folks consider themselves shutterbugs
  • 1.4 million folks love the great outdoors
  • 1.4 million folks love shooting photos when they travel
  • 1.5 million folks interested in buying a new camera
  • 600,000 interested in buying a new phone
  • 552,000 interested in a new lens
  • 404,000 interested in a new laptop
  • 400,000 interested in prints and home decor
  • 354,000 interested in a new computer
  • 24.5% between the ages of 24-34
  • 19.3% between the ages of 35-44
  • 18% between the ages of 45-54
  • 14.3% between the ages of 55-64
  • 10% are 65+
  • 13.6% between the ages of 18-24
  • 82% of the audience primarily speak English
  • 45.9% based in the US
  • 8.8% based in the UK
  • 6.51% based in Canada
  • 3% based in Australia
  • 3% in Germany
  • 3% in India

Traffic Sources

  • 61% of our audience reads us on mobile devices
  • 36% of traffic comes from organic search
  • 28.9% of traffic comes to us directly
  • 31% of traffic comes to us from referrals
  • 3.4% of traffic comes to us from social media channels

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Advertising Options With The Phoblographer


“The Phoblographer’s prolific product round-ups have proven sales through its affiliate programs that make working with The Phoblographer that much more important in days where every ad dollar spent must be effective in broadening brand recognition and producing sales.”

Stacie Errera, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Tamron USA

“As a PR rep I’ve worked with Phoblographer several times over the past couple of years. Chris and the team are always a pleasure to work with – they are well-informed, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. They are always imaginative and diligent in their approach to think of an angle which would interest their readers and make for a more engaging story rather than just replicating a press release.”

Eleanor Macnair, Freelance Publications for the Photo Industry

“It has been a pleasure to be involved with articles on the Phoblographer and I look forward to seeing what new pieces they publish every day.”

Tony Gale, American Photographic Artists President, Photographer

“The Phoblographer is a dichotomy that works well for advertising. It pairs a forward-thinking platform and understanding of modern distribution channels with a more old-fashioned business interaction approach. The upshot as a client reaches on all channels the audience is found, and a team that is flexible and personal.”

Kishore Sawh, Pixel Shift

“The Phoblographer is a collaborative partner, rather than just an advertising channel. I have worked with The Phoblographer in several capacities over the past several years. I’ve had the pleasure to partner with The Phoblographer on events, press coverage, sponsored content, and advertising. Chris and the team offer creative opportunities that other sites do not and unique channels to reach audiences. They have exceeded expectations across all projects and are truly a joy to work with.”

Danielle Lawler, Senior Producer, Blue Pixel Creates