Andreas Theologitis Plays with Shadow and Light to Unveil “Haunted Souls”

All images by Andreas Theologitis. Used with permission.

We’ve previously seen Greek architect, urban planner, and photographer Andreas Theologitis depart from his “natural” environment of geometry and architecture to begin an emotive conceptual series called Beyond Dark. Recently, he shared his latest foray into studying the human form through this moody imagery — another exploration into the depths of human psyche through a series titled Haunted Souls.

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This Technology Can Make a Camera Resolve Terapixels, Not Megapixels

Quantum dots could majorly change your camera sensor in the future; and could make smartphones that much better.

It’s possible very soon that a technology called Quantum dots could be implemented into making camera sensors significantly better than they currently are. For photographers, that means that higher end cameras with interchangeable lenses could take a quantum leap (pun intended) ahead of the smartphone world. Of course, if and when the technology comes to smartphones, it could also be quite disruptive. Internet speeds and services would need to do some massive compression to make the images displayed on their platforms easily loadable. But more than anything, it’s probably going to start the pixel peeping wars all over again.

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Elena Iv-Skaya’s “LES AQUARELLES” Focuses on Vibrant Portraiture

All images by Elena Iv-skaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Elena Iv-skaya has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to stunning fashion editorials with an eye-catching command for color and details. If she was able to bring retro vibes to life in Dreamer Pool, in her recent series, she gives us imagery dripping in vibrant colors and striking elegance. Fashion photographers searching for exemplary projects will surely have a lot of points to take for inspiration in this series.

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Ethan Russell Is Funding a Fine Art Monograph Featuring Music Legends

Avid fans of the 1960s rock scene might want to support Ethan Russell in his campaign to publish his first and only fine art monograph, featuring his photos of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and many others.

Grammy nominated photographer Ethan Russell holds the distinction of being the only rock photographer who shot album covers for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. Decades later, he’s gearing up to put some of his best snaps of the 1960’s rock scene in a legacy project — his first and only fine art monograph.

Russell has turned to Kickstarter to fund this 244-paged, 14 x 10.25 inches fine art monograph simply titled Ethan Russell Photographs: A Monograph.  It will come in two versions: a Regular Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition. The campaign aims to produce only 500 copies, along with some cool rewards and incentives. The monograph will also have a preface by Russell and photographer Neal Preston, and an introduction by Shannon Perich, the Photographic Curator for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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PolaRoad Aims to Make Travel More Memorable Using Instant Photos

PolaRoad wants to make exploring the Italian city of Siena more fun for travelers through their nifty guides and instant photography.

For a good number of film photographers and travelers, an instant camera already has a place in their trip essentials. But a project called PolaRoad aims to make it a crucial component of a different and more fun experience for travelers who want to explore the city of Siena in Italy’s Tuscany region. If you have plans to visit the charming town anytime soon, this could be a project you’d like to support!

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Cheap Photo: 20% or More Off on All These Lens and Camera Deals

We did some digging, and we found some pretty great lens deals and camera deals just for you.

In continuing with our efforts to find a way to get you some of the best deals we can find after tax day, we’ve found 20% or more off of both cameras and lenses. You’ll find some great options if you’re in search of a backup camera, your first real camera for someone, or if just want some new glass to help you with your inspiration. Just remember folks: your lenses are more important than your camera. We’ve also got a few others too!

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Think Tank Photo Announces the Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case

Think Tank Photo’s newly announced Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case promises to help keep your stands organized and protected whether for storage or transport.

If you’re still looking for a reliable solution to keeping your lighting stands properly stored and protected, especially during transport, you may be interested in Think Tank Photo’s newest offering. The Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case is poised to be an ideal solution for storing and transporting heavy light stands of any kind.

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Brendan Barry Makes His Own Cameras by Hand

The latest installment of the ILFORD Inspires series takes us to the camera-making and print-making adventures of a large format photographer.

In the newest episode of the ILFORD Inspires series, we are introduced to UK-based large format photographer, educator, and camera maker Brendan Barry, as well as some of the fascinating handmade cameras he uses to create his prints. Whether you have a keen interest on making your own cameras or simply curious about what his creations have allowed him to achieve, you’ll definitely be delighted watching this short film.

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The Fujifilm GFX 50R Created These Gorgeous Black and White Portraits

If you’re considering getting the Fujifilm GFX 50R for portrait work, we think you won’t be disappointed.

Whatever your photography genre of choice, we’re sure you’re curious if the rangefinder style Fujifilm GFX 50R would be a great tool to elevate your art and craft with. Today, we bring an answer to all you portrait and fashion photographers out there. Looking at this set by Chennai-based fashion photographer Bhagathkumar Bhagavathi, we think it’s a resounding yes. Bhagavathi decided to do his first shoot with the Fujifilm GFX 50R in classy and elegant black and white, which is a fine choice given that it’s a popular style for fine art portrait photography. In his collection of shots, we see him playing around with several elements: contrasts, shadow and light play, textures, and bokeh.

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Our Favorite Lenses for the Fujifilm XT3 (and Why)

The Fujifilm XT3 is a fantastic camera and arguably our favorite XT series camera yet, but what lenses pair well with it?

When we begun testing the Fujifilm XT3, we didn’t know what to expect. We knew it was going to be better, but we didn’t know the image quality would be more film-like, and the autofocus and battery life would be better. We love the camera and genuinely feel like $1,399 is a great price. Granted, there are full frame options nearing that price point, but they don’t have the performance or number of native lenses currently available that the Fujifilm XT3 does. So we went through our Reviews Index to figure out some of the best lenses to get with this camera.

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What Ever Happened to the Dedicated Macro Mode on Fujifilm Cameras?

If you’ve been a Fujifilm camera user for many years, then you probably know all about the Macro mode.

With Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and others launching their own, serious mirrorless camera options we figured that we’d go back into history to when Fujifilm first started their ILC camera system. I tend to use older cameras from both Sony and Fujifilm and by far, Fujifilm has had the most unique changes. One of the biggest things Fujifilm had on their earlier cameras was a dedicated Macro mode. That gave the user closer focusing with all of the system’s lenses. But after a while it disappeared. Why?

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Marina Weishaupt’s Swiss Mountain Photos Are a Compositional Dream

All images by Marina Weishaupt. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the mountains bring you peace and creative motivation, you’ll find a kindred spirit in German photographer Marina Weishaupt and her breathtaking mountain snaps. Today, we place the spotlight on her surreal set Winter in August, featuring the snowy peaks of the Piz Feiss in eastern Switzerland. Weishaupt, a self-taught photographer based in Ulm in Southern Germany, has found her passion in nature, animals, and the environment, with a keen interest for rough landscapes. It comes as no surprise then that she now focuses on capturing mountainous locations with rough structures and unique shapes, and is constantly looking for new places off the beaten path. Sure enough, Piz Feiss isn’t the first to come to mind when we speak of Swiss peaks (that distinction belonging to the Swiss Alps), yet its stunning beauty and dramatic vistas are also worth the adoration.

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Question: Why Are There Light Leaks on My CineStill Film?

A founder of CineStill weighs in on what’s caused Light Leaks on their film

Tons of photographers absolutely adore CineStill’s films. They give you a look that you simply can’t get at all in digital due to how they’re treated and developed. But one of the biggest problems that has been consistent with CineStill film though is the light leaks that they can give off. And in most cases, one of two things tend to happen.

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Why Every Photographer Should Have an 85mm Lens in Their Bag

The 85mm lens is genuinely a very versatile lens that can be of use to any photographer.

Do you have an 85mm lens in your bag? Some photographers may think that this is a lens that is too specialized for a variety of shooting situations. But in truth, these lenses have been improved over the years to include better options, weather sealing and things like even closer focusing. And no matter what camera system I’ve been on, I’ve had an 85mm lens in my bag that has become a staple that I’ve needed.

Here’s what I think every photographer needs an 85mm lens.

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5 of Our Favorite Film Rangefinder Cameras (One for Everyone)

If you’re really looking for a solid film rangefinder camera, you should know that you don’t need to spend a whole lot.

When I went on my journey to grow as a photographer, some of the best tools that I had were film rangefinder cameras. I’m still very much of the belief that any and every photographer should shoot film and use cameras that don’t have metering built in to become better. They’ll move slower, they’ll have a lot more intent with their images, and they’ll create something much more unique to them. So we went into our reviews index to find some of our favorites film rangefinder cameras. And here they are!

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Cheap Photo: We’re Saving You a Ton of Money on Education and Presets

These Photography software deals, and sales on tutorials and guides are around only for a limited time.

You’re probably just as broke as we are after taxes–so we get it. You can’t spend a whole lot of money and that’s okay. Have you always wanted a preset for just about anything you can think of? If you answered yes then the Mega Bundle Of 8,400+ Professional Lightroom Presets can be yours for just $29! That means you save 96%! The Ultimate Boudoir Bundle for Photographers is also has a discount of 91%!! Join us after the break to see more deals that will rock your world. Continue reading…

Realistic Advice for the Freelancer: Photography Can be a Grim Business

A recent thread on Reddit traced that professional creatives often have a pretty tough time.

If I were to go back in time and give any sort of advice to my younger self when I first quit my day job to run The Phoblographer full time, it would have involved a whole lot about money and personal health. Luckily, I don’t seem to be alone as a recent Reddit thread echoed the sentiments of many other freelancers in the US. For all of us, it seems very grim because of how our system works. And in general, it’s easy to say that a lot of us are often pretty scared of the things that those with full time jobs don’t even think about yet complain about to their higher ups pretty often.

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Social Media: A Photographer’s Curse and Why I Chose to Break Free

I’ve deleted social media, which means I’m either having a mental breakdown or there’s actually some method to the madness.

Social media has become such an integral part of a photographer’s journey. I myself had become so immersed in it that I’d spend a large portion of my day on apps like Instagram and Twitter. Building profiles, portraying the perfect life and living for likes; it absorbs so many of us, including myself. I’ve known for a while that I was moving toward a point where I had to break free.

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Sebastian Magnani Imagines the Less Heroic Daily Life of Batman

All images by Sebastian Magnani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re all familiar with Batman as a bat-inspired figure of justice that sets to work at night. But surely, we’ve all wondered at some point, what if he doesn’t shed off his superhero identity to become Bruce Wayne and goes on with his days as the Caped Crusader? To our rescue comes Zurich-based photographer and conceptual artist Sebastian Magnani with his awesome series aptly called Daily Batman.

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Review: Godox Thinklite TT350F Mini Flash (Fujifilm)

Godox TT350F

The Godox TT350F is an affordable flash for Fujifilm Shooters, but you get what you pay for.

Godox are synonymous with producing good quality lighting at prices that make the accessories affordable to the masses. Their flashes are well built, and they have one of the most robust, user friendly wireless trigger systems around with their R2 triggers. The Godox TT350F is a small, affordable flash that has been designed to work with Fujifilm’s smaller Mirrorless camera bodies, but can it live up to their reputation of producing quality products that are affordable?

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Cheap Photo: The Street Photographer’s Notebook Is Only $39

For the budding street photographer who wants a lot of inspiration and tutorials, look no further than the Street Photographer’s Notebook.

We’ve got a special deal for street photographers out there who are just starting out. For only $39, you can get a whole plethora of tutorial material. The Street Photographer’s Notebook by photographer Alex Coghe is a nice starting point for the person who wants to find a way to take their street photography further but is still just getting started. Best of all, it will help you pivot if you eventually find that you want to do something else: therefore giving you a ton of long term value.

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