Review: Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm F4 Macro OIS

The Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm f4 Macro OIS currently acts as the standard lens available for the system–and it’s not too bad!

While I’m usually not a fan of lenses like the Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm f4 Macro OIS, I have to admit that this one grew on me. Many years ago, a 24-105mm f4 was my bread and butter lens, and many folks have something like it for general shooting. But for the type of photography and shooting I do now, I found that this lens isn’t versatile enough. This is a problem I find inherent in all 24-105mm lenses: it’s either not as long as Nikon’s 24-120mm or the aperture is too slow. When it comes to shooting in very low light situations, the image stabilization from the sensor and the lens sometimes falls short of what a faster aperture can give you. The Panasonic S1R is perhaps the best camera to combine this lens with. It is designed for high resolution shooting that therefore lends itself to better color editing and much more. The Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm f4 Macro OIS is fittingly large to accommodate the Panasonic Lumix Pro series of cameras, and a lens that I’m not sure every photographer would want or need.

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Photoville 2019 Was More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Photoville is the one event I look to most for insightful inspiration and necessary illumination of visual narratives within our industry.

The beauty and magic of Photoville is its ability to explore and expose the need for intersectional representation, whether examining exhibitions from a perspective of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, etc. Subsequently, I’d love to share some of the projects I found most influential, and examine why they are compelling, either by breaking molds, highlighting issues frequently left on the table, or challenging the traditional narratives we often encounter. Continue reading…

This Photo Contest Encourages You to Do Good with Your Camera

Looking for a photo contest to showcase your work? Here’s something different: putting your skills to action while also doing good using your camera. 

Husband and wife photography team Denae and Andrew have been working on something big for over a year, and they’re excited to get the word out. Inspired by the idea that there are plenty of opportunities for photographers to do good and share their talent, they came up with a photo contest with a purpose. Dubbed Do Good With Your Camera, it seeks to highlight how photography can serve both as an art and a form of service.

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GoFundMe Campaign Aims to Help Photographer Bob Croslin with Chemo

Let’s help photographer Bob Croslin get the best chance at recovery from another round of chemotherapy by supporting this GoFundMe campaign.

Some of you may already be aware of Florida-based commercial and editorial photographer Bob Croslin‘s battle with cancer since last year, for which he has gone through six months of treatment. Unfortunately, he’s back in the hospital for another round of chemotherapy, so friends have started to show their support through a GoFundMe campaign. They’re hoping that the rest of the photography community can also pitch in to give him the best chance at recovery so he can keep shooting.

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Pierre Crocquet Has an Almost Vivian Maier Style Story, See for Yourself

Pierre Crocquet may not be a photographer you’ve heard of, but since his tragic death in 2013, one person is doing their best to ensure everybody knows his name.

After his passing, Pierre Crocquet’s sister, Jeannine, inherited all his negatives. In an almost Vivian Maier style story, Jeannie has hundreds of undeveloped rolls of film. She’s currently unpacking Pierre’s photographic story and sharing it with the world. The work is powerful and the response is overwhelming. Jeannine profoundly loves her brother, and her role of being his curator is helping to keep their relationship alive. In a moving conversation, Jeannie invited us to take a look at Pierre’s history. She shares with us his troubles, his creative challenges, and who Pierre Crocquet – the man and the photographer – really was.

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The Cameras on The Google Pixel 4 Could Be Pretty Cool!

Google Pixel 4

The new Google Pixel 4 might be taking mobile photography to new frontiers.

We all have our own feelings about the cameras we find on phones, and about mobile photography in general. There is one thing that nobody can deny, though, and that’s the leaps and bounds companies like Google are taking when it comes to this technology. The Google Pixel 4 is set to feature the most powerful camera yet on any Pixel device. Are you hyped about what this new camera on the Pixel 4 might be able to do? Let’s take a closer look at it after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Snap Up These 3,900+ Lightroom Presets for Just $14.50

lightroom presets photowhoa

All the Lightroom presets you could ever need in one well-priced package for under $15!

Now this is a deal you don’t want to miss out on. We have an exclusive offer for readers of The Phoblographer which will help you build your library of Lightroom presets. Until September 25th, you’ll be able to get over 3,900 Lightroom presets for the crazy low price of just $14.50 when you use the coupon code PHOBLOGRAPHER50 during checkout. Join us after the break to see what this massive bundle of Lightroom presets includes. Continue reading…

5 Ways the Fujifilm X Pro 3 Hints at What the Next X100 Camera Is Like

The Fujifilm X Pro 3’s development was announced at the Fujifilm X Summit, and it’s quite innovative.

The X Pro 3 is a camera we have been eagerly anticipating as the rest of the industry has kept putting out cameras, lenses, etc. It honestly felt a bit like Fujifilm was quiet on the higher end of the X series in 2019. Understandably, this caused some anxiety among some Fujifilm users. I have a specific camera bag packed fill with Fujifilm gear that I use and was becoming antsy wondering how Fujifilm was going to innovate. What they announced came entirely out of the left field for me. But it also opened up even more questions, such as what the next X100 camera may be like.

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Onur Kurt Chronicles Berlin in Gorgeous CineStill 800T Snaps

CineStill 800T brought out the nostalgic side of Berlin in these travel snaps by Onur Kurt.

Looking for new ways to capture your favorite cities? Sometimes, a simple change in your shooting experience — like shooting with a film camera — can help you get into a different mood. If you’re yet to try shooting with film, we think these CineStill 800T street photos by Istanbul-based art director Onur Kurt will inspire you to finally give it a go.

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Julija Felajn Evokes Nostalgia with Timeless Film Photography

All photos by Julija Felajn. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Film photography may now be in vogue among those looking for something different from the digital experience. The moody aesthetic, experimentation, and “happy accidents” also continue to be some of the reasons why film photographers continue to be hooked on the medium. But among all of these is the fact that film photos are timeless, as we can see in the nostalgic work of Belgrade-based Julija Felajn.

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Use Fixative Varnish Spray to Protect Your Photos from the Elements

You can always frame your photos to keep them protected, or you can simply spray them with a fixative varnish spray to make them extra durable.

If you’re a fan of printed matter, we’re sure that making those prints last is among your concerns. It’s so easy for them to become ruined or faded, and it can be frustrating when it happens to a prized print from your favorite photographer. Sure, you can rely on archival papers and special frames to make sure they last as long as possible. Or, you can use a fixative varnish to give those photos the best chance at lasting a lifetime.

Psst, you can get some of this magical varnish over at Adorama.

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7 Great 70-200mm Zoom Lenses Perfect for Portraits and More

70-200mm zoom lenses

The 70-200mm zoom lens is incredibly versatile and should be in every photographer’s camera bag.

There are quite a few lenses that can be considered the swiss army knives of the photography world. Lenses that spring to mind include 24-105mm lenses, 24-70mm lenses, and when it comes to primes the 35mm focal range is one that works in just about every genre of photography. There is, however, another lens that is equally as versatile as those previously listed. 70-200mm zoom lenses are fantastic in that they can be used for event work, portraiture, photojournalism, landscape photography, sports photography, and even documentary work. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at seven of our favorite 70-200mm zoom lenses. Continue reading…

Jeremy Cowart Showcases More Moody and Experimental Portraits

All photos by Jeremy Cowart. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In a previous feature, we had a peek at how Nashville-based photographer and artist Jeremy Cowart works with a creative approach to portrait photography using experimental and colorful lighting techniques. If you found it especially inspiring, we bring more of his stunning portrait work in this style from his latest session with Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle.

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Use These Photography Tricks to Create Some Cool Results

We’re sure this post will get you wondering where these photography tricks were all your life.

In our quest to look for the coolest and most useful photography tips and tricks to share, we came across some really unexpected ones. Take, for example, a video showing some fun, out of the box ideas for creating cool effects and tapping unique angles. As with many things shared on the Reddit community where we spotted the video, it’s oddly satisfying to see these tricks produce some pretty cool images!

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The Power and Importance of Mentorship in the Photographic Community

We’ve all found our way into the photographic community at different times, in different ways, with enormous hurdles to surpass, no matter which way we found ourselves falling into this passion and career path.

Whether college-educated, self-taught, or anywhere in between, it’s undeniable that the barriers of entry to our community can at times seem insurmountable. Regardless of how spectacular your undergraduate program, the dedication of your instructors, or your determination to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, inevitably we’ve all discovered roadblocks, gotten stuck, or were at a loss of where to turn to for help. This is where I believe the most powerful, positive tool available to us can be found when provided ethically, responsibly, and synergistically – mentorship. Continue reading…

Dear Fujifilm: Your Next Camera Will Need Much Better Battery Life

While Fujifilm does a whole lot right, they need to improve on the battery life of their cameras.

The battery life on a Fujifilm camera is pretty bad, and it’s only now that I’ve realized it. Admittedly, it has been a while since I’ve picked up my Fujifilm cameras. The reason for this is because I’ve been exploring who I am as a creative. The other reason is that I’ve needed to test all this additional gear that’s come out. So when pairing the company’s 16-80mm f4 R WR OIS with my X-H1 and X-T2, I was reminded of a problem. The battery life on Fujifilm cameras is pretty awful. It was great for a long time, and then the firmware and tech demanded more juice. Unless you’ve got a vertical grip on your X series camera, I don’t think the battery life is sufficient at all. In one night, I went through two batteries; that’s unacceptable.

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Axibo is Your AI-Powered Camera Assistant for Photos and Videos

Shooting selfies and vlogs? Forget tripods — Axibo promises to be the smart, AI-powered camera assistant that will take photos and videos for you.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything AI-powered that current technology allows, something like the Axibo drops on Kickstarter. This “really, really” smart robotic camera mount can pan, tilt, and, slide your camera as its state-of-the-art AI system tracks just about anything. If automating photo and video shoots are of interest to you, this mount could be just the tool you need. With its patented motor drive technology, Axibo can move on three axes to tilt up and down, pan left and right, and slide left and right up to one meter. Despite the high torque, users don’t have to be concerned about motor sounds in recordings as it makes quiet movements. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and epoxy-infused carbon fiber, this robotic mount is lightweight enough to carry around but also sturdy enough to support up to 20 pounds of camera equipment.

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Review: Sigma 35mm F1.2 Art DG DN (All of the Bokeh, and Weight)

The Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN is a fantastic lens, but very heavy.

I’m not sure from where Sigma got the memo that making the Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN into a mammoth was a great idea. The last time I knew, mirrorless camera lenses were supposed to be small. However, I have to admit that it seems like only Olympus, Fujifilm, and Sony have been sticking to that philosophy. The tradeoff here is a lens that delivers a look unlike anything else on the market. The Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN is a lens that really chooses to do things differently. It can be used with a click or de-click, has an f1.2 aperture while providing autofocus, adds weather sealing, and is meant to last. With a price tag that will accordingly leave a lasting hole in your wallet, I pondered whether the Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN is worth purchasing. For the duration of my review, I had a lot of second thoughts. But in this case, I don’t think that it’s Sigma’s fault.

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Cheap Photo: Save $600 on the Nikon Z7, Save on Lighting and More

camera deals

These trade-in camera deals from Nikon and Olympus won’t be around for long so make the most of them and save some mega money.

Nows the time to trade in that old camera of yours and can get something shiny and new. You can get a $600 instant rebate on the Nikon Z7 with a free FTZ adapter, which brings the price of it down to just $2,796.95, and you’ll get up to $200 extra in trade value. The Olympus OM-D E M1 MK II has come down in price to only $1,499, and you can also score an additional $300 in trade-in bonuses too! The Fujifilm X-H1 with grip is still just $999, and the Sony A7 II with kit lens and accessories is only $998. There are fantastic deals on lights like the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 with an accessory kit which you can nab for $329.95, and you can save $387 on a full Elinchrom to-go lighting kit too. Don’t miss out on 14,500 Photoshop actions for just $39 and over 2,500 overlays for only $29 either. Come on in to see all of the camera deals and a whole ton more. Continue reading…

Is Arousal Okay in Fine Art Nude Photography? (NSFW)

The photography world tends to split nude photography into two categories- erotica and fine art. Can arousal exist within them both?

In our sensitive times, I feel like arousal has become somewhat of a misconstrued feeling. It’s understandable as to why. Decades of the objectification and over-sexualization of women has led to a cultural revolution. Women – and men – demand a change, and rightly so. But as a consequence of the wrongdoing of men, I feel the honest ones are hesitant to explore and discuss the feeling of arousal. For the most part, this is because they worry people will judge or label them as perverted. Photography is a great playing field to explore this.

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Philipp Apler Reveals the Abstract Charm of Dunes in Monochrome

All photos by Philipp Apler. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature never runs out of stuff to amaze us, so we tend to turn to its wonders to fuel our creativity. Dunes and their surrounding landscapes, for example, often provide photographers with inspiration for abstract and conceptual approaches to landscape photography. We’ve featured a good number of works that show this, but if you’re looking for more examples to draw some ideas from, we’re glad to add one more to the list. This time, we put the spotlight on Berlin-based graphic designer Philipp Apler who draws our attention to the abstract beauty of dunes in dramatic black and white.

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