Slava Semeniuta Paints Architecture in Trippy Colors

All images by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Colors are no doubt among the powerful elements that make photos eye-catching, especially when they come in clever forms and applications. If it’s color you want, you can trust Slava Semeniuta to deliver images dripping with trippy hues. We’ve seen him take his passion for vibrant hues down the streets and up in the mountains. Today, we bring another beautiful color play from the Russian artist and photographer with a set titled Ghetto Streets on Acid.

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Bjørg-Elise Tuppen Shares Her Serene Moments with the Moon

All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The Arctic remains one of the most mesmerizing locations for landscape photographers: its frozen landscapes are among the most mysterious, intriguing, and moody subjects to capture. If it’s one of your dream destinations to photograph, you will definitely be inspired by the serene landscape photography of Harstad-based photographer, artist, and graphic designer Bjørg-Elise Tuppen in the Arctic region of Northern Norway.

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A Personal Story: Social Media is So Incredibly Toxic to Photographers

“Today, it seems to me that the only thing people care about is building their audience.”

Two years ago, you couldn’t find me without a camera. Throwing a party? I’ll photograph it. Need a new profile picture? I got you. After a year or so, I really found myself drawn to photographing people. I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people, hell, I’ll even go down to my local watering hole solo just to see if I meet anyone interesting. Beautiful landscapes do change, but are mostly static during each season; humans, however, are dynamic, and that fascinates me. If I could aspire to be known for one thing, it would be bringing out emotion and personality from people in a simple portrait.

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Emulsion: Our Analog Photography Zine is Now Available for Individual Purchase

We spent a year rounding up some of the best analog film photographers in the world into Emulsion.

We took to Kickstarter to fund Emulsion; a project I wanted to bill as rounding up the best modern analog film photographers the world didn’t necessarily know about. Recently, backers of the project started to receive their copies of Emulsion and they’re singing nothing but praise for it. Today, we’re making Emulsion available for individual purchase on Blurb. This high end product will serve not only as a wonderful zine, but also as a fantastic coffee table book.

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The New Novaflex TrioPod Pro75 as a Solid Modular Tripod for Professionals

Most tripods are made for a specific use case, keeping your camera stable in a variety of situations

Novoflex is not a company traditionally associated with tripods, but that may change with the announcement here today of their new TrioPod Pro75. This is a tripod the company has aimed squarely at professional photographers and that offers solid support for cameras with the flexibility that only a modular system can provide. The benefits of a modular system are clear: having the ability to adapt your tripod to whatever situation you are going to be using it in rather than having multiple tripods for various purposes is much more convenient (and in theory, cost-effective). Continue reading…

Tutorial: How to Shoot Portraits of Total Strangers

 Have you ever had the bizarre urge to walk up to a total stranger and say “can I take your picture?” ​Yeah? Then you’re in the right place.

You’re about to read over 3,000+ words on the art of creating street portraits, or what I like to call “the gentle art of photographing strangers.” My name is Michael Comeau. I’m a portrait photographer based in New York City. I’m also a textbook introvert. I spend more time alone than with other people. I suck at small talk. And I never, ever talk to strangers… unless I’m shooting ​their portrait. ​But you don’t have to be a social butterfly to shoot great street portraits. You just have to turn your camera on and your brain off.

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The Oberwerth Charlie is Both a Camera Bag and an Insert; Don’t Ask Us Why…

With the Oberwerth Charlie, you can solve a problem that you didn’t really know existed.

I’m not exactly sure I understand the problem that the Oberwerth Charlie is trying to solve, but it also seems to be catering to the super OCD folks among us. The Oberwerth Charlie is designed for the photographer who, well, honestly according to the press release it doesn’t make sense. They’re billing the Oberwerth Charlie as a camera bag that is messenger style and can by slung around your shoulder whenever you need. Plus it has some gorgeous cowhide leather. But then they’re saying that when you want to use a larger bag, you simply just take out the insert from this bag and put it into the larger one.

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Anthony Ponterio Browning Makes Hypnotizing Multiple Exposures Without Photoshop

All images by Anthony Ponteiro Browning. Used with permission.

With everyone essentially being a photographer with their smartphone cameras, DSLRs, and compact cameras, the need to create photographs that stand out from the rest has become increasingly important. With this, we tip our hats to photographers who push the creative boundaries of their chosen craft. Today, our spotlight is on Anthony Ponterio Browning, a Los Angeles-based photographer and graffiti artist, who creates hypnotic multiple exposure photos without the aid of Photoshop.

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