Mitch Rouse: Stunning Aerial Photos in Glorious Medium Format

All photos by Mitch Rouse. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the unique abstract quality of aerial photography is your cup of tea, you must have been on the lookout for our next featured body of work. To inspire you today, we bring the stunning work of Wyoming-based Mitch Rouse, showcasing a variety of landscapes and terrains that look otherworldly when viewed from above. As latest additions to our favorite aerial snaps, they make perfect examples of how changes in perspective can reveal nature’s artistry and penchant for abstract imagery.

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Book Review: Daido Moriyama How I Take Photographs

Is it snapshot photography or street photography? We find out in Daido Moriyama’s new book How I Take Photographs.

How I Take Photographs is an insight into the workflow and creative thinking of Daido Moriyama. Divided into six sections, readers are given an introduction to “snapshot photography,” taken to five shooting locations, and allowed a look at the “real Daido Moriyama.” I wanted to like this book, but I’m struggling to detach from the persistent question “where does this belong in 2019?” Conflicted, I keep returning to the book, and doing my best to connect with the objective of both the author and the publisher. How I Take Photographs isn’t bad, but I feel it’s struggling to find its place in the photobook world. Let’s take a closer look.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Cropping Guide for Portrait Photography

Cropping in your framing or in post-processing is necessary for portrait shoots. Let this photography cheat sheet serve as your guide to do it effectively.

The concept of composition is the foundation of any outstanding photo, and it’s especially the case for portrait photography. Part of compositon is deciding which part of your subject appears in your shot. Whether composing through your camera or cropping in post, you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good portrait by trimming it at an awkward part. To that end, this simple photography cheat sheet will be a handy guide for you.

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One of the Biggest Problems We’ve Found with the Sony a7r IV So Far

Oddly enough, one of the biggest problems with the Sony a7r IV probably isn’t Sony’s fault.

The Sony a7r IV is targeted at the high-end photographer who needs more resolution, color depth, etc. This photographer will use it for professional applications and is bound to use off-camera lighting unless they’re shooting landscapes. To that end, one of the most significant issues with the Sony a7r IV has to do with light. At the recent Sony Kando trip, we confirmed a lot of the problems we had while previously working with the camera in NYC. If Sony wants to support the professional audience, then they’re going to have to work with lighting partners. And let’s be honest, their flashes suck.

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The First Prime Lenses You Should Get for Your Canon EF Mount Camera

If you have a Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera these are the prime lenses you should get first.

If there is one thing Canon users aren’t short of it’s quality prime lenses. The EF mount has been around for what seems like forever. With companies like Rokinon, Sigma, Tamron, and of course Canon making affordable prime lenses, owners of Canon EF mount cameras are spoiled for choice. The prime lenses we have chosen for this roundup are perfect for those picking up their first prime lenses, and more than good enough for seasoned pros as well. Check out eight prime lenses that all Canon users should try with their Canon EF mount cameras after the break. Continue reading…

The Cosina-Made 35ES: The Vivitar Rangefinder You’ve Never Heard Of

If you have to add a Vivitar camera to your collection, forget about their overpriced, simple plastic cameras.

Apart from rare Leicas, limited-edition models of various popular cameras, and the occasional oddballs, some of our vintage finds also include rather obscure cameras most of us haven’t heard about before. Case in point is the Vivitar 35ES. This particular item we spotted is pretty unique on its own. Whether or not it deserves a spot in your collection, we’ll let you decide.

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Paolo Pettigiani Reveals More of the Maldives in Surreal Infrared

All photos by Paolo Pettigiani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If surreal landscapes bring you creative inspiration, you’ll be amazed at the infrared photography of Italian graphic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani. We’ve been keeping tabs on his projects, and we think we found our favorite among all the destinations he has visited so far. The tropical paradise of the Maldives is a natural choice, especially when given his “Infraland” treatment. While the previous installment gave us a stunning bird’s eye view of the islands, reefs, and lagoons, the latest edition lets us explore and enjoy the views from the beach.

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Seeing Double with Louis Dazy and His “Neon Life”

All photos by Louis Dazy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to double exposures, Paris-based Louis Dazy is among the photographers to pay attention to. With an impressive portfolio shot exclusively on film, he has been best known for his nostalgic and colorful juxtapositions of everyday life and neon signs. If you’ve been shooting film for some time, you’ve likely already come across his work. Otherwise, we think his Neon Life series will get you inspired to give double exposures a go, whether with film or digital.

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How Do I Make My Image Look Like This? Well, Learn Lighting

Besides a ton of photo editing, you can make your image look a certain way by just paying more attention to the world. 

What I’m going to propose in this article may sound absurd to some photographers, especially if you’re new to the art form. When you get into it, you’re swept up: told you should take photos and then spend hours in front of a computer editing your images to get them exactly the way you want them. And more recently came the idea that you’ll never be a great photographer unless you use something like Lightroom or Photoshop. I agree that post-production is part of the process in the creation of a finalized image, but I think the years I spent shooting film and digital side by side taught me a very important lesson.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: 19 Composition Tips You Should Know

Whether you’ve just started to take photography more seriously or farther along into it, the composition tips in this photography cheat sheet are worth checking out.

Composition is key for taking outstanding photographs. It’s one of the first things a person who enjoys taking photographs learns. A photo can be technically sound — well-exposed, properly focused, and tack-sharp — but if it’s poorly composed, it won’t be a great photo. Today’s photography cheat sheet has some excellent tips that will improve your composition and create stronger photos in the process.

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Cheap Photo: Grab the Fujifilm X-H1 with Grip for $999 While You Can

in body image stabilization

The Fujifilm X-H1 is one of the best APS-C cameras around, and a no brainer at this price.

If you’re in the market for a new camera, and you want a smoking hot deal, this Cheap Photo is for you. For a limited time, the magnificent Fujifilm X-H1 with the battery grip can be yours for the insanely low price of just $999! That’s an instant savings of $300! You really don’t want to miss out on this red hot deal. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Gorgeous In-Camera Double Exposures by Luciano Meirelles

If you’ve never tried double exposures in-camera before, the beautiful work of Luciano Meirelles using a Canon DSLR should inspire you.

Some of you may be able to tell that double exposure is one of our favorite creative techniques for digital and film photography. When done right, it produces some really cool and interesting results, as you’ll see in our featured series by Brazilian wedding photographer Luciano Meirelles. If you’re curious about this technique, his body of work is an inspiring example of it’s creative possibilities.

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Vikki Martinez Communicates Personality Through Self-Portraits

All self-portraits by Vikki Martinez aka Elvikkin. Used with permission.

“I have too many ideas and wanted an outlet for them,” explains Vikki Martinez, aka Elvikkin. You only have to take a look at her photography to understand what she means. Through her creative imagery, Martinez illustrates a mind bursting with thoughts and visions. Although her self-portraits may suggest she’s still figuring herself out, they deliver a message that says she’s confident in her creative capabilities. Looking at her portfolio is so much fun. To have the right balance between deeper meaning and light-hearted creativity isn’t easy to achieve. And yet, at only 23, Vikki is killing it! Her work is full of personality, color, humor, and excellent technique. If you need further evidence that she speaks for who she is through her photography, take a look at her YouTube channel. She’s certainly a character, and it’s great that she is comfortable enough to show this through both her photography and videography.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Achieving Beautiful Backlighting

Backlighting can be a powerful technique for many types of photography. Today’s photography cheat sheet tells us how to achieve great results with it.

When shooting against the light, it’s easy to wind up with nothing but silhouettes. But, with some adjustments, you can get more flattering results through the backlighting technique. The key here is to put a light source behind your subject to create a rim light without overpowering it to cause a silhouette. A photography cheat sheet shared by Lifehack gives us some tips on creating the balance necessary for the backlighting technique.

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The First Prime Lenses You Should Buy for Your Camera (Sony Edition)

If you’re ready to buy prime lenses for your Sony Mirrorless camera, these should be on your list.

If you have never used prime lenses, and you’re wondering what the fuss is about, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at what they can do. Prime lenses offer superior image quality and generally wider apertures than their zoom lens cousins. Their straightforward construction means there is less that can hinder their performance. Prime lenses have been revered by photographers for years. Their overall sharpness and their ability to isolate subjects make them firm favorites. If you own a Sony Mirrorless camera and are still using the kit zoom lens that came with it, you need to check out these prime lenses. They will rock your world. Continue reading…

X-Rite Introduces New i1Photo Pro 3 Plus for RGB Printing Workflows

X-Rite’s new measurement solution is for photographers who frequently print their work on various surface and materials. 

If getting the colors perfect on RGB printing is part of your workflow, X-Rite’s new spectral color management tool promises to get the job done. The i1Photo Pro 3 Plus is designed to provide professional color management for screens, scanners, and RGB printer profiles. This ensures that your photos show accurate colors in prints on various materials with challenging textures and glossy surfaces.

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These 10 Street Photographers Show the Medium Isn’t Dead

Street photography is alive and kicking. These photographers prove it.

“Street photography is dead,” proclaim the pessimists. We disagree. We believe the scene is thriving more than ever. There’s a worldwide community coming together to keep the craft fresh and exciting. There’s also a lot of mediocre work out there, but that’s part of any discipline. To say it’s dead, however, is incredibly inaccurate. There are street photographers today who produce fantastic work. And it gives us confidence that the current state of street photography is bright. So, with great pleasure, we give you 10 street photographers that show the future is in good hands.

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Cheap Photo: MeFoto Polarizer $4, Save on Bags, Tripods, Lights, More

These Photography accessories will make your life easier and will be easy on your wallet!

These photography accessories are going to go fast and for a good reason. If you like a good deal, you need to see what we have found for you. A MeFoto 67mm circular polarizer that’s regularly $62 has been discounted down to just $4! That’s crazy! There’s also a Cokin P ND Filter kit that’s only $46.32! The excellent Flashpoint XPLOR 600 with a pro Transmitter can be yours for only $798 for all major brands. That’s a $170 discount. There are deals on camera bags too, like the Think Tank Perception 15 which is just $54.95 (a $64 discount), and the MindShift Moose Peterson MP-3 bag which is only $160.04! The PacSafe Camsafe Anti Theft Camera Holster is $9.99 (regularly $59.95). Need a tripod? The FotoPro C5i aluminum tripod and ball head kit can be picked up for only $119.95. Join us after the break to see all of the photography accessories that are on sale. Continue reading…

Lotte Grønkjær’s Ethereal Flower Photographs Are a Thing of Beauty

All photos by Lotte Grønkjær. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Photographing flowers is a common and popular route through which many of us get started in photography, and it’s easy to see why. With their unique, delicate, and timeless beauty, they make perfect subjects for exploring a variety of genres such as macro, nature, and fine art photography. With her stunning work, Copenhagen-based Lotte Grønkjær sets a good example for those who want to elevate photographing flowers. Clean, minimalist, and distraction-free, her work emphasizes the elegance of her chosen flowers.

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The Lightweight Vi Vante “Tiger” Lambskin Camera Strap Is Out Now

This “Tiger” lambskin leather camera strap will add a touch of class to your Mirrorless camera.

If you have used cameras for any amount of time, one thing you’re sure to know is that not all camera straps are equal. Fortunately, the third-party camera strap market is alive and well, and there are a ton of options for photographers to choose from. The latest camera strap to hit the market is called the Tiger, and it is handmade by Vi Vante. This lambskin leather neck strap will add a touch of class to your Mirrorless camera. Join us after the jump for more details, pictures, and pricing details. Continue reading…

The Canon 50-82mm F1.1 Lens Will Likely Never See the Light of Day

The crazy Canon 50-82mm F1.1 would probably make your credit card melt if you were to consider buying it.

While it took Canon a while to fully embrace Mirrorless cameras and lenses, we can’t say that they aren’t trying to catch up with Sony and other manufacturers when it comes to the technology. Since the launch of the EOS R, Canon has released some fantastic lenses for the RF mount. The Canon RF 50mm f1.2 and the RF 24-105mm, for example, are based on their very popular EF mount cousins. They are quite excellent, but a recent patent shows that Canon is thinking outside the box when it comes to lens design. The patent is for a crazy RF 50-82mm f1.1 behemoth that would undoubtedly turn heads. Join us after the break for more details about this insane lens. Continue reading…