9 Budget Friendly But Good Sony FE Mount Lenses (Under $600)

If you’re looking for cheap but really good lenses for Sony FE cameras, then you’re in the right spot.

Here’s the good news: we’ve tested loads and loads of lenses for Sony E mount; and you can see some in our database right here. And then there’s better news: we’ve scoured through our reviews index to pick and choose some of the best lenses for the money if you’re looking for entry level lenses and budget lenses. If you’re searching for an affordable wide angle prime, then we’ve found one! Want a portrait lens? We’ve got more than one for you!

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6 Sharp Prime Lenses For Sony E Mount Cameras Under $600

These prime lenses will help you get the most out of your Sony APS-C crop sensor camera.

Sony has done an outstanding job with their APS-C camera line up. The old Sony NEX system really started changing people’s view about crop sensor cameras. The release of the a6000, a6300, and the a6500 and all of the new technology they brought to the supposedly ‘non-pro’ APS-C camera world continued to push boundaries and made them firm favorites with photographers all over the world. The new Sony a6400 with its crazy fast autofocus system is about to hit the shelves, and we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some prime lenses that will really get the most out of this, and all of the other Sony APS-C cameras on the market.
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Then and Now: Beatles Fans in 1964 Ringo Starr Photo Recreate Iconic Shot

Nobody believed them then, but Ringo Starr published a book with the photo of the youngsters and told the story behind it himself.

Reddit is a treasure trove for all things weird, wonderful, obscure, stuff you might forgotten about or even haven’t been aware of. A perfect example is this thread that reminds that Ringo Starr once photographed a group of high schoolers while the Beatles were touring the US in 1964. Their friends didn’t believe them then, but around 50 years later, the Beatles drummer himself would prove that it did happen!

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Jamiya Wilson’s 100 Faces Challenges Social Boundaries

All images by Jamiya Wilson. Used with permission.

“Don’t be a weirdo.” says Jamiya Wilson about the approach he took to his 100 Faces project. “Ask where they’re from. Compliment their outfit.” New York based photographer Jamiya Wilson is a Phoblographer Alumni, and his latest project involves, well, not being a weirdo. 100 Faces is a collection of street portraits with people he meets out and about on the streets of the big apple. The impetus: every day we allow people to walk past us without consideration for who they are. The same places and plenty of faces, yet they still remain strangers. But what if photography was able to bridge the gap, bring us closer and make a stranger a friend?

In his words, “100 Faces is my humble attempt to get people to stop for a moment and consider that stranger”.


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UPDATED Gallery: Fujifilm X-T30 (RAW Image Edits)

Capture One supports the Fujifilm XT30, and so now we have an updated RAW image gallery.

We previously published our Fujifilm XT30 first impressions with SOOC JPEG images, but since then we’ve updated it with RAW File sample edits. This is the fastest that Capture One has created support for a new camera. The Fujifilm XT30 that we’re testing is still in the pre-production stage but it is very close to the final production version. And so far we’re liking the camera.

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Check Out the Nominees of the 2019 World Press Photo Contest

The World Press Photo Foundation has just unveiled the impressive shortlist for the two awards of its 2019 Photo Contest. 

The World Press Photo Foundation brings us more photography inspiration with its introduction of this year’s nominees for its Photo Contest. If you’d like to get more insights on what makes a photograph memorable, unique, and relevant to today’s pressing issues, this announcement is worth checking out.

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The Latest Tamron Lenses Include a New Zoom for Sony E Mount

These new zoom and prime Tamron lenses will expand an already impressive lens library.

If you’re a fan of Tamron lenses you will love this news. Tamron has just announced that three new lenses will be coming to market by mid 2019. There will be two Tamron lenses for traditional DLSRs: the 35-150mm f2.8-f4 Di VC OSD and a 35mm f1.4 Di USD. There will also be another new lens made specifically for Sony E Mount cameras: the 17-28mm F2.8 Di III RXD.  Continue reading…

APS-C Sensor Cameras Aren’t Dead, They Just Need to Evolve

The truth about APS-C is that if the industry keeps treating it as a cheaper choice, it’s going to get phased out.

Ask any journalist that has been in meetings with camera companies over the past month or so and they’ll tell you about how the general camera market is shrinking and that so too is APS-C. And I genuinely think that APS-C is shrinking because it’s being treated almost like a stepchild. Let’s not even talk about the way that Micro Four Thirds is being treated; but APS-C and Micro Four Thirds both will go the way of compact point and shoots if the industry just continues to treat it as the “budget” option. This comes even after some very aggressive pricing on entry level full frame cameras. I genuinely don’t believe that APS-C is dead or that it should die. Instead, I think that the feature set around it just needs to drastically change in order to make it a viable option along with full frame cameras.

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Cheap Photo: The Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens is Below $800 Right Now

There are so many red hot camera deals and discounts on lenses, software and accessories right now.

Get ready for Camera deals, huge discounts on lenses, and savings galore on storage, accessories, guides, and software. You can grab the international version of the Canon 5d Mk iV with a one year warranty for just $1,999.99! The new Canon EOS RP that comes bundled with a grip, and a lens mount adapter is a Full Frame bargain at only $1,299. The Fujifilm XPro 2 has a discount of $199.96 which brings it down to $1,499.99. If it’s lenses you’re looking for you can save a ton on Sigma glass. The Sigma 50mm F1.4 is down to $758.18, and the Sigma 150-600 f5-6.3 has a discount of almost $200 bringing it down to $899! There are outstanding deals on software like John Rossi’s Creative Portrait Composite guide which is $34, and the Complete Boudoir Bundle is a steal at $29!  Join us after the break for more camera deals and discounts. Continue reading…

The Kissing Sailor in Iconic Photograph Passes Away Aged 95

Iconic Photographs

The famous, and iconic photograph is one of the worlds best, and most celebrated images.

There are a few pictures that have been taken in history that really capture the hearts, and the imaginations of millions around the world, and the capture of a kiss in Times Square is one of them. Snapped on August 14th, 1945 during celebrations in New York City’s Times Square, the kiss is perhaps the most iconic photograph from World War II. Sadly the kissing sailor, George Mendonsa who was snapped during an embrace with Greta Zimmer Friedman has passed away at age 95. Join us after the break to learn more about this iconic photograph. Continue reading…

MAYA Promises to be the Only Darkroom Timer You’ll Ever Need

Film photographers who love tinkering with darkroom developing and printing may find the MAYA Darkroom Timer a useful tool.

Whether you’re setting up your own darkroom or would like to upgrade your equipment, you might want to check out this tool. MAYA is an enlarger timer that promises to provide you with all the functionality you’ll most likely ever need to develop your films and create beautiful darkroom prints.

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The Best, First Prime Lens to Buy for Each Camera System

Move away from kit lenses and branch out with a prime lens.

The kit lenses that come bundled with your camera allow good flexibility as they generally cover a large range of focal lengths. The down side to them is that the image quality they produce is not always the best. One of the best things you can do to really increase image quality is to buy a prime lens. These small, lightweight lenses are fast and offer razor sharp image quality. Here’s a look at the first prime lens every photographer should buy on their chosen platform. Continue reading…

Nat Geo Photographer Ami Vitale on Photographing the Last White Rhinos

Photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale and online fundraising platform Omaze are offering you an amazing opportunity.

“…the real secret is understanding that it’s not only about making pretty images. A lot of people can do that,” says award winning Nat Geo photographer Ami Vitale about creating photos that really move the world. “The real secret to powerful photography is the ability to not just make a beautiful image but make an image with meaning. It must have a story too.” In fact, Ami is teaming up with Omaze to help train the next generation of photographers on how to do this and to make sure everyone is aware of just how much the world’s wildlife is being threatened.

In 2018, Ami was put into the spotlight for her image of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino alive on the planet. She documented the heartbreaking final moments leading to his passing, signaling the end of an ancient species.. “There are no words to adequately express the profound grief I felt then and still feel today,” she says when asked about the experience. Whilst discussing where the journey sat in terms of her career and life, Ami said, “It’s one of the most painful but important moments I have ever witnessed.”

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Edas Wong’s Amazing Street Photography Will Leave You Asking, “How Does He Do It?”

All images by Edas Wong. Used with permission.

Edas Wong is arguably one of the best street photographers working today. Shot after shot that he produces is always of the highest quality. Based in Hong Kong, Edas has a superhuman eye for the humorous juxtaposition. Simply put, he sees things that others just don’t see. His work has allowed him to rise in popularity over the past couple of years. So much so he is now about to release his first photo book – something we are very excited about.

Ahead of his book release, we spoke to Edas about his life as one of the strongest players in the street photography scene.

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Useful Photography Top #192: The Essential Tip For Shooting Street Photography With a Mirrorless Camera

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click Here.

When shooting street photography, mirrorless cameras have always had one major default disadvantage. You’re shooting with the camera and by default there is an eye-sensor. Said sensor detects when your eye (or something) is near the viewfinder and the camera will switch from the LCD screen to primarily using the EVF. This in turn causes some delays with trying to get the shot. It’s not at all like using a DSLR where the OVF is always on and the same goes for a rangefinder.

So what do you do
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5 Large Sensor Cameras Under $700 For the Everyday Photographer

If you’re an everyday photographer, or documentarian who wants to travel light, these incredibly affordable, compact cameras might be for you.

What is an everyday photographer you might be asking? Simply put it’s someone who likes to capture the world around them on a daily basis. Perhaps a mom who likes to document their time spent with her children who are growing up before her eyes. It’s someone who wants to go on photo walks to capture the ever evolving world around them, or a person who just likes to document moments in their life. After the break see which compact, highly affordable Mirrorless cameras we recommend to capture fleeting moments.
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Canon Announces EOS R, EOS RP Camera Deals + Save on RF Lenses

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new Canon Mirrorless camera, you’re not going to want to miss these EOS R and EOS RP camera deals.

Hot on the announcement of the new Canon EOS RP, Canon have announced that there will be bundles on both the EOS R and the EOS RP. The EOS R will come with a free lens adapter so you can pick one up and use your existing library of Canon glass, while there is a $200 discount on a bundle that comes with the adapter and the RF 24-105mm IS USM lens. If you’re thinking about picking up the new EOS RP it will come bundled with a free lens adapter, an extension grip and instant rebates up to $300 when bundled with a lens. There are also savings to be had on select RF glass.  Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

50,000 Photos Created This Beautiful 81MP Composite of the Moon


Astrophotography allows us to see the beauty of space, and this amazing moon image is simply out of this world. Image used with permission from Andrew McCarthy. 

There have been some truly stunning captures of the moon that have been shared with us over the years. Whether they have been from astronauts in outer space, or astrophotographers from their backyards, the images always capture the imagination of many. Space and astrophotography lover, Andrew McCarthy recently set out to capture an insanely detailed picture of our moon, and the result of his work, and his patience is an image comprised of nearly 50,000 shots that has a resolution of 81 Megapixels. The capture is truly out of this world. Join us after the break to find out more about how he captured it. Continue reading…

Pete Souza Talks About His Latest Book “SHADE: A Tale Of Two Presidents”

In his latest book, Pete Souza shows us that while the White House has changed hands, there’s still a compelling story to tell through his photos of former President Barack Obama.

In case you missed it, former White House photographer Pete Souza released his book titled SHADE: A Tale of Two Presidents in October 2018. But, today is a perfect day for us to get a preview of it, being Presidents’ Day and all. In this interview with Jim Braude of WGBH News, we get to revisit some of Souza’s most telling photographs from his stint, and how his silent commentary on President Donald Trump eventually became a book.

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Comparing Results from Lab Scan, Flatbed Scanner, and Dedicated Film Scanner

Wondering how a professional lab scan compares to a flatbed scanner or dedicated film scanner? Luckily, a fellow film photographer has done the hard work for us.

Let’s face it: unless you’re printing your photos in a darkroom, shooting film these days is also partly a digital process. Because of this, how your shots will look is largely dependent on how it gets scanned. There are two ways to do it — either you get a film developing lab to scan your negatives for you, or you do it yourself using a dedicated film scanner or flatbed scanner that accommodates film negatives. Of course, you’d want to know which option produces the best results; that’s exactly what Hamburg-based film photographer Alexandre Miguel Maia went to find out.

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Camera Bag Review: Tarion M-02 (The Affordable Backpack for the Roaming Photographer)

The Tarion M-02 is a backpack with a number of quirks, but that overall does a decent job.

I purposely purchased the Tarion M-02 as a counterpoint to a reader’s comment on a previous review of ours claiming that we only review pricey camera bags. The truth that I’ve learned over the years is that that’s simply not true. A lot of work, care and design goes into camera bags with special emphasis on what photographers need like weather protection, quick access, security, etc. And in comparison, most bags don’t really have that. While the comment could surely have come from an ill informed place of internet nerd rage, I often try to do my best to satisfy everyone–and so the Tarion M-02 made me of the belief that I could.

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