Photography Cheat Sheet: Composition Tips for Architectural Photography

If you’re just getting into architectural photography, composition is one of the first things to work on. We have just the photography cheat sheet to help with that!

As many of the projects we’ve previously featured show, exceptional architectural photography involves more than just pointing a camera to buildings and architectural elements. Composition is key, as is the case with great photography in general. If you think you need some help with composition for architectural photography, today’s photography cheat sheet will help you come to grips through some simple tips.

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Cheap Photo: Fujifilm X100F $1,099, Save $800 on the X-Pro 2, and More

compact cameras

The camera deals and huge discounts on top shelf lenses keep coming, and as usual, we bring them all to you.

Are you looking for some good camera deals and huge discounts on lenses? We’ve got you covered. Right now, you can grab the outstanding Fujifilm X100F for just $1,099, the X-Pro with a lens for $1,499, and an Olympus EPL-8 for just $279.99! That’s crazy! You can also snag the Sony A7 II with a lens for only $998, and the A7 III can be yours for only $1,798. There are also great deals on lenses too, like the Zeiss 25mm f2 Batis, which is just $997.99, the Sigma 105mm Macro is only $469 (a $500 discount), and the Tamron 45mm f1.8 is only $399. Come and see all of the camera deals and discounts on lenses after the break.

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Steve Simon Shows Why This Museum Tour Is a Must for All Nikon Fans

If you consider yourself a Nikon fan through and through, the Nikon Museum tour should be high up on your bucket list. 

Award-winning documentary photographer and author Steve Simon has recently visited the Nikon Museum in Tokyo, and as a long-time Nikon photographer, it proved to be an exceptional experience. For those of us who can’t visit anytime soon, he filmed a quick walk-through as a preview to all the wonders we can expect to find. Nikon fans will especially find this a treat!

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The Think Tank Retrospective Backpack 15 Could Be Perfect for Adventure

If you’re on the road a lot and need to carry a ton of gear, the Think Tank Retrospective Backpack 15 might be the camera bag for you.

Travel season will soon be upon us, and that means we will need a camera bag that can hold all of our gear while we adventure. Think Tank has just announced their new Retrospective Backpack 15, which, according to them, is the perfect camera bag for “bushwhacking through the outback or horse packing in the Wild West.” If you’re in the market for a new camera bag, check out the details about the Think Tank Retrospective Backpack 15 after the break.

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The Canon EOS R II Really Needs to Feature a New Sensor

Canon EOS R

Canon, all we ask is please don’t reuse the sensor that is found in the EOS R (and the four-year-old 5D4) for the EOS R II.

No matter what way you slice it, 2020 is going to be an incredibly important year for Canon. For a while, Canon has been complaining about declining sales, but they can change all of that in 2020. Canon has been working hard on their RF Mount lenses, and they are incredible, but the cameras they attach to leave much to be desired. Hopefully, in 2020, we will see some new bodies from Canon, and we hope one of them is the EOS R II. But, Canon needs to make sure they get this right. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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A Guide to Street Photography For Beginners You Can’t Ignore

This is a syndicated blog post from Photographer Touch. It is being syndicated with permission. Original blog post by James Miller.

As a street photography enthusiast, I like the adrenaline when taking pictures in the public without making people curious. Taking pictures of strangers was often hard; however, I soon discovered that almost everyone likes to be photographed if you respect their privacy and feelings. Street photography is all about documenting life and our society. It does not have to be shot on the streets as photographers also take pictures inside malls, airport, and many other public places. The purpose of these pictures is to capture human emotions, feelings, and soul. This guide is written to introduce you to this fascinating art, which can often become addictive as you start enjoying its different themes.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Settings for Photographing Sunsets

perfect camera

Not satisfied with your sunset photos? Try shooting with the camera settings suggested in today’s featured photography cheat sheet!

Sunsets are among everyone’s favorites to photograph for the dramatic burst of color they add, especially for landscape snaps. But let’s face it; we don’t always get shots that do them justice. Sometimes, it’s actually the camera settings that are to blame. Today’s photography cheat sheet comes with settings and tips you can try for your next sunset shoot.

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Review: Tamron SP 35mm F1.4 Di USD (A Great 35mm for Portraits)

The Tamron SP 35mm f1.4 Di USD is an absolutely fantastic lens that should have been made for Mirrorless cameras.

Though the Tamron SP 35mm f1.4 Di USD is designed for DSLRs first and foremost, it’s a wonderful lens. But, I feel like the design of an otherwise positively phenomenal lens was wasted on a DSLR. If this were made for Sony E mount, Canon RF, Leica L mount, or even Nikon Z mount, it would have limited itself less. With great weather sealing, a small build quality, and some of the most beautiful image quality I’ve ever seen from a Tamron lens, I’m scratching my head wondering why this was made for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts.

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These Sony E Mount Lenses Will Make Your Portraits Come to Life

If you want to get the most out of your Sony cameras when it comes to portrait photography, you need to take a closer look at these killer E mount lenses.

There are good reasons why portrait photographers decide to join team Sony. Sony’s cameras, from their APS-C cameras to their Full Frame offerings, are capable of producing gorgeous images. Then, when you throw in unmatched autofocus performance, including the best eye and face tracking performance in the business, it’s easy to understand why so many photographers choose them. Portrait photographers who shoot with Sony cameras also have some incredible E mount lenses to choose from too. In this roundup, we will share the first lenses worth a closer look if you want to create some killer portraits.

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Mark Edward Harris’ Beautiful Orangutan Portraits Highlight Deeper Issues

All images by Mark Edward Harris. Used with permission.

“The older ones like to have me turn my camera around so they can see themselves on my LCD,” Mark Edward Harris tells us. He adds, “I know this sounds a bit hard to believe, but it has happened on numerous occasions. Orangutans have self-awareness.” For the last six years, Harris has been working closely with one of the world’s most fascinating animals – the orangutan. But as eye-catching and interesting as this portrait series is, there’s a serious undertone: one Harris wants to shed light on.

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The Canon EOS RP’s Sensor Barely Matches a 5 Year Old Sony Sensor

Camera deals Canon EOS RP

The Canon EOS RP is a good performer, but the 26.2-megapixel sensor barely keeps up with the sensor found in Sony’s five-year-old A7S II.

The guys and gals of DXOMark have awoken from their long slumber, and it seems the first camera that fell in their hands after their nap was the Canon EOS RP. We thought the sensor was pretty good when we tested the EOS RP last year: it performed how we thought a Full Frame sensor in this price range would. While it’s overall score puts it just about on par with Sony’s now five-year-old 12.2-megapixel sensor from the A7S II, you might be shocked by some of the lab numbers. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Sony Could Announce 6 New Lenses in 2020 – What We Want to See

landscape photography

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Sony and their E Mount lenses.

Sony sure took a while to add a lot of lenses at the start of its E mounts life, but, man, once the wheels started turning, E Mount lenses were popping out left, right, and center. And it seems as though those wheels show no sign of slowing down. If recent reports are to be believed, Sony could announce no fewer than six E mount lenses this year, with some being completely new, and others getting updates. We know what we’d like to see. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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“Shattered Glass” Highlights the Strength of These Incredible Women

All images by Katerina Gregoriou. Used with permission. 

“Every time I photograph one of these women, without fail, I leave with an incredible sense of gratitude, inspiration, and positive energy,” explains Katerina Gregoriou as she speaks about her project, Shattered Glass. She adds, “…documenting women who are making a serious change in the world is truly an honor and a joy in and of itself.” Katerina is no stranger to the adversities synonymous with being a female in the workplace–especially those dominated by men. Previously working as a mechanical engineer, she became accustomed to comments about her appearance and her ability to belong in such a working environment. But with each comment that came, so did an increase in her determination to prove the world wrong. And then, in 2018, “photography found her,” and with that, she found an outlet to express just how powerful she (and the millions of women like her) can be.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Guide to the Symbols on Your Camera

If you just got your first DSLR or Mirrorless camera and are now scratching your head over the symbols on the dials and the screen, we have a couple of cheat sheets to help.

It’s been a decade since we put together this noob’s guide to the symbols in your camera, and we thought it’s about time we made a follow-up to that. In today’s photography cheat sheet feature, we bring a bunch of visual guides you can use as a reference to complement the noob’s guide mentioned above. It may seem too much to memorize at first, but with enough practice, all these symbols and controls will become second nature to you.

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Why Are Compact Cameras the Best for Street Photography?

For most, compact cameras happen to be the best things for street photography.

While the answer to “What camera is the best?” is the proverbial “The one you have with you,” some cameras are better suited than others for specific genres of photography. For example, if you wanted to freeze the action at the Daytona 500, you would reach for a Canon 1DX instead of a Pentax 67, just like if you wanted close-up images of Aunt Pearl’s Poinsettias, one of the last lenses you would reach for is a 28mm. Street photography is one of the easiest genres of the craft to get into, and everything from the cameras in phones to 4×5 press cameras has been used for it. But, while the genre is easily accessible, certain kinds of cameras are more appropriate for the task than others. Let’s take a look at why compact cameras are the best cameras for street photography.

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Here’s Your Chance to Snag a Super Rare Leica 72 Half-Frame Camera

A super rare Leica 72 just popped up on eBay. As with any rare vintage Leica, you’ll need to part with a fortune to add it to your vintage camera collection.

If you’ve ever thought about adding a rare vintage Leica to your vintage camera collection and missed your chance from our previous features, we come with another heads up. This time, it’s a super rare Leica 72, most likely the most unexpected Leica and the most expensive half-frame camera you’ve never heard of.

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This Woman’s Photo Was Painted and Now Costs HKD $4,800

Sherri Littlefield didn’t expect to find a photo of herself taken from online, painted, and now being sold.

“Sometimes I google myself, treat gallery [sic], or my maiden name ‘Nienass’ to see if there’s anything new,” says Sherri in an email to us about her likeness being used for a painting without her consent or knowledge. “To my surprise, I found the painting of myself. At first, I thought maybe it was a former student or colleague, but I have no affiliation with the artist or gallery.” Now, a lot of things are bound to go through one’s mind. Do you have a stalker? Was this shot in public? How did someone get this image and paint it for a sale? These are just some of the questions that came to my mind at least when seeing Sherri post about this.

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5 Places to Find Inspiration for Street Photography

Those who shoot street photography need inspiration from time to time. You just need to know where to find it.

Street photography can be a lonely game. Much time spent alone roaming the streets, hoping something of interest comes your way. Because of the isolation, and the fact that there’s no guarantee of getting a great shot, it’s easy to become deflated. You find yourself in a rut, and your camera starts to collect dust. While there are ways of getting out of a creative rut, sometimes you need a little more: you need to be inspired by those around you. Below are some top sources of inspiration.

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Guess How Much A Brand New Nikon F3/T and 50mm F1.2 AI-S Costs

If super rare vintage cameras are your thing, you might want to ready your wallet for this beautiful Nikon F3/T Classic!

On its own, the Nikon F3 remains a popular model of the iconic Nikon F line of cameras, with vintage camera collectors and Nikon fans seeking to make it a core member of their collection. Make it a rare, special edition and you have an even more lusted after camera that you’d best be ready to spend a handsome sum for. A perfect example is this Nikon F3/T Classic that we recently spotted, still in its original packaging and in new condition.

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Did You Know These Five Celebrities Are Competent Photographers Too?

Away from their superstar status, these well-known names are also celebrity photographers.

You’ve seen them in movies, heard their hit records, and watched their mind-bending entertainment, but have you seen their photographs? Away from the glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle, some famous people enjoy picking up a camera and creating photographs. We’re not talking about Brooklyn Beckham either – you know, the young kid who got a gig with Burberry without hardly getting out of auto? No, we’re talking about people who, alongside their successful career, clearly know a thing or two about making a good picture. Check them out below.

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