Op-Ed: Why Don’t We Have Cameras with Lower ISO Settings?

Lower ISO settings would be something truly revolutionary in the camera world; and it could change the industry.

One of the easy answers to this question is because it isn’t sexy and marketers don’t know how to market it. High ISOs, details, and measurbations are all sexy–and since they’re done in a lab everyone can talk about them and adore them. Then folks who have little else to do can sit there and argue about their results on forums, in Facebook groups, etc. But it’s an organic and real question that I’ve had in my mind for a very long time: Why don’t we have cameras with lower ISO settings?

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The Fujifilm XF10 Doesn’t Replace the X70; Has a Square Mode

The Fujifilm XF10 surely isn’t going after the same consumer who wants a Fujifilm X100F.

There have been reports on a new Fujifilm point and shoot camera circling the web for some time now; and those regarding the new Fujifilm XF10 seem to be true. The new Fujifilm is a brand new point and shoot camera targeted at the lower end and the enthusiast. It doesn’t have an X Trans sensor, instead it’s just a plain old 24.2MP APS-C sensor along with a 3 inch touch screen. And instead of adding new film simulation modes, they’re adding more advanced filters–perfect marketing for the folks who may be reaching for this camera. On top of all that, Fujifilm is only charging $499.95 for the Fujifilm XF10.

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This Fun 2019 Pinup Calendar Features Our Favorite Characters From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you’re already thinking ahead and have started listing the stuff you need to start 2019 right, check out this galactic pinup calendar being funded on Kickstarter!

The next year is still several months away, but if you’re an early bird who plans to start your 2019 preparations soon, we’ve found something you might want to put on your list: a fun galactic pin-up calendar which stars everyone’s favorite sci-fi characters from a galaxy far, far away!

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Ferrania Fixes Major Factory Issues, Secures In-House Production of P30 Film

After facing and fixing some issues that made production impossible, Ferrania is finally back on their feet to bring us some precious emulsions.

“Normally, when we are quiet it’s because we are very busy. This time the opposite is true,” Ferrania began in their latest update, referring to the factory being non-functional since February. There, they briefly mention the hardships that have halted their production — but also, more importantly, that they’ve already fixed the problems and can now continuously produce the P30 film.

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Film Emulsion Review: Fujifilm Velvia 100 (35mm and 120)

Fujifilm Velvia 100 isn’t as appreciated as Fujifilm Velvia 50, but it should be!

Here’s one of those stories and moments that I’ve said all too many times when it comes to film and film photography; over and over again I was told that Fujifilm Velvia 100 isn’t worth the money or the hassle. But instead, Velvia 50 was where it was at and there was no exception to that rule. In my re-education of film photography, I found many of the things that photographers said over the years to be simply untrue. Kodak Tri-X isn’t the end all and be all of film photography. Velvia 50 isn’t the end all and be all of landscape photography either. But instead, Fujifilm Velvia 100 is a really, really solid film. It’s gorgeous in so many ways but like all film emulsions, it shines the larger you go.

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“Witnesses to War” Aims to Show the Resilience of Syrian Children

This powerful photo book project captures the moving resilience of children in war-torn Syria.

Much of what we know about the tragedy that war has brought upon Syria are taken from the perspective of a bigger picture. A powerful project, however, puts the focus on the most vulnerable victims of this conflict. Syrian war photographer Bassam Khabieh puts his lens and narrative to use to tell us the story of loss, tragedy, and the astonishing resilience of Syrian children for a photo book titled Witnesses to War: The Children of Syria.

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Rant: Shooting Pretty Women from Behind on the Streets Is Not Street Photography

In street photography, you should really check your intentions.

I once was told by a man as enamoured with street photography as I that he admired a photo of a lone woman in a park looking away at something. “I wonder what she’s looking at,” he said. “She’s sort of really fixated on something.” Whatever she may have been fixated on, a part of my mind wondered what the hell he was talking about. In the most abstract sense of the image, it was nothing more than just a woman staring off at something, perhaps watching her kid/pet run around, waiting for someone to catch up, or just standing there. It was the mind that went somewhere else, and as far as how the image was shot it didn’t seem like the photographer really cared so much about her expression as he did just the fact that there might have been a slight sense of attraction.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Kien Quan

Photographer Kien Quan joined us on Inside the Photographer’s Mind to talk about his dance photography.

We had our first dance photographer recently on Inside the Photographer’s Mind as Kien Quan graced us with his presence. Kien started out as a dancer and then decided that he wanted to get into photography. As Kien explains, he always goes about stuff the hard way. So he got a camera, lights, looked up tutorials, and then got into capturing his friends in his dance crew. From there, he networked with other dancers and did the same thing.

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