9 Lenses That Will Make Your Firework Photography Sparkle

Firework photography can be challenging, but so satisfying.

Fourth of July celebrations are almost upon us, which means many of you will probably try your hand at firework photography. Zoom lenses are perfect for firework photography as they can give you much more flexibility when it comes to composition choices. Seeing as you can’t move around safely in the dark, and the fact your camera is going to be sitting on a tripod makes zoom lenses much better for this genre of photography. If you want to try and capture rockets shooting off, and exploding into the sky, these nine zoom lenses will really help make your firework photography plans go off with a bang. Continue reading…

A Closer Look: The Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L vs The Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art

The Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L gives the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art a closer run for it’s money than originally thought.

The Canon 50mm f1.2L is a mighty fine lens, and anyone who uses it will be happy to have it as part of their kit, but the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art is also a nifty fifty that packs a heck of a punch. Recently, DXOMark reviewed the new Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L, and part of its comparison saw the Canon and the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art go head-to-head, but the results (as some of you pointed out) could have been a little skewed due to the cameras that each lens was tested on. Let’s take another look at these two lenses in another head-to-head that is on a more level playing field. Continue reading…

Comparing Video Color Science: Sony vs. Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras

Max Yuryev makes a quick color science comparison between Sony and Fujifilm of skin tones and landscapes.

Still undecided between Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras which one to go for in terms of colors, especially if you like shooting videos on the side? Max Yuryev has a quick video that should help you decide. In his color science comparison, he put the Sony A6400 and the Fujifilm X-T30 to the test and encouraged viewers to take their picks before revealing his own choices and findings.

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The Datacolor SpyderX Tool Kits Could Be Essential for Photographers

With the Datacolor SpyderX tool kits, photographers will be able to get a lot more from their workflow.

Photographers of a particular skill set above the typical amateur are going to want to pay attention to the new Datacolor SpyderX tool kits announced today. Besides including their much improved SpiderX Elit calibration unit, they’re also assisting higher end photographers by bundling a few other goodies together. There are two kits: the SpyderX Capture Pro, and the SpyderX Studio kit. One isn’t necessarily a more high end than the other; one is designed more around the need for capturing out in the field, the other is for studio work.

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The Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System Is One the Coolest Things

Lensbaby addresses the portrait photographers’ need for creative, in-camera effects with a new lens filter system for existing lenses.

If you’re fond of shooting with all sorts of objects to create special effects, Lensbaby has something to help make things easier for you. Say hello to the newly released OMNI Creative Filter System, which promises to be a unique professional tool that you can use with your current prime and zoom lenses.

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Review: Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System (That Extra Pop We Need)

Photographers who enjoy introducing creative, in-camera effects and light distortions will find lots to love about Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter System.

Any photographers who have experience shooting through objects like prisms, crystals, and mirrors to create unique effects in-camera will tell you that the results are often unpredictable. The process of using these optical modifiers can also be rather bothersome; you have to hold your camera with one hand while manipulating these modifiers with the other. Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative filter System aims to simplify this experience and make creating these in-camera effects less complicated and a more manageable affair. Being announced today, the new system uses prisms and your lens’ filter mount system to give photographers the ability to create some cool in-camera effects.

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Dance With Closed Eyes Shows the Power of Those With Perceived Limitations

All images by Tatiana Iliana. Used with permission. 

“Sometimes art can change how people see the world, but I want to change how the world sees people.” Those are the powerful words of Tatiana Ilina, a documentary photographer based in New York. Through her imagery, she is passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless – shining a light on those whom society has often placed in darkness. By connecting with fringe communities, she educates herself in the process. “I was always interested in creating the stories about incredible people who made me see many things in this world from another side.”

Tatiana’s Dance With Closed Eyes is a photo series that shows people who are blind but refuse to live up to the limitations our world has expected them to have. As a publication that empathizes with the blind community (our EIC is registered as legally blind), we were more than curious to learn about this moving project.

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Review: Fotopro EGL-65 Carbon Eagle Series Tripod (E-6H Gimbal Head)

Fotopro EGL-65

The Fotopro EGL-65 Eagle Series tripod and the E-6H gimbal head are serious pieces of kit that will serve you well, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for them.

When we go to buy cameras and lenses we barely bat an eye when it comes to dropping over four figures on new gear, but when we think about buying accessories such as tripods, the thought of spending that much probably sends shivers down one’s spine. At the end of the day though you have to keep in mind that the new camera and lens setup you purchased for untold thousands of dollars might at some point be supported by a tripod–so getting a good quality one that you can trust is a must. The Fotopro EGL-65 carbon fiber tripod along with the E-6H gimbal head have been designed with the pro photographer in mind. This tripod from Fotopro doesn’t really change anything when it comes tripods and their basic form and functions, but what they have done is elevate, and refine almost everything a tripod can do to heights I’ve not seen before.

But is the Fotopro EGL-65 Eagle Series Carbon Fiber tripod with gimbal head a setup that you should seriously consider investing over $1,000 in?

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Cheap Photo: Movavi DeNoise Can Clean up Your Images Fast! Only $14!

movavi denoise

Movavi Photo DeNoise will help you stop worrying about noise in your images.

Are you tired of your low light photography looking like Swiss cheese? Do you wish you could push your ISO higher than normal so you can shoot in really low light conditions without having to worry about noise in your pictures? If so, Movavi Photo DeNoise could be exactly what you need, and for a limited time, it’s just $14! It is more powerful than the tools in both Lightroom and Photoshop, and incredibly easy to use. Find out more details after the break. Continue reading…

SPINN.DESIGN Approaches Camera Straps in a New Way

camera carrying system

This camera carrying system is aiming to revolutionize the way we carry our cameras.

Camera straps are something we all need, and they are something most of us never really put much thought into. We often grab the first strap that comes into sight, and we then mumble and complain for the rest of the day about how uncomfortable the strap is, or how we wish there could be a better-designed strap. That’s where SPINN DESIGN comes into play. SPINN.DESIGN claims they have designed the most user-friendly, most comfortable camera carrying system, and they have started a campaign on Kickstarter so that they can bring it to the masses. Continue reading…

HyperCube Automatically Backs up Your Smartphone Pics While Charging

HyperCube offers a handy solution to photo backup and media access from your iOS and Android device.

Running out of storage space on our smartphones and tablets is a common problem. Now, there’s now a tiny device designed to address that, and it does so while you charge your device. Called the HyperCube, it’s the latest offering HYPER by Sanho Corporation dropped on Kickstarter following their highly successful, crowdfunded USB-C hubs.

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Attention Photographers: Can You Ace This Quick Color Perception Test?

Here’s a quick color perception test that will let you know if you can really get your colors right.

Being able to render colors accurately is definitely a big deal for photographers, which is why we make it a point to do routine monitor calibrations as part of our workflow. But, have you ever thought about whether you have accurate color perception? This quick test will let you know if you can notice subtle color differences and actually get those colors right.

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YOU Are a Good Photographer and You Should Let Everyone Know It

Modesty in photography needs to become a thing of the past. It’s time to embrace how good you are.

“Oh, I’m not that good.” A common comment that is thrown out when a photographer receives praise for the work they do. “There are many photographers better than me.” Maybe. But who cares? What is the point of being overly modest? Surely it’s a waste of everyone’s time. I suggest we throw it in the bin, instead opting to say “Yes. I am that good,” without worrying how others may react.

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Ingrid Alice Irsigler Creates Stunning Afro Asian Fashion Photography

If you’re into colorful fashion photography, we’re sure you’ll love these unique and vibrant snaps by Ingrid Alice Irsigler.

Looking for some creative inspiration and ideas for your next fashion photography projects? We found just the right stuff for you. Ingrid Alice Irsigler, a photographer and art director based in Cape Town, shot a couple of impressive sets showcasing the beauty and artistry of Afro Asian fashion. This mind-blowing fusion of two cultures resulted in some pretty stunning imagery which is totally different from what we usually see (especially on Instagram) or think about fashion photography.

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Why Photographers Are Switching to a New Photo Editor for PC

There’s a new kid in town – a brand new photo editor for those who love their PC.

There is a lot of editing software to choose from, but PhotoWorks is a photo editor for PC that stands out from the crowd. Professional capabilities combine with an incredibly easy-to-master interface to make this photo editing software the answer for the mass of photographers looking to switch to a less complicated system without compromising quality.

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Stian Klo Captures the Majestic Wildlife of the Kenyan Landscape

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the trips of Norweigian adventure photographer Stian Klo for some time. Stian has been to some really picturesque locations, like the Finnish Lapland and Northern Italy. This time, we revisit his 2017 trip to Africa – a dream destination for intrepid travelers, adventure photographers, and wildlife photographers alike. With photos that showcase the fascinating wildlife and the vast landscapes it calls home, we can see that Stian achieved his goal for this adventure: “to embrace the adventure and not force the creative process in terms of photography.”

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Erik Witsoe Uses Rollei Superpan 200 to Shoot Street Photography

It may be quite rare now but if you can grab some Rollei Superpan 200, Erik Witsoe’s punchy street photos prove it will be well worth it.

Looking for a new film to try? If you shoot more street and black and white, like punchy contrast in your snaps, and shoot a lot during bright daylight, you might want to lookout for some Rollei Superpan 200. It’s a pretty rare black and white film these days, but if you can get your hands on some, you might just have a blast with it and end up with great shots like Erik Witsoe did.

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Kevin Lynch Portrays the Humanity Behind Fierce UFC Fighters

Ever wanted to know what life is like inside the competitive world of mixed martial arts? Kevin Lynch is about to show you…

Brutal. Violent. Archaic. These were just a few of the adjectives used to describe the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). At the time of its inception, the bloody battles of the UFC were widely frowned upon. Many wanted it banned. However, 26 years later, it is now one of the biggest and most respected organizations in all sports. In 2002, photographer Kevin Lynch became involved with the UFC. Documenting both the action and the fighters, he would go on to create one of the most influential books in combat sports, Octagon.

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Smart Photo Manager ibi Lets You Share Photos by Invitation Only

Meet ibi, the Smart Photo Manager that lets you save photos of those precious memories in one place and easily share them only with your inner circle.

If you’ve ever been needed to share photos of your private events, trips, and slices of life only to your private network and favorite people, we may have found a great solution for you. And no, it’s not another social media platform (which is good, because we all know how crowded and cluttered that can get). Say hello to ibi, the smart photo manager by Western Digital, designed to bring your photos, videos, and favorite people together.

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Sofia Macarena Prado’s Travel Photos Attempt to Retrace Old Persia

Iran Travel Diary by Sofia Macarena Prado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If Iran isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, we’ve found a travel series that should inspire you to include it. Not only is it home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but also a rich cultural legacy. A testament to this is the beautiful Iran travel diary of Buenos Aires-based photographer and art director Sofia Macarena Prado. There, she takes us around the most stunning sights, highlights some of its vibrant colors and textures, introduces us to the locals, and provides glimpses of their daily life.

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Lomography Berlin Kino Black and White Film Now Available in Medium Format

The wait is over for medium format photographers looking forward to trying the Lomography Berlin Kino black and white film.

Remember the Berlin Kino Film, Lomography’s ISO 400 black and white film that they said was inspired by German cinema? They recently announced that they’ve made its gorgeous grayscale tones available for medium format. So if you’ve been keen on shooting this on your favorite medium format camera, Lomography has opened the pre-order for this dreamy film.

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