Shooting Landscapes: Exploiting the Benefits of Medium Format

Guest Blog post written by Matt Lief Anderson. All images by Matt Lief Anderson.

A lot of things need to come together for me to snap the shutter. The light needs to be right and the composition needs to be perfect. A lot of times this can mean a lot of waiting, moving closer to the subject, or a lens change before I feel like taking the photo. When I feel like the time is right, I take the shot. Sometimes the photo comes out the way I envisioned, but most of the time it doesn’t. That’s when more adjustments come into play and it’s that type of problem solving that makes photography so difficult. You can take hundreds of photos before you feel like you have the right shot. It’s a slow but rewarding process.

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Sigma Announces 5 New Lenses for the Photo World at Photokina

It seems like Sigma dropped a whole lot of great glass at Photokina.

Though they’ve mostly been focusing on the Art collection of lenses, tonight Sigma announced new lenses not only for the Art collection but also for their Sports and Contemporary lines. These lenses will be coming for DSLRs and a few of them will also be coming for Sony E mount. They’re all full frame and there seems to be quite a bit of innovation behind each of the lenses.

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Phase One Expands Fujifilm GFX Support to Capture One

You’re finally going to be able to use the Fujifilm GFX series of cameras with Capture One.

Phase One announced a strategic software agreement with Fujifilm today, expanding existing Capture One software support to more Fujifilm cameras with the release of Capture One 11.3. This new release of Capture One offers significantly expanded Fujifilm camera support, including full Fujifilm RAW file support, as well as introduces basic tethered support for select cameras. In a move that will surely please many Fujifilm shooters, Capture One will be integrating Fujifilm Film Simulations into future releases of the software, as well as providing enhanced tethered support for select professional Fujifilm cameras.

All the major press release details are after the jump.

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Fujifilm is Developing a 100MP GFX Camera with IBIS and Phase Detection

Although we don’t know when it is coming in the early half of the next year, the new Fujifilm GFX camera will have 100MP at the heart.

To a truly stunned audience at Photokina 2018, Fujifilm announced that a brand new 100MP Fujifilm GFX camera will be coming soon. But this isn’t any camera, they’re pulling out all the stops here. It has sensor based stabilization, 4K video, and on sensor phase detection pixels. The body is a style similar to a Canon 1D or a Nikon D5.

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The Fujifilm GFX 50R is the Rangefinder Style Camera We Wanted

Best of all, the new Fujifilm GFX 50R is going to work with Capture One!!!!

There were reports abound on the new Fujifilm GFX 50R, and while there are features that we know would be difficult to implement, what we’re getting today at Photokina 2018 is more than enough for all photographers. Standard to the new Fujifilm GFX 50R is the 0.77×3.69M-dot organic “OLED” electronic viewfinder that is built in as opposed to being attachable like it is with the GFX 50S, weather sealing in 64 different places, 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor with 51.4MP defining it. More or less, it’s a variant of the highly rated Fujifilm GFX 50s.

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Hasselblad Adds Three New XCD Lenses to X1D Lens Lineup, Including XCD 80mm f1.9

The newest XCD lenses include Hasselblad’s fastest lens ever, the XCD 80mm f1.9.

Hasselblad has expanded the XCD lens family with three new additions to make the X1D-50c an even more powerful mirrorless medium format camera. These are comprised of the XCD 65mm f2.8, XCD 135mm f2.8 telephoto lens with X Converter 1.7, and the XCD 80mm f1.9, the largest aperture ever in a Hasselblad lens. With these releases, the XCD lens lineup now covers nine different focal lengths.

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The Panasonic S1r and the Panasonic S1 are Their First Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic and the L mount are cozying up to each other in the form of the new Panasonic S1R camera.

There are actually two new cameras from Panasonic in the form of their new Panasonic S1 and the Panasonic S1r. Amazingly, they’re doing it right too–the cameras have dual card slots and there is a version of their cameras with a smaller resolution sensor and a higher resolution sensor too. All the details that we’ve got are after the jump.

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Leica, Panasonic and Sigma Announce New Initiative on the Full Frame L Mount

Yes; it seems that Leica, Panasonic and Sigma are indeed working on something huge together.

This news from Photokina 2018 is amongst the most exciting as it means that there is going to be a whole lot more full frame camera competition on the market. Leica, Panasonic and Sigma are announcing a joint initiative on the L mount. For the uninitiated, the L mount is Leica’s other mount besides the M. The L mount is key to the Leica T series and the Leica SL. For years, Leica and Panasonic had a relationship of sharing with one another and this is going to continue on in the future. But now Sigma is coming into that; and naturally it would just make sense that one of the world’s greatest lens makers come in.

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Review: Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM (Canon RF Mount)

The Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM is one of the reasons why I’m going back to the system.

I genuinely didn’t expect to Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM to be a reason to come back to Canon, but I’m glad to say that via Adorama, I’ve made the purchase of the new lens along with a new body. With a very medium format look to it, the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM proves that Canon really did put lenses first when they created this camera system. While the Canon EOS R in and of itself is a bit lackluster in comparison to its competitors, this lens is really make it stand out. Maybe I’m smitten with the way that the sharpness is just there at f1.2 or the colors, the way it makes people look, or just the beauty of how it renders scenes. But as it is, I’m pretty safe guarded against the bokeh bug. And in my testing, I’ve found the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM to be really, really incredible.

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The Leica S3 is the Company’s Latest Medium Format Camera

The new Leica S3 is the company’s latest medium format camera.

10 years after the release of the Leica S2, the company has now announced their new evolution of the medium format camera: the Leica S3. It still has the 3:2 ratio and it also keeps the optical viewfinder. It is still a DSLR too. Here are some of the major details. However, all we know that it is a prototype that is being shown off and full production units will be available next year.

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Sony is Announcing at Least 10 New Lenses in the Near Future

Sony announced a new strategy for their Interchangeable lens cameras at Photokina 2018. 

At Photokina 2018, Sony announced that they’re changing up their strategy when it comes to interchangeable lens cameras. Amongst things discussed are their innovations over the years and how they’ve worked to change the full frame mirrorless camera market. But hey also let u know a few new things, like that there are at least 10 new lenses coming in the near future and Eye AF is going to work for Animals too.

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The Phottix Juno TTL Flash Incorporates the New Odin Z Operating System

With the new Phottix Juno TTL flash, photographers are getting a bit of a system update.

Phottix has long been a maker of accessories that don’t always cost a whole lot but still perform just like said accessories. With today’s new announcement of the Phottix Juno TTL flash with the new Odin Z operating system at the heart, we’re all pretty curious what this flash can do now. The idea behind the new Odin Z system is that they wanted to make things even simpler for photographers who know diddly squat about flash. It’s available to all Phottix users via firmware updates and it includes updates like auto switching between camera systems’ TTL languages, and this other really amazing feature called Auto metering.

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The Ricoh GR III Doesn’t Have a Full Frame Sensor; Targets Street Photography

Ricoh is positioning their Ricoh GR III at street photographers and perhaps that’s why it’s still APS-C.

Today, we’re getting the news of the camera that folks have been asking for for a long time – the Ricoh GR III. We previously talked about specs and we heard reports on what the new camera could be, but now we’ve got official word. The new Ricoh GR III is currently under development and will sport a brand new 24.24MP APS-C – likely the same one Sony has been using in their Sony a6300 and a variant of those in nearly every other APS-C camera. The lens has been revamped; it’s an 18.3mm f2.8 lens that equates to a 28mm field of view. The Ricoh GR III shoots 14 bit RAW DNG files, has a built in ND filter and more or less a lot of the same features as the previous camera.

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Adapter Review: Fringer EF-FX Pro (Tested on the Fujifilm X Pro 2)

The Fringer EF-FX Pro adapter has a whole lot going for it.

Adapting DSLR lenses of all kinds to your mirrorless camera has long been one of the coolest things about going mirrorless. It has also made that process of transferring from an old DSLR system to a newer mirrorless one that much easier of a process for a lot of photographers. The caveat being that the majority of these adapters are just dummy adapters, meaning they hold the lens in the right spot, but there is no AF or electronic communication to the camera.

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See the Quirky, Neon-Lit Promotional Posters for MTV India’s “Dating in the Dark”

All images by Saif R. and Megha Singha. Used with Creative Commons permission.

MTV India’s Dating in the Dark is exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing says “love is blind” more than actually meeting the potential love of your life (or at least, your next romantic pursuit) in the, well, dark, doesn’t it?

Dating in the Dark is a reality dating show that places a small group of three guys and three girls inside one house to have group and one-on-one dates under the cover of darkness, all with the goal of getting to know each other better.

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What Happened to This Badly Burned Leica Camera?

We reached out to the individual behind this post to get the story.

For the sky-high prices they often come at, their durability, and the quality of the images they produce, Leica cameras are among the most coveted gear among photographers. They’re usually treated with care that’s borderline reverence and devotion – which is why we, and we assume many of you guys now too, were shocked when we stumbled upon the picture of this Leica camera that’s burned so badly it’s barely recognizable now.

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The Interfit Badger Unleashed Does HSS and TTL Flash for $349.99

The Badger Unleashed is Interfit’s answer for photographers looking for a more portable version of the Honey Badger Monolight. 

Following the success of the Honey Badger Monolight, Interfit has just announced the Badger Unleased, a 250Ws battery-powered flash with HSS and TTL. This new offering drops the constraints of the AC power cable and is instead powered by a 2900mAh battery. With its compact form factor and cable-free portability, the Badger Unleashed is poised to be a capable shooting companion for photographers on the go.

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It’s Sad That Astrophotographers May Never See This Telescope

This project would have been an interesting telescope system for astrophotographers and astronomy fans alike.

If you’ve been wanting to take your astrophotography to the next level, looks like this telescope system would have been the contraption to take it to the stars and beyond. While Kickstarter funding for the project was unsuccessful, we can’t help but be curious enough about the iEXOS PMC-Eight 100™ 90 (IEQ-90) to tell aspiring astrophotographers about it.

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The Weather Sealed IRIX 150mm f2.8 Macro Lens Has 11 Aperture Blades

What IRIX had been hiding all this time is their new IRIX 150mm f2.8 Macro Lens. 

Just in time for Photokina 2018, the new IRIX 150mm f2.8 Macro Lens is making its debut today from the company. In true IRIX fashion, this is a manual focus lens with some cool features beyond just weather sealing. For starters, it has 11 aperture blades. Sound familiar? If you’re a Sony G Master lens user, then you’ll know that Sony loves their 11 aperture blades. Ssdly, the mirrorless world won’t be seeing this lens just yet. It’s only coming out for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Pentax K mounts to start.

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