Compagnon is Trying to Create the Ultimate Explorer Camera Backpack

All images by compagnon. Used with permission.

There’s no question that a sturdy camera bag or backpack to protect precious gear is a must for every photographer. But not everyone gets the right one straight away, whether in terms of style, functionality, or design.  Fortunately for us, there are many independent brands that continuously churn out options for the discerning photographer. The latest to join the roster is German backpack maker compagnon with a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture “the most comfortable camera backpack.”

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Oberwerth’s 1 Second Camera Holster Could Solve Your Ease vs Protection Dilemma

The 1 Second Camera Holster from Oberwerth could be just what street photographers need.

I think that it is safe to say that all of us as photographers at some point or another have had to juggle our desire for a safe way to carry and protect our cameras while at the same time wanting fast, easy access to that gear for if the moment strikes. But it is surprisingly hard to find a good compromise of the two, either a solution is too easy and provides little to no protection, or it is too secure and it is no longer easy to access. This is exactly the problem that Oberwerth is looking to solve with their new 1 Sec. Holster Bag. Continue reading…

Documentary Film to Tell the Story of Magnum’s Peek into Cinema

Screenshot image from the video by FilmStruck’s Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum

While elite photo agency Magnum is recognized as the forerunner of modern documentary photography and photojournalism, its legendary photographers have also taken some of the most enduring pictures of cinema. A documentary film exploring Magnum’s surprising snaps of the movie world will premiere exclusively on film streaming service FilmStruck.

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Macphun Aims To Capitalize On Lightroom Fears With Digital Asset Manager Announcement

It looks like Macphun is going after Lightroom!

There are a lot of photographers wondering what their future with Adobe’s Lightroom looks like with the surprising announcement earlier this week of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. This was more than just confusion about the name though, as has been seen time and time again when products get rebranded as classic. It is almost always a sign that the end is near. However, Adobe has recovered from something like this before.

Macphun, looking to capitalize on this fear and openness to new options, took the opportunity to announce their upcoming Digital Asset Manager or DAM – which they feel will offer safe harbor to those seeking refuge from Lightroom. Continue reading…

The New Capture One Film Styles Pack Promises an Analog Look With Your Photos

The Capture One Film Styles Pack looks really fantastic if you like that style

Photographers who adore the look of analog film presets may greatly appreciate the new Capture One Film Styles pack. Capture One has these before–done by an outside company–but now they’re giving us official offerings. The Capture One Film Styles pack differ from something like RNI Films in that they’re not specific about what film emulsions they’re trying to emulate. But the pack contains around 33 color film simulations and 12 black and white offerings.

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Why I Absolutely Adore Compact Film Cameras for My Photography

The alternative title for this pretty personal blog post was something along the lines of “Compact Film Cameras are the Absolute Best And I Don’t Care If You Call Me a Hipster You’re a Hipster” but after a few rounds of video games to clear my mind, I decided against this motion. But in all honesty, it would just the same for me. You see, lots of folks love their digital cameras and have major hangups about film cameras. Maybe they’ve tried them for a really long time and are sick of everything that was involved. The younger folks though may consider them a bit too cliche yet may try to emulate the look of film as best as they can. However when you’re shooting for pure pleasure and fun, there’s often nothing more rewarding than knowing that you gave it your all and a lot of thought to be gifted a number of great images at the end of it all. There’s an interpersonal and very self-fulfilling experience involved in all this that doesn’t at all remove you from the moment to chimp the LCD screen, let others around you see, etc.

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The Yashica Y35 Officially Gets An Upgrade to an F2 Lens

They did it! The Yashica Y35 is getting an upgrade

Good news for backers of the Yashica Y35 camera–it’s getting a lens upgrade. The new lens is something that the company announced would be possible after hitting a specific stretch goal and on top of that they’re adding in what they’re calling a 4G lens. We’re not exactly sure what that means and the comments on the update shows equal amounts of confusion as well.

At this point, if you were complaining about the camera, there really is less reasons to do so now–especially at the stupid low price point.

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Malibu: My Experience at an Instagram Influencer Party

All photos and words by Nathan Hostetter for the Phoblographer. Be sure to check out Nathan’s website and his Instagram.

Artists of all kinds go through periods of creative drought (you’re lying if you say you don’t), and lately, I have found myself in a bit of a dry-spell as well. While looking for a weekend distraction, a close friend of mine invited me to a “social media influencer party.” He said it just like that. I’m not naïve, I know what social influencers are, but I was not aware they held events, or threw parties. This was easily the “most LA” event I had ever been invited to. “Do I have to dress up?” “How fancy is it?” “Should I bring a jacket?” I really had no idea what to expect. I reluctantly accepted his invitation and we began the 40-minute journey from my place in Sherman Oaks, to the palace of followers and social influence on the cliffs of Malibu.

As we pulled up, the house appeared much smaller than I expected, until I saw the inside. The front door was wide open with no one manning it; anyone could’ve walked into the party and probably never be questioned. Once inside, what was once a quaint little beach house, opened up to reveal a 3-story mansion, each floor with massive ocean views. I must admit, it took me a second to acclimate myself. My friend, who had been there once before, gave me a quick tour of the two main floors. There seemed to be photo shoots going on in every corner of the house. Since I was still taking it all in, I didn’t think too much of this at first, but more on that later.

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