CamFi Pro Plus Provides Fast Wireless Tethering for 500+ Cameras

The new CamFi Pro Plus supports wireless tethering feature for around 500 models from major camera companies.

Shortly before 2018 closed, CamFi released the CamFi Pro Plus, a new offering that supports wireless tethering for 500+ cameras. The wireless camera controller manufacturer sees this product greatly improving the productivity of professional photographers all while using the tools they’re already familiar with.

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Keren Stanley: Of Surreal Photography and Alternate Worlds

All images by Keren Stanley. Used with permission.

Here in The Phoblographer, we put the spotlight on a lot of impressive conceptual portraits, especially those with a touch of the otherworldly. The latest of these are by Keren Stanley, a self-taught  fine art and conceptual photographer who builds alternate worlds rooted in reality. Today, let’s join her explorations of beauty and pain, addictions, and the transient nature of identity through surreal photography.

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Watch How This Leica Camera Sensor Gets Cleaned

Sensor Cleaning

Leica’s official sensor cleaning procedure takes time, effort, and patience.

Have you ever wondered what’s involved when it comes to cleaning a camera sensor? While there are kits available for you to do this at home, it’s really not recommended unless you have the utmost confidence in your own hand eye coordination, especially if your dealing with a camera that costs as much as a Leica does. After the break we have a video that shows you just how much care a Leica technician gives to each Leica camera that is taken in for a sensor cleaning.  Continue reading…

Things to Keep in Mind When Shooting with Expired Film

Expired film is still workable as long as you know how to work with it and have an idea what to expect with the results. 

They probably don’t know it, but the retro, dreamy look that a lot of people associate with film photography is usually caused by expired film. You can call some of the results as happy accidents, but that doesn’t change the fact that expired film is tricky to shoot with. If you’re drawn to film photography because of this look, we suggest watching this video before you start hoarding expired film.

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TONIGHT! Penumbra’s Geoff Berliner on Inside the Photographer’s Mind!

Join us! Our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind is Penumbra Foundation’s Geoffrey Berliner.

Continuing with our once a month interview series, our next photographer on Inside the Photographer’s Mind is Geoffrey Berliner. Geoff is one of the Co-Founders of the Penumbra Foundation, which specializes in keeping all of the super old styles and techniques of photography alive. The foundation hosts workshops, shoots (obviously), and looks to spread the Gospel of Analog any way they can. Located in midtown NYC, they’re well known amongst the local photography community and have been featured on television a number of times. So this show will be a tad different. We’re going to be talking about Geoff’s creative vision along with what it’s like to run an organization in the photo world.

You can catch it live on Adorama TV on January 16th at 5pm EST by following the Phoblographer or Adorama on Facebook. Or join us live at the Adorama Event Space via EventBrite!

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Useful Photography Tip #191: Here’s Why Toning in Black and White Photography Is So Important

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Check them out here!

Today’s useful photography tip is for every photographer who wants to get more into black and white photography, is into it, and who wants to understand how light and color can affect a scene. The opening photo of this post was done in black and white. When you look at it, you’d probably think that the lighting wasn’t that special or different. But click past the jump to see something a bit different.

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Four Bang for Your Buck 35mm Prime Lenses for the Everyday Photographer

35mm lenses are perfect for the everyday photographer thanks to their light weight and versatility.

If you’re the type of photographer who loves to carry their camera around with them every single day so that you can capture moments and events that would otherwise flutter by, 35mm lenses are for you. Thanks to their light weight, small footprint, sharp images, and their ability to capture everything from street photography, to portraits, and landscapes, to documentary style images, they’re perfect for everyday use. Join us after the break to see which 35mm lenses we recommend for the everyday photographer. Continue reading…

A Dirty Confession: I Enjoy Fujifilm’s JPEGs Sometimes More Than the RAW Files

The Fujifilm film simulations look great right out of the camera and there is no need to do major adjustments in post if you shoot carefully.

Despite the fact that so many photographers would rather throw their cameras away than shoot in JPEG, I’ve come to realize that I like the look of the JPEGs of many cameras–Fujifilm in particular, but the output from Canon, Sony, and a number of others is also really stunning. I’m not discouraging the shooting in RAW photo mode; I’m encouraging the shooting in RAW and JPEG mode. This doesn’t go necessarily just for Fujifilm, but I’ll admit that of the major camera manufacturers they have the single most unique JPEG photos. I’m also not even sure that’s up for debate; it’s more a fact.

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Cheap Photo: Fujifilm X-T3 for $1,399; Nikon D7200 for $696.95, and More

We’ve searched high and low for the best photography deals on the web.

Whether you’re looking for new a new camera, some accessories, or tutorials, guides, and software, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been searching the web for photography deals and we’ve put all of the best ones together for you here. Right now you can step into the luxurious world of Leica with the Leica D-Lux (typ 109) for just $935!! There’s also a great deal on a a workhorse APS-C cameras too. The Nikon D7200 can be had for $696.95, and the outstanding Fujifilm X-T3 is just $1,399!! You can also pick up 1850 Photoshop actions for $19, and you can learn how to improve your post processing in Photoshop with the Color and Black and White Post Processing Course for just $19. Check out all of the sweet photography deals after the break.

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The Sony a6400 Has “Speed x AI” Along with Animal Eye AF Tracking

During a livestream today, Sony updated a number of their products as well as a big Sony a9 firmware update.

In addition to a big update to the Sony a9 via a firmware update, the company announced their brand new Sony a6400 camera. This new APS-C camera has a 24MP APS-C sensor at its heart and incorporates the company’s new Speed x AI. This update is coming to the company’s highest end cameras soon, but the new Sony a6400 applies it to pets, animals, and uses a bunch of new algorithms that have been talked about by the likes of Apple, Google, etc. when it comes to photography. At 11fps, it will theoretically be able to track your French Bulldog running around like the maniac it is.

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This Smartphone’s Camera Could Have a 10x Optical Zoom

Need an extra reach for your next smartphone camera? An Oppo model with a 10x optical zoom may be coming soon to give you just that.

What’s next in the mobile photography world after the multi-lenses, selfie cameras, AI modes, and bokeh features? Reports point out to an Oppo smartphone camera with 10x optical zoom possibly in the works now. If you’re curious about that extra reach, the official announcement could be out very soon. Continue reading…

François Ollivier’s Collection of Night Self-Portraits is a Mood Study

All images by François Ollivier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re familiar with color studies and pattern experiments, but how often do we see mood studies? We think a collection of self-portraits shot at night by François Ollivier is precisely that: an assemblage of moods that he used either as a guide for his series, or as a way for him to immerse into the scenes he creates. If you’re thinking of doing a self-portrait project, this set could very well inspire you.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to Lomography Film in 35mm and 120 Formats

Lomography isn’t a company that should be disregarded; they’ve got some fantastic films.

While some photographers look at Lomography as a reseller due to their rebadging of certain film emulsions, I don’t think that one can question just how much they’ve done for the analog film photography movement. The company that used to be branded as just a Hipster camera organization has grown and matured over the years into something else–creating many of their own unique lenses and taking advantage of just how well Instax does. If you’re looking for something sustainable and yet very good, you should consider their films.

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This Fujifilm Camera and Vintage Lens Help Jennifer Carter Create Unique Concert Photos

All images by Jennifer Carter. Used with permission.

Jennifer Carter fell into concert photography through circumstance. Her love for music and passion for photography were brought together and she hasn’t looked back since. Her images provoke connection and feeling, almost to the point you can hear and feel the music from her subjects. Borrowing from the best of both worlds, Jennifer uses a combination of modern camera bodies and vintage lenses. Intrigued by this approach, we caught up with her to learn more about her work.

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First Impressions: Sigma 28mm f1.4 Art DG HSM (Canon EF)

The Sigma 28mm f1.4 Art DG HSM is probably our favorite workhorse prime lens from Sigma.

After reviewing their mammoth 40mm f1.4, we got the Sigma 28mm f1.4 Art DG HSM in and were able to relax a bit while understanding that it won’t be quite as heavy overall. The company’s newest wide angle lens is perhaps being looked at with great curiosity by street photographers, documentary shooters, and photojournalists. Arguably, 28mm is one of the focal lengths that emulates the look of the human eye. With weather sealing, a fairly lightweight body, and pretty fast focusing in a package that also exhibits beautiful image quality, there isn’t a whole lot that we’re finding we need to complain about with the Sigma 28mm f1.4 Art DG HSM.

If anything, this lens is everything that the 35mm f1.4 Art lens should have been.

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These Four Accessories Can Help with Winter Landscape Photography

These accessories will help you protect your gear and improve your winter landscape photography to no end.

Landscape photography is incredibly relaxing. There’s really nothing better than getting out into nature to take in its sights and sounds. Winter landscape photography can bring about its own set of challenges though. Before you head out you need to make sure your gear is prepared to deal with cold, wet conditions, and that you have everything you need to capture the beauty of the winter wonderland that sits before you.

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Dmitri Pryahin Unveils the Most Intense Expressions in Portraiture

All images by Dmitri Pryahin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We are often told that the most effective and compelling portraits are those that make us feel. In that case, the work of Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin easily achieves — and exceeds even — our expectations. His focus on the most intense and most primal emotions challenges our ideas and preconceptions about portrait photography once again in one of his latest series.

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Bold and Bright: Direct Flash as One of Today’s Hottest Visual Styles

Everywhere you look, direct flash is lighting up projects and editorials in various genres, from portraits and fashion, to street and documentary, to food and product photography.

Terry Richardson may have fallen out of favor and spotlight, but the visual style he helped popularize remains one of today’s trendiest. Direct flash photography, also called high-flash photography by some, has become the tool of choice for magazines, newspapers, Instagrammers, and social media marketers as of late. Or, as one article put it, from salad bowls to CEOs.

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New Images of Fujifilm GFX 100 Surface, Possible X Trans Sensor Inside

Fujifilm have been batting well since they entered the Medium Format race, but a 100 Megapixel X-Trans Sensor could hit their next Medium Format camera out of the park.

Thanks to the guys and gals over at Fujifilm, Medium Format cameras have become much more affordable and accessible to the masses. The GFX 50S and the GFX 50R have been causing waves in the high-end camera world and for good reason. The next Medium Format camera from Fujifilm will be a 100 Megapixel variant that is due for release sometime in 2019. While details have been hard to come by, some new images of a prototype GFX 100 have surfaced on the web. The big question though is will this beast have a Bayer sensor, or will it be equipped with the incredible X-Trans Sensors Fujifilm have become known for? According to an interview that we did last year, there’s a possibility that it could still be an X Trans sensor. Continue reading…

Review: Sigma 40mm f1.4 DG HSM Art (Do YOU Even Lift, Bruh?)

The Sigma 40mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens has some of the best image quality we’ve seen; but oh jeez is it heavy!

When I held the Sigma 40mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens in my hands the first time around, I thought that it was massive. But it was only when it came in for the full review that I realized just how large it is. This lens is a special one from Sigma, it was designed first and foremost for cinema then photo second. As a result, the images from it are amongst some of the most muted that I’ve seen from a Sigma lens. In some ways, it reminds me of certain negative film stocks. Combine this with the weather sealing and fairly fast focusing abilities and you’ve got a winner, right? Well, if you don’t mind barely every pulling the lens out unless you need it because it’s so large and heavy, then sure.

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Thomas Oscar Miles Creates Stunning Worlds Out of Beauty and Darkness

All images and text by Thomas Oscar Miles. Used with permission.

I am Thomas Oscar Miles, a Fine Art / Fairytale Photographer based in the West Midlands, UK. I juxtapose beauty and darkness, showing how they can work with and against each other in a world filled with magic and wonder. I began by taking self-portraits in local woodlands, but began to grow the confidence to shoot with models, a make-up artist, and designers to help bring my stories to life in ways I couldn’t do alone.

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