6 Powerful PCs To Help Photographers with Speedy Post Processing

post processing

If your current PC huffs and puffs through post-processing, it may be time for a radical upgrade.

Computers are definitely something we take for granted these days, and we always just seem to think that the one we have is ‘good enough’ to get the job done when it comes to editing images or creating other forms of content, but my how times have changed. These days you need a pretty beefy PC just to even meet the requirements set forth by both Adobe and Capture One, and to get the absolute best performance possible you need a speed demon of a PC. If you’re finding that your current system sounds like a jet engine at full power when you’re editing images, it’s probably time for a new computer. Here we will take a quick look at some of the best PC’s (both desktops and laptops) for post-processing and content creation. Continue reading…

X-Rite ColorChecker Family Now Comes in Nano to MEGA Sizes

X-Rite ColorChecker is now available in new sizes to make sure that every photographer and filmmaker will have access to the iconic color management tool.

Still missing a color checker in your photography accessories? X-Rite Incorporated, currently one of today’s trusted companies for color management and measurement, has recently expanded its ColorChecker product line with new sizes for both the ColorChecker Classic and Color Checker Video targets. With sizes that now range from Nano, Mini, XL, and MEGA, every photographer and filmmaker will be able to use the right colors and save production time whatever the size of their shoot.

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Sevil Alkan on her Award Winning Street Photography with a Smartphone

All images by Sevil Alkan. Used with permission.

“It’s a great feeling really,” explains Sevil Alkan as she describes the emotions of her recent success at the LensCulture Street Photography Awards. Her eye-catching project, Stray Dog, came first place in this year’s 2019 series category. Sevil’s work is born through emotion and is created with the intention of challenging those that view it. Her images make for great single frames, however, they really come to life when observed as a collection – highlighting her ability to tell visual stories. Although it’s true that her recent success can be a career changer for many, Sevil wasn’t ready to get too carried away, “I was on summer vacation when the winner was announced, so I celebrated with my friends over a couple of drinks.” Rather, she continues focused on the task at hand, ready to build on this stepping stone and continue to create amazing street photography for us all to enjoy.

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This US Navy Canon New F-1 Body is Up for Grabs for $348

Fans and collectors of military cameras will certainly find this US Navy Canon New F-1 body a nice addition to their vintage camera collection.

It’s been a while since our last vintage finds, so we’re excited to share another interesting item we spotted on eBay. Today, it’s something for collectors of military memorabilia and military-issued vintage cameras: a Canon New F-1 35mm SLR body that is still in working condition. If you’re keen on adding this to your collection, it’s all yours for $348.85.

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These are the Best Apple Computers for Photographers Right Now

Photographers complaining about how awful Apple’s products are probably haven’t thought about these Apple Computers for Photographers.

Lots of us photographers aren’t ready to let go of Apple. Though the company has been maintaining an abusive relationship with the professional for many years, their computers and their systems still simply work. There isn’t a whole lot to complain about and things don’t go wrong often. The same can be said for PCs, but they’ll need work to get there. So for the photographer that is looking at a new Apple computer of some sort, we dissected the options out there right now and here’s what we think are the best Apple Computers for Photographers.

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This Cheat Sheet Will Help You Learn Manual Photography Better

If you’ve decided to take the manual photography route, Skylum has put together a cheat sheet to help you get started. 

Another day, another photography cheat sheet. There’s a lot of them out there, especially for those who want to break away from the auto mode and take full control of their camera settings. But we can never stress enough how important it is to learn how to shoot in manual mode to maximize your creative potential. However, with this cheat sheet from Skylum, you won’t have to dive blindly into manual photography.

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If the Sigma 35mm f1.2 FE Lens is Real, it Needs to be Kept Small

sigma lenses

The Sigma 35mm f1.2 FE will be a great lens if it’s real, but it will be spectacular if it’s not a humongous piece of glass.

Sigma makes some of the best lenses you can currently get your hands on, but while the image quality from the lenses will make your jaw drop, the sheer size and weight of some of their primes is almost comical. There are some new reports that the next prime lens from Sigma may be the Sigma 35mm f1.2 FE, and while this has us giddy with excitement, we sure hope that it’s not another repeat of the gargantuan 40mm f1.4 DG HSM. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Five Lightweight Mirrorless Cameras That Make Perfect Travel Companions

lightweight mirrorless cameras

These lightweight Mirrorless cameras are small, powerful, and fun to use.

If you’re in the market for lightweight Mirrorless cameras that will make the perfect travel companion, this roundup is for you. When we travel the last thing we want to do is add a ton of weight to our travel bags, nor do we want to have weighty cameras hanging around our necks while exploring new places. The great thing about these lightweight Mirrorless cameras is that, while they may be small in size, they pack a lot of power under the hood. In fact, you can even get Full Frame cameras that fall into the lightweight camera category now too. Join us after the break to take a look at five lightweight Mirrorless cameras that we’d take along with us on our travels. Continue reading…

The Leica M-E is the Most Affordable Brand New Digital M Yet

Leica M-E (Typ 240)

The New Leica M-E (Typ 240) is the perfect starting place for those new to the Leica platform.

Leica fans, and those who want to become Leica users listen up, we have some exciting news for you. Leica Camera has just announced that a new M series camera will be joining the ranks this July; The Leica M-E (Typ 240). This new camera is being billed as the perfect entry point into the Leica system, and it will offer some great specs. The new Leica M-E (Typ 240) is a Full Frame Mirrorless camera that will feature a 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor, a Leica Maestro image processor, and of course, the gorgeous Rangefinder design that we have all come to know and love. There have also been some improvements made over the Leica M, like a brand new anthracite-gray lacquered finish, which has been developed just for the new camera, and there is genuine leather covering the body which will provide users with excellent grip and premium styling.

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Apparently, We’ve Been Using TLR Cameras Wrong All This Time

If you’re curious about TLR cameras, make sure you wear your humor hat on before you proceed!

Twin Lens Reflex cameras continue to enjoy the interest and fascination of today’s film photographers because of their unique handling and features, as well as their ability to evoke vintage nostalgia. However, these very characteristics also seem to be perplexing for a good number of people; the first question that pops up has always been, “How do you shoot with this thing?”

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The Inside of The Sony 70-200mm F2.8 OSS GM Is a Pure Work of Art

The level of work that goes into making a Sony 70-200mm F2.8 OSS GM is ridiculous.

If you have ever wondered why some of the lenses you buy cost an arm and a leg, an image we’re about to share will help you understand a little bit more about why companies like Sony want top dollar for lenses like the Sony 70-200mm f2.8 OSS GM. A recent post on Reddit shows the cross-section of this lens, and to say it’s tech smut is an understatement. If you like to see the inner workings of things like I do, then you’ll enjoy the image after the break. Continue reading…

Stories From Set: Being a Woman on a Photo Shoot

In a normal place of work, there wouldn’t be nearly as much thought required and energy invested in determining how to respond to something like this.

“Well, If I had a body like hers, I wouldn’t mind,” the client told the photographer I was working for as a photo editor. We were photographing a law firm, creating new headshots as well as capturing full body images, and the lawyer in question who just came in for his session was disappointed to discover the latter aspect of the shoot. Thankfully, I was sitting with my back to the both of them or they might have seen the murderous look of rage that instantly donned my face. I might have withered the man right then and there with my deadly stare. Continue reading…

Research Says Daguerreotype Photos Contain Metallic Nanoparticles

Daguerreotype remains a fascinating photographic process to this day, and recent research gives us more reasons to remain impressed.

It’s been nearly two centuries since Louis Daguerre introduced his daguerreotypes, yet the allure of the early photographic process remains as strong as ever. In fact, it intrigued an interdisciplinary team of scientists to conduct research on the unique characteristics of the images produced on silver plates, particularly how they can look slightly different depending on the viewing angle. They discovered that this curious optical effect is created by the presence of metallic nanoparticles — 19th-century nanotechnology, as they decided to call it.

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What the Upcoming Mirrorless Nikon D5 Needs to Be a Success

The new high end Mirrorless Nikon D5 will be their answer to Sony’s a9.

The Nikon D5 is a camera that can be seen in the hands of professional sports photographers and photojournalists alike. The heavy duty, workhorse of a camera quickly set a standard for what a pro body camera should be. But apart from Sony’s a9, there is really no other Mirrorless camera on the market that could be considered a replacement for the Nikon D5, or the Canon 1Dx Mk II. All of that is about to change: a Mirrorless Nikon D5 is in the works. Join us after the break for more information, and to see what features we would like to see in this potential Mirrorless beast of a camera. Continue reading…

Things We’d Like to See in a $900 Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

full frame mirrorless camera

A sub $1,000 Full Frame Mirrorless camera from Nikon would really shake up the camera market.

In the not too distant past it was impossible to find Full Frame cameras for prices that could be considered affordable, but oh how times have changed. We are living in a world where photographers can now get their hands on Full Frame Mirrorless cameras for just over $1,000. While that’s not ‘cheap’ it’s a heck of a lot less than they used to be. A recent report now states that Nikon may be joining the affordable Full Frame Mirrorless camera club too with an offering that may cost just $900. Join us after the break for more info, and to see what we would like to see in such a camera. Continue reading…

You’re Jealous of the Leica Gear This Photographer Got from Grandpa

We’re sure this is the stuff Leica fans and users’ dreams are made of.

Regardless of whether you shoot film, digital, or both, we’re betting that it’s every photographer’s dream to unearth a Leica camera from their parents or grandparents’ attic. So when content creator and vlogger Sara Dietschy got LOADS of Leica cameras and accessories from her grandfather, she absolutely had to do an unboxing video. So yes, brace yourself and grab something to wipe your drool with. We think you’ll need it.

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Cheap Photo: Just $19 Will Get You Over 300 LR Skin Retouching Tools

photography software

Create professional looking portraits in minutes with this easy to use skin re-touching photography software.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours in Lightroom trying to retouch skin to look flawless. We’ve all been there, and we all know that we would much rather be spending that time out behind the camera making even more gorgeous images. Fortunately, there’s a solution. For a very limited time, this bundle of over 300 skin retouching tools and presets for Lightroom is just $19 (regular price is $350). This photography software features hundreds of presets and brushes. With it, you’ll have the skin of your models looking perfect in the blink of an eye. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Our Favorite Street Photographers with Under 10k Instagram Followers

Starting with street photography, we’re reviving our Instagram 10 under 10k series.

If you’re serious about street photography, then you will already know that a photographer’s number of Instagram followers is often no reflection of their ability to create stunning images. What is true, however, is that those with artistic skills and quality deserve all the online love they can get. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 street photographers under 10k followers, in the hope we can help get that number up!

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These Six Instant Film Cameras Got Glowing Reviews from Us

Instant print cameras are the perfect way to make memories when you don’t want to carry all your gear around with you.

Instant print cameras have always been, and will always be, super fun to use. They are the perfect companion for photographers who don’t want to take their main camera with them to capture the fun of a party, or a night on the town. They are durable and easy to use, which means they can be passed around your group so that everyone can get in on the photo taking action. The best part is that you’ll get instant mementos of your shenanigans with friends and family. In this round up we are going to take a look at six seriously cool and incredibly fun instant print cameras that will help you remember the events of the night before should you wake up with a sore head. Continue reading…