Report: Early 2018 Could See Native Sony FE Art Lenses From Sigma

The buzz on the street is that Sigma has some FE lenses in the works.

It has been widely thought that Sigma will be finally entering the Sony full-frame mirrorless system with native lenses, but reports on how soon and what those lenses could be have been few and far between – until today.

According to a report over on Sony Alpha Rumors Sigma’s new native Sony, FE mount lenses will be officially announced in February of 2018. The report goes on to indicate, based on information passed along by two separate sources, that Sigma’s plans currently for the FE lineup of lenses will be limited to Art series lenses.

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Cheap Photo: Sigma Goes All In On Last Minute Holiday Savings

Sigma really wants to help you spread some holiday cheer, so they have announced a new round of holiday savings. 

Sigma’s Art lenses are among the most popular third party lenses on the market these days with photographers from nearly every major brand having the ability to make use of these excellent lenses. It appears the folks over at Sigma are feeling a little extra generous this holiday season and have recently announced a series wide discount of $100 off.

You can find all of these Sigma deals over on Amazon, but we wanted to highlight a few of them here as well:

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Canon Japan Files for a 400mm Mirror Lens Patent

Canon Japan is brewing up a mirror lens project for APS-C DSLR cameras.

According to a tip from the CanonWatch blog, Canon Japan has very recently filed a patent application for a 400mm f/5.6 mirror lens. But for the uninitiated, it’s worth knowing first what exactly this optical system is to get a clue on why could Canon Japan be gearing up to make such lens.

According to the Wikipedia information cited by CanonWatch regarding the mirror lens, also known as reflex lens or catadioptric lens, they have “some form of cassegrain design which greatly reduces the physical length of the optical assembly, partly by folding the optical path, but mostly through the telephoto effect of the convex secondary mirror which multiplies the focal length many times (up to 4 to 5 times).” This means they make for shorter and more compact telephoto lenses with focal lengths of 250mm and above, sometimes even beyond 1000mm. “Moreover, chromatic aberration, a major problem with long refractive lenses, and off-axis aberration, a major problem with reflective telescopes, is almost completely eliminated by the catadioptric system, making the image they produce suitable to fill the large focal plane of a camera.”

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Using Later To Make Your Social Media Madness More Manageable

Professional photographers: Try Later to fix your social media woes.

As photographers we are constantly wearing multiple hats: everything from an accountant to the salesman, to customer service, to photographer, to marketer. A big piece of that these days is social media, and how we promote ourselves on these platforms can often be the gateway to greater successes in our careers. However, being as we are so often wearing multiple hats, it can be hard to remember to post on your various accounts often enough for them to do any good for you. This is why a social media planner like Later is so helpful. Continue reading…

Florian Mueller Celebrates the Beauty of Architecture with Distraction-Free “Singularity”

All images by Florian Mueller. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Without a doubt, there’s something hypnotic about the dizzying mix of buildings and skyscrapers in many of the architectural photography and street snaps we find. Still, for Germany-based Florian Mueller, one of the best ways to embody the beauty of buildings around the world is to capture them on their own, much like minimalist portraits. Hence, his Singularity project was born.

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Opinion: I Dream of a True Fujifilm Workhorse Camera; And We’re Close

Fujifilm is incredibly close to a camera working professionals of all types can use

When I use the term “true Fujifilm workhorse camera” please note that when it comes to still images Fujifilm is there. With the Fujifilm GFX 50s, X Pro 2, and the X-T2 photographers can shoot to their heart’s content and get great images no matter what. In the case of the Fujifilm GFX 50S though, I really wish programs like Capture One would support the RAW files; but that isn’t happening unfortunately. However, photographers are still able to create and shoot great images; plus they can do it in inclement weather conditions and still have their camera work perfectly fine. Don’t believe me? I’ve done it!

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This Pokemon Camera Will Make Your Inner 90s Kid Swoon

Screenshot image from the Pokemon toy camera video by Shawnee Union

Pokémon has been enjoying a resurgence with the advent of the Pokémon Go app last year, and it looks like a fair bunch are still going crazy over it. It won’t be surprising, therefore, to find some related merchandise floating about on ebay. Lo and behold, we found a rare photographic gem that will surely delight your 90s kid-slash-Pokémon-fan alter-ego.

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