Useful Photography Tip #193: Don’t Forget to Bounce a Flash off the Nearest Wall at a Party

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When you’re at a party using a flash, it’s common practice to either use a bounce card (like a Flashbender) or to bounce the light off the ceiling and a bit behind you in order to give frontal illumination to your subjects. But also seriously do remember to take note of all of your surroundings. If you’ve got a wall not far from you, bounce the flash off of that and turn your back to the wall. By pointing the flash up and behind you, you’ll provide some nice frontal lighting on your subject.

See, we told you that this was a short, quick tip! 🙂

Cheap Photo: 4,000 LR Presets for $39; Intro to Flash for $29!

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Increasing our knowledge, and spending more time behind the camera; these are two things we all strive to do, and with these photography tutorials, and presets you can do both. Do you want to become better at flash photography? The Introduction To Flash For Children & Family Images by Mike Hagen is only $29! That’s a bargain for 24 HD video lessons! You can save 86% off of 4,000 Lightroom presets with the 4,000 Unique Lightroom Preset Bundle which costs just $39, and you can take control of Photoshop with the 49 Photoshop Retouching Actions Bundle which is only $49!  Join us after the break to see the crazy deals on photography tutorials, presets and actions we have found for you. Continue reading…

Saturday: There’s a Pub Crawl Happening Just for Photographers in NYC

The Photographer’s Pub Crawl is starting at Arrogant Swine on Saturday at 2pm.

This Saturday, photographers will be treated to a very fun and special time as they get together to eat, drink and be merry…or something like that. The NYC Photographer’s Pub Crawl Sponsored by American Photographic Artists is happening and it seems like a great way for photographers to get together, network, hang and talk shop. Some event details are on Facebook.

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This ” Kit” Transforms Your Expensive Lens Into Hipster Vintage Glass

Is your current lens not vintage or hipster enough? This kit will surely let you get that coolness factor on your expensive glass! (No, actually, don’t do this!)

Hipsters sure have ruined film photography and vintage gear for a lot of photographers. It’s certain that there have been one too many passionate film photographers who have been wrongfully slapped with the label. So, it’s not surprising if most photographers fiercely hate on these wannabes. Yet some, like Mathieu Stern choose to poke fun at the whole idea of hipster instead.

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Surprise! Photographer Listed Among the Worst Jobs in the U.S.

Photographers are among the 25 worst careers in the country due to factors like low pay, high levels of stress, low job security, and public scrutiny. 

If you’ve been enjoying your career as a high-earning photographer, reports are suggesting that you could be an exception to the rule. In fact, it’s important to keep in mind that most people who get into the business while leaving their day job know nothing about the actual business side of things. I mean, God forbid, you need to pay a photographer so that they can eat, pay their bills, and have a comfortable life? With the proliferation of so many images on the web these days, people often forget that in order to achieve the best results and have the most pleasant experience that they need a professional photographer. Along with that comes a host of things–and perhaps that’s part of what makes being a photographer one of the worst jobs in the US.

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Rant: Modern, Dedicated Photo Printers Desperately Need Bluetooth Integration

If photo companies want us to print more often, they need to make it a whole lot simpler.

I think that one of the biggest things that I hear from all the manufacturers out there is that print is on its last legs, evolving, becoming more niche, etc. And to be very transparent, I think that they have themselves to blame. It’s only been in the past year that I’ve been bigger efforts from Fujifilm, Canon, HP (sort of), and Epson to really reach out to younger audiences. By that, I don’t necessarily mean age, but more photographic age. There are still so many photographers that don’t know what their images look like on a print and haven’t had the opportunity to really get prints made. I think that Bluetooth can honestly make this so much easier.

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What Should You do When Someone Says Don’t Take My Picture?

Taking someone’s picture when they ask you not to doesn’t make you a photographer with the law on your side, it just makes you selfish.

“Please don’t take my picture.” This is something we have all probably heard before as photographers. Whether the plea comes from a friend or family member that you might be hanging out with, or from a complete stranger that you may pass on the street, it’s a powerful statement, and it is one that should not be taken lightly. Sure, when we are out doing street photography we can indeed take images that include people, and by law we might be covered because it’s a public space, but just what should we do when someone says this? Join us after the break and we will explore this a little more. Continue reading…

How Close Should You Be to a Portrait Subject When Shooting With a 35mm Lens?

Modern day 35mm lenses are quite good; so good that they’re good enough for portraits.

Many photographers swear by their 35mm lenses and almost never want to shoot with anything else. The reason for this is because it so closely simulates what the human eye sees and so it’s easy for a photographer to go out there and shoot a scene just the way that they see it. That would be great, if 35mm lenses were absolutely perfect. While they’ve greatly improved, 35mm lenses are still not perfect and when used for portraiture still can’t replace or do what a proper telephoto focal length can. But with patience, you can figure out how to make the most of a 35mm lens for portraiture.

Here are some quick visual tips.

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The Best Accessories for the Enthusiastic Smartphone Photographer

Do you have a strong interest in smartphone photography? Here’s some gear to help you take it to the next level.

Whoever thought we would be taking credible photographs on the same device we call our mothers on? Well someone did, hence why smartphone photography has become its own popular sub-genre. With that, it’s hardly a surprise that photography companies have created a plethora of accessories to help boost your smartphone photography experience. From lenses to tripods, mini LED’s to ring lights, smartphone photography can just about offer the same experience as the more traditional DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. In this list, we have something for everyone. And don’t worry if you’re not an iPhone or Samsung user – we’ve got you covered too.

Below are seven accessories to help you build on your enthusiasm.

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The Color Film Photography Blind Taste Test: Can You Figure This Out?

The purpose of this article is to help you decide which of nine C-41 color film stocks, of those currently available in the US, is right for you. If you’d rather digest this content in video form rather than article, that’s an option as well.

To make this blind comparison, I took, and will compare three identical shots, each taken on the nine emulsions discussed in this video. You’ll be able to compare these photos “blind”, meaning you won’t know which stock is which ahead of time. I’ll also talk through some of the differences from my perspective. This will be especially interesting to you newer film shooters looking to find a color film that fits best with your style of shooting, developing, and/or budget. But even if you’re a long-time film shooter, you may find it interesting.

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Quick Tips for Beautiful Flower Photography in Early Spring

Flower photography season is afoot with the coming of spring, so here are some useful tips to get you prepared.

Spring season is the perfect time to get those macro lenses dusted off and ready to shoot — what else, but beautiful, dainty flowers! If you already have plans set and a picture-perfect location spot on, we’ve got just the video tutorial to help you with your flower photography. Professional wildlife photographer Paul Miguel has already started making rounds in his local woodland to photograph the dainty wood anemones, so it’s time we all get started with it as well. If you’re trying this out for the first time, with his tips below, you’ll surely pick up some tips and ideas for beautiful flower photography fitting for spring.

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Do Any of Us Shoot Street Photography for Just Ourselves?

“It doesn’t matter what others think; I just shoot street photography for myself.”

If you’re somebody who likes to converse about street photography a lot, I am almost certain you have listened to someone make the above statement before. It’s highly possible you have even said it yourself. However, in this digital world, do any of us shoot street photography just for ourselves?

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Leica Banned in Chinese Social Media for This Controversial Ad

The iconic “Tank Man” from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests was one of the conflicts depicted in the controversial Leica promo video.

Leica has been making the rounds again as of late, not for a specific camera but for a promotional video that got it banned in China. Titled The Hunt, the video features a cinematic depiction of conflict scenes around the world, including the iconic “Tank Man” from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. The video has since put the German camera company under fire from online commenters and was banned on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

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Review: Fujifilm 16mm F2.8 R WR (The Adventurer’s Lens)

The Fujifilm 16mm f2.8 R WR is a pretty great lens, but I still prefer the f1.4 version.

The Fujifilm 16mm f2.8 R WR lens is something I wasn’t expecting from the company; they already had a very good 16mm f1.4 R WR lens. However, considering the company’s philosophy of bringing things down to a more elementary audience in a more affordable, weather sealed form, it played out into being right in line with what they do. This is a lens that isn’t all that bad, but if you own the Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 R WR, you don’t need this. I’ll preface the review that way, but also note the very affordable price point of this lens.

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Bruce Gilden on “Gangster Types and Tough Guys”

Whether you like Bruce Gilden or not, listening to him speak about one of his most fascinating works is still worth your while.

It’s always fascinating to hear photography greats talk about their own work and the ideas or motivations behind them, even if it’s the controversial Bruce Gilden. Whatever you want to think of his style as a street photographer, many of his works remain exemplary in street photography and documentary photography. Among these is the black and white Gangster Types and Tough Guys series, which shows us the culture and daily life of England’s brawlers and Japan’s infamous crooks. Who else can best tell us more about this body of work but Gilden himself?

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Antonio Privitera’s Inner City Blues: The Story of a Dream Come True

New York City – the land where dreams come true…

“Oh my god! I was super excited, thrilled to get there!” says Antonio Privitera as he recounts how his childhood dream to shoot the streets of New York finally came true. His latest series is not just an exploration of New York, it’s a narrative that tells the story of a photographer in his element. It’s the perfect advertisement for what happens when a creative mind meets an inspiring destination. Simply put, this is freedom and love communicated through the medium of photography. When we spoke to Antonio we felt his enthusiasm. We connected to his passion. Through his dark, cinematic-like images we got a sense for each step that he walked. His energy is contagious and through his words and photographs, he gave us the same feeling of euphoria that he had when he first stepped foot in the Big Apple. With his headphones on, his music of choice being the soundtrack of his movie, he takes us on his journey. S

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Omar Z Robles on the Challenges of Photographing Dancers with Film

Omar Z Robles is well known for his dance photography, and he’s taken it a step further recently.

“People nowadays think almost like a tribe about equipment and gear,” says Omar Z Robles about his recent project shot on film. “But in the end they’re just tools to carry your vision.” We’re inclined to agree–in the same way that a painter can create works of art with a variety of brushes, a photographer can do the same. We’ve spoken with Omar about his creative process on Inside the Photographer’s Mind before, and he’s very careful about his overall creation process. While one may think he simply capturing scenes, he’s actively directing–which is what most folks don’t do vs simply capturing. With years of shooting under his belt, this was an interesting mental challenge for Omar; which he obviously succeeded at.

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10 Weather Sealed Cameras That Can Survive Bad Storms

Weather sealed cameras will allow you to get the shots that everyone without a weather sealed camera will miss.

Anyone who works out in the field will tell you about the importance of having a solid, weather sealed camera. Weather sealing will allow a photographer to go out into a downpour, a snow storm, or a windy day with dirt and debris flying everywhere. Rain and snow aside, weather sealing will also protect your camera when it is operating in humid conditions, and even the freezing cold. As long as you have a weather sealed lens attached to the front of your camera you will be good to go. Here we take a look at 10 of the best weather sealed cameras currently on the market. Continue reading…

Dean Bradshaw Proves Blue Can Be Bleak Aboard a Fishing Trawler

All photos by Dean Bradshaw. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s fascinating to follow a photographer’s epic adventures through their photos, not only to get a glimpse of their experiences but also their interpretation through choices in creative elements like color, composition, and mood. A perfect example is the cinematic documentary Icelandic Fishing series of Dean Bradshaw, where he shows us what went down during the 12 hours he spent aboard a fishing trawler in Iceland. If you’re looking for inspiration for documenting your next adventure, this set is certainly worth a look.

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Cheap Photo: Sony a6000 w/lens $498, Sony a9 Bundle $3498, A7 II $898

These Sony Mirrorless camera deals will put a spring in your step as we head toward Easter.

If you have been the market for a new Sony Mirrorless camera, or some new Sony glass, you are going to love these amazing camera deals. Right now you can grab the Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm, and two 64GB SD cards for just $498! The Full Frame Sony A7 II with accessory bundle is only $898, and the A7 II with the 28-70mm lens with accessory bundle is only $998! Has the Sony a9 been fluttering its shutter at you? If it has you can get it with a Rode mic bundle now for $3,498! Need to see in the dark? The Sony A7s II with accessory bundle is just $1,998. Other notable deals include the X-T2 and the X-T20 which are in the final week of their sales. The X-T2 is just $899, and the X-T20 is only $599! Come on in to see the other camera deals.

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The Tokina FiRIN 100mm F2.8: A $599 “Flat Field” Lens for Sony FE

tokina firin

If close-ups are your thing and you use a Sony Mirrorless camera, the Tokina FiRIN 100mm F2.8 FE Macro lens could be the one for you.

Tokina has been hitting some home runs with the FiRIN lenses they’ve been producing, so this news will likely be music to the ears of those enjoying previous Tokina FiRIN lenses. Today, Tokina announced that a new FiRIN 100mm f2.8 Macro Lens with a Sony E mount will be hitting shelves this coming April; and trust us when we say it is priced nicely too. Continue reading…