These Are 2018’s Top Photography Gear According to TIPA World Awards

Did any of your favorite photography gear make it to this year’s TIPA-awarded list?

Whether you’re still wondering about your next DSLR, first mirrorless pick, or extra lens to play with, there’s always one last question worth ticking on your checklist. Do the experts think it’s the best choice? To help you come to a decision, the folks of the Technical Image Press Association has recently announced their selection of the best photography gear, accessories, and imaging tools for 2018.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Ira Block

National Geographic Photographer and Sony Artisan Ira Block was our guest recently.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ira Block – a photographer who says he’s mastered both the creative side and documentary side of his craft at the moment due to his wanting to continually push himself forward and always create different images. Ira joined us in front of a live studio audience at the Adorama Event Space to discuss his background, how and why he creates, and to share a few key stories about his travels over the years. Ira also showcased lots of his new work in his book Cuba Loves Baseball: a Photographic Journey.

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Venus Optics Announced a Slew of Lenses Today

Venus Optics, the company behind the Laowa lens brand, announced four new lenses today

It’s not every day that a company drops four lens announcements at once. Yet here we are, as Venus Optics has just announced four brand new lenses, including what will be the world’s widest zoom lens for the Sony FE mount. Today wasn’t all about Sony love as the Chinese company also announced some goodies for Micro Four Thirds and even Fujifilm’s GFX system. These new Laowa lenses are sure to peak your interest in some way. Continue reading…

Landscape Photographer’s Passion for Large Format Prints Will Inspire You

Christopher Burkett is down to his last run of supplies to print his stunning large format landscapes in a meticulous but discontinued analog printing technique

While today’s generation of photographers speak of megapixels and other digital jargon to describe high-resolution images, Oregon photographer Christopher Burkett is still able to achieve precision without the use of digital technology. But, not for long. He’s rushing to print his large format landscape photographs in astounding detail using his last batch of discontinued Cibachrome supplies before they lose their effectiveness.

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This is the Ultimate List of Affordable Fujifilm Prime Lenses at Every Focal Length

Fujifilm’s Fujinon prime lenses are legendary, but they aren’t the only game on the block

Ask almost anyone about their reasoning for choosing Fujifilm as their camera system and much of the time one of the top reasons for that decision has something to do with the quality of their lenses. But it goes beyond lens quality because every system has some good lenses. In Fujifilm’s case, not only are these lenses quality, but they are very affordable, especially when compared to similar lenses in other systems. Continue reading…

The World’s First 8×10 Large Format Digital Camera is Yours for $106,000

The large format bellows camera goes completely digital in this hefty-sized, hefty-priced creation by LargeSense.

If you’ve ever wondered whether those massive 8×10 large format cameras will ever have digital counterparts, the answer now is yes. Say hello to the LargeSense LS911, which lays claim to the title of “world’s first 8×10 digital single shot camera for sale.” With this mammoth digital camera, you’ll be able to truly go big or go home in terms of image sensor size. But you’ll also need deeper pockets: it’s priced at a whopping $106,000.

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The New Capture One 11.1 Has a Resource Hub with All the Tutorials You Need

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud updates, Phase One brings us Capture One 11.1

It is the way of the world these days: a new camera is released and it can take weeks, sometimes months, before the popular RAW processors are updated in order to support them. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to being an early adopter, but thankfully the wait isn’t generally long. If you happen to have purchased a Sony A7 III or Fujifilm X-H1 in the last months then you know this pain, but if you are a Capture One 11 user then your wait is over.

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Question: Why Do Photographers Still Need Tripods?

Back in the day, a tripod was a necessity for photographers

I’m going to preface this post by saying once again, no, this isn’t an ad of some sort. Our policies on sponsored content are clear and also clearly labelled. Instead, this is more of an insight into the evolution of photographers. Years ago, having a tripod was an absolute requirement. You’d put a camera on a tripod to ensure that your images were blur free due to your coffee drinking habits. You’d get a crisp images at ISO 50 10 seconds and f8 to the best of your ability. But then photography evolved and lenses started to become image stabilized. It got better and better and these days photographers don’t necessarily require tripods with them all the time. Plus now there is image stabilization built into camera sensors for the most part. So with all that tech supporting your ability to take a good picture, why do you need a tripod?

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