Dax Ward: Documenting Impermanence Through Urban Exploration

All images and text by Dax Ward. Used with permission.

Every derelict location comes with its own individual history, but each one is also connected in the sense that they are reminders of what once was, what might’ve been, and what happens when we forget. They are no longer freshly painted, not shiny and new anymore. Windows are broken. Doors, furniture, light fixtures, and most metal has been either stolen or scrapped. They are not as they once were, nor will they ever be again. Nonetheless, despite the decay and rust that many see as unsightly blots on the landscape, the allure for urban explorers and photographers lies in identifying and capturing the remaining beauty of these forgotten locations. If we look closely, it isn’t hard to find.

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Our Four Favorite 85mm Portrait Lenses Under $1,000 for Thrifty Shooters

Mirrorless cameras

These 85mm portrait lenses will take your images to a whole new level of awesome.

If you’re ready to step up to some new glass that will make your portraits shine, these 85mm portrait lenses will do the trick. 85mm lenses are perfect for portraits thanks to the levels of compression they give, their overall sharpness, fast apertures, creamy bokeh, and their versatility in regards to being able to shoot close up headshots and three quarter body shots with ease. The lenses we’ve chosen excel in all of these areas, and the best part is that they’re each under four figures when it comes to price.

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Cheap Photo: Canon M50 $649, Fujifilm XT-2 $1,099, + More Big Savings

We’ve got camera deals, lens deals, and so much more for you in this edition of Cheap Photo.

We all love saving money, and there’s nothing better than saving money on the things we want the most. If you’re looking for a new camera, some new glass, accessories or guides and software, you’ve come to the right place. You can save $500.95 on the outstanding Fujifilm XT-2 which is on sale for just $1,099. The Panasonic GX85 Kit with two lenses is a steal at $597.99, and the Canon M50 Kit has a discount of $250; which makes it just $649! It’s the perfect way to break out into Mirrorless cameras. There are massive saving on lenses too like the Fujifil, 90mm F2 which is down to $799. There lens deals for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds and Sony cameras too. Check out all the deals after the break.

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Gustavo Rosas’s Street Photography in Buenos Aires Shows Pops of Color

All images by Gustavo Rosas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Black and white is the quintessential look of street photography, but the craft is also now impressive in color. Some of our favorites aren’t just simple captures of what’s happening here and there — they’re also clever exercises on how to catch the eyes with pops of color. A perfect example is today’s featured set by Gustavo Rosas, who uses this technique in his street snaps of Buenos Aires. Continue reading…

Tiina Törmänen Captures Dreamy Underwater Lakescapes

All images by Tiina Törmänen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Underwater photography is one of the most challenging yet also breath-taking genres to get into, as we’ve seen in a lot of stunning projects we’ve featured in the past. Today, we bring yet another unique addition in the works of Finland-based Tiina Törmänen, who take us into the dreamworlds beneath the lakes of her country. If you’re a nature lover keen on discovering the beauty of underwater scenes, this set will make you want to take the plunge.

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Does Micro Four Thirds Really Need a New Camera Manufacturer?

Only time will tell if the Micro Four Thirds market place has room for another player.

During the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Sharp surprised just about everyone in the photography and videography world with an announcement about a new 8K Micro Four Thirds camera that they have in the works. There’s no doubt that the camera sounds exciting and the tech should really get vloggers and videographers ears perked up, but do we really need another manufacturer to enter the Micro Four Thirds camera space?  Continue reading…

For $29: Boudoir Photography Tutorial Pack and 300+ Lightroom Presets

We’ve got an exclusive deal for Phoblographer readers who shoot Boudoir.

We’ve got some pretty great news for you all: we’ve teamed up with PhotoWhoa to bring you all a pretty awesome package if you’re into boudoir photography, intimate portraiture, etc. Best of all, it’s only $29! This special package was put together in collaboration with PhotoWhoa and is an exclusive for Phoblographer’s readers. For those of you who want to find new inspiration to make your images pop (and give your clients a fresh new look) we’ve got over 300+ Lightroom presets. And now that you’ve got those snazzy new presets, we’ve got a package for you to help you in your marketing plan to get new clients including contract bundles, promo emails, pricing structures, etc.

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Christian Hoiberg Captures the Aurora Borealis in Beautiful Color

Landscape Photographer Christian Hoiberg has a knack for capturing the stunning Aurora Borealis. All Images captured by Christian Hoiberg. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

The Northern Lights are perhaps one of the most breathtaking natural phenomenons anyone can see during their time on this planet. The bright colors can be seen fluttering in the skies over Alaska, northern parts of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The residents there can see them from late August through the middle of April. The rest of us (unless we make a special trip to see them) have to rely on photographers like Christian Hoiberg who set out to capture the Aurora Borealis in all of its glory with their trusty cameras. After the break we share some of the images Christian Hoiberg has captured during his dances with the ‘Lady in Green’. Continue reading…

Lena Pogrebnaya Used Kodak Portra for this Stunning Fashion Editorial

All images by Lena Pogrebnaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking into shooting film for your next fashion portraits or editorial project? We’ve found just the right stuff to inspire you. Ukranian fashion photographer and architect Lena Pogrebnaya used the iconic Kodak Portra film to shoot one of her most recent campaigns for a clothing brand. The set is a fine example of why the look of Kodak Portra films remain sought after for today’s portrait and fashion photography.

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Øystein Sture Aspelund Uses Expired Films in Moody Space-Inspired Story

All images by Øystein Sture Aspelund. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

Unpredictable and unreliable as they can be, the moody and often surreal imagery of expired films continues to inspire countless photographers and visual storytellers. Our latest favorite example is by Oslo-based Øystein Sture Aspelund, whose stunning space-inspired set is one of the most fitting use of the expired film aesthetic we’ve seen so far. If you still shoot film, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this series.

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First Impressions: Sony A6400 (with Tons of Image Samples)

Sony is targeting the vlogging crowd with their latest crop sensor Sony A6400 camera

At their headquarters in San Diego, the Sony A6400 was unveiled, the company’s latest APS-C Mirrorless camera. Situated between the Sony A6300 and A6500 Crop Sensor cameras, Sony is incorporating quite a lot of cutting edge technology into their brand new A6400. The Sony A6400 features the company’s latest generation 24.2 megapixel BIONZ X image processor with enhanced skin tone reproduction, as well as a tiltable, flip up touch screen capable of facing forward. This clearly indicates Sony designed the camera with the vlogging crowd in mind. According to the statements made at the press conference, the Sony A6400 is capable of achieving a blazingly fast autofocus speed of 0.02 seconds, shooting continuously at 11 FPS with AF & AE tracking using the mechanical shutter, and features enhanced Real-time Eye AF, and newly developed Real-time Tracking as well as Real-time Eye AF for animal subjects. For the video shooters out there, the A6400 can record 4K HDR videos as well as make time lapse recordings.

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Zac Ong Presents the Dreamy Street Imagery of New York’s “Smokies”

All images by Zac Ong. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s a common sight for New Yorkers, but can nevertheless be an eye-catching one. Senior Design Technologist Zac Ong introduces the rest of us to one of the most familiar scenes of his city: smoke pipes dotting the streets, which create a particularly fascinating imagery for street photography. While we’ve seen a lot of New York City’s skyscrapers and bustling urban scenes, we think this set are easily great additions to our favorite snaps of the city so far.

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The Fujifilm GF 100-200mm F5.6 R LM OIS WR is for Photojournalism

It looks like the Fujifilm GF 100-200mm F5.6 R LM OIS WR lens can take some abuse from the elements.

Considering the abuse that we’ve put the Fujifilm GFX 50R through, we’re pretty confident that the new Fujifilm GF 100-200mm F5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens should be able to survive all of that too. In fact, the only product photos that Fujifilm sent us for this new lens are those where the lens is in the field and roughing it out in the snow. This new lens is the latest zoom option to come to the medium format world and it keeps a constant f5.6 aperture throughout the range. Now, if you’re a full frame 35mm film/digital shooter, then these focal lengths seem odd. But if you convert it to 35mm then it’s more or less a 79-158mm f4.4 lens. Sort of odd for sure, but useful if you need it.

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CamFi Pro Plus Provides Fast Wireless Tethering for 500+ Cameras

The new CamFi Pro Plus supports wireless tethering feature for around 500 models from major camera companies.

Shortly before 2018 closed, CamFi released the CamFi Pro Plus, a new offering that supports wireless tethering for 500+ cameras. The wireless camera controller manufacturer sees this product greatly improving the productivity of professional photographers all while using the tools they’re already familiar with.

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Keren Stanley: Of Surreal Photography and Alternate Worlds

All images by Keren Stanley. Used with permission.

Here in The Phoblographer, we put the spotlight on a lot of impressive conceptual portraits, especially those with a touch of the otherworldly. The latest of these are by Keren Stanley, a self-taught  fine art and conceptual photographer who builds alternate worlds rooted in reality. Today, let’s join her explorations of beauty and pain, addictions, and the transient nature of identity through surreal photography.

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Watch How This Leica Camera Sensor Gets Cleaned

Sensor Cleaning

Leica’s official sensor cleaning procedure takes time, effort, and patience.

Have you ever wondered what’s involved when it comes to cleaning a camera sensor? While there are kits available for you to do this at home, it’s really not recommended unless you have the utmost confidence in your own hand eye coordination, especially if your dealing with a camera that costs as much as a Leica does. After the break we have a video that shows you just how much care a Leica technician gives to each Leica camera that is taken in for a sensor cleaning.  Continue reading…

Things to Keep in Mind When Shooting with Expired Film

Expired film is still workable as long as you know how to work with it and have an idea what to expect with the results. 

They probably don’t know it, but the retro, dreamy look that a lot of people associate with film photography is usually caused by expired film. You can call some of the results as happy accidents, but that doesn’t change the fact that expired film is tricky to shoot with. If you’re drawn to film photography because of this look, we suggest watching this video before you start hoarding expired film.

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TONIGHT! Penumbra’s Geoff Berliner on Inside the Photographer’s Mind!

Join us! Our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind is Penumbra Foundation’s Geoffrey Berliner.

Continuing with our once a month interview series, our next photographer on Inside the Photographer’s Mind is Geoffrey Berliner. Geoff is one of the Co-Founders of the Penumbra Foundation, which specializes in keeping all of the super old styles and techniques of photography alive. The foundation hosts workshops, shoots (obviously), and looks to spread the Gospel of Analog any way they can. Located in midtown NYC, they’re well known amongst the local photography community and have been featured on television a number of times. So this show will be a tad different. We’re going to be talking about Geoff’s creative vision along with what it’s like to run an organization in the photo world.

You can catch it live on Adorama TV on January 16th at 5pm EST by following the Phoblographer or Adorama on Facebook. Or join us live at the Adorama Event Space via EventBrite!

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Useful Photography Tip #191: Here’s Why Toning in Black and White Photography Is So Important

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Check them out here!

Today’s useful photography tip is for every photographer who wants to get more into black and white photography, is into it, and who wants to understand how light and color can affect a scene. The opening photo of this post was done in black and white. When you look at it, you’d probably think that the lighting wasn’t that special or different. But click past the jump to see something a bit different.

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Four Bang for Your Buck 35mm Prime Lenses for the Everyday Photographer

35mm lenses are perfect for the everyday photographer thanks to their light weight and versatility.

If you’re the type of photographer who loves to carry their camera around with them every single day so that you can capture moments and events that would otherwise flutter by, 35mm lenses are for you. Thanks to their light weight, small footprint, sharp images, and their ability to capture everything from street photography, to portraits, and landscapes, to documentary style images, they’re perfect for everyday use. Join us after the break to see which 35mm lenses we recommend for the everyday photographer. Continue reading…

A Dirty Confession: I Enjoy Fujifilm’s JPEGs Sometimes More Than the RAW Files

The Fujifilm film simulations look great right out of the camera and there is no need to do major adjustments in post if you shoot carefully.

Despite the fact that so many photographers would rather throw their cameras away than shoot in JPEG, I’ve come to realize that I like the look of the JPEGs of many cameras–Fujifilm in particular, but the output from Canon, Sony, and a number of others is also really stunning. I’m not discouraging the shooting in RAW photo mode; I’m encouraging the shooting in RAW and JPEG mode. This doesn’t go necessarily just for Fujifilm, but I’ll admit that of the major camera manufacturers they have the single most unique JPEG photos. I’m also not even sure that’s up for debate; it’s more a fact.

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