Cody Schultz: I Was Going to Be a Landscape Photographer

All images and text by Cody Schultz. Used with permission.

I am Cody Schultz, a landscape photographer who specializes in creating beautiful works of art in tones of gray. While I had originally began my journey into the realm of photography by creating portrait and fashion work, I found myself burnt out. My stress levels were higher than ever and having been in only 10th grade at the time, I could not handle it any longer. In the summer of 2016, I found Thomas Heaton’s YouTube channel and was immediately hooked: I was going to be a landscape photographer. And as if that was not difficult enough of a field to stick out in, I decided as a New Year’s Resolution for 2017 that my portfolio would be strictly black and white, at least for that year. Now, I am simply hoping to make a name for myself in a world full of nobodies.

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Film Photography Matters Because Black and White Still Matters

There is a whole generation of photographers who still haven’t experienced film photography

At a time where photography has evolved in leaps and bounds in digital advancements, why do some people still choose to shoot with film? Why does this obsolete technology persist? There are a hundred reasons a film photographer today will tell you, but Ian Wong of Digital Darkroom has a rather interesting view to it: film photography matters because black and white still matters.

Ian dropped this thought against the equally interesting shopping scene of Tokyo’s Ginza and Akihabara districts in the latest episode of Digital Darkroom. To document his explorations, he loaded his Contax T3 with two special rolls of black and white films: Kodak Tri-X 400 and JCH Street Pan 400. He shared many other thoughts that analog lovers can definitely relate to, so I’ll let you hear them from him straight in this video.

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Why Shooting Large Format Makes it So Hard to Go Back to 35mm

After shooting 35mm for a number of years I was intrigued by the higher resolution, and richer images produced by medium format cameras. I was a sucker for that ratio you get from a 6×7 negative too, but after seeing Joel Meyerowitz’ book Between the Dog and Wolf, my intrigue in larger formats began to build. “Why go medium when you can go large,” I thought? So I took the plunge, started researching eBay and the Large Format Photography forum (a great resource), and managed to find a kit for sale.

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Tom Bradley’s Surreal Portraiture Explores His Relationship with Dhaka

All images by Tom Bradley. Used with permission.

My name is Tom Bradley. I was brought up in London, where I’m generally based, but I spend much of the time abroad. I’ve been pretty lucky these last eight or so years and traveled quite extensively across west and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and one or two other places in the world. I suppose most of my work would be referred to as documentary, but as in the case of this particular work here (which I wouldn’t describe as documentary at all), I go wherever I’m drawn. The common (and very general) theme is that I tend to photograph life around me without setting things up or posing people. I’ve done projects on Syrian refugees, prisoners in Armenia, stone miners in Bangladesh, a small LGBT community in Bangladesh, and perhaps most extensively leprosy.

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HUAWEI Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro Feature Dual Leica Lenses With F1.6 Aperture

The HUAWEI Mate 10 has a Leica Lens on It

HUAWEI is joining in on the fake bokeh game with their latest updates to the Mate phone line. Officially unveiled today at IFA Berlin, the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro were announced, featuring HUAWEI’s Kirin 970 chipset which is the first smartphone chipset to have a dedicated AI neural network processing unit included. As well, the cameras got some nice upgrades too. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Fujifilm’s Crazy Fall Savings Are Now Live!

Fujifilm camera owners will get a lot of savings if you act soon!

Fujifilm just launched their fall savings, and that means some major deals on their current lineup of cameras and lenses – yes, even the GFX gear. The list of deals is stupid long, so here are our picks for the top 5 XF lens deals right now, but make sure to scroll down the post a bit further for the full fujifilm deal listing. Believe us, you won’t want to miss this!

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Tamron Ditching Sony A-Mount For Sony E and Fuji X Lenses?

This could a fantastic move for Tamron!

Now here is some interesting chatter that cropped up over the weekend! In what shouldn’t really be all that surprising of a move, it is being reported that Tamron will be ceasing their own lens development in regards to the Sony A Mount. Instead, the word is they will be shifting their focus to a couple of other lens mounts. Continue reading…