Skander Khlif Captures the Tunisian World Cup Revelry in “Hooligans of Love”

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with permission.

It’s been a while since the 2018 FIFA World Cup has concluded, but that doesn’t stop us from showcasing this beautiful and heartfelt photo essay by Skander Khlif. In his set titled Hooligans of Love, the Munich-based street and documentary photographer captured the revelry of the Tunisian team’s supporters. Interestingly, it the was the only group that he ended up making a series about throughout his attendance of the World Cup, and here, he tells us why.

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Strange Instagram Hack has been Logging Users Out of Their Accounts

Beware of a strange hack that logs users out of their Instagram account, replaces all the contact details, and links it to a new e-mail address with a Russian domain.

If you haven’t updated your Instagram password or haven’t reviewed your security settings in a while, now would be a good time to do so. A puzzling hack has locked some Instagram users out of their accounts and got all contact details replaced, with the email address linked to a new one under a Russian domain.

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The Nature of Things in Light and Color: Minimalist Landscape Photography by Li Ye

All images by Li Ye. Used with permission.

Landscape photography has always been about immersing ourselves in nature’s grandeur first, and bringing home photos that serve as a reminder of the experience. It’s also the same for freelance photographer and writer Li Ye, who is based in one of the most sought after destinations among photographers: the mystic and majestic Tibet. Apart from scaling the region’s mountainous landscapes, he also explores other regions in China whose features best fit his minimalist style and creative approach of finding the nature of things in light and color. In this quick interview, Li Ye gives us an insight into what inspires him within and outside Tibet, how he developed his moody and minimalist style, and how he began his journey into landscape photography.

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These Light Painting Portraits from Jason Page Are for iHeartRadio

All images by Jason D Page. Used with permission.

Based out of Hobe Sound, Florida, photographer Jason D Page has been creating light painting photographs for over a decade. Jason is also the creator of the Light Painting Brushes system, a collection of specialty lighting tools designed with light painters in mind. We had previously featured some of Jason’s work here on the Phoblographer: These Faces Were Created With Long Exposure Light Painting and his “Lady of the Lake”. Most recently, Jason did a light painting portrait project with the artists performing at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango music festival in Los Angeles, and shared his experiences with us.

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Opinion: Every Photographer Should Spend a Year Shooting Film and Not Editing Their Photos

This may really sound crazy, but hear me out.

I completely agree with you that in the age of digital photography and mobile phones, the idea of spending a year on just film is really insane. But on the other side of things, I believe spending a year working with film is one of the best things many photographers can do for themselves and their work. After a year, you return to digital and you’ll realize you’re a completely different type of shooter and that you as a photographer have changed greatly.

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Larry Fink Exhibit Unravels the Drama In and Out of the Boxing Ring

Larry Fink has captured some of the most fascinating scenes in and out of the boxing ring, as we’ll find in an ongoing Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibit.

The world of boxing has always been rife with action and drama, making it one of the most fascinating topics to capture for many photographers. Larry Fink, one of the country’s greatest photographers, certainly captured some of the most enduring images of the tough and unsentimental sport, as we’ll find in the recently opened exhibition in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Sony FE Portrait Lenses Compared: Which Lens is the Best One?

Which Sony FE Portrait Lenses are the best? We scoured our reviews to see.

If you’re into the Sony FE camera system and you’re looking for the best portrait lenses, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed all of them, and a larger summary can be found in our Sony FE Lens Guide. The company that was once known for not having a lot of lenses has been making others eat their words for a few years now. But with this many lenses out there, it can become confusing to figure out which one is right for you. Say no more.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s Latest Shoot Continues His Stopping Liquids at High Speed

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz recently shot an ad for Atom Compression Wear using his signature look.

When I think about photographers who are really, truly unique, the name Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz of course comes to mind. Very few have been able to do what he does. We’ve covered lots of his work in the past with him making it really big with his Milky Pinups, then Splash Heroes, Bamboo ForestFallen Angels, and Splashscreen. But his latest project is much more commercial and done for Atom Compression Wear.

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New Fujifilm Docuseries Showcases Why Printing Your Photos Is So Important

The Fujifilm new docuseries is a treat for photographers who want to explore the art of printing photos.

Whether you enjoy collecting prints from your favorite photographers or would like to get started with printing your own work, Fujifilm has a new docuseries worth checking out to get you even more inspired. Titled Beyond the Lens, it features two photographers who use Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers for their printing needs. Each episode not only tells us why printing remains important today, but also tackles the technicalities of the process so photographers get the best prints out of their work.

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Some of the Best Lenses for Concert Photography for 2018

Using the right lens can take your concert photography from so-so to so awesome!

Concert photography is a fun way to get cool shots but it’s not as easy as you might think. Yes, the lighting is done for you and the performers are doing the performing for you, and yes, you do need to capture a lot of frames, but with concert photography the lens will make the biggest difference for any photographer.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Gretchen Robinette

Photographer Gretchen Robinette spoke to us about what it’s like documenting people as they go about their everyday lives on Inside the Photographer’s Mind.

We’ve interviewed photographer Gretchen Robinette in a number of articles on the Phoblographer, and recently she joined us for a live interview for Inside the Photographer’s Mind. We discussed a number of big issues such as whether or not it’s okay to photograph people in public without their permission. But of course, we spoke about so much more.

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Finding Inspiration in the Great Outdoors with Sunny Herzinger

All images by Sunny Herzinger. Used with permission.

Some photographers travel to take photos, while others take up photography to travel. For Germany-based engineer and landscape photographer Sunny Herzinger, it’s hard to tell which camp he belongs to. “Probably both,” was also he could say, and it’s pretty easy to see why he thinks it’s the case, as travel and photography are inseparable. Luckily for him, inspiration is not hard to come by, as he’s surrounded by the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Continue reading…

The Killer Family Portrait Kit for Canon Photographers

It’s time to get more serious about your family portraits, Canon photographers!

Shooting family portraits, either for yourself or for paid clients, is a common task for photographers to be enlisted into doing.  But if you are new to family portraits, or to photography in general, maybe you are finding yourself wondering about what sort of kit you should have if you want to be doing more family portraits. Maybe you usually specialize in sports photography or landscape photography and your cousin Jane asked you to take care of the family reunion portraits this year.

Whatever your reason for being curious, we have you covered. In this post we will be sharing our thoughts on the ideal family portrait kit setup for you Canon photographers. Now if you’re ready, let’s get into it. Continue reading…

Creating Unique Portraits: Ideas for the Portrait Photographer

This is a syndicated blog post from Digital Photo Magazine. It is being republished here with permission.

No matter what type of photography you like, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself shooting a portrait. I know landscape photographers who swore they would never shoot a portrait in their career, and one week later they were shooting a portrait. Weddings, graduations, holidays or even a day at the zoo all present great opportunities to photograph people.

But how do you create an interesting portrait? We’ve all seen the cliché snapshots and boring group shots suffering from static, stiff poses. Creating compelling portraits takes a combination of good posing, interesting light, relevant location and good rapport with your subject.

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Video: How to Become Henri Cartier Bresson (And Zone Focus with Your Fujifilm Camera)

Zone focusing with your Fujifilm camera is pretty easy, but there are two big ways to do this.

Recently on our Instagram TV channel, we showed how photographers can zone focus with their Fujifilm cameras. Believe it or not, it’s pretty simple. However, it depends a whole lot on the lenses you’ve got attached to your camera and can also depend partially on your EVF or screen.

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5 of the Best Image Stabilized Lenses for Photographers with Shaky Hands

Trying to hold a camera steady can be challenging at any age. We’re taking a look at some of the best stabilized lenses for shaky hands.

Too much coffee or too many years behind us and our hands can sometimes fail us. Shaky hands can take what should be a sharp photo and make it slightly soft or worse. Below, we cover some of the best lenses with IS built in which also happen to be some of the better lenses available for DSLR or mirrorless systems.

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Grace Chen’s Sense of Wanderlust Fuels Her Photography

All images by Grace Chen. Used with permission.

While some photographers may get their pleasure in portraiture and street photography, Grace Chen (Instagram) is more about taking full on experiences and expressing them in a single photo. Grace has been shooting for almost 10 years now, and combines her love of traveling and exploring with her love of photography. Recently named one of Adobe’s Rising Stars of 2018, Grace originally hails from San Francisco and both the travel and photo bug bit her while studying abroad. We asked her a few quick questions about what she’s up after being named a Rising Star.

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How Introversion and the Camera Made Sarah Blesener Get into Photography

All images by Sarah Blesener. Used with permission.

For photographer Sarah Blesener (Instagram), photography began as an experiment into what she calls “an escape.” She started photographing those around her, namely her sister, going through an eating disorder. She’s a documentary photographer by trade who, interestingly enough, took a lot of inspiration from literature. Yes, literature; something lots of creative, surreal photographers typically draw influence from. And of course, she adores movies and film. Sarah was just named one of Adobe’s Rising Stars of Photography for 2018, and we had a moment to ask her a few quick questions about her, her work, and her future as a photographer.

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Datacolor Announces Free Spyder5 eBook for Color Management Tips and Tricks

Datacolor has a new Spyder5 eBook that may help if you’re still learning the ropes of getting the right color for your photography projects.

Still haven’t figured how to get the colors right for your photography? Datacolor, the makers of the Spyder5 screen calibration tool, just announced their new Spyder5 eBook which you can download for free. This could be an essential guide to color management if you’re planning to get the Spyder5, and especially if you’re gearing to be a pro photographer who works with a lot of colorful projects.

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Olympus Mirrorless Camera Sales Down According to Q1 Financial Report

If you’ve been wondering why Olympus has been quiet, their first quarter financial report holds the answers. 

We were beginning to wonder what’s up with Olympus as we weren’t hearing much from them; we now have an answer. In the latest financial report shared by 4/3 Rumors, we found out the company isn’t doing so well. Apart from lower revenues marked especially in the mirrorless camera department due to “intensified competition,” Olympus also incurred some significant losses from operation problems.

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