You Need to See These Powerful Documentary Projects That Focus on COVID-19

Photographers are doing some solid documentary projects right now, and we want to show them to you.

Here at The Pholographer, we love sinking our teeth into some good documentary photography. We appreciate the vision, time, and execution photographers put into sharing the world’s most important stories. And while some projects fail to hit the mark, many hit the sweet spot and make a substantial impact on society. With everything that’s going on the world, a deadly virus and quarantines, some photographers are capturing the moment wonderfully. So, while we could wax lyrical about our love for the genre, let’s move on to this round-up of fantastic documentary projects that you all need to know about.

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An Introduction to ND Filters for the Budding Landscape Photographer

ND filters are powerful tools that allow us to capture landscape scenes that would otherwise escape us.

If you’re thinking about starting up landscape photography, you need to familiarize yourself with some tools that can help take your images from good to great. You’ve splashed the cash on a camera, you’ve picked up a sturdy tripod, an excellent lens, and even a bag to haul your gear around, but you may have overlooked ND filters. These ‘sunglasses’ for your lens are a must-have for landscape photographers, but they are often overlooked because they seem complicated. In this introduction to ND filters, we cover what these filters are, what they do, and how you can get the most out of them.

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Small, Light and Mighty: 6 Fixed Lens Cameras That Still Amaze Us

compact cameras

Small in size, but big on performance; these slightly older fixed lens cameras will not disappoint.

Sometimes all we want to do is go out and shoot with as little gear as possible. At times, just thought of having to load up your camera bag and then having to lug it around can put a damper on your photography plans, and this, my friends, is where small fixed lens cameras come into their own. Being able to head out the door with a small camera with just one lens can be liberating. Not only will you save your back and shoulders, but you’ll find that you’re forced to be more creative due to only having one lens to play with. If you’re in the market for a camera that you can grab, slip on your pocket or a small bag and head out the door with (and you also want to save a few bucks), the slightly older small fixed lens cameras we have rounded up after the break may be of interest you

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OP-Ed: Street Photography Has Lost Its Soul. Here’s How to Find It

Let’s take a look at how street photography can remain fresh and relevant in the future.

I’ve been consuming a lot of street photography of late. Partly because that’s my job, and also because I’m stuck at home. Through my Instagram, I’ve been able to connect to many street photographers I’d not come across before, while also being introduced to some fantastic work in the process. But as I scroll through hashtags and feeds, I see many of the same styles and approaches, most of which offer very little substance. Right now, those styles are popular, not just on Instagram, but throughout the community as a whole. But like most styles, they have a lifespan, and here’s what I feel street photographers need to do to keep the scene nice and fresh as we move into the future.

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What Film Emulsion Should I Choose? A Guide for Analog Photography

There’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. In our latest original infographic, find out which film emulsion is right for you.

The reports of film’s death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, there’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. If you’re new to the world of film photography, welcome! Plenty of film cameras can be had for a fraction of their original price. There’s bound to be one that will suit your particular needs (Check out our handy guide to the 6 Best Film Cameras for Beginners). Unlike with digital, you don’t get to change your ISO on the fly. Once you load a roll or spool of film into your film camera, you’re locked into that particular roll’s ISO until you finish the whole thing.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: For Someone New to Street Photography

If you’re new to street photography, then check out this list.

When you’re brand new to street photography, there’s a lot of toxicity out there that doesn’t really help to create better street photographers. A whole lot of it is around pleasing the Instagram algorithm or learning from the classic masters. The classic masters are a fantastic way to enrich your passion, but the truth is that times have changed. And so you need to adapt. In fact, there isn’t a whole lot out there that talks about the ethics of street photography. So we’ve created a cheat sheet for you in a straightforward guide.

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Mac vs PC: The 2020 Razer Blade 15 Studio Targets Photographers

Creative professionals will love the newly refreshed Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition, but does it still hold an advantage over Apple’s offerings?

Razer is introducing the 2020 refresh of its well-regarded Blade 15 Studio Edition laptop today. We found the previous generation Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition to be the most powerful mobile computing solution available on the market for creative professionals. In many ways, it was the Windows version of Apple’s MacBook Pro and packed significantly superior performance. Since then, Apple has closed that performance gap somewhat with its revamped 13″ MacBook Pro. Similar upgrades will surely make their way into the 16″ variant when they inevitably drop later this year. Is the 2020 Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition still the best laptop option for creatives? Let’s look at the numbers.

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Cheap Photo: Fujifilm XT3 $1,199, Godox V1 $199, Big Photography Deals

We have found some of the best photography deals and have rounded them up for you.

The photography deals around the web just keep getting better and better. Need a new camera? Right now, you can grab the Fujifilm X-T3 for just $1,199, the Olympus E-M1 II for $1,099, and the Canon M50 with a lens for only $499! You can also save $1,000 on the Medium Format Fujifilm GFX 50R. The Godox V1, the most popular Speedlight around at the moment, can be yours for $199 (Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony), and it comes with a free set of colored gels. We have also found photography deals on camera bags and storage as well, like the 500gb Sandisk SSD, which is just $81.77!. Check out all of the photography deals after the break.

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Give It Time: The Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap Wide Review

The Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap perplexed me at first, but then I figured it out, and it just got better.

To say that there isn’t a learning curve with the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap is a lie. And to say that it won’t frustrate you at first is another lie. But what starts like a lion turns into a lamb. With time, the corn mash juices of the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap turn into a fine bourbon that you’ll enjoy spending time with. This strap is designed to work for any photographer that wants it, but it’s also got appeal to for a photographer using the rest of the Holdfast system. Like all things Holdfast, you’re getting ruggedness, harnesses, leather, etc. Made with buffalo leather and designed with some of the best hardware I’ve ever tested, the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap addresses a big problem that folks have: the metal hardware of their straps wears away at the camera. While some may embrace the patina, others treat their cameras like children. Now, Holdfast has a solution, but that solution is also the trickiest part of the strap.

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18 Cameras We’ve Reviewed and Loved That Easily Double as Webcams

If you’re looking for a webcam, then take pride in the fact that we’ve reviewed some of the best.

The single most in-demand feature of 2020 is the need for a webcam. The COVID-19 era has made pretty much everything we do digital, and the camera manufacturers are responding. Thankfully, if you own one of those cameras, you’re getting extra capabilities out of them with their webcam features. Even better is the fact that you have a variety of lens focal lengths that make you look your best. Couple this with some nice LED lighting and you’re good to go. We’ve scoured our Reviews Index for some of the most in-demand and best webcams that are originally traditional cameras. Take a look!

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Save $105 and Learn the Art of Nude Photography for Just $69 (NSFW)

nude photography

If you want to master nude photography, this photography tutorial is for you.

If you’ve always wanted to break out into the field of nude photography, but you have not had any idea where to start, this deal is for you. For just a short while, you can learn all about nude photography from one of the leaders in this space, Dan Hecho, for only $69! This photography tutorial is going to teach you the theory behind nude photography, how to capture stunning images, and how to retouch those images so that they always look their best. Join us after the break to learn more. Be warned, there are some NSFW images.

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Le Sigh de Photo: Odake BladeX Pro Portable External 4K Monitor Review

Photographers sick of working on tiny laptop screens will appreciate the extra real estate of the Odake BladeX Pro Portable External 4K Monitor.

One of the common dilemmas photographers run into when editing images on laptops is that they never seem to have enough screen real estate. On a desktop, you would just replace your display with a larger one, but that’s not possible with laptops. Odake is trying to help alleviate this problem with their BladeX Pro – a portable 15.6″ external 4K monitor. The BladeX Pro’s Indiegogo campaign was just fully funded, and we got to check out a pre-production sample to see if it lives up to the task.

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Fun at Home for $60: The Lensbaby OMNI Color Expansion Pack Review

The Color Expansion Pack for Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter System gives you even more variety when creating in-camera effects and light distortions.

When we reviewed the Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System last year, we loved the in-camera effects we were able to achieve, and found its magnetic attachment system to be innovative. One thing we had hoped to see Lensbaby introduce down the line was the ability for users to make their own custom effect wands. The Color Expansion Pack is a collection of additional Effect Wands, Diffraction Films, and Colored Gels designed to work with the OMNI Creative Filter System. While the Color Expansion Pack doesn’t quite allow for the full customization we hoped for, it certainly hints at what’s possible.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to the 6 Best Film Cameras for a Beginner

If you truly want your images to look like film, why not shoot with the genuine article? These cameras are perfect options to help you get started!

It should come as no surprise to long time readers of The Phoblographer that we’re quite fond of shooting with film. Astronomical megapickle counts are all the rage these days. Improvements in computational photography are helping smartphone cameras punch well above their weight as well. Despite these technological advancements, however, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about loading a roll of your favorite emulsion into a film camera and actually going out to shoot. There’s nothing quite like the magical quality of the clicking of an analog camera’s shutter or the cranking of the film advance lever. Maybe it’s the mechanical nature of it all, or perhaps we’re just nostalgic.

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The Sony ZV1 Camera Lacks the Most In Demand Feature of 2020

The Sony ZV1 is a brand new camera from Sony not necessarily designed for photographers, but you can surely use it.

While the Sony ZV1 isn’t such a well-kept secret, it also seems odd. When I look at this camera, I’m sort of reminded of the Sony Bloggie–a camera that they came out with to target pretty much the same demographic years ago. This is a camera that’s very capable of shooting still photos, but there’s a more significant emphasis on shooting video. In fact, it’s more or less a Sony RX100 VII, but with a few modifications and a lower price tag. More specifically, the internals are the Sony RX100 VII, and the externals are newer. The new exterior is designed for vlogging and content creation around video. As such, there’s been a new autofocus algorithm developed for this, or at least the existing one is modified.

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Forget New Cameras, These Older Fujifilm Cameras Are Top Performers

Innovative cameras -Fujifilm X100

If you’re looking into buying a camera, perhaps consider picking up a new old stock Fujifilm camera rather than a more modern model.

There’s no doubt that Fujifilm has had a massive impact on the camera market over recent years. Seemingly coming out of the blue, Fujifilm started to revolutionize the camera industry with some stellar Mirrorless cameras that were dubbed the X-series. Since their first offering in 2011, Fujifilm X-series cameras have taken over a whole market segment. Fujifilm’s APS-C cameras are so good that they have found homes in the hands of pros all over the globe. However, did you know that some of Fujifilm’s cameras from just a few years ago were so far ahead of their time that they are still top performers today? Well, they are, and they can be found at bargain prices. If you’re looking for a camera, check out these six Fujifilm cameras from a few years ago that will still blow your socks off.

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Less Than $65 and Great! The BAGSMART Camera Backpack Review

With the BAGSMART Camera Backpack, photographers are getting lots of high value at a super affordable price.

Quite honestly, the BAGSMART Camera Backpack should be at least double the price it goes for. But at under $65, the BAGSMART Camera Backpack is a significant value that gives photographers features and build quality that makes our jaws drop. In my opinion, this bag is a no-brainer. It’s so affordable yet so good that every photographer should pick one up even as a backup camera bag. We tested it out while trekking on hikes, commuting around the city, and with a variety of gear inside. Over the past few months, I’ve personally seen it outdo the quality of more expensive camera bags. Most importantly, this one bag is making me reconsider the entire thought process behind the pricing of camera bags.

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5 YouTube Channels Perfect for Learning About Landscape Photography

If you want to develop your skills in landscape photography, these YouTube channels are a good source of education.

Landscape photography takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. Endless scouting for the perfect scene, long hikes to the ideal spot, and a deep understanding of light are all parts of creating an amazing photograph. But what makes it so tricky also makes it so enjoyable, especially if you love the great outdoors. If you’re struggling to create the same magical landscape photos as the photographers who inspire you, you need quality tutorials — below we share exactly what you need.

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Cheap Photo: Free Photoshop 101, Big Sales on LR Presets and More

If you’re ready to finally master Photoshop, or if you want to edit your images in a breeze, we’ve found deals for you that will help with both and more.

Bargains galore! That’s what we have for you in this roundup. If you have always wanted to get to grips with Photoshop, you should sign up for Kelvin Pimont’s FREE Photoshop 101 masterclass! This class will give you a Photoshop foundation you can build upon. Nathon Elson’s Capture One Styles pack is just $39, and Dan Hecoh’s Nude shooting and processing bundle (NSFW) is only $69! There are incredible deals on Lightroom Presets and brushes too. Kelvin Pimont’s Lightroom preset bundle is just $27 (regularly $395), and his package of LR brushes is only $19. You can also grab The One Light Masterclass from Joel Grimes for just $57 too! To see more Photoshop tutorials, presets, and more, head past the break.

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Great Colors for Portraits or Landscapes: Fujifilm GF 45-100mm F4 Review

The Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f4 R LM OIS WR is a stabilized and weather-resistant standard zoom lens for Fujifilm’s GFX Medium Format Mirrorless cameras.

Announced in January of this year, the Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f4 R LM OIS WR is a standard zoom lens for the Fujifilm GFX Medium Format Mirrorless system. It’s weather-resistant and features five stops of optical image stabilization with a focal range equivalent to 36-79mm on Full Frame cameras. The GF 45-100mm features a maximum aperture of f4 and can be stopped all the way down to f32. The lens boasts 16 elements arranged into 12 groups and includes three aspherical elements, one Super ED element, and one ED element. We had the opportunity to test a final production copy of the Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f4 in the wild prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our full review is after the jump.

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24 Hrs Left: Street Photography Contest to Win a Fujifilm X100V

ENTER TO WIN!! We’re teaming up with Fujifilm to give away a Fujifilm X100V in our Street Photography Contest.

Hey folks!

We’re teaming up with FUJIFILM to giveaway A FUJIFILM X100V. In this international street photo contest, participants may enter one original street photograph of theirs. The contest, judged by the Phoblographer’s EIC Chris Gampat, will take place over this month and can be entered using your Facebook or Instagram account. Want to win? Check out the rules below.

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