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Beautiful, Streaky Lens Flares. Olympus 8-25mm F4 Pro Review

The Olympus 8-25mm f4 Pro is an incredibly versatile, durable lens, but it doesn’t denounce the older 7-14mm f2.8.

The Micro Four Thirds system is made for telephoto lenses, but ultra-wide angles are tougher for the smaller system. That’s not stopping Olympus from adding another wide-angle zoom to its lineup, however. The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8-25mm f4.0 Pro (we’ll call it the Olympus 8-25mm f4 Pro for short) is a 16-50mm equivalent lens wrapped in Pro line features. Unlike the mount’s current M.Zuiko 7-14mm f2.8 Pro, the 8-25mm can accept filters without an adapter.

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Our Favorite LGBTQ Photographers And Stories From Years Gone by

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June is Pride Month. And it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the work created by LGBTQ photographers. But it’s not the only time to do it. Our stories, features, and interviews are all year round. And we should remember the photo industry’s representation of the community should be a constant – not just a trendy thing to do one month of the year. The Phoblographer has been committed to highlighting the work of LGBTQ photographers ever since it started. We’re pleased that we’ve been able to create a nice catalogue of work by LGBTQ photographers that people can go back to and enjoy. And that’s what we’re going to do in this piece.

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3 Lenses The Passionate Photographer Will Love for Photowalking

The photowalk is one of our favorite ways to lose weight, blow off steam, and be creative.

Fact: photowalking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy your hobby at the same time. We’ve burned over 600 calories walking a few miles for at least two hours. And thankfully, it’s time to photowalk again! Of course, you can grab any lens you wish, but some lenses are naturally better than others. So we dove into our Reviews Index to find three particular lenses we’ve loved for photowalking. We’re sharing them in this roundup. All these lenses are under $1,000, so take a deeper look below!

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Small Lens, Big, Beautiful Colors. Sony 14mm F1.8 G Master Review

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I’d like to say that astrophotographers should be excited about the Sony 14mm f1.8 G Master. But, during my short time testing the lens, I wasn’t able to do any serious astrophotography. (It’s totally possible here in NYC though.) I’d actually look at different systems to do astrophotography, but I also know not everyone will use the Sony 14mm f1.8 G Master for that. So, you’ll be delighted to know how nice the colors from this lens are. And if you’re ready to go about exploring the post-pandemic world, then you’ll like this lens. You have to pay quite a price for it, though.

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Practical Design, Fantastic Comfort: Wandrd PRVKE II Review

The refined Wandrd PRVKE has plenty of room and plenty of comfort.

The Wandrd PRVKE generated a lot of buzz when the backpack launched on Kickstarter. And that was for a good reason — we gave the original bag the Editor’s Choice Award. Like most photographers, we’re picky about our bags. Now, Wandrd is back with an updated bag by the same name. The updated Wandrd PRVKE II keeps well-loved features like the roll-top, rear access, extra pockets, tripod pocket, and numerous compatible accessories. But, the updated version re-designs the back panel and shoulder straps for more comfort, and adds a luggage pass-through and accessory straps to the shoulders. It also fixes complaints on the earlier bag, such as stronger magnets on the top handles.

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How Shuko Kawase Uses the Fujifilm X-S10 to Take Better Street Photos

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“I look for authentic body language and real emotions. I think body language says a lot without exposing people’s identities and facial features.”, says Shuko Kawase of Japan, about her street photography. Having studied arts in various cities worldwide, she is currently based in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband Nicanor Garcia (also a commercial photographer). Late last year, Fujifilm Spain contacted them to produce a visual project using their newly launched camera – the X-S10. The couple spent 2 months testing it out as a street photography camera, focusing on the IBIS and its ability to help produce shake-free images.

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Want Vivid Colors? These Tamron Lenses are the Best Way to Get It

Tamron Lenses are at a great price right now, but only for a limited time.

It needs to be said: the photo industry creates a whole lot of sterile-looking lenses. The past two decades have engineered the soul out of photography. But with Tamron lenses, you’ll get a bit of that spark back. These lenses have beautiful, vivid colors. They’re also very sharp. What’s more, many of them are built exceptionally. But the cherry on top of all that is the affordable prices. Want to make your Sony a7r IV have better colors than you’ve ever seen? Try one of these lenses. 

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The Right One: Why and How You Probably Bought the Wrong Camera.

Photography and cameras are a personal thing that needs to be experienced–like a good fitting shirt!

We often say there are lots of cameras on the market feel and act the same. And that’s true. In fact, many even share the same sensor. So to differentiate them all, manufacturers have tried new things. The big differences are ergonomics, autofocus, menu systems, and more. And overall, the thing needs to feel right in your hands. The right camera needs to jive with your mind. Most of all, you can’t get over buyer’s remorse. 

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This A.I. Culls Photos For You — And It’s Not Half Bad: Optyx Review

Optyx A.I. Photo Manager can help speed up culls for big shoots — but don’t fall for the idea that you can be done in mere seconds.

Culling photos from a big shoot such as a  wedding is a process that typically takes hours. For me, the photo cull is a boring task that’s best tackled with Netflix and some snacks. But, can artificial intelligence turn that hours-long process into a few minutes? Optyx A.I. Photo Manager is an app that uses artificial intelligence to ease the bore of the cull. Using A.I., the app groups photos together, then searches for the sharpest one. But, mixing artificial intelligence with art is a precarious teeter-totter. Can A.I. really find your best shots?

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Will The Sony A7 IV Be A Massive Upgrade? It Needs To Be!

In terms of specs, the Sony a7 III is probably the best all round Full-Frame mirrorless or DSLR camera today.

When mirrorless cameras became mainstream by about 2014 or so, I observed two kinds of photographers who moved over to this system from other brands’ DSLRs. Those who weren’t too worried about sensor size, and loved film emulations switched to the Fuji X Series. Others who stood firm about a larger sensor requirement moved to the Sony offerings. Many DSLR users of Nikon and Canon who got tired of waiting for them to bring out competing models, eventually moved to one of the aforementioned mirrorless brands. Even Olympus managed to win over older photographers who got tired of lugging around heavy DSLRs and lenses.

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Why The Sony 24-70mm F2.8 G Master II Needs to Be That Great

It’s apparent the world moved on from what this Sony lens can do, and they need to supersede everyone else!

The Sony system is currently the best choice for a professional photographer, working journalist, or creative. There are lots of third-party lens options and fantastic flash/lighting support that are lightweight, small, and reliable enough. Durability aside, the system can reliably do anything you really need it to. No other camera system can say that at the moment. But where the rest have pulled ahead is with lenses. One lens of particular contention is the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master. These days, it’s questionable whether or not you’d buy it, but if Sony really wants to pull ahead of the pack, the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master II needs to be fantastic.

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9 Pieces of Gear That Make Travel Photography Even Better!

street photography

If you’re a nomadic soul, these pieces of gear are perfect for travel photography.

We know how it is. You spend time on the internet looking at glorious travel photography from around the world. You ask yourself, “How can I make photos like that?” You’re going to need the skills and the tools that allow you to utilize them. Tripods, lightweight cameras, and the right lenses are essential for the perfect travel trip. Here’s what we recommend.

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Nikon Shooters: Here’s Your Affordable Gateway to Mirrorless Cameras

camera deals

The Nikon Z6 can come with a 24-70mm f4 and an F to Z mount adapter for a very low price.

I totally understand why many Nikon photographers held back for a while. The staff here has always been concerned for Nikon’s development. But with the latest firmware updates, many of their camera received a needed boost. The Nikon z6 II is now very fast. If you’re not ready to make a full commitment, consider the original Nikon Z6. You can get it with a 24-70mm f4 and an F to Z mount adapter for $2,096.90

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The All Out Photo Award Focuses on Struggle And Adversity

The All Out Photo Award offers a voice for the LGBT+ community.

Attacks on the LGBT+ community are sadly not uncommon. Members of the community often share their stories of abuse, discrimination, and violence. Amongst the LGBT+ community are photographers, and many of them tell their stories through visual documentation. Now, alongside MTV, global movement All Out is giving them a platform to share their stories in the form of a 2021 photography award.

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7 Digital Cameras That Had the Most Beautiful Shutter Sounds

These cameras whispered sweet sounds into your ear when you shot with them.

The past two decades of photography showed photographers constantly asking for quieter shutters. It went hand-in-hand with the requests of wedding photographers, street photographers, and photojournalists. And like those shutters, the voices of some echoed really loudly throughout the internet. Then manufacturers developed the silent shutter. Photographers who needed it used it, but some of us miss the romance of the beautiful shutter. Digital photography lacks the sensory stimulation of film. You can’t smell the sensor, and the sounds are that of a soulless machine. But these cameras had beautiful shutter sounds. Hopefully, camera manufacturers will bring that back.

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From Gear to Technique, This Is the Ultimate Guide to Street Photography

Let’s explore the topic of street photography.

From opinion pieces to tutorials, we’ve written a lot about street photography. It’s one of the most accessible genres there is. Naturally, there’s plenty to say about the art form then. We decided to go through our archives and put the best of what we’ve written into one piece. Whether you’re a newbie, enthusiast, or seasoned pro, you’ll certainly take something away from this article.

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The Cameras You Want Are at KEH on Amazon

We found a bunch of gear that KEH has listed on Amazon, so you know it has to be quality used gear.

KEH has long been known for having great used camera gear. They evaluate everything and let you know the quality and condition of it all. Some of the gear gets listed on Amazon in an effort to sell it. And we found some of it listed on Amazon at the KEH Store. Take a look at some of the good gear we found.

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Tom Hegen Documents the Polarizing World of Oyster Farming

All images by Tom Hegen. Used with permission

“I don’t judge the places I photograph,” says aerial photographer, Tom Hegen. He adds, “I see myself more as an observer, documenting those places, providing an overview and insights on our relationship with nature.” His work focuses on the connections between people and nature, especially the impact on landscapes caused by human intervention. In his Oyster Farm series, Tom takes a look at how humans farm food even in some of the most improbable places one can imagine.

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Melissa O’Shaughnessy Brings Together the Wonderful Diversity of NYC

All images by Melissa O’Shaughnessy. Used with permission.

“That it was—and will be again—full of energy, diversity and truly quirky moments,” writes Melissa O’Shaughnessy. She adds, “It’s well worth paying attention to the variety and beauty of the millions of people who crowd its streets and avenues.” O’Shaughnessy is referring to New York City. It’s the place she calls home, and it’s also where she created her excellent photo book, Perfect Strangers.

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The Best 85mm Lenses Under $700. We’ve Reviewed Each of These Too!

The 85mm lens is essential for landscape, portrait, and street photographers.

There aren’t many lenses that can as versatile as an 85mm lens. We learned a while back that it’s a great choice for basketball. And we’ve known for a while that it’s great for portrait photography. But 85mm lenses also help landscape photographers focus on specific details really well. And for street photography, it can make a cinematic-looking image. But you’re on a budget, so we dove into our Reviews Index to find some of the best 85mm lenses for under $700. Here are the best of the bunch.

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