Op Ed: There Is No Good, Safe Social Media Community for Photography

When it comes to social media communities for photographers, Instagram is the reigning, undisputed champion. Before Instagram’s dominance, the photo-centric social media landscape was a very different place. The photography social media space was much like the Wild West back then. Platforms like 500px, Flickr, Google+, and Tumblr were all gunslingers vying for dominance. Some of these platforms had their 15 minutes in the spotlight, managing to foster communities amongst their loyal userbases. Most of them have been barely able to hold onto their formal glory. We’ve also seen contenders like Daisie, Ello, and Vero pop up through the years as well. While they have all been touted to be the next big thing, none of them have gained the traction needed to dethrone the 800-pound gorilla that is Instagram. Despite the growing dissatisfaction with Instagram amongst many photographers, we’re doomed to suffer its reign until a viable alternative presents itself. Where did all these competitors go wrong?

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Make Your Own Golden Hour By Mastering This One Setting

Photographing during golden hour can produce stunning results, but Mother Nature isn’t always kind to us. Give this trick a go if she’s being temperamental.

Many photographers love shooting during golden hour because the ambient light imparts a soft, gorgeous warmth onto our subject matter. Those fleeting moments during golden hour often produce some of the most stunning images regardless if you’re photographing landscapes or portraits. Aside from the short window of opportunity, we’re also very much at Mother Nature’s mercy when photographing during golden hour. Weather conditions, cloud coverage, time of year, and a slew of other factors determine whether the ambient light is actually golden during its eponymous hour. All hope is not lost, however, if Mother Nature happens to be a cruel mistress while you’re out photographing. By mastering your camera’s white balance settings, you will gain the ability to control how intense golden hour’s effects appear in your image. You can even simulate the appearance of golden hour if Mother Nature is giving you the cold shoulder. Let’s dive right in.

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Is Instagram’s Move to Protect Photographers as Good as It Seems?

Instagram has made a big move to help protect the work of photographers.

Early this year, a photographer took Mashable to court after the publication embedded one of her Instagram photos without consent. Her attempt to sue the company was unsuccessful, sparking wide debate across the photography community. Many felt Instagram needed to do more to protect the work of photographers, believing it was too easy for third parties to use their images. Since the court ruling, it seems Instagram has listened to the needs of its users.

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Here’s How the Apple iPhone Triggers the Profoto B10 Professional Flash

If you’re a Profoto B10 flash owner, you’re going to enjoy the latest Profoto AirX update.

Not long ago, Profoto updated its Apple iPhone app to let the Profoto B10 trigger a flash with the Profoto Camera App. Let’s be clear here; no one is going to go out and buy the Profoto B10 just to shoot with their phone. I think that would be a pretty stupid idea. But instead, you now have an extra added capability. My Profoto B10 has a Sony transmitter, Canon transmitter, Fujifilm transmitter, and I can also personally use it to shoot photos. Better yet, I don’t have to use the constant light. Instead, I can enjoy the natural pop that a flash can give you. Profoto has developed a proprietary technology to do this. You can take a look at our Profoto B10 review and spot the update there for yourself. So how does it work? We spoke to Marko Pirc–who found his way to Profoto after working on the Lumu light meter for your iPhone.

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Why You Should Choose Mirrorless Over DSLR in 2020

I love the DSLR, but here’s why I think Mirrorless systems are better.

My last DSLR was the Nikon D600. I paired it with the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 G and oh how I loved that combination. It helped me to create great pictures, and even though the model is eight years old, it would still serve any photographer well if they were to pick it up today. But as much as I love the DSLR, it’s hard for me to state its case for anyone looking to buy their first camera or upgrade their current one. Why? Because mirrorless systems are here, and they continue to improve.

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7 Weather Sealed Nikon Cameras That Aren’t Afraid of Mother Nature

Innovative cameras - Nikon D850

These weather sealed Nikon cameras are some of the toughest around, and no matter what weather conditions you might find yourself in, these cameras will keep on working.

If you’re looking for a durable camera that’s really built to last, perhaps it’s time to take a look at some offerings from Nikon. Not only are Nikon cameras capable of producing gorgeous images, but they are also built like tanks, and that applies to both their DSLRs and their Mirrorless cameras. If you like to be outside with your Nikon when it’s raining, snowing, blowing a gale, or when Mother Nature is just generally feisty, these are the weather sealed Nikon cameras worth a closer look at.

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Ultra-Wide, Ultra-Sharp, and Ultra-Pricey: Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM Review

The world’s fastest and widest Full Frame lens in this category is the Sony 12-24mm f2.8 GM, but it comes with a worldie of a price tag.

The Sony 12-24mm f4 has been a staple in the camera bags of landscape shooters for a while, and so it should be: it’s a great lens. But there has been a clamoring for a faster G Master version. If you’re a photographer who has a need for speed, you’ll be pleased to know that your wait for a faster, ultra-wide-angle lens from Sony is over; the Sony 12-24mm f2.8 GM is finally here. It joins at a time when others such as Sigma and Tamron, have already released their fast ultra-wides. However, Sony has pushed the envelope with their offering. The Sony 12-24mm f2.8 GM is the world’s widest fast 12-24mm f2.8 lens on any Full Frame platform, but does it warrant its eye-watering price tag? Find out in our full review.

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An Imperfect MacBook Pro Alternative: Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 Review

The Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 laptop is a decent MacBook Pro alternative for photographers and creatives with some questionable omissions.

For a long time, MacBook Pros were the go-to option for photographers and creatives in need of a mobile computing solution. That’s no longer the case with the recent influx of competitively priced and highly capable Windows mobile workstations. The Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 is one such example, packing a lot of firepower under the hood at a reasonable price. For US $1,999, you’re getting an Intel i7-9750H Hexa-core processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 discrete GPU, 32 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of solid-state storage. To top it off, it’s got a stunning Pantone validated 4K display that covers 100% of the AdobeRGB color space. The spec sheet certainly looks impressive, but how well does it perform in the real world? Find out in our Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 full review.

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We Asked Photographers Why They Bring Their Cameras Everywhere

We wondered why some photographers bring their cameras with them everywhere, so we asked them.

There’s the old idea that photographers should bring their cameras everywhere with them. But of course, not every photographer does that. For the ones that do, we wondered exactly why. For years, I always thought it was just photojournalists who did this. But it’s a lot more than them. We asked a few photographers to tell us why they bring their cameras with them. In some cases, they feel like it’s part of them being their best selves. But it’s also a part of their identity.

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Video: Stop Shooting for Instagram and Start Shooting for Yourself

Too many photographers just shoot for Instagram and not enough for themselves.

Fact: Instagram isn’t the end all be all in photography. But lots of photographers just shoot to feed the algorithm. It breeds a lack of originality, and instead, everyone is just doing the same thing. It gets bland, and it’s overall not good for the art world. Gear Editor Brett Day went through a recent bout of this happening, and he wanted to talk about it with the rest of the Reviews Team in a recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews. For background: both Reviews Editor Paul Ip and Editor in Chief Chris Gampat are on a many months-long break from Instagram.

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6 Mirrorless Cameras Under $1,000 and Perfect for Enthusiasts

All of these Mirrorless cameras can help you produce stunning images, and they’re easy on the wallet.

Looking back just a few short years ago at the cameras aimed at enthusiasts makes you realize just how far Mirrorless cameras have propelled us into the future. Now, Mirrorless cameras under $1,000 have many of the same features as those aimed at pros. Fantastic EVFs? You bet! Great sensors that capture a ton of detail? Absolutely! IBIS? Weather Sealing? Insanely fast autofocus systems? That’s a solid yes to all of those. Really, this camera segment is nothing short of amazing, but how do you know which Mirrorless cameras under $1,000 are worth it? Well, roundups like this help. If you have $1,000 to spend on a new camera, the ones we have listed after the break are the models worth a closer look.

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A Nice Camera with a Serious Identity Crisis: Nikon Z50 Review

The Nikon Z50 is a nice APS-C camera, but it’s for nobody in particular, and there’s a big elephant in its room.

Nikon decided to enter the already pretty crowded Mirrorless APS-C camera space with the Z50. Much was made of the Nikon Z50 when it was announced. Many touted it as a spiritual successor to the legendary D500: I can tell you it is not that. Nikon released this camera to target the vlogger crowd and those who want to blow up social media with pictures of coffee, sushi, and all manner of other stereotypical hipster things. Does the Z50 have what it takes to entice those crowds, and can it successfully enter a Mirrorless APS-C market dominated by Fujifilm and Sony? Let’s find out in our full review.

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I’m a Photo Editor Taking a Year Off of My Personal Instagram, and It Rocks

I was inspired by Reviews Editor Paul Ip to take a year off from my personal Instagram.

Instagram is toxic, and it’s a terrible platform for photography and photographers. That’s really all I need to say. It’s more designed for someone to stay on the platform and for them to sell you advertising. Can you get gigs from it? Sure. But, you can also get gigs from having a robust website. Anyone looking to spend money on your creative services will do a fuller exploration of the type of work you do beyond your Instagram. I’ve got two Instagram accounts: The Phoblographer’s and my own. Dan Ginn runs most of the operations for the site’s Instagram account, and my personal account underwent changes over the past year. I purposely cut down the number of people I was following to under 100. It helped me focus on specific people when it comes to stories and the fuller feed. I’d get notifications that I was at the end of the feed, and that meant I could close the app and move on to something else. The urge to stay in the app and check out other things was real, but I fought it. And now I’m taking that even further.

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Deal Alert: Joel Grime’s Beauty Brushes $27, Free Photography Tutorials

Learn new skills, edit faster, and get out and shoot more with these photography tutorials, presets, and more.

Learn the skills you need to take your photography to the next level. Buying new gear is great, but if you don’t know how to get the most out of it you will always be two steps behind the competition. If you have wanted to come to grips with Photoshop, you should sign up for Kelvin Pimont’s FREE Photoshop 101 masterclass! This class will give you a Photoshop foundation you can build upon. Also, sign up for Joel Grime’s masterclass called ‘Behind the Lens‘ and learn from him for free too! You can also grab over 2,500 Photoshop actions and overlays for just $29, and Kelvin Pimont’s Lightroom preset bundle is just $27 (regularly $395). Kelvin’s package of LR brushes is a steal at only $19. You can also grab The One Light Masterclass from Joel Grimes for just $57 and his world-class Lightroom beauty brushes for just $27! To see more Photography tutorials, presets, and more, head past the break.

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Video: SuperSense One Instant Packfilm Is a Major Disappointment

The SuperSense One Instant packfilm is disappointing in so many ways.

Years ago, Fujifilm discontinued their peel-apart film–otherwise known as packfilm. It was instant and for years had been used by professionals shooting film to get a preview of their exposures. But, it experienced a bit of a revival when people started to get back into Instant film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep it alive. And Fujifilm instead does Instax. But, the folks over at SuperSense decided to recreate it themselves. They’re a small team mostly working on a passion project–and it shows. I personally backed their Kickstarter a while back and received my film last year. But we were super busy, and it was frigid out, so summer 2020 just seemed like the best time to test is. So how did it do? Well, I’m pretty sad.

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These Tips Will Level Up Your Backlit Portrait Photography Game

© 2020 Pauleth Ip / PI Creative

Are you a fan of the backlit portrait look but not sure how to achieve it? Let us show you how with our latest original infographic!

Backlighting subjects is a popular technique used in portrait photography, popular amongst portrait photographers who prefer to work with natural light. When properly executed, backlit portraits take on a natural and aesthetically pleasing quality. If you’ve wanted to give this style a try, but weren’t quite sure how to pull it off, we’ve got you covered!

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5 YouTube Channels to Watch for Those New to Portrait Photography

If you want to improve your portrait photography, these YouTube channels will surely help.

If you’ve been experimenting with portrait photography, then you’ll know by now that it’s not easy. Getting the perfect portrait requires skill, experience, and a lot of learning. Thankfully, in the digital era, with the likes of YouTube being at the forefront of content consumption, plenty of experienced photographers are happy to share their knowledge with the world. We’ve rounded up a list of the best of the best, to help take your portrait photography to the next level.

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Showdown of the Portrait Photography Focal Lengths: 85mm vs 135mm

Both 85mm and 135mm lenses are highly sought after options for portrait photography, but which focal length reigns supreme?

When it comes to portrait photography, many photographers will naturally reach for an 85mm or 135mm prime lens. Both lenses are equally capable of delivering stunning results in the right hands. However, there are fundamental differences between the two focal lengths that give each lens unique advantages. Understanding them will allow you to pick the most appropriate option at your next portrait session.

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Video: What We Want in the Sony a5 (If It’s Real and Not Fake)

On a recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews, the Reviews Team at the Phoblographer discussed the possible Sony a5.

Is it real? We honestly don’t know. But if the Sony a5 is real, then we’ve got a ton of questions. Like, what’s the pricing going to be? Will it still really be over $1,000? What sensor will be inside? Will Sony remove a whole lot of their more innovative features? And if Sony does that, then why would someone buy the camera? Will it still have a DSLR style camera body? If Sony were to make one of these come out, then it would probably be very soon. A Sony a5 camera would be a very entry-level option for the market. It would most likely be targeted at the hobbyist. Heck, they may even take away a control dial and make it more like the Sony a6000 series of cameras.

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Simplify Photoshop for $39 with StyleMyPics Photoshop Workflow Panel


This workflow panel will save hours during post and help you get consistent results.

Are you a portrait photographer who spends a considerable amount of time editing and retouching images in Photoshop, so that you can make them absolutely perfect? Did you know there is a tool that can make your life easier, and that will be able to save you hours during post? StyleMyPic’s Workflow Extension Panel will help you edit like a pro, save you valuable time, and for a short while is just $39. If you want to edit your photos easily, and have consistent results, this Photoshop extension panel is for you. Find out all the details about it after the break.

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The Sony A7s III Might Have a Full Frame Sensor of at Least 34MP

The Sony a7s III is one of the most discussed Sony cameras ever, yet there has been no sign or any new news about it, until now.

Sony really shocked the photography and videography world with its a7s series of cameras. You can take the Sony a7s II and shoot at ISO 80,000 with hardly any problems. The a7s series was Sony innovating at its very best. The problem is that Sony’s faithful are now chomping at the bit for the Sony A7s III, and rightly so: it has now been five years since the a7s II hit the streets. In this time, the A6xxx line has seen a complete refresh, the A7r series is now on its 4th model, and surely the A7 series will soon hit number four too, so this begs the question; where is the Sony A7s III? Well, a recent interview has just shed some light on this highly anticipated camera. After the break, we will share what Sony has said, and what we think might be in store for the ‘all-new’ camera.

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