The New Razer Blade 15 Advanced Has Something Photographers Want

The new Razer Blade 15 Advanced is showing a whole lot of promise for photographers.

The last Razer Blade 15 laptop we reviewed was back in 2020, and we really liked it! Razer has been known for appealing to gamers, but in recent years they’ve been making moves in the creative space. Today, they’re introducing the new Razer Blade 15 Advanced. It’s important to note that they have keyboards more akin to what we’re used to with Apple computers. They’re also bringing Wifi 6, a UHS-III SD Card Reader, a full HD webcam, two Thunderbolt 4.0 ports, and USB-C charging. This sounds positively fantastic and very promising.

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It’s Time to Photowalk! Enjoy It with These Lightweight Lenses

No one wants to drag along something heavy, so check out these lightweight lenses!

If you’re a passionate photographer, then you probably love photo walking. It’s a fantastic social activity that can also be done solo. And no matter what, it’s a great idea to bring along a lightweight lens. There’s nothing worse than having extra weight on your hike. Similarly, a lightweight lens is just what the doctor ordered to help you clear your mind on a photo walk. So we went into our Reviews Index and found some of our favorites. These lightweight lenses are bound to be some of your favorites.

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The Phoblographer is Hiring. Join the Most Progressive Photo Site Around

We’ve got a few positions open still! Join our team!

Hey folks,

We’ve done an internal revamp to refocus what we want right now. To make us stand out even more from other sites, we’re adding a few other positions to the staff. Women make up half our staff, lots of our staff are internationally based, and we’re still growing. To that end, Women, POCs, and anyone else are very encouraged to apply. Want a steady gig? Take a look. Want an internship? Take a look!

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Great Prices on Renewed Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Have you been holding back on getting a new Fujifilm camera or lens? Then you can get a refurbished or renewed one that’s pretty much brand new.

There have been lots of problems with supplies and getting new cameras. But luckily, there is a lot of renewed and refurbished gear out there. If you’re wondering about refurbished cameras, have no fear. It’s basically a floor unit that was redone. Essentially, it’s a brand new camera or lens that went through stricter quality control. Most of the gear that I own is renewed or refurbished. These cameras and lenses will serve you just as well as a brand new one. Why not get it at a lower price after all? So we found some great renewed Fujifilm cameras and lenses that you’ll find below.

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Challenging, but a Worthy Slice of Focus: Leica 90mm F1.5 Summilux ASPH

The Leica 90 f1.5 Summilux ASPH rewards patience with some spectacular flare.

Leica’s Summilux lenses boast ultra-bright apertures, but until recently these ultra-fast lenses have been limited to wide-angle and standard focal lengths. The Leica 90mm f1.5 Summilux ASPH is the Summilux line’s first 90mm, joining 90mms from the Summicron and Macro-Elmar line-ups. Mixing the wide aperture of the Summilux line with a longer focal length creates a tiny slice of perfect focus that fades quickly into a spectacular blur.

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This Strap Packs a Hidden Tool: Wandrd Sling Review

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Necks weren’t designed for holding much more than your head. Sling straps hold the weight of the camera on the shoulders instead. Made with the ability to switch back and forth from shoulder to neck carry, this type of strap design often offers more comfort for all-day shoots. The Wandrd Sling is one of those straps. Made from incredibly soft nylon material, the strap is a happy medium between the expensive leather and the cheap, scratchy numbers that ship with your camera.

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Opinion: The DSLR Is Dead, and Supporting it Is Useless

It’s time to let go of the DSLR because it’s dead and over with.

Let’s round up a few facts in this post. The DSLR is dead. A while back, Canon said they weren’t going to make any new DSLRs or EF Lenses unless there’s a demand. Nikon has dropped most of their DSLR line and is committed to mirrorless. And Sony officially discontinued their A-mount products. It took way, way too long for all this to happen. Mirrorless was the future back then, and it’s the standard today. Lots of professional photographers still shoot with DSLRs, but DSLRs are massively inferior. You can’t tell me that a DSLR is built like a Leica SL2s. And you can’t make me believe a Canon Rebel is lighter than a Sony a6700. But there are two brands that are still holding out as far as we know. 

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New Lenses Need More Character, What I’d Love to See

New lenses have become almost too clinical.

Make no mistake about it; modern lenses are fantastic. Optically, it’s pretty amazing what they can do. New lenses render sharp detail on demanding digital sensors. Distortion is becoming better controlled all the time. Flaring is rarely a worry anymore. However, at least some of that advancement has come at a cost. As a result, when looking at images from the latest glass, there’s little unique about them. There isn’t much character left in most new lenses. For more insight into this problem, read on after the break.

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We Updated Our Panasonic 24-70mm F2.8 Review! It’s Faster Now!

The Panasonic 24-70mm f2.8 Lumix S Pro isn’t so sluggish after all: it just needed better cameras.

A while back, we reviewed the Panasonic 24-70mm f2.8. In that review, we stated that the lens was pretty slow to focus. But we blamed it on the system overall. We recently updated our Panasonic 24-70mm f2.8 Review, which you can check out here. We’ve been holding onto our loaner lenses for a while and found a pleasant surprise. With the new Leica SL2s firmware update, the Panasonic 24-70mm f2.8 is now faster than it is on Panasonic’s own camera bodies. We tried it on the Leica SL2s, the Panasonic S5, and the Panasonic S1. Quite frankly, I never had hope for the S1. But the S5 has to be one of my favorite cameras Panasonic has made. It’s fascinating to now find the shoe on the other foot.

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The Best Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses of the Past Decade

We’re rounding up the Fujifilm products we think are the best of the past decade.

Fujifilm has been a major digital camera player for almost a decade now. When the X100 first was announced, it turned so many heads. Its good looks and features were a slap in the face of the boring camera market. And we’ve got them to thank for the whole ergonomics revolution. Indeed, they’ve been an incredibly important company this past decade. So we’re rounding up some of the best cameras they’ve made.

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The Difficult Truth of Running Photography Business with a Partner

Photography businesses run by couples is becoming more common, but a hurdle stands in the way for these two love birds.

Managing a photography business isn’t easy. It can be especially complicated when you’re managing it with another person. And it can super difficult when that other person is someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with. That’s the reality for one photography duo: complications are seeping through as they clash heads on the correct strategy for their company. Let’s take a look.

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Mariana Cheoo Uses Her Self-Portraits to Send a Beautiful Message

All images by Mariana Cheoo. Used with permission.

“…I promise you, it’s a wonderful journey with yourself!” Those are the beautiful words of Mariana Cheoo. Still very fresh to photography, she’s working hard to find her voice while developing and exploring herself. Like many, the process of creation is allowing Cheoo to heal, fight depression, and cultivate self-love. In a very thoughtful and heartwarming interview, we look at a series of self-portraits that will encourage you to look closer at yourself.

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Nikon Z9 and Tower Semiconductor: Is This the New Dream Team?

If Nikon brings out their Z9 with a brand new sensor, they could win a lot of hearts.

The much speculated on Nikon Z9 continues to capture the internet’s imagination. This camera is Nikon’s chance to deliver big innovation. If they get it right, it could signal a bright future for the Z-mount system. So far, we have very little confirmation from Nikon. The photo in the press release shows an integrated vertical grip body which usually indicates the brand’s flagship camera. Nikon will likely throw everything they have at it. However, they have only announced that the Z9 will employ a new stacked sensor, 8k video capability, and a new processor. That’s about it regarding official specifications. There is a bit of knowledge we can infer from that, however. Read on after the break for some exciting possibilities.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Into Film. Here Are Great Cameras to Choose

If you’ve never experienced the smell of a roll of Kodak Tri-x being wound into your camera, give this a shot.

Summer is nearly here in the US. And there’s never been a better time to get into film! There’s a plethora of great cameras out there, and there’s a ton in great shape at KEH. These cameras are some of the best ways to experience CineStill, Lomochrome Purple, and much more! Best of all, these cameras rank as some of the best ever made. Check out our list below!

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Finally Competitive, Nikon Z6 II Firmware Gives Me Hope for the Series

Can Nikon make the Z system fast enough for sports with just a firmware update?

The original Nikon Z series failed to live up to the autofocus performance of the company’s DSLRs. But is autofocus performance an issue that can be fixed with a simple firmware update? You might be surprised. Last week, Nikon released a list of firmware updates for every single Z series camera. Chief among the list of improvements? A boost to the autofocus. As one of what feels like the last millennial with a DSLR, I hopefully grabbed my review sample Z6 II and downloaded firmware version 1.20. After photographing a soccer game and the dark corner of a closet, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Justin Sullivan is One of South Africa’s Most Daring Photographers

SA photographer gives thought to his dangerous wildfire and wildlife photography, with images that are equal parts harrowing and compelling.

All images by Justin Sullivan. Used with permission.

“I always wanted to photograph impactful content,” says Justin Sullivan, one of South Africa’s most daring photographers. “I started chasing fires around the Cape, running up mountains in my shorts and flip flops (sandals)…Looking back now, it was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.” In only six years, Justin’s determination has taken him from the front lines of devastating wildfires, to the epicenter of the war on wildlife poaching.

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KEH Has Great Prices on Used Leica M Mount Gear

There isn’t much out there as unique as the experience that a Leica can give you.

The tactile experience that a Leica M camera and lens give you is unmatched. The feel of sliding a focusing tab into just the right spot is divine. Couple that with the resulting pride from getting the photo yourself and not from autofocus. You’ll end up falling in love pretty quickly with the special package in your hand. So we worked with KEH to curate a few special options, like a Red Leica M9.

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Blast From the Past: 7 Photography Projects That Still Look Good Today

We go into the archives and share photography projects that still hold value today.

Everything moves at a fast pace in the digital era. What’s relevant today is forgotten tomorrow. Photography is no different. With so many photographers around, publications are constantly delivering new and exciting work to their audience. But as new work emerges, previous work doesn’t need to lose its value. So to keep the fire alive, we share photography projects from the past which still remain strong today!

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The Leica 24-70mm F2.8 ASPH SL Addresses a Big Concern

We’re told that the Leica 24-70mm f2.8 ASPH SL will even say “Made in Japan.”

I guess it was inevitable that Leica would use Sigma lenses to boost their lens lineup. And that’s sort of what’s happening with the Leica 24-70mm f2.8 ASPH SL. This lens is for the Leica L mount. It uses Sigma optics and rehouses them in a more rugged metal body. Sigma tends to use something they call carbon-composite. It makes their lenses lighter, even though their Art lineup is still pretty heavy. With this Leica, we’re told it’s still under 2lbs. That’s a bit reassuring, considering that many of Leica’s L mount lenses require you to lift weights. But, when you realize the image quality, internal construction, and build quality, it becomes a bit more understandable. 

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28mm vs 35mm Lens Battle: The Great Debate for Photographers

The debate of 28mm vs 35mm lens is often confusing for lots of folks.

The 28mm and 35mm lens focal lengths are oddly competitive. The 35mm focal length often wins for most who say they see the world this way. But some of us also see in 28mm. So for newer shooters, the decision can be a bit difficult. The best thing to do is to try both. Ideally, get a kit zoom lens and shoot with both focal lengths for a while. Then from there, pick the best one for you. We’re going to look at a few genres and tell you which one is better in our opinion. So let’s dive into the 28mm vs 35mm lens battle!

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