How to Use a Softbox: A Visual Guide for the Photographer New to Lighting

Give lots of photographers a softbox and they’ll know nothing about using one; but it makes lighting so easy

Over the years, I’ve used many different lighting modifiers, but one of the mainstays has always been a variation of the traditional photography softbox. Along with the umbrella, it’s arguably the most popular option on the market. Photographers of all types use them, but they’re perhaps most commonly employed with studio portraiture and headshots. Softboxes take the fundamental values of light and find a way to shape and mold it. To understand this a bit better, think about how fairy lights, a desk lamp, and ceiling lights all affect a room differently. They’re all different shapes, sizes, and are placed in different ways. This idea will help you get through this article and ultimately guide you on how to use one. But in the end, you’ll need to figure out whether or not you actually need one.

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Wouldn’t It Be Cool If Nikon Brought 5 Way Image Stabilization to Their DSLRs?

Could Nikon be working to bring 5-axis stabilization to their DSLRs? 

One of the really cool things that could happen with DSLRs is giving them in body image stabilization since they’ve had lens stabilization for many years now. There are a few notable exceptions in regards to DSLR cameras having 5-axis stabilization (Pentax in their full frame K1 DSLRs for example), but in terms of the big two, Canon and Nikon, this would be an unprecedented attempt to win back some of the customers lost to the glitz and glamour of the constantly innovating and evolving world of Mirrorless cameras. However, we’re 99% sure that a fake report is actually bringing up a pretty solid point about it all.

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Review: Sony a7 III (What Sony Calls the Basic Camera)

The Sony a7 III surely is a great camera, but who is it really for?

I got the chance to spend time with the Sony a7 III in Las Vegas and then again here in NYC; and after all the time I spent with the camera I am not sure who the customer is that may purchase it. There are three mindsets here: those who need really fantastic high ISO output, those who need high resolution, and those who need a combination of both. All of these are fulfilled by the Sony a7s, Sony a7r and the a9 respectively. But with the Sony a7 III you’ve got a camera that is more or less a very stripped down a9. Sony targets this camera at enthusiasts though it’s more than good enough for professional use providing you’re not taking it into a lot of dust or rain. To get the most from it you’ll need to pair it with some top notch glass. It can make for a solid second body and can surely fulfill all the needs of most photographers. But as I found while being a Sony a7 owner and upgrading to the Sony a7r III, there is a chance that its light isn’t going to shine as bright as the other options in the Sony line up.

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Cheap Photo: Sony Rebates, Some with Over $450 Off!

It’s tax return season and camera manufatures, along with everyone and their dog, wants you to spend some of it on their stuff!

If you are a Sony photographer right now, or one of the many DSLR owners out there seriously considering jumping into the Sony Mirrorless ecosystem, you will want to have a look at the list below, which includes deals on a vast array of cameras and lenses within the Sony ecosystem.

Seriously, you can save up as much as $450, though to be up front most of the deals fall within the $50 to $150 range. However, these are still great deals to be had, so check them out! Have a look at a few of our favorites below, followed by the full list.

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Samsung’s New 970 PRO and 970 EVO SSDs Are Crazy Fast, as in 30% Faster Than the 960s

In the world of data storage Samsung is the king of speed

It is the year 2018 and hard drives are becoming less and less common in most work focused computers as significantly faster SSD storage has come down in price. SSDs (Solid State Drives) are smaller than ever and faster than ever. No company right now is pushing that need for speed more in the consumer realm than Samsung and their 900 series SSDs. The Korean electronics superpower just announced the latest additions to their 900 series family, the 970 Pro and 970 Evo SSDs, and they boast somewhat insane speeds in the 3,500MB/s range for reads and the 2,500MB/s range for writes. Continue reading…

Dxo Labs Goes into Receivership, Says Not to Worry

The French company has officially been placed under Juducial Administration

Following the announcement of their planned split, a move that took DXO and turned them into DXO labs and DXO Mark, it has now been reported the company has gone into receivership. The move is being explained as a necessary piece of the process in French law to officially split the company, but at this point what it could mean exactly for the company is unclear. Continue reading…

Lorenzo Papadia Explores Impermanence Using a Polaroid SX-70

All images by Lorenzo Papadia. Used with permission.

Lovers of instant photography, particularly the retro-hued images revealed by Polaroid film, find it a particularly striking and an effective medium for emotional, visual stories despite the imperfections. Among these is Italian photographer Lorenzo Papadia, who is also the latest to share with us his dreamy Polaroid project titled Fade Point.

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Film Emulsion Review: Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 Color Negative Film (35mm and 120)

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 is an odd, but pretty cool film

For years I’ve walked into Lomography’s shop and looked at Redscale XR 50-200 with disdain. I’d wonder why any hipster would want to try something like this! But then I tried it myself, partially out of curiosity, part out of needing to do this review, and part out of just trying to understand it. Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 is a film that you expose anywhere between ISO 200 and 500: the results depend on how you expose the film. Some are more normalized, others more random and super orange tinged. While proper photographers may not love it, ordinary folks think it’s pretty darned cool and fun.

Perhaps that’s all this film was developed for.

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