Small and Powerful: These Cameras are Perfect For Travel Photography

feature-rich cameras

These small yet incredibly powerful cameras make travel photography easy.

It has been a while since we’ve been able to talk about travel photography with any real meaning. The pandemic has stopped us in our tracks. Still, things do seem to be trending in the right direction. Hopefully, it will soon be safe to travel once again. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for you to re-evaluate your travel photography gear. There have been many cameras released during the past year that are great for travel photography. The cameras we have rounded up here are all incredibly compact, but they’re mighty powerful. They’re all robust and can take a beating. These cameras have the latest and greatest autofocus systems and sensors that capture a ton of detail. Pair these travel photography cameras up with some lightweight primes, and you’ll have a perfect travel kit. Check out our five favorite cameras for travel photography after the break.

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The DJI FPV Makes Photography into a First Person Shooter

Using the DJI FPV was incredibly fun and just the spark that the industry needs.

The brand new DJI FPV gave me all the fun that playing with toys did as a child. But instead, it’s a serious device for creating. Drone photography is seriously one of the most fun and enjoyable things you can do. Like a few other types of photography, you can think of it as a toy shooting style. Unfortunately, lots of products don’t really have things like RAW capabilities. But some, like the DJI FPV have extra fun factors to them!

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The Cost of Being Different. Leica 75mm F2 SL Review

This is probably the best portrait lens the L Mount has.

It took me a while to figure out the right headline for this review. The Leica 75mm f2 SL is a beautiful lens with wonderful image quality. Technically it’s not an odd focal length. If you put a 50mm lens on most APS-C cameras, you’ll get a 75mm focal length. If you’ve used Leica lenses for a while, you’ve probably used a 75mm lens. This is one of my favorite lenses for the SL lenses. In my mind, it’s one of the best portrait lenses for the system. Make no mistake; comparatively speaking, you’re probably paying quite the premium. But, at the same time, this lens has no comparison.

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Robert Claus Made All These Photos with His iPhone

All images and text by Robert Claus. Used with permission.

I’m seeking out the hidden beauty of a common local landmark by revisiting it over three winters and producing black & white images shot only on a basic iPhone. Several years ago, I was lucky enough to catch a major David Hockney retrospective at the De Young in San Francisco and was particularly impressed by a series of charcoal drawings he had done of a footpath through a wood in Yorkshire. Not only were the drawings technically flawless, but they were done over the course of a whole year, showing the same scene in different seasons. He explored the same concept with a stunning video installation that placed the audience in the middle of a clearing, with each of the four video walls playing a different season at the same time, so that viewers experienced the whole year all at once.

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The Sony 50mm F1.2 GM Will Need to Be Less Clinical, More Character

If the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master lens really comes next month, then we need to stop talking about MTF charts.

As much as things change, they also stay the same. And honestly, I’m expecting the same thing from Sony. If the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master is real, then it’s going to be good. However, I’m also sure it’s going to be just the clinical definition of good. Sony’s engineers have sucked the soul out of lenses. The only recent exception is the Sony 35mm f1.4 G Master. But a lens like the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master will really need to be something extraordinary. 

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Fast, Affordable Primes Were the Most Popular Lenses During Feb 2021

It’s that time of the month where we look at the gear you, our readers, have been snapping up. This roundup will focus on the most popular lenses for February 2021. If you’re interested in seeing which cameras have been finding new homes during February, check out this post. We’ve been seeing a trend over the last few months here at The Phoblographer. Fast, affordable primes are incredibly popular, especially for Sony Mirrorless cameras. This is really not surprising. The quality of even the most affordable lenses has gone through the roof in recent times. So, lets, dive in and see the most popular lenses for February 2021.

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The Odd One. Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN Contemporary Review

The Sigma 65mm f2 DG DN Contemporary is a classically popular focal length with cinema but a bit odd with still photography.

Even after two calls with my Sigma rep talking about the Sigma 65mm f2 DG DN Contemporary, I still don’t totally understand it. It’s a weird focal length, which I genuinely love. I think it’s great that Sigma is trying brave things. It’s also incredibly sharp and has stellar image quality. But using this lens isn’t the easiest. Every time I think I’m going to use it like a 50mm, I need to adjust. And every time I think to use it like a 75mm, I had to step forward a bit. This is in an odd spot. But believe it or not, the best place the Sigma 65mm f2 DG DN Contemporary belongs is on a camera with a tripod.

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This Unusual Lens Is Oozing with Style: Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.2 Review

The Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.2 ASPH is a remake of a 1966 lens — and fans of the film look are going to want it.

Lenses are increasingly stamping out some of the most common technical issues. High-end, modern lenses push for sharpness all the way to the corners, eliminate aberration, and reduce vignetting. But as lenses become more technically correct, the optics also become more sterile. The new Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.2 ASPH is not one of those lenses. A remake of a film lens originally produced in 1966, the lens is nearly identical to the original except for a digital-friendly mount. Leica kept everything from the 16-blade aperture down to the aluminum build.

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Lynsey Weatherspoon Shares Her Strong Feelings on Photographing BLM

All images by Lynsey Weatherspoon. Used with permission.

“I feel pain and grief,” says Lynsey Weatherspoon when asked how she feels while photographing the BLM movement. She adds, however, “There’s always joy in seeing people come together to protect our hearts as we navigate a better and more equal and equitable world.” Weatherspoon is a black female photographer. Photographing the events over the past year has been difficult, but she’s strong, and the evidence of that shows up in the quality of her work. It’s impressive. We caught up with Weatherspoon to see learn the full extent of her experience during these challenging times.

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AI Body Tracking Opens Up a Whole New World for Photographers

Recently, we discussed AI body tracking in cameras and how it’s going to change things.

It’s easy for people to sit there and complain about AI taking their jobs. For photography, it’s making so many things easier for us. But we need to learn to rise above as human. The most important part of the camera is still the person behind it. So it’s your job to use the tools you’re given to create better photos. This is a totally different way of thinking. For example, AI Body tracking is in cameras. It’s bound to come to more. And we discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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On The Powerful Profoto Pro 11 and Its Laughable Price Tag

Should you buy a Profoto Pro 11, or should you buy a car that can carry your other lighting gear?

Profoto has been making pretty great flashes and strobes for a long time now. Their reputation for making high build quality lighting gear with great output precedes them. However, this means Profoto lights are significantly more expensive than similar lights from the likes of Westcott, Flashpoint, and Godox. The new flagship Profoto Pro 11 takes the companies pricing to new heights. This light pack is crazy powerful, but you’ll want to sit down before we reveal the specs and price after the break.

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It’s Time for Samsung to Make Traditional Camera Sensors Again

Samsung is continuing to innovate in the mobile space, and the likes of Canon and Co. should be taking note.

Back when Samsung was making traditional cameras, they were well ahead of the game. Unfortunately, few people really took Samsung seriously. Even though Samsung’s cameras were superior when it came to tech, they faded away. After exiting the traditional camera space, Samsung really started innovating in the mobile world. Now, Samsung’s new ISOCELL GN2 sensor will power their latest smartphone cameras, and boy could other manufacturers learn a thing or two. After the break, we’ll discuss the new Samsung sensor. We’ll also share our thought’s on why we think Samsung needs to scale their mobile sensor tech up to traditional cameras.

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The Sony Stacked Sensor in the a1 Isn’t Being Pushed to Its Limits

The stacked sensor in the Sony a1 is a work of art.

The Sony a1 is a beast of a camera that features a stacked sensor with an incredibly fast read-out. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my hands on the Sony a1 for a little while. It’s mighty impressive. Being able to rattle off 50 Megapixel images at 30 frames per second is nuts. Being able to pan and not have any rolling shutter effect is also incredible. Normally when a new technology is announced, we come across the patents for it. However, Sony managed to keep the patent for this stacked sensor quiet. Now, the patent has emerged, and it shows just how beastly the Sony stacked sensor truly is. We’ve got all the deets after the break.

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5 Minute Camera Review: Sony a1 Is a Fantastic Beast

In our Sony a1 Video Review, we tackle everything you need within 5 minutes.

The Sony a1 is positively fantastic: arguably the hottest camera of the year so far. You should totally check out our full review of it here. But you should also check out our summary before doing a deep dive. As part of our 5 Minute Reviews series, we examined just how good the Sony a1 is. After the jump, you can find our Sony a1 Video review. No wonder it received our Editor’s Choice Award. But is it really worth $6,499?

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Understanding the Computational Photography in Alice Camera

The Alice camera is targeting a different type of creative and camera user.

“By applying computational photography to the Micro Four Thirds system we want to give people image quality more like that of a full-frame camera, at the price, size, and weight of an MFT camera…” states Liam Donovan, CTO of Alice Camera in an interview with us. In my 12 years of journalism, I can say that’s a very big claim. For the future of the camera market, I’m hoping Alice Camera can hold themselves true to it. Alice Camera is being funded on IndieGogo and promises to be completely different. 

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Better 3D Cameras Will Be Coming to Smartphones Soon

We’ve seen gimmicky 3D cameras in phones before, but these new versions will serve a much more important purpose.

Who remembers when 3D imaging was all the rage? We had 3D-capable TVs and pretty horrible 3D cameras in phones. The HTC EVO 3D comes to mind. Wow, what a terrible experience that was. 3D cameras slipped out of the limelight. But, they are now starting to reappear. Old 3D cameras featured dual cameras that would capture separate images. These images would then be superimposed over each other to create a stereographic 3D image. Now, though, 3D cameras are being used in a new way. Apple started using 3D cameras when they introduced face ID in the iPhone X. Now, ZTE, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, claims that better smartphone 3D cameras are on the horizon. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Nikon Might Build a Super Camera with Revolutionary Camera Sensors

Nikon’s entry into the camera sensor business could be a smart move.

Things haven’t been going great for Nikon over the last few years. The company mistakenly thought Mirrorless cameras would never take off. They bet their hedge funds on DSLRs, and it backfired. Now, though, things do seem to be getting better for the company. Recent restructuring and plant relocations have seen their stock prices jump in value. On top of that, Nikon has just announced a crazy new camera sensor that could really turn their fortunes around. Could Nikon end their reliance on Sony camera sensors? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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A Massive 42 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera For Under $1,600! Sign Us Up!

camera deals

Now’s the time to snap up a new Mirrorless camera from Sony.

There are some incredible deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras. Can you believe that the 42 Megapixel Sony a7r II is just $1,598! That’s a massive bargain! The slightly newer 42 Megapixel a7r III is only $2,298! Them, there’s the Full Frame resolution king, the a7r IV. It’s just $2,998! If you’ve been eyeing the Sony a7 III, now you can get one for $1,698!  You can save $1,000 on the Sony a9 as well! These sales on Sony Mirrorless cameras will end soon. So, if you want to save a bundle and pick up a new Mirrorless camera from Sony, now is the time to do it! See all the deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras after the break.

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A Lens Patent Could Be the First Hint of a New Canon Fixed Lens Camera

It has been a long minute since Canon released a fixed lens camera; we’re hoping it’s a new G1 X.

Over the last few years, fixed lens cameras have become one of the hottest camera segments once again. Spurred on by cameras like the Fujifilm X100F, X100V, and even cameras like the Leica Q2, sales have been excellent. Canon produces excellent fixed lens cameras. However, as the title suggests, it has been a while (three years) since their last one. However, that might be about to change. A patent for a zoom lens that will pair up with a fixed lens camera has just been filed by Canon. This is incredibly exciting to us. What could it be, though? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Support Black Photographers and Enjoy These Awesome Products

It’s an excellent time to support black photographers and invest in their work.

It’s not easy making ends meet when you’re a creative. The art world has notoriously been underpaid compared to other sectors. That’s why hard-working photographers need to do all they can to earn income. Beyond making photographs (which is hard for everyone right now), artists can make photo books and sell prints. As it’s Black History Month, we kindly ask you to support black photographers by investing in the work you see below. We’re certain you won’t do it out of pity, as below are some exceptional products for you to own.

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Jamel Shabazz Takes Us on the Fascinating Journey of His Illustrious Career

All images by Jamel Shabazz. Used with permission.

“The creative in me still burns and is very much alive,” says Jamel Shabazz. After 45 years of working in the photo industry, we’re pleased to see that passion has yet to die. During his career, Shabazz photographed the people of New York, released several photo books, and had dozens of exhibitions. Aside from his personal success, it’s what he’s done for others that we find most impressive. Shabazz regularly volunteers with large organizations, helping to inspire young people with photography. If anyone has given their all to the craft, it’s this man. And we’re thrilled to be able to speak to him about his illustrious career.

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