Could the New 14-Inch MacBook Pro Finally Have an SD Card Slot?

Apple is reported to be introducing a new 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 processor and an SD Card Reader.

Most editors here at The Phoblographer have Macbooks. More specifically, we’ve got older ones. Hillary and I haven’t upgraded since 2015 because of the lack of an SD card reader. To boot, we haven’t been delighted with any of the PC offerings out there. But reports of a new 14-inch MacBook Pro seem incredibly intriguing. This would seemingly replace the 13-inch option and perhaps change camera bag design for years to come.

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Mike Curry Used No Photoshop for His Stunning Fleeting Reflections

All images by Mike Curry. Used with permission.

Mike Curry has been a professional photographer for thirty-nine years. He grew up in Yorkshire, England, and moved to London in 1982. In the last ten years, he has been concentrating on landscape and abstract projects commissioned by his commercial clients. Mike’s work has won awards in international photography competitions and has been published in the Sunday Times Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine and had a book published in 2017 by Triplekite Publishing named ‘Fleeting Reflections’. Mike is also a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography. 

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This Hexar AF Has a Rare Mod That’s Perfect for Portraiture

The old Hexar AF is a wonderful camera in so many ways, but this one is just a bit extra special.

The Hexar AF is one of our favorite film point and shoots of all time. It was designed for street photography from the ground up. There’s a lot to love, from the stealthy film advance to the 35mm f2 lens attached. For years, no point-and-shoot camera has ever really come close to being like it. Some may argue that the Sony RX1 Mk II is close, but not the same. For what it’s worth, you should know that prices on the Hexar AF have come down. And if you just want the Konica 35mm f2 Lens in M mount, that’s available too. However, we found one is a bit extra special. 

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Top of the Crops! 4 Powerful APS-C Cameras Good Enough for Pro Use

Full-Frame cameras are all the rage, but APS-C cameras can deliver the goods too.

One of the biggest questions in photography is whether you need a Full-Frame camera to be a professional. The answer is no. If you’re able to produce the goods and get paid for them regularly, then you’re a pro. The type of camera you use plays no part in whether you’re professional or not. Many will still tell you that you need a Full-Frame camera to get the most features. Well, this used to be the case, but it’s not anymore. Today’s APS-C cameras are packed with the same features their Full-Frame brothers have. You’ll find IBIS, powerful sensors, incredible autofocus systems, dual card slots, and more. You’ll often find them at more affordable prices too. If you like the idea of having extra reach from a crop sensor camera for your work, check out these four APS-C cameras that are good enough for professional use.

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Tiffen Pro Mist Filters Return the Magic to Your Lenses

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For years, I’ve complained about overengineering in camera lenses. Japanese manufacturers have worked to create a crystal clear look with no character. It’s all sterile. You can fix it in post-production, but many of us don’t want to do that. We’ve spent years honing our craft, and we know exactly what we want. This is one of the biggest reasons why I adore the Tiffen Pro Mist Filters. They easily attach to your favorite lenses, and they bring back the analog look of things.

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Next January, the Fujifilm X Pro 1 Will Be 10 Years Old

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 camera and the Fujifilm X mount will be 10 years old in January 2022.

It’s taken a decade, but Fujifilm will have been dedicated to the X mount for this long. That’s longer than Samsung was dedicated to the NX mount. It’s also longer than Sony has had full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market. Ten years of the X Trans sensor and a specific look. I remember the days before this that Fujifilm was sort of a joke. They weren’t looked at as a serious camera company. But after the Fujifilm X100, everything changed. When the X Pro 1 hit the market, everyone stopped and stared. It was the first time that a rangefinder-style camera has captivated us since the M9. 

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Shows You How Dumb Megapixel Wars Are

The Megapixel wars aren’t doing anyone any favors.

The Megapixel wars that started back in the early 2000s with the rise of digital cameras are still raging today. While many photographers clamor for more megapixels (because more is better, right?), others realize they aren’t everything. Some of those folks include the brains at NASA and CNES (the French space agency). The Perseverance rover that touched down on the red planet last month has already beamed back stunning, detail-filled images that have captivated the world. What might surprise you, though, is that the rover’s camera has a Megapixel count in the single digits. Find out more about the rover’s camera after the break.

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Platon: The Man Who’s Far More Than a Photographer

All images by Platon. Used with permission.

“I’m not really a photographer at all,” proclaimed Platon in the opening of his 2017 Netflix documentary. Hearing this left me feeling perplexed. How could someone who had dedicated so much to the craft tell the world he’s not a photographer? Four years later, I was given the opportunity to speak to him. One hour after our conversation started, I understood exactly what he meant. As talented as he is, Platon offers so much more than a man using a camera.

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Astonishing Images, Floundering Focus: Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 VR S Review

The bokeh on the Nikon Z 70-200mm f2.8 VR S is delicious, but the autofocus lags.

The 70-200mm f2.8 lens is meant to be a workhorse lens that can move seamlessly from one genre to the next. Now, Nikon has brought that workhorse to the Z mount system. The Nikon Z 70-200mm f2.8 VR S is a $2,600 lens that boasts closer autofocus and lighter weight than competing lenses. And, as the name suggests, it pairs a lens stabilization system with the in-body system on many Z bodies.

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Looking For Objective Lens Reviews? We’ve Officially Got the Most!

The Phoblographer is now the home of the most original real-world lens reviews.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of the Phoblographer, you probably already know this. Most publications, YouTubers, and bloggers focus on cameras. But we knew early on that’s only part of photography. Lenses and the accessories around them are super important. Today, we’re happy to make a huge, special announcement. The Phoblographer is now home to the most real-world lens reviews. That means that we’ve taken over 700 lenses out and into the wild. We didn’t do lab tests. Instead, we tested them and used them according to what we see you folks doing online. Further, We did them ourselves in-house. Unlike a few other publications, we didn’t syndicate from various sources on the web. We’ve handled, abused, and shot with all of the lenses.

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There’s A $300 Discount on the Great Panasonic Lumix S5! $1,697.99!

The discount makes the Panasonic Lumix s5 a Full-Frame bargain!

If you’re looking for a Full-Frame Mirrorless camera and want a bargain, have we got a deal for you. The new Panasonic S5 has just gone on sale. There’s a $300 discount on the body only (It’s just $1,697.99) and a $300 discount on the body with the 20-60mm kit lens ($1,997.99). We think that the Panasonic Lumix s5 is the bee’s knees when it comes to Full-Frame L mount Panasonic cameras. Find out more about this camera and the sale after the break.

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OP Ed: Street Photography Sucks and Here’s How to Save It

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Street photography is a beautiful art form. Personally, the process of creating a truly authentic image is what makes it the best form of photography in the world. The more accessible cameras have become, the more the popularity of the genre increases. People love street photography not only because it’s the most accessible genre, but because the thrill of making a candid frame is so addictive. However, as time goes by and more minds enter the genre, it becomes over saturated. Now it feels like most street photographers are looking for the most impossible, most coincidental scene they can find, thinking it’s what makes for a good photo. It’s destroying the craft. Here’s why.

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A Guide to the Leica 35mm Lens: Choose the Best One

The 35mm lens is currently experiencing a renaissance, and the Leica 35mm lens is front and center to it!

You love your Leica! Let’s be honest; it’s a badge of honor that you’ve worked hard to get such a high-quality product. You adore the way it feels in your hand. The way that the classic ergonomics suit anyone and everyone is just a wonder to us. And very few lenses are dreamed of like a Leica 35mm lens. Many Leica photographers proclaim their 35mm lenses as the most indispensable in their kit bag. Each of them has something special about it. And we dove into our archives to figure out what that is. Here’s our guide to choosing the best Leica 35mm lens for your needs.

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Dear Getty: My Photographs Have Value, So Do Yours.

Getty Images has bought Unsplash. This is disappointing, but it shouldn’t be surprising news.

In the race to the bottom, Getty Images always seems to be first. They bought Photo Disc in 1998, one of the first royalty-free photo stock agencies. Then in 2006, they bought iStock, one of the first microstock agencies. If someone is distributing photos for less money, Getty seems to want to buy them. Now, unfortunately, they have an even larger platform, and the only way Unsplash could be cheaper is if photographers paid people to use their photos.

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Cameras on Sale: Start Creating on the Cheap and Never Look Back!

eos m50

Pick up any of these cameras on sale and start the spring creative season with a pep in your step!

Spring is one of the best times of the year to get outside and create. If you dusted off your old camera and have decided it’s time for a new one, you need to see these deals. The Canon M50 with a kit lens is just $599! The Nikon Z50 is only $829 and just $1,196.95 with two Z mount lenses! What a bargain! There are tons of deals on Panasonic cameras well. The Micro Four Thirds G9 is just $997.99, and the G7 with two lenses (yes, two lenses), is only $497.99! Head on past the break to see all the cameras on sale.

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Why I Think the Olympus OMD EM5 III Was One of Their Worst Decisions

The Olympus OMD EM5 III was one of the company’s weirdest decisions, and it still baffles me.

If there is anything that Olympus did, which I always found odd, it was the Olympus OMD EM5 III. As a guy who bought the original and adored it, it felt like a slap in the face to customers. We even thought so amongst ourselves as staff. It was akin to the downgrade that the Canon 50D and 60D got many years ago. I’m dating myself at that point. But either way, know that it felt like a slap in the face.

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This Purple Leica M6 is Hypnotizing Us With Its Good Looks

The Leica M6 is already quite in high demand, but this purple variant takes it over the top.

The Leica M6 is probably one of the most famous cameras the company ever made. Heck, Leica even commissioned us to create a post about some of the best lenses for it. It’s quite honestly the perfect Leica film camera in so many ways. It’s got a lot of features that make it within reach of anyone who picks it up. But anytime you give it a facelift, you’re bound to drive the hype up. So we found this Purple Leica M6. Suddenly, I could’ve sworn that the Kool-aid guy crashed through my wall filled with purple Kool-Aid. He screamed “Oh yeah!” at me. But then I realized that none of that happened. Instead, I was listening to the sound of my own beating heart.

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Adapt One of the Sharpest Contax Lenses to Your Camera

The Contax 90mm f2.8 is no slouch at all.

Lenses made for the Contax G series cameras are legendary. Zeiss did a fantastic job with them. When you combine that with the Leica M mount, you get what I’d like to call a unicorn lens. With today’s mirrorless cameras, the Leica M mount is one of the most versatile on the market. For that reason, we’re showcasing this beautiful Contax 90mm f2.8 lens. Made for the Contax G mount, it was converted to Leica M mount. What we can’t totally tell is if it’s rangefinder coupled. But the work was done by MS-Optics, who does a fantastic job. And if it isn’t coupled, then it’s fine for any other system still!

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50mm vs 85mm: Which Is Better for Portrait Photography?

The debate on whether to choose a 50mm vs 85mm lens for portraiture continues!

50mm vs. 85mm? That’s the question. And most often, it’s associated with portraiture. Both of these lenses have their advantages and disadvantages. And the question has to do with what you want to do with each lens. In most cases, both will do an outstanding job. Even modern lenses in these focal lengths don’t have much noticeable distortion. One can argue that it all has to do with the field of view, but that’s not really the case anymore. So we’re going to break down using them with two of our favorites.

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These Are the Best Camera Bags for Photographers Who Love to Hike

These camera bags are ready to hit the trails with you.

Getting into the great outdoors is always special, and there are always so many picture opportunities. But how do you decide what gear to take with you? Do you take wide-angle zooms or telephoto lenses? Perhaps you want to take primes and nothing else. Do you take a tripod or leave the space for something else? There’s a lot to decide. However, what if there were camera bags that let you take it all and keep you comfortable? Well, there are. Thankfully, you don’t have to make compromises when it comes to your gear. Not only will the bags in this roundup let you take it all and keep you comfortable, but they’ll also protect your equipment from the elements. Check out our favorite camera bags for hiking below.

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