An Introduction to Long Exposures and How to Create Surreal Images

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Long exposures can be incredibly rewarding, and this technique can help you create some stunning images.

Have you ever seen an image that looks like a dream before? Imagine beautiful smooth water coming down a mighty waterfall, or clouds streaking across the sky in a landscape image. Perhaps you have seen pictures of light trails going through city streets before and have no clue how they were made. If you have never played around with long exposures before, you are in for a treat when you do. We believe photographers should have at least a basic understanding of common concepts and styles of photography, so if you have never played with long exposures, this quick guide is for you. We will keep it light and easy to follow so that you can practice and create some surreal images yourself. Let’s dive into it after the break.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Composition Tips for Architectural Photography

If you’re just getting into architectural photography, composition is one of the first things to work on. We have just the photography cheat sheet to help with that!

As many of the projects we’ve previously featured show, exceptional architectural photography involves more than just pointing a camera to buildings and architectural elements. Composition is key, as is the case with great photography in general. If you think you need some help with composition for architectural photography, today’s photography cheat sheet will help you come to grips through some simple tips.

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A Guide to Street Photography For Beginners You Can’t Ignore

This is a syndicated blog post from Photographer Touch. It is being syndicated with permission. Original blog post by James Miller.

As a street photography enthusiast, I like the adrenaline when taking pictures in the public without making people curious. Taking pictures of strangers was often hard; however, I soon discovered that almost everyone likes to be photographed if you respect their privacy and feelings. Street photography is all about documenting life and our society. It does not have to be shot on the streets as photographers also take pictures inside malls, airport, and many other public places. The purpose of these pictures is to capture human emotions, feelings, and soul. This guide is written to introduce you to this fascinating art, which can often become addictive as you start enjoying its different themes.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Guide to the Symbols on Your Camera

If you just got your first DSLR or Mirrorless camera and are now scratching your head over the symbols on the dials and the screen, we have a couple of cheat sheets to help.

It’s been a decade since we put together this noob’s guide to the symbols in your camera, and we thought it’s about time we made a follow-up to that. In today’s photography cheat sheet feature, we bring a bunch of visual guides you can use as a reference to complement the noob’s guide mentioned above. It may seem too much to memorize at first, but with enough practice, all these symbols and controls will become second nature to you.

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Why Are Compact Cameras the Best for Street Photography?

For most, compact cameras happen to be the best things for street photography.

While the answer to “What camera is the best?” is the proverbial “The one you have with you,” some cameras are better suited than others for specific genres of photography. For example, if you wanted to freeze the action at the Daytona 500, you would reach for a Canon 1DX instead of a Pentax 67, just like if you wanted close-up images of Aunt Pearl’s Poinsettias, one of the last lenses you would reach for is a 28mm. Street photography is one of the easiest genres of the craft to get into, and everything from the cameras in phones to 4×5 press cameras has been used for it. But, while the genre is easily accessible, certain kinds of cameras are more appropriate for the task than others. Let’s take a look at why compact cameras are the best cameras for street photography.

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Can You Use the Constant Light Built Into a Strobe for Photography?

Some photographers want to use a constant light while they learn how to light their photos, so does a strobe’s LED really work?

Admit it; if you’re reading this then you probably don’t know a lot about lighting. That’s okay. We can supplement the fact that you suck at lighting with a strobe’s constant light, right? This light is called the modeling light and it’s designed to give a preview of what your flash’s output will look like. Lots of photographers want to know if it’s really worth it. The truth is it’s a very complicated answer. There are lots of times when it’s just easier to use an LED constant light. But more often than not, that’s because photographers don’t know how to light. I have to admit, considering what I know about using a strobe, it was actually harder for me to use a constant light than it was a strobe. Here’s what happened.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Photographing Flocks of Birds

Flocks of birds are among the most popular subjects for photographers of all levels. Today’s photography cheat sheet will help you get the best out of it.

Previously, we shared some tips for photographing birds at the zoo and birds in flight. Now, it’s time for us to share more tips to further improve your bird photography skills with a photography cheat sheet for groups of birds. It’s one of the most popular subjects for both pro and beginner photographers, so we’re sure you’ll find something useful here to achieve better, more creative shots.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Essential Canon EF Lenses for Adapting

Ever wondered which lenses to get if you’ve just jumped into the Canon system? Today’s photography cheat sheet will give you an idea.

DSLR cameras are here to stay, and they still make great shooting companions for both beginners and pros. If you decided to start your photography journey with a Canon DSLR and you’re set on specializing in a specific genre, we found a handy lens guide you can use as a reference for today’s featured photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Photographing Birds at the Zoo

Want to practice your bird photography skills? Photographing captive birds in zoos and sanctuaries would be a good start, along with some tips from today’s photography cheat sheet.

Birds are among the most popular subjects among nature and wildlife photographers and birding enthusiasts, but sometimes they can be a challenge to photograph. With today’s featured photography cheat sheet, however, we can get a notch better at photographing captive birds for a start. So get your camera ready, plan a day at the zoo or a birding center, and bring these easy tips with you!

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Adobe RGB vs sRGB: Explaining It in the Simplest Terms to Photographers

Adobe RGB vs sRGB: what is the difference and what should photographers know?

Fact: most cameras are automatically set to the sRGB color mode straight out of the box. This applies to JPEG images as said cameras are also typically set to shoot JPEGs when taken right out of the box. But the Adobe RGB color mode is arguably more important. In the most common vernacular, the sRGB color standard is what has applied to the web for many years. It’s a certain number of colors, and for those years most monitors only rendered within this color space. As time progressed, monitors have become better and so too has the web. This has resulted in more tests being done to accommodate to the Adobe RGB color space, which is much larger than the sRGB color space. For practicality, unless you’re willing to stop worrying about dynamic range and high ISO output, you’re probably not going to care about the Adobe RGB space and the sRGB space.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The Dummy’s Guide to Using a Tripod

Is a tripod proving to be a must for your shoots? Better equip yourself with some tips from this photography cheat sheet so you can make the most out of it.

Tripods have long been one of the most important tools of the trade for many photographers. Some genres and projects even require it. If you’ve made the big decision to invest in a sturdy and reliable tripod, it’s not enough that you know how to secure your camera to it. Today’s photography cheat sheet will help you make the most out of it, especially if you’re on a lot of outdoor shoots.

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How to Get the Vintage Polaroid Look in Photoshop

Been wondering how you can give your digital photos the popular vintage Polaroid look? We have just the Photoshop editing tutorial to try.

The nostalgic look of Polaroid photos remains popular to this day, but we get it if you’re not ready to dive into the real thing yet. If you simply want to experiment with the look with your digital photos for now, there are many ways to achieve it using your go-to editing software. For today, we have an in-depth tutorial showing how to do it in Photoshop by creating a preset that can be dragged and dropped like a filter over any photo.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot with Monopods Like a Pro

Ever been curious about using monopods as alternatives to tripods? We have just the photography cheat sheet to show how to use it like a pro.

Despite the variety of options out there, there are some photographers who find the tripod a bit too bulky for their liking. Sure, there are now tripod designs and materials that are more lightweight and specially made for travel. There are also camera bag compartments and contraptions designed to let you carry them with ease. But if it’s down to a matter of preference for more compact options, the monopod could do the trick for you. How do you use it, though? Let today’s featured photography cheat sheet be your guide!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Mastering Lighting for Macro Shots

Light up your macro photography like a pro with some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet!

As with all kinds of photography, lighting is a crucial part of a beautiful, well-exposed macro photo. Not only will it ensure your shots are sharp, but will also give them extra punch. With a handful of quick tips from today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to use effective lighting for macro photography in time for your next shoot!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shutter Speed Visual Reference

Still getting a grip on shutter speed and how it applies to different shooting situations? Today’s photography cheat sheet will serve as your handy visual guide.

One of the first important lessons you have to learn to take better photos is how shutter speed works and what its role is in creating a good exposure. If you’re still figuring it out and need a less technical resource to use as a reference, a visual guide might work better for you. And we bring exactly that for today’s photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Telephoto Lens Tips

Wondering how to get the most out of your telephoto lens? This featured photography cheat sheet from Canon is loaded with quick tips for harnessing the power of telephoto. 

Telephoto lenses are among the tools considered indispensable to many photographers, especially those who specialize in sports, wildlife photography, and shooting situations that require the extra reach. If you have decided to embark on a photography journey where these lenses could prove handy, we suggest checking out these quick tips from Canon’s photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Exposure Compensation Guide

Not quite sure yet how exposure compensation works? We have just the cheat sheet that will serve as your quick guide.

Exposure compensation is among the nifty tools you have at your disposal to ensure properly-exposed photos and give the results you want. So, it definitely pays to know how it works. If you’ve yet to master it, today’s featured photography cheat sheet has everything you need to know to get the hang of exposure compensation on your next shoot.

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How to Get the Most from a 50mm F1.8 Lens for Portraits

The 50mm f1.8 lens is an affordable option that photographers use to get images that really “wow” them.

Photographers who get into the artform because of their interest in portraits will often reach for a lens like a nifty 50 — the 50mm f1.8. Though it isn’t the most ideal option overall, these lenses are highly capable. For their affordable price points, these lenses can remain in a photographer’s camera bag for years as a staple option to shoot portraits with. Over the years they have become better, incorporating better optical formulas, nicer bokeh, arguably better build quality, and most of all the ability to keep up with the demands of higher resolution cameras. So if you want to shoot portraits with a nifty 50 lens, then consider the fact that the tool ultimately doesn’t matter: it’s all about how you use it.

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How to Check and Clean Your Camera Sensor Safely and Easily

Take control of the dust that loves to live on your camera sensor.

If you have owned a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera for any amount of time, we are sure you’re well aware of how annoying and sometimes costly dust can be. Dust loves electronics, and your camera sensor is not excluded from its list of things to invade. Have no fear, though, as this quick guide will show you not only how to check for dust on your camera sensor, but how to clean your camera sensor too.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Tips for Handheld Shooting

Don’t have a tripod with you? We have just the photography cheat with tricks to help make your camera steady for sharper shots.

A tripod is an invaluable tool for shooting situations when you need to keep your camera absolutely steady in order to get sharp photos. However, if you don’t have one yet, or didn’t bring one along with you, you’ll have to pull some tricks to avoid blurry photos. You never know when these tricks will come in handy, so we have today’s featured photography cheat sheet to help with that.

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