The Secret to Using Color to Make Your Images Look Sharper

Sharper looking images don’t only have to do with your lens and the clarity slider

Of course we can all sit here and talk about the sharpness of a lens and megapixels all day, but this article isn’t about that. What if you have only a camera, a lens, and perhaps some light: that’s it. What do you do in a situation like that? Well, the secret to creating a sharper image isn’t necessarily all that technological stuff but instead it’s all about utilizing the effectiveness of the human eye. Yes, you can fool the eye into thinking that a scene is sharper than it really is. That’s what this entire tutorial is about.

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Three Cheap Options to Achieve Beautiful Diffused Light

Setting up a studio? You’ll definitely need some diffusers, but there’s no need to break the bank to get beautiful diffused light.

Whether you’re doing portrait photography or YouTube videos, good lighting is one of the first and most important element you should set up in a studio. The most straightforward way to this is to get a softbox for diffused light. But, if you don’t have the budget for advanced and expensive pro equipment yet, there are definitely some affordable options you can use to start with.

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When to Shoot with Fuji PRO 400H and Kodak Portra 400

You don’t really have to choose just one, but keep in mind this quick tip on when to shoot with them for best results

Curious about whether Fuji PRO 400H or Kodak Portra 400 is the best choice? What if we were to tell you that you can just choose both? The two films remain among the top choices for 400 ISO films, and each has its own character or look that you’d want to take advantage of for your next shoot. In a quick review, Aidan Moneyhon tells us why we should keep some of both in our film stash and just know when to shoot with each emulsion.

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Take a Peek into a Leica Camera’s Intricate Inner Workings

Ever wondered what’s inside a precious Leica camera? Thankfully, you don’t have to take apart one to find out.

In an era where cameras are sized up based on high-tech parameters like sensor size, pixel count, and auto focus capabilities, is there still room for appreciation of good old vintage cameras? Actually, among the things that still make vintage cameras fascinating today are their mechanical inner workings. The mechanical Leica cameras are especially revered both by Leica lovers, camera historians, and vintage camera fans. If you’ve ever wondered about what’s inside these timeless engineering masterpieces, prepare to find out and be impressed.

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Here’s How You Prepare Metal Plates for Wet Plate Photography

Aside from preparing the chemicals, Markus Hofstaetter also has to make his own metal plates for his wet plate photography

Part of what catches the attention of would-be wet plate photographers and fans is the hands-on processes that come with the age-old medium. In a recent video, wedding and wet plate photographer Markus Hofstaetter tells us exactly how hands-on it gets by showing us how he makes his own metal plates for wet plate photography.

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20 Foolproof Tips on How to Take Better Candid Portraits

Candid portraits are much harder than you’d think they are. 

First and foremost, candid portraits often require one of two things: either a lot of trust in the photographer or a really stealthy photographer that absolutely cannot be seen or heard. This is what many aspire to be: the fly on the wall. But if you can’t be this type of photographer, here’s how you can become more like it.

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Pose Your Friends Like Models with These Easy Tips

No model? No problem. Just get a friend to pose like the models do with these quick tips.

One of the challenges that set aspiring portrait or fashion photographers back is not having models to practice with. Most often than not, however, all you need is a friend who’s willing to help you out and pose for you. With these simple tips, you can get them striking poses like pro models in no time.

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Add a Hazy, Vintage Effect to Your Photos with These Quick Tricks

Here’s how you can give your photos a look that’s all the rage today

There are many ways to describe it, but the faded film look, as it’s commonly known, remains one of today’s most popular visual styles. We typically see it in many fashion and portrait snaps on Instagram, but slapping on those app filters isn’t the only way to get the look. Allow us to share a couple of tricks you can use to add a hazy, vintage effect to your portraits.

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