No More Fumbling with Your RC2 Tripod Plate with this Simple Hack

Screenshot image from the tripod plate trick video by Ken Wheeler

Ever had a problem figuring out which way your RC2 tripod plate should go in dimly lit shooting conditions? You probably didn’t think about solving all the hassle and fumbling about with this quick and easy tripod plate trick…until now! If you’ve ever did a shoot in a not so bright location, one of the little, annoying things that you must have struggled with or threw you off your shoot is not properly seeing the right way to mount your tripod plate on your camera. Sure, your tripod most likely has indented guides and arrows to show you the way to do it. But, more often than not, it’s a hassle when you’re doing a quick shoot and don’t have the time to look for a brighter light source and check out the “right way.”

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Understanding The Difference Between Vibrance and Saturation In Under 3 min

A quick and easy to follow description and demo of how Saturation and Vibrance are different.

Maybe you are a seasoned post-producer, maybe you are not. But chances are at some point you have wondered (if you don’t still) what exactly the difference between vibrance and saturation is in relation to image processing. On the base level it would seem that saturation is a more intense adjustment, and vibrance a more fine-tuned one, but that both adjustments effectively do the same thing – but is that all there is to it? Continue reading…

Watch a 360 Video of Ultra Large Format Wet Plate Photography in a Historic Studio

Screenshot image from the videos. Used with permission

Wet plate photography, one of the traditional photographic methods, gives a completely different but fascinating experience as you’ve probably learned from our previous features. Portrait and wedding photographer Markus Hofstaetter shares with us another interesting look into his ultra large format wet plate process: from the cameras he uses, traveling with his wet plate gear, and shooting in a historic studio.

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How To Get The Super 16 Film Look Out Of Your Digital Camera

It’s not just about presets or filters, achieving a realistic film emulation goes much deeper than that. (featured image screencapture from the video. All credit to DSLRguide)

For many photographers who grew up using film or maybe learned their skill with film just before the rise of digital technology, film still holds a special place in their heart. If given the opportunity to use film without all the caveats that come with it these days (limited options, limited availability, sending out to a regional lab), many would choose to do so. This is a similar story for filmmakers, many of whom have moved onto digital camera technology not because of its superiority, but because of its affordability and simplicity. Continue reading…

Making Your Landscape Photography Look Like Paintings In Camera

One of the artistic ways you can make your landscape photography stand out from the rest is to find a way to turn them into paintings. Not literally, but a method to get that look in camera is one fantastic way of doing things. You may ask yourself, “Why not just do this in post?” Well, the reason why is because everyone can find a way to do it in post, but not everyone has the specific talent to do things in camera and not everyone really wants that “photoshopped look”.

So let’s take a deeper delve into this amazingly simple tutorial.

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How to Shoot Colorful Bokehlicious Night Portraits


What goes well with street portraits and night photography? Bokeh, many photographers now will immediately tell you. It’s not exactly a new concept and many of us have been playing around with bokeh for all sorts of concepts and projects. But, seeing how the so-called bokehlicious night portraits are so trendy now, it may well be worth it to see how it’s done and what makes it so popular. Manila-based photographer Gab Loste has shared his process in a quick video tutorial.

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How to Create Beautiful Cinematic Portraits in the Studio

Screenshot image from the Cinematic Portraits video by Adorama TV

The cinematic aesthetic is one of the big trends photographers from various genres are currently jumping into, for good reason. It creates beautiful results that effectively evoke emotions and sentiments to the viewer. This technique is popular among photographers who primarily want their work to tell a story. Portraiture is a pretty popular application of this look, so if you’re a portrait photographer keen on knowing how to do it in the studio, here’s a video tutorial right up your alley.

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How Many of These Film Photography Hacks Do You Know?

Screenshot image from the video

Film photography, without a doubt, can be an intimidating and totally different world for beginners. Those who have found their way around are now shooting confidently thanks to little tips and tricks accumulated over the years to make their analog lifestyle easier. Whether you’re new to the film snappers club or someone a little further along, I bet there’s something new to you in this quick list of hacks from Mike Janik.

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