Photography Cheat Sheet: Fun Christmas Party Photography Ideas

With Christmas parties just around the corner, we thought of sharing today’s photography cheat sheet so you can prepare early for the photography side of things!

Whether it’s for the office, in your home, or with your friends, Christmas parties make fun photo opportunities. They’re perfect for getting extra creative with props, backdrops, lights, and gizmos to get some unique Christmas photos. With today’s photography cheat sheet, we think everyone will surely have a merry good time taking pictures during Christmas parties!

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What Happens When You Give New Yorkers Their Street Photos?

Here’s an interesting social experiment that anyone who takes street photos might learn from.

For most people, street photography typically involves “taking” something from the scene and the people in it. But what happens when photographers give something back to the people they photograph — something as simple as the actual photos they took? Recently, this was the idea Brooklyn-based Josh Katz decided to put to the test as a social experiment. Of course, he was in one of the best spots to do this: bustling New York City, the quintessential street photographer’s playground.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Camera Settings for Various Shooting Situations

In need of some camera setting advice for your next practice? Today’s featured photography cheat sheet comes to the rescue!

It can be kind of confusing or even overwhelming to fiddle around with camera settings when you’re just starting out shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. You have to account for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and setting them based on the lighting condition and shooting situation. While you’re still mastering how the Exposure Triangle works, keep today’s photography cheat sheet close so you have something to refer to when you’re out and about shooting.

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Comparing 85mm vs 135mm Lenses for Portrait Photography

Choosing the right lens is crucial to portrait photography. But how exactly do you choose from the myriad of options out there? For now, let’s narrow it down to 85mm and 135mm.

Let’s say you’ve already mastered shooting portraits with your trusty 50mm lens and want to expand your skills and arsenal to other great lenses. How do you pick the next one from all the choices? Please allow us to simplify that a bit and narrow down your options to two other popular focal lengths for shooting portraits: 85mm and 135mm. To help you choose between the two, we have a simple but detailed comparison by New York City-based photographer and educator Jessica Whitaker in one of her latest videos.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Shoot the Northern Lights

Winter is one of the best times to view and photograph the Northern Lights. To help you prepare, here’s a quick photography cheat sheet.

The grandeur of the Northern Lights is high on the bucket list of travel and landscape photographers, so we’re not surprised if it’s already on your plans for the winter. Of course, you’ll want to bring home some stunning photos as keepsakes of the spectacular experience. However, it will certainly be a challenge to shoot. Today, we have just the photography cheat sheet you need to make it happen.

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Here’s Proof a 50mm F1.8 Is All You Need for Portraits

New to shooting portraits and not sure which lens is best? The 50mm f1.8 would be a great choice for this, as these snaps will prove! 

Using the right lens matters for the kind of photography you want to do. For portrait photography, the 50mm f1.8 is one of the best and most recommended. If you’re still looking for a portrait lens to serve as your go-to glass for your shoots, this collection of photos may prove to you why the 50mm f1.8 makes a good choice. In one of their latest videos, Imogen and Mark of the Weekly Imogen channel on YouTube shared that the trusty 50mm f1.8 is their favorite lens. “When we first started working together 10 years ago, it was pretty much the only lens that we ever used for a good period of all the photos we took together,” said Imogen about it, which says a lot about how they’ve already mastered shooting with this lens. But, to show their viewers why, they shared a bunch of their favorite photos shot with this lens, and what qualities of the lens made the shots work for them.

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Using Texture to Create Black and White Photography You’ll Want to Touch

Looking for more black and white photography tips and tricks? We recommend learning how to capture textures that will make your viewers want to reach in and touch your work!

We hear from master photographers time and time again that black and white photography has the power to bring greater attention to composition in the absence of color. That presents both a challenge and an opportunity for anyone who wants to shoot creatively in black and white. If that sounds like you, we have a video to help you get started, this time with some tips on how to work with textures for monochrome images.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Neutral Density Filter Chart

Still wondering how neutral density filters work and which one to choose for your next shoot? Let today’s photography cheat sheet serve as your handy guide.

If you’re just getting into landscape photography, among the tools of the trade that you must have heard about are neutral density filters (ND filters). These lens filters are particularly essential to landscape photography — or any shooting situation that requires a very wide aperture or long shutter speed — because they decrease the amount of light that hits the camera’s sensor. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will introduce you to ND filters and what they do for your shots.

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Five Ways to Use Shadows for Impressive Black and White Photography

Great black and white photography goes beyond just shooting photos in monochrome mode. This quick tutorial shows how to use shadows effectively to create great black and white photos.

If you find yourself drawn to the dreamy, dramatic quality of black and white photography and want to begin shooting your own, you have to tweak your mindset a little bit. It’s not as easy as merely shooting anything and everything with your camera set to monochrome mode: it involves looking at things a little differently so you can capture extraordinary images. Today’s featured tutorial shows us how to use shadows to achieve this goal when creating black and white photos.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Manual Photography in Film


If you’ve decided to go the more challenging route of shooting manual when using film, you’ll definitely need today’s photography cheat sheet.

As if manual photography isn’t already challenging as is with digital cameras, believe it or not, some prefer doing it on film. If that sounds like a challenge you want to try, we have something to help make that a bit easier for you. Today’s manual photography cheat sheet, by The Studio at Zippi, is especially put together with tips to help film photographers get great results.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Which Camera Should You Take for Traveling?

New to photography and wondering which camera to take when traveling? Today’s photography cheat sheet should help you decide.

When you’re new to photography outside your smartphone, it can be either exciting or overwhelming to decide which camera to use, especially for travel. But, if you’re really serious about narrowing it down, you may want to get some tips from today’s photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Wildlife Photography Tips for the Novice

If you’re just getting into wildlife photography, we’re sure you’ll need to bring this handy photography cheat sheet with you when you practice.

Wildlife photography is definitely one of the most challenging yet exciting genres to get into, but we can’t blame you if it has become your newfound passion. It will definitely require a lot from you gear-wise, planning-wise, and technique-wise. But today’s handy photography cheat sheet will equip you with some cool tips and tricks to get you started.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Basic Photography Composition Tips

If anyone has come to you for advice on how to take better photos, here’s a quick photography cheat sheet you can share with them. 

We have to start somewhere when learning a new skill or hobby, and photography is no different. Whether it’s shooting with a new camera or taking better photos with a smartphone, there are some essential basic photography rules you would need to practice. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will help you master four composition techniques and start creating visual masterpieces.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting During a Zombie Apocalypse (Fun!)

We think a zombie apocalypse won’t stop some photographers from taking photos. In case that’s you, we found just the photography cheat sheet!

The folks of Brooklyn-based photo imaging retailer Focus Camera came up with an interesting scenario for an infographic: what would it be like for photographers to shoot during a zombie apocalypse? What would they need? The result is a photography cheat sheet aptly titled, Framing The End Of The World: How to Take Photos of a Zombie Apocalypse and Live to Tell About It. Obviously, this is done in the name of humor, so in the spirit of the Halloween season (while it’s still not that far past yet), let’s just have fun with this funny photography cheat sheet!

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How to See in Black and White for Street Photography

We hear it all the time, but what does it really mean to see in black in white? How exactly do you do this? This quick video holds the answers.

Black and white photography involves a totally different mindset when it comes to shooting, and a different way of seeing things before you even press the shutter. But what exactly are these about? How do you train your eye to hunt for the right scenes that will look best in monochrome? What makes a good black and white image? With some tips and insights from today’s featured video, you’ll be able to gain some insight about these questions for your next black and white shoot.

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Shooting and Converting Color Landscape Photos Into Stunning Black and White

Thanks to the so-called digital darkroom, it’s now easy to shoot in color to convert the images to black and white later. But you have to do it the right way to get the best results.

Shooting black and white goes more than just taking away the colors or shooting in your camera’s monochrome mode. There’s a lot of things to check and keep in mind before you can get a good black and white image, especially when you’re shooting landscapes. To help us with this, Doug McKinlay shares some of his useful tips when shooting and editing black and white landscape photos in a video by Adorama.

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It’s Time to Slow Down, Explore, and Shoot Without Expectations

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton shares some great advice in one of his latest videos.

Landscape photography is really one of the most enjoyable genres to practice. There’s nothing better than heading into the great outdoors, connecting with nature, and then being able to capture all of the beauty surrounding you. Landscape photography isn’t supposed to be stressful, but I hear more and more photographers complain about having to get this shot or that shot so that they can get the likes on social media. Thomas Heaton is a fantastic landscape photographer, and in one of his latest videos, he explains why it’s important to shoot without expectations, and why you should practice patience. Join us after the break to hear more. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Get Sharp Landscapes Every Time

Ever been frustrated about how your landscape snaps don’t look sharply focused throughout the frame? Today’s photography cheat sheet is just what you need.

When shooting landscape photos, getting as much of the scene in sharp focus — from the foreground all the way to the distant horizon — is paramount. If you’ve been practicing photography for a while, you must already know that smaller aperture will keep more of your scene in focus. But with this is only one part of it when it comes to shooting landscapes. If you haven’t been able to achieve this level of sharpness in your landscape snaps, we have just the right photography cheat sheet for you.

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Tutorial: How to Shoot Great Portraits with a 135mm Lens

If you’re shooting portraits and using a 135mm lens, here’s what you need to know.

The 135mm lens is a favorite of many portrait photographers for great reason. They compress your subject quite a bit, make everyone look fantastic, can be used for headshots and wider portraits, and blur the background into oblivion. While many photographers often reach for an 85mm due to its versatility, those who want even more compression go for 135mm lenses. This can be solved with a 70-200mm lens option of some sort, but what a 135mm prime lens does is so much better. Luckily, there are a number of great 135mm prime lens options on the market, and if you want one here’s what you should know.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Low Light Portraits

If you’ve been wanting clear and bright portraits when shooting in low light, this photography cheat sheet will be of great help.

One of the most typical challenges you’ll encounter when photographing people is shooting in low light. Whether it’s shooting indoors in a dimly-lit location, or wanting to take snapshots of your friends in the streets at night, it can be frustrating — even with flash. Thankfully, today’s featured photography cheat sheet will help you with flash settings and techniques necessary to get good results in this challenging shooting condition.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Shoot Moonlit Landscapes at Night

Been curious about shooting night landscapes but no idea how to achieve the best results? We have the photography cheat sheet just for you!

If shooting landscapes at night sounds challenging, the truth is it really is. Working with limited light will require some advanced techniques, extra efforts, and careful planning, but it will all be worth it. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to add a touch of magic to those scenic shots under the stars.

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