Manfrotto Adds New 2N1 Tripod to Monopod to Befree Collection

The Manfrotto Befree 2N1 is a new option for photographers on-the-go who are looking for a versatile and reliable travel tripod for their next adventures. 

Every travel and landscape photographer knows that a stable and sturdy tripod is a staple for working in the field. If you’ve been eyeing the Manfrotto Befree tripods, you might want to check out the collection’s latest addition. Dubbed as the most versatile model in the popular travel tripod line, the new Manfrotto Befree 2N1 boasts of being an all-in-one solution that easily converts from a tripod into a monopod in just a few steps.

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This Project Aims to Convert a Camper Van Into a Giant 360° Pinhole Camera

If funded successfully, the 360° Pinhole Camper Van project will be traversing Europe to take pinhole photos and videos. 

While some of us are dreaming of a nomadic life aboard a converted camper van, London-based freelance photographer Santino Pani wants to transform his van into a giant 360° Pinhole Camper Van. If he meets his £15,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, he plans to take it across Europe and document what he already perceives to be an extraordinary photographic experience.

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Sample Image Gallery: Canon 24-105mm F4 L IS USM (Canon EOS R)

So far, the Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM seems to be a great walkaround lens for the Canon EOS R.

We’re still actively testing the new Canon RF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM for the Canon RF camera system. On the Canon EOS R, it seems to be a great walkaround lens. Is it big? Yes. But it’s also highly capable in most situations. It gives the Canon EOS R the image stabilization that it needs in certain situations.

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19 Tones’ “Neon H-ART” Showcases Hong Kong’s Cinematic Nighttime Glow

All images by 19 Tones. Used with Creative Commons permission.

A trip to Hong Kong isn’t complete without spending at least one night out in the streets to photograph its iconic, vibrant neon lights. Though the number of actual neon signboards steadily decreases as days go by, the city doesn’t get any dimmer. To this day, they continue to inspire awe among those that see them.

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Rebeca Camino Makes Dreamy Conceptual “Illusion” Natural Light Portraits

All images by Rebeca Camino. Used with Creative Commons permission.

A significant portion of portrait photographers hold a strong preference for natural light portraits over studio setups, for a good reason. It allows you to shoot right at the comfort of your home or on location without the need to set up any equipment other than your camera. There’s also often more than one way to play with the available light, as we’ll see in this beautiful set of creative portraits by Spanish photographer Rebeca Camino.

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Latest Aurora HDR Update Features AI-Powered Quantum HDR Engine

Skylum Software is now taking pre-orders for the latest version of the Aurora HDR program.

If you’re doing a lot of HDR for your landscape or architectural photography projects, the latest version of Skylum Software’s Aurora HDR program could pique your interest. Pre-orders are now open for the Aurora HDR 2019, offered at $89 for new users and a limited time special price of $49 for current users who would like to upgrade. Prices will jump to $99 for new users and $59 for upgrades during its release on October 4th.

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Is This The End of In-PUBLiC? Questioning What Street Photography Really Is

The question ‘what is street photography?’ has caused a divide within the community for decades. It could now be causing destruction.

iN-PUBLiC has been a long-standing and respected collective in street photography. For the best part of 18 years, it has featured some of the most applauded and successful street photographers in the game. However, could one simple photograph be about to bring what has been a strong source of education for so many to its bitter end?

This week two of the collectives photographers, including the founding member, made the decision to leave iN-PUBLiC. Sources have suggested that both Nick Turpin and Nils Jorgsensen (who have both been removed from the website) were unhappy with the collectives current selection in their ‘Photo of the Month’ category.

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Three Lenses Every Beginner Canon and Nikon Photographer Should Consider

Lenses can be both wondrous things to look at and use. But to the beginner, the world of lenses outside of the ones that come with the camera can be scary place. With so many to choose from, how can you pick the best ones to start your journey? 

The kit lenses that came with the camera you purchased will only take you so far, and then you will need to look at the many offerings for your brand of camera. The quality of your images relies heavily on the glass that you place in front of your cameras sensor, but where do you start? Here is a look at the three lenses every beginner Canon and Nikon photographer should consider.

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Where to Focus When Shooting Landscape Photography

Wondering where is the focusing sweet spot when it comes landscape photography? This quick video tutorial holds the answer!

One of the most crucial things about landscape photography is setting your focus right to get everything in your frame in sharp focus. This allows you to give your viewers an accurate representation of what you saw in the scene. Not quite sure how to achieve this? We have just the right video tutorial for you.

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Could This 35mm F2.7 Be the Ultimate Pancake Lens for Street Photography?

If you’re a street photographer looking for a handy pancake lens for your camera, here’s a 35mm f2.7 that boasts of being the smallest in the world.

Pancake lenses are revered primarily for the superb optics they provide in such a small package. If you’re both a street photographer and a pancake lens fan still looking for one to pair your camera with, here’s a Kickstarter project that could just pique your interest: possibly the smallest pancake lens in the world!

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Cheap Photo: Save $721 on Over 5,000 Lightroom Presets

There is nothing quite like buying new gear, and buying when the things you want are cheap is even better. We have rounded up some of the best deals on the web for photographers.

Looking to up your game in post? We’ve got you covered with some outstanding Lightroom presets, and Photoshop actions. Perhaps you are needing a new camera bag or tripod? We have found some deals on those too that won’t break the bank. We have also uncovered some great deals on lenses, and camera bodies too. Check out everything we have found in this edition of Cheap Photo.


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The Apple iPhone XS Has a Camera that Does 1 Trillion Operations Per Photo

The new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are packing some new features that some probably won’t care about.

The day has finally come where we can pretty much squash any rumors involving the new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. This is an upgrade to the previous Apple iPhone X. It brings with it a new processing engine and changes the way that it handles apps, graphics, etc. It also does it in a really battery efficient way–or at least that’s what Apple is claiming in their keynote.

But what about the camera?

Our story focuses on the camera. We’re positive you can get all the other news everywhere else.

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Johnny Miller Presents a Bird’s Eye View of Social Inequality Across the Globe

All images by Johnny Miller. Used with permission.

Social inequality around the world comes in many forms, with some harder to ignore than others. For documentary photographer and filmmaker Johnny Miller, his first taste of this happened when he moved to Cape Town in South Africa six years ago — as soon as he landed in the city, to be precise. With tin shacks surrounding the airport itself, we can just imagine why he simply couldn’t help but notice the glaring disparity. The impact of this was enough to compel him to take to the skies with his drone and capture it from above to show us the big picture. With it, his Unequal Scenes project was born.

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This Gold-Plated and Amber-Covered Leica Standard is Yours for $3,500

This golden Leica Standard could be one of the most luxurious-looking vintage cameras you can add to your collection.

For today’s vintage gem from the depths of ebay, we spotted possibly one of the most luxurious-looking Leica cameras out there. Gold-plated and clad in Royal White Baltic Amber, this Leica Standard will definitely make any photographer or vintage collector feel like royalty. If you’re keen on making space in your collection for this camera, it’s yours for $3,500.

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First Impressions Review: Profoto B10 (Canon and Sony)

The Profoto B10 is the one light that I’ve been wanting for many years.

As you can already tell, I’m a fan of the newly announced Profoto B10 light. For years I’ve been looking for something more powerful than a small hot shoe flash. I wanted something that stays small and it didn’t need to be as powerful as the B1, B1x, or the Einstein E640 that I used to call my bread and butter light. With the sea of products that Godox releases and that B&H Photo and Adorama rebrand, you’d think that there are lots of great lights out there. And there are, but they’ve got problems.

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Curious Looking Film Digitizer Promises to Help Scan Your Negatives Better Than a Scanner

Calling all film photographers: Looking for an alternate way to scan your negatives? Check this gadget out.

For serious film photographers, getting a proper film scanner is just as important as getting the right gear. It’s an investment (a pretty expensive one at that) but if you don’t do your research properly you might end up just throwing your money away on a model that produces substandard results.

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Special Report: Using the Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art Lens and Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter With the Canon EOS R

During the recent press excursion to Hawaii, I got a chance to test one of my favorite Sigma lenses on the new Canon EOS R.

One of the things I was most curious about with the new Canon EOS R was not only how Canon EF mount lenses adapt to the system, but more importantly how lots of the alternatives from third parties like Sigma will fair. For a little while now, the only Canon EF mount lens that I’ve held onto was the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art that I’ve used adapted to the Sony FE system using a Metabones adapter. But with the new Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter for the EOS R, photographers will be able to get the most from the system. In my tests, I didn’t really find it necessary in every situation. Instead, I found it to more than do the job.

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Two hours on 9/11: An interview with Phil Penman

“I’m a mess whenever I think about 9/11 for too long. I know that my brain will never truly comprehend what I saw that day.”

For most people who were unfortunate enough to find themselves amongst the terrible event on 9/11, their first action would have been to get away as quickly as possible. However, photographers are not most people.

Phil Penman, a photojournalist based in New York, was at home when he first received a call to inform him a plane had hit the World Trade Center. He has kindly taken the time to talk to us and revisit what happened during the following two hours on that tragic day on September 11th, 2001.

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Wednesday: Omar Z Robles Is Our Next Guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind

Tune in! Omar Z Robles honestly needs no introduction and he’s going to be our latest guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind.

The next guest for our on-going live and in-person interview series is Omar Z Robles. Photographer Omar Z Robles is a dance photographer here in NYC and also an official Fujifilm X photographer. His work has been featured all across the web and chances are that if you’ve gotten into dance photography, it’s because of him.

In New York City, he transformed the aesthetic of his street photography by substituting the New Yorker with the New York dancer. Robles directed the dancers to tell stories with their bodies as he had learned from Marceau. The results were an army of miniature stories as told by the gentle flow of the dancers’ bodies. These stories were later passed on by local and international media (Mashable, Instagram’s Blog, The Phoblographer, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Design Taxi and Harpers Bazaar).

Sign up Via EventBrite or Facebook. Or watch it live September 12th at 5pm EST on The Phoblographer’s Facebook Page or Adorama’s Facebook page.

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Flickr Rolls Out a Fresh Look to its Galleries

If you haven’t been around Flickr for a while, you might want to check out the platform’s recently revamped galleries. 

Heads up, Flickr users! The platform has recently revamped its galleries, so you might want to take a look what has changed if you haven’t been making galleries of your favorite works by your favorite creatives.

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