Don’t Sell Your DSLR Lenses, Give Them New Life

Put your DSLR lenses on a film camera and give them new life.

Of course, you could adapt them to your mirrorless camera. But generally speaking, your DSLR lenses are too big for your mirrorless camera. Instead, why not consider getting back into film? DSLRs were the direct evolution of film cameras. And if you really want to keep using them, it just makes sense to use them on another format. Maybe you’ve never shot film. I’ll judge you for a bit, but you really should. It teaches you so much about shooting and photography that you wouldn’t know otherwise. I’m not saying that you should shoot only film, of course. But you’ll see how you start creating differently.

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Great Deals: Stock Up on Photography Accessories Before They Vanish

These photography accessories are must-haves for any photographer.

We all know how difficult it is right now to find many items in stock. Cameras, lenses, and even other photography accessories are being hit by the supply chain crunch. However, you can still find good deals on camera bags, tripods, and SD cards. How much longer they’ll be readily available is anyone’s guess. So, now is a good time to stock up and save. You can get a Lexar UHS-II 128GB SD Card for just $37.23! Sony’s Tough G series UHS-II 64GB card can be had for $99.99. Need a new camera bag? You can save $50 on the Domke F-X5B (perfect for a fixed lens camera.) You can even get your hands on a Vanguard tripod with a ball head for just $89.95. See all the photography accessories on sale after the break.

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This Affordable Lens Doesn’t Suck: Sony 50mm F2.5 G Review

The new Sony 50mm f2.5 G isn’t perfect, but for $600 it’s pretty impressive.

Prime lenses fall into two categories: the compact, affordable yet bright lenses and the pro-level, huge, near-technical-perfection monstrosities. The Sony 50mm f2.5 G falls in the first category. Weighing roughly six ounces, it’s a lens that almost feels like you forgot to mount a lens at all. In the bag, it barely takes up a lens slot.

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Spend Your Money Better: The Funleader 18mm F8 Lens Review

The Funleader 18mm f8 lens can surely be a joy to use, but you’ll use it maybe once and then give it up.

We’ve been asking manufacturers for something different for a long time now. And thankfully, we’re experiencing a lens renaissance. So the Funleader 18mm f8 seems like just the right tool, right? It’s a pancake lens for a variety of lens mounts. It’s got an 18mm focal length with a fixed f8 aperture. Plus, you can’t even focus the lens. It’s got a fixed focus to a certain distance away. Best of all, this lens packs in character to it that’s beautiful.

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Behold One of the Most Beautiful Fujifilm Cameras You’ve Ever Seen

The Fujifilm TX-1 in Champagne is incredibly gorgeous, and it’s hard to not want one.

To this day, I still think a panoramic digital camera could be a game-changing device. With that said, many of you have probably heard of the Hasselblad XPan. It’s a panoramic 35mm film camera that’s a thing of beauty. However, the lesser-known variant is the Fujifilm TX-1. If you weren’t aware, the XPan and the TX-1 are very similar cameras. The whole thing was a joint project done between the two manufacturers. Hasselblad has been known to do this for years. They’ve done it with Motorolla, DJI, Sony, etc. But in this one case, they created something truly unique. In fact, the Hasselblad XPan is an incredibly lusted for camera. But the Fujifilm TX-1 isn’t spoken of nearly enough. But we found a truly gorgeous one.

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5 Minute Reviews: Is the Nikon Z 20mm f1.8 S Special?

Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis talks about her findings with this beautiful Nikon lens.

The Nikon Z 20mm f1.8 S review is done and scheduled for the coming days. Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis thinks that it’s a beautiful lens with character, nice colors, and sharp image quality. Indeed, she shoots Nikon professionally. While these are all great, it surely does fall behind the competition. So we took our full review and summarized it in 5 minutes. Also, be sure to check out our Pro Camera Reviews show!

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Timothy Hiatt Blends Reality and Fantasy in Latest Photobook Perfectly

“I really wanted to give a shoutout to all the amazing people I’ve worked with over the years,” explains Timothy Hiatt when talking about the release of his new book. He adds, “they mean the world to me…they’re the ones who make the images a helluva lot more than me.” In a body of work dating back to 2009, Hiatt is now offering everyone a look at his glittering career. From subtle portraits to full-blown conceptual shoots, his book, Muses, has everything! We spoke to Hiatt to learn more about his new release and why now was the right time to offer it to the world.

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Popular Lenses: Tamron Continues to Shake Up the E Mount Market

Tamron’s impressive and affordable E mount lenses are incredibly popular.

It’s that time of the month where we look at the gear you, our readers, have been snapping up. This roundup will focus on the most popular lenses for March 2021. We’ve been seeing a trend over the last few months here at The Phoblographer. Photographers everywhere are going crazy for Tamron’s latest E mount lenses. This is really not surprising. The quality of their lenses has gone through the roof, and they have remained affordable. There are, of course, lenses from other manufacturers on the list too. So, lets, dive in and see the most popular lenses for March 2021.

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The Phoblographer’s Favorite Prints From the Magnum Square Print Sale

There are plenty of awesome images to purchase from the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re going to look at our favorites.

The Magnum Square Print Sale is soon to come to an end. Photographers old and new have placed their best work in the sale, allowing you to own a high-quality print for a fantastic price. All the images are quality, but, of course, we all have our favorites. Let’s take a look at six of the best, according to The Phoblographer.

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5 Minute Review: The Nikon Z 50mm F1.2 S Is Gorgeous and Vibrant!

Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis talks about her findings with this beautiful Nikon lens.

The Nikon Z 50mm f1.2 S was reviewed recently by us. And it’s an overall very beautiful lens. Nikon has always been a solid lens maker. Not only does this lens have great image quality, but it’s weather sealed. That’s so incredibly important for many of us who actively shoot outdoors. So we took our full review and summarized it in 5 minutes. Also, be sure to check out our Pro Camera Reviews show!

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my12seconds: A Beautiful Journey of Female Self Discovery (NSFW)

All images by my12seconds. Used with permission.

“It’s our freedom of choice to share or not share. To be seen or to hide,” explains the creator of my12seconds. While the name is protected by an alias, the person is exposed for all to see. Inspired by the limitations of lockdown, this photographer used the opportunity to rediscover herself. With only 12 seconds to create a frame, she was intrigued by the journey of the unknown. How will the images come out? Let’s take a look.

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Apple Could Be Getting Into the Camera Game In A Unique Way

Many have called on Apple to do more with cameras, and this will definitely be something new for them.

Apple is a company that likes to dip its hands into many different electronic markets. We all, of course, know about their smartphone empire, their computers, iPods, iPads, headphones, and even their much-speculated electric car. But what about cameras and other items that use them? Apple has been making waves with their iPhone cameras for sure, but will they ever break into another market that utilizes cameras? The answer to that is yes, apparently. News of an augmented reality headset has been floating around for a little while now. While it might not be a camera announcement we have been looking for, it’s still pretty cool. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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A Curved Sensor Could Make This 70mm Canon Lens Tiny

High megapixel sensors are great; however, a curved sensor would really spice up the camera market.

We love finding out about new sensors just as much as you do. However, new types of sensors have been hard to come by. Sure, Sony is killing it with their stacked sensors, but there needs to be a big leap technologically. There has been plenty of speculation about global shutters. These would be very cool. Still, recently there has been a lot of noise about curved sensors. Curved sensors would drastically reduce the size of lenses as they would allow for much simpler lens designs. Speaking of lens designs, Canon just filed a patent for a new lens. That’s doesn’t sound too exciting. However, this lens is designed for a curved sensor. Let’s talk about it after the break.

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These Powerful Projects Got $10,000 For These Photographers

Early this month, Leica announced the winners of its second annual Leica Women Foto Project Award.

Leica has just awarded three talented women photographers $10,000 each. Matika Wilbur, Karen Zusman, and Anna Boyiazis submitted their projects to receive the award. A Leica Q2 was also awarded to each photographer winning the Leica Women Foto Project. Unfortunately, Matika and Anna were unavailable to speak to. But we caught up with Karen to learn more about her work and the impact $10,000 will have on her project.

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Nanna Heitmann On The Importance of Print in The Digital Era

It’s the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re speaking with Magnum nominee Nanna Heitmann.

“Personally, I’m tired of constantly being online,” writes Nanna Heitmann. “And with all the digital information, I feel flooded and unfocused,” she adds. That’s part of her response to topic of printing photography, its value, and why it’s important. At only 27, it’s refreshing to see Heitmann support the printed image. Already a Magnum nominee, we thought it was a good idea to learn more about her journey.

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Can You Even Autofocus, Bro? The Sigma Fp L Has Big Things To Prove

The 61MP Sigma Fp L looks like it might be oriented towards photographers, but we’re still not entirely convinced.

Sigma turned heads last year when they launched the Sigma Fp. An incredibly tiny, 24 Megapixel modular camera that was geared more towards videographers than photographers. Still, we took it for a spin. We found that while the camera was trying to be innovative, it still struggled with autofocus. Autofocus has always been Sigma’s Achilles heel, and it has been the downfall of many of their cameras. Now, we find out (late, we might add) about the new 61 Megapixel Sigma Fp L. It’s the same small modular camera from before, but it has a beefed-up sensor. Sigma is also launching a new EVF to go alongside the camera. We’ve got all the details as well as an opinion about it for you after the break.

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Essentials Kit: A Great Setup For A New Portrait Photographer

creative live

This essentials kit will serve any new portrait photographer well when they’re just starting out.

Are you toying with the idea of becoming a portrait photographer? Are you unsure about the gear you might need to hit the ground running? Have no fear; we’re here to make things a little easier for you. If you want to know what camera, lens, and accessories you should look at before you start charging clients, this roundup is for you. Pick up any of the items listed after the break, and you’ll already be on the path to success. Check out some of our favorite items for new portrait photographers after the break.

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One of the Best: Leica APO Summicron 35mm F2 ASPH Review

The Leica APO Summicron 35mm f2 is as close to perfect as you can get.

The word innovator is thrown around a little too easily these days. Sure, lots of companies are creating lenses we haven’t seen before. In the pursuit of perfection, though, many modern lenses produce sterile images. But Leica has a habit of creating modern lenses while retaining qualities that make their images stand out. The new Leica APO Summicron-M 35mm f2 ASPH is the latest prime to come out of Germany. We’ve had our hands on it for a few weeks now, and we have been putting it through a battery of real-world tests. Find out how it performs and if it’s worth the lofty price tag in our full review.

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Great Sharpness Meets Vibrant Character: Nikon Z 50mm F1.2 S Review

The Nikon Z 50mm f1.2 S is a gorgeous lens — if you don’t mind the Z system autofocus.

When Nikon launched the Z mount, the company promised wider apertures and sharper photos. The Nikon Z 50mm f1.2 S is the fruit of that promise. The lens mixes a blurred-to-oblivion depth of field with a sharpness that’s detailed enough to make out the tiniest eyelash even on the lower resolution Z 6 II.

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Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry on The Importance of Being Curious

This week is the Magnum Square Print Sale, and we’re speaking to legendary photographer Steve McCurry.

“It’s impossible for me to select a photo out of hundreds of thousands…,” replies Steve McCurry when asked which photo he would most like people to remember him for. He continues, “I hope that each person who views the pictures will gravitate to the ones which speak to them…” His portfolio is certainly impressive, offering something for everyone. It’s why he’s widely regarded as one of the best of his generation. We caught up with McCurry to discuss prints, travel, and career lessons.

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On Sale: Thought-Provoking Photography Books That Will Open Your Eyes

Slow down, relax, and learn with these incredible photography books.

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world where we’re always on the go. It can do the body and the mind good to slow down and relax. If, however, you still want to learn about the thing we love (photography), you might want to pick up a good photography book. You can grab Bruce Barnbaums The Art of Photography for just $40.75. The New Woman Behind the Camera is only $45.48, and Camera Lucida: Reflections On Photography is just $13.49! There are more deals on dozens of photography books that cover culture, and there are tutorial books too. See all the deals on photography books after the break.

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