What Happens When Non-Photographers Use a Phase One Camera?

Phase One XF IQ4

The look of astonishment when a non-photographer realizes that the Phase One XF IQ4 takes better pics than an iPhone is priceless!

While perhaps not the best-known brand of camera in the photography world, most who are serious about the art form have heard of Phase One and their Medium Format cameras. For those on the other side of the fence who think photography is more about the camera on the back of their phone, Phase One is a complete unknown. Recently, some non-photographers were given a chance to have a play with the Phase One XF IQ4, a $52,000 151 Megapixel camera that is one of the best in the world. Join us after the break to see the video and reactions of the people who got to use it. Continue reading…

Capture One Pro 12 Offers Students a Whopping 65% Discount

photography software guides

Students, there has never been a better time say hello to Capture One Pro 12.

Now, this is some good news, and it’s just in time for the upcoming back to school season. If you’re a student who has been wanting to move over to Capture One Pro, you will love this. Starting today, August 8th, the guys and gals at Capture One have launched a new student initiative that will allow you to save 65% off the regular price of Capture One Pro 12. Join us after the break to find out more about this incredible student deal. Continue reading…

An Ode to the Leica M9: the Best Digital Leica They Ever Delivered

Every now and again, I consider buying a Leica M9 because of just how unique it is in the history of Leica’s cameras.

The Leica M9 is one of the last digital cameras for master photographers who are great at their craft. They were made before the selfie became super famous. At that time, the M9 cost many thousands of dollars. It was released around the time of the Canon 5D Mk II, the Nikon D700, and the Sony a900–all of which were innovative in their own rights. But the Leica M9 was the first mirrorless full-frame camera to really grace the market. It was plagued with a few issues like incompatibility with certain SD cards, lousy battery life, sometimes slow performance, etc. However, I’m not sure there was a single photographer that would doubt the quality of the images that came from its sensor. True to my previous statement about master photographers, the Leica M9 hearkened to the photographer who shot chrome film and gawked at the photographer who reached for negatives to try to get a better result in the darkroom. The sensor’s output wasn’t as versatile as other CMOS sensors of the day, but every photographer who held a Leica M9 secretly coveted something like it.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot Mouthwatering Food Photography

Learn how to take great food photography that goes beyond Instagrammable with key tips from this photography cheat sheet.

We all like to dabble in food photography, but there’s more to it than being good enough for likes on social media. If you’ve been wondering how to begin taking better, even pro-looking, food photos, we have a cheat sheet by Italian food photographer Jonathan Raho that could get you started. Here, we learn about a bunch of key elements for exploring the scrumptious side of photography. As with any kind of photography, it’s about leading the eyes of the viewer to the star of your photos (and of course, make their mouths water at how tasty the food looks!).

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9 Things a Photographer Should Purchase Besides Gear

Photographers: You’d be shocked at what the $2,000 for a lens can do to help improve you instead.

GAS: lots of photographers have it and many can understand the need and benefit of getting a brand new lens that can render all the bokeh. But after a while, you’re pretty well saturated and set in the gear you’ve got. Eventually, you realize that you’re the one who takes the pictures and not necessarily your camera. And you’ll end up at a point where you want something, but don’t need it. That’s fine–satiate your wants as much as is reasonable. But when you want things, you’ll start to realize how much of your money can be invested into things that are bound to make you more money: that’s more about doing something for yourself as you grow as a photographer. Here are just a few.

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5 Affordable Full Frame Cameras for Professional Photographers

A follow up was requested by a reader who told us that Full Frame cameras can be just as cheap as the APS-C cameras we mentioned in another roundup.

After a recent post about APS-C cameras that are used by professional photographers, we were contacted by a reader who wanted to point out that there are Full Frame cameras that can be picked up for around the same price as the most expensive APS-C cameras we listed. This is indeed true, but there are few to choose from. However, if Full Frame cameras are the ultimate goal for you, but you don’t want to shell out much more than $1,500, the Full Frame cameras in this roundup are worth checking out. We’ll take a look at five affordable Full Frame cameras after the break.

Adorama‘s Refurbished Gear includes cameras, lenses, computers and more.”


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You Secretly Want This Rare, Unused Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 for $3,215

Anything Hello Kitty touches is guaranteed to be saleable, but we’re not sure a Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 should be going for this much.

If you’ve been following our vintage finds, you’ll know that we keep our eyes peeled for all things noteworthy, cool, and sometimes overpriced. Today’s find has all three ticked: a rare Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, in unused condition, going for $3,215. It’s definitely a collectible item both for Hello Kitty fans and Polaroid photographers (and Polaroid photographers who are also Hello Kitty fans). But whether it warrants the hefty price tag is another matter altogether.

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The Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Builds on the Classic Photojournalist Bag

The new Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 comes with a slew of advanced features requested by Billingham owners and photographers.

Fans of the iconic Billingham Hadley camera bag have something to celebrate today with the company’s announcement of the latest addition to the family. The new Hadley Pro 2020 builds on the protection, comfort, capacity, and flexibility of the best-selling model, adding several new features that Billingham owners and photographers around the world wanted to see. Now would be a great time to upgrade to a Billingham camera bag with the Hadley Pro 2020’s improved versatility and portability.

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Kevin Krautgartner Plays with Light and Shadow in Aerial Photos of Dunes

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of outstanding aerial photography lately for the abstract imagery they offer to intrepid photographers. It’s exciting to see them uncover nature’s breath-taking art that stays hidden from most of us. It’s also interesting how each shot is a testament to the impact of perspective on perception. Case in point is the expanse of sand dunes that German photographer Kevin Krautgartner captured to present a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

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Why the Tiny, Full Frame Sigma FP Could Be a Game Changer

The Sigma FP Full Frame Cameras

The Sigma FP is touted as being the world’s smallest Full Frame camera, and it comes packed with features that could be game-changing.

Just a few short weeks ago, Sigma announced that they were going to release an incredibly tiny Full Frame camera. While reactions to the news have been mixed, one thing for sure is that it will make waves once it hits the market. A new product holder page has appeared on Sigma’s website, and it sheds some light on what photographers and media creators can look forward to. Honestly, there are some cool features that may be game-changing; whether the features are for better or worse is up for debate. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: Flash Photography Tips and Tricks

Working with flash may seem tricky if you’re just starting out. But with this quick photography cheat sheet, you’ll have a bunch of simple tricks for shooting with flash.

Flash photography may seem daunting at first, but knowing how to work with lighting equipment like flashes and strobes will expand your skills and let you work in different shooting situations. It’s an especially valuable skill if you want to do portrait photography. Whether you’re curious about using flash and pro lighting setups in the studio, or simply want to learn how to make the most out of the flash unit you just bought for your camera, this cheat sheet should help you get started.

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Opinion: 35mm Is the Most Versatile Focal Length in Photography

The 35mm lens beats your 50mm and your 28mm lens at everything with its absolute balance on subject matter.

While I personally see the world more in 28mm, 35mm is the best when it comes to versatility with creating images. When first starting out, I was told to use 50mm. And it was wrong. It was dead wrong. I’ve grown to appreciate what 50mm can do, but I’m not a fan of it nor the marketing and cults that seem to be behind it. While I see the world in 28mm, the variety of 28mm lenses on the market right now are just not that perfect. But 35mm lenses are pretty darned great. In an ideal world, we’d have more 40mm lenses; we don’t.

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Cheap Photo: D750 $800 Off, $200 Off X-Pro 2, Save on Camera Bundles

Back to school season is here and it brings along some huge discounts on camera bundles and more.

Back to school season means significant savings, and trust us when we say you can save big on camera bundles and more right now. The Nikon D750 with a 24-120mm and a huge accessory kit has a deep discount of $800! The Fujifilm X-Pro 2 bundle is a steal at $1,499, and the a7r III with a tripod bundle has been slashed by $500. Need a new strobe? The incredible Flashpoint XPLOR 600 with a C-Stand and a 36-inch Octabox is only $563.95, and the MeFoto Globetrotter Tripod is down to $199 (a $167 discount). We have found deals on camera bags and SD cards too! Come in and take a look at all the deals. Continue reading…

Pro Tip: How to Shoot Cinematic Portraits with Hard Light

Hard light isn’t always the best choice for portraits, but you can get really cool results if you know how to use it well.

When it comes to portraits, soft and diffused light is often the go-to setting to create the most flattering results. However, hard light can also open up your portrait photography to a lot of creative techniques and cinematic effects. In his quick tutorial, Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media shows us a quick setup in the studio that will let you create beautiful cinematic portraits when your projects call for it.

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The Price on the Elinchrom ELM8 LED Will Boggle You, and Us

No doubt the Elinchrom ELM8 LED will be a great continuous light, but my wallet has been in hiding since I heard about it’s price.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t have as much of an effect on people these days as it did back when many companies had shady manufacturing processes. However, some think there’s an added value that can be placed on a name. With prices of photography-related gear descending, it always makes your eyes water when you see the prices of some of the new gear that’s hitting the street. Enter the Elinchrom ELM8 LED – a small, continuous light source that costs as much as some cameras. Join us after the break for details about the light, and to see why we think it’s time for marketing companies to stop scaring our wallets. Continue reading…

Kanex Multiport Hubs Will Make Life Easier for Creators Who Use Macs

kanex multiport hub

These Kanex multiport hubs will enable you to connect all the things to your portless MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Windows PC users move along: nothing to see here. You already have all the connectivity you need. MacBook users though, stick around: you’ll be interested in this. In the world of Apple, less is more, and MacBook users have to find ways to get their peripherals and cables connected via external means because Apple cheaped-out on ports themselves. Fortunately, Kanex has come to save the day with their new Kanex multiport hubs that feature blazing-fast USB-C connections, ethernet ports, and card readers. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

The Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 Di III RXD Survived an Insane Rainfall in NYC

We’ve been testing the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD in the rain, and it survived quite a bit so far.

In the past few years, I’ve known Tamron’s lenses to have great weather sealing, but in the case of the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD I’m sure even Sony would be shocked at what I did with the lens. Here in NYC, we’ve been experiencing some incredibly heavy rainfall. Most folks would stray away from going out to shoot in rain like this; not us! We took the new Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD out into summer showers with the Sony a7r III.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Best ISO Setting

Still getting the hang of your camera settings? Here’s a cheat sheet you can use as a reference for when you’re confused when to change your ISO.

The ISO is one of the exposure values that you have at your disposal to make sure you get the best results for your photos. It’s one of the things you’ll hear being thrown around in photography circles quite often, but what exactly does it do? How will your settings affect the way your photos will look like? Never fear, because another photography tutorial and cheat sheet from Digital Camera World is here.

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The Sony a7r IV Is Out, So Where Is the Sony a7s III?

If the Sony a7s III still exists, then it’s going to have a massive update over the previous models.

We’re wondering the same thing you are: where is the Sony a7s III? With the Sony a7r series of cameras undergoing two other refreshes, the a7s series hasn’t seen a single update in years. We know it’s coming, but we have no idea when. However, with the launch of the Sony a7r IV, and the company’s emphasis on Speed and AI amongst other things, we can get a better idea of what the Sony a7s III could be used for and who it’s targeted to.

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6 APS-C Cameras Used by Professional Photographers

fujifilm aps-c cameras

APS-C cameras have come a long way in a short amount of time, and some are more than good enough for professional use.

The current buzz word in a lot of photography realms is Full Frame. The reason behind this is that the big three (Sony, Canon, Nikon) have been focusing on Full-Frame Mirrorless cameras more than anything else. Only Fujifilm has been really pumping out APS-C cameras. It can be easy then to question whether APS-C cameras are indeed ‘good enough’ for photographers these days given the publicity surrounding Full Frame models. We’re here to tell you that you do not need to buy a Full Frame camera to be considered a pro. APS-C cameras are absolute powerhouses these days, and they feature all of the technology that their bigger sensor brothers do. Here we will take a quick look at six APS-C cameras that will deliver pro results without the huge price tags of their Full Frame brethren. Continue reading…

Instagram Hiding Likes Is Bad News for Us All

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has helped change the landscape of the photographic industry. But recent changes haven’t come as good news for some.

Instagram is one of the hottest topics in the world of photography. Not just right now, but always. Some love it and some hate it. But as polarizing as it is, it remains one of the most popular photo-sharing sites in the world. Recent changes have pushed the app to the forefront of media attention, as the decision has been made to hide how many likes a photo receives. Many welcome the move; personally speaking, I think it’s a terrible idea.

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