Research Finds Number of Photo Shoots in LA Increased by 63% in the Past Decade – Here’s Why

Two of the three biggest reasons photo shoots in LA have increased in the last 10 years are connected to the rise of online influencers and social media. 

Things are bright and sunny over in Los Angeles, California, where the number of photo shoots in LA has increased from 1,925 in 2008 to 3,033 in 2018. That’s a whopping 63%, despite the average cost of securing a shoot in the city also increasing by 87.4% (from $353 to $662) in the same period of time.

This is the key finding of a recent study conducted by US-based company Giggster, which describes itself as “the Airbnb for filming locations.” But now you may be wondering; why did the number of photo shoots increase despite the cost of permits also increasing very close to 100%?

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VSCO and iPhone Don’t Replace Film, and This is Why

Shooting with film is a personal experience, and it’s nothing VSCO and other film emulators and smartphones can ever replace.

With life going on faster than I would have preferred, I often find myself turning to my iPhone SE and VSCO in the hopes of squeezing in a bit of photography practice in between commutes, ideation meetings, video shoots, and actual writing for work. I mostly use my iPhone because it and I are attached at the hip so it literally takes just a second for me to snap a photo of whatever tickles my fancy anytime. And to me, VSCO is the best in emulating that grainy, washed-out film look that I prefer over the sharpness of digital. I’ve tried lots of different apps over the years and I just find myself going back to it.

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Nikon Camera Guide: Our Four Favorite Nikon Cameras for Beginners, Hobbyists, and Pros

Whether you pronounce it Nikon, or Nikon (I know you said those differently in your head), there are Nikon Cameras that are perfect for beginners to pros.

Nikon cameras are some of the best in the DSLR world. This has been proven time and time again. They are solidly built, offer outstanding image quality, and are easy to use. Couple these things with the fact that Nikon cameras have a massive library of first and third party lenses, and you begin to see why switching allegiances makes sense to some.

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The Explore 30 Backpack by Shimoda Is for All Types of Adventures

Shimoda is back with yet another cool creation – the Explore 30 backpack – created with photographer-slash-explorers in mind.

Photographers who have an affinity for the great outdoors would love the latest backpack that adventure camera bag company Shimoda recently launched. Called the Explore 30, it claims to be the perfect companion to whatever adventure any photographer’s embarking on – from hitting the streets of a bustling city to exploring somewhere far, new, and exotic.

According to Shimoda’s website, the Explore 30 has the same maximum camera carrying capacity as the previous Explore 40 but is shorter and has a new removable belt system. Its maker claims that these new features “open up new worlds of possibility for Shimoda users, and they allow the Explore 30 to fit in everywhere.”

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ONA Partners with Passion Passport for Wanderlust-Inspired Camera Bags

Camera and travel bag maker ONA has some new colorful additions to their collection of limited edition camera bags.

If you’ve been a fan of camera and travel bag maker ONA, you’ll be delighted to know that the New York City-based company just announced their latest limited edition bags. Made in partnership with the purpose-driven travel community Passion Passport, the ONA x Passion Passport capsule collection features the best-selling Bowery Bag in limited edition colorways. Perfect for adventure-loving photographers who prefer a splash of color for their camera bags!

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Could a 14-21mm f1.4 Lens for Canon EOS R Really Be On the Way?

Dreaming of a fast, ultra wide-angle zoom lens for the Canon EOS R? A recent patent application suggests that Canon is on the way to making one.

We recently got wind of some reports about Canon possibly releasing an f1.4 ultra wide angle zoom lens, and we’re sure it’s going to get a lot of you excited. The eagle-eyed folks of Canon News broke the news of a new patent for a Canon lens with a range of 14-21 mm, with a constant maximum aperture of f1.55 and a nearest full f-stop equivalent of f1.4. If this sounds like something you think you need for the Full Frame mirrorless EOS R system, it’s believed that the lens in the works is exactly for that.

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Cheap Photo: Snag the Sony A6000 + 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lens Bundle for just $598, Plus More Crazy Camera Deals!!

These are some of the best camera deals we have seen during this pre-holiday sales season!

If you’re in the market for a new camera, or have been wanting to buy one for the photographer in your life, you won’t want to miss out on these camera deals. This edition of Cheap Photo is bursting at the seams with excellent camera deals (including the Sony A6000 plus two lens combo, and the A7 II plus lens kit), Lightroom and Photoshop actions, presets and overlay deals, tutorials, and much more.

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Our 3 Favorite 85mm Lenses for Picture Perfect Portraits (Around $1000 and Below)

The 85mm focal length is perfect for portrait photographers, and some of the best 85mm prime lenses on the market are incredibly affordable.

Whether you shoot with Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, or Nikon, there are 85mm prime lenses on each platform that are capable of producing some truly beautiful images when in the hands of portrait photographers. They are incredibly sharp, very fast, and produce gorgeous bokeh which really helps with subject isolation. The best part is some of the best primes in this focal length are under four figures.

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Tingyu Huang’s ‘Chromophobia’ Gets a Point Across with Medium Format Film

Take a look at Tingyu Huang’s colorful portrait series, Chromophobia, named after and shot in response to David Batchelor’s book.

In his 2000 book Chromophobia, artist and author David Batchelor argued that the West hates color. No, really. David wrote: “…color has been the object of extreme prejudice in Western culture… It is, I believe, no exaggeration to say that, in the West, since Antiquity, color has been systematically marginalized, reviled, diminished and degraded.” This, more than anything else, is the motivation behind his series “Chromophobia.”

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First Impressions: Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm F1.8 (Sony FE)

Chinese photography accessories maker Viltrox is expanding their portfolio with brand new camera lenses.

When Viltrox extended an invitation for us to check out their brand new line of lenses at this year’s Photo Plus Expo, our interest was certainly piqued. Up until this point, China-based Viltrox’s focus has been on the manufacturing of photography accessories like lens mount adapters, external monitors, speedlights, and LED lighting. We were quite eager to see how they fared with their first foray into lens manufacturing. As of right now, all of the lenses Viltrox is working on are designed for Fujifilm and Sony mirrorless camera systems, which includes the Viltrox PFU RBMH 20mm f1.8 ASPH (Sony FE, manual only), Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm f1.8 (Sony FE, manual only), and the Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm f1.8 STM (Fuji X and Sony FE, autofocus). At their booth at Photo Plus, Viltrox had both the 20mm and 85mm Sony FE manual lenses as well as the Fuji X mount version of the autofocus 85mm STM lens on display, with the manual lenses being the only functional prototypes.

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The Best Bang for Your Buck Full Frame Cameras for Under Two Grand

You don’t have to sell body parts to be able to afford good Full Frame cameras.

There is something quite special about buying your first Full Frame camera. It almost feels like a right of passage for many photographers, and the day you graduate from APS-C cameras is one you remember. While we know you don’t have to use a Full Frame camera to be a pro or get the best quality images, making the jump is something many still do. Just know that you don’t have to spend crazy money to buy excellent Full Frame cameras.

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This Kipon Ibelux 40mm f0.85 Lens is an Absolute Bokeh Machine — in Pink

On Wednesdays, we wear pink — and shoot with the pink Kipon 40mm f0.85 lens for some bokehlicious snaps.

With gorgeously bubbly and creamy bokeh still pretty much in vogue in the photography world today, lenses promising to provide it have been popping up here and there. Among the latest of these is the Ibelux 40mm with a whopping f0.85 aperture, made by Shanghai-based lens adapter innovator Kipon. The best part? It comes in screaming pink! If you didn’t catch this lens, Kai Wong spotted this bokeh machine at the Kipon booth during this year’s Photokina and recently made a video review about it.

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The New Lomography Berlin Kino Film Was Inspired by German Cinema

Lomography offers black and white film photographers the new Berlin Kino Film, another limited edition emulsion for their monochrome needs.

Attention, film photographers! Lomography has just dropped a new, gorgeous film for all you fans of black and white film. Called the Berlin Kino Film, this 35mm, 400 ISO, B&W film promises to render your monochrome snaps with delicate grain and soft tones. If you’re looking for something new to shoot with, this should be interesting for you.

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Satisfy Your Curiosity on the Shutter Sounds of Fujifilm Cameras

It’s probably not a big deal for most, but if you have a preference for certain shutter sounds on Fujifilm cameras, here’s a video you might want to watch.

Do you like the shutter sound of your camera quiet or mechanical-sounding? Do certain shutter sounds help you make up your mind on which camera to get? Whether you’re simply curious or it’s a deciding factor for your next Fujifilm camera purchase, we’ve found a quick video to satisfy your curiosity.

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Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a super fast external SSD card for the photographer on the go.

In my time using the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, I’ve learned just how incredibly fast technology and transfer rates have become. Despite being satisfied with my 2015 MacBook Pro and iMac computers, their Thunderbolt ports were always more than adequate for me. But when using the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD and recently moving gigabytes of data between computers, I saw first hand at just how fast a few gigabytes could be transferred. It floored me, and for the photographer who needs those types of speeds all the time, the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a great data storage solution.

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These Angry Videos Most Likely Speak for Everyone Who Backed the Yashica Y35

If you backed the Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera and already received your unit, this angry review (and its follow-up) most likely sums up the things you hate about it.

Previously, we reported about Yashica Y35 backers finally starting to receive their cameras after some delays. However, those who have gotten their hands on it and tested it out were very unhappy about it. A lot say that the build quality isn’t good at all, and it’s overall more of a toy than a camera. The comments section of the Kickstarter campaign is also still getting angry feedback and reports of issues from backers. As unboxing videos and reviews have started pouring in, we believe this particular video (and its follow-up) is among the angriest, and most likely speaks for every backer’s disappointment over this camera.

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Useful Photography Tip #188: The Best Time of Day to Take Outdoor Portraits Is…Anytime!

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click here.

If you’re one of those folks looking for that golden, sunkissed look to your portraiture then what you genuinely want is the entire period of the golden hour–and ideally before it. In big cities like in New York, sundown can last for a number of hours. The sun gets really nice and warm, so when combined with 5600K white balance (or auto, I guess) you can make skin tones really pop. But if you’re the type of person that can’t always wait for the sun to give you what nature does best, then seriously consider that the best time to take outdoor portraits is truthfully any time of the day.

Seriously, Chris? Yes. I’ve been doing it for years under harsh sun and under no sun with lots of cloud coverage. The best thing I tell everyone is to back or side light your subject and to head for the shade. The shade is so valuable for a number of great reasons:

  • It provides even lighting and so it gives that shadowless look
  • Combine it with ISO 400 or ISO 160 and you’ll get a very hand-holdable shutter speed
  • If your subject is wearing vibrant colors, then they’re going to really pop from the background
  • Combine the color popping effect with depth of field (bokeh) and you’re going to rock that portrait session

Of course, this is the method you use if you don’t want to carry any gear around with you like diffusers, reflectors, etc. But if you bring those things (and even diffusion umbrellas) you can shoot any time of the day you wish. It’s all about finding the light and softening it to make your subject look more flattering. Until you learn how to master natural light with whatever is available around you though, I genuinely recommend staying away from working with other items.

Oh yeah, and learn to see and pay attention to color in a scene.

This Patent Hints at Image Stabilization Coming to the Canon EOS R Lineup

If you’re planning to get the Canon EOS-R Full Frame mirrorless camera, you might want to consider putting it off until the model gets this possible upgrade.

Been wanting to get your hands on the very first Full Frame Canon mirrorless camera, it might be better to put it off for until early 2019 at least. This is because a Mirrorless Rumors report cited a new Canon patent for a sensor stabilization system that we might see in the future units of the Canon EOS-R. Indeed one of the biggest “problems” with the Canon EOS R is the fact that it doesn’t have an image stabilized sensor. In contrast, both Sony and Nikon have it built in, and the upcoming Panasonic cameras will too!

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Landscape Photographer Ben Horne Shares Why He Enjoys Working with Film

All film photographers have their own reason for sticking to this format, and this is Ben Horne’s.

Landscape photographer Ben Horne is known for working with large format cameras and taking breathtaking images of the wilderness. And in one of his recent videos for his series on YouTube: “Film Photography: The Beauty of Working with a Mature Technology,” he shared with his followers why he enjoys shooting with this medium more than with any digital camera.

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Tomorrow! Dance Photographer Lois Greenfield on Inside the Photographer’s Mind LIVE!

Dance photographer Lois Greenfield is joining us on Adorama TV next week. 

On November 7th, dance photographer Lois Greenfield will be joining us on Adorama TV for the latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind. Lois has been a dance photographer for many, many years and has been interviewed here before. So we’re doing something different: we’d like to call this a follow up interview more than anything else and seeing how Lois has evolved as a creative, understanding how she has developed her very unique creative vision, and what advice she has for the newer generation of photographers out there.

You can catch it live on Adorama TV on November 7th at 5pm EST by following the Phoblographer or Adorama on Facebook. Or join us live at the Adorama Event Space via EventBrite!

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Color Science (And What Makes Canon’s Special)

Wondering why there are so many raves about the so-called Canon Color Science? Should you even care about it? Here’s a quick but comprehensive video that should give you an idea.

Among the digital photography terms we hear once in a while is “color science” and it can be especially intriguing for beginners. The term is also often related to comparisons between the colors produced by different cameras and manufacturers, with Canon’s particularly the most raved about. In this video by Gerald Undone, we learn more about what color science really means as he demystifies the technicalities and adds a little bit of practicality to the subject.

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