Cheap Photo: Up to $2,300 Off MacBooks, 1500 Presets $29, and More

Photography accessories

If you need a new editing setup, check out these hot computer deals on Macbook Pros, Microsoft Surface laptops, and more.

If your current computer is huffing and puffing its way through your editing sessions, it may be time for a new one. The good news is there are some crazy deals on laptops at the moment. You can save $2,300 on this loaded Apple MacBook Pro, and you can pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro for only $899. This 12″ Apple MacBook for just $999 is a steal as well. There are also deals on PC accessories, like the small Wacom Intuos tablet and pen for just $139, the Loupedeck for Lightroom is only $169, and this calibrated BenQ 4k monitor is only $449. You can also score a bundle of over 1,500 Lightroom presets for just $29. Come in and check out all of the computer deals and more.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Mastering Lighting for Macro Shots

Light up your macro photography like a pro with some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet!

As with all kinds of photography, lighting is a crucial part of a beautiful, well-exposed macro photo. Not only will it ensure your shots are sharp, but will also give them extra punch. With a handful of quick tips from today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to use effective lighting for macro photography in time for your next shoot!

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Looking for a 70-200mm Lens? We Like These, and You Will Too!

If you’re looking for glass that will have your back in multiple scenarios, take a closer look at 70-200mm lenses.

There are a few types of lenses that can be considered multi-tools thanks to them hitting the sweet spot(s) when it comes to focal ranges. Lenses in the 15-30mm range are great for multiple genres of photography from landscapes to environmental portraits, 35mm lenses are Goldilocks lenses great for just about everything, and the last multi-tool lens are 70-200mm lenses. Whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, events, weddings, sports, documentary photography, or you’re a photojournalist, the 70-200mm is one lens that should be part of your kit. After the break, we will share some 70-200mm lenses that will have your back no matter what.

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New Computers Announced at CES 2020 Will Make Creators Lives Easier

The computers we are seeing at CES 2020 show that technology in this space is advancing at a rapid pace.

The annual consumer electronics show (CES) kicked off earlier this week, and there have already been some exciting announcements in regard to upcoming photography gear like the Nikon D780. Another segment that has caught our eye, though, is the computer segment. Unless you still shoot film, you need a computer to access and process your RAW files. Some fascinating laptops will be hitting shelves in the not too distant future, which could really help with creating media and photo editing. Join us after the break to see some of the most radical computers announced at CES 2020 so far.

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Fujifilm’s X-T4 Could Launch This March – Here’s What We Want to See

Fujifilm hit a home run with the X-T3, so its replacement will have some big shoes to fill.

Fujifilm has been killing it over and over again with their cameras during the past few years. The success of the X-Pro series, the X-TXX series, and the X-H1 propelled Fujifilm into the spotlight. The star of the show has been the X-T3. This APS-C camera captured the hearts of many thanks to its gorgeous design and fantastic image output. The camera is still young, but it seems that Fujifilm may be ready to replace the X-T3 already with the X-T4, and it could happen as early as March. We love the Fujifilm X-T3, but there are some improvements we would like to see implemented in the X-T4. Join us after the break for all the details and to find out what we would like in the X-T4.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shutter Speed Visual Reference

Still getting a grip on shutter speed and how it applies to different shooting situations? Today’s photography cheat sheet will serve as your handy visual guide.

One of the first important lessons you have to learn to take better photos is how shutter speed works and what its role is in creating a good exposure. If you’re still figuring it out and need a less technical resource to use as a reference, a visual guide might work better for you. And we bring exactly that for today’s photography cheat sheet.

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Cheap Photo: Make the Most of This Overstocked Sale on Cameras

If you’re still looking for some great camera deals after the holidays, check out the discounts on these great cameras.

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean the great camera deals are finished as well. There are still some bargains out there, like the Canon EOS RP for $999, the Canon M50 with a kit lens for $599, and the Fujifilm X-T3 for just $1,299. You can also get huge discounts on the Sony A6100, which is only $598, the A7R II with a huge bundle that includes a DJI Ronin Gimbal is $1,598, and the Olympus E-M1 II, which can be yours for $1,299. Pull up a chair and check out all these great camera deals and more after the break.

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The Talking Minolta Compact Camera Had Such Fun Commercials

Ads and commercials are always fun when you have a fun product, as these fun Minolta commercials from the ’80s prove!

With the recent vintage camera ads we’ve featured being on the fun and interesting side, it was only a matter of time before we spotted and shared today’s commercials. If you’ve shot with or still have the Minolta compact featured here, you’re in for a treat. But if you’ve never seen the camera before, your curiosity will definitely be piqued!

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Shooting with the Unusual Bronica RF645 Medium Format Camera

Curious about the Bronica RF645 and want to know if it’s a medium format film camera for you? Alastair Bird shares his experience in his quick review video.

Thinking of getting into medium format film photography and looking for a camera with which to start your journey? One of the newer cameras you might want to check out — but most likely haven’t heard of — is the Bronica RF645 rangefinder camera. If that just piqued your curiosity, we bring a new video by Alastair Bird that will serve as your quick introduction to this interesting camera.

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Samsung’s Credit Card Sized T7 Touch SSD Backs Up Files in a Hurry

If you need an SSD that can back up your files in a hot fire flash, and that can slip into your pocket, you might be interested in the T7 Touch SSD.

Who remembers back when a floppy disk that could hold 1.44mb of data was the stuff of the future? I remember that, and I remember 5.25-inch disks that could hold 1.2mb or less (yeah, I’m old). Now though, companies like Samsung are making SSD’s that can hold 2TB of data on devices the size of credit cards. Samsung’s new T7 Touch SSD not only boasts rapid data transfer rates, but it can also be secured with your fingerprint. For more details about the new Samsung T7 SSD, head on past the break.

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Laptop Review: Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition (Photographers Rejoice!)

The Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition deserves serious consideration from photographers and creatives in search of a MacBook Pro alternative.

From a cursory glance, it’s easy to mistake the mercury white Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition laptop for a MacBook Pro. The only real giveaway is the lack of a glowing apple on the Razer’s lid. Apple’s line of MacBook Pro laptops has been the go-to option for photographers and creatives for quite some time. But an increasing amount of this user base has been jumping ship to Windows alternatives in recent years. Apple’s general lack of innovation, disappointing price to performance ratio, as well as the company’s heavy-handed walled garden approach to hardware and software development are just some of the reasons cited by those making the exodus from Macs to Windows.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Telephoto Lens Tips

Wondering how to get the most out of your telephoto lens? This featured photography cheat sheet from Canon is loaded with quick tips for harnessing the power of telephoto. 

Telephoto lenses are among the tools considered indispensable to many photographers, especially those who specialize in sports, wildlife photography, and shooting situations that require the extra reach. If you have decided to embark on a photography journey where these lenses could prove handy, we suggest checking out these quick tips from Canon’s photography cheat sheet.

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Essentials: COSYSPEED Lens Pouches (Help an African Mother Out)

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

A lens pouch? Why would someone need that in 2020? Well, there are actually a lot of great reasons why, the least of which is to assist travel photographers and photojournalists protecting their gear. But most importantly, the COSYSPEED Lens Pouches are made in the poorest country in the world, situated in Africa. And when you make a purchase, you help a mother provide for her family. It’s a win-win situation: you get a well-made product, and a mom helps her child eat. That’s the initiative behind COSYSPEED’s IndieGoGo campaign!

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If You Just Got Your First Sony Camera, Check Out These E Mount Lenses

e mount lenses

If you got your hands on a Sony camera over the holidays and you aren’t sure which E Mount lenses to reach for first, this roundup is for you.

If you are new to the world of Sony cameras, you should know that there are some genuinely fantastic E Mount lenses available on the market. But, it can be hard to tell if you should stick with first-party lenses, or branch out and try third-party offerings as well. We’re here to tell you that’s it’s hard to go wrong with either. Sony and companies like Rokinon, Sigma, and Tamron have been producing absolute gems for Sony cameras. While there aren’t as many quality options under $1,000 when compared to Fujifilm, Canon, and Nikon lens markets, the lenses available make up for the low numbers with their outstanding quality. After the break, we share with you eight lenses that Sony shooters should take a closer look at.

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OmniVision’s New 48MP Phone Sensor Promises to Be a Low Light Beast

Smartphone cameras will progress in leaps and bounds during 2020.

CES 2020 has given us a glimpse of the future in regards to new computers for creators, and some of Nikon’s roadmap for the coming year. But quietly, over in a corner, an announcement from Omnivision about a new smartphone sensor made our ears tingle. It seems as though the digital imaging company has a new 48-megapixel sensor up its sleeve, and it is destined to bring considerable improvements to smartphone cameras by way of excellent low light performance and 8K video. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Lomography LomoChrome Purple Now Comes in 110 Format

With Lomography’s latest news, it’s time to take your parents’ 110 cameras out for a spin with the dreamy LomoChrome Purple.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to bust out your 110 film camera? Now would be a great time as ever, as Lomography has recently launched their prized LomoChrome Purple film in 110 format. If you’ve already tried this famed film in 35mm and 120 formats, why not give it a go in this miniature format as well?

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Can You Guess Which Smartphone Camera These Photos Were Shot On?

It’s a new year, so let’s kick it off with some smartphone camera fun.

Let’s be honest; smartphone photography started as a bit of gimmick. It was fun to think you could create a photograph with a tiny, pocket-sized device. Since then, smartphone photography has become big business, and many photographers are advocates for doing the core of their work on a mobile device. But, we don’t want to get too lost in all the seriousness that comes with the creative world. We want to go back to having a little bit of fun while checking out some cool photography. So we’re going to play a game. Are you ready?

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The Difference Between a Model and a “Good Looking Face”

Just because someone is good looking doesn’t mean they’ll make a great model.

The woman in the photo above is an agency model, and on a Tamron press outing years ago did a great job working with a number of journalists. But, it brings up something very important in the industry: photographers need to understand that someone being good looking doesn’t mean they’d be a great model. This advice is more so targeted to novice photographers. While it may be nice to ask someone you met on Instagram to pose for you, that doesn’t guarantee a great encounter. Much of this is evident in the images in a portfolio.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Exposure Compensation Guide

Not quite sure yet how exposure compensation works? We have just the cheat sheet that will serve as your quick guide.

Exposure compensation is among the nifty tools you have at your disposal to ensure properly-exposed photos and give the results you want. So, it definitely pays to know how it works. If you’ve yet to master it, today’s featured photography cheat sheet has everything you need to know to get the hang of exposure compensation on your next shoot.

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How to Get the Most from a 50mm F1.8 Lens for Portraits

The 50mm f1.8 lens is an affordable option that photographers use to get images that really “wow” them.

Photographers who get into the artform because of their interest in portraits will often reach for a lens like a nifty 50 — the 50mm f1.8. Though it isn’t the most ideal option overall, these lenses are highly capable. For their affordable price points, these lenses can remain in a photographer’s camera bag for years as a staple option to shoot portraits with. Over the years they have become better, incorporating better optical formulas, nicer bokeh, arguably better build quality, and most of all the ability to keep up with the demands of higher resolution cameras. So if you want to shoot portraits with a nifty 50 lens, then consider the fact that the tool ultimately doesn’t matter: it’s all about how you use it.

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5 Cameras That Pull Double Duty for Hybrid Shooters (Photo and Video)

Hybrid shooters need cameras that can excel at both photography and videography, and the cameras listed here do just that.

Long gone are the days when cameras were made just for photography. While there are some cameras that focus on either videography only or photography only, they are few and far between. Nowadays, we are presented with options from camera manufacturers that can do both well, which no doubt pleases hybrid shooters to no end. Cameras are now judged on both their stills abilities and their video capabilities too. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at five cameras perfect for hybrid shooters that need both great stills and video options in one body.

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