The Golden Hues of the Haldi Festival Are Perfect for Documentary Photography

This colorful collection shows us why the Haldi Festival is a golden opportunity for documentary photography.

Festivals and community events are among the favorite subjects of documentary photographers for a good number of reasons. Not only do they serve as windows to various cultures and beliefs around the world, but also reveal different aspects of humanity. In her collection of photos of the Haldi Festival, however, Navi Mumbai-based photographer Akshaya B. also shows us that festivals are perfect for those who want to explore and play with vivid hues in their photography. If you’re looking to add some color in your work, this Indian festival is nothing short of a golden opportunity!

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Film Review: SILBERSALZ35 (A Game Changer for Film Photographers)

SILBERSALZ35’s 35mm cine film makes authentic Kodak cinefilm for analog photographers looking to give their work a cinematic look.

We first learned about Silbersalz35 during 2018’s Photokina, and it was one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen in the analog photography space. While CineStill has made cinefilm accessible to stills shooters for some time, what Silbersalz35 is offering with their various cine film emulsions are fundamentally different. Although CineStill and Silbersalz emulsions are cut from the same Kodak Vision3 motion picture film stock, one fundamental difference separates the two. The Silbersalz35 emulsions are unmodified Kodak Vision3 film stock that retain the remjet layer and are cut down to 35mm, while CineStill has the remjet layer native to the Vision3 film stock removed in order to make it possible to develop the film using the popular C-41 process. Traditionally, Kodak Vision3 required the use of the expensive ECN2 development process that was not readily available to still photographers.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The Most Confusing Part of Flash Photography

If you’re planning to do a lot of flash photography, you’ll learn some important stuff from today’s photography cheat sheet.

Flash photography isn’t as simple as just illuminating your subject with flash, especially if you’re using a professional flashgun or strobe lights. To be able to use flash effectively, among the things you must know is how to work with the Guide Number of your flash. This technical detail will help you determine the right values for manual exposures in flash photography. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will serve as a quick guide you can use for your next practice, whether in the studio or on location.

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Using Telephoto Zoom Lenses for Better Landscape Photography

Telephoto Zooms can completely change the way you look at landscapes and they can create much more intimate images.

When we think of landscape photography and the gear we need to use, we almost always feel that we need to use wide-angle lenses so that we can capture sweeping hills, huge mountain ranges, and stunning vistas. But sometimes there can be so much going on in an image that it can be hard to take in. What if I told you that you can break away from the norms and that you can create much more intimate landscape images by using telephoto zooms? Sounds crazy, right? Trust me; it’s not. Join us after the break and see why you should bring along that 70-200mm (or longer) lens of yours when you go out on your next landscape photography trip.

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7 Affordable Macro Photography Lenses to Try While You’re Stuck Inside

Being stuck in your home doesn’t mean you have to stop taking pics: macro photography is the perfect solution.

Just because you might be trapped indoors for a short period, it doesn’t mean your photography has to come to a stop. There are hundreds of items around your home that you see every day that you never look at twice, but what if we told you there is a whole different way to see them. Macro photography allows us to get up close and personal with tiny objects, or any object that has immense detail, with ease. Macro photography is incredibly rewarding, and it can be eye-opening. After the break, we will share some of our favorite lenses for macro photography that won’t break the bank.

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Doomed Kodak Stab at Instant Film

We bet you didn’t know about the failed Kodak foray into instant photography, so let this vintage camera commercial give you an idea.

With the late 1970s and 1980s being a prime time for instant photography, it’s not surprising that camera companies thought about challenging the reign of Polaroid. Perhaps unknown to many today or forgotten by most, Kodak released their doomed attempt at instant cameras and film in 1977. Allow us to refresh your memory or give you an idea with today’s featured vintage camera commercial for the Kodak Handle.

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5 Small Photography YouTube Channels You Need to Know About

If you’re looking for a fresh photography YouTube channel, we have some quality options below.

Having many subscribers isn’t always synonymous with quality content. Sure, the cream tends to rise to the top, but they’re plenty of relatively unknown channels putting out great photography content. We have a soft spot for those on their grind, putting out videos, and trying to grow their channel; everyone has to start somewhere. And large photography sites like ours can help hardworking creators get a leg up. That’s why we want to help (both the creator and the consumer) by highlighting five photography YouTube channels you need to know about.

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More Awesome Square Format Film Cameras to Add to Your Collection

If you’re still missing some square format cameras in your film photography lineup, allow us to make a handful of suggestions.

When it comes to medium format cameras, square format or 6×6 is considered the standard image size. We’ve previously featured other frame sizes you can opt for, but to get the full experience, square format should never go missing in your film photography gear. If you are still missing one, allow us to give you more recommendations apart from these five square format cameras we already featured.

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Review: Haida Red-Diamond 10 Stop ND 100x100mm Filter

Photographers shooting long exposures in brightly lit conditions will want to check out the Haida Red-Diamond 10 Stop ND 100x100mm Filter.

We’ve been testing the Haida 10 Stop Red-Diamond ND 100x100mm Filters (3.0/1000x Density) alongside their M10 Filter Holder System. Neutral Density filters are great for architectural, landscape, and travel photography, especially when shooting long exposures during daylight hours. ND filters help to prevent your images from being totally blown out when shooting long exposures in brightly lit conditions. They essentially serve as sunglasses for your cameras, helping to cut down the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

If getting into wildlife photography is your dream, this photography cheat sheet brings some quick tips to help you get started.

Wildlife photography is certainly one of the most popular and exciting genres to get into, but it comes with its own set of challenges. If your goal is to get out there to photograph some of the most poignant moments in the animal kingdom, you might be wondering how to begin. With some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet, you’ll have an idea about the kind of work involved.

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Clayton Arnall: A Conceptual Photographer Who Makes in-Camera Magic

All images by Clayton Arnall. Used with permission. Check out his Instagram and website.

“…as time’s gone on, I’ve become more comfortable putting people into the positions I want to see,” photographer Clayton Arnall relates to us. “I tend to do most things in-camera, yes.” Clayton is a Kelowna, BC-based creative who shoots video and stills. Much of how he creates comes from his cinematic background and an ability to be in-tune with the moods of others around him. This makes him a photographer who is mostly about getting it right in camera despite admitting to using Lightroom and Photoshop a lot. But more importantly, Clayton says his work is about the people he works with and his own unique, creative vision. Oh, and he finds Instagram difficult.

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Why the Mamiya 6 Is a Great Medium Format Camera for Travel

Looking for a medium format film camera to take on your travels? Here’s a quick review that will convince you to make the Mamiya 6 your travel companion.

Medium format film cameras are typically not the first to come to mind when we speak of travel cameras. However, Ohio-based photographer Matt Day may have just the camera for you to consider: the Mamiya 6. Known as a compact 6×6 medium format rangefinder camera due to its collapsible design, it also comes with other convenient features like the built-in light meter and aperture priority mode. If you’re looking for a medium format camera that will make a great travel companion, we suggest checking out Matt’s latest video.

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Pro Camera Reviews: Our New Gearhead Show Starts in a Few Hours

Join us on Sunday at 5pm EST for a brand new live show by the Phoblographer. Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show featuring discussion of the products our Reviews Team of the Phoblographer are actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. It will include open Q&A from the audience towards the end of the show, and will air every Sunday at 5pm EST. Sign up via Eventbrite and you’ll receive an email link to join us. Continue reading…

Learn How to Edit Portraits Like a Pro in Capture One 20 with This Guide

If you have wondered how the pros edit their portrait images in Capture One 20, you’ll want to see this video guide from Michael Comeau.

Capture One 20 is a seriously powerful, yet sometimes overwhelming piece of photo editing software. Once you come to grips with it, you will never go back to using anything else. If you’re a portrait photographer, have switched to Capture One 20, and are in the process of figuring this piece of software out, you may want to check out Michael Comeau’s latest video where he edits five of his portrait images right before your eyes. Jump past the break for the video and more.

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A Possible Canon RF 24-150mm F4 Is Making Things Very Interesting

Canon is busy when it comes to RF mount lenses, and this means great things for EOS R cameras and other potential RF Mount platforms.

Until very recently, things had been quiet on the Canon Mirrorless camera front. But, one segment of their business has been making a ton of noise – their RF Mount lens department. Every couple of months, it seems that new patents are filed by Canon for new RF mount lenses, and almost like clockwork, a new RF mount lens patent has emerged. This time it’s for an RF 24-150mm f4 lens. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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After Many Cameras, Daniel Milnor Settled on Fujifilm for Six Key Reasons


Throughout his career, Daniel has used many iconic cameras including Leica’s and Hasslblads, but he has settled down and now loves Fujifilm cameras.

It has been approximately 2 days, 17 hours, and 32 seconds since the last YouTuber uploaded an ‘I use system X for my photography’ video, so it is about time for another. In his latest video, photographer Daniel Milnor does something he said he would never do because people wouldn’t stop asking him; and that’s talking about his gear. Why we think it is so important to find out what others are using is baffling, but to appease his subscribers, he lists the six reasons why he uses Fujifilm cameras. Join us after the break for the video.

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Vintage Polaroid Commercial Teaches Us How to Press the Perfect Picture

Nothing like a vintage camera commercial to remind us why Polaroid cameras continue to be popular.

Despite the prevalence of Fujifilm Instax cameras, Polaroid cameras from decades past remain popular to this day. Among them is the Polaroid Sun 600, which is the star of today’s featured vintage camera commercial. Today, this instant camera is among the iconic models that continue to be sought after in vintage stores and secondhand markets, thanks to word of mouth among film photographers. Still, it’s always interesting to see how these cameras were marketed back then, often with the help of celebrities and well-known photographers, like Hugh Laurie for this 1980s commercial.

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10 Popular Point and Shoot Film Cameras for the Compact Shooter

If your gear of choice has to be small, pocketable, and iconic, you might want to give these popular point and shoot film cameras a try.

We’ve all heard the sage advice that the best camera you have is the one with you, and for many people, it’s their smartphone. Others still prefer an actual camera, albeit a small one that they can bring everywhere, instead of a bulky DSLR. A mirrorless camera makes for an easy choice if you’re a digital shooter. If you’re curious about film cameras, you must have heard of two increasingly famous but also insanely expensive models: the Contax T2 and Yashica T4. But if those are way beyond your budget, you actually have plenty more options.

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Stuck Indoors? Save 50% on LR Presets, Overlays and Refresh Your Pics

lightroom presets

Put your spare time to use by touching up your image library and by creating new works of art with LR presets and PS actions and Overlays.

If you’re like millions of others around the globe who have a bit more spare time at home these days, now is the perfect time to grab some of these awesome LR presets, PS overlays, actions, and more. Pick up these bundles and you’ll be able to revisit some of your old images so you can give them a makeover, or spruce up your new work! The best part is you can save 50% on bundles right now. Just use the code EXCLUSIVE50 at checkout! You can get a 1500+ Lightroom preset bundle for $14.50, 2500 Professional Photoshop Overlays for $14.50, the Ultimate Boudoir Bundle is only $14.50, and the Photo FX bundle is also just $14.50! There are a ton of other LR Presets and PS actions and overlays on sale too, so jump past the break and check them out.

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Sign Up For Our Free New Photography Gearhead Show: Pro Camera Reviews

Join us on Sunday at 5pm EST for a brand new live show by the Phoblographer. Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show featuring discussion of the products our Reviews Team of the Phoblographer are actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. It will include open Q&A from the audience towards the end of the show, and will air every Sunday at 5pm EST. Sign up via Eventbrite and you’ll receive an email link to join us. Continue reading…

Does the New iPad Pro Offer Anything New for Photographers?

The new iPad Pro certainly looks slick, but we’re not sure it’s ready to replace your laptop just yet.

We’re not going to lie; we have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new iPad Pro for a while now. Yesterday, Apple finally delivered. The iPad has grown from its early days of being a content consumption device into a capable content creation device. Apple’s slogan for the new iPad Pro is ‘your next computer is not a computer,’ but is it really ready for creatives to use full time?

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