Five Sensational Prime Lenses for Nikon Portrait Photographers on a Budget

These prime lenses are perfect for portrait photography and they’re wallet friendly too!

Good quality prime lenses at affordable prices have not always been easy to come by. But now, you can get some truly fantastic primes that really won’t break the bank. Normally, you associate cheaper things in life with lesser quality, but that’s not the case here. If you’re a Nikon shooter and have been looking at lenses for portraits that won’t suck your bank account dry, this roundup is for you. Continue reading…

Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Moscow International Foto Awards

The Moscow International Foto Awards has recently unveiled the winning entries that bested over 4,000 submitted from more than 100 countries.

Looking for the latest in inspiring photography competition results? The Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) has recently announced the winners of their 2019 edition, showcasing some of the world’s most brilliant and insightful photography in their Professional and Student divisions. MIFA aims to “recognize, reward and promote talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Russia.”

Above: The Forgotten Country by Rasmus Flint Pedersen

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Opinion: Unsplash’s Latest News Is a Mockery to Photographers


Over 1,000,000 images have been shared on Unsplash now; that makes our heads and hearts hurt.

We have spoken in quite some depth about Unsplash, and how they are unraveling the threads of photography as we know it. It seems as though the threads are being pulled faster and faster. The company just announced that over a million images have been shared with them by photographers and creators who may not understand just what they are doing to themselves, or the industry as a whole. Heavy sigh Continue reading…

Essentials: TACS AVL II Rustic Brown Edition Timepiece

Essentials is a revamped series featuring products we’re lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

I’ve been a watch guy for as long as I can remember, probably even longer than I’ve had an interest in photography. This is thanks mainly to the hours I’ve spent assisting my aunt who worked in the horology industry during my youth and admiring countless timepieces, changing watch straps, and tinkering with watch movements. To this day, I seldom leave home without first fitting a timepiece around my wrist. Call it a habit or old fashioned behavior, but despite having a smartphone with me at all times that not only tells time along with being able to perform a myriad of other functions, being able to tell time at the flick of a wrist will always be faster than having to pull my phone out of my pocket. When Tokyo based boutique watchmaker TACS reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in checking out the new Rustic Brown Edition of their AVL II timepieces, the watch nerd and the photographer in me were more than happy to oblige. TACS is an acronym for Taste, Attractive, Creative, and Sense, and the AVL II Rustic Brown Edition surely checks all of those boxes.

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Dmitri Pryahin’s “ICEDRIFT” Explores the Complexity of Dance

All photos by Dmitri Pryahin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you were intrigued and hypnotized by the unique and often haunting visual stories of Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin, we have another of his fascinating series for you to draw inspiration from. In this body of work, titled ICEDRIFT, he continues to push the boundaries of portraiture and conceptual photography to with surreal perceptions of dance and interpretation of human movements.

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What Tablets Need in Order to Replace Laptops For Photographers

We’re the closest we’ve been yet to having tablets that can be considered true laptop replacements, but there’s still a little way to go.

For the last few years, Apple, Google, and Samsung have thrown around the term laptop replacements when it comes to their tablet offerings. But to date, that has not been delivered. There have been some recent offerings that come close though, with the iPad Pro series, the Google Pixel Slate, and the Galaxy Tab S line all trying to make this dream a reality. This week Apple announced the new iPadOS at their World Wide Developer Conference, but is this enough to make photographers ditch laptops for tablets? Let’s discuss after the break. Continue reading…

Harry Spitz’s Photographic Exploration of Depression Book is Eye Opening

Photographic Exploration of depression

This photographic exploration of depression is filled with gorgeous images that could help people understand what depression feels like.

Depression is one of the most complicated, most misunderstood illnesses around the globe. It can be hard for those around people who suffer from depression to understand just what is going on. For those who suffer with it, it can be hard to describe how they feel. Photographer Harry Spitz has suffered from depression for more than 50 years, and he has made a new photographic exploration of depression book that combines images and quotes in the hope that it will help others understand what people with depression feel like. Join us after the break for more information about this Kickstarter project. Continue reading…

Ekaterina Busygina Imagines the Urban Geometry of Hong Kong in Neon

All photos by Ekaterina Busygina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Without a doubt, Hong Kong is home to stunning architectural wonders, a number of which continue to be the subject of architectural and street photographers. Moscow-based Ekaterina Busygina is one of these photographers. One of her more curious-looking works set in the city explores the idea of its urban geometry set against a neon wonderland. One can say it’s inevitable given that the city is already famed for its neon signs, but perhaps these shapes and patterns have never been painted dripping in neon in this manner before.

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There Are Huge Savings on Sigma Lenses During Their Father’s Day Event

sigma lenses

These instant rebates on Sigma lenses are fantastic! 

If you’re thinking about buying yourself, or a someone else, some new Sigma lenses, now is the time to jump in. Sigma just announced a Father’s Day sale on some of their best lenses. You can get a Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art for just $704.90 (Canon EF) $697.19 (Nikon F), and $869.89 (Sony E). The Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art is a bargain at $928.99 (Canon EF), and $910 (Nikon F), and for just a few days you can pick up the Sigma MC-11 Canon EF to Sony E adapter for only $149! There are a ton of other Sigma lenses with instant rebates as high as $150 listed after the break.
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Creative Ethics: Did Vice Really Copy Our Record Cover Concept?

“…we were frustrated that such a huge publication as Vice could recreate such a concept and pass it off as their own…”

I’m Rodrigo Lopes. For over 32 years I have been a working photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I mainly focus on portraiture, however, I’ve also worked on a range of projects alongside art directors and other creatives. Back in the 90s, I started what would become a long term working relationship with graphic designer and art director, Felipe Taborda. Together, we established a successful partnership and created the covers of many LPs, CDs, culture posters and books. It was our deep understanding of each other’s capabilities that enabled us to produce some extremely compelling work. Work we were proud of – and sadly work we would later see being used by others.

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Cheap Photo: Capture One 12 Tutorial $84, Huge Savings on Presets

Capture One Pro

These photography tutorials, Lightroom presets, and Photoshop overlays and actions are excellent value for money.

Do you want to get the most out of the photo editing software you’re using? Do you want your images to look the absolute best they can? If so, these deals are for you. Right now you can get the amazing Capture One Pro 12 Complete Tutorial for just $84, and the Complete Photoshop Tutorial is currently half price at just $99! There are also incredible deals on Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions and overlays. Join us after the break to see all of the amazing photography tutorials, presets, and overlays we have found deals on.
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The Leica Q2 Takes 10th Spot in the DXOMark Sensor League Table

DXOMark has been busy putting the Leica Q2 through its boot camp.

The Leica Q2 came out earlier this year and it won many over due to its good looks, massive 47.3 Megapixel sensor, and of course the gorgeous Leica glass attached to the front of it. The guys and gals at DXOMark have now had time to put the camera through its paces, and have given it their final grade. Join us after the break to find out more about what DXOMark had to say about this compact Mirrorless camera. Continue reading…

Do Photographers Need the New Mac Pro or Is it Complete Overkill?

mac pro

The new Apple Mac Pro is a serious piece of kit with a serious price tag to boot.

During the recent WWDC (one of Apple’s yearly events) the long-awaited new Mac Pro made its appearance on the stage under the spotlights. There is no doubt; the new Mac Pro is designed with creators in mind. But is this something photographers need? Do we really need the type of power the Mac Pro has to edit photos? Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Upcoming Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM Promises More Pop Than an F1.4 Lens

Curious about the upcoming Canon RF 85mm f1.2L USM? Canon Europe’s interview with the company’s lens development team should answer your questions about its design, bokeh quality, and other details.

If you’re new to the Canon RF mount, or want to know more before making the switch, specifically when it comes to the Canon RF 85mm f1.2L USM lens, Canon Europe should have all the answers for you. In their insightful interview with the Canon lens development team, we learn why this f1.2 lens should be the go-to glass of portrait photographers, its bokeh quality, design features, and other interesting info.

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Street Photography: Our Favorite Gear and Accessories for 2019

If you’re looking to add to your collection of street photography gear – or just getting started – this guide is for you.

Great street photography can be some of the most compelling forms of art that the human eye can see. And while a photographer is only as good as his or her creative capabilities, having solid gear will certainly help them along their way. Quality accessories are essential too. There are many tools the enthusiastic street photographer can use to get better, more consistent shots. So here is a piece that includes our favorite gear and accessories for street photography. We loved putting it together and no doubt, you’re going to love it too.

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The New Weather Sealed Tamron SP 35mm F1.4 Lens Is Only $899

The new Tamron SP 35mm f1.4 lens for Full Frame DSLR cameras will be available in Nikon and Canon mounts.

Fans and long-time users of the Tamron SP Series lenses are in for a treat; the company just announced the newest member of the family right in time for the 40th anniversary of the series. The SP 35mm f1.4 Di USD (Model F405) for Full Frame DSLR cameras was reported as in-development in February, and will now be available for $899 first at Tamron USA dealers in Nikon F mount by June 26th, and then in Canon EF mount a month later).

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Review: Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis (A Lens for Sony FE Photojournalists)

The Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis is rugged and has good image quality, but it’s in an odd place.

The 40mm focal length is one that photojournalists can truly benefit from; and in the case of the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis for Sony FE cameras photographers will be quite pleased with the results if they’re discerning about their look. Similar to what Sigma did, with their 40mm f1.4, the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis has a muted color tone for the film look. It isn’t as sharp, but it is also slightly more affordable, smaller, lighter, etc. This lens also boasts weather sealing, fast autofocus, and the signature display window on top to give the photographer a ton of information that they need right then and there. The working photojournalist will surely find the Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis to be a good lens for their needs; but at the same time this doesn’t feel like a Zeiss offering. Further, I’m a bit befuzzled at why Zeiss didn’t make this an f1.4 lens.

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The Best Sony Lenses For Most Genres of Photography

There are fantastic Sony lenses available for just about every genre of photography now.

No matter what genre of photography you like to shoot, chances are that there are Sony lenses for you. It took Sony a little while to really cater to all photographers who jumped into their Mirrorless ship, but now the E Mount lens selection is as robust as any. You may pay a little more for Sony branded lenses when compared to some of the third party offerings on the market, but there is no doubt that the sheer quality and performance of Sony lenses is well worth the price of admittance. Here we will take a look at the best Sony lenses for different genres of photography.
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The New Profoto B10 Plus is Just the Size of a Long Lens

The new Profoto B10 Plus should come in handy if the lighting is a typical problem when you’re shooting on location.

Addressing a growing need for reliable and more convenient photography gear for shooting on location, Profoto has just unveiled the “seriously small” B10 Plus. Need a reliable flash that can go where you need to? This handy yet powerful lighting is just the size of a large lens — only slightly bigger than the Profoto B10 — making it the perfect companion for shooting on the go.

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Candid Quotes from Photographers Who Shot Punk Rock’s Golden Age

The stories of rock photographers and the images they shoot are amongst the most emotional.

Rock photographers often go about not only capturing concerts but other special scenes many others don’t get access to. At a recent panel event, Bob Gruen joined fellow punk rock documentarians David Godlis, Marcia Resnick, and Paul Zone on a stage at the Museum of Arts and Design. The event was held in collaboration with a current exhibit showcasing a bunch of memorabilia from the era. At the panel, each of the photographers spoke about a number of their images and the stories behind them.

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