The Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN Has a Most Unusual Problem

No one would have suspected that the Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN would have had this problem.

If I told you that the Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN had distortion, you wouldn’t believe me. Sigma has always struck homeruns for image quality, but their latest lens is an exception. In fact, Sigma told us that we need to turn on peripheral correction in the camera. And even after that, we’re still very shocked. It’s got a beautiful bokeh, and when shooting portraits, it still does a solid job. But if you’re shooting portraits in a scene with lots of straight lines, you’ll probably suffer a distortion issue. In our latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we dove into this.

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Cheap Photo: Big Deals On Lighting, Bags, Accessories and More

If you need some cheap lighting gear or some new photography accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to add off-camera flash into your workflow? If so, check out these deals. You can get the GODOX V1 with gels for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, M4/3, and Sony cameras for just $238.30! The 600ws Flashpoint XPLOR is only $559.20. Want a new camera bag? The Portage Supply Kenora has a clearance price of just $69. There are great deals on tripods and storage too. Victiv’s travel tripod with ball head is just $79.99! That’s a $90 discount! You can also pick up a 64GB UHS-II SD card for only $24.99! Check out all the photography accessories on sale after the break.

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It’s Not Groundbreaking, But It’s Fun: Olympus EM10 IV Review

The Olympus EM10 IV is similar to its predecessor, but much more fun to use.

The Olympus EM10 line has always offered a fun way to get started with photography. With gorgeous retro looks and good all-around performance, this line of cameras has always excelled. Now, three years after the EM10 III, we are graced with the presence of the Olympus EM10 IV. Olympus claims to have tinkered with a lot under the hood of this small, vintage-styled camera, but do the upgrades make it worthwhile to buy? Find out in our full review.

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APS-C Cameras Win Big Over Full Frame Models in August

People talk about Full Frame cameras a lot, but APS-C cameras continue to outsell them according to our readers.

Lots of new cameras and lenses found new homes during August. Over the last several months, we’ve seen small sensor cameras outsell Full-Frame models by a large margin. This month, APS-C cameras have been most popular with our readers again, especially the Fujifilm variety. With the X-T3 coming in at just $999 right now, we expected nothing less. Prime lenses have also been popular with our readers during August. After the break, we’ve listed the ten most popular items with our readers.

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Are Sales Proving That Full Frame Is Beating Small Sensor Cameras?

What do all these full frame cameras entering the market mean for small sensor cameras?

Everyone can say that full frame cameras are good, and that smaller sensors don’t make much of a difference, but it seems like manufacturers have a different idea. They’re flooding the market with full frame cameras while there haven’t been many APS-C launches. With so many full frame cameras in the market, why would anyone necessarily go APS-C at the prices they’re at right now? Fujifilm is a welcome exception with the rendering of the X Trans sensor and its stunning lenses. But manufacturers probably see something different. Possibly, more and more people want full frame, so to make more money, why not put more out there? Indeed, there’s a lot of full frame cameras. And in our last episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we broke it all down.

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Photographing Portland: The Photojournalist Who Was Shot in the Chest

This is the second installment of our series focusing on the Portland protests.

The on-going tension between the people of Portland and its law enforcement has been a polarizing topic in America. Some feel the aggression from the police is justified, viewing it as a direct response to violence committed by a section of the protesters. On the flipside, many believe this is a total abuse of power by those employed to protect and serve. Naturally, events such as this attract wide media attention. A major part of the coverage is photography, something we, of course, want to focus on. Amidst the Portland Protests, there was a photojournalist who was shot in the chest.

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How to Enjoy Shooting Portraits With a F1.2 Lens

Everyone loves bokeh, but shooting with an f1.2 lens is trickier than you’d think.

The dream of so many portrait photographers is to own an f1.2 lens that they can shoot dreamy portraits with. This stems from the days of Canon EF lenses and their legendary f1.2 primes. Since the film days, these lenses have let photographers shoot in the dark with little problems. They also somehow just make everyone look magical on camera. As pleasant as f1.2 lenses are, they’re not easy to use if you’re an inexperienced photographer. They’ve undoubtedly improved over the years, but to make the most of them, you should check out our latest cheat sheet!

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DXOMark: The 10 Best Cameras Money Can Buy (August 2020)

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

If you need a new camera and want the cream of the crop, look at this roundup of the 10 best cameras you can buy per DXOMark.

If the time has come for you to buy a new camera, you have come to the right place. Before dropping vast sums of money, it’s always worth spending time researching first. It’s easy to spend multiple thousands of dollars on cameras. Fortunately, DXOMark and ourselves spend quality time with cameras so we can tell you how well they perform. If you have the money and need the best of the best, this roundup of the 10 best cameras will interest you. When combined, our reviews will help guide you in your decision-making process. Check out the 10 best cameras money can buy after the break.

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Just $9 Each: 30 Big Brush, Texture Packs, and Guides From Joel Grimes

These Bundles from Joel Grimes usually cost up to $79 each!

We have found some of the deals of the year on brushes, guides, and texture packs from the world-renowned photographer, Joel Grimes. Each bundle (30 in all) has dropped in price to just $9 for a very limited time. There are course bundles like his Rembrandt Cross Light Course, Natural Light, Head Shots, and Beauty Portraits that are all just $9 each! Joel’s Rain Splash Brushes, Snow and Lightning Brushes, and Cloud and Skies Brushes are all only $9 each, and there are seven different texture bundles on sale for $9 each too! You don’t want to miss out on these deals.

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The Introduction to Hanging Your Photography on the Wall

Hanging your photography isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.

I’m confident most of you have never hung your prints on a wall, let alone printed your photos! It can be a real joy to see your images in-person instead of on a screen. Hanging your photography is a powerful experience that grips onto you. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with that–and many longtime shooters only think a photo is finished when it’s printed. We recommend that every photographer buys a printer. Specifically, we recommend a proper photo printer. (For the best deals, wait until after Black Friday when they drop in price. And load up on ink.) Before you add that printer to your cart, though, check out these tips and our cheat sheet.

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The Portrait Kitchen Creates Enchanting Photos in Their Home Studio

The Portrait Kitchen creates photography in the comfort of their own home.

When most people open their kitchen to the public, it’s because they want to offer their tasty cuisine. That’s not the case for Jon and Anjee. A married couple based in the UK, this photography duo instead open their kitchen to shoot portrait sessions for their clients. Aptly named The Portrait Kitchen, the work the pair produce in their studio is of an excellent standard. Looking at the work, one would never know it was created amongst rolling pins and Britain’s finest china (we assume). And although the idea wasn’t born out of our current times, for anyone who is still stuck at home, the work made in The Portrait Kitchen will inspire you to be more creative in your own abode.

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How to Choose the Best Leica Lens for You: a Checklist

Picking a Leica lens for your camera isn’t the same as choosing autofocus lenses; let’s dive in!

A Leica lens (specifically an M mount lens) is a special gem that any photographer will treasure. They’re small and render a unique look that can’t be easily duplicated. The tactile experience that they deliver is also pretty powerful, and unlike anything that other camera manufacturers offer. When you pick up your Leica, you’ll never really want to put it down. The Leica Lens is a fantastic tool for documenting scenes as they happen. Through zone focusing, they can be quicker to snap a photograph than the fastest autofocus algorithms of today. So here’s what you need to know when buying a Leica lens.

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Cheap Photo: Master Photo Editing with These Great Presets and Guides

These very affordable photo editing bundles (some are even free) are must-haves for creators.

Learn the skills you need to take your photography to the next level. Photo editing is an essential and sometimes challenging part of photography, but it can be made easier with top quality guides, presets, and brushes. Those can help you edit like the pros. We have found terrific deals on presets! There’s this Lightroom bundle from Kelvin Pimont, which is just $27 (regularly $395). His LR brushes are a steal at only $19. You can also grab The One Light Masterclass from Joel Grimes for just $57. Or why not pick-up this fantastic free photo composite course from Rikard Rodin, as well as his spectacular atmosphere brushes for only $27! To see all the photo editing deals, head past the break.

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The One Trick on How to Always Get the Softest Light From a Flash

The key to always getting the softest flash output has to do with the laws of physics: let’s explore!

When you know nothing about using a flash, you’re probably going to screw it up. TTL works well, but it probably won’t give you what you want. Here’s a fact of life: machines don’t give us what we want. They give us what we tell them to, and that’s it. If you’re using a flash in TTL mode, but you don’t like the way it looks, you’ll need to adjust it. You can tell it to go brighter or darker. Or, you can switch to manual mode and set it to do something particular. But if you want the most consistency overall, you’re best off following the laws of physics.

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Photographers Will Love Using the OneMo Backpack on Their Next Hike

PGYTECH’s OneMo Backpack is a versatile option for adventurous photographers in need of a bag that will keep up with them all day long.

As photographers, we tend to amass a ton of camera gear over time. While most of us would love to bring all of our equipment with us when traveling, the truth is we rarely need everything in our arsenal. Obviously, it’s a challenge when deciding what gear to bring and what to leave home. The decision becomes harder if you happen to be going on a day-long hike. Not only do you have to decide what to pack, but you’ve got to carry all of it on your back. Fortunately, the OneMo Backpack 25L from PGYTECH is a comfortable, modular, and expandable solution perfect for adventurous photographers preparing for such a trip. While it can’t tell you what you will need for your hike, the OneMo Backpack can undoubtedly help you carry it.

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Zayn Abunnasr Photographs the Aftermath of the Beirut Explosion

All images by Zayn Abunnasr. Used with permission.

On August 4th, 2020, the city of Beirut was struck with disaster. Lebanon’s capital was left in ruins after a large explosion in the city’s port area. Reports suggest around 180 people died in the explosion, with 6,000 people left injured. The people of the city, now in disarray, took to the streets to display their anger at a government they feel is largely to blame for what happened. On the ground, amongst the key-workers and general public, was photographer Zayn Abunnasr. Although primarily there to help clean up and support his city, he also wanted to ensure he was able to document. We spoke to Abunnasr to learn more about the mood on the ground in a city handling yet another crisis.

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Fujifilm Is Now More Valuable Than Canon, Right Before Holiday Season

This major role reversal in the stock market be a sign of things to come in the future

Canon has been king when it comes to the photography world for some time now. However, it appears things might be changing. In what can only be called a shock, Fujifilm stocks surged above Canon on the market yesterday. In doing so, Fujifilm left Canon and a string of other camera and optical manufacturers in their dust. The markets are all kinds of crazy right now, but a more diverse portfolio from Fujifilm could mean larger profits, which in turn, could lead to bigger, better things in the future from them. Let’s discuss after the break.

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My Favorite Sony Prime Lenses: Editor in Chief Chris Gampat

weather sealed primes

If you want an honest and heartfelt answer to what my favorite lenses are, please know these are my favorite Sony prime lenses.

I’ll always say Sony’s cameras feel more like computers stuffed into a body that’s supposed to be a camera. While I’m not the biggest fan of their bodies, I’ll admit I adore their lenses. The company shows they have an investment in the photography world in many ways. Not only do they make the imaging sensors for pretty much everyone, but they also create some great technology themselves. Implementing AI into their cameras and creating some of the best autofocus around, they have changed quite a bit from a decade ago. Further, they’ve built up a fantastic selection of lenses. And though I’ve tested a whole lot of them, they’re not all my favorites. The ones that are the gems in my eyes tend to really take advantage of what mirrorless cameras are about.

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The Lens I Regret Purchasing: One Lens Made Me Hate Sony E Mount

Though I’ll praise its innovations, I ultimately ended up regretting the purchase of the Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN.

What good is purchasing a lens you’re never going to use? Is it worth it to have a lens in your camera bag or on your shelf collecting dust? Don’t get me wrong–if you’re a collector, then that’s a different story. But if you intend to use a lens for work, then there’s no point in holding onto something unnecessarily. And that’s how I feel about the Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art DG DN. I messed up. Tempted by the innovation and a tremendous editorial discount from Sigma, I decided to pull the trigger and get the lens for Sony E Mount. Sure, it delivers beautiful images, and there’s something to be said for a fast 35mm lens. On paper, this is a lens that I’m sure you and I both would be smitten for. But in reality, that’s not the case.

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The New Sigma 100-400mm for Sony FE Makes Us Really Wonder

The new Sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM is a lot more affordable than the Sony G Master option.

We’ve been testing the Sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM on the Sony a7r IV for a little while now. It’s making us wonder whether it’s worth it over the G Master option. It’s a lot more affordable for sure, but you’re sacrificing a few things. So, we decided to talk about it a bit on the latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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The Best 10 Performing Lenses According to DXOMark (August 2020)

If you don’t want to make compromises when it comes to lenses, check out the glass DXOMark ranks as the best.

We’ve unlocked an achievement for reaching the end of August! Good job, everyone. Speaking of achievements, we’ve rounded up the ten best lenses (according to DXOMark) your hard-earned money can buy. Want a new lens that’s earned high optical performance marks? The ten listed after the break that DXOMark has declared the best of the best might interest you.

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