5 of the Best Places in the World for Photographing Public Festivals

Photographing public festivals is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever I travel, I like to connect with someone local and follow them to their county’s traditional celebrations. I have had the pleasure of attending well-known public festivals, and the honor of photographing some lesser known events as well. To inspire you, I will share them in this article. I’ll also cover some public festivals I dream of photographing one day.

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This Kit Is Probably the Best Nikon Has for Mirrorless Cameras

Check this out. If you really love your Nikon cameras, the Nikon z5 is probably your best bet right now in terms of affordability and capabilities. We reviewed it very positively a while back. There are kit lens options, but they don’t make the most economical sense. Instead, reach for their new 40mm f2 Z. We’re in the process of reviewing it and we’ve gotten really great results with it so far. Together, they’re available at a price that’s hard to beat. Plus the 40mm is weather resistant.

3 of the Best Lenses for Bird Photography as Tested by Us

If you went and got into bird photography during the pandemic, then this roundup is for you. In fact, lots of folks suddenly got into birding when there was little to nothing to do. And it’s pretty easy to really enjoy this hobby. The thrill of capturing a woodpecker eating something or a sparrow in its nest is wonderful. The best lenses for bird photography take us into worlds we’re not always able to see with our naked eyes. We’ve reviewed tons of lenses, and we dove into our Reviews Index to bring you this special list. We think you’ll love it!

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Nicola Dove Captures the Best Stills on Live Movie Sets

“I like to immerse myself in the story,” says long term movie stills photographer Nicola Dove, about her work on the sets of various films she’s worked on. While interviewing her, I realized that this kind of work is more complicated than it looks. In most scenarios, her stills are what make it to the promos and posters of major motion pictures in Hollywood. It’s not just about shadowing the cinematographer and trying to remain virtually invisible while snapping away with a camera, as you’ll read in this interview.

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Swen Bachmann Does Wonderful Work with His Hasselblad 500 C/M

“It is not the photos at the end; it’s the feelings, the experiences, the people and the nature in the individual moments that make up the photo for me personally,” says Hamburg based photographer Swen Bachmann. A long term fan of Hasselblad cameras and their adaptability, Swen loves using his 500CM with underwater housings. Unlike most photographers who buy such housings though, Swen prefers to use these just above the surface of the oceans.

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3 Great Lens Filters for Long Exposures Photographers Will Really Love

Neutral Density (ND) filters are typically used by photographers for long exposures. But some of them take it to the extreme. There are lots of great lens filters for long exposures, but some are better than others. Passionate photographers wanting to capture the sunset or sunrise will want to pay attention. We’ve tested a bunch, so we dove into our reviews index. Take a look at some of the best lens filters for long exposures.

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Get Free Entries in the Sony World Photography Awards with Our Code

You’ve still got time to enter! We’re proud to announce that The Phoblographer is media partner for the current Sony World Photography Awards. Lots of folks scoff at the idea of entering modern photography contests. But for years, the Sony World Photography Awards have fascinated editors, art buyers, curators, and more. We’ve featured various winners over the years, and we spoken to a few folks who’ve enjoyed a jumpstart to their career because of it. And today, we’re letting photographers know about a special deal that The Phoblographer’s readers can snag. All the details you care about are below in an easy to digest format.

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Female in Photo: 20 of the Best Women Photographers in 2021

I’m coming up on my fourth year writing for The Phoblographer. I’ve been nothing short of amazed at the standard of photography that’s gone to digital print throughout that time. It seems each year outdoes the last, with photographers constantly improving on the work from the year before. I also love that the amount of submissions we get from women photographers is steadily increasing, highlighting their voice in the space. In this piece, we’re going to focus on them and show you the best women photographers we’ve featured in 2021.

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Alicja Zmysłowska Creates Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Dogs

“Ciri loved exploring Norway with me, running free, and having baths in the fjords,” Alicja Zmysłowska tells me. Ciri, a Border Collie, accompanied the photographer on an epic journey through the Nordic landscape–home of the northern lights and the midnight sun. On one occasion, they spent the day walking, and when all was said and done, they’d covered 28 kilometers to reach the famous Trolltunga rock formation. They spent their nights in a tent, side-by-side, beneath the starry sky. 

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3 Wonderful Lenses for Wildlife Photographers and Birding You’ll Worship

There are lenses for wildlife photographers that stand out from the others. Some have the perfect combination of features to meet wildlife photographers’ needs. What are those needs? Well, they have to have fast autofocus. Plus they need to be sharp. But most importantly, they need a very far zoom range. Ideally, you’ll have as few changes to the aperture as possible, but that’s not always the case. We dove into our reviews index to find some of the best lenses for wildlife photographers and birding. Take a look!

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David Osborn Uses a Rare Method to Make His Painterly Photos

My name is David Osborn. I always I wanted to do ‘something’ artistic after school, so I spent my first year at art college studying fine art, however, combined with an inability to draw, fine art as a career seemed a bit optimistic and risky. The starving artist image never appealed. Studying graphic design was my compromise but spending weeks working on one project behind a desk was too slow. I’m an impatient personality. As result, I spent my time shooting photo-stories. Photography provided a more instant result, while being out and about in life with real people. This evolved into wanting to do news photography as a career.

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The Canon EOS R is $200 off, and It’s a Great Camera

Years ago, I bought the Canon EOS R when it came out. And to this day, it’s still a camera that I use. The problems with it I feel were greatly intensified. The magic touch bar is great for quickly rating images, but annoying otherwise. The lack of a joystick doesn’t truly matter if you’re photographing people or landscapes. And otherwise, it still has fantastic autofocus. And there’s good news. Canon has dropped the price on the camera; plus there are extra $200 rebates. It’s $1,599 for the Canon EOS R body only. With a 24-105mm kit lens, it’s $1,899. Think of the Canon EOS R as a bit of the Canon 5D Mk I translated into mirrorless camera technology. And be sure to check out our review if you’re going to make a purchase.

Want to Upgrade? These Are the 4 Best Cameras to Upgrade To

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The past few years have shown us several innovations in the camera world. Some of the biggest ones were the face and eye detection features. That went even further with the addition of artificial intelligence. But perhaps best of all is that full-frame cameras got smaller and better. So, if you’re a passionate photographer looking to possibly upgrade beyond your phone, consider these cameras. Best of all, we’ve reviewed all of these and more. Here are the best cameras to upgrade to

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Hope for a New Pen F? OM System 20mm f1.4 Review

Over what seemed to be an AOL 9.0 internet connection, the folks at OM Digital solutions briefed the press on the new OM-System 20mm f1.4. Typically, I’m respectful and sit through the entire thing. But I knew that as soon as I saw the lens that I didn’t need to sit, though. My eyes brightened. The nostalgia of the early mirrorless camera era coursed through me. Could it really be? Is the new OM Digital solutions company really going to find a way to diversify its portfolio again? Rendering the visual equivalent of a 40mm f2.8 on a Micro Four Thirds sensor, the OM System 20mm f1.4 is a fantastic lens. And quite honestly, it’s probably one of my favorite lenses to be released this year.

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How Rebecca Zagoory Avoids Photographing the “Ugly” World

My name is Rebecca Zagoory. As a photographer, the world around me does the talking; I am compelled to listen, watch, and then capture its moments. Or create new ones where none existed before. What sets my work apart is that, other than cropping, color correction, and the occasional overt use of color for intentional artistic purposes, all work is presented as captured in the lens and without external digital manipulation. The human eye and the brain’s susceptibility to illusion are my central pieces of equipment. 

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A Guide to Picking the Leica 35mm Lens You’ve Wanted

If you’re looking for a Leica 35mm lens, then we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve reviewed all of them! The M-mount is a mystery for so many photographers. It wrongfully gets scoffed although it’s highly capable. What’s more, it proves to us just how good the photographer is behind the camera too. However, for lots of photographers, it’s also an important tactile experience. Hold a Leica 35mm lens in your hand and you’ll probably never want to go back to the other Japanese-made products. We’re helping you make a better choice with this guide.

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3 of Our Favorite Rangefinder Style Cameras You’re Going to Love

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There isn’t much that satisfies me like a good rangefinder camera. Most cameras on the market have an SLR style and shape. But rangefinder cameras will really give you a completely different feeling. In terms of shape, rangefinder-style cameras have a completely different silhouette than SLR-shaped cameras. If you’re a photographer who loves shooting candids, these are some of the best to use. Lucky for you, we dove into our Reviews Index to find some of the best. Take a look with us!

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How Fujifilm Classic Negative and Classic Chrome Look

Classic Chrome and Classic Negative have some big differences.

We took a look at what you folks were typing into our search engines. Apparently, many of you are curious about the differences between Classic Chrome and Classic Negative with Fujifilm cameras. So we headed into our archives of Fujifilm GFX 50R photos. These images were rendered in Classic Chrome and Classic Negative. Let’s talk about some of the differences.

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Self Care for Photographers: Why You Need to Do More Core Work

For years, I had a lot of significant back pain. It was only in my 30s that I realized how crucial exercise is. Couple that with the fact that we’ve reviewed the most camera bags of any publication on the web, and you genuinely need exercise. Thankfully, the back pain has gone away with exercise. But more importantly, what we found is that it’s all about exercising your core. If you’ve been curious about self-care for photographers, we invite you to dive in with us.

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3 Neutral Density Filters Photographers Will Love

The neutral density filter is one of the handiest tools any photographer can have. They’re especially useful for landscape photographers, seascape shooters, and anyone who shoots in bright sunlight. They vary in quality and kits, but luckily we’ve reviewed a lot of them over the years. Take a look at this short roundup of some of the best Neutral Density filters we’ve used.

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Three Great Features of Your Camera You’re Not Using

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Ask yourself: have you ever felt so good about an image that it didn’t need post-production? Trust me, there’s no better feeling. In the past few years, I’ve given in. I’ve become so sick of staring at a camera screen to then stare at a computer screen. It’s superfluous. We should be able to get great photos in camera without post-production. It’s surely possible. Think about the way you edit. You most likely add contrast, adjust exposure, white balance, clarity, etc. You’re most likely making basic adjustments. But, you also may be messing around, not knowing what you want, and being happy when you find something. That’s fine.

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