First Impressions: Canon EOS M6 Mark II APS-C Mirrorless Camera

Canon keeps the EF-M mount alive with the introduction of the 32.5 Megapixel Canon EOS M6 Mk II crop sensor mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS M6 Mk II is the updated version of the Canon EOS M6 that was first announced in February of 2017. While the M6 Mk II features a nearly identical exterior to its predecessor, much of the upgrades are within the camera’s internals. The M6 Mk II’s APS-C sensor receives a significant resolution bump from 24.4 to 32.5 Megapixels. It is powered by Canon’s latest Digic 8 imaging processor. The M6 Mk II’s Dual Pixel AF system features 5,481 manually selectable AF points and includes Eye Detection AF support. Canon claims that this allows for up to 14 frames per second to be captured in continuous shooting mode while maintaining autofocus (up to 30 frames per second when using the RAW Burst Mode).

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Report: Canon EOS R’s New Firmware Makes AF Comparable to Sony’s

The Canon EOS R is getting a firmware update that significantly improves its autofocus for sports and portraiture.

Though folks will sit there and belittle the Canon EOS R, I genuinely like it. I see it as a step closer to Canon actually deciding to listen to its customers and the industry. With the news of the latest firmware update, the Canon EOS R is becoming even better. On a recent press trip, we had the chance to play with a beta version of the latest firmware update. This new update brings majorly improved autofocus tracking. Indeed, a room of journalists was seriously pleased with some demonstration videos we saw.

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Cheap Photo: X-H1 w/Grip $999, Kodak Presets $49, Huge Nikon Deals

camera deals

These summertime camera deals are beyond hot!

We have found the camera deals of the summer. The Fujifilm X-H1 with a Power Boost grip can be yours for just $999. Pick up the same camera with the XF 8-16mm f2.8 and you can save a cool $1,000! The Full Frame Sony A7 II is still only $898, and just $998 with a lens and a free accessory kit. The Panasonic S1 is now a steal at only $2,197.99. There is also a new Nikon Trade-In event where you can get a Z6 or a Z7 with a free FTZ adapter and up to $200 on top of the value of your camera with an approved trade-in. Looking for presets and guides? The 3,100 portrait posing cards bundle is a bargain at only $29, and the Kodak film emulation Lightroom Presets bundle is a must-have at just $49. Join us after the break to see all of the crazy camera deals and more. Continue reading…

Panasonic’s Leica Summilux 25mm F1.4 II ASPH Lens Will Cost $699.99

Micro Four Thirds fans rejoice, for you have a new Leica SUMMILUX 25mm lens coming your way.

News from Panasonic these days seems to center around their new Full Frame S1 and S1R Full Frame cameras, but today is different. Panasonic has announced that they will be revisiting and releasing a new, improved version of the Leica Summilux 25mm lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The announcement of the Leica DG Summilux F1.4 II ASPH lens shows that new glass is still being made for the platform and that users have lots to look forward to. Join us after the break for more details about this new piece of Leica branded glass. Continue reading…

The Panasonic S1H and Lumix S Pro 24-70mm F2.8 Want to Beat Sony

Sony should be taking the Panasonic S1H and Lumix S Pro 24-70mm f2.8 seriously.

Photographers looking at the new Panasonic S1H and Lumix S Pro 24-70mm f2.8 may be a bit confused. After all, the company was touting this to be a cinema-style camera. It also shares a 24MP full-frame sensor like the Panasonic S1. The cameras seem to be very similar in a number of ways. But the main differences here have to do with video–the biggest one being 6K 24p video recording capabilities. Considering this website is targeted at photographers, you probably don’t care about that. Let’s discuss what’s important.

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Shooting with a Cool 150-Year-Old Wet Plate Camera

It’s incredible how we can still see a 150-year-old wet plate camera in action today!

Some of you may already be familiar with Mathieu Stern and wet plate artist Markus Hofstaetter, who both share their photography passions on their respective YouTube channels. We’ve seen a lot of Markus’ work in particular: he’s one of our go-to guys when it comes to wet plate photography. A few months back, they also made a comparison of a “digital collodion” and a real wet plate photo, for those who are curious. The two are back in a more recent video, where Markus gave a nice rundown of the traditional process, and Mathieu had his hands-on experience with an amazing 150-year-old wet plate camera.

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Hannah Gabrielle More’s Travel Photography Is Beautifully Calming

All travel photography images by Hannah Gabrielle More. Used with permission. 

“I see, experience, and notice things that are calm and serene,” says Hannah Gabrielle More. She adds, “…so I funnel all that into what I capture.” Hannah is a London based travel photographer. However, she’s often finding a home away from home as she travels the world on a variety of assignments. We connected to her minimalist themed travel photographs: they’re easy on the eye and calming for the mind. They’re beautiful, and they make us want to live in the world she is capturing – or at the very least purchase a print and put it on the wall! While they’re simple in design, they’re complex in creation. Hannah is an extremely hard-working travel photographer, and she is meticulous in her approach. She ensures no stone is left unturned during the process of developing her work.

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First Impressions: Light and Motion Stella Pro CLx8 Continuous LED Light

The newest Stella Pro CLx8 continuous LED light is specifically designed with photographers in mind.

Constant LED lighting has been gaining popularity amongst photographers for the last few years. It’s becoming particularly popular with photographers who have yet to master professional strobes but are aiming to take their images to the next level by utilizing lighting. While continuous LED lights are useful tools for lighting, their biggest weakness is a relatively low power output when compared to traditional strobes. The folks at Light & Motion aim to address this common shortcoming with their newest Stella Pro CLx8 Continuous LED Light, which features a maximum light output of 8,000 lumens. We spent some time shooting with this new light from Light & Motion this past week while we in Oregon for Sony’s Kando 3.0 Trip, head on after the jump for our first impressions of the Stella Pro CLx8.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The DSLR for Dummies

This photography cheat sheet covers everything you need to know to shoot great photos with a DSLR.

So, you’ve taken the next step in serious photography and got yourself a DSLR camera. At first, it may seem intimidating and greatly technical to shoot with it compared to a smartphone or digital point-and-shoot camera. But you’re also set to embark on an exciting journey to taking significantly better photos. To prepare you for that, we bring a photography cheat sheet that will serve as your comprehensive DSLR camera guide.

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First Impressions: Sony RX100 VII (A9 Level Performance in Your Pocket)

Sony crammed much of the company’s latest autofocus advancements into their brand new Sony RX100 VII premium compact point and shoot camera.

While companies tend to introduce their leading-edge technologies with their flagship products, these top-tier advancements will inevitably make their way into more entry-level products. This is thanks to the continued development of said technologies along with the economies of scale, which lower production costs over time. Such is the case with the Sony RX100 VII, Sony’s latest premium compact point and shoot. The RX100 VII promises the performance of the flagship A9 and incorporates the company’s latest autofocus technologies like Real-Time Eye AF and Real-Time Tracking. For reference, Real-Time Eye AF and Real-Time Tracking were first introduced with the Crop Sensor Sony A6400 announced at the beginning of this year. Shortly thereafter, it was patched into the Full Frame flagship Sony A9 along with the widely popular third-generation A7 cameras. Flagship-level performance in a premium compact point and shoot camera is a bold claim. So naturally, we were reasonably skeptical when we were first introduced to the RX100 VII, especially given our lukewarm experience with the previous model. We got to spend some time with the RX100 VII last week while we were in Oregon for Sony’s Kando 3.0 Trip. Head on after the jump to see how the seventh generation RX100 fared.

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The Very Best Camera Sensors According to DXOMark (August 2019)

The camera sensors in these 10 camera bodies will perform above all expectations.

If you’re in the market for a new camera and want one that has been thoroughly tested in both lab settings and in the real world, you need to see this roundup. We have put together a list of the top 10 performing camera sensors according to the guys and gals over at DXOMark. We have also complimented their findings with the pros and cons of each camera from our real-world reviews.  Join us after the break to see the list of the top 10 performing camera sensors for August 2019. Continue reading…

Neil Burnell Directs Our Gaze to the Delicate Beauty of Butterflies

All photos by Neil Burnell. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature’s beauty and wonders come in many forms, which is why it’s no surprise that creatives find them to be potent sources of inspiration. Whatever the genre, many photographers seem to find a way to integrate nature into their work. In his latest series, UK photographer Neil Burnell brings our attention to the beauty of dainty butterflies during the summer months. Whether you’re drawn to delicate flora and fauna, or are interested in getting into macro photography, we’re sure this series is worth checking out.

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Heavy Leather NYC’s Lookout Camera Bag Is an Ode to Old School Cases

Looking to replace your current camera bag with a leather one? Among your latest options is this vintage-styled camera bag.

Leather camera bags are among the most popular options for fashion-forward photographers. If that sounds like you, this new camera bag is an eye-catching option. The Lookout Camera Bag, by Heavy Leather NYC, is a vintage-styled looker that promises to be heavy-duty yet lightweight, perfect for both studio and on-the-go use.

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Simon Åslund Imagines “Shady Deals” in His Latest Cinematic Series

All photos by Simon Åslund. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If nighttime inspires you to come up with engaging visual narratives, we’re sure you’ll like the latest work from Simon Åslund. As with his Night Series, it’s a perfect example of what the mood and unique imagery of cities at night can inspire. This time, he takes us around the empty streets of Stockholm to follow lone subjects acting out an interesting premise: shady deals in shady places.

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Review: Vanguard Havana 48 Blue Backpack (Their Best Backpack Yet)

The Vanguard Havana 48 is so close to being the perfect backpack to us; but for most photographers it truly could be.

Every now and again, I’ll go down a rabbit hole: that’s how I went about purchasing and testing the Vanguard Havana 48. At times, I become unsatisfied with the camera bag I currently use because something about me or my needs change as a photographer. So, while researching a number of camera bags, I found the Havana. In the photos they advertise, it looks stylish and gorgeous. And to some folks, it will probably be the most stylish bag they have. But to me, the discerningly stylish EIC of a large photography blog, I just can’t bring myself to use the Vanguard Havana 48 for every day uses. While functionally, it can meet and exceed those needs, I wish Vanguard would come up with something more handsome.

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Tip: An Ice Container Is a Great Way to Shape Light

Sometimes all you need to boost your creativity is to play around with light.

If you’ve been into lighting for many years, then you know what a Gobo is. For the rest of us, a Gobo is basically anything that goes between a light and the subject. A softbox can be a Gobo, but the vernacular refers to it being more homemade and put together. It’s designed to shape light. Sometimes all you need is a bit of light shaping.

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5 Tripods That Will Help You Capture Stunning Landscapes This Fall

use tripods for stunning fall photography

If you want to capture beautiful landscapes this fall with peace of mind, you should check out these study tripods. 

Can you believe that Fall is less than a month away? I know, it’s crazy. Soon the leaves will turn into magical reds, oranges, golds, and yellows. The air will become bright and crisp, and those long hikes to your favorite destinations will be even more enjoyable. When it comes to landscape photography, you need great compositions to be able to tell the story. You also need to capture as much detail as possible. This, my friends, is where tripods come into play. In this round-up, we will take a quick look at five tripods that will help you capture your best landscape images yet. Continue reading…

Can the EISA Awards Predict the Future of the Camera Market?

Perhaps this year’s EISA awards indicate where the camera and lens markets will go in 2020/2021.

No doubt you’ve seen the recent EISA award winners splattered all over your news feeds. Honestly, we have to say that some of the results were quite shocking. Overall though, the winners in their respective categories were well chosen. There are a few companies that really made some waves. We’re wondering if this year’s winners show the true direction of the camera marketplace. Can we glean anything from this year’s EISA award winners? Let’s take a quick look after the break. Continue reading…

What’s the Worst Photography Advice You’ve Heard?

We all get photography advice online, from fellow photographers, and from teachers. However, the occasional bit of silly technical advice also comes up.

While there are plenty of resources for photography tips and tricks out there, we also encounter some useless and absurd technical photography advice. These often do the opposite of what they’re intended to do: help us become better photographers. You can trust the folks of Reddit to discuss the matter — and keep others away from crappy information.

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Tamron May Have New Prime Lenses for Sony E Mount

sony e mount lenses

Tamron’s latest Instagram post shows four shadowy Sony E Mount lenses, with no hints as to what they might be.

Oh Tamron, you big tease you. Early on Friday, August 23rd, 2019, Tamron decided to send their Instagram followers into a frenzy by showing an image with four silhouetted Sony E mount lenses. Tamron has embraced the Sony E Mount in recent years, and has released some solid lenses that have given more expensive Sony G Master lenses a run for their money. But what could they be planning here? Join us after the break to see what we think they may be announcing or releasing later this year. Continue reading…

Heavenly Creatures Turns the Mundane Into Abstract Works of Art

All images by Sally Gall. Used with permission. 

“We need to pay more attention to it, artistically, spiritually, ecologically, environmentally, and simply for our mental health.” These are thoughts of photographer Sally Gall, as we discuss the human relationship with the natural environment. Her work spans over 30 years, focusing on the gifts the earth bestows upon us. Looking at her photographs, for a split second, they can be mistaken for paintings because, and this is no overstatement, they are a work of art. We were thrilled to learn Sally is releasing a new book. Heavenly Creatures is an exploration of how a natural element – wind – impacts the prosaic objects of the nurtured world. In the book, Sally takea something as uneventful as laundry and turns it into colorful, impactful images. We connected with Sally to discuss her artistic approach and learn more about her latest release.

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