You Can Own a Vintage “Tintype” of Edgar Allan Poe for $150,000

If you’re an avid collector of historic tintype images or simply interested in curious-looking, antique pieces, this ebay listing should get you intrigued at least.

Previously in our non-camera vintage finds, we’ve seen a number of interesting and historic prints come up, including a vintage Ansel Adams print, signed Henri Cartier-Bresson prints, and a rare Andy Warhol Polaroid self-portrait. Today, we’re adding another intriguing item to our list; a vintage tintype of American poet, editor, and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe. If that’s something you’d like to add to your collection of vintage curiosities, it’s going to cost you $150,000.

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Film Is Not Dead: Insights from Decades-Old Richard Photo Lab

We’ve heard film photographers say over and over that film is not dead. Here’s what Richard Photo Lab, which has been around since the 1970s, has to say about it.

Whether haters like it or not, film is still very much alive today, several years into the so-called film revival. While companies and independent manufacturers making our favorite emulsions have been vocal about making ensuring it stays that way, we don’t really hear much from our trusty film labs. We rightfully should: they’re a crucial part of what keeps the magic of film photography alive. There’s a good number of these film labs scattered around the US, and we sought to get in touch with some of the ones that are best known. It was the decades-old Richard Photo Lab that answered our call, and we thought you should know what they have to say.

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Ilker Karaman’s Street Photography Uses Depth in a Refreshing Way

All images by Ilker Karaman. Used with permission.

“…a street photographer should have a creative, different set of eyes from others,” says Ilker Karaman. He continues, “They should use these eyes to show people the images that they cannot see in their daily lives.” Based in Ankara, Turkey, Ilker is making great waves in street photography. His exceptionally well layered, colorful street frames are deserving of your admiration. This is further evident through his inclusion in the finals of the San Fran Street Foto festival, where for the second time he will be included in their annual exhibition. He’s a deep thinker and persistent observer of life – two of the best ingredients for being a street photographer. Ilker thrives off the challenge and he loves to create. In his words, “I am constantly in search of photos that are difficult to take.”

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Review: Sigma 56mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary (Sony E Mount)

If you’re a portrait photographer shooting with Sony Crop Sensor cameras, the Sigma 56mm f1.4 is going to give you a severe case of G.A.S.

Up until Sony announced the A6400 in January of this year, some have speculated that the Japanese Mirrorless camera manufacturer had abandoned their Crop Sensor line to focus on their ever popular Full Frame cameras. Coupled with the fact that the last time Sony released an APS-C lens was almost exactly a year before the A6400’s announcement when the company introduced the variable aperture 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 OSS zoom lens, it’s not hard to see why people were concerned for the life of Sony’s APS-C camera line. With the lineup being alive and well, at least for the immediate future, it’s good to see third-party lens manufacturers continuing their support for the system as well, such as with the case of the Sigma 56mm f1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens. This is sigma’s third lens designed with Sony’s Crop Sensor E Mount cameras in mind. They previously released a 16mm f1.4 and a 30mm f1.4, both under the Contemporary line and now marketed as a trio of sorts. The Sigma 56mm f1.4 has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 84mm when factoring in the 1.5x crop factor that Sony’s E Mount APS-C cameras have. For those keeping track, Sigma basically designed this lens with portrait photographers in mind, as many tend to gravitate towards the 85mm focal length. A Micro Four-Thirds version of this lens is also available for photographers shooting with M43 cameras.

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Under $600: Eight Great Wide Lenses For Landscape Photography

Quality wide angle lenses for landscape photography have never been more affordable.

If you want to be able to get out with your camera and have a quality, affordable, wide angle lens attached so that you can partake in landscape photography, this roundup is for you. Here we take a look at eight, bang for your buck, wide angle lenses capable of producing gorgeous images with amazing color rendering. While they may be cheap, they shoot like lenses that should cost two or three times as much as they do. All eight of these wide angle lenses will impress when it comes to image quality, color rendition, overall build quality, and their ease of use. The fact that most of these lenses are below $600 will impress your wallet too. If you want a lens that will help you produce ultra sharp, detail-rich, landscape images, check out the list below.

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Double Exposure Blends Nordic Nature and Hong Kong in “Neonland”

Double exposure remains a powerful technique for creative portrait work, but Christoffer Relander shows us that it also works great for juxtaposing vastly different locations.

When it comes to creative photography techniques, double exposure (and even multiple exposures) remains a favorite of experimental photographers. As we’ve previously seen in the works of Christoffer Relander, it’s perfect for creating dreamy silhouette portraits whether in color or black and white. If you’re wondering what else can be done with this technique, the Finland-based fine art photographer has yet another impressive example; juxtaposing two locations that are immensely different from each other in every way.

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Camerica’s Photography App Could Help You Earn a Little Extra Cash

photography app

Travel, snap, earn; that’s the premise behind Artem Chystiak’s photography app Camerica.

There are so many photography apps in mobile marketplaces that offer the chance to make money by sharing your photos. But a new photography app from Artem Chystiak aims to put a little bit of a spin into things that could help make you a little bit of cash on the side if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Join us after the break for more information about a potential new photography app called Camerica. Continue reading…

Marco Grassi’s Aerial Photography Reveals Earth’s Most Otherworldly Textures

Marco Grassi shows us more of nature’s wonders that aerial photography opens our eyes to.

With the advent of drone photography came greater accessibility to the art (and technicality) of aerial photography, and it’s been truly amazing to see what photographers have been creating with it. Tom Hegen‘s minimalist-inspired projects are great examples, and we definitely are keen on adding more to the pile. The latest in our roster of favorites is the stunning, otherworldly series of Italian photographer Marco Grassi. If you’re interested in aerial photography or drone photography, we’re sure this series will give you the inspiration and further push that you need.

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The 10 Best Performing Camera Sensors Per DXOMark (May 2019)

panasonic s1r

There’s a newcomer in this months DXOMark top 10 camera sensor list!

Things are starting to move and shake over at DXOMark. A new camera has bullied its way into the top 10 performing camera sensor league table, and the new camera has left seven other cameras in its wake as it shot up the charts to third place. The Panasonic S1R scored a whopping 100 overall in the tests that DXOMark perform, and they said in some cases it performed better than the two Medium Format cameras that sit above it in the league table. Join us after the break to see the new standings. Continue reading…

Christoffer Relander Merges the Beauty of Nature with the Human Form

All photos by Christoffer Relander. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Despite its analog origins, double exposure remains a popular creative technique, even for the digital photographers of today. This is now easy with all the technology available, whether you opt to do it on post or in-camera. Given that we’re more interested in what photographers can do in-camera, we’ve been fascinated with the double exposure series done by Christoffer Relander — both in medium format film and digital using a Nikon D700. Today, we take a look at another series showcasing his impressive doubles and multiple exposures done in camera, where he blends the beauty of foliage with the human form.

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Our 15 Favorite Pieces of Gear for Travel Photography in Summer 2019

With the summer holidays almost upon us, we’re sure many of you have exciting vacation plans in store and will want to capture it all.

Photographers who plan on taking a vacation this summer will be happy to know there has never been a better time to look at the market. Not only are there tons of innovative and high-quality cameras out there, but there are also lots of great accessories. Best of all, these items won’t take up a lot of space or break your back while being hauled through an airport. So if you’re a photographer looking to vacation in Iceland, the Virgin Islands, Italy, or even somewhere more local, you’ll care about things like better color. When using something like your weather sealed Sony camera in Hawaii, the Datacolor SpyderX series of products could prove instrumental to getting better colors during your editing process. We’ve gone through our reviews index to figure out what items are best; here is some of our current favorite gear that you may want to consider taking with you for Travel Photography.

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Cheap Photo: For $99, You’ll Shoot With a Better Understanding of Light

This photography tutorial will help you see, understand, and manipulate every type of light imaginable.

Have you always wanted to be able to shoot, and capture stunning images no matter what the lighting situation is, but perhaps have not had the confidence or knowledge to do so? The incredible Understanding Light photography tutorial will have you making stunning images regardless of the lighting available to you in no time at all. Over 76,000 people have been able to learn about lighting from this guide, and they have developed skills that will help them manipulate any light, at any time, and right now you can grab this amazing course for just $99! Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

These Environmental Portraits Put the Emphasis on Artist Studios

In this portrait project by Danny Santos II, we get to see how looking beyond our own creative fields can give us inspiration for photography projects.

At its core, the goal of portrait photography is to tell us something about the subject, their personality, their passions, and even a sense of mystery in their gaze. A portrait project of Singapore-based Danny Santos II gives us all of those and a little extra: we also get a glimpse of the creative spaces where his artist subjects make their masterpieces. We’ve reminded our fellow photographers not so long ago about the importance of having other hobbies and exploring other interests outside of photography; this series could give you an idea about which one to pick up!

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ADOX Announces New CAPTURA Technology for Powder Chemistry

ADOX introduces the latest improvement in their powder chemistry with the innovative CAPTURA dust binding technology, which makes chemical mixing safer for film labs and photographers.

Whether you develop your own films at home or you’re running film developing lab, Berlin-based ADOX has some great news for you. Recognizing that film is not dead and it continues to gain momentum, the company has responded by extending and modernizing its production as well as offering new innovative products. The latest of these efforts is the ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology, which brings an improved formulation of their powder chemistry.

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Will DSLR Deserters Really Leave Mirrorless Cameras in Two Years?

full frame cameras

Have the guys and gals at Ricoh bashed their heads on a wall, or could they be on to something when it comes to DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless is the future. Mirrorless is the best. DSLRs are dead! These are things we all hear every single day in the photography world, but there are some out there who believe otherwise. There is no doubt that further (much further) down the line, Mirrorless cameras will likely kill off the DSLR, but Ricoh believes that the mighty DSLR will put up a heck of a fight along the road to inevitability, in fact, they are so confident that they think DSLR deserters will return to the cameras two years after leaving for the promised land of Mirrorless. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Forget Gear: This is the Best Way for a Photographer to Grow

The idea of making an investment back into yourself and getting over GAS is a powerful one.

Let’s be honest, you probably have all the gear that you NEED as a photographer–wanting and needing are two different things. But what every photographer needs (and it’s true today more than ever) is an actual functioning website. Your Instagram isn’t enough–that’s a place for us to see the work that you do in a less curated fashion as you work tirelessly to beat an algorithm. But a website from a company that is ethical to photographers like Format is worth the investment into yourself. Your Instagram can get shut down, shadow banned, etc. But a platform that you control won’t have that problem. And trust us, it’s a set it and forget it type of thing with occasional updates and a far less toxic community than Instagram can be.

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AGFA is Helping Instant Peel-Apart Film Come Back from the Dead

The hardworking folks behind the ONE INSTANT Peel-Apart Film have found an able ally in AGFA, they say in their latest project update.

A few days ago, backers of the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter campaign were treated to some great news; the passionate folks behind the project have proudly announced the developments of the project so far. Among these developments is their partnership with AGFA in Belgium, getting the prototype design through to the production model, and assembling the One Instant manufacturing team. Exciting times are ahead, as they report things are coming together nicely!

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How My Journey For a Perfect Camera Landed me on Pentax’s Doorstep

full frame cameras

I left team Canon after 17 years, and my journey to find the perfect camera for myself took me far and wide before I finally made it home.

We are always in search of the perfect camera. We read reviews, we watch videos, we drool over spec sheets, and we marvel at all the things that modern cameras can do. It is so easy to get caught up in the the new camera spec wars these days that it can be easy to take a wrong turn down the camera highway. After leaving behind Canon and their cameras after 17 years of use, I embarked on a journey to find the perfect camera for me, and it led me down a long dusty road to the last place I ever would have imagined. Pentax. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: All of the Best Photography Gear Sales for Memorial Day

Save on some of the best photography gear around this Memorial Day.

Whether you’re looking for a new camera, some new glass, a new computer or tablet to edit your photos with, or just need a new tripod, we have found some of the best deals on photography gear you’ll find this Memorial Day. A new Canon 5D IV can be yours for $2,799, the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera is a steal at $1,796.95, and the full frame Sony A7 II is just $898. Looking for something cheaper? The A6000 is a bargain at $398! A new iPad Pro can be picked up for $799, and a 13 inch Macbook Pro is another great buy at $999 ($299 discount). There are also exceptional deals on Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm lenses, and on a ton of accessories. Come and check out all of the huge Memorial Day savings on photography gear after the break.
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Save an Extra 20% on Presets or Photography Software (24hrs Only)

Build your collection of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and photography guides and software on the cheap.

Saving time in post, making amazing photos in Photoshop, and learning new tricks and skills. We all love to do these things, and we all love saving money. So put all of them together and you have a thing of beauty. We found some amazing Lightroom presets, and Photoshop Actions and Overlay bundles, and some spectacular photography software and guides on sale for crazy low prices. Right now you can take an additional 20% off all of the prices listed below for the next 24 hours! 9,000 Lightroom Presets for just $39! Wow! 1,000 Photoshop overlays for only $29! That’s a steal! There’s a whole lot more. Come in to see all of the incredible photography software, tutorials, presets, and overlays you can get for next to nothing this Memorial Day! Continue reading…

Stian Klo Reveals the Surreal Vistas of Finnish Lapland

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve seen a fair bit of beautiful landscape photography, in all its surreal glory. It’s stuff we’ll never get tired of. That’s why we’re adding one more series to our favorites: the snaps of Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo during his visit to the frozen Finnish Lapland in early January 2019. Whether you have yet to tick off this destination from your bucket list or already have plans to explore its snowy expanse, we’re sure this series will inspire you to brave the cold and bring home some stunning photographic keepsakes of your own!

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