My Dream Lens: I Want a 35-85mm F1.8 Zoom Lens

A 35-85mm f1.8 full frame zoom lens would be an absolute dream to own!

You can talk all you want about how big and bulky the Canon RF 28-70mm f2 USM L lens is. But it satisfied the needs and wants of so many photographers. I think the industry is overdue for a 35-85mm f1.8 zoom lens. The wider end would satisfy the needs of many photographers who don’t like shooting super wide. The telephoto end would be perfect for every photographer who also shoots portraits. Just imagine how useful a 35-85mm f1.8 could be for photojournalism? The extra light hitting the sensor would truly be something special!

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Unsplash 2020 Awards Continue to Make a Mockery of Photography

The Unsplash 2020 Awards add Polaroid and Ikea to the list of companies who do not value the work of photographers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Unsplash, don’t worry. You’re going to get a crash course in why this virus of a company is hated by photographers worldwide. You see, Unsplash is a community-driven stock photography website that preys on photographers who don’t know better. Unsplash disguises competitions as a way to get creators to upload images and give up all ownership rights. Companies like Nike, Ikea, Polaroid, Peak Design Squarespace, and others use those images royalty-free in their ad campaigns. We’ve reported about Unsplash in the past, and we’ll continue to lead the charge against them. If you couldn’t tell, we’re totally against the Unsplash 2020 Awards. Let’s discuss why Unsplash and the companies supporting them are nothing but cancer to photography and photographers.

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9 Incredible Sony E Mount Primes Under $400

At under $500 each, these fast Sony E mount primes should not be ignored.

Something extraordinary is happening in the world of Sony E mount lenses. We went through a period of massive prime lenses that required a gym membership to use. Now, we’re being graced with super small, fast primes. Not only are these prime lenses outstanding when it comes to image and build qualities, but they’re also priced right too. After the break, we’re going to look at nine Sony E mount primes that cost less than $400 each. You simply can’t ignore lenses this good that are also wallet-friendly.

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Opinion: I Want More Cameras with Brass, Because It’s Beautiful

In a world where cameras are becoming less and less needed, they should become objects of lust.

The big problem with cameras today and reaching the more prominent consumer market is that they’re not products of lust. They are in some ways when it comes to image quality, but camera manufacturers can do so much more with their aesthetics. For example, there is an entire cult of photographers who wants their cameras to look worn. And even more important is that cameras last a really long time. People buy older ones because it’s all they need. So why not find a way to develop more lust around your own brand? One way of doing that is by implementing more brass into cameras. Brass, for years, was a standard. It looked good, gave great patina, and the cameras were still very well built.

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Getting the Best Results When Shooting with Natural Light at Home

Most of us are homebound at the moment due to the pandemic, but you can still create great images at home using these natural light photography tips.

One of the tenets behind being a photographer is the mastery of light. Cameras and lenses aside, light is the most important element in image-making. Many professionals prefer to shoot with artificial lighting thanks to how it helps to deliver consistent and repeatable results. However, artificial lighting can be intimating. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges as well. Even for photographers comfortable shooting with artificial light, not all of them own artificial lighting or have access to it while sheltering in place. The good news is that natural light is still available (provided that the weather cooperates). And as long as there’s light, we as photographers can create. Right now, the simple act of creating can be an important therapeutic exercise for many. Check out these natural light photography tips to help you create great images even when you’re stuck at home.

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Photographer Ryan Noltemeyer Reflects on Waiting for the Right Light

All images and text by Ryan Noltemeyer. Used with permission.

My name is Ryan Noltemeyer. The people around me got me into photography. In high school, my friends and I started making dumb little movies and photo projects on the weekends and during the summer. That mixed in with my dad was always taking pictures of myself and my brother growing up kept piquing my interest in making images. After high school, my dad gave me his old Nikon FE film camera when he saw I had an interest and I went crazy. I was photographing anything and everything. I invested in an entry-level DSLR and started shooting for my university’s magazine and eventually a few local lifestyle magazines. One thing led to another and I kept chasing the photography rabbit hole. The Phoblographer’s readers would want to see my work to see that photography is not all about grand vistas and moody portraits. Photography (for me) should be a reflection of self and if I can make you feel something through my images I did a good job. I’m pitching a small group of black and white images that have resonated the most with me and the direction I am moving with photography. I strive to capture simple beautiful moments during everyday life. Capturing emotion in an image and then transferring that emotion I feel to my audience is the goal.

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Master Nude Photography for $69, and Save Big on More Deals (NSFW)

Dan Hecho’s nude photography masterclass is just one of the spectacular photography deals we have found for you.

We have found some incredible deals on presets, guides, tutorials, and photography software! If you’ve always wanted to learn about the challenging world of nude photography, check out this guide from Dan Hecho. Dan’s nude photography masterclass is on sale for just $69. Fix any sky in any photo with this easy to use collection of sky replacements. It’s on sale for just $29! Tired of messing around with the cutout tool in Photoshop? CutOut 8 Pro makes this task easy, and it’s only $29! We’ve also found a deal for Affinity users too! Just $29.95 will score you over 2,000 Affinity presets! And we’ve found deals on Lightroom tips and tricks, photoshop actions, and more photography software. Check out the nude photography tutorial that’s on sale, and much more, after the break.

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Why You Should Adore the Awesome 50mm Lens for Photography

As the Reviews Editor for The Phoblographer, I’m often solicited for lens recommendations from beginner photographers. Time and time again, I find myself recommending the 50mm. 50mm lenses make for great additions to every photographer’s arsenal. This is especially true for those just starting and wanting to graduate beyond their kit lenses. It’s a versatile focal length that bridges the gap between wide-angle and telephoto. 50mm lenses, particularly f1.8 versions, are very affordable as well. So versatile, in fact, that many photographers colloquially refer to their budget 50mm lens as a “Nifty Fifty.” On the fence about picking up a Nifty Fifty of your own? Head past the jump to see all you can achieve with the 50mm focal length.

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Why the Photography World Needs More 43mm Lenses

The 43mm lens is the most perfect standard focal length.

More and more photographers hate the 50mm focal length. It’s been the standard in the industry for such a long time, but it’s so overdone that many of us are sick of it. Manufacturers have realized this and typically gone a bit longer or wider. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why we don’t have more 43mm lenses. Why this focal length? Well, we’re going to hearken back to one of the best things Pentax did in the 35mm photography world. 43mm is the diagonal of a piece of 35mm film. Full-frame digital sensors have stayed around the same size, so a 43mm lens would be the real normal. In this case, it’s not necessarily about distortion or anything, but more about the field of view.

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Cheap Photo: Big Savings on Camera Bags, Tripods, and More

We’ve found deals on photography accessories that can save you big bucks.

If you’re looking for a new camera bag, or if you need a new tripod or SD cards, you’re in luck. We have found some incredible deals on all the above. For a short time, you can pick up the Tenba DNA 15 Messenger for just $138.98. The Think Tank Streetwalker Pro V2 can be yours for $169.79. One of our most well-reviewed bags, the Portage Supply Kenora, has dropped to just $69. You can now get UHS-II SD cards for only $16.11, and you can save over $60 on the Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod. Also, if hardware isn’t your thing, maybe these presets for Luminar are up your alley! The deals on these photography accessories will end soon. So, act fast if you want to take advantage of these deals.

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Do You Really Need the New Sony a7s III? We Examine the Users

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed the new Sony a7s III.

We recently finished reviewing the new Sony a7s III camera. Overall, we feel it’s great, but there are ways that it could have been made better. The new camera retains a 12MP full frame sensor but has a brand new processor. With that comes the new touchscreen interface. This series has mostly been important for journalists and night shooters, and we found that it still is. So we took a deeper dive into it and the mentality of a user.

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Spying with Telephoto Lenses Interested the CIA in the 1950s

Declassified is an original Phoblographer series that digs deep into historical documents to examine how the government used photography.

Photographers today are very demanding. But in the 1950s, the CIA presented a plan for an even more demanding lens. Let’s get one big fact out of the way first: telephoto lenses are large. If you look at the Sigma 200-500mm f2.8, then you’ll know how true that is. However, the CIA didn’t want big telephoto lenses: they wanted a lens that telescoped. What’s more, they wanted lenses that were at least f8. This isn’t unreasonable if you consider the kinds of clandestine operations they did. Sometimes they’d need to hide in a car, a building, etc. and shoot photos outside of a window. This was combined with high-speed film, which the CIA loved in black and white. Three specific documents detail the CIA’s needs for such telescoping telephoto lenses.

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Adam Coco Proves Dating Apps Offer More Than Hook-Ups (NSFW)

Tryst Pic is a personal project by Adam Coco that aims to bring deeper connections within the gay community through the medium of photography.

“My desire was to connect with people through gay dating apps without hooking up,” says photographer Adam Coco. He adds, “I wanted to tell their stories and combat the toxic culture dating apps were creating within our community.” Coco’s project aimed to smash the status quo that’s synonymous with dating apps. While people will have their own thoughts on hook up culture, Coco aimed to show it’s possible to create meaningful relationships with people who use apps like Grindr, Scruff, and Tinder. Tryst Pic provides an intriguing concept while offering some beautifully assembled portraiture.

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Get 6 Photography Bundles Free with This Great $99 Deal

If you love learning new skills and using presets and overlays, this deal on photography bundles shouldn’t be missed.

For some time now, we have been bringing you the best deals on photography guides and presets. We scour the web searching for significant savings so that you can keep some extra cash in your pockets. Now, we have found a deal that can save you money all year long. Photowhoa has launched a service called Plus Membership. This membership will allow you to save an extra 20% on almost all their photography bundles. You’ll also get six free bundles per year for just $99! Find out more about this new plan after the break.

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Why I Still Adore the Fujifilm X Pro 1 Years After It Came Out

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 is still one of Chris’s favorite cameras.

In one of the latest episodes of Pro Camera Reviews, Chris discussed his love of the Fujifilm X Pro 1. This camera came from a time when photographers were deep into their editing mentality. The sensor was touted to deliver full frame image quality and better colors in some cases. Further, it was Fujifilm’s first interchangeable lens camera in the mirrorless world. So we talked about our love for this camera. Oh, and they’re cheap still on eBay.

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Buying a Medium Format Camera? This Is What You’re Diving Into

Those getting a Medium format camera will want to know precisely what they’re dealing with.

Photographers, as we know, are very used to what full-frame cameras can do. But they’re not so used to medium format because it’s not as common. A medium format camera is fundamentally a whole different ball game. For starters, you’re going up in pricing and quality. And a photographer will expect the absolute ultimate performance, but they also probably don’t know how to make the most of it. Medium format cameras traditionally were only used for weddings, documentary journalism, landscapes, and portraiture. In some ways today, that’s still the case, but it’s evolved.

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12 Cameras with IBIS That Will Give You Superpowers

These cameras with IBIS allow you to get shots that should be impossible.

IBIS has quickly become a must-have for many photographers. A feature that used to be reserved for only high-end cameras can now be found in cameras of all price points. Cameras with IBIS allow you to create images that would otherwise be impossible to get. Image stabilization works so well that you’ll feel like you have superpowers. Cameras with IBIS can really open up new doors for many, and they’ll allow you to be more creative with your shots. These cameras with IBIS will also make shooting in low light conditions easier. If you have been looking for cameras with IBIS, these 12 should definitely be on your radar.

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A 50MP Sensor Sony a9 Series Is Great, but a Pro Body Would Be Better

The Sony a9 series of cameras have great specs but have been lacking in build quality and handling.

We are big fans of the Sony a9 series of cameras here at The Phoblographer. These specialty cameras have continually blown us away with their impressive specs and the results they can help produce in real-world scenarios. However, we have been less than impressed with their overall build qualities and handling. For cameras that are supposed to be for professional sports photographers, they leave a lot to be desired. Still, if the news about a new Sony a9 series camera is accurate, these issues may be a thing of the past. Join us after the break to find out more about what might be coming from Sony in early 2021.

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Capture Beautiful Fall Landscapes with These Incredible Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses will help you capture fall landscapes in new and exciting ways.

When you think of landscape photography, I’m sure you automatically think of wide-angle lenses. I don’t blame you. For years, wide-angle lenses were my go-to for landscapes. I just love being able to capture sweeping vistas and colossal mountain ranges. However, did you know that telephoto zoom lenses are great for landscapes too? It’s true. You can create some genuinely unique landscape images with telephoto zooms. Landscape images usually have so much going on that gorgeous details get lost. Telephoto lenses will help make those details come to life. After the break, we’ll show you some incredible telephoto zoom lenses that will help you create beautiful fall landscapes.

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In 1987, Darren Lewey Documented a Photo Therapy Class

All images and text by Darren Lewey. Used with permission. 

I’m a photographer based in Morocco running tours and workshops in the region. I’m also behind a new website called Creative Camera which offers innovative online courses for building creativity. I place a high value on photographers who can make sense of more ordinary locations rather than those who can shoot photogenic zones really well. I use a Pentax 645z with a range of lenses as well as a Toyo 45A 4×5 Field Camera with 180mm and 300mm lenses. I process my Pentax files in Capture One and home develop and scan my black and white LF images. I orientate towards and encourage project based work rather than single one-off images. Often locations or scenes can be recorded in more than one way and working to a series allows that. A project can also reinforce a way of seeing that’s unique to the photographer.

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Excellent for Documentarians and Photojournalists: Sony a7s III Review

Photojournalists and documentarians who need to shoot stills and video are going to love the Sony a7s III.

Fans of the Sony a7s series of cameras have been waiting a long time for the a7s III. Thanks to these cameras’ ability to virtually see in the dark, they are favorites of videographers and photographers who shoot in extremely low light. However, detractors out there will tell you that, due to the 12MP sensor, the Sony a7s III is not good enough for stills photography. Upon its release, I suggested that the Sony a7s III could be great for modern photojournalists and documentarians. Those who specialize in these fields need to shoot both video and stills in any lighting conditions. I’ve been testing the camera for the past week in various situations. Find out what the Sony a7s III is like for stills photography in our full review.

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