Salvatore Matarazzo Puts the Spotlight on Smokers in the Streets

All photos by Salvatore Matarazzo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Saturation and strong flash are the tools of the trade for Italian contemporary street photographer Salvatore Matarazzo when shooting street portraits. Check out how he does this in his series called Smoke.

Flash photography is not the first thing that comes to mind when shooting out in the streets. Still, some photographers have found it a pretty powerful tool to capture some unique street portraits. Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden is most likely the best known when it comes to this, and we can say that Matarazzo has been doing good in adapting this style for his own work.

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In the Realm of Legends: Discovering the Majestic Icelandic Horses with Drew Doggett

All images by Drew Doggett. Used with permission.

When we speak of Iceland we immediately envision the surreal landscapes that make it one of the most sought after places for both travelers and photographers. But, apart from the volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and coastlines that comprise its dramatic landscape, the Nordic island nation has one more natural wonder that will mesmerize you; the Icelandic horse. Photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett has recently put the spotlight on the majestic horses, setting them against Iceland’s magical landscapes for a stunning series aptly titled In the Realm of Legends.

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The Lams of Ludlow Street Follows a Chinatown Family Over Almost 20 Years

All images by Thomas Holton. Used with permission.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to follow your instincts and your heart.” says photographer Thomas Holton in our interview with him about his project The Lams of Ludlow Street. “If something ‘feels’ right to you as a curious and engaged photographer, keep making work and pay attention to the narrative you want to tell.” This is part of the motivation behind the series, which is currently part of a larger exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. In a way, Thomas’ answers reflect him trying to find his tribe–something all of us suffer from in some way or another. And like any good narrative, he shows that life is a series of ups and downs.

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Is Tumblr Still Worth it for Photographers Today?

Every photographer once saw Tumblr as a powerful platform for their craft. But, is it still the case today?

Just a few years after Tumblr came out in 2007, it was one of the hippest blogging platforms where you can get your creative works seen. One of the most popular ways to spread the word about your work was by linking your posts to your Flickr account, so people could see more and follow you there. Because creating posts and customizing the look of Tumblr blogs is easy, it quickly became one of the go-to venues for photographers to build a proper portfolio. But given all the new cool platforms today, does Tumblr still have a place in every photographer’s online presence?

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The Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S Solves That Pesky Wide Angle Filter Issue

The Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S isn’t going to prohibit you from using a lens filter.

One of the biggest problems with wide angle zooms is that they often don’t let a photographer attach a lens filter–but the Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S is looking to change that. In fact, this is the biggest thing that stands out to us in the press release. The f4 constant aperture zoom lens starts out at 14mm and at that focal length you’ll be able to attach a standard UV, Neutral Density, Polarizing, etc. type of ring filter.

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The Panasonic Lumix S Full Frame Cameras Are Getting HDR and High Res Shot Modes

More details about the brand new Panasonic Lumix S cameras emerge at CES 2019.

Some consider the Panasonic Lumix S series of cameras to be the only real competition to Sony right now in the professional grade mirrorless camera world partially due to their Dual Card slots. Today we got a few more details about what the cameras will offer. Panasonic’s press release states that the company will offer both HDR and High Resolution shot modes. It isn’t crystal clear if this is going to be in both of Panasonic’s new L mount cameras, but there are also a few caveats.

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How to Do the Brenizer Method for Bokeh Panoramas

Ever been curious about the famed Brenzier Method? Give it a try today with this quick tutorial.

The Bokeh Panorama continues to be a popular technique for portrait and wedding photography for its unique and eye-catching look. It was popularized by acclaimed wedding photographer Ryan Brenzier and has since been called the Brenizer Method. If this is something you’ve been wanting to try for your next projects, we’ve found just the quick tutorial for you!

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KUVRD Aiming to Ship Their New V2 Universal Lens Caps by March 2019

Universal lens caps

KUVRD’s newly designed universal lens caps aim to make protecting your lenses frustration free.

There’s nothing more frustrating than lens caps sometimes. The small circular pieces of plastic that we rely on to protect our precious glass can be pain to keep track of, and they can even be quite difficult to get back in place at times. KUVRD have been trying to make lens caps easier to use for a while now, and their new V2 universal lens caps look to build on the success of the originals that were released at the beginning of 2018. After the break we have more details about the two new members of the KUVRD lens caps; the Micro and the Magnum. Continue reading…

How Does Focus Peaking Work? An Introduction to Manual Focus with Mirrorless Cameras

Focus peaking: if you’re a photographer using manual lenses, then you know all about this.

Focus peaking is one of the absolute best things that happened to mirrorless cameras. It helped spur on and add to the idea that photographers could pick up all these cool, small, vintage lenses and get accurate focusing with them easily. Focus peaking was and primarily is a video technology. It was in camcorders long before it was in cameras but manufacturers decided to bring it over. It helps with focusing and if you want to know about how it works, then you’re in luck.

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Michael Taylor on Capturing the Mystery of Light and Colors

All images by Michael Taylor. Used with permission.

We all know that light is the vital ingredient that makes every photograph possible. But for UK-based commercial photographer Michael Taylor, it’s also a fascinating muse in itself to explore and experiment with. He believes that “there’s always mystery inherent in light,” and it’s up to us to heed the call to unravel that mystery, and let playing with light inspire and surprise us. Taylor recently shared with us his project titled Light Trace, one of his recent projects under a bigger body of work called Lumen. Here, we see him experimenting with the idea of light itself as a subject, creating vibrant imagery using techniques like light painting and long exposures. The goal of this series, he says, is to “explore the convergence of light, fashion, and technology.”

In the interview below, he tells us more about the ideas that sparked Light Trace, the process behind the series, and how collaboration enabled him to realize his vision for the project.

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Four Mirrorless Cameras that Are Setting the Pace in Early 2019

These Mirrorless cameras are feature packed, won’t break the bank, and will help you get your foot into the Mirrorless door.

2018 was a great year for Mirrorless cameras. With outstanding options from the likes of Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and many more hitting the market, the world of Mirrorless cameras has become hard to ignore. If you’ve been on the fence about Mirrorless cameras, but think you may be ready to see if the grass is greener on the Mirrorless side, this round-up is for you. After the break we will take a look at four affordable, Mirrorless cameras that are setting the pace as we head into 2019. Continue reading…

This Photo Zine Showcases the Ubiquitous Vending Machines of Japan

This project could be a nice addition to photo zine collectors who are also fans of all things Japan.

Attention, photo zine collectors! If you’re fond of projects that are set in the eye-catching streets of Japan, here’s one you might want to support. Perth-based Natalie Blom is putting together a Vending Machines of Japan zine, which highlights the vending machines dotting virtually every corner in the country.

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If You Want to be Happy, Stop Stressing About Cameras and Just Focus On Your Photography

It’s easy to get caught up in camera lust and what new cameras can do, but are you focusing enough on your photography to get the most out of your gear?

Gear lust and gear envy are two very real things that all photographers go through at some point during their photography journey. While it’s nice to fantasize about the newest camera on the block, or pour over technical specifications, you shouldn’t spend too long there. If you’re not careful you’ll fall into trap that becomes harder to get out of as time passes by. Not only will you never be happy with what you have, your photography will suffer too. YouTube star and photographer Thomas Heaton has just found this out for himself as his quest for a new camera continues. After the break we have his latest video that explores what he has gone through and the realization that he has made. You don’t want to miss this. Continue reading…

Adam Miller Shoots Street Photography with Flash in NYC’s Blizzards

When blizzard season arrives, most people stay warm and indoors as much as possible. Adam Miller is not most people.

With respect to the use of flash in the street, I think it comes down to, well, chutzpah!” explains photographer Adam Miller to us about his NYC Snow Blizzards project. Miller loves New York City. He never takes it for granted and appreciates all that it gives. That’s why no matter the season, you will find him out with his camera making his awesome photographs. Known for his fine art prints and breathtaking cityscapes, Miller is also an excellent street photographer. We were particularly drawn to his project NYC Snow Blizzards in which he has created a series of images that document New Yorkers during the coldest of climates.

We spoke to him to better understand what life is like shooting street during the challenging blizzard season…

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4 Robust Weather Sealed Lenses for Fujifilm’s GFX Cameras

These four weather sealed lenses will help you get the most out of your Medium Format monster.

Fujifilm’s foray into the world of Medium Format cameras has been a successful one so far. The GFX 50s and the GFX 50R have wowed photographers around the globe thanks to their incredible image quality, and their surprising price points. Equally as impressive are the weather sealed lenses that go with the cameras. The whole system is rugged and well built, and you can tell that these cameras and lenses were designed to work in extreme conditions. The four weather sealed lenses we will be looking at today will help you get the most out of your Megapixel monster. Click on through the break to see four of our favorite GF mount weather sealed lenses. Continue reading…

Prograde Digital Launches New USB 3.1 Dual SD Memory Card Reader

If time is of the essence, the new ultra fast Prograde Digital USB 3.1 dual memory card reader is for you.

Transferring images from SD cards to your computer can often be a time-intensive affair, but with Prograde Digital’s newly launched dual SD memory card reader you’ll be able to cut those transfer times down significantly thanks to both slots being able to transfer at full speed simultaneously. After the break you can find out more about the features of this card reader, and you can see the full press release. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save $703 on the Nikon D750, Sony A6000 Kit $498 + Much More

Start the new year off right by saving tons of money with these photography deals.

There were a ton of amazing deals before the holiday period on cameras, software, and accessories, and those photography deals are continuing into the new year too. Right now you can save a whopping $703 on the amazing Nikon D750. That means you can get a full frame camera for just $1.296.95! The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III with lens is a steal at $599, and the Sony A6000 with kit lens for $498 offers the perfect way to break into Mirrorless cameras. There are also excellent deals on portable photo printers like the Fujifilm Sp-2 which is $89.99, and the Canon Selphy which can be yours for just $99! Check out all of the fantastic deals after the break.

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Fadi BouKaram: The Photographer on a Quest to Visit Every Lebanon in the US

What do you get when you combine a Lebanese photographer and a thirst to explore? A project that sets out to visit every Lebanon in the US. 

That opening may sound like a set up for a joke without a proper punchline, but in actual fact, it’s the truth. Born in Beruit, Fadi BouKaram is no stranger to Lebanon. He grew up in the war-torn nation, where the only remains of many people are the photographs that survived them. Growing up, Fadi developed a deep-rooted passion for photography born in the most difficult of circumstances.

Meanwhile, across the North Atlantic is America; the self-proclaimed land of the free. But unbeknown to some, there is also a Lebanon in the world’s most powerful nation. In fact, there are 43 of them.

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Traversing “A World on Rails” with Street Photographer Skander Khlif

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the works of street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif for some time now, tagging along in his adventures around his hometown of Munich and destinations like Moscow and New York City. In his latest set, he lets us hitch rides aboard trains across the globe, en route to a destination simply called A World on Rails. If you’re looking for a photography project to do on your trips, you might get an idea from this collection.

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