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An entire library of Lightroom presets for $29; you’ll be set for life.

Cheap Photo is all about bringing you the best deals we can find from around the web, and today we have a great deal for you. For a limited time, you’ll be able to get your hands on over 1,500 Lightroom presets for just $29! That’s a massive discount of 96% off of the regular price. Never again will you be wishing you had the perfect preset as this bundle will have you covered. Not only can you save a ton of money with this deal right now, but you will also save countless hours in Lightroom trying to create the same looks you can get within seconds by using these presets. Find out more about this Lightroom presets bundle after the break. Continue reading…

In the Age of Mirrorless, Do We Really Need APS-C DSLR Cameras?

The APS-C DSLR could be on the way out in favor of lighter, faster Mirrorless models.

The APS-C DSLR has been a gateway camera for many photographers, and some higher spec’d APS-C DSLR models are still used by professionals and hobbyists alike due to their rugged bodies and good overall performance. But with Canon chosing to kill off their sports and action centered EOS 7D models one has to wonder if APS-C DSLR models are coming to the end of the road. Should APS-C DSLRs still be produced by major manufacturers going forward, or should the switch to APS-C Mirrorless cameras take place across the board? Continue reading…

Want High Res Images from the Apollo Missions? Here’s How

Apollo Mission Photography

This collection of Apollo mission photography is probably a must-have for space fans.

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 astronauts setting foot on another planet. This massive achievement would not have been possible had it not been for NASA being put on a fast track to the moon. As you can imagine, thousands of photos were taken along the way from the first flight of Apollo 7, all the way through to one small step for mankind being made. In order to celebrate this huge milestone in history, a new set of fully restored, high-res images have been assembled. Find out how you can get your hands on a commemorative USB featuring breathtaking Apollo mission photography after the break. Continue reading…

Skanda Gautam Reveals the Crimson Revelry of Nepal’s Sindoor Festival

All images by Skanda Gautam. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to the most visually stunning and vibrant festivals of Nepal, we can trust Kathmandu-based photojournalist Skanda Gautam to deliver some of the best photos. Aside from bringing our attention to the most pressing issues of the country, he has also showcased some of the Nepalese festivals and cultural events that every travel and documentary photographer shouldn’t miss when in the country. We’re adding to the pile the Sindoor Festival, which he encapsulates in a series called Red Dawn.

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Review: Vi Vante Matador Noir (The Only Strap You’ll Ever Need)

The Vi Vante Matador Noir isn’t really a luxury camera strap; but more of a well built, nearly unbreakable option.

I didn’t really understand the Vi Vante Matador Noir camera strap until I held it. Then my dad, who was visiting my while I was sick, really understood it too. The former UN diplomat in him is almost as discerning as I am, but he completely understood why someone would spend $250 on a strap like this. The thing about leather straps is that they’re already pricey–and often the sailing rope and canvas straps can serve just as well. But what the Vi Vante Matador Noir is combines the best of both worlds. Is it expensive? Yes. But this is genuinely the only strap you’ll ever need.

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Brendan Barry Transformed a Skyscraper Space Into a Camera Obscura

Brendan Barry converting the entire 46th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper into a camera obscura was the highlight of the Skyscraper Camera Project.

From May 10 to 16, Brendan Barry transformed the 46th floor of Manhattan’s iconic 101 Park Avenue into a creative photographic space. Dubbed the Skyscraper Camera Project, the site-specific installation comprised of a camera obscura, a darkroom, and a temporary art installation. The UK-based large format photographer, educator, and camera maker also photographed some pedestrians on the building’s plaza using a camera built from a scale model replica of 101 Park Avenue.

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Review: Tamron SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Canon EF Mount)

The Tamron SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 incorporates a number of enhancements to the company’s already excellent flagship ultra-wide angle zoom lens

When Tamron released the original version of their SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD high-speed ultra-wide angle zoom back in 2015, we praised it for its sharpness, color rendition, and versatility, but felt that there were some areas that Tamron could improve on. Enter the Tamron SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2, Tamron’s 2nd generation refresh of the same lens that we had reviewed some four years ago which incorporates a number of improvements upon the well-received original. A pair of MPUs (Micro-Processing Unit) along with a VC (Vibration Compensation) mechanism resides within the SP 15-30mm f2.8 G2 and work in tandem to ensure snappy autofocus performance while maintaining image stabilization.

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7 Powerful, Rechargeable Monolights Perfect For On Location Portraits

These rechargeable monolights will make it possible to do portrait shoots anywhere at any time.

Are you tired of not being able to hold portrait sessions once the light of the day disappears? Do you dread having to shoot on days when the blistering sun is high overhead creating harsh, hard shadows? Do you wish you could take your studio lights with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this roundup is for you. We are going to be taking a quick look at seven powerful monolights that will enable you to shoot anywhere, and at any time. Continue reading…

Ekaterina Busygina Showcases the Stunning Urban Geometry of the Morpheus Hotel

All photos by Ekaterina Busygina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since we last put the spotlight on the architectural photography of Moscow-based Ekaterina Busygina. Since then, we found out that she has done quite a lot of traveling around Asia and had a bunch of snaps that showcase some architectural sights in a number of cities. One of our favorites is her collection photos showcasing the Morpheus Hotel in Macau.

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Martin Parr is Under Fire for a Photo Book Reprint He Edited in 2017

A reprint of a 1969 photo book edited by Martin Parr two years ago includes a double page layout with claims of racist overtones, triggering a backlash against the famed documentary photographer.

While Martin Parr has been busy promoting and preserving the works of British photographers and images taken in the British Isles, controversy has recently erupted about his alleged backing of racism within the very genre he supports. It unfolded last week with a tweet from LessThanHumanDebate, which sparked a discussion about a book edited by Parr from the 1960s.

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Stian Klo Reveals the Stunning Color Palette of Northern Italy’s Autumn Landscapes

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Whether you’re an intrepid travel photographer or a landscape photographer with a keen interest for detail, we’re sure that you pay a lot of attention to the colors of your chosen destinations. Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo, for example, showed us the various colors and moods that the snow-capped Finnish Lapland can produce depending on the time of the day. In another series, he reveals the rich colors of Northern Italy during his visit in Fall of 2018, giving us a tip on the best time of the year to visit if you want this color palette on your landscape photos.

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Street Photographers Taking Pictures of Homeless People is Exploitation

Street photographers who photograph homeless people aren’t doing those people any good in today’s world.

I’ve spoken before about photographing and doing street photography with intent. And I think that when street photographers take photos of homeless people that they’re not doing these people any good. Photographing scenes where these homeless people are the primary focus and surrounded by others more financially fortunate is also not such a great thing to do. While many years ago, this could have told stories when put into the pages of credible publications, today’s world doesn’t lend itself well to this type of photographic intent. Indeed, the world has changed and actions speak louder than words. What often ends up happening is that these photographers self publish by adding images to Instagram or other platforms. These images are then passed by in a feed, double tapped, and moved onto another photo or served an ad. The result is that a person viewing the photos doesn’t want to go help a homeless person in the way that politicians and people used to do.

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Polina Karpova Draws Inspiration from Hotel Signboards for Conceptual Portraits

All photos by Polina Karpova. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Stuck in a rut with your portrait photography and conceptual projects?  You might want to take a page from a photo + moving picture series by Ukrainian photographer and costume designer Polina Karpova. In this collection of conceptual portraits, she gives us some bright ideas and style concepts on using colors, props, and setting to tell a visual story. According to Karpova, this series titled Heart of the Darkness was made during a November 2017 residency, “Sorry, we have no rooms available,” with curator Petro Ryaska in November 2017. The location, Zakarpattya Hotel in the city of Uzhhorod in Ukraine, proved to be a source of visual inspiration for this project.

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Why Don’t We Teach Photographers What to Charge for Their Photos?

“The position I come from in writing this article stems from the opinion that a lack of openness about pay, the cultural norm condemning disclosing financial information, is what allows pay gaps to develop, continue, and exist.”

I’ve heard countless versions of the same story: a photo assistant discovering that the photographer charged the client double what they paid the assistant in regards to the assistant fee on the client’s invoice, a tragic problem frequently encountered and rarely remedied. When I first began photo assisting, I was massively underselling myself without realizing, and people took significant advantage – it was only when another female photographer pulled me aside and told me what my rates should be that I realized how much I had been selling myself short. And in a world where women’s requests for what we’re worth are rarely met, though asked for just as often as men, having a lack of knowledge and confidence about how and what you should be charging makes it that much harder to keep our industry healthy, vibrant, and lucrative.

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Ryan Struck Tackles Trash Situation Through Rockaway’s Beach Bins

All photos by Ryan Struck. Used with permission.

When Ryan Struck moved to Rockaway in Queens, New York City three years ago, the dirty beaches immediately caught his attention. Growing up going to the beaches of New Jersey and having fostered a deep connection to the ocean as a surf photographer, this was a significant departure from the picturesque seaside towns he was used to. Compelled by all emotions brought by the sight of litter, overflowing garbage bins, and dumpster diving seagulls, he turned to what he naturally does when faced with something striking or different: taking photos. Without realizing it, he shot what would later be the Rockaway’s Trash series.

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Specialwaves Mine S is Like a Custom Keyboard for Photo Editing

The new Mine S by Specialwaves is designed for creative professionals still looking for a highly configurable physical controller for their software and devices.

Italian tech startup Specialwaves has recently introduced Mine S, a new modular physical controller that promises to be a precise and intuitive device for a wide range of software and devices. If you’ve been using different controllers for your creative applications and equipment, this creative tool could change that for you. Mine S prides itself in being the world’s most adaptable modular physical controller, which addresses the needs of various creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, editors, lighting technicians, musicians, DJs, and VJs. It could very well be just the tool you need if you’re a multi-disciplinary creative looking for flexible tools that you can mix and match according to your workflow.

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Oscar Lopez Showcases the Stunning Urban Geometry of Rotterdam

All photos by Oscar Lopez. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re a street or architectural photographer who prefers to depict the world in black and white, we bring another minimalist inspiration for you. Oscar Lopez, who brought us the punchy yet calming Waterfront Cityscapes of London and Hamburg, actually has more of these cityscapes captured in this typical style. The latest of these is his quick series on Rotterdam, which features some of his photos from 2018.

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Take a Peek Inside the Martin Parr Foundation in this Tate Short Film

Martin Parr shows us around the foundation he built in Bristol and tells us about his dedication to British documentary photography.

Martin Parr and his foundation may have their attention focused on British photographers and images shot in the British islands, but there’s no doubt that he remains an influential figure among international street photographers. In a short video by Tate from 2017, we get to take a peek inside the then newly-opened Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, with a tour from the iconic documentary photographer himself.

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Shawn Jacob Stephen Introduces Us to the Toda Tribe of the Nilgiris

All photos by Shawn Jacob Stephen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of subcultures and tribes as of late, as we find it fascinating to see a slice of their life through the lens of documentary photographers. Such series takes us to places that many of us have possibly never heard of, and tell us about the vibrant life of its people. The latest of these is the portrait project of Indian photographer Shawn Jacob Stephen, who introduces us to the Toda Tribe of his hometown in the Nilgiris District in Southern India.

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7 Super Telephoto Lenses Perfect For Stunning Airshow Photography

airshow photpgraphy

These telephoto, and super telephoto lenses will help you excel at airshow photography.

Airshows are going on all around the country right now, and if you want to be able to capture these electrifying aerial displays with ease, you’re going to need a super telephoto lens that will let you get up close and personal with those incredibly fast metal birds. All of the super telephoto lenses listed here offer incredible image quality, ridiculously fast autofocus performance (perfect for locking on to planes flying 700mph), they produce colors that will make your jaw drop, and they are all easy to use despite being on the heavier side of things. Regardless of which lens you choose, you will absolutely love the results you get. Check out our favorite lenses for airshow photography below.

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The Panasonic S1H Will Offer 6K 24p Video and Much More!

The new Panasonic S1H is more or less the company’s entry into the video world with its Lumix Pro Series cameras.

Today at CineGear 2019, Panasonic is announcing the development of the company’s Panasonic S1H full frame Lumix Pro camera, targeted at the cinematographer. With a similar body style to their Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R cameras, this camera features an L mount, but will be able to be used with a PL mount for cinema. When it becomes available this fall, it’s going to boast features such as the same cinematic look that can be delivered from Varicams, 14+ stop V-log gamut, 6K 24p video, and multi-aspect recording such as a 4:3 anamorphic style. When the press asked Panasonic if it will have features for photographers, the company’s reps said they couldn’t comment on the specifics just yet. However, they stated that the Panasonic S1H will be able to shoot photos.

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