How Photographer Christopher Michel Makes Stunning, Soulful Portraits

All images by Christopher Michel and used with permission. Be sure to check out his website.

“How important is that photo of you with your parents?” asks photographer Christopher Michel when asked about portraiture. “I’m guessing pretty darn important…Photography is a kind of alchemy – photographs almost always become more valuable over time.” Mr. Michel’s words ring true for lots of us these days after coming out of some very difficult times. For Christopher, making portraits is a collaborative process. As he tells us, the aim is to always create soulful portraits.

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The Best Kit for the Traveling Documentary Photographer

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It’s time to travel again! Parts of the world are opening back up, and folks are eager to explore again. Bringing along the right camera can sometimes be confusing. We’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, and we learned that some gear just holds up better to sudden changes than others. It’s fair to expect your camera gear to handle changing conditions the same way your phone can. And of course, it’s obvious that you’d want the best image quality. So, we put together a great kit for you that will have the documentary photographer covered for most situations.

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The Cameras of Professional Photojournalist Cheriss May

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“I love people, and I’m inspired by telling stories of people who are change-makers,” explains photojournalist Cheriss May to us in an interview. “I want to do this with dignity and respect of who they are, not what I want them to be…This allows people to relax and to be their authentic self.” Cheriss is a highly lauded photojournalist. But she’s also heavily involved in the photography community. And more importantly, she’s choosy about her gear. So we talked to her about what cameras she’s got in her camera bag!

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Want Vivid Colors? These Tamron Lenses are the Best Way to Get It

Tamron Lenses are at a great price right now, but only for a limited time.

It needs to be said: the photo industry creates a whole lot of sterile-looking lenses. The past two decades have engineered the soul out of photography. But with Tamron lenses, you’ll get a bit of that spark back. These lenses have beautiful, vivid colors. They’re also very sharp. What’s more, many of them are built exceptionally. But the cherry on top of all that is the affordable prices. Want to make your Sony a7r IV have better colors than you’ve ever seen? Try one of these lenses. 

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Automatic Photo Editing Is a Sham? PhotoWorks 10.0 Begs to Differ

You think that automatic photo editing can’t bring good results – think again. 

Here you are, back from your latest photography gig, exhausted and wired. But hey, those pictures you took aren’t going to edit themselves, right? So you sit down and work till the wee hours of the morning because the photos are due soon. Don’t you think there is a better way to edit photos that wouldn’t include overstraining yourself? Well, good news – there is. If you don’t want to toil for hours while post-processing your pics, consider switching from a manual editing approach to auto. 

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The Passionate Street Photographer: How to Zone Focus a Lens

The pandemic gave way to loads of new passionate photographers, and we’re here to share how to document the world’s reopening.

Surely, modern autofocus is fantastic. But there’s nothing like the pride of getting a shot because you zone-focused the lens beforehand. Have you ever shot a photo you were happy with just the way it was? It probably didn’t need any post-production. It was an authentic moment that you captured. And most importantly, you did it, not the camera or the lens. You can achieve these Jedi-like powers with zone focusing. 

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Creating Long Exposures with a Phone Has Never Been Easier

The Sony Xperia 1 II makes long exposures a piece of cake.

Long exposure photography is a genre that once required big, bulky cameras. Now, you can create jaw-dropping long exposures with nothing but a phone. The Sony Xperia 1 II is a smartphone with the abilities of Sony Alpha cameras. including a manual mode. These features make creating long exposures incredibly easy. After the break, we’ll show you how to capture stunning long exposures using nothing but the Sony Xperia 1 II.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Into Film. Here Are Great Cameras to Choose

If you’ve never experienced the smell of a roll of Kodak Tri-x being wound into your camera, give this a shot.

Summer is nearly here in the US. And there’s never been a better time to get into film! There’s a plethora of great cameras out there, and there’s a ton in great shape at KEH. These cameras are some of the best ways to experience CineStill, Lomochrome Purple, and much more! Best of all, these cameras rank as some of the best ever made. Check out our list below!

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KEH Has Great Prices on Used Leica M Mount Gear

There isn’t much out there as unique as the experience that a Leica can give you.

The tactile experience that a Leica M camera and lens give you is unmatched. The feel of sliding a focusing tab into just the right spot is divine. Couple that with the resulting pride from getting the photo yourself and not from autofocus. You’ll end up falling in love pretty quickly with the special package in your hand. So we worked with KEH to curate a few special options, like a Red Leica M9.

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We Found Canon Gear at Tough to Beat Prices

Canon RF cameras and lenses are some of the best in the industry.

Time and time again, this site has been very pleased with Canon’s newest gear. They’ve done a fantastic job and found ways to stay on the cutting edge. Their gear can be pricey or hard to come by though. But at KEH, we found some good prices on gear that you’ll want. Be sure to check out our finds after the jump!

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From Image Conception To Creation, This Smartphone Makes It So Easy

The Android-based Sony Xperia 1 II makes creating and sharing your images a piece of cake.

Being able to visualize, capture, edit, and share your images instantly is incredible. Being able to do this on a phone that behaves like a traditional camera is even better. The Sony Xperia 1 II is an Android-powered smartphone with incredible amounts of power that can capture, edit, and share your images without breaking a sweat. We have spent the last two months creating with the phone. Thanks to its Sony Alpha-inspired interface, features, and dedicated shutter button, we’ve felt right at home with it. After the break, we’ll show you just how easy it is to create a workflow with the Xperia 1 II that will quickly and easily get your images in front of the masses.

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Today, We’ve Got a Special Treat for Fujifilm Fans: Sales!

50mm prime lenses Fujifilm

There’s a special place in our hearts for Fujifilm cameras!

Fujifilm appeals to those of us who love ergonomics, aesthetics, and the retro feel. There are tons of us out there. Plus many of us like the film simulations that the cameras offer. If you haven’t tried them out, then you’re throwing out a large part of what the system is about. If you’re thinking about getting into the system, take a look at what KEH has! And if you’re a veteran, prepare to be tempted by some great deals!

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These Tamron Lenses Make a Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Don’t forget about the other Tamron lenses for Mother’s Day too!

This Mother’s Day, Tamron is having some fantastic sales. If you’ve had a new lens in your Amazon cart for a while, this may be the one! This sale is pretty fantastic all around with instant rebates on premium zoom lenses. As an owner of the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD, I can attest. In fact, I can’t recommend that lens enough. But if you’re into birding, their 70-300mm option is a great all-around choice. Searching for a solid, affordable, weather-sealed, and high-quality telephoto zoom for your Sony camera? This is it! Take a look at our list of great Tamron Lenses down below!

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This Affordable Setup Makes Backyard Birding Easy and Fun

Backyard birding is more popular than ever, and the Tamron 70-300mm f4.5-6.3 Di III RXD makes it easy to get started.

Backyard birding has become incredibly popular over the last 12 months, thanks to the pandemic. What makes birding so great, though? It’s very relaxing, and it teaches that there’s beauty all around you. You just have to look for it. It’s no surprise that photographers have been clamoring for longer lenses that could help them catch birds in action. Tamron, fortunately, released a lens that everyone could afford just in the nick of time. The Tamron 70-300mm f4.5-6.3 Di III RXD is the world’s smallest and lightest 300mm Sony E mount zoom. When paired with a Sony APS-C camera, it can easily create magic. Find out how this lens can help you capture stunning bird images after the break.

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All You Need to Create Dramatic Seascapes Is a Great All-In-One Lens

Creating dramatic seascapes is easy with the powerful and versatile Tamron 28-200mm f2.8-5.6 Di III RXD.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one lens that you can take with you on your travels? What a dream that would be. Well, that dream has come true thanks to Tamron. The Tamron 28-200mm f2.8-5.6 Di III RXD covers wide and telephoto photography. It has a moisture-resistant design, sharp optics, and weighs just 20.3 oz! It’s the perfect lens to travel with, making it ideal for a trip to the beach to create dramatic seascapes. Find out more about this versatile lens and how to create seascape images that will make jaws drop after the break.

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The Nikon Df Was One of Their Most Perfect Cameras

I truly hope the Nikon Df returns one day as a mirrorless camera variant.

Step back in time to the last moment you felt your heart beating from excitement. That’s the feeling the Nikon Df is bound to give you. We’re a website that champions the future, but we also adore the past. And the Nikon Df was and still is one of the perfect bridges. It was a DSLR meant to get retro. Created back when everyone was trying to go retro, Nikon paid homage to their past. If you’ve ever held a Nikon F camera, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ergonomically speaking, that camera is the one that everything else pretty much drew from. It was built incredibly solid, and it was always reliable. That DNA stuck with Nikon, and that’s why the Nikon Df can still be had today. And in a time where we’re staring at screens all day and night, the Nikon Df is a refreshing change.

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This Smartphone Makes Pet Photography Easier Than Ever

The Sony Xperia 1 II makes it easier than ever to capture forever memories of your fur babies.

Pet photography is increasing in popularity all the time. We all love capturing forever memories of our pets, but sometimes we just don’t want to drag out all our pro gear. Well, what if we told anyone can create pro-quality pet images with a smartphone? It’s true. You can. Smartphone camera technology is pushing boundaries these days. The Sony Xperia 1 II is the most traditional camera-like smartphone we’ve put our hands on. After the break, we’ll show you how the Xperia 1 II can be used to create stunning shots of your furry friends that can then be shared instantly with the world.

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How Abhishek Yellapu Found the Perfect Pocket Camera

All images by Abhishek Yellapu. Used with permission.

“The camera really helps focus my energy in a way that is calming yet exciting for me,” explains photographer Abhishek Yellapu to us in an interview. “I took a few long exposure shots (with an ND filter held up to the phone’s camera lenses), and they were pretty impressive, never would have imagined taking decent long exposure shots with a phone camera.” Abhishek isn’t necessarily new to photography. In fact, it’s in his family’s blood. But he’s in love with his Sony Xperia 1 II. As his companion camera, it’s helped him document so many of his fun activities through life.

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Printing Your Images and Making Them Look Good In Your Home Is Easy

Everybody deserves to see their images printed and hung in their home, and FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop can help make that happen affordably.

The digital age has brought the world of photography many wonderful things. The instant gratification of seeing our images on the back of our cameras and being able to share images online in a snap are both great. Unfortunately, though, the digital times have seen us step further away from printing our images, and that’s a huge shame. Honestly, there’s nothing better than seeing your images in physical form. The great news is that now, it’s easier than ever to get your images printed and looking their best in your home, thanks to FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop. And we’re here to help you get your images print-ready.

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This Phone Does Street Photography The Justice It’s Needed

Street photography has really needed a more serious smartphone, and the Sony Xperia 1 II is just the item.

Street photography is one of the best ways for people to explore their city. When you’re traveling, it can help you understand what’s going on around you. And the Sony Xperia 1 II does that better than other phones. Sony created the phone from the ground up for the photography experience. Of any that we’ve used on the market, this one has surprised us the most. If you shoot street photography, then pay attention to this.

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