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It’s Really Hard to Find Good Canon Gear at the Prices We Found. Check This Out

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There are times when it’s really hard to get your hands on Canon cameras. Everyone has supply issues right now because of how hard components are to come by. So we found a bunch of renewed gear from Canon for you. Renewed is pretty much refurbished gear. Refurbished is my personal preference. It goes through more rigorous quality control tests and is often more affordable. Want a new camera? Check this out!

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Get the Latest and Greatest Fujifilm Gear at a Lower Price

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We found a bunch of great Fujifilm cameras at a lower price. They’re part of the Amazon Renewed program. That basically means that they’ve been refurbished. As I always say, no one should be afraid of refurbished cameras and lenses. If anything, they’re often in better condition than the new stuff. Renewed products also go through more rigorous quality control tests than standard pieces of gear do. So take a look at this list after the jump.

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All the Camera and Lens Rebates You Care About Right Now

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Father’s Day is coming! And you can enjoy a lot of discounts right now on various camera lenses in various ways. Some of these are instant rebates, others are instant savings. But either way, we’ve found a bunch of great prices on gear for you to check out. For example, the Sony a7r III is still rated as one of the best cameras on DXOMark, and it’s also still one of our main workhorses. Take a look at the entire list after the jump!

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Want Vivid Colors? These Tamron Lenses are the Best Way to Get It

Tamron Lenses are at a great price right now, but only for a limited time.

It needs to be said: the photo industry creates a whole lot of sterile-looking lenses. The past two decades have engineered the soul out of photography. But with Tamron lenses, you’ll get a bit of that spark back. These lenses have beautiful, vivid colors. They’re also very sharp. What’s more, many of them are built exceptionally. But the cherry on top of all that is the affordable prices. Want to make your Sony a7r IV have better colors than you’ve ever seen? Try one of these lenses. 

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Nikon Shooters: Here’s Your Affordable Gateway to Mirrorless Cameras

camera deals

The Nikon Z6 can come with a 24-70mm f4 and an F to Z mount adapter for a very low price.

I totally understand why many Nikon photographers held back for a while. The staff here has always been concerned for Nikon’s development. But with the latest firmware updates, many of their camera received a needed boost. The Nikon z6 II is now very fast. If you’re not ready to make a full commitment, consider the original Nikon Z6. You can get it with a 24-70mm f4 and an F to Z mount adapter for $2,096.90

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The Cameras You Want Are at KEH on Amazon

We found a bunch of gear that KEH has listed on Amazon, so you know it has to be quality used gear.

KEH has long been known for having great used camera gear. They evaluate everything and let you know the quality and condition of it all. Some of the gear gets listed on Amazon in an effort to sell it. And we found some of it listed on Amazon at the KEH Store. Take a look at some of the good gear we found.

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Get the Excellent Panasonic S5 With a Lens for Under $2,000

The Panasonic S5 with the 24-60mm kit lens is available for a steal right now.

Okay, this is incredibly exciting. The Panasonic S5 is currently the only full frame camera with the Live Composite feature. So if you want to shoot astrophotography, this is by far the best camera to do it with. You can get it with a 24-60mm lens for under $2000 right now. For what it’s worth, we rated the Panasonic S5 very highly. It’s the fastest autofocusing Panasonic camera on the market right now. It’s also very small and lightweight. Indeed, it’s a camera that you want to bring with you everywhere. Check out our review. But also be sure to go snag this deal!

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These Deals Might Convince You to Buy a New Canon Camera

The Canon EOS R can come with the 35mm f1.8 IS STM for only $2,298.

Despite the Canon EOS R5 being such a great camera, there’s something to be said for the original Canon EOS R. It’s small, lightweight, and incredibly durable. But what’s even better is it can come bundled with a 35mm f1.8 IS USM for a good price. This is probably one of the best lenses for the camera. It boasts image stabilization but not weather sealing. Regardless, the lens is fantastic and that sensor is still very good. So we found a few deals from Canon you’ll want to pay attention to right now.

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One of Sony’s Best Lenses Is Under $600 Right Now

E Mount Lenses

This lens from Sony is one of the best you can get your hands on.

Sony has a plethora of great lenses, but one of their best is available right now for a steal. The Sony 85mm f1.8 FE is one of our favorites. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and the G Master. And it’s available at an insanely good price right now. But so are a bunch of other Sony lenses. In fact, they’re all enjoying sales prices until 6/27/2021. Who knows how long the supplies will last in today’s market? You might as well act fast! We’ve got the whole run down after the jump.

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Great Savings on the Most Durable Olympus Cameras and Lenses

weather-sealed cameras

Grab one of these cameras and get ready to go exploring, which is what they were designed for!

Olympus cameras are designed to be used in the great outdoors. If you shoot wildlife, landscapes, astrophotography, or you go exploring, it’s a great system. That’s all obvious. But what’s not so obvious is how durable their cameras are. There are a few of them that have IP ratings–which means that they’re almost as durable as some phones. That’s tough to do for a camera. Luckily, the world is starting to open back up in some places. And that sense of adventure is strong with the OM Digital Solutions brand. So take a look at what’s on sale from Olympus.

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We Found Great Prices on Used Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses!

Fujifilm cameras and lenses are available at great prices if you don’t necessarily want a brand new one.

Fujifilm has to be one of our favorite brands. They offer a whole lot to customers at very good prices. I mean, who else offers an image stabilized 100MP medium format camera for under $6,000? The cameras we’ve found today are available both brand new or used. But if you aren’t afraid to get them used, then they’ll find them at phenomenal prices. Here’s a short list that we found.

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Save on Some of the Best Tamron Lenses They Make!

Tamron lenses are fantastic values for the money, and we found some great prices!

Finding great prices on photography gear is hard. But consistently, Tamron offers the best quality for the buck. Specifically, many of the new lenses they’ve made for the Sony FE system are fantastic. So here’s what we found at great prices. And if you’re not looking for Tamron lenses, consider what Samyang has. Lenses from 7Artisans are also pretty good for those who don’t mind manual focus.

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We Found a Bunch of Cameras Under $1,000. Act Fast!

These cameras are available under $1,000 right now, and they’re overall very good deals.

You’re going to want to check these out. We searched Amazon for a bunch of cameras under the $1,000 range. And guess what? We found a lot. Some of these are brand new only being introduced in the last year or so. Others have been around for a little while. But no matter what, they’re all very capable of taking fantastic images. You just need to be the one doing it. Take a look at these great prices at Cameras Under $1,000.

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We Found Great Camera Deals from Almost Every Brand

These are the camera deals you care about.

Get excited! If you’re a Sony user, we found camera deals for you. There’s also great stuff from Nikon, Tamron, and a bunch of others. You could save $300 on the Panasonic S5, which we highly praise. Best of all, we’re plugging the camera manufacturers directly. That’s right, each of these companies has its own stores on Amazon. So when you make a purchase, they’re seeing the most money: it isn’t going to another company. So, if you really wanted to show your brand support, here’s how to do it.

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Great Prices on Refurbished Canon, Nikon, and Fuji Camera Gear


These cameras are pretty much brand new, and you can give them a good home today.

We took a bit of a deep dive into the Amazon refurbished pages. There’s a whole lot on there! For those who don’t know, refurbishing a product is like taking parts of it that are old and filling it with new parts. In general, they’re pretty much brand new products. Amazon has loads of refurbished lenses, Canon gear, Nikon gear, Fujifilm gear, and even stuff from DJI.

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Save Some Money on Refurbished and Renewed Sony Lenses

These lenses for Sony E mount are renewed and refurbished, so they’re available at a lower price.

I’ve always been a huge fan of buying refurbished and renewed cameras and lenses. They typically go through stricter quality control tests. And they’re products that are basically new internally or externally. Sometimes they were floor models or went on trade shows. So we dove into Amazon’s listing to see if we could find some Sony glass at great prices. And guess what, we hit the jackpot!

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Great Prices on Renewed Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Have you been holding back on getting a new Fujifilm camera or lens? Then you can get a refurbished or renewed one that’s pretty much brand new.

There have been lots of problems with supplies and getting new cameras. But luckily, there is a lot of renewed and refurbished gear out there. If you’re wondering about refurbished cameras, have no fear. It’s basically a floor unit that was redone. Essentially, it’s a brand new camera or lens that went through stricter quality control. Most of the gear that I own is renewed or refurbished. These cameras and lenses will serve you just as well as a brand new one. Why not get it at a lower price after all? So we found some great renewed Fujifilm cameras and lenses that you’ll find below.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Into Film. Here Are Great Cameras to Choose

If you’ve never experienced the smell of a roll of Kodak Tri-x being wound into your camera, give this a shot.

Summer is nearly here in the US. And there’s never been a better time to get into film! There’s a plethora of great cameras out there, and there’s a ton in great shape at KEH. These cameras are some of the best ways to experience CineStill, Lomochrome Purple, and much more! Best of all, these cameras rank as some of the best ever made. Check out our list below!

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KEH Has Great Prices on Used Leica M Mount Gear

There isn’t much out there as unique as the experience that a Leica can give you.

The tactile experience that a Leica M camera and lens give you is unmatched. The feel of sliding a focusing tab into just the right spot is divine. Couple that with the resulting pride from getting the photo yourself and not from autofocus. You’ll end up falling in love pretty quickly with the special package in your hand. So we worked with KEH to curate a few special options, like a Red Leica M9.

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We Found Canon Gear at Tough to Beat Prices

Canon RF cameras and lenses are some of the best in the industry.

Time and time again, this site has been very pleased with Canon’s newest gear. They’ve done a fantastic job and found ways to stay on the cutting edge. Their gear can be pricey or hard to come by though. But at KEH, we found some good prices on gear that you’ll want. Be sure to check out our finds after the jump!

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