Cheap Photo: Sony a6000 w/lens $498, Sony a9 Bundle $3498, A7 II $898

These Sony Mirrorless camera deals will put a spring in your step as we head toward Easter.

If you have been the market for a new Sony Mirrorless camera, or some new Sony glass, you are going to love these amazing camera deals. Right now you can grab the Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm, and two 64GB SD cards for just $498! The Full Frame Sony A7 II with accessory bundle is only $898, and the A7 II with the 28-70mm lens with accessory bundle is only $998! Has the Sony a9 been fluttering its shutter at you? If it has you can get it with a Rode mic bundle now for $3,498! Need to see in the dark? The Sony A7s II with accessory bundle is just $1,998. Other notable deals include the X-T2 and the X-T20 which are in the final week of their sales. The X-T2 is just $899, and the X-T20 is only $599! Come on in to see the other camera deals.

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Cheap Photo: Save an Extra 20% on Stunning Presets, Overlays, Tutorials

photography software

You can get these amazing tutorials, and photography software deals for next to nothing, but you’ll have to act fast.

Have you been wanting to expand your photography knowledge? Do you want to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop in half the time that it takes now? We have found some amazing photography software and tutorials deals for you. Between April 19th and April 24th you can take an extra 20%  off of already ridiculously cheap, yet high quality photography software, and guides. You can get 4,000 Lightroom presets for just $39! You can grab 50 Easter Photo Overlays for only $15, 1850 Photoshop Actions for $29, and the ultimate guide to jump starting your commercial photography business is only $29. Remember you can take an extra 20% off of these prices too! Come on in to see all the deals! Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Final Chance to Score 9000 Lightroom Presets For Just $39

On April 19th this mega bundle of amazing Lightroom presets will see a major price increase, so don’t miss out!

Due to popular demand, the amazing bundle of 9,000 Lightroom presets will be available for just a few more days at the ridiculously low price of just $39! Yes, that’s right, $39. This bundle has a MSRP of $1,000, so at $39 you’re going to be saving a whopping 96%! This is one deal that should not be passed on. You only have until April 19th to get in on this deal! Find out about this amazing Lightroom presets package after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save 95% on These Superb Nino Batista Retouching Guides

Photography tutorials

These photography tutorials on retouching from Nino Batista will take you to the next level.

Have you always wanted to master the art of retouching your photos so that they look like the type of images that would appear in fashion magazines, or on billboards scattered around the country? Not sure where to start or what your workflow should look like? Worry no more; this huge collection of over 30 retouching tutorial videos will put you on the path to becoming a retouching master. The best part is that you’ll be able to learn from one of the industry leaders, Nino Batista, and you’ll save 95% off of the original price! Just $49 for over 13 hours of tutorials! That’s a great deal! Find out more about this tutorial bundle after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save Over $2,000 on the Canon 5DS, Fujifilm X-T2 is $899

There are some huge camera deals, and some amazing prices on lenses, guides, and tutorials right now.

Need some new gear? Has a new camera been on your shopping list for a while? If so this Cheap Photo is for you. We have found some exceptional camera deals, along with some spectacular deals on lenses and accessories too. You can pick up the Fujifilm X-T2 for just $899, and the X-T20 for only $599!. The Canon 5DS can be yours for just $1,539.99, and the Panasonic Lumix G7 has been knocked down to only $480.28. If you’re looking to get your photography business up and running, the Jump Start Your Commercial Photography Business Guide is only $29. You can save $721 on the Mega Bundle of 8,400 Lightroom presets which is only $29. Come on in and check out all of the camera deals and more.
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You Only Have Until April 11th to Grab 9,000 Lightroom Presets For $39!

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on this Mega Bundle of Lightroom Presets for just $39!

If you have always wanted to have the ultimate library of Lightroom Presets, this deal is for you, but you’re going to have to hurry because this bundle of 9,000 Lightroom presets, which normally costs $1,000, can be yours for just $39. The deal ends for good on April 11th though so you’re going to have to hurry to snap up this bargain. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Stock up on Fujifilm Emulsions Before The Huge Price Jump

Come April 15th, the price on some of your favorite Fujifilm emulsions will go up by as much as 30%.

If you love using Fujifilm emulsions such as Provia, Velvia, and Superior you might want to grab some of the film at its current prices. Come April 15th, the price of these films will go up by as much as 30%.  Fujfilm announced the price increases earlier on this year, so it should come as no surprise, but if for some reason you missed the memo, now’s the time to act.  Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save up to $721 on These Lightroom Presets and Workflows

lightroom presets

Save a ton of time in post, and create a consistent look and feel by using top quality Lightroom presets.

Behind the camera. That’s where we like to be more than anything as photographers. While image processing is something we have to do, generally speaking, the less time we can spend in front of the computer the better. That’s where presets and workflows come in to play, and man have we found some great deals on Lightroom presets and workflows for you. You can save $721 on 8,400 Lightroom presets with the Mega Bundle of Presets which is just $29, and you can get bundle of portrait retouching brushes for only $19!
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Cheap Photo: Act Fast And Grab a Fujifilm X-T2 for $899! X-T20 $599!

Camera deals like the ones we have listed here don’t come along very often!

We have found camera deals and lens sales that are so hot we’ve had to crank the air conditioning up to max! Let’s start off with the biggie shall we. $899 for a brand new Fujifilm X-T2. Yep we did say $899! That is an insane deal on an insanely good camera. Its baby brother the X-T20 is only $599 too! These camera deals really are quite amazing, and if you have been thinking about picking one of these up, now’s the time to do it. There are also some great deals on Sigma lenses like the Sigma 70mm f2.8 which has come down to $469 for Canon EF and Sony E shooters, and the Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 G2 is just $899!
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Cheap Photo: Master Landscape Photography With These Guides, Presets

travel Photography

Become a master at landscape photography with these heavily discounted guides, tutorials, and presets. 

If you have always dreamed of being able to capture gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and stunning mountain shots, but have never really known where to begin these guides, tutorials and presets are for you. With the bundles we have found for you, you’ll become a landscape photography master in no time at all. What’s even better is that the bundles have been heavily discounted for a limited time. You can grab 100 Lightroom presets that will make your landscape images sing for just $19, and you can learn all the tricks of the trade with the Learn The Art of Landscapes video series which is just $29! Come on in and see all the other landscape photography deals. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save on Sony Camera Bundles and Godox Lighting Gear

Now’s a great time to buy a new camera or some new lighting gear because these photography deals incredible!

If you have been thinking about buying some new lighting gear, or perhaps a new camera, these photography deals are for you! We have found some great deals on Sony camera bundles like the A6400 bundle with a memory card, case, filter kit, and an extra battery for just $898! There’s another similar a6400 kit that comes bundled with a 16-50mm lens too and it is only $998! Need some new lighting? Act fast because the Godox Deals expire today! The Godox AD200 is down to just $269! There are also AD200 bundles that come with the wireless transmitter for each platform for only $310.50. Need a little more power? The AD600 (non ttl) is just $494.10, and the brand new AD 400 Pro TTL is down to only $599! Check out more photography deals after the break.
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Cheap Photo: The Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens is Less than $750 Right Now

If you’re in the market to upgrade your current glass, these lens deals will make you do the happy dance.

Whether you practice wedding photography, portrait, street, landscape, sport, wildlife photography, or photo journalism, we have found lenses with huge savings for you. These lens deals are red hot and they won’t be around for long. You can pick up the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art for Canon for just $718.19!  The Fujifilm 16-55 f2.8 is a steal at $899, and the Sigma 35mm F1.4 for Nikon is a must have at $739! There are deals on Pentax glass too like the Pentax 50mm f1.4 for $996.95, and the excellent Pentax 15-30mm f2.8 which is down to $1,196.95! There are great deals for Sony users and Micro Four Thirds shooter as well like the Sony 24-70mm f4 Vario Tessar which is just $798, and the Panasonic 12-60mm f2.8-4 which can be yours for $797.99! Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save $200 on Tamron Lenses + Get a Free Tap-In Console

If you’re in the market for a 24-70mm f2.8, or a 70-200mm f2.8 these deals on Tamron Lenses are for you!

Tamron have been hitting home runs with their G2 line of lenses for a while now, and for a limited time (just 72 hours) you can pick up two of the best Tamron lenses around, the 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2, and the 70-200mm Di VC USD G2 with a discount of $200 on each; and you’ll get a free tap-in console as well. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save up to 96% on these Photography Tutorials and Presets

Photography tutorials

These photography tutorials, software, and presets are some of the best around, and they are priced just right!

Investing in yourself is one of the best things we can do. As photographers we always need to be learning, we always need to open up new doorways, and we need to explore new paths if we want to be the photographer we truly want to be. With these photography tutorials, software, and Lightroom presets you will be able to elevate your work to new heights, and you can gain confidence in many different areas. Learn how to master a model shoot with Frank Doorhof for just $49. Learn how to create dramatic portraits with Michael Grecco for only $12, and score over 8,000 professional quality Lightroom presets for only $29! That’s a massive saving of 96% off the original price!  Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: 20% or More Off on All These Lens and Camera Deals

We did some digging, and we found some pretty great lens deals and camera deals just for you.

In continuing with our efforts to find a way to get you some of the best deals we can find after tax day, we’ve found 20% or more off of both cameras and lenses. You’ll find some great options if you’re in search of a backup camera, your first real camera for someone, or if just want some new glass to help you with your inspiration. Just remember folks: your lenses are more important than your camera. We’ve also got a few others too!

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Cheap Photo: We’re Saving You a Ton of Money on Education and Presets

These Photography software deals, and sales on tutorials and guides are around only for a limited time.

You’re probably just as broke as we are after taxes–so we get it. You can’t spend a whole lot of money and that’s okay. Have you always wanted a preset for just about anything you can think of? If you answered yes then the Mega Bundle Of 8,400+ Professional Lightroom Presets can be yours for just $29! That means you save 96%! The Ultimate Boudoir Bundle for Photographers is also has a discount of 91%!! Join us after the break to see more deals that will rock your world. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: The Street Photographer’s Notebook Is Only $39

For the budding street photographer who wants a lot of inspiration and tutorials, look no further than the Street Photographer’s Notebook.

We’ve got a special deal for street photographers out there who are just starting out. For only $39, you can get a whole plethora of tutorial material. The Street Photographer’s Notebook by photographer Alex Coghe is a nice starting point for the person who wants to find a way to take their street photography further but is still just getting started. Best of all, it will help you pivot if you eventually find that you want to do something else: therefore giving you a ton of long term value.

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Cheap Photo: These Cheap 50mm Lenses Are Fantastic Choices

If you’re on the hunt for affordable but really solid 50mm lenses, then this list will be tempting.

It’s tax time here in the US, and in continuing with our search for really affordable lenses and cameras we’ve found a number of great and cheap 50mm lenses for you to choose from. We’re trying to ensure that you don’t break the bank. Because we’re catering this to full frame shooters, you’re going to find a 50mm lens with glorious bokeh that you’re seriously going to love.

So let’s take a look at the list!

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Cheap Photo: Mirrorless Camera Deals and Lenses for Under $600

Just because Uncle Sam took a chunk out of your wallet doesn’t mean that you can’t get a sweet new camera or lens.

We’d like to call this a recession special of sorts, but it really isn’t at all. However, we totally know that many of you are still looking to get your hands on a few more affordable lenses, cameras and more. So we went through and rounded up a number that we really like.

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These 100 Black and White Presets are $12 for Phoblographer Readers

These Lightroom Presets will add an air of elegance to your images with a single click!

There is always something special about black and white images. Black and white photos have an air of style about them, and with these black and white presets you can add glamour and class to portraits, you can add drama to documentary photos, and you can make landscapes and cityscapes that pop. It can take a ton of time to create the black and white look you desire in post, but this amazing bundle will take all of the hard work out of creating timeless images. With this special deal for readers of The Phoblographer, you can get 100 black and white presets for just $12! That means you can save 76% off the recommended price of $49! Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save $1900 on the D850, Score Great Deals on Lenses

See all of the camera deals, discounted lenses, pro grade printer deals, and photography accessories that are on sale.

The prices on DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras keep on falling thanks to an ultra competitive market. This means you can score some amazing savings. The camera deals we have listed below are red hot. The brand new Sony a6400 can be picked up for just $898, an import Canon EOS R with one year warranty can be yours for $1,779.99, the excellent, pocket rocket Ricoh GR II is only $496.95, and the Nikon D850 (import w/1yr warranty) is only $2,549.99. There are excellent deals on lenses from Fujifilm, Canon, Tamron, and Sigma. You can save over $200 on the Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART, and you can save over $250 on the Fujifilm 16mm F1.4 R WR. If you’re in the market for a printer, the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer has a discount of $207.71. You can save a ton on memory cards too right now.

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