Cheap Photo: Amazing Deals for Budding Photographers and Pros

Gear lust is real, and it’s alive and well.

Whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, we all have the desire for new gear. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new lens, or a new camera, maybe even some accessories. We always want more and the great thing is that we don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here is a look at some of the best deals on the web for cameras, lenses, and other amazing accessories.

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Cheap Photo: Amazon Deals for Photographers You Need to See!

If you’re looking for some amazing deals on photography gear then check out this roundup curated from Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s largest shopping mall. Sometimes, trying to find a good deal on photography gear can suck up hours of time when you should be out shooting. In this roundup, I scour the deals on Amazon and curate what stands out. Photography deals can be limited in quantity, refurbs, open boxed or otherwise. Click the Amazon links to read details on these photo deals.

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Cheap Photo: 9,000 Lightroom Preset Bundle for Under $40

You dump loads of photos into Lightroom and as a result, trying to edit each one is quite time-consuming.

Adobe Lightroom presets are a huge help in getting to that final look fast. Get 9,000 Lightroom Presets for only $39. While 9,000 presets is an insane amount to manage, it’s all organized into categories such as Cinematic, Faded, and Duotone. So here’s a tip; use ACR to test out your favorite presets, then only install those in Adobe Lightroom. If you’re using Lightroom on your mobile device, give it a few minutes and your new presets will sync up giving you some major editing power on the go.

Get the attention your work deserves with these amazing 9000 different Lightroom presets, all for just $39
Limited time offer

Even more deals are after the jump,

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Cheap Photo: Up to 33% off on 15 Deals from Canon, Sony, Sigma, and more!

July, Summer… the savings are starting to heat up around here!

There may not be any earth-shattering deals from one brand or another right now; but there are still some excellent savings to be had on the gear that you need to round out your kit. As well, Back to School and Photokina are just around the corner, so even more deals are on the way – no doubt.

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Cheap Photo: Save on These 6 Awesome Tutorials and Great Gear from Canon and Nikon

Summer is here, and that means more time for photography and more time to hone your skills with great tutorials and workshops!

Don’t worry, there are still some excellent gear deals and savings to have a look at later on in this post. But first, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite deals right now over at Photowhoa, where you can get some great tutorials and tools on a budget.

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Cheap Photo: Holiday Savings from Canon, Nikon and More!

Independence Day! July 4th is upon us and that means camera companies have some new deals going on for you to take advantage of.

Who doesn’t love a good holiday to celebrate? These are always the best times to buy gear you have been thinking about thanks to companies looking to capitalize on the joy of a holiday to separate you from your money. This July 4th is no different and several companies have some good deals you should be taking a look at!

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Cheap Photo: Save Big on These 10 Nude Photography Tutorials

Are you interested in getting better at photographing your subjects in the nude? Well, maybe one of these 10 tutorials or workshops has the information you want.

Shooting good nudes is a lot harder than the uneducated individual may think; posing and lighting are key, as is the direction that you give to your model or client in order to produce the sort of results that you are after. So, if you have been struggling with shooting nudes, or if you are just curious about the process, then we suggest taking a look at one of these 10 excellent tutorials!

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Cheap Photo: Save Up to 28% Off These Canon and Nikon DSLRs

So it’s time for another look at the best deals on gear, and today there are some great ones…

We have definitely had a lot deals lately from the mirrorless market but that doesn’t mean there are not still some excellent deals to be had on your standard DSLR cameras from big brands such as Canon and Nikon. So if you are still holding out on going mirrorless, but need to upgrade your kit, these deals below may be just what you are looking for!

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Cheap Photo: These Mirrorless Camera Bundle Deals May Be Just What You Need

How about a midweek deal update on some of the best deals saving you money right now.

Who doesn’t love to save some hard earned cash on the new toys and gear that we want to add to our kits? In this quick midweek Cheap Photo update we are featuring nine deals for you that we think you could take advantage of. Want more? Keep scrolling for even more savings. First off, check out these Mirrorless camera bundle deals.

3 Featured Camera Deals

3 Featured Tutorial/Tool Deals

3 Featured Lens Deals

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Cheap Photo: Cameras and Up To 63% Off SanDisk SD Savings!

Saturdays and Sundays are great for a couple of things. Relaxing, catching up on house work, photo projects, and saving money from the comfort of your couch.

Who doesn’t love to save some money on photography gear here and there? For those of you who are fathers out there that happened to get some money or gift cards this Father’s Day this is actually an excellent time to save some much needed money on some of the gear from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm that you have been keeping your eyes on. So here is a selection of our favorite new deals  from this past weekend…

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Cheap Photo: Save Over $7,300 on These 10 Outstanding Deals from Photowhoa

Saving money is a good thing, and as awesome as it is to save money on gear, saving money on education and tools through Photowhoa is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today we are highlighting 10 of our favorite deals currently available right now over on Photowhoa. If you add up all the savings on these deals right now you would be saving yourself over $7,300 on these products vs if you just went out an purchased them elsewhere. There is a deal for everyone, so make sure and check out the links below for the ones that catch your attention.

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Cheap Photo: The Sony A7R III is $200 Off, Time Running Out on Current Fujifilm Deals

It’s not often that cameras under a year old are discounted by much, but Sony is currently bucking that trend with the A7R III

The A7R III is arguably the best high resolution, full frame camera on the market right now in terms of its mix of features, resolution and performance. If you’ve been thinking about picking one up but have been hesitating because of the price, now may be the time to pull the trigger thanks to some new savings!

As well, there is limited time left on the current lineup of Fujifilm X-Series and GFX savings, so if you’ve been thinking about getting on the Fujifilm train make sure to check out those deals after the break.

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Cheap Photo: 2500 Lightroom Presets For Over $900 Off

Who doesn’t like trying out new photo styles from time to time? Having a lot of presets can help you discover things you didn’t know you liked.

Lightroom is still by far the most used photo processing suite right now and as such Lightroom presets remain one of the most powerful ways photographers can quickly and effortlessly change up their style. The problem is that LR Presets can often be quite expensive, but today’s deal will save you a ton. If you want to get your hands on over 2500 LR presets at over $960 off, then check that link below before its gone forever.

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Cheap Photo: Today’s Biggest Deals, Including $400 off the A7R II

Today’s top deals are ready for you, but the question is…is your wallet ready?

This style of Cheap Photo seemed to be a hit the last time that we gave it a try so here we are again with a look at the current top deals that we were able to find for this week. But also make sure to check down after the break to see even more great deals to save your wallet some money and you some piece of mind.

Top Camera Deals

Top Lens Deals

Top Education/Tool Deals

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Cheap Photo: 50% Off Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting Tutorial

Have you been struggling to up your fashion photography game? Maybe lighting is your missing link.

Those of you who are into fashion photography or are interested in learning more about it and how those looks are achieved are going to like this deal today. Photowhoa is currently offering 50% off an advanced fashion photography lighting tutorial series and this is going to be a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve their fashion photography.

Other Great Education/Tool Deals

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Cheap Photo: Today’s Top Camera, Lens, and Tutorial Deals

Today’s top deals are ready for you, but the question is…is your wallet ready?

We are going to try something a little different with today’s Cheap Photo. Rather than highlight the new additions to the list right off the bat, we are going to highlight the current top three camera deals, lens deals and education/tool deals here at the start of the post. Make sure to check out the full listing for all of the great savings you can find on the interwebs today…

Top Camera Deals

Top Lens Deals

Top Education/Tool Deals

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Cheap Photo: $58 Off the Art of Landscape Photography

Improve your landscapes, for a great price

Landscape photography is great; just get in your car, or hop on your bike, and just drive out to the nature nearest to your home and do your thing. Ok, OK, it’s not that simple, but it really can be and that is what is so great about it. But one thing about is that because it is so simple, the standard for what makes good landscape photography is that much higher. So are you struggling with reaching that bar with your landscape photography works?

Have a look at ‘The Art of Landscape Photography‘ which is currently 58$ off!

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Cheap Photo: New $1,000+ GFX Savings and More from Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s GFX is an BEAST of a camera, and right now you can save some big $$$ on it!

Fujifilm’s GFX 50s is a mirrorless medium format monster, and while it may be out of reach for many of us, Fujifilm has some killer deals on the GFX and other X-Series gear right now that may make it a more realistic option for you. Want to learn more? Check out the deals below:

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Cheap Photo: Massive Savings on Post Processing Tools, Instagram Templates and Youtube Tutorials

Photowhoa has a whole slew of new deals you should know about!

You know the best way to grow as a photographer is to always be learning new things, and taking advantage of new techniques and tools. By far one of the best ways to do this on a budget is through Photowhoa and the amazing deals that they always have on tap. They just added a bunch of new, great deals, so have a look at several of the highlights below:

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Cheap Photo: New Nikon Rebates on D750 and Other Gear!

If you’re still into having a mirror in your camera then Nikon is still an excellent choice for your next camera purchase

There is no denying that DSLRs, despite their declining sales, are still entirely relevant to today’s markets, and if you are someone invested into Nikon’s DSLR systems already then your next upgrade should probably be within that system. Heck, maybe you tried mirrorless and think DSLRs are still better for you right now. Kudos! Here are some Nikon deals that dropped:

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