Great Prices on Refurbished Canon, Nikon, and Fuji Camera Gear


These cameras are pretty much brand new, and you can give them a good home today.

We took a bit of a deep dive into the Amazon refurbished pages. There’s a whole lot on there! For those who don’t know, refurbishing a product is like taking parts of it that are old and filling it with new parts. In general, they’re pretty much brand new products. Amazon has loads of refurbished lenses, Canon gear, Nikon gear, Fujifilm gear, and even stuff from DJI.

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Save Some Money on Refurbished and Renewed Sony Lenses

These lenses for Sony E mount are renewed and refurbished, so they’re available at a lower price.

I’ve always been a huge fan of buying refurbished and renewed cameras and lenses. They typically go through stricter quality control tests. And they’re products that are basically new internally or externally. Sometimes they were floor models or went on trade shows. So we dove into Amazon’s listing to see if we could find some Sony glass at great prices. And guess what, we hit the jackpot!

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Great Prices on Renewed Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Have you been holding back on getting a new Fujifilm camera or lens? Then you can get a refurbished or renewed one that’s pretty much brand new.

There have been lots of problems with supplies and getting new cameras. But luckily, there is a lot of renewed and refurbished gear out there. If you’re wondering about refurbished cameras, have no fear. It’s basically a floor unit that was redone. Essentially, it’s a brand new camera or lens that went through stricter quality control. Most of the gear that I own is renewed or refurbished. These cameras and lenses will serve you just as well as a brand new one. Why not get it at a lower price after all? So we found some great renewed Fujifilm cameras and lenses that you’ll find below.

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This Is the Best Time to Get Into Film. Here Are Great Cameras to Choose

If you’ve never experienced the smell of a roll of Kodak Tri-x being wound into your camera, give this a shot.

Summer is nearly here in the US. And there’s never been a better time to get into film! There’s a plethora of great cameras out there, and there’s a ton in great shape at KEH. These cameras are some of the best ways to experience CineStill, Lomochrome Purple, and much more! Best of all, these cameras rank as some of the best ever made. Check out our list below!

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KEH Has Great Prices on Used Leica M Mount Gear

There isn’t much out there as unique as the experience that a Leica can give you.

The tactile experience that a Leica M camera and lens give you is unmatched. The feel of sliding a focusing tab into just the right spot is divine. Couple that with the resulting pride from getting the photo yourself and not from autofocus. You’ll end up falling in love pretty quickly with the special package in your hand. So we worked with KEH to curate a few special options, like a Red Leica M9.

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We Found Canon Gear at Tough to Beat Prices

Canon RF cameras and lenses are some of the best in the industry.

Time and time again, this site has been very pleased with Canon’s newest gear. They’ve done a fantastic job and found ways to stay on the cutting edge. Their gear can be pricey or hard to come by though. But at KEH, we found some good prices on gear that you’ll want. Be sure to check out our finds after the jump!

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Today, We’ve Got a Special Treat for Fujifilm Fans: Sales!

50mm prime lenses Fujifilm

There’s a special place in our hearts for Fujifilm cameras!

Fujifilm appeals to those of us who love ergonomics, aesthetics, and the retro feel. There are tons of us out there. Plus many of us like the film simulations that the cameras offer. If you haven’t tried them out, then you’re throwing out a large part of what the system is about. If you’re thinking about getting into the system, take a look at what KEH has! And if you’re a veteran, prepare to be tempted by some great deals!

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These Tamron Lenses Make a Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Don’t forget about the other Tamron lenses for Mother’s Day too!

This Mother’s Day, Tamron is having some fantastic sales. If you’ve had a new lens in your Amazon cart for a while, this may be the one! This sale is pretty fantastic all around with instant rebates on premium zoom lenses. As an owner of the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD, I can attest. In fact, I can’t recommend that lens enough. But if you’re into birding, their 70-300mm option is a great all-around choice. Searching for a solid, affordable, weather-sealed, and high-quality telephoto zoom for your Sony camera? This is it! Take a look at our list of great Tamron Lenses down below!

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20 Lenses Under $500 We Found on Amazon. You’ll Love This!

We dove into the Amazon search pages to find some of the best deals on lenses right now.

If you’re a Sony, Canon, Fuji or Nikon user, we’ve got something for you. We found a bunch of lenses at under $500 for you to check out right here. Specifically, we found a bunch of prime lenses because we know you love them. Some of these savings won’t last long. And if you’re curious about how these lenses perform, try our Reviews Index or our Search bar on the right.

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Short and Sweet: The Best Camera Deals and Lens Deals Right Now

These camera and lens deals are the best ones available on the market at the moment.

With Mother’s Day sales happening right now, there are great deals to be had on new cameras and lenses. As far as camera deals go, you can’t go wrong with the Sony a7 III at an insanely low price. After you grab that camera, why not take advantage of the Tamron lens deals happening right now? It’s a great time to go out and get into bird photography. And for what it’s worth, Tamron’s lenses are seriously underrated. I personally own two. Check out our roundup of camera and lens deals after the jump.

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A Great 60MP Camera for $2,998! Grab the Sony a7r IV While You Can!

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

The Sony a7r IV is a megapixel monster, and it’s not the only Sony camera on sale!

There are some incredible deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras right now! The headline of this sale is the Sony a7r IV. With a huge discount of $501.99, this 60MP camera has dropped in price to just $2,998! The IBIS infused a6600 can be yours for $1,198, the a7r III is only $2,298, and the Sony a9 has a discount of over $1,000! There are many more Sony cameras on sale too. If you have been thinking about jumping over to Sony or just need a second camera, these deals are for you! Head on past the break to see all the huge savings.

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Big Sale: Now’s the Time to Stock Up and Save on Sony Lenses and More

sony e mount 24mm GM

If you need some new Sony lenses or a new Alpha camera, act now and save!

Are you in the market for a new Sony E mount zoom? How about a new fast prime? If so, you’re in luck as Sony has a huge sale going on right now. You can save $300 on the Sony 24-105mm f4 G OSS. The Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master has dropped to just $1,798. And the brilliant Sony 24mm f1.4 G master has a steep discount too: you can pick one up for only $1,298! Lenses aren’t the only thing on sale. Sony has slashed prices of the a7r IV ($2,998), the a7r III ($2,298), and many more cameras like the a6600, the ZV-1, and the RX100. If you need new Sony lenses or have been thinking about jumping to Sony, now’s the time to do it.

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We Can’t Believe the Prices of These Amazing Panasonic Cameras!

You can save thousands of dollars thanks to some of these deals!

Whether you’re looking to jump into the Micro Four Thirds system or if you just want a Full Frame camera, these deals have you covered. Panasonic is having a spring blowout. The full-featured M4/3 G9 with some of the best IBIS around is only $1,097.99. Just starting out and want a kit with lenses? The M4/3 Lumix GX85 with two lenses is only $597.99. The Full Frame Panasonic S5 is $1,697.99 for the body and just $1,997.99 with the excellent 20-60mm kit lens. You can even get your hands on the 47MP S1R for $2,479.95 and the videography-centric S1H for $3,697.99. The deals on these Panasonic cameras won’t last long, so snap them up while you can. See more savings after the break.

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There’s A $300 Discount on the Great Panasonic Lumix S5! $1,697.99!

The discount makes the Panasonic Lumix s5 a Full-Frame bargain!

If you’re looking for a Full-Frame Mirrorless camera and want a bargain, have we got a deal for you. The new Panasonic S5 has just gone on sale. There’s a $300 discount on the body only (It’s just $1,697.99) and a $300 discount on the body with the 20-60mm kit lens ($1,997.99). We think that the Panasonic Lumix s5 is the bee’s knees when it comes to Full-Frame L mount Panasonic cameras. Find out more about this camera and the sale after the break.

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Cameras on Sale: Start Creating on the Cheap and Never Look Back!

eos m50

Pick up any of these cameras on sale and start the spring creative season with a pep in your step!

Spring is one of the best times of the year to get outside and create. If you dusted off your old camera and have decided it’s time for a new one, you need to see these deals. The Canon M50 with a kit lens is just $599! The Nikon Z50 is only $829 and just $1,196.95 with two Z mount lenses! What a bargain! There are tons of deals on Panasonic cameras well. The Micro Four Thirds G9 is just $997.99, and the G7 with two lenses (yes, two lenses), is only $497.99! Head on past the break to see all the cameras on sale.

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On Sale: Stimulate Your Creativity (and Save) With These Olympus Lenses

Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Pro

These Olympus lenses are already affordable, now, they’re absolute bargains!

Are you in need of some new lenses for your Micro Four Thirds cameras? Do you want to stay on the right side of the bank manager (or spouse)? If so, you need to see the deals on these Olympus lenses. The sale includes some of Olympus’s most popular lenses for the M4/3 platform. You can pick up the excellent Olympus 25mm f1.8 for just $299. The 17mm f1.2 Pro can be yours for only $1,149, and the brilliant 8mm f1.8 Fisheye Pro is only $899.99. There are zooms on sale too. The Olympus 14-150mm f4-5.6 II is just $499! There are even more bargains listed in here too! See the rest after the break.

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Great Deals: Stock Up on Photography Accessories Before They Vanish

These photography accessories are must-haves for any photographer.

We all know how difficult it is right now to find many items in stock. Cameras, lenses, and even other photography accessories are being hit by the supply chain crunch. However, you can still find good deals on camera bags, tripods, and SD cards. How much longer they’ll be readily available is anyone’s guess. So, now is a good time to stock up and save. You can get a Lexar UHS-II 128GB SD Card for just $37.23! Sony’s Tough G series UHS-II 64GB card can be had for $99.99. Need a new camera bag? You can save $50 on the Domke F-X5B (perfect for a fixed lens camera.) You can even get your hands on a Vanguard tripod with a ball head for just $89.95. See all the photography accessories on sale after the break.

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On Sale: Thought-Provoking Photography Books That Will Open Your Eyes

Slow down, relax, and learn with these incredible photography books.

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world where we’re always on the go. It can do the body and the mind good to slow down and relax. If, however, you still want to learn about the thing we love (photography), you might want to pick up a good photography book. You can grab Bruce Barnbaums The Art of Photography for just $40.75. The New Woman Behind the Camera is only $45.48, and Camera Lucida: Reflections On Photography is just $13.49! There are more deals on dozens of photography books that cover culture, and there are tutorial books too. See all the deals on photography books after the break.

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5 Refurbished Camera Deals You Can Get Right Now

It’s tough to get your hands on new cameras right now because of global supply.

Fact: there’s a big problem right now with the global supply of cameras. It’s one of the reasons why prices are going up. But that means that the second-hand market is going to flourish a bit. If you really want a camera, now is a good time to spring for one. So we went ahead and found a few good deals for you to focus on. Believe it or not, in some cases, even eBay was more expensive than what we’ve found. Here are some great refurbished cameras we’ve found.

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Save on New and Renewed Nikon Z Gear While You Can!

If you’ve been thinking about switching to the Nikon Z platform or want some cheap lenses, this one is for you.

If you’re looking for new and/or renewed gear in the flavor of Nikon Z, you’ll like this Cheap Photo. We have found deals on both Nikon Z cameras and lenses. You can grab the Nikon Z50 with a lens for just $896.95! A renewed Full-Frame Z5 with a 24-50m lens is only $1,279.95! That’s a big saving of $317! A Z6 with the 24-70mm f4 is just $1,989 renewed too. You can also save on both new and renewed Z lenses like the NIKKOR Z 20mm f1.8 that’s just $749! See all of the deals on gear from team yellow after the break.

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