Deal Alert: Prices on Sigma Lenses Are Very, Very Good Right Now

You can grow your lens collection on the cheap thanks to these deals on Sigma lenses.

If you have been eyeing Sigma lenses, or if the Sigma fp has caught your eye, now is the time to buy! You can save hundreds during Sigma’s Seasons of Savings event on lenses like the 35mm f1.4, which is just $599 for CanonNikon, and Sony, and you can save over $400 on the Sigma 70-200nn f2.8 Sport for both Nikon and Canon. There are deals on the Sigma fp too. You can pick up one of these Full Frame L-mount cameras for just $1,799, or if you want to get one with the 45mm f2.8 Contemporary, it can be yours for just $2,050! If you want a mount converter, you’re in luck: both the MC-11 (Canon EF to Sony E) and the MC-21 (Canon EF to L-mount) are on sale for $199! Check out all the deals on Sigma lenses and more after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic Have Huge Lens Sales

zoom lenses

If you’re looking for cheap glass, check out these lens deals from some of the biggest names around.

Roll up, roll up and be prepared to be amazed at the awesome lens deals we have found. There are fantastic deals on Canon lenses like the 50mm f1.4, which is $349, and the excellent 85, f1.8, which has dropped down to $349. Nikon has a lot of their new Z lenses on sale like the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f4, which is just $899, and the NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f4, which has dropped to $1,246.95. If you shoot with Micro Four Thirds cameras, you’ll love the deals from Olympus and Panasonic. The genuinely excellent Olympus 75mm f1.8 can be yours for just $849, the Olympus 25mm f1.8 is a steal at $299, and the workhorse Panasonic 12-60mm f2.8-4 can be yours for only $897.95!

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Cheap Photo: Canon M50 Kit $499, EOS RP $899, Sony a6000 $398

eos m50

These Canon and Nikon Camera deals are some of the best we have seen this year!

We have found some red hot deals on cameras from Canon, Nikon, and Sony. If you act fast enough, you can grab the Canon M50 with a lens for just $499! The Sony a6000 is down to just $398 ($638 with two lenses), and the pocket monster Sony a6100 is only $598! The Canon EOS RP has dropped to $899, the 32.5 Megapixel Canon EOS M6 II is just $799, and the 42 Megapixel Sony a7r II can be yours for just $1,398. Prefer Nikon? The D7500 DSLR is down to $896.95, the z6 is only $1,796.95, and the workhorse D750 is now just $1,496.95. Jump past the break to see all the other excellent camera deals we have found.

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Deal of the Day: 20% off Across all of PhotoWhoa’s Tutorials and Presets

The New PhotoWhoa Plus gets you 20% off all their products.

You folks have spent lots of time and money over at PhotoWhoa before, so today’s news is great for all of you! Today, PhotoWhoa is creating PhotoWhoa Plus–a brand new membership program that gets you 20% off the entire store overall. So you’ll save on Lightroom Presets, Black and White tutorials, Boudoir shooting necessities, street photography software enhancements, portraiture needs, landscape editing tools, etc. But in addition to that, you also get up to 6 exclusive deals for free! If you don’t want free stuff and steeper discounts though, we’ve got some essentials for you below.

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Cheap Photo: 20 PS Actions Just $1.99, and Lots More Photography Deals

lightroom presets

You won’t find better photography deals on Photoshop actions, Tutorials, or Lightroom presets anywhere else on the web.

Now is the perfect time to learn some new skills or to work on your huge library of images, and we’ve found the best deals to help you do both without breaking the bank. Want to learn about the boudoir business? The Boudoir Photoshoot Marketing Bundle is just $19.99. Do you want to become an Instagram master? Check out the Instagram 101 tutorial, which is just $19. You can learn all about Lightroom with Serge Ramelli for $19.95, landscape photography with Scott Kelby for $17.38, and how to pose anyone with Lindsay Adler for only $20.49! You can also pick up 20 Photoshop actions for just $1.99, and there are bundles of Lightroom presets starting at just $29, and a Capture One Styles pack for just $39! Come and check out all the other photography deals we have found on tutorials, presets, software, and more after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Sony a6000 for $398, a6100 $588, a7II $898, a7R II $1,398

camera deals

If you have been eyeing Sony Cameras, now is the time to snap them up!

These deals on Sony cameras really shouldn’t be passed up. There are HUGE savings to be had here. You can pick up the impressive APS-C a6000 for just $398! Yes, that’s right, $398! The new a6100, which came out last year and blew us away during our review, has dropped to only $588. The Full Frame Sony A7 II is just $898, and for just an extra $100 you can get it with a 28-70mm lens (just $998)! Not only are there more deals on Sony cameras after the break, but there are some great deals on E mount lenses too! Come and check them out!

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Learn from Joel Grimes, Chris Orwig, August Dering and More for FREE!

We have found some of the best FREE photography tutorials, eBooks, and presets on the web for you.

Now is the perfect time for us to be learning new skills, and if you’re worried about spending money on tutorials, this roundup will put you at ease: all of the items listed here are free! That’s right, you can learn from Joel GrimesThorsten Von OvergaardChris OrwigAugust Dering, and Nucly without spending a cent! There are free photography tutorials that cover composite photos and Photoshop. You’ll find free Capture One styles, free Lightroom brushes, and free eBooks too. Jump past the break to see all the freebies we rounded up. 

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How You Can Create Cinematic Images for Just $39

capture one style packs photowhoa

At just $39, you can get cinematic images with this Capture One Styles Pack.

Capture One Pro is an outstanding image editor, and ever since version 12 came along, third parties have been able to design and develop style packs for it. Until now, a lot of those styles packs have been a hundred dollars or more, but those crazy price points are a thing of the past. You can get your hands on a Capture One Styles Pack that will blow you away for just $39. For a limited amount of time, you can save 50% on this Capture One Style Packs from Nathan Elson that will give you gorgeous black and white images and incredible cinematic looks that would take hours to create yourself. Jump past the break to find out more about this deal. 

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Cheap Photo: EOS R Under $1,700, 7500 Presets Only $39, and More

Canon EOS R

These camera deals and sales on tutorials are some of the best we’ve seen so far this year.

Now’s the time to spring into action if you have been holding off on picking up a new camera, or have been waiting for great deals on tutorials and more. Right now, you can pick up the Panasonic G9 for only $997.99, the rangefinder-style Panasonic GX9 is only $797.99, and the GH5 can be yours for $1,297.99. You can also score a Canon EOS R for under $1,700 too! If you’re in the mood for learning, you can get a copy of Vanessa Joy’s Off-Camera Flash handbook for $27.99, and if you want to edit your images with ease, you can get your hands on 7500 Lightroom presets for just $39. Join us after the break for camera deals and more.

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Cheap Photo: Need a 50mm Lens for Around $50? Plus Photo Accessories

We have found great deals on photography accessories that will help you grow your skills and make your life easier.

First off, that deal on a 50mm lens for around $50 can be found here. And if you’re looking for some deals on photography accessories that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place. We found great deals on camera bags, tutorials, lighting gear, and more. Right now, you can pick up the fantastic Portage Supply Kenora backpack for just $69, the Bowery from ONA for just $163, and the Tenba DNA Messenger 15 for just $139.99. The Godox AD 200 can be yours for only $255, and you get the round head Godox V1 flash for Canon cameras for just $221. Are you looking to grow your skills? There are great deals on Kindle books like How to Create Stunning Digital Photography, which is only $9.99, and there are deals on video tutorials, too, like the Ultimate Landscape Photography Course, which can be yours for only $29. There are also deals on presets and more. Check them all out after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Fujifilm X-T30 $799, 7500 LR Presets $39, Tutorials, More

mirrorless cameras

We have rounded up some of the best photography deals on the web for you; trust us when we say you don’t want to miss these deals.

We have found some great photography deals for you guys. If you’re in the market for a new camera, some affordable lenses, or some tutorials that you can learn from while you’re stuck inside, we have you covered. Right now you can grab the Fujifilm X-T30 for just $799, the Canon EOS R is now under $1,700, and the Pansonic Lumix G9 has a discount of $502! There are great deals on Tamron lenses like the 45mm f1.8 for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts: it’s just $399, while their new 20mm f2.824mm f2.8, and 35mm f2.8 E mount lenses are only $299 each! We have also found deals on photography books like Mastering Macro Photography, which is only $9.15, and on presets too, like the bundle of 7500 of lightroom presets for just $39. Join us after the break for all the best photography deals.

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Just $29!!: Create Works of Art with This Photoshop FX Bundle

photography tutorials

If you want to make your work stand out from the crowd, this Photoshop action bundle is for you!

We have all seen images on Instagram and other photo-sharing platforms that make us take a second look due to the excellent effects applied, and we often wish we could apply some of the same effects to our own images. Did you know that you can do it, and that it is much easier than you might think? That’s where this incredible Amazing Artistic Photo FX bundle comes into play. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to transform your pictures into images that will that turn heads and make jaws drop, and for a limited time this bundle has fallen in price from $625 to just $29! Join us after the break for the details.

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Cheap Photo: Panasonic G7 w/2 Lens Kit $498, XT30 $699, EOS RP $899

There are some true bargains in this roundup of camera deals.

Are you looking for a feature-packed camera on the cheap? If so, you’re going to love this roundup of camera deals. The Canon EOS RP is just $899 right now, and you can get your very own Fujifilm X-T30 for just $699! One of the best deals we have found is the sale on the Panasonic G7. This camera comes with two lenses for just $497.99! That’s a $502 discount! You can also find deals on the brand new Tamron E mount, 20mm24mm, and 35mm f2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 lenses. They’re just $299 each! Head on past the break to see many other camera deals and more.

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Tamron’s Sale Sees Their New f2.8 E Mount Primes Drop to $299 Each!

If you’re looking for some bargain, check out the deals on these Tamron lenses!

Tamron has just updated the current sale prices and right now you can get some fantastic Tamron lenses (including some G2 models), and the brand new Sony E mount Di III OSD M1:2 lenses on the cheap. Need some new fast primes? The excellent Tamron SP 45mm f1.8 Di VC USD has dropped to just $399 for both Canon and Nikon DSLRs! That’s an absolute steal, and the sharp Tamron SP 35mm f1.4 has been added to the list too! It is just $699 for both Canon EF and Nikon F mount version. The Tamron SP 15-30mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 is now only $1,199 (Canon and Nikon), which is a steal too! The biggest surprise, though, are the new Tamron Di III OSD M1:2 lenses for Sony E Mount cameras (the 20mm f2.8, the 24mm f2.8, and the 35mm f2.8), which have all fallen to only $299 each! Check out all of the other deals on Tamron lenses after the break.

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Bored at Home? Here’s 7 Deals Under $40 on Presets and Photo Tutorials

We know that photographers are bored at home and going stir crazy, so entertain yourself!

Photography is something that often needs to be done face to face and out and about in public. But the whole post-production stage of it and specific genres can be done easily at home. For those that hate presets, we’d love you to welcome this thought: if you could theoretically make $2,000 for an hour of work vs. 12 hours of work, why would you not try to make all that money in an hour? Think of all the things that you can do with the other 11 hours! You could binge-watch Tiger King! You could learn something new! You can cook! Or, you can get a workout in or literally anything else. These Presets help with this by giving you a starting place for editing. Then eventually, you tweak them to your own liking and create the style of imagery that people will hire you for. Even if you’re not a professional, a semi-professional photographer making taxable income off of these photos can supplement their revenue easily. And if you’re just a hobbyist, you’re going to have fun experimenting and playing around. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of presets and essential tutorials below.

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Cheap Photo: Stock Up on Cheap Photography Accessories While You Can

post processing

We’ve found some great deals on photography accessories, so stock up and be ready for when we can get out and shoot again.

Looking for some great deals on photography accessories, or on presets and photoshop actions? You’re in the right place. We have found deals on camera bags like the Tenba DNA 15 Messenger, which is just $139.99, and the Lowepro Fastpack BP250, which is just $89.99! Maybe you need some accessories for your computer? You can pick up a wireless 2TB Hard Drive with an integrated SD reader from Western Digital for only $149.99, and the Datacolor SpyderX Pro is only $151.88! You can also save 50% on select Lightroom presets and Photoshops actions by using the code EXCLUSIVE50 at checkout. This means you can get over 1500 Lightroom presets for just $14.50, and over 2500 Photoshop overlays for only $14.50! Join us after the break to see all the deals on must-have photography accessories.

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Cheap Photo: Free Photography Lessons from Joel Grimes and More

photography lessons

Make the most of your time inside by expanding your knowledge with these free photography lessons.

Now is the perfect time to learn some new skills. Once this whole quarantine is over, you’ll be able to bust back out onto the photography scene with some great new skillsets. Right now, you can register for a FREE live photography masterclass with Thorsten Von Overgaard, where you will learn how to become a master storyteller. You can also sign up for another FREE masterclass with Chris Orwig, who will show you how to capture emotions, produce artistic images, and master natural light. We also have great deals for you from Joel Grimes. If you want to become a master of one light photography, you can get his course for just $57, and you can register for his FREE masterclass as well. Check out all of the photography lessons after the break. 

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Stuck Indoors? Save 50% on LR Presets, Overlays and Refresh Your Pics

lightroom presets

Put your spare time to use by touching up your image library and by creating new works of art with LR presets and PS actions and Overlays.

If you’re like millions of others around the globe who have a bit more spare time at home these days, now is the perfect time to grab some of these awesome LR presets, PS overlays, actions, and more. Pick up these bundles and you’ll be able to revisit some of your old images so you can give them a makeover, or spruce up your new work! The best part is you can save 50% on bundles right now. Just use the code EXCLUSIVE50 at checkout! You can get a 1500+ Lightroom preset bundle for $14.50, 2500 Professional Photoshop Overlays for $14.50, the Ultimate Boudoir Bundle is only $14.50, and the Photo FX bundle is also just $14.50! There are a ton of other LR Presets and PS actions and overlays on sale too, so jump past the break and check them out.

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Cheap Photo: Canon 80D Kit $865, Fujifilm X-T30 $699, X-T3 $1,199

mirrorless cameras

Snap up these camera deals while you can.

If you’re twiddling your thumbs at home while we ride out this unprecedented time in our history, just know that you can still score some great camera deals from the comfort of your home. Right now, you can grab the Canon 80D with a lens for just $864.99, the Fujifilm X-T30 has dropped to just $699, and the X-T3 is only $1,199 ($1,299 with the battery grip). You can also get your hands on the Full Frame Nikon D610 with a 50mm f1.8 lens and accessory bundle for $896.95, and the 42 Megapixel Sony a7r II is just $1,398. There are lots more camera deals to see after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Fujifilm GF 50mm f3.5 $499, Tamron 45mm f1.8 $399, More

Fujifilm FUJINON GF50mm

You’re not going to want to miss out on these outstanding lens deals and deep discounts on photography accessories!

We found some brilliant lens deals and some incredible deals on accessories for you guys and gals. Fujifilm GFX users, you can pick up the excellent GF 50mm f3.5 Pancake lens for just $499! That’s a $500 discount. Nikon F and Canon EF shooters, the brilliant Tamron 45mm f1.8 is crashed down in price to only $399! There are also deals for Sony shooters too, like the razor-sharp Rokinon 14mm f2.8 ultra-wide, which is now just $599, and Micro Four Thirds shooters can snap up the Panasonic 25mm f1.8 for only $147.99! We have also found outstanding deals on tripods, lights (like the AD400 Pro TTL for $584), and on SD cards too. Join us after the break to see all of the lens deals and much more.

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Cheap Photo: The Fujifilm X-T3 + Grip for $1,299, Free Joel Grimes Class

The camera deals just keep on getting better and better.

We have found some cracking camera deals, and deals on tutorials presets and photoshop actions for you. If you have been eyeing the Fujifilm X-T3, now is the time to pounce. You can grab the X-T3 with a battery grip for just $1,299! That’s a steal! The Panasonic S1 has a $500 discount bringing it down to $1,997.99, and the 42 Megapixel Sony A7r II is only $1,398! Want to learn some new skills? You can grab the Joel Grimes One Light Masterclass for only $57. If you want to learn how to shoot boudoir and tasteful nudes, pick up Dan Hostettler’s 7-1 mega bundle for just $69(NSFW). You can also find great deals on Joel Grime’s Photoshop Beauty Brushes, which are down to only $27, and you can even sign up for his FREE masterclass! Yes FREE! Join us after the break to see all of the camera deals and more.

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