Get the Cinematic Look in Your Photos Quickly with This $39 LUT Bundle

7,000 LUTs that give a cinematic look with ease for just $39!

We talk a lot about presets and how they can help create incredibly unique images in Lightroom and Capture One. However, we rarely mention Photoshop when it comes to presets. Now, though, we have a reason to. We have found a LUT bundle that features over 7,000 options to help give your images the much desired cinematic look. The best part, this bundle of LUTs costs just $39 (regularly $499). Find out more, and look at samples after the break.

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Deal Alert: The Excellent Fujifilm XT200 With Lens is Just $499.95! WOW!

This sale on the genuinely fantastic Fujifilm XT200 offers up one of the best deals of the year!

The Fujifilm XT200 is perhaps one of the least talked about cameras in the Fujifilm line up. This is a real shame because the Fujifilm XT200 is a brilliant camera that’s incredibly fun to use. It’s small, it has gorgeous retro styling, it has one of the best LCDs and touchscreens (3.5-inch) in the business, and right now, it’s just $499.95! That price also includes the quite excellent XC15-45mm kit lens too!. If you’re in the market for a camera that can produce fantastic images and some of the best JPEGS around, you need to check out this deal. Jump past the break for more info.

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Deal Alert: Save $300 On Rokinon’s Excellent 35mm F1.4 and More

rokinon lenses

These E Mount Rokinon lenses are genuine bargains that all Sony shooters should take a closer look at.

Sony shooters. If you’re looking for an affordable way to expand your lens collection, you need to see these deals! Rokinon has some huge discounts on some of their excellent fast primes right now. You do not want to miss out. For a limited time, you can get the excellent Rokinon 35mm AF (autofocus) f1.4 for just $499! That’s a discount of $300! Their 50mm f1.4 AF is only $399, and their ultra-wide 14mm f1.4 AF is just $599 (regularly $849). See all the deals on Rokinon lenses after the break.

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30 Photography Tutorials and Big Editing Bundles Are Just $9 Each!

These photography tutorials from Joel Grimes will help you learn new skills from the comfort of your home.

Nine bucks can’t buy you a whole lot these days. You’re lucky if you can buy a couple cups of coffee or lunch with that much money. Still, what if we told you just $9 could change your life? It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true. For a limited time, you can get over 30 photography tutorials, texture packs, and brush bundles for just $9 each! These photography tutorials can teach you the skills you need to advance in the world of photography, and the brush and texture packs will help save you time. For just $9, you can learn about lighting and portraiture, and you can get incredible Photoshop brushes that will make your images stand out from the crowd. Skip the coffee and invest in your future. Come and see all the photography tutorials and bundles you can get for just $9 after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Huge Sale On Sony Cameras and Lenses

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

There are some mega savings on great Sony cameras and all sorts of lenses.

If you have been thinking about switching to Sony, now’s the time to do it. There are some huge discounts on Sony cameras (including the a7 III at $1,779), and on multiple E mount lenses. The capable Sony a6000 is only $448, and the Sony a7 II with a mega accessory bundle and a lens is just $998. The image-stabilized Sony a6600 with a lens is only $1,598. There’s a ton of lenses on sale too. The Rokinon 35mm f1.4 with autofocus is only $499 (Save $300), and Tamron’s 28-75mm f2.8 has dropped to just $769. Sigma’s Bokeh king, the 105mm f1.4, has a discount of $194! There are over 25 money-saving deals on Sony cameras and E mount lenses. Come and check them out.

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Cheap Photo: Tamron’s New 24mm F2.8 Is Just $245 (and Much More)

Whether you shoot Canon, Nikon or, Sony, there are Tamron lenses on sale for you.

These deals on Tamron lenses are fantastic! We’ve found discounts on Canon, Nikon, and Sony glass that will help you save hundreds. The new Tamron 24mm f2.8 for Sony is just $245, the 35mm f2.8 for Sony is only $279, and the 20mm f2.8 for Sony is just $290! Canon and Nikon shooters, you can pick up the fantastic 45mm f1.8 for only $399! You can also save $110 on the excellent Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 for E mount. It’s down to just $769. There are lots more deals on Tamron lenses after the break. Come and check them out.

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Photography Guides: Learn New Skills from the Best Around

These photography guides and tutorials will help take your skills and knowledge to a new level.

Would you like to increase your photographic knowledge? Perhaps you’d like to broaden your horizons when it comes to photography and culture? Well, we have found great deals on photography guides and books that will help you do both. You can learn about landscape photography with Scott Kelby for just $18,69. You can master posing with help from Lindsay Adler for only $26.49. Want to know more about street photography? The Masters of Street Photography can be yours for only $24.99! All of the books and photography guides after the break will help you grow and become a better photographer. They’ll save you money too!

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Camera Deals: Save Thousands On Like New Cameras, S1R $2,399.95

We’ve found some spectacular refurbished camera deals that can save you serious money.

Did you know you can save thousands of dollars on like-new refurbished cameras? It’s true. And they come with warranties. If you need a new camera and want to save some cash, check these camera deals. Pick up the Panasonic S1R for $2,399.95 and save $1,298.04. The 50MP Canon 5DS is just $1,099 (save $2,400), and the Canon 5DSR is $1,576.73 (save $2,122.37). Want a Leica? Save $902.49 on the Leica SL. It’s just $3,609.95. You can even get Nikon’s new D780 on the cheap too. You can pick up this monster DLSR for just $1,899.95. There are a lot more camera deals after the break. Don’t miss out.

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Cheap Photo: Big Deals On Lighting, Bags, Accessories and More

If you need some cheap lighting gear or some new photography accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to add off-camera flash into your workflow? If so, check out these deals. You can get the GODOX V1 with gels for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, M4/3, and Sony cameras for just $238.30! The 600ws Flashpoint XPLOR is only $559.20. Want a new camera bag? The Portage Supply Kenora has a clearance price of just $69. There are great deals on tripods and storage too. Victiv’s travel tripod with ball head is just $79.99! That’s a $90 discount! You can also pick up a 64GB UHS-II SD card for only $24.99! Check out all the photography accessories on sale after the break.

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Just $9 Each: 30 Big Brush, Texture Packs, and Guides From Joel Grimes

These Bundles from Joel Grimes usually cost up to $79 each!

We have found some of the deals of the year on brushes, guides, and texture packs from the world-renowned photographer, Joel Grimes. Each bundle (30 in all) has dropped in price to just $9 for a very limited time. There are course bundles like his Rembrandt Cross Light Course, Natural Light, Head Shots, and Beauty Portraits that are all just $9 each! Joel’s Rain Splash Brushes, Snow and Lightning Brushes, and Cloud and Skies Brushes are all only $9 each, and there are seven different texture bundles on sale for $9 each too! You don’t want to miss out on these deals.

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Cheap Photo: Master Photo Editing with These Great Presets and Guides

These very affordable photo editing bundles (some are even free) are must-haves for creators.

Learn the skills you need to take your photography to the next level. Photo editing is an essential and sometimes challenging part of photography, but it can be made easier with top quality guides, presets, and brushes. Those can help you edit like the pros. We have found terrific deals on presets! There’s this Lightroom bundle from Kelvin Pimont, which is just $27 (regularly $395). His LR brushes are a steal at only $19. You can also grab The One Light Masterclass from Joel Grimes for just $57. Or why not pick-up this fantastic free photo composite course from Rikard Rodin, as well as his spectacular atmosphere brushes for only $27! To see all the photo editing deals, head past the break.

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Cheap Photo: These Cameras Under $1,000 Are Genuine Bargains!

You can get feature-packed cameras for under $1,000, but you’ll have to hurry if you want them at their sale prices.

Long gone are the days when you would have to spend thousands of dollars to get great cameras. Today, we have rounded up some of the best deals on fantastic cameras for under $1,000. The Nikon Z50 with a lens is just $850, while the Sony A7 II with a lens and a huge accessory bundle is just $998. The Olympus E-M10 III is only $449, the Panasonic G9 is just $997.99, and the Sony A6000 is a real bargain at only $448! We have found over a dozen deals that showcase fantastic, feature-rich cameras for under $1,000. If you need a new camera and don’t want to break the bank, these are the deals you need to see.

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$29 Or Less: Big Savings on Photography Guides, Presets, More

lightroom presets

Learn, create, and grow with these photography guides, preset bundles, and more, which all cost $29 or less!

Are you ready to take your photo editing skills to the next level? Do you want to learn new skills and expand your knowledge? If you answered yes, these deals on photography guides, presets, and actions are for you. You can pick up over 5,000 Lightroom presets for just $29, over 2,500 photoshop actions for $29, and 60 retouching actions from Nino Batista for $29. Want to master long exposures? This guide for $29 will teach you all you need to know, and this Lightroom tutorial will have you editing like a pro in no time at all for just $29. We have also found a deal on DeNoise software that will make noise in your images vanish, and it’s only $14! Join us after the break to see all of the deals on photography guides, presets, software, and more.

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Deal Alert: Save Up to $100 on Excellent Tamron Lenses While You Can

e mount lenses

These Tamron lenses with Sony’s E mount are cheaper than ever before!

Tamron has been knocking it out of the park with their lenses for Sony’s E mount cameras lately, and now you can get two of their very best on the cheap for a limited time. The Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD has crashed in price to just $799, and the versatile Tamron 28075mm f2.8 Di III RXD has plummeted to only $799 as well. This is the cheapest we have ever seen these lenses. Join us after the break for more details.

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Big Deals: Fujifilm’s Brilliant XT3 Is Just $999, XA7 Is Only $499, and More

You can save mega-money on select Fujifilm cameras right now.

Have you been thinking about joining team Fujifilm, but been waiting until a huge sale to arrive? If so, now is the time for you to jump right in. There are fantastic deals on Fujifilm cameras, including the X-T3, which has dropped in price to just $999! You can even pick one up with the excellent 18-55mm f2.8-4 for only $1,399! You can also save on cameras like the X-A7, the X-E3, and you can even save $1,000 on the brilliant Medium Format monster, the Fujifilm GFX 50R. Head past the break to see all the deals.

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Deal Alert: Save Big, Learn About Fine Art Nudes for Just $69! (NSFW)

This fantastic fine art nudes tutorial from Dan Hecho will set you on the path to success in this challenging genre.

We all love improving ourselves and learning new things, and when you have the chance to learn from the best in the industry, you need to jump at the chance and strike while the iron is hot, especially when there are significant savings on the table. If you have ever wanted to break into the genre of fine art nudes, now is the time because this incredible fine art nudes tutorial from Dan Hecho currently has a discount of over $100! That’s right; for just $69 you can learn how to capture the human form and create stunning fine art nudes from start to finish. Find out more about this photography tutorial after the break.

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Photo Editing: Grab Pro LR Brushes From $27, Guides, Freebies, More

You can save hundreds on LR brush and preset bundles from world-class editors, and these free photo editing tutorials and are must-haves.

Do you want to learn the skills you need to take your photography to the next level? If so, you absolutely must see these photo editing deals. These aren’t just any bundles; they’re from the best in the business. There are great deals on presets like this Lightroom bundle from Kelvin Pimont, which is just $27, and Kelvin’s package of LR brushes is a steal at only $19. You can also grab The One Light Masterclass from Joel Grimes for just $57 and his world-class Lightroom beauty brushes for just $27! Snap up this fantastic free photo composite course from Rikard Rodin, too, as well as some of his dramatic atmosphere brushes for just $27! That’s an 88% discount! Like black and white photography? See Chris Orwig’s Black and White Masterclass, which is only $19! To see all the photo editing deals, head past the break.

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Save 70%: 1,675 Presets, Overlays, and Brushes for Just $29

Make photo editing fun and easy with these overlays, presets, and brushes.

Photo editing can quickly become a chore, and it can also be incredibly time-consuming if you have a large batch of images to go through. You may quickly find that many of your pictures will go untouched because you simply run out of steam or time to edit them all, but if you use overlays, brushes, and presets, not only can photo editing become fun again, it can also save a ton of time. This fantastic bundle will get you 750 Lightroom presets, 650 Adobe Camera Raw presets, 225 Overlays, and 50 retouching brushes for just $29! Not only will you be able to edit like a pro, but you’ll also save time too. Click past the break for more details and sample images.

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Cheap Photo: Save Big On Sigma Lenses Like the 35mm F1.4 (Just $619)

portrait lenses

You can save hundreds on these Sigma lenses!

Sigma makes some of the best lenses you can get your hands on, and now, you can save hundreds on some of their best glass. The incredible Sigma 50mm f1.4 can be picked up for Canon EF mount cameras for just $698.30 and Nikon F mount cameras for only $719.89! The 35mm f1.4 is also just $619! You can save over $400 on the Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro (Canon EF and Nikon F), and if you’re a Sony shooter, you can save on the 16mm f1.4, the 56mm f1.4, and the 24-70mm f4. Check out all the deals on Sigma lenses after the break.

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Can’t Afford a New Camera? Get It Used! Sony a7r IV for Under $3,000!

We’ve found a bunch of great deals for you on used cameras and lenses.

Let’s be honest here; you don’t need a brand new camera or a lens. And if you can get a refurbished, renewed, or used one at a discount, then you’ll do it to save some money, right? Well, we’re just like you, so when we saw that the Sony a7r IV can be had for under $3,000 we figured you’d love to know. You can also score the Sony a7 III for less than $1,700. And if you’re not a Sony fan, then that’s fine: we’ve found a bunch of other deals you’re most likely interested in. Head on past the jump and take a peak.

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Deal Alert: Get Over 5100 Professional Lightroom Presets For Just $29!

This bundle of over 5,100 Lightroom presets will help you create a much more efficient workflow and enhance your images.

If you value your time behind the camera, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at using presets. Presets allow us to get close to certain looks with the single click of a mouse, and we then get to tweak those presets to perfection. Presets, of course, save us a ton of time when it comes to editing, and they enable us to get back some of our time so that we can be out doing what we love – making more images. Right now, you can get your hands on over 5,100 Lightroom presets for just $29! Now, that’s a bargain. Never again will you be stumped for ideas when it comes to editing. Find out more details about this bundle of Lightroom presets, and see some image sample, after the break.

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