The NANO1 is the World’s Tiniest Camera for Astrophotography

You can start “small” with astrophotography with the teeny tiny NANO1, the world’s smallest astronomy camera.

Ever wanted to point your camera to the night sky and take some gorgeous Milky Way photos, but feel intimidated by all the gadgets and gizmos required?  With the ultra portable NANO1, all the technology you need to get started fits in your pocket. Yep, this teeny tiny camera promises to let you shoot for the stars without all the bulky equipment. Created by Singapore-based TinyMOS, NANO1 follows the TINY1 launched in 2016 and now holds the distinction of being the world’s tiniest astronomy camera. It weighs only less than 10 0g (3.5 oz) with the kit lens attached, and measures 63.25 mm (2.49″) on its longest side. When paired with their mini tripod, it tips the scale at 250 g (8.8 oz), which is still a lot lighter than the lightest DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens.

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Stunning: Sony World Photo Awards 2019 Shortlist (Open and Youth)

Sony World Photography Awards have revealed their first selection of outstanding photos from their 2019 Open and Youth shortlist.

Above: © Pan Jianhua, China, Shortlist, Open, Culture (Open competition), 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

If you’ve been eagerly following the annual Sony World Photography Awards, we have some exciting news for you. This year’s first shortlist announcement is finally out, showcasing some of the past year’s best single images from across the globe. The first batch features exceptional photos chosen by the World Photography Organization for the Open and Youth competitions.

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The WANDRD VEER 18L for Photographers Packing Light Hits Kickstarter

camera bag

The VEER 18L is a camera bag with a unique packable design that’s aimed at travelers.

Kickstarter is a fantastic place for companies to showcase their products to prospective clients, and WANDRD have used the platform to successfully raise funding for their camera bags in the past. Today, WANDRD began their Kickstarter campaign for the WANDRD Veer 18L–a new, unique camera bag for the photographer packing light. What makes this camera bag so unique is that it’s a packable bag that can fold into itself for easy storage and travel, it also has a few more tricks up its sleeves too. Find out more about this camera bag, and its unique features after the break. Continue reading…

Cult Classic Holga 120N Lives Again and is Available to Buy Right Now

Holga 120N

The Holga 120N has made a comeback that will no doubt please lovers of this little plastic marvel.

The Holga 120N is the stuff of legends. This little plastic camera has garnered cult status thanks to its surreal dream like image quality, random light leaks, and its uncomplicated approach to photography. The Holga 120N disappeared from the market, but as of right now the fantastic plastic camera is back, and it now comes in a variety of flavors. Join us after the break to find out more about the little camera that could, and how you can get your hands on one. Continue reading…

I’m Almost Fully Convinced That the Sony a7s III Will Have a 24MP Sensor

It’s been a long time and we’re still waiting for the Sony a7s III; and things have changed.

The Sony a7s II had a 12MP full frame sensor, and while I was convinced that the next sensor would be a 16MP option I’m now even more convinced that at the heart of the Sony a7s III will be a 24MP sensor. Why? Well, the subtle answer comes from what all the other manufacturers have been saying over the past few months with their releases. The Nikon Z6 and the Panasonic S1 in particular are said to be more video oriented in their lineups–and both of them use a 24MP full frame sensor. With their image quality output, that means that it is theoretically possible for great videos to be made with enough resolution from these sensors at with high ISO output high enough to be usable for video creators.

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RNI All Films Gets Updated to Support Nikon Z6/Z7, Leica DLux 7, and More

 RNI has updated All Films Lightroom presets to v4.0.9 and includes native support for new RAW file formats.

While digital images are great, many photographers (myself included) are still in love with the unique look of film. Fortunately, there are things we can do in post to recreate the look of films we love. We can either spend hours trying to recreate the looks ourselves, or we can use Lightroom presets. RNI’s All Films has presets for negative, slide, instant, black and white, and vintage films, and now the preset pack has been updated to work with the new Nikon Z line, the Leica D-Lux 7, and many more new cameras. Join us after the break to find out more. Continue reading…

The SwitchPod Handheld Tripod Can Switch Things up in Mere Seconds

Handheld tripods

If you’re a fan of handheld tripods then the SwitchPod should make you very happy.

There are a few brands of handheld tripods on the market and all of them are quite popular with vloggers and photographers alike. For a while, the Gorillapod has been the go-to due to the convenient sizes it comes in, but transitioning from handheld mode to tripod mode isn’t always the most elegant process. The SwitchPod aims to change all of that with a handheld tripod that can switch from vlogging mode to tripod mode in mere seconds.

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Reports State That Kodak Alaris is Looking to Sell Assets

Kodak Alaris are apparently looking to sell of their paper, film, and photo chemical assets; and it’s sort of complicated.

Sources say that the owners of Kodak Alaris may be looking to sell some or all of their film, paper and photo chemical assets in an attempt to offset some $2.7 billion worth of debt. This news comes as quite a shock seeing as late last year they successfully launched 35mm Ektachrome film, and just the other day the company announced that Ektachrome would be coming to both Medium Format and Large Format cameras.  Continue reading…

Langly Has a Bunch of Cool Camera Straps to Choose From

Still on the hunt for the camera strap that fits your needs and style? One of these goodies from Langly might just be the one you’re looking for.

We understand that the perfect camera strap may take a while and some searching to come by, so we bring more options for you to choose from. Today, we have some goodies from Langly, makers of camera bags, apparel, straps, and other accessories. Check out their stylish leather straps, sturdy lightweight slings, and handy wrist straps to see if one of them will catch your fancy.

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Lomography Potsdam Kino Film Now Comes in Medium Format

Medium format shooters curious about the Lomography Potsdam Kino will be delighted to learn that the new film now comes in their format of choice.

Attention, medium format shooters! Just a few weeks after Lomography announced the Potsdam Kino in 35mm, they also gave word that the new ISO 100 black and white film also now comes in 120 format. The second in the Lomography Kino Films series, this panchromatic emulsion is said to be cut from “a legendary roll of German cinematic film.”

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The Irix EDGE Light Pollution Filters Will Launch in Time for Astro Season

With light pollution-free areas getting harder to find, these light pollution filters will come in handy for many.

Urban areas are growing at a record setting pace and this creates many problems; light pollution being one of them. Light pollution poses a challenge for photographers who like to shoot during night time hours. The ambient glow from cities stops us from seeing the gorgeous night sky, and often you need to travel many miles before you can get away from the yellow glow of street lights. The good news is that Irix has just released a new line of light pollution filters that may help those who like astrophotography and night time cityscapes. Read on after the break to find out more about these new filters.  Continue reading…

Reflex Moves Shutter Development In-House to Move Production Forward

With its decision to develop the shutter in-house, Reflex assures Kickstarter backers that its 35mm SLR camera will be on its way to production.

In their latest Kickstarter update, Reflex announced that they’re now on track to finalize the Reflex I 35mm SLR camera with the decision to make the shutters in-house. This follows their previous announcement on not being able to secure a suitable shutter unit at an affordable price.

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Canon’s Fear of Smartphones Should be a Wake up Call to the Industry

Unless manufacturers start scrambling to attract new customers the camera market will decline rapidly.

Over the last 10 years or so the world of photography has changed immensely. The rise of smartphones and the cameras that they house have had a massive impact on the camera market. As time has gone on, and as smartphone cameras have improved, more and more people are opting to just use the camera in their pockets rather than a dedicated camera. It’s this behavior that has Canon and others running scared, and it’s why Canon believes that the camera market could plunge 50% in just two years.  Continue reading…

This Terrible History of Photographs Skit Will Make you Laugh out Loud

If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out this video from Gloves and Boots that explores the terrible history of photographs.

We all take photography pretty seriously, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the lighter side of the art. Glove and Boots, a YouTube channel which is filled with adorable puppets just released a video that explores the terrible history of photographs, and it will have you in stitches. Watch as puppet hosts, Mario and Fafa have a tongue in cheek discussion about photographs and all things photography. It will be the funniest thing you see all day. Check out the video after the break. Continue reading…

Capture One 12 Users Treated to a Free Editors Choice Style Pack

A free Editor’s Choice Style Pack for Capture One 12 users is a nice gesture from Phase One.

Capture One 12 has come along in leaps and bounds over the last few months, and the image processing software is a serious contender to Lightroom when it comes to its feature set. The latest version of the software which is 12.0.1 fixes a number of small issues that came with the update to version 12, and as a thank you to all users, Phase One have decided to gift all users with a free Editor’s Choice Style Pack. Join us after the break to find out how to get yours. Continue reading…

Kodak Ektachrome Will Soon Come in Large Format in Addition to 120

Film cameras are far from dead, and the success of Kodak Alaris’s Ektachrome E100 film is proof.

Medium Format and Large Format camera users could certainly have something to look forward in the coming months. Kodak Alaris recently went on record to say that following the successful launch of Ektachrome E100 35mm film late last year, the company has decided to bring Ektachrome E100 to Medium Format 120 film, and Large Format sheets, and that it hit could be ready for sale within the next few of months! Join us after the break for more info. Continue reading…

Meike’s Cheap 50mm F1.7 Arrives for EOS R and Nikon Z Shooters

If you’re looking for a fast, cheap lens for the EOS R or Nikon Z6/Z7, the Meike 50mm f1.7 has you covered.

Having just been out on the market for a few months, the Canon EOS R and the Nikon Z6 and Z7 don’t have a whole lot of third party, native mount lens support. That changed a little bit today; Meike announced that they have released their 50mm f1.7 manual focus lens for both platforms with native mounts attached. Read on after the break to find out more about this lens. Continue reading…

This Rare Andy Warhol Polaroid Self-Portrait is Yours for $65,000

A fan of all things pop art and Andy Warhol? Here’s your chance to hang one of his rare and original self-portraits in your home or work space.

Andy Warhol has taken a number of well-known Polaroid snaps of the rich and the famous during his time — including himself. Now, with our latest vintage find, you can grab the chance to snag one of those precious Polaroid self-portraits. Not a reprint or replica, but an original framed print! Just prepare to part with a whopping $65,000 and it’s all yours to adorn your home or office.

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WhiteWall’s AR App Shows You How a Photo Print Looks on Your Wall

Take the guess work out of how your images will look on your homes walls with this cool augmented reality app from WhiteWall.

Have you ever wondered what some of your images would look like if they were framed and were hanging on your walls? Have you decided against purchasing images before because you just couldn’t picture if they would fit in? Thanks to the wonders of augmented reality, and a new app from WhiteWall, you can now see exactly what your images will look like when they’re being displayed in all their glory. All you need is a smartphone. Join us after the break to find out more about this amazing technology, and for the official WhiteWall press release.
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The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO is the Lens the System Needs

The lengthily named Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO is a start of bringing more optics to sports shooters.

After announcing the new Olympus OMD EM1X earlier today, the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO is being announced in an effort to really bring extra support to the new audience that Olympus is striving for. The equivalent of 300-800mm f9 when it comes to focal lengths and depth of field, one must also factor in that there is a 1.25x teleconverter also built in. This new lens will be coming soon, and if you want all the details you can head on passed the jump for the press release.

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