This Law Proposal Could Help a Lot of Photographers

Photographers who had to deal with “waiting time penalties” from claims by talents or their attorneys, here’s a law proposal that could be of great help.

Ever gone through the nightmare of paying for “waiting time penalties” just days after shooting with a model? It’s a common problem particularly for photographers in California. This is because of a loophole in the Labor Law for Print Productions, which indicates that talents can file claims for the penalties mentioned if they aren’t paid their wages upon wrap. So this can be a big problem for producers, photographers, and agencies who may not be able to make payments upon wrap due to unforeseen circumstances, or even things out of their control or ability. This is what photo shoot production specialist The Producer and California-based casting agency Prime Casting are trying to address by calling for changes in the law in question.

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Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Moscow International Foto Awards

The Moscow International Foto Awards has recently unveiled the winning entries that bested over 4,000 submitted from more than 100 countries.

Looking for the latest in inspiring photography competition results? The Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) has recently announced the winners of their 2019 edition, showcasing some of the world’s most brilliant and insightful photography in their Professional and Student divisions. MIFA aims to “recognize, reward and promote talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Russia.”

Above: The Forgotten Country by Rasmus Flint Pedersen

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Harry Spitz’s Photographic Exploration of Depression Book is Eye Opening

Photographic Exploration of depression

This photographic exploration of depression is filled with gorgeous images that could help people understand what depression feels like.

Depression is one of the most complicated, most misunderstood illnesses around the globe. It can be hard for those around people who suffer from depression to understand just what is going on. For those who suffer with it, it can be hard to describe how they feel. Photographer Harry Spitz has suffered from depression for more than 50 years, and he has made a new photographic exploration of depression book that combines images and quotes in the hope that it will help others understand what people with depression feel like. Join us after the break for more information about this Kickstarter project. Continue reading…

The Leica Q2 Takes 10th Spot in the DXOMark Sensor League Table

DXOMark has been busy putting the Leica Q2 through its boot camp.

The Leica Q2 came out earlier this year and it won many over due to its good looks, massive 47.3 Megapixel sensor, and of course the gorgeous Leica glass attached to the front of it. The guys and gals at DXOMark have now had time to put the camera through its paces, and have given it their final grade. Join us after the break to find out more about what DXOMark had to say about this compact Mirrorless camera. Continue reading…

Do Photographers Need the New Mac Pro or Is it Complete Overkill?

mac pro

The new Apple Mac Pro is a serious piece of kit with a serious price tag to boot.

During the recent WWDC (one of Apple’s yearly events) the long-awaited new Mac Pro made its appearance on the stage under the spotlights. There is no doubt; the new Mac Pro is designed with creators in mind. But is this something photographers need? Do we really need the type of power the Mac Pro has to edit photos? Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Upcoming Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM Promises More Pop Than an F1.4 Lens

Curious about the upcoming Canon RF 85mm f1.2L USM? Canon Europe’s interview with the company’s lens development team should answer your questions about its design, bokeh quality, and other details.

If you’re new to the Canon RF mount, or want to know more before making the switch, specifically when it comes to the Canon RF 85mm f1.2L USM lens, Canon Europe should have all the answers for you. In their insightful interview with the Canon lens development team, we learn why this f1.2 lens should be the go-to glass of portrait photographers, its bokeh quality, design features, and other interesting info.

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The New Weather Sealed Tamron SP 35mm F1.4 Lens Is Only $899

The new Tamron SP 35mm f1.4 lens for Full Frame DSLR cameras will be available in Nikon and Canon mounts.

Fans and long-time users of the Tamron SP Series lenses are in for a treat; the company just announced the newest member of the family right in time for the 40th anniversary of the series. The SP 35mm f1.4 Di USD (Model F405) for Full Frame DSLR cameras was reported as in-development in February, and will now be available for $899 first at Tamron USA dealers in Nikon F mount by June 26th, and then in Canon EF mount a month later).

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The New Profoto B10 Plus is Just the Size of a Long Lens

The new Profoto B10 Plus should come in handy if the lighting is a typical problem when you’re shooting on location.

Addressing a growing need for reliable and more convenient photography gear for shooting on location, Profoto has just unveiled the “seriously small” B10 Plus. Need a reliable flash that can go where you need to? This handy yet powerful lighting is just the size of a large lens — only slightly bigger than the Profoto B10 — making it the perfect companion for shooting on the go.

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Do Photographers Really Need The New $4,999 6K Apple Display?

Apple display

$4,999 dollars will get you the base model of the new Apple Display; yes, just the base model.

Apple recently held its annual WWDC event, and there were quite a few announcements that made Apple fans quite happy. Along with the announcement of the new (and very expensive) Mac Pro, Apple announced that they would also be releasing a new 32-inch 6K display. Wow, 6K you say, that’s amazing! Yes, indeed it is quite special, but is this new Apple display something that photographers need? Let’s discuss after the break. Continue reading…

In the Age of Mirrorless, Do We Really Need APS-C DSLR Cameras?

The APS-C DSLR could be on the way out in favor of lighter, faster Mirrorless models.

The APS-C DSLR has been a gateway camera for many photographers, and some higher spec’d APS-C DSLR models are still used by professionals and hobbyists alike due to their rugged bodies and good overall performance. But with Canon chosing to kill off their sports and action centered EOS 7D models one has to wonder if APS-C DSLR models are coming to the end of the road. Should APS-C DSLRs still be produced by major manufacturers going forward, or should the switch to APS-C Mirrorless cameras take place across the board? Continue reading…

Want High Res Images from the Apollo Missions? Here’s How

Apollo Mission Photography

This collection of Apollo mission photography is probably a must-have for space fans.

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 astronauts setting foot on another planet. This massive achievement would not have been possible had it not been for NASA being put on a fast track to the moon. As you can imagine, thousands of photos were taken along the way from the first flight of Apollo 7, all the way through to one small step for mankind being made. In order to celebrate this huge milestone in history, a new set of fully restored, high-res images have been assembled. Find out how you can get your hands on a commemorative USB featuring breathtaking Apollo mission photography after the break. Continue reading…

Brendan Barry Transformed a Skyscraper Space Into a Camera Obscura

Brendan Barry converting the entire 46th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper into a camera obscura was the highlight of the Skyscraper Camera Project.

From May 10 to 16, Brendan Barry transformed the 46th floor of Manhattan’s iconic 101 Park Avenue into a creative photographic space. Dubbed the Skyscraper Camera Project, the site-specific installation comprised of a camera obscura, a darkroom, and a temporary art installation. The UK-based large format photographer, educator, and camera maker also photographed some pedestrians on the building’s plaza using a camera built from a scale model replica of 101 Park Avenue.

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Martin Parr is Under Fire for a Photo Book Reprint He Edited in 2017

A reprint of a 1969 photo book edited by Martin Parr two years ago includes a double page layout with claims of racist overtones, triggering a backlash against the famed documentary photographer.

While Martin Parr has been busy promoting and preserving the works of British photographers and images taken in the British Isles, controversy has recently erupted about his alleged backing of racism within the very genre he supports. It unfolded last week with a tweet from LessThanHumanDebate, which sparked a discussion about a book edited by Parr from the 1960s.

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Specialwaves Mine S is Like a Custom Keyboard for Photo Editing

The new Mine S by Specialwaves is designed for creative professionals still looking for a highly configurable physical controller for their software and devices.

Italian tech startup Specialwaves has recently introduced Mine S, a new modular physical controller that promises to be a precise and intuitive device for a wide range of software and devices. If you’ve been using different controllers for your creative applications and equipment, this creative tool could change that for you. Mine S prides itself in being the world’s most adaptable modular physical controller, which addresses the needs of various creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, editors, lighting technicians, musicians, DJs, and VJs. It could very well be just the tool you need if you’re a multi-disciplinary creative looking for flexible tools that you can mix and match according to your workflow.

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The Panasonic S1H Will Offer 6K 24p Video and Much More!

The new Panasonic S1H is more or less the company’s entry into the video world with its Lumix Pro Series cameras.

Today at CineGear 2019, Panasonic is announcing the development of the company’s Panasonic S1H full frame Lumix Pro camera, targeted at the cinematographer. With a similar body style to their Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R cameras, this camera features an L mount, but will be able to be used with a PL mount for cinema. When it becomes available this fall, it’s going to boast features such as the same cinematic look that can be delivered from Varicams, 14+ stop V-log gamut, 6K 24p video, and multi-aspect recording such as a 4:3 anamorphic style. When the press asked Panasonic if it will have features for photographers, the company’s reps said they couldn’t comment on the specifics just yet. However, they stated that the Panasonic S1H will be able to shoot photos.

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The Next Fujifilm X Series Camera Really Needs Image Stabilization

fujifilm x series

Not including in-body image stabilization in the next Fujifilm X series camera could end up being a big misstep.

In-body image stabilization is a feature many photographers look for these days when deciding which camera to buy. Sony has mastered it, Olympus and Panasonic have the technology nailed down, and Pentax uses it in many of their cameras. And while Fujifilm has still been a little IBIS shy, a recent report suggests that the upcoming X-Pro 3 may well include the technology. Join us after the break to read more about some potential X-Pro 3 specs, and why we think the next Fujifilm X Series camera needs to embrace IBIS. Continue reading…

DIYA Aims to Make Finding, Booking a Professional Photographer Easy


This new Kickstarter project from DIYA could potentially make it much easier for professional photographers to be found quickly.

Have you ever wished you could be found easily in the sea of photographers that reside in your neck of the woods. Have you ever wanted to be able to find a photographer who’s available for hire in an area you have traveled to? If the answer is yes to either of those questions then you might be interested in a new Kickstarter project from DIYA. DIYA | Photographers Worldwide, on Demand aims to solve this problem with a simple, easy to use web-based system. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Camerica’s Photography App Could Help You Earn a Little Extra Cash

photography app

Travel, snap, earn; that’s the premise behind Artem Chystiak’s photography app Camerica.

There are so many photography apps in mobile marketplaces that offer the chance to make money by sharing your photos. But a new photography app from Artem Chystiak aims to put a little bit of a spin into things that could help make you a little bit of cash on the side if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Join us after the break for more information about a potential new photography app called Camerica. Continue reading…

ADOX Announces New CAPTURA Technology for Powder Chemistry

ADOX introduces the latest improvement in their powder chemistry with the innovative CAPTURA dust binding technology, which makes chemical mixing safer for film labs and photographers.

Whether you develop your own films at home or you’re running film developing lab, Berlin-based ADOX has some great news for you. Recognizing that film is not dead and it continues to gain momentum, the company has responded by extending and modernizing its production as well as offering new innovative products. The latest of these efforts is the ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology, which brings an improved formulation of their powder chemistry.

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Will DSLR Deserters Really Leave Mirrorless Cameras in Two Years?

full frame cameras

Have the guys and gals at Ricoh bashed their heads on a wall, or could they be on to something when it comes to DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless is the future. Mirrorless is the best. DSLRs are dead! These are things we all hear every single day in the photography world, but there are some out there who believe otherwise. There is no doubt that further (much further) down the line, Mirrorless cameras will likely kill off the DSLR, but Ricoh believes that the mighty DSLR will put up a heck of a fight along the road to inevitability, in fact, they are so confident that they think DSLR deserters will return to the cameras two years after leaving for the promised land of Mirrorless. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

AGFA is Helping Instant Peel-Apart Film Come Back from the Dead

The hardworking folks behind the ONE INSTANT Peel-Apart Film have found an able ally in AGFA, they say in their latest project update.

A few days ago, backers of the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter campaign were treated to some great news; the passionate folks behind the project have proudly announced the developments of the project so far. Among these developments is their partnership with AGFA in Belgium, getting the prototype design through to the production model, and assembling the One Instant manufacturing team. Exciting times are ahead, as they report things are coming together nicely!

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