Maybe It’s Time for Camera Manufacturers to Stop Making Lighting Gear

Companies like Godox circle like vultures, and swoop down to take what they want. So should Canon, Nikon, and others still make their own lighting gear?

There was a time not too long ago where flashes and speedlights from the same manufacturers as your cameras were considered must-haves. Still, because of companies like Godox, the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on first-party lighting gear has dissipated. Some recent news about a new flash patent Canon has filed has us asking whether or not it’s worth it for Canon and other first-party manufacturers to continue pouring money into lighting gear. Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art Is Real, and Here’s the Official Specs

The new 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art Zoom lens is Sigma’s follow up to the commended 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art zoom lens.

Still haven’t found the right zoom lens for your Full Frame E-mount or L-mount mirrorless camera? Sigma’s latest release could be worth your consideration. If you need extra reach, the new Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 DG DN Art Zoom lens is another option that provides a large aperture, standard zoom and best-in-class optical performance throughout the entire zoom range.

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Panasonic Has Two New Lenses and New Firmware for the S1 and S1R

The new Panasonic lenses and continued updates should make the S1 and S1R more desirable.

If you’re the owner of either the Panasonic S1 or S1R, we have got some news that will make you smile from ear to ear. One thing that has been holding the system back is the lack of lenses. Today, two new Panasonic lenses have been announced that should help alleviate any fears potential new owners may have about buying into the system. Come January, you’ll be able to strap a 16-35mm f4 and a 70-200mm f2.8 lens to the front of your L mount cameras. And on November 19th, you’ll be able to update the firmware of the S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, and G9. Join us after the break for all the details. Continue reading…

Don’t Click This Link If You Love Your Sony Mirrorless Camera

Rest in Pixels, Sony mirrorless camera. Whatever is happening here, it will remind you to keep your precious camera out of reach of children.

A grisly photo has been making the rounds in photography groups and even Reddit threads that shows a kid in a pool holding a Sony A7 mirrorless camera. If that photo has reached your feeds, we’re sure you had a mini heart attack, especially if you have the exact same camera that you hold dear and take good care of. If not, we have to apologize in advance for the intense cringe that will happen in 3, 2, 1…

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The Camera Market Needs Canon to Stop Drinking Its Own Kool-Aid

Canon’s profits are tanking, and they are losing even more ground in the camera market.

Poor Canon; it seems as though things keep going from bad to worse for the former king of the photography castle. While Canon has been hard at work on all fronts, it seems as though their efforts aren’t producing the results they want. To be fair, earlier on this year, Canon’s CEO did say that he fully expects things to get worse before they get better, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that their gross profits would tank quite so hard over nine months. Just what does Canon need to do to steady their ship? Continue reading…

What Camera Companies Must Do to Compete With Phone Photography

Phone photography

The camera market is sinking faster than the Titanic, and phone photography’s popularity is part of the reason why.

We know this is not new news, but the camera market is continuing to tank, and for the first time, the Mirrorless camera market has taken a hit too. The epic rise of phone camera technology and computational photography is part of the reason why. The other part of the equation is camera manufacturers aren’t doing enough to bring mobile photographers into the dedicated camera fold. After the break, we will take a look at the numbers and talk about what Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, and others need to do to win over the hearts of those who think their phone is good enough. Continue reading…

Pelican’s New Vault Cases Are Lightweight, Rugged, and Affordable

Pelican Vault Cases

If you’re a photographer who’s an outdoor enthusiast, the new Vault cases from Pelican might be perfect for you.

Keeping our camera gear protected from whatever comes our way while carrying it around is essential. We spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, yet sometimes we don’t store it in bags or cases that offer a much protection. Pelican has been making hard cases for photography gear for 43 years, and their new Vault cases are aimed to protect your equipment while you’re out in the wild. They’re also aimed to be wallet-friendly as well. Join us after the break for specs, pricing, and release information about the new Pelican Vault cases. Continue reading…

Should the Camera Market Be Filled with Top Shelf Gear Only?

Dwindling sales in the camera market and the rise of smartphone cameras means fewer people feel the need for entry-level cameras.

Take a look at any photography blog or any photography YouTube channel and you’ll hear about how lousy camera sales are world-wide. We know the camera market has been in a freefall for the last year, but what’s the answer to this problem? The rise of smartphones with very capable cameras are playing a considerable role in declining sales for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and many others. Now, consumers feel like they simply don’t require a dedicated camera. Should camera manufacturers forget about the entry-level market and focus on high-end cameras only? Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

Redditers Have Had Their Say on The Camera Vs Phone Camera Debate

dedicated cameras vs smartphones

The hot topic of dedicated cameras versus phone cameras is reaching its boiling point.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that cameras in phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy Note 10+ have been making waves. Do a quick search on the web, and you’ll come across articles that proclaim that you can now ditch your dedicated cameras because the camera in your phone equals it, but is that entirely true? A video from YouTuber Matti Haapoja explores this a little more. Join us after the break to see what he found out. Continue reading…

The Loupedeck Creative Tool Is for the Photographer Who Does Everything

The new Loupedeck Creative Tool is targeting the multi-media creative that needs to operate in a ton of different spheres.

If you’re one of those photographers who edges into other mediums, then the Loupedeck Creative Tool is probably the next peripheral you need. Loupedeck has always created strong peripherals for photographers and videographers, and this latest product is designed to help those who also edit audio and much more. To that end, its ability to integrate with more software on the market make it more scalable and versatile. That translates into wedding photographers also being able to cut a video and edit audio using the same tool–pun not really, but really intended. Although the Loupedeck Creative Tool only uses USB 2.0 A, it has Bluetooth 5 low energy abilities.

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Magnum and Aperture Explore the Hidden in Latest Square Print Sale

Magnum Photos and Aperture invite us once more to add some timeless work to our print collection in their latest run of the Square Print Sale.

If you’ve been waiting for the next Magnum Square Print Sale, the wait is now over. Beginning today, the Autumn 2019 run of the anticipated sale will feature a selection of over 100 images by renowned international photographic artists, all exploring the theme Hidden. Photography greats from both Magnum Photos and Aperture have come together to bring their own unique interpretations to yet another interesting theme, so we’re sure you’ll find some prized prints to add to your collection.

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WANDRD’s New Universal Camera Cubes Come in a Variety of Sizes

WANDRD’s camera cubes provides more ways to transport and protect your gear.

WANDRD has been making waves in the camera bag sector since their first bag was funded on Kickstarter. Since then, the company has released several innovative bags that appeal to many different types of photographers. Today, WANDRD announced their next line of products; the Camera Cubes Collection. This small assembly of bags are modular by design. Not only will they fit into the WANDRD PRVKE perfectly, but they will also fit into the WANDRD HEXAD, and just about any bag out there. Continue reading…

The New ILFORD ORTHO Plus ISO 80 Comes in Both 35mm and 120

Ilford has been very quiet, but today we’re being treated to the new ILFORD ORTHO Plus film.

Landscape photographers will perhaps be the most interested in the brand new ILFORD ORTHO Plus film being announced today. Ilford has been teasing on Twitter for a while that something new is coming. Today, they’re releasing the details on their brand new film. When landscape photographers load ILFORD ORTHO Plus into their cameras, they’re going to be treated to something absolutely special. According to Ilford, this film is going to render the scenes in a special way to due its design and the new acetate base. But in addition to that, Ilford is announcing a few other products.

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Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter System Gets a Color Expansion Pack

The color expansion pack for the OMNI Creative Filter System from Lensbaby will give you even more creative options.

One of the things we absolutely cannot stress enough at The Phoblographer is just how important it is to get things right in camera. Being able to use software like Photoshop to add effects to your images is cool, but nothing can beat the look of capturing effects in real-time, in-camera. In June of 2019, we reviewed the OMNI Creative Filter System from Lensbaby. The system allows you to add cool light distortions into your images via crystals and wands, and we loved it. Today, Lensbaby announced that they developed a new color expansion pack for the system that will allow you to get even more creative. Join us after the break for the details. Continue reading…

Will the Canon 1DX III Help Save the DSLR Market?

The Canon 1DX III is a specialist tool, but it shows there’s still life left in DSLRs.

There has been a lot of debate about the current state of the camera market. Many believe that DSLRs have had their time and that Mirrorless cameras are now the king of the jungle. Others believe that DSLRs still have a role to play. It seems as though two giants of the industry (Nikon and Canon) think that DSLRs still have some life left in them yet. Canon’s leading the charge with its 90D, and now the newly announced Canon 1DX III. The new Pro body DSLR from Canon will no doubt be a hit with photographers working in the field, but what will these cameras do for the DSLR market overall? Let’s talk about that after the break. Continue reading…

Canon Announces Two New RF Lenses Geared for Portrait Photographers

If you’re still missing a dedicated portrait lens for your Canon EOS R, you should be on the lookout for these two RF lenses freshly dropped by Canon.

Just switched to the Canon EOS R Full Frame mirrorless system and now looking at your choices for portrait lenses? We bring some good news for you. Canon has just expanded its lineup of RF lenses with two new offerings: RF 85mm f1.2 L USM DS and RF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM. The former is pegged as their best performing interchangeable lens yet for the 85mm focal length. The latter promises to make switching the focus between the background and foreground easier without changing the composition, thanks to reduced breathing during focus shifting.

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KONO! Sunstroke and Moonstruck Now in Special Edition Single Use Cameras

Two of KONO!’s fun and experimental emulsions now come in convenient single-use cameras so you can whip them out and shoot straight away!

Ever been curious about the fun and funky KONO! Reanimated Films but don’t have a film camera to shoot them with yet? We bet you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can now try two of these straight away. With KONO’s latest collaboration comes the emulsions loaded in single-use cameras dubbed as the I’M FINE KONO! x NINM LAB Camera SUNSTROKE & MOONSTRUCK Special Editions.

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Sony Is Working on a New Organic Sensor, But Don’t Get Excited Just Yet

The traditional CMOS sensors in your cameras will eventually be replaced with an organic sensor, but not for a long while.

The sensors in the cameras we use today have come a long way. As our understanding of technology has progressed, we have seen upgrades such as Back Side Illumination and APS-C sensors that have finally broken the 30 Megapixel barrier. The sad part is that the technology these sensors are built on (CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) are reaching their limits. The next step is for companies to develop new organic sensors: that’s exactly what Sony is doing. They apparently have a new, three-layer organic sensor in the works, but don’t get your hopes up of seeing it soon. Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

The New DxO PhotoLab Is Aimed at Adobe Lightroom and Capture One

DxO introduces improved repair and color adjustment tools along with keyboard support to its latest version of DxO PhotoLab 3 raw editing software.

While DxO is known by many for their in-depth lab tests of cameras and lenses, they also offer several photo-centric software programs, such as the popular Nik Collection of plugins along with their own DxO PhotoLab raw editing program. Today, DxO is announcing version 3 of its DxO PhotoLab program, which is an alternative to Adobe Lightroom and Capture One Pro. New features are joining DxO PhotoLasb’s existing stable of technologies, including advanced optical corrections, U Point local adjustment technology, DxO Prime denoising technology, DxO Smart Lighting, DxO ClearView Plus, and DxO Lens Sharpness. These new features include a redesigned HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminance) adjustment tool called DxO ColorWheel, improvements to the Repair Tool, the introduction of a Local Adjustments Masks Manager, as well as the addition of keyword management support to DxO PhotoLibrary. Details on the new features coming to DxO PhotoLab 3, as well as pricing and availability, can be found after the jump.

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The Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Is Finally Announced, Prices Start at $1,799.95

fujifilm x-pro 3

At long last, the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 gets a release date and a price!

The Fujifilm X-Pro series has quickly become one of the most beloved Mirrorless camera series on the market. With gorgeous, retro-rangefinder looks, impressive specs, and excellent performance to boot, it’s easy to understand why. While some details have been known about the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 for a while, other information has been kept under wraps. Today, the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 has been made official, and we have all the juicy details about it after the break. Continue reading…

Tamron’s New F2.8 Prime Lenses for Sony FE Only Cost Around $349

Tamron gives Sony Full Frame mirrorless photographers a bunch of new options with their latest close-focusing, E-mount prime lenses.

Aside from expanding their award-winning line-up of zoom lenses for mirrorless cameras, Tamron recently announced three new prime lenses for Sony E-mount Full-Frame mirrorless cameras: 20mm f2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F05), 24mm f2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F051), and 35mm f2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F053). With these new offerings, Tamron presents the prime lens experience of shooting in 20mm ultra-wide-angle, 24mm general-purpose wide-angle, and versatile 35mm.

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