The iPad Pro Is a Powerhouse for Creators, But Could Always Be Better

The iPad Pro has proven itself to be a powerful tool for photographers on the go, and with new models on the horizon, we take a quick look at what current models bring to the creator’s table, and what we’d like to see going forward.

The iPad Pro can be found in photography studios and photographers’ tool kits around the globe and they’re used for good reason. While I don’t always agree with what Apple does, it is hard to deny the fact that the company has the best tablet ever made as part of their portfolio. The iPad Pro took the device to new heights, and its capabilities were quickly loved by those in creative fields. Here we take a quick look at why the iPad Pro can become a photographer’s best friend, and what we would love to see in new models going forward. Continue reading…

Third Party Lenses Could Make Fujifilm’s GFX Cameras Unstoppable

Fujifilm’s GFX series of Medium Format cameras are holding their own, but third party lenses could really take them over the edge.

Fujifilm has been working wonders in the niche world of Medium Format cameras, so much so that Sony recently announced a camera (the a7r IV) that will offer “Medium Format Quality” even though it’s a Full Frame camera. It’s evident that other manufacturers are impressed but also worried about Fujifilm’s ability to produce affordable Medium Format cameras. Fujifilm’s dream is to one-up the Full Frame crowd. One thing they lack though is excellent third party support. Thankfully this is starting to change thanks to companies like Laowa, who just announced their first lens for the GFX line. Join us after the break to see more details about the lens, and to see why we think third party lenses could really take Fujifilm’s offerings over the edge. Continue reading…

A New Universal KUVRD Camera Strap Has Smashed Its Kickstarter Goal

kuvrd camera strap

If you’re looking for a new way to carry around your camera, you might want to check out the new KUVRD camera strap. 

After experiencing major success on Kickstarter with their universal lens caps, KUVRD has returned to the platform with a new project, and it looks like the masses are just as excited about it as they were about the lens caps. The new, universal KUVRD camera strap promises to be the only camera strap you’ll ever need thanks to its no-fuss, easy to use design. Click on through the break to see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading…

These ONA New Classics Camera Bags are Stylish and Affordable

If you love classicly styled camera bags, the ONA new classics collection are worth a look.

If you love camera bags as much as we do at The Phoblographer, this post is for you. Camera bags that can match your personal style can be hard to find, but the ONA New Classics camera bags feature styles that should be a match for just about every taste out there. Join us after the break to see all of the new camera bags that have recently been announced. Continue reading…

Hipstamatic Wants to Remind You That it Still Exists with This Sale

For those who have forgotten about them, Hipstamatic gives a not-so-gentle nudge that they’re still around with a bunch of offers.

You may or may not be aware of how long it has been since your last brush with Hipstamatic. But just in case you need some reminding, the company has recently released news of its latest offerings as a way to say they’re still around. These include all the RetroPaks (for half the price) and the commemorative Sea of Tranquility HipstaPak. So if you’re thinking of snapping away and catching up with the all-new version 300 of the app, this could be your chance to grab the “latest and greatest gear” for your “Hipstamatic camera bag”.

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What Photographers Would Like to See in a 16 Inch MacBook Pro

Apple appears to be getting ready to release a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, but photographers and media creators probably expect more than a little extra screen space. (Images used with Creative Commons permission)

Apple MacBook Pro fans may well be in for a treat in the last few months of the year. It appears that the Cupertino based company has placed orders with screen manufacturers for a new 16-inch retina display for what could be a new 16 inch MacBook Pro. While the extra bump in screen size will be helpful, photographers are hoping that a refreshed MacBook Pro will come with a little more than just a thinner bezel. Join us after the break to see what we think a MacBook Pro will need for it to be a photographer and photo editor dream machine. Continue reading…

The Nikon Z 85mm F1.8 S Weighs Over a Pound and Here’s Why

The new Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S could probably have a few advantages over Sony’s 85mm f1.8 FE.

A Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S could be music to the ears of any portrait photographer who has adored their lenses and, with today’s announcement of the lens, other photographers could indeed be humming along to the tune. At the cost of $799.95, the new Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S is giving photographers what could possibly be more than what Sony is offering in its most comparable offering. The Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S weighs over a pound due to the extra elements. While the Sony 85mm f1.8 FE has nine elements in eight groups, the Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S has 12 elements in eight groups. Like Sony, Nikon is also making their portrait lens weather sealed. In fact, Steve Heiner over at Nikon tells us, “The entire lens, including moving parts on the barrel, has been effectively sealed.” The Nikon lens will be noticeably larger than the Sony offering if the specs we’re reading are correct.

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ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Production Starts in Early August

It’s finally ‘all systems go’ for the much-awaited ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film.

In the latest update for the ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film, we learned the exciting news that the production team is set to begin true production in “T-Minus 1 Week”. We’ve been closely following their updates and have been ecstatic since their “latest (and greatest) tests” showing the film will likely turn out great. So, after training, testing, and working for about a month to familiarize themselves with the entire system, the team is now ready to begin production in early August.

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Behance’s Moodboard Feature Is an Ethical Alternative to Pinterest

With Behance having recently reintroduced their Moodboard feature, we now have a better alternative to Pinterest. 

Whether it’s for a personal project or a client shoot, a lot of photographers rely on moodboards to draw inspiration from the work of other creatives. Pinterest became a hugely popular “capturing” tool for this purpose, as well as for personal creative curation. However, it turns out that the social network is among the companies supporting Unsplash as a partner, and that could be a source of internal conflict for the ethical photographer. Behance offers a solution, as the creative platform has reintroduced its Collections feature as Moodboards.

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Photo Rock Bar Offers A More Convenient Way to Secure Your Tripod

The Photo Rock Bar will make sure your tripod, light stands, and boom arms stay where you put them.

If you’re like me (and like countless others out there), you know it can be a hassle to carry around sandbags when you have to weigh down your tripods or stands in the field. Sandbags aren’t always the easiest things to get in place either. The guys and gals over at Photo Rock Bar have developed a weight bar that should make it easier to secure to your tripods and stands when the wind is blowing. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Gallery: Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 Di III RXD on the Sony a7r IV

The sharpness of the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD on the Sony a7r IV is very impressive.

Photographers looking for more affordable options to Sony’s current lineup of zoom lenses may want to consider the fast aperture Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD. This lens, along with the 28-75mm f2.8, are options for photographers who don’t want to break the bank or make the full jump into the G Master lineup of glass. During a recent Sony excursion, we took the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD mounted on the Sony a7r IV around for some tests. The shoot with the model was done with our own lighting and we turned off the lights that Sony had set up.

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These Aurora Aperture Filters for Mount Adapters Are Quite Unique

With these Aurora Aperture Filters, you’ll never need to mess around with screw-in filters again.

Filters are fantastic. They enable us to produce images that would otherwise be near impossible to create. But as great as they are, they can also be a royal pain. Often, we find ourselves needing multiple copies of the same filters with different thread sizes for the various lenses in our collection. This can lead to camera bags being stuffed to the gills with dozens of accessories. Fortunately, Aurora Aperture has been hard at work creating filters for those who use specific Mirrorless mount modifiers that simply slot into the adapter. Join us after the break to see this unique product, and to find out how you can get your hands on the Aurora Aperture Filters. Continue reading…

I’m Back MF Is a Low Cost Digital Back for Medium Format Film Cameras

With the new I’m Back MF, you can now go hybrid with your medium format film cameras.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s an affordable way to go digital with your favorite medium format film camera, the latest I’m Back offering could be the answer for you. Dubbed the I’m Back® MF, this new offering is a low cost, multi-brand digital back for those gorgeous 6×4.5, 6X6, and 6X7 medium film cameras. With this accessory, you can shoot full format digital photos and videos, then switch back to film anytime you want.

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The Sony RX100 VII Hints at Sony a9 Replacement Before 2020 Olympics

The Sony RX100 VII: shoot 90 selfies that look the exact same within a second if you wish.

When companies tend to bring their highest-end technology down to the lowest level of consumer product that they offer, it’s typically a sign of things to come. So with today’s announcement of the Sony RX100 7 (or the Sony RX100 VII), we can almost unquestionably believe that the Sony a9 could be on the way out in a year or so given that the summer Olympics are in 2020. Yes, that means that Sony is marketing the Sony RX100 VII as a baby-a9. With that comes all the autofocus algorithms, fast frame shooting capabilities, no-viewfinder blackout, and processor upgrades that have spearheaded the industry. Of course, we’ve got our doubts.

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Film Carrier MK1: A New Contraption for Camera Scanning 35mm Film

With digital cameras among today’s most popular methods of digitizing 35mm film, the Film Carrier MK1 is a tool to help make it easier.

Camera scanning has been getting popular these days for those who want to “scan” their films using their digital cameras. Even Nikon released its own digitizing adapter a couple of years ago. If you’ve been thinking of using this method to digitize your film negatives, you might want to check out the Film Carrier MK1 and Pro Mount MK1 by Philadelphia-based Negative Supply. This new contraption, currently on its last few days of funding on Kickstarter, promises to let you scan your 35mm film in under five minutes.

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A Photography Project Has Captured Iconic NASA Items Like Never Before

photography project

This Kickstarter photography project will delight fans of space and NASA.

Space and space exploration are big topics at the best of times, but with the recent passing of the 50th anniversary of mankind taking our first steps on the moon, the love affair the general public has with all things space has reached new heights. We recently came across a new photography project on Kickstarter that should delight photographers and fans of space travel in general. This unique photography book will help you see NASA’s past and present dreams of the future in detail like you’ve never seen before. Join us after the break to learn more about this stellar photography project. Continue reading…

Luminar 4 to Feature the First Automatic Sky Replacement Technology

According to Skylum, the new AI Sky Replacement technology is just one of the machine learning tools that the upcoming Luminar 4 will bring to photographers.

Gearing up for the upcoming release of Luminar 4, Skylum introduces the new AI Sky Replacement technology as one of the machine learning tools to expect from the software. The new tool also makes Luminar 4 the first photo editing software to have this automated feature, promising to save hours of editing with its easy-to-use interface and sensible workflows.

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First Image of Quantum Entanglement Was Captured with Intensified CCD

Intensified CCD Camera

The world’s first picture of Quantum Entanglement has taken the net by storm, but without an Intensified CCD camera it would not have been possible.

The world of science was taken by storm this week when scientists from the University of Glasgow released a scientific paper that showed an image of Quantum Entanglement (more specifically Bell Entanglement) taking place. While many outlets have been reporting the story, there hasn’t been much in the press about the camera that was used to capture the phenomenon. After the break, we will take a quick look at the camera that made capturing this image possible. Continue reading…

The Sony a7r IV Has Problems That Should Be Fixed in Time, We Hope

We had a moment to really think about the Sony a7r IV, and its problems can be fixed.

Who are the photographers that are going to be satisfied with the Sony a7r IV? That’s the question I was asking myself this entire week as we spent time on the Sony media excursion. Its predecessor was a workhorse for many photographers who required the resolution but who also needed to adapt to the changing media landscape. The Sony a7r IV takes those ideals and offers even more futureproofing. With a 61MP full-frame sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, 6K video, an audio interface, and improved autofocus in line with Sony’s latest ideals around the use of AI technology, the Sony a7r IV is bound to be a powerful machine. But while the Sony a7r IV is bedazzling everyone with all of these fantastic features, they didn’t get it totally right.

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The Photon Light Module System Is for Photographers Afraid of Flash

If product photography is something you often do, the Photon Light Module System could be a nifty, space-saving tool for you.

While it’s easy to build your own basic light box if you want to photograph objects occasionally, a professional setup is often the way to go if you want professional-looking results. Fortunately, creatives are actively building tools (light boxes included) to make the job easier for their fellow creatives. Among the latest of these is the Photon Light Module System, an advanced mini photo studio that features a fully controlled light system designed especially for photographing objects of different sizes.

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American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange Announces Highway 61 Photo Book

Take a road trip along the iconic Highway 61 with award-winning film and TV actress Jessica Lange in her latest photo book.

While best known to many today as an award-winning film and TV actress, Jessica Lange is also a published photographer with three photo books and several exhibits. She’s adding one more to the pile with her latest photo book, Highway 61, published by powerHouse Books. In this fourth publication, she takes us on a road trip down the storied major highway that stretches along the Mississippi River, passing through the American Midwest and South, plowing through eight states along the way to New Orleans.

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