We’ve Updated Our Rokinon Buyers Guide with All of Our Latest Reviews

rokinon lenses

If you’re in the market for some quality primes at affordable prices, you should checkout Samyang and Rokinon lenses. 

Over the years, the staff here at The Phoblographer have reviewed almost two dozen Samyang and Rokinon lenses. We have always been impressed with the quality of the optics in their lenses, and more recently the build quality of their newest lenses. We now have an updated Rokinon and Samyang Buyers Guide available to anyone who wants quick access to all of their lenses we have reviewed over the last 10 years. Interested in a new but affordable lens?

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Inspiring and Insightful Photography From 2019 Female in Focus Winners

The winning snaps of this year’s Female in Focus award have been announced. They’re worthy of checking out if you’re looking to get inspired by some outstanding work from female photographers.

In May 2019, 1854 Media, the publisher of British Journal of Photography, made an announcement and open call for Female in Focus, a new award for women photographers. The winners have already been announced, and both the individual photos and series are set to be showcased in a group show in opening in New York in October. For now, we invite you to satisfy your curiosity and check out the winning single images and series captured by diverse feminine perspectives.

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The P7570 and P9570 Epson Wide-Format Printers Use 12 Color Inks

epson wide format printers

These new Epson wide-format printers will be perfect for high quality and fine art prints.

Printing out our images is one of the best things that we can do as artists and photographers. Seeing your work in physical form is genuinely unlike anything else, and it beats just seeing digital representations of your work. Epson has been creating printers for a very long time. The new Epson wide-format printers should enable you to view your work in their most beautiful form. According to Epson, the 24-inch SureColor P7570 and 44-inch SureColor P9570 wide-format printers push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to printing and print technologies. Both of the new Epson wide-format printers have a brand new design and a completely new print engine. They also boast a lot of other new technologies that should help bring your images to life with ease. One of the most significant features is that both of these Epson wide-format printers both use the new Epson UltraChrome Pro12 pigment inks.

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Did Any of You Know About This Mechanical Automatic Lens Cap?

lens cap

This little gem of a lens cap has been hiding in plain sight from many of us.

If there is an accessory that’s harder to keep up with than lens caps, then I’m not sure I want it. Lens caps are, of course, super important. They protect the front element of our expensive lenses from debris like dust, dirt, and sand, and they do a mighty fine job of protecting them from scratches when in storage. As great as they are, they can be a pain to keep tabs on and are easily lost. An image of a fully automatic screw-on lens cap recently appeared on the web though, and we wondered, just how many of you knew about it? Keep on reading after the break to see the ingenious design of this cap. Continue reading…

Masters of Photography Masterclass with David Yarrow Out Soon

If you’re looking for online courses to improve your photography, the upcoming Masters of Photography class with bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow could be right up your alley.

Investing in photography skills is just as important as investing in the right gear. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to try some online courses and workshops from the world’s best photographers. Among these are the popular classes offered by Masters of Photography. Bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow is the latest esteemed photographer to join their roster, and we now have a preview of what his masterclass will cover.

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RNI All Films 5 Now Available for Adobe Lightroom, Classic, Camera RAW

Digital photographers who want to emulate the look of film can now turn to RNI All Films 5 when using Adobe software and apps. 

The nostalgic and dreamy mood of film remains popular even among digital photographers, so it’s not surprising that film presets are now a dime a dozen. Nearly every hybrid (film + digital) photographer now has their own film presets, but the All Films collection by Really Nice Images (RNI) remains one of the most popular. Now on its fifth iteration, RNI All Films, available on the Adobe platform, builds on the success of its previous version to bring more film-based looks carefully crafted after real emulsions.

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Enter the 5DayDeal $10,000 Giveaway and Buy All the Lenses You Want


This year’s 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle 2019 is something you don’t want to miss.

Every year 5DayDeal offers incredible tutorial packages that are chock-full of amazing products for hobbyists and professionals in different fields. The Complete Photography Bundle 2019 is going to be one not to miss out on. While it’s not available until noon (PST) of October 3rd, 2019, you can sign up for the massive $10,000 giveaway. Join us after the break for all the details. Continue reading…

An 8-Core Surface Laptop 3 Could Be What Photographers Need

The Surface Laptop 3 might be powered by an 8-Core AMD processor that would churn through RAW files with ease.

Cameras have become much more powerful in the last couple of years, and as a result of this, they create much larger RAW files than they used to. This is a good thing: it means that the images captured are packed with detail that would not be there otherwise. The downside to this is that you need more powerful computers to process these images efficiently. Fortunately, computers are also becoming much more potent. Microsoft may be readying an AMD powered Surface Laptop 3 that will handle huge RAW files without breaking much of a sweat. Continue reading…

Investing in a Cheap Wedding Photographer Is the Worst Idea Ever

Wedding Photography is all fun and games until the bad photographs arrive. This is proof that you almost always get what you pay for.

As first reported on the Insider, a couple paid $800 to a photographer to capture their big day. Full of hope and promise, Hayley and Nick Kelble were looking forward to seeing the photographic memories of their wedding. However, once they received the final images, they were disappointed. Dark, grainy, poorly composed wedding photography is what their money got them. While we would love to sympathize, lousy planning and weak investment got them exactly what they deserved.

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Christie’s Looks Back at Douglas Kirkland’s Intimate Shoot with Marilyn Monroe

Christie’s is selling the Hasselblad 500C used by Douglas Kirkland to shoot some of the last professional photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland was just a few years into his professional career when he got his biggest break at age 27: photographing the sultry Marilyn Monroe for Look magazine’a 25th anniversary issue. Prior to this assignment, he was a staff photographer for the magazine for only 18 months. But that fateful November night in a rented Hollywood studio remains his most exhilarating shoot to this day.

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The Latest Capture One Style Pack Embraces the Look of Film, Sort of

The latest Capture One Style Pack is called Reverie, and it’s in collaboration with the founder of LOOKSLIKEFILM.

Today Capture One users can pick up the Reverie style pack that was done with Lukas Pitatek, the founder of LOOKSLIKEFILM. The community known for making photographers who’ve never loaded a roll of Tri-X think that their images look like film is extending their wealth of knowledge via this pack for a cool $39. This includes four color presets, four black and white presets, four soft variants of the color presets, and HSL tones, and grain simulations. They’re available today for purchase, and we took a quick look through them as we’ve had maybe two hours to play with them and write about them for this blog post before publishing.

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Can the Canon M200 Really Tempt Smartphone Users?

Canon M200

The new Canon M200 is aimed squarely at the first-time photographer, but is there enough to make a person put their phone down?

Canon just announced a new Mirrorless. The Canon M200 is billed as a non-intimidating camera for experienced photographers and for photographers looking to step up from smartphones. The specs sound appealing, but will it have enough to make casual photographers put the phone down? The Canon M200 is a 24.1 Megapixel APS-C camera that utilizes the Canon M Mount. A read of the spec sheet reveals that the M200 will feature Canon’s latest Digic 8 image processor and Canon’s impressive Dual Pixel autofocus. The M200 packs eye and face autofocus, and it can shoot 4K UHD video and 1080P video at 60 frames per second. Canon also highlights that the M200 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in to make image sharing easier. The M200 is also compatible with both EF and EF-S lenses with an adapter.

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The Redesigned Lowepro Pro Trekker AW II Bags Are Carry-On Friendly

The new Lowepro Pro Trekker AW II camera bags are ready to go wherever you do.

If you’re in the market for a new camera bag that’s ready to board your flight and hit the trails this news is for you. Lowepro has announced that they have completely redesigned their Pro Trekker AW II series of bags and claims they are better than ever. Lowepro’s Pro Trekker AW II Series of camera bags have been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Lowepro says that the new bags will offer better performance, and will be much more versatile than the previous generation of the bag. In all, there are four new models to choose from. The models are: the Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II; the Pro Trekker BP 450 AW II; the rolling Pro Trekker RLX 450 AW II; and the ProTrekker BP 550 AW II.

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The Return of Peel Apart Instant Film Is Close, First Batch On its Way

There are now nearly 2,000 ONE INSTANT films (and counting) ready, as production is well underway to keep up with the 18,000 Kickstarter pack films.

Each time we get news from the SUPERSENSE team about the progress of ONE INSTANT pack film, it feels like opening presents on Christmas Day. In their latest Kickstarter update, they tell us production is “cruising in 4th gear” and has now completed 10% of the whopping 18,000 pack films ordered by backers. With the coming weeks and months set for “a full-court press, 5th gear, mad dash, cartridge making frenzy,” the first batch will soon be out the door for delivery to First Run backers. The update, as always put together by Christopher, also showed that the 1,977 completed ONE INSTANT pack film cartridges are now being packed really nicely. First, the triple packs are slid into light-tight black bags that resemble coffee bean packaging. “These bags not only look good, but they provide a light-tight and secure home for the films,” he said.

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Could the Canon 1DX MK III Be Canon’s Last DSLR?

The Canon 1DX MK III is going to be a massive release, but will it be the final nail in the DSLR coffin.

2020 is going to be a gigantic year for camera manufacturers because of the Olympics. Nikon has stated they are working on the new Nikon D6, and the Sony A9 II seems to be taking shape nicely as well. That just leaves Canon. Canon’s last pro body camera, the 1Dx Mk II was released three years ago: to say it is due an update is an understatement. If recent reports are reliable the Canon 1DX MK III will grace us with it’s DSLR presence soon, but will it be the last DSLR from Canon? Let’s talk about this after the break! Continue reading…

MOO Adds a Shiny, Tactile Touch to Their Postcard Prints

Whether you’re looking to make your branding extra eye-catching or simply want to experiment with your photo postcards, MOO has you covered with their new gold and silver foil postcard offering.

Postcard prints persist because they continue to serve many creative purposes, whether for illustrators, photographers, or advertisers. Those who regularly avail of postcard printing services from MOO (on top of their cool business cards) might want to try some creative experiments using the company’s latest offering: Gold and Silver Foil postcards. MOO began offering Gold Foil on Business Cards in 2015 as part of their “Tailored” range. The Silver Foil option was recently added. But if you’re one of the customers wondering if this is also possible on bigger prints, you’re in luck! You’ll be delighted to find that the company is now offering these options on postcards in seven different sizes from Small (4.13″ x 5.83″), Square (4.72″ x 4.72″), to large (6″x 9″). This option used to be an “offline” bespoke print request for some of their larger customers, but its popularity led to MOO finally exploring it as a permanent option on their shop.

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Pinhole Pro X Is the World’s First Pinhole Zoom Lens for Photo and Video

Pinhole Pro X, the world’s first pinhole zoom lens, joins the Pinhole Pro family to offer creative options for both photo and video work.

Want to get into pinhole photography with your digital camera? You might want to give this new Pinhole Pro lens a go. Thingyfy recently expanded their lineup of prime pinhole lenses with the Pinhole Pro X. Dubbed the world’s first-ever pinhole zoom lens, it’s designed especially for art photography and creative video production. Pinhole photography has been popular for those seeking to apply a dreamy look to their work. As the earliest known form of photography, many consider it photography in its original form. It’s possible to build your own pinhole camera today with basic materials. However, Thingyfy saw the opportunity to take advantage of today’s precision engineering to design a tool that can produce the best pinhole images possible. This is where the Pinhole Pro X comes into the picture.

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Are We Done with Clickbait Stories About the DSLR Being Dead Yet?

The DSLR is dead and we need to move on from it already.

“HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW THE DSLR IS DEAD AND MY CLICKBAIT TITLE IS IN ALL CAPS JUST TO GET YOUR ATTENTION?” is what I’ve seen so many YouTube videos and blog posts about in recent times. Yes, it’s true. And a few folks may even argue that traditional cameras are dead because what phones do these days are just as good. Camera manufacturers haven’t reached out and educated people enough about what their cameras do. But the truth today is DSLRs are dinosaurs. Nikon is releasing the D6 sooner or later and I’m not sure why. I’m positive Canon will follow suit and release a new 1D camera. It makes no sense when DSLRs are outdone by mirrorless in pretty much every way except for build quality.

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Photoville 2019 Was More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Photoville is the one event I look to most for insightful inspiration and necessary illumination of visual narratives within our industry.

The beauty and magic of Photoville is its ability to explore and expose the need for intersectional representation, whether examining exhibitions from a perspective of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, etc. Subsequently, I’d love to share some of the projects I found most influential, and examine why they are compelling, either by breaking molds, highlighting issues frequently left on the table, or challenging the traditional narratives we often encounter. Continue reading…

This Photo Contest Encourages You to Do Good with Your Camera

Looking for a photo contest to showcase your work? Here’s something different: putting your skills to action while also doing good using your camera. 

Husband and wife photography team Denae and Andrew have been working on something big for over a year, and they’re excited to get the word out. Inspired by the idea that there are plenty of opportunities for photographers to do good and share their talent, they came up with a photo contest with a purpose. Dubbed Do Good With Your Camera, it seeks to highlight how photography can serve both as an art and a form of service.

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GoFundMe Campaign Aims to Help Photographer Bob Croslin with Chemo

Let’s help photographer Bob Croslin get the best chance at recovery from another round of chemotherapy by supporting this GoFundMe campaign.

Some of you may already be aware of Florida-based commercial and editorial photographer Bob Croslin‘s battle with cancer since last year, for which he has gone through six months of treatment. Unfortunately, he’s back in the hospital for another round of chemotherapy, so friends have started to show their support through a GoFundMe campaign. They’re hoping that the rest of the photography community can also pitch in to give him the best chance at recovery so he can keep shooting.

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