Catch and Release Is a Stock Image Site with a Unique Twist

Catch and Release Harbor

Catch and Release’s new content contributor network is the anti-Unsplash and this is a very good thing for photographers and creatives everywhere.

Stock photography used to be an incredibly lucrative way for photographers and creatives to make good money. The rise of smartphones and everyone having a camera turned the industry sour. As the market became flooded with images, organizations like Unsplash not only stuck the knife in, they twisted it too. Now, a new company called Catch and Release is hoping to change all of that with a new way for creatives to share their work and get paid fairly with their take on a content contributor network. Find out more details after the break.

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If You Want a Leica, You had Better Get One Before a Nasty Price Hike

Thanks to the powers that be, imports from Germany are going to cost a lot more, and that includes Leica cameras.

We have some sad news to share with fans of Leica, and for anyone who was waiting for the new year to purchase a Leica camera or lens. The men and women in suits on Capitol Hill, who decided that a 25% import tax was necessary on products from Germany, will make your wallet cry a little louder in the new year. New Leica cameras and lenses that land on U.S shores after January 1st, 2020, will, unfortunately, be affected. Join us after the break to find out more about this news the camera market didn’t need.

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Flickr Needs More Pro Members to Stay Afloat

If you’ve moved on from Flickr, the platform’s CEO hopes you would reconsider joining as a Pro member to help keep it going.

Flickr may not be as big as it was during its heyday, but we can’t discount the fact that it remains one of the significantly better options out of all the platforms and communities like it. Most photographers may have moved on from it some years ago, but there was a good number who chose to stay as Flickr Pro members in the past two years. Fast-forward to recent times, and Flickr CEO Don MacAskill is calling for more users to upgrade their membership to Pro to help “the world’s most-beloved, money-losing business.”

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Lensrentals Reveals Sony in Second Place for Rentals in 2019

Curious about this year’s most in-demand photo and video gear? Lensrentals shares some insights through their most popular rented products for 2019.

As we’re getting ready to close the year and welcome the next, companies are almost done consolidating their figures and reports for 2019. Lensrentals, for example, has just completed the data on their rental equipment for the outgoing year. Their findings prompted them to share some insights about the most in-demand photo and video equipment of 2019.

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It’s Really Easy for You to Win Over $3,000 of Photo Gear

Photography Prizes

The Gift of Giving Away package is full of photography prizes we know you want!

Enter now to get your hands on a bunch of photography prizes totaling over $3,000 in value We are sharing the chance to win prizes such as a Fujifilm X-T3, a Tamron 18-400mm Di VC HLD lens, and prizes from Datacolor, Blurb, Sandisk, Moab, WANDRD, any more. Best of all, entry is free! Join us after the break for all of the details about the Gift of Giving Away prize package!

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Forget Overpowering the Sun, The Flashpoint AD1200 Pro Will Replace it

Godox AD1200 Pro

If you need to illuminate half of your neighborhood, the Godox AD1200 Pro might be the go-anywhere flash you need.

Godox has been making quite a name for themselves over the last few years by releasing strobes and monolights that offer incredible features at prices that are far less than other manufacturers out there. Thanks to a recent listing, it looks Godox/Flashpoint might continue the trend of offering quality gear in the shape of a monster called the Godox/Flashpoint AD1200 Pro. This beastly boasts 1200ws of power, and your current R2 transmitters can trigger it. We have more specs and info after the break.

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The White Leica M10P is the Kind of Camera You Write Love Stories About

Leica M10P

The Leica M10P is for photographers who really want to stand out from the crowd (and who happen to have very deep pockets).

When it comes to classic designs that wow, and a user experience that is incredibly hard to beat, photographers lean toward Leica cameras for a few good reasons. Leica has been releasing limited and special edition cameras frequently here of late, and today we have found out that there will be a special edition of their flagship, the M10P. This brilliant white camera is a real stunner. We have all the details about it after the break.

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Peerspace to Begin Offering Photographers á la Carte Services

This is good news for those who want to customize their photo shoot experience while in a Peerspace rental property.

Peerspace likes to call themselves the Airbnb for creative professionals who need studios and shoot locations in cities far and wide. Now, they’re hoping to take their business to the next level by offering renters the chance to add unique services to the rental property of their choice. If you like to go above and beyond for your clients while on location, you might want to read more about this cool new feature from Peerspace after the break.

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Patents Suggest Canon’s EOS R Mk II Could Have Hybrid Viewfinder

New patents show Canon hard at work on new camera tech, so maybe the EOS R Mk II will surprise a few people.

As we all know, Canon, along with Nikon, arrived incredibly late to the Full Frame Mirrorless camera party, and they have both paid the price for that snafu and their oversight. While they have been working hard to bring their next-generation lenses to market, their Mirrorless cameras leave much to be desired. This could all change with the Canon EOS R Mk II. Thanks to some new patents that have been filed, we can see what Canon might have up its sleeve for future camera releases. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Magnum Photographer Jim Goldberg Shot “Migrant Caravan” Short Film on Super 8

Luna Llena, a short film shot by Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg in November 2018, is an intimate documentation of the Central American “Migrant Caravan.”

To document the Central American “Migrant Caravan” in November 2018, Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg traveled to Mexico and put together a potent mix of Super 8 footage, video, recorded audio, and songs. The result is a short film titled Luna Llena, which shows intimate snippets of life for the 10,000 migrants who fled from the violence and persecution in their countries of origin to seek asylum in the United States. If you’re looking for something to inspire your interest in eye-opening documentary photography, this short film is certainly one to check out.

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Ilford Photo Is Asking for Input on Darkroom Printing Habits

If you’re a film photographer who develops and prints your own photos, Ilford wants to know your darkroom printing habits through a survey.

Passionate film photographers who want to be active in keeping the medium alive can do more than buying films and going to independent film labs. They can also support their favorite brands and companies in research and development. One such opportunity comes in Ilford Photo’s callout for their latest global film users survey, which aims to “inspire others to print and/or address the gaps that stop people from printing.” So, if you’re a regular darkroom printer, the company wants your insights.

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Want to Win Over $3,000 in Free Photo Gear? Here’s How!

Photography Prizes

The Gift of Giving Away package is full of photography prizes you don’t want to miss!

You’ve still got time to get your hands on a bunch of photography prizes totaling over $3,000 in value We are sharing the chance to win prizes such as a Fujifilm X-T3, a Tamron 18-400mm Di VC HLD lens, and prizes from Datacolor, Blurb, Sandisk, Moab, WANDRD, any more. Best of all, entry is free! Join us after the break for all of the details about the Gift of Giving Away prize package!

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The CAMERADACTYL Brancopan Uses 35mm Film to Shoot Panoramas

If you like going the DIY route and make your own cameras and accessories, Brancopan, the latest CAMERADACTYL contraption, will let you 3D print your own.

After years of making and selling the CAMERADACTYL cameras, Ethan Moses recently decided to let everyone in on the fun of building their own. Brancopan, the latest of these quirky cameras, is a 35mm panoramic camera that takes Mamiya Press lenses and you can 3D print yourself. If you’re looking for a new project that you can do over the weekend or a little longer, Moses suggests taking a shot at his new design and grabbing it through Kickstarter.

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The Nikon Z Series of Cameras Can Now Support CFExpress

Camera Deals

If you’re a Nikon Z camera owner, you’re getting an upgrade to your camera today.

For those who own the Nikon Z series full-frame cameras, you’re getting some great news today; your cameras are getting a new firmware update. The update will give your single XQD slot camera access to support CFExpress cards. Further, if you want to shoot RAW video with your cameras, you’ll get that in a separate firmware update. However, if you want to shoot RAW video, you’ll need to pony up some money. The press release is after the jump.

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Plan Your Next Stock Photo Projects Using the Shutterstock Shot List

If you’re looking to get into stock photography, Shutterstock lets you know what’s currently in demand through their monthly Shot List compilation. 

Part of the success in the stock photography industry lies in being able to anticipate trends to use as a basis to create best-selling images. For this, research is key. To help make the research process easier for their contributors, Shutterstock has been putting together their monthly Shot List — a compilation of concepts and topics that buyers are looking for. So, if you’ve been looking forward to the latest installment to help your venture into stock photography, we’re glad to report that it’s out.

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The Next Fujifilm X100 Camera Will Need Big Upgrades to Be a Success

compact cameras

Fujifilm will need to pull out all the stops if they want the next version of the X100 to be a must-have.

Fujifilm has seen success with their X100 line of cameras, but we have always felt that the pocket cameras have needed a little bit more in the way of features to really take them over the edge. If new reports are to believed, the next version of the Fujifilm X100 will hit the streets early in 2020, but to be a success this time around, it will need some significant upgrades over the Fujifilm X100F.

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Review Update: The New WANDRD Cubes Don’t Suck, They’re Great!

We’ve updated our PRVKE 31 pack review to include the new WANDRD Cubes.

It’s been a while since we reviewed the WANDRD PRVKE 31 pack, and even to this day, we tend to carry it with us on trips. The bag is fantastic in so many ways. Though it was marketed as an optional Tote bag, it’s evident to us this never worked out, but as a backpack, it has to be one of the most comfortable we’ve tested. In addition to that, the rolltop design allows photographers to carry extra lenses, clothing, and much more while on a shoot. They made it even better recently with the addition of their new cubes. These cubes are better built and also finally have dividers that don’t suck. As the ethical alternative and choice to Peak Design, we’re very happy a company that treats photographers well is doing something like this.

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Is This the Most Entitled Photoshoot Request Ever?

It seems there are no limitations to what society deems photographable and everything is worthy of a photoshoot.

In an article published on Slate, a reader asked the websites’ Care and Feeding section a question relating to photography. “I want to celebrate my husband’s vasectomy with a photoshoot. Is that insensitive?” The reader wrote about the worries she had of offending people who were unable to conceive. But on the flip side, she felt she should be allowed to celebrate her and her husband’s decision not to have a baby by having a “We’re not expecting” photoshoot. The poor soul – stuck between a rock and a hard place as she unwraps her first world problems. Let’s help her, shall we?

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New Market Stats Suggest Canon Needs an RF Mount Rebel Camera Now

camera deals

As Canon cameras are absent from the top 10 selling cameras in Japan for November 2019, perhaps it’s time for an RF Mount Rebel.

It seems as though things are going from bad to worse for Canon. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the top-selling cameras in Japan for a given month do not belong to Canon. Not only is Canon’s absence in the top three unexpected, but there are also no Canon cameras in the top 10 for November 2019. Ouch. Canon’s insistence on pushing their M mount is not paying off, so maybe it’s time for an RF mount Rebel camera. Let’s talk about this.

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Unsplash Now Working with Brands in a Puzzling Advertising Model

Unsplash takes on a business model that claims to provide paid opportunities for contributors while supporting its operations.

For those who ever wondered how Unsplash has been making money (since they have been giving away your photos for free), the company now shares theie answer: a new advertising model that, they say, was in the works since the platform started. Called Unsplash for Brands, it involves exactly what it says on the label, wherein brands play a significant part on the platform in a bid to make “Advertising that is beautiful and valuable.” This move, they say, will not only keep the company afloat, but also offer paid opportunities for contributors who want to take part in this project.

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Canon Could Be the Most Innovative Lens Company on the Market

Canon has again filed patents for some wild RF Mount lenses, which show they mean business.

While Canon hasn’t exactly been innovating when it comes to their Mirrorless cameras, the same cannot be said when it comes to RF Mount lenses. There aren’t exactly a ton of native RF Mount lenses on the market currently, but the crazy development team that works behind the scenes at Canon HQ have been developing plans for some genuinely outrageous, yet possibly brilliant lenses for their Mirrorless platform.

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