This Beautiful Minimalist Space in Japan is a Photographer’s Dream Home Studio

All images by Yoshihiro Asada and Norihito Yamauchi via Arch Daily

It’s been said all the time that there’s always something for everyone, and we believe we’ve found the perfect house for photographers. It’s designed to maximize natural light, has plenty of space for a home studio, and has a lot of picture-perfect corners. There’s just one catch: You’d have to fly to Japan to book a viewing at least. Which doesn’t sound so bad, actually, as Japan is known for being a paradise for photographers.

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Nydia Lilian’s “After Life” Imagines an Earth on the Brink of Collapse

All images by Nydia Lilian. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

It cannot be denied that much of our existence depends on nature: from the air that we breathe, our basic needs, the science that furthers our minds, and the art that fuels our drive to create. This is why the potential destruction of nature — whether it’s through some cataclysmic event or man-made causes — is something widely explored by creative minds and critical thinkers. Today’s photography inspiration is a product of such inquisitiveness, taken by Mexican photographer and Graphic Designer, Nydia Lilian.

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Matt Rainwaters Documented a Haitian Hospital Without Running Water

All images by Matt Rainwaters. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Through the power of photojournalism, we get to see and be aware of some of the most important real-life stories from every corner of the globe. There are times, however, when the stories aren’t for the faint of heart. We bring you one such story today with a powerful photo essay taken in Haiti by Austin, Texas-based photographer and film director Matt Rainwaters. In late February 2010, Matt was assigned to Haiti to document the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the country in early January of the same year. For nine days, he worked alongside tireless doctors who were sent to provide assistance to Haitians, photographing the heart-breaking scenes unfolding in a hospital without running water.

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Yakub Merchant’s Street Photography Emphasizes People Through Their Windows

All images by Yakub Merchant. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Do you ever wonder how many of the personal projects you find most interesting were sparked by a spontaneous idea? I sometimes do, and today’s featured set of portraits is definitely a case in point. Taken by London-based photographer Yakub Merchant while on assignment, it was most likely just an idea he shelved for later as he was shooting for work. While Yakub was working as a still photographer on a film set in India, he noticed all these people watching the scenes from a vantage point in their homes. As I imagine it, Yakub took interest and began taking their portraits in between shots, eventually ending up with a nice collection for an aptly titled set called Windows.

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Andrei Duman: Travel Photography and Forming Connections With Your Subjects

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

Photographer Andrei Duman has been shooting photos since he was very young. He started out with travel and was always fascinated by the fact that one could go from place to place within a few hours. Along the way, he studied the works of different photographers and the ways they went about getting their photos. Perhaps this has helped influence the way Andrei approaches his subjects and the way he gets his images. For Andrei, it's always been about human connection and ensuring it's there even before he picks up the camera to his eye.

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Rupert Vandervell Explores Our Relationship with Urban Spaces for “Urbanites”

All images by Rupert Vandervell.  Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Some of the most effective and clever takes on street photography have veered away from the usual scenes of activity and curious-looking faces. We’ve seen architecture transform into spaceships, cities take on colorful alter-egos at nights, and shadow play serve as a compelling narrative device. In yet another beautiful example of eye-catching street photography, London-based photographer and filmmaker Rupert Vandervell explores how we interact with the cities we live in and the urban landscapes we traverse everyday.

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Mark Broyer Shares the Beauty of Foggy Nights in Hamburg

All images by Mark Broyer. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

The hours between dusk and dawn are certainly favorite times for many photographers, despite the lighting conditions being mostly challenging. In a previous feature, we’ve seen Hamburg-based Mark Broyer document the beautiful glow that his city takes on during the colorful after hours. For today’s night photography and street photography inspiration, we follow him again as he continues his nighttime adventures, this time catching the misty beauty of a foggy night in Hamburg.

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Mako Miyamoto’s Space Adventure Takes Us “Further West”

All images by Mako Miyamoto. Used with Creative Commons permission.

With space exploration currently making bigger and bigger leaps in technology and scope, it’s not surprising more and more creative minds are filling the gaps with their imagination. It’s interesting to see how conceptual photography has been picking up the pace, often borrowing themes, aesthetics, and story lines from some iconic space-themed science fiction flicks. Portland-based Mako Miyamoto brings us yet another interesting take on mankind’s quest to find the next alien lands to colonize.

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