Nostalgic Kodak Commercial Reminds Us of Sharing Photos Before Social Media

In the mood for some major throwback? Let’s confuse the kids a bit with this four decades old Kodak commercial.

These days, sharing photos is just a matter of tapping away on our smartphones and sending photos from our camera roll to social media and messaging apps. Quick, easy, and convenient. Modern. Back in the days, you needed to have something tangible if you want to share a photo with family and friends. You need to have a print, as this nostalgic Kodak commercial from decades past reminds us!

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Tom Leighton Unravels the Drama in Chicago’s Urbanscapes

All photos by Tom Leighton. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since we shined the spotlight on Tom Leighton and his dramatic aerial photography featuring the otherworldly Nevada Desert and his abstract monochrome series on contrails. This time, he brings our eyes to the city of Chicago, where he was inspired to put together a visual showcase of its highrise cityscapes and modernist tendencies. If you’re looking for a cinematic inspiration for your architectural photography, we invite you to check out this series and study how he unravels the drama in the city.

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Ilford #MyFilmStory: Capturing the Spirit of Mountains on Large Format

Tedious and unwieldy as it may it seem, Anton Ivanov prefers to capture perilous peaks using his large format camera and Ilford black and white film.

How far are you willing to take your black and white photography? In the latest episode of Ilford‘s #MyFilmStory series, we meet Saint Petersburg-based Anton Ivanov, who combines his love for the mountains and passion for film photography. Taking on some of the world’s tallest peaks and documenting his adventures with a large format camera and Ilford black and white film allows him to capture the spirit of the mountains and the emotions that come with it.

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Kodak Camera That Everyone Forgot

While it didn’t really fly, the Disc film format introduced by Kodak in the early 1980s was an interesting and novel idea for its time.

We can fault Kodak for not directing its innovations to adapt to the digital age, but we definitely can’t deny that the company made some pretty significant contributions and interesting ideas to photography during its heydays. Case in point is the Disc film format and cameras, which today’s featured commercial reminds us about. While mostly forgotten by most, some vintage camera collectors still find it an item of interest.

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5 Photographers Keeping Black And White Photography Alive

There was a time when black and white photography was the only option. But even in today’s world of color, photographers are keeping the aesthetic alive.

Although we’re in 2019, black and white photography remains popular amongst photographers. That’s because it brings a classic, timeless feel – something color just can’t seem to match. Back in the early days of photography, people like Henri Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, and Ansel Adams championed the black and white aesthetic – setting the bar for the standard that others would need to reach. Thankfully there are photographers today reaching that bar, and they’re keeping the black and white aesthetic very much in high demand. Let’s take a look at some of the best of them.

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This Couple Is an Adult Entertainment Photographer Duo (NSFW)

Want to know what it’s like being a photographer in adult entertainment? Here you go…

“Now and then, you suddenly realize that there are naked people having sex right in front of you,” says Luke from the adult content site, Bright Desire. Alongside his wife, Ms. Naughty, Luke is shooting and photographing content that looks to break the status quo of the industry. In what they call “feminist porn,” their ethos is to make adult material inclusive of everyone that is a break from the view of the male gaze. But, aside from the polarizing topic of ethics in the adult industry, what is it like being on set? More so, what is it like photographing adult content? We discuss all that and more as we sit down to talk with Luke and Ms. Naughty.

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Stereo Realist Ad Reminds Us of 3D Photography Before Instagram

If you’ve been digging the 3D images floating about on Instagram, this vintage ad featuring the Stereo Realist will especially fascinate you.

Stereo cameras like the popular Nishika 8000, Nimslo 3D, and even the new RETO3D are all the rage with today’s experimental photographers, as film photography trends on Instagram indicate. However, this interesting type of photography is not a recent invention, as today’s featured vintage camera ad from many decades past reminds us. If you’re particularly interested in the history of 3D or stereo cameras, this could be something worth checking out!

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How to Bring a 160-Year-Old Giant Petzval Lens Back to Life

How big can a vintage Petzval lens get? Markus Hofstaetter shows us in yet another awesome video. Clue: It’s really BIG!

When you’re a wet plate photographer like Austrian wedding photographer and wet plate artist Markus Hofstaetter, you have to be a bit of a handyman and craftsman. He has proven just that in previous videos about preparing his own plates, and making ground glass for large format cameras. However, always one to outdo himself, his latest DIY project involved restoring a 160-year-old MASSIVE Petzval lens he found at a flea market. Whether you’re a bit of a handyman yourself or simply enjoy anything related to wet plate photography and vintage cameras, we’re sure you’ll find this interesting!

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Groovy Vintage Camera Ad Reminds Us of the Kodak Instamatic Flashcubes

This flash from the past takes us back to the Swinging Sixties and Kodak’s foray into flash photography with the Kodak Instamatic flashcubes.

Built-in flash and flash attachments for cameras are so commonplace now that we don’t really give it much thought. But today’s featured vintage camera ad reminds us of a time when using flash meant slapping one of these little explosive contraptions called Flashcubes on a Kodak Instamatic camera. So, if you’re ready, let’s step back into the Swinging Sixties and see it in action!

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Andrew Campbell’s Award-Winning Astrophotography Will Stun You

All images by Andrew Campbell. Used with permission.

“I think with all things in life – if you love doing it – then you will always be motivated.” Those are the words of Andrew Campbell, a photographer based in the South West of England. He’s talking about his love for astrophotography, and the rewards he gets from the methodical art form. His passion requires patience, something Campbell has plenty of. The results? A body of work that wows us and leaves us asking for more.

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New to Film? The Leica CL Is the Smallest M-mount Camera Ever Made

Whether you’re new to film, a hardcore Leica collector, or simply want to have a sophisticated and lightweight M-mount camera, we have just the camera for you.

Attention Leica fans and vintage camera collectors! If your stash is still missing the Leica CL — obviously not the digital version — we have a few leads for you. For the unfamiliar, it’s the smallest M-mount camera ever made, and has some interesting details that make it a nice addition to your collection. If your mission is to collect every wonderful Leica out there, this might also be right up your alley!

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Mark Edward Harris’ Beautiful Orangutan Portraits Highlight Deeper Issues

All images by Mark Edward Harris. Used with permission.

“The older ones like to have me turn my camera around so they can see themselves on my LCD,” Mark Edward Harris tells us. He adds, “I know this sounds a bit hard to believe, but it has happened on numerous occasions. Orangutans have self-awareness.” For the last six years, Harris has been working closely with one of the world’s most fascinating animals – the orangutan. But as eye-catching and interesting as this portrait series is, there’s a serious undertone: one Harris wants to shed light on.

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“Shattered Glass” Highlights the Strength of These Incredible Women

All images by Katerina Gregoriou. Used with permission. 

“Every time I photograph one of these women, without fail, I leave with an incredible sense of gratitude, inspiration, and positive energy,” explains Katerina Gregoriou as she speaks about her project, Shattered Glass. She adds, “…documenting women who are making a serious change in the world is truly an honor and a joy in and of itself.” Katerina is no stranger to the adversities synonymous with being a female in the workplace–especially those dominated by men. Previously working as a mechanical engineer, she became accustomed to comments about her appearance and her ability to belong in such a working environment. But with each comment that came, so did an increase in her determination to prove the world wrong. And then, in 2018, “photography found her,” and with that, she found an outlet to express just how powerful she (and the millions of women like her) can be.

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Here’s Your Chance to Snag a Super Rare Leica 72 Half-Frame Camera

A super rare Leica 72 just popped up on eBay. As with any rare vintage Leica, you’ll need to part with a fortune to add it to your vintage camera collection.

If you’ve ever thought about adding a rare vintage Leica to your vintage camera collection and missed your chance from our previous features, we come with another heads up. This time, it’s a super rare Leica 72, most likely the most unexpected Leica and the most expensive half-frame camera you’ve never heard of.

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5 Places to Find Inspiration for Street Photography

Those who shoot street photography need inspiration from time to time. You just need to know where to find it.

Street photography can be a lonely game. Much time spent alone roaming the streets, hoping something of interest comes your way. Because of the isolation, and the fact that there’s no guarantee of getting a great shot, it’s easy to become deflated. You find yourself in a rut, and your camera starts to collect dust. While there are ways of getting out of a creative rut, sometimes you need a little more: you need to be inspired by those around you. Below are some top sources of inspiration.

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Guess How Much A Brand New Nikon F3/T and 50mm F1.2 AI-S Costs

If super rare vintage cameras are your thing, you might want to ready your wallet for this beautiful Nikon F3/T Classic!

On its own, the Nikon F3 remains a popular model of the iconic Nikon F line of cameras, with vintage camera collectors and Nikon fans seeking to make it a core member of their collection. Make it a rare, special edition and you have an even more lusted after camera that you’d best be ready to spend a handsome sum for. A perfect example is this Nikon F3/T Classic that we recently spotted, still in its original packaging and in new condition.

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Did You Know These Five Celebrities Are Competent Photographers Too?

Away from their superstar status, these well-known names are also celebrity photographers.

You’ve seen them in movies, heard their hit records, and watched their mind-bending entertainment, but have you seen their photographs? Away from the glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle, some famous people enjoy picking up a camera and creating photographs. We’re not talking about Brooklyn Beckham either – you know, the young kid who got a gig with Burberry without hardly getting out of auto? No, we’re talking about people who, alongside their successful career, clearly know a thing or two about making a good picture. Check them out below.

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Guess the Price of This Rare Zeiss Ikon Hologon Point and Shoot

Looking for a rare, vintage camera for your wide-angle needs? Our latest find, a complete Zeiss Ikon Hologon set, could just be for you, if your pockets are deep enough for it.

There are still many lens options available today if you want to go wide with your vintage cameras. But if it’s something rare and unique that you’d rather have and use, our latest vintage find fits the bill rather nicely. Say hello to the Zeiss Ikon Hologon, one of the most interesting among the many Zeiss Ikon models and certainly one of the most expensive point and shoot cameras in history.

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Claire Droppert Depicts the Dramatic”Frozen Silence” of Sweden

All photos by Claire Droppert. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to visual themes and concepts like silence and tranquility, minimalist scenes are often the most effective. This makes winter wonderlands among the perfect places to shoot. In the latest installment of her Silence series, Rotterdam-based photographer and designer Claire Droppert takes us to Hemavan-Tarnaby in Sweden, where she captured dramatic snowy scenes as visual representations of piercing silence. If you’re thinking of doing more landscape shoots this winter, we’re sure you’ll find this an inspiring collection.

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Vintage Camera Ads Feature Most Advanced Kodak Camera in the 1960s

Apart from iconic emulsions, Kodak also made some pretty interesting cameras, as today’s featured vintage camera ads from the 1960s remind us.

Been enjoying the walk down memory lane through the vintage camera ads we’ve been sharing? Today’s featured ad and commercial are the next to surprise and delight you. If you’ve been shooting with Kodak films, or are simply interested in the company’s history, we think you’ll be especially curious about the Kodak Motormatic 35 shown here!

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