This Canon MC10 Is Yet Another Compact to Satisfy Your 80s Nostalgia

If you have a keen interest in 1980s point-and-shoot cameras, we think this Canon MC10 is the boxy beauty to add to your camera collection.

With point-and-shoot cameras from the 1980s being among the most popular film cameras today, we think some of you may be interested in grabbing our latest vintage find. The boxy Canon MC10 may not be as iconic as, say, the similarly designed Olympus XA or the Lomo LC-A cameras, but it still looks the part of a sleek point-and-shoot camera you might want to hit the streets with when you get the itch to shoot film.

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Nolle Mason’s Series on Illegal Immigration Makes Digital X-Rays Analog

All image manipulations by Noelle Mason. Used with permission.

“I am an outsider using photography, a non-native, or immigrant to the medium,” explains Noelle Mason. At her core, Noelle is an artist with political motivations. Yet, through her manipulation of surveillance images, she has been making a statement in the world of photography, and people are listening. Her series, X-Ray Vision Vs. Instability, took first place at the Lens Culture Art Awards, giving her wide-spread recognition. In her work, she tackles the tough topic of immigration – humanizing people who tend to be stripped of their humanity. In a somewhat chilling set of manipulated photographs, Noelle opens up our eyes and allows us to look deep inside the truth. She holds a looking glass over a complex issue, delivering the topic to us in a complex way. For that reason alone, we had to speak to her to learn more about her method of working.

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The Konica Mermaid Is an Unexpectedly Rare Underwater Film Camera

Missing a rare underwater camera in your collection of rare goodies? This Konica Mermaid could be a rather unexpected addition!

A vintage or film camera collection may not be complete without a quirky underwater camera. If you feel like adding one to yours, we may have found an interesting choice. The Konica Mermaid has a name that fits the bill, but you probably wouldn’t expect to learn that it’s rare. Well, kind of.

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Now’s Your Chance to Grab an Extremely Rare Cosina 107-SW

If you’re looking for another rare camera to add to your collection of vintage goodies, we’re sure this gorgeous Cosina 107-SW fits the bill.

If unique cameras are your cup of tea, our latest vintage find is worth checking out. A rare collectible item in every way, this gorgeous Cosina 107-SW is one of the most interesting cameras that can be added to any collection. And now is your chance to grab one… or two.

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This Cool Zeiss Jena Aerial Survey System Uses Film

This Zeiss Jena LMK-2000 aerial survey camera is up for grabs for anyone with a serious passion for everything aerial photography.

Today’s vintage find is quite an unusual package, but we’re sure it’s something aerial photographers will appreciate. Drones have now replaced dedicated aerial camera systems that use analog imaging. But for those who still want to give analog a try, this Zeiss Jena LMK-2000 Aerial Survey Mapping Camera system up for grabs is an available option, provided they have the budget for it as it’s not exactly cheap even if it’s old technology!

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Arild Heitmann Unveils the Otherworldly Highlands of Iceland

All photos by Arild Heitmann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Iceland is a famed destination sought after by intrepid travelers and adventurous photographers. Just how many of us have drooled over and dreamed of setting foot in such a surreal place? All the photos we’ve seen prove that when it comes to otherworldly locations, we often don’t need to look far. Today’s featured snaps by landscape photographer and adventurer Arild Heitmann are no exception. If you’ve ever needed some convincing to finally fly to the magical island nation, let this stunning series give you the final push!

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This Hasselblad 203FE Had a Pretty Special Owner

Only two units of this commemorative Hasselblad 203FE were ever made; the other is with Buzz Aldrin.

Whether you’re a hardcore vintage camera collector or a serious space memorabilia connoisseur, our latest vintage find will bring you great excitement — and dent to your bank account. But, this is your chance to own an extremely rare commemorative Hasselblad 203FE. It’s so unique that there are only two ever made for two special people! One is Buzz Aldrin, the other a Hasselblad CEO. The latter could be yours next.

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This Mysterious USSR Prototype Panoramic Camera Is Yours for $40,000

Any collectors of USSR cameras out there? This unique and interesting prototype panoramic camera could be something up your alley.

We’re sure USSR cameras are part of many, if not all, vintage camera collections and film camera arsenals out there. They’re great starter cameras, and they provide an easy route to camera collecting since they’re often cheap and easy to find. Our latest vintage find, however, is anything but both: a curious-looking prototype panoramic camera that takes medium format film. It’s so unique and unusual that you most likely won’t find anything like it.

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Does Anyone Remember the Budweiser Can Camera?

You’ll surely be the life of the party if you take along this cool Budweiser can camera.

If you’re a fan and collector of quirky yet cool cameras, we’re sure you’ll love our latest vintage find. This Budweiser Can point-and-shoot camera looks like it was made for parties and will instantly steal the show wherever you go! There’s only a few of them lurking around, so if this sounds like something you want to add to your camera collection, step right up and decide!

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Grab This Rare Set of FOUR Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Platinum Cameras for $39,995

Here’s your chance to snag not one but FOUR limited edition Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Platinum cameras in different colors.

Looking for the next gorgeous Rolleiflex camera to add to your collection? Our latest vintage find will let you add not one but FOUR units of the limited edition Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Platinum, made as part of a commissioned project with the American fine art nude photographer, Jock Sturges. If you’re particularly interested in special edition cameras like these, we’re sure this eye-catching set will suit your fancy!

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This Collection with a Hiroshima Atomic Bombing Negative Is Going for $2 Million

This Hiroshima Atomic Bombing negative is part of a collection that is going for $2 Million. Two. Million. US Dollars.

If you’re a history buff or a photography memorabilia collector with a particular interest for World War II items, you’ll find our latest vintage find fascinating. But, we have to warn you that it’s a collection that costs a fortune for its historical value. The star of the show is a negative from the Hiroshima Bombing which is claimed to be the only negative from the historic event to be auctioned off after going undiscovered for 74 years.

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Nay Jiménez’s Food Story Is an Invitation to a Banquet of Colors

All photos by Nay Jiménez. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

When it comes to food photography, color is essential to produce a maximum mouth-watering effect. It’s also an effective creative component to present food in a different way, as today’s featured food photography project shows. If you’ve ever wanted to capture food through an out-of-the-box approach, we’re sure the vibrant editorial snapped by Chile-based creative director and photographer Nay Jiménez will give you lots of ideas!

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Eric Van Nynatten Makes the Best of Havana’s Natural Lighting

All photos by Eric Van Nynatten. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Havana remains one of the most popular cities for travelers with an affinity to old-world charms, especially intrepid photographers and visual artists. We’ve featured a lot of projects that support this, and we’re more than happy to include another to the list. While some of the scenes and locations may be familiar, we think there’s a unique mood to the perspective captured by New York City-based Eric Van Nynatten. But, if you have yet to visit Havana and still dream of prowling its charming streets, we think this series will entice you.

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5 Photographers Shooting the Streets with Medium Format Cameras

We believe medium format cameras still have their place in street photography. These photographers prove it.

Medium format cameras sure are fun to use. It’s no surprise photographers are out on the street using them on a daily basis. Most opt for a film camera, because, let’s face it, most people don’t have the $10,000 (and then some) to buy digital. The image quality of medium format cameras is awesome, and the novelty is intriguing. After spending some time enjoying the work of some street photographers who are using medium format, we thought, “let’s write an article about it.” So, we did, and here it is: five photographers using a medium format camera for street photography. Enjoy!

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Here’s Why Some “Bad Photos” Resonate with You

Ever notice how “bad photos” sometimes resonate with you more than technically flawless ones? Here’s a really great and detailed answer from Jamie Windsor.

Ask London-based photographer Jamie Windsor who his all-time favorite photographer is, and there’s a big chance he’ll answer Nan Goldin. He explains his choice by detailing what it is about her work that draws him and commands his attention: the authenticity and emotional narratives brought about by imperfection. Yes, you’re reading it right. Imperfection is something that the digital world has largely amended, if not erased, with the latest and greatest of gear. But in the case of photographers like Nan Goldin, Jamie has found that “bad photos” often resonate with viewers because of a creative use of imperfections to convey a feeling or capture a moment from the photographer’s perspective.

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Hengki Koentjoro Captures the Underwater Frolic of the Boys of Alor Island

All photos by Hengki Koentjoro. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Jakarta-based freelance photographer Hengki Koentjoro has been on our radar for impressive landscape photography shot in minimalist black and white. But, we’d also like to put the spotlight on his other outstanding photography projects, particularly his artful series featuring boys having a grand time playing in the waters of Alor Island in Indonesia.

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Dominik Mattern Captures the Right Moments in Black and White Street Snaps

Armed with a Fujifilm X-T3 and a 35mm lens, Berlin-based Dominik Mattern has made it his mission to create emotive street photography inspired by black and white and Robert Frank. 

I am Dominik Mattern and I started shooting street photography about eight months ago. I prefer shooting black and white because it gives the picture stronger lines and contours. For me, this supports the emotions inside a picture. I am from Berlin and this is where I mostly take my pictures. I use a Fujifilm X- T3 and most of the time I shoot with a 35mm lens. In the future, I want to grow as a photographer and I want to start my first projects.

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6 Photographers Killing It with the Fujifilm XT3 Right Now

You’ll love what these photographers are producing with the Fujifilm XT3.

The Fujifilm XT3 is a popular camera in the photographic industry. Its analog inspired build gives the modern-day photographer a feel of a bygone era. The X-Trans CMOS sensor continues the X-Series tradition of producing detailed, sharp images. But for its features to be best utilized, it needs to be in the right hands. Thankfully, some terrific photographers use the XT3, and in this piece, we’re going to show you six of our favorites.

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Justyna Zduńczyk Makes a Beautiful Visual Summary of Kyoto’s Wonders

All photos by Justyna Zduńczyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Japan is a haven for photographers and it’s a fact that we think everyone won’t mind saying over and over. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or the old world charms of Kyoto, there’s always a postcard-worthy moment waiting to be captured. In her wanderlust-inducing travelogue, Polish photographer Justyna Zduńczyk highlights the sights and scenes of the latter to give us a nostalgic glimpse at Japan’s old capital.

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Self-Portraits Set This Film Photographer Free From Emotional Abuse

All self-portraits and images by Mariangela Serrano. Used with permission.

“I started taking self-portraits and photographs from a place of pain instead of a place of joy.” Mariangela Serrano, a Venuzalen born photographer, found herself locked in an abusive relationship. A once optimistic, confident creator, soon became riddled with self-doubt and low self-esteem. But photography would become her savior. It would give her the message she needed to realize something was wrong. In other words, photography set her free. Not only that, photography acted as her anchor in life and was her way of medicating to heal emotional wounds. The future now looks bright for this talented photographer. She’s soon to be married, and photography remains a constant in her life. We spoke to her to learn more about her painful experiences, how life is for an immigrant in New York, and how she would like her life to look in the future.

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James Britt’s Inspiring Dedication to Double Exposures

All double exposures by James Britt. Used with permission. 

The Phoblographer has always had a soft spot for alternative methods of photography. We’ve championed many unique methods over the 10 years we’ve been running. That’s why we were super stoked when photographer, James Britt, contacted us about his fantastic double exposures. So much so, that we agreed to feature them on the site! Because if we’re excited by them, we’re confident you will be too – let’s check them out.

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