Anthony Bogucki Photographs Beautiful Flowers with a Hasselblad 500C/M

All images by Anthony Bogucki. Used with permission.

My name is Anthony Bogucki. I’m 22 years old and I am a strobist photographer from the Greater Detroit area. I had always felt photography was about capturing a moment. As soon as I started experimenting with off-camera lighting, my perception of photography suddenly shifted to being about creating a moment. Flash photography has given me greater freedom in materializing the vision I see in my mind by allowing me more granular control over my final image. There’s no need to be chasing that golden hour light when you can create your own. I have done a large photo series on flowers but recently have branched off into portraits and other still subjects. I was drawn to floral subjects because I think they enforce the idea of creating a moment, flowers are frequently picked and taken out of their environment to be experienced on their own in another.

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Christophe Audebert Uses Long Exposures to Highlight Geothermal Power

All images by Christophe Audebert. Used with permission.

“Nowadays it is critical to save our planet,” Christophe Audebert firmly states as he talks about the impact climate change is having on the world. Where other photographers choose to document the damaging effects, Christophe, a Parisian based landscape photographer, is highlighting what we can do differently. In his series Liquid Time Iceland, he photographs and educates how the Nordic island is making use of its natural resources. When it comes to innovation, Iceland is one of the leading nations producing geothermal power. He explains, “It’s cheap, abundant, no greenhouse effect, a lower risk for pollution. The advantages are plenty.”

During our conversation with Christophe, we look at what the world can do to be better, how his creative photography is helping to make a difference, and how he aims to focus more on societal concerns in the future.

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Virginia Hanusik’s ‘A Receding Coast’ Tackles the Tough Topic of Climate Change

All photos by Virginia Hanusik. Used with permission.

“I have a problem with photographers who use disaster voyeurism as a means of gaining attention for their work,” says Virginia Hanusik, a photographer whose work concentrating on the relationship between culture and the built environment has given her the task of tackling climate change. “In some cases, photographs of flooding and wildfires are certainly necessary and should be shown, but when you’re exploiting someone’s loss for your own benefit then there is an issue.”

Climate change is a polarizing topic for society, but one that continues to come up. Whilst some brush it off as no concern, there are others unprepared to allow the conversation to go away – including photographers. Further, humanitarian photography is no easy task, especially when you’re documenting the negative contribution society is having on the environment. For example, taking nothing away from portrait, event, or editorial, humanitarian photography requires a certain strength to be able to plunge yourself into the sometimes depressing narratives society endures. In her series A Receding Coast, Virginia closely looks at how our architectural practices have led to coastal erosion in South Louisiana.

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Selvy Ngantung’s Minimal Long Exposure Landscapes are Haunting

All images by Selvy Ngantung. Used with permission.

A photograph may be viewed for a second, a minute, maybe two. The person that views it seldom, if ever, is held for the same amount of time it took for the photographer to create the image. For Indonesian landscape photographer Selvy Ngantung, the more time she puts into her work, the better she feels. “When I’m making my photographs I’m filled with enjoyment,” she says. From planning to walking to taking several long exposures, she’s always connected to the process. “…each and every second I spend creating photographs, I’m putting my creativity and imagination into my work”.

And whilst her audience may not spend as long viewing a single image as she does making it, her purpose remains the same; “I craft my work so that the viewers are able to capture the emotions I’m feeling through the images I make.” Impressed by her work ethic and in awe of her images, we were super excited to get deep into the process of this fantastic photographer.

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Street Photography With the Sigma 16mm F1.4 Art Lens

Street Photography

Street photography with a wide angle lens offers it’s own set of challenges, but it can lead to some great images.

Photographer Stuart Hendricks practices street photography with his Sony a6300. His favorite lens is the Sigma 56mm f1.4, but for a short while he decided to give the Sigma 16mm f1.4 a spin around the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam. Join us after the break for his latest video, and to see what he had to say about shooting street photography with such a wide lens. Continue reading…

Ludwig Favre Brings out Details in “Architectural Swimming Pool”

All images by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re a photographer training your eye to get sharp on architectural elements and structures, you’ll do well to study our featured series. We have yet another impressive work from Paris-based fine art photographer Ludwig Favre, this time showing a fine example of how even the most humdrum of settings become eye-catching with enough attention to detail.

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This Photography Meme May Trigger a Certain Type of Photographer

If you’re a photographer, get read to either laugh or feel very triggered.

There’s a funny meme going around on Facebook and now Instagram that is essentially harmless, but is so close to the hearts of many different photographers. It’s a play off of an old Batman comic where Robin is being slapped by Batman. It has been used for a number of different subjects, but the most recent is with regards to natural light photographers. Now, we’ve spoken about this subject many times in the past, and have been met with opposing criticisms as well as praise. The majority of us are very pro team “make your own lighting and use all available lights.” And many times, the term “Natural Light Photographer” is often just seen as a crutch.

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Lubo Sergeev Reimagines the Hajduks in a Conceptual Portrait Series

All images by Lubo Sergeev. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Conceptual photography comes with many sub-genres, with conceptual portraits among the most popular — and certainly one of our favorites. Today, we look at a beautiful project that should easily impress and give ideas to aspiring and practicing conceptual portraitists. Bulgarian photographer and digital artist Lubo Sergeev may specialize in advertising photography, commercial image production, and high-end photo manipulation, but he also has a number of projects that are inspired by and rooted in history and art.

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Don’t Stress About Buying The Right Camera Lenses; Just Buy Them All

camera lenses

The used markets are your friend when it comes to buying camera lenses.

Buying new camera lenses is a big deal. New camera lenses aren’t cheap, and no matter how much research you do, or how many reviews you read or watch online, handing over your hard earned money can be tough. There will always be that nagging voice in your head that asks ‘is this what I really want?’ ‘Are you sure this is the one?’ ‘WOW that’s a lot of money’. How in the world are you supposed to be able to try out all the toys when everything is so expensive? The answer to this dilemma are the used and second hand markets. Continue reading…

Ludwig Favre Reveals the Beauty of Chicago in a Nostalgic Series

All photos by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.

While looking at a city objectively has its merits, sometimes an artistic perspective also proves effective in creating its poignant portrait. Paris-based fine art photographer and Lumix Ambassador Ludwig Favre has given us a fine example in the past with his glowing portrait of New York Chinatown just before sunrise. Now, he turns his lens and taste for colors in yet another stunning series, this time showcasing Chicago.

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Cone of Shame: Winnie Au’s Endearing Dog Portraits Will Melt Your Heart

The dreaded “cone of shame” gets an artistic makeover and meaningful purpose in Winnie Au’s endearing dog portraits.

Mention the “cone of shame” to any pet owner and you’ll be met with all sorts of stories about trips to the vet or groomers, and why the contraption was necessary. But in the ongoing personal project by Winnie Au, the Elizabethan collar becomes a work of art and a symbol of hope for dogs in need of surgeries. If you’re an animal lover looking for a unique project with a cause to support, you might want to check this out.

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Franzie Allen’s Experience of Shooting Street Photography Is About Bravery

All images by Franzie Allen. Used with permission. 

If you shoot street photography in somewhere like London or New York, you’re afforded the luxury of being able to work freely in a public space. Franzie Allen is perfecting her craft in Dubai, a part of the world known for its restrictive laws – photography is no exception. That, however, does not stop her doing her thing and doing it exceptionally well! Her street photography is full of beautiful light and vibrant colors, sucking you in by leaning on some tried and tested techniques. Although for Franzie, street photography is more than creating photographs. “Street Photography is my therapy.” She opens up, “…in the fast-paced world we are in now, it helps me slow down and appreciate the things around us.”

It’s time for us to appreciate everything she captures.

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The Overland Book Unvcovers the Unknowns of Central Asia

Travel photographers and avid adventurers are likely to get inspired with the stories encapsulated in the Overland photo book.

There’s always a lot about physical photobooks and monographs that make the viewing experience more rewarding. That’s why whenever we come across a printed project, we feel more of us should indulge in the tactile experience once in a while. This is especially the case with travel photography that focuses on roads less traveled and mostly unknown places. Such is the case for the Overland photobook, which promises to “take the reader on a visual journey across the almost forgotten lands of Central Asia.”

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Markus Hofstaetter Now Offers Cool Wet Plate Passport Photos

If you’re in need of some cool passport photos, wet plate photographer Markus Hofstaetter is definitely your man.

Just when we think we’ve seen everything from Austrian portrait and wedding photographer Markus Hofstaetter, he manages to surprise us each time. He’s pushed the boundaries of wet plate photography and what can be done for the craft. We’ve followed him in his adventures in shooting macro photography using two wet plate cameras, shooting a 91-year-old box form SLR handheld, and traveled with one of his massive wet plate cameras to shoot in the historic Museum Fotoatelier Seidel in Czech Republic. Now, he’s back with another fun project: passport photos shot in wet plate collodion.

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Melissa Breyer’s Street Photography Gives You That Timeless, Classic Feel

All images by Melissa Breyer. Used with permission.

Melissa Breyer is making huge waves in the street photography scene. The community has praised her work far and wide, and she has amassed a strong following because of it. The strength of her street photography and the depth of her knowledge have led her to become a trusted figure. Evidence of this can be found through her involvement in the 2019 London Street Photography Festival, where she will be on the judge’s panel for their open competitions.

She creates her stunning black and white images in the Big Apple, a place she describes as “…a crazy, beguiling place”, stating “who wouldn’t want an excuse to be wandering New York city whenever possible?”. We had the privilege of catching up with her.

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Andreas Theologitis Plays with Shadow and Light to Unveil “Haunted Souls”

All images by Andreas Theologitis. Used with permission.

We’ve previously seen Greek architect, urban planner, and photographer Andreas Theologitis depart from his “natural” environment of geometry and architecture to begin an emotive conceptual series called Beyond Dark. Recently, he shared his latest foray into studying the human form through this moody imagery — another exploration into the depths of human psyche through a series titled Haunted Souls.

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Elena Iv-Skaya’s “LES AQUARELLES” Focuses on Vibrant Portraiture

All images by Elena Iv-skaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Elena Iv-skaya has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to stunning fashion editorials with an eye-catching command for color and details. If she was able to bring retro vibes to life in Dreamer Pool, in her recent series, she gives us imagery dripping in vibrant colors and striking elegance. Fashion photographers searching for exemplary projects will surely have a lot of points to take for inspiration in this series.

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The Fujifilm GFX 50R Created These Gorgeous Black and White Portraits

If you’re considering getting the Fujifilm GFX 50R for portrait work, we think you won’t be disappointed.

Whatever your photography genre of choice, we’re sure you’re curious if the rangefinder style Fujifilm GFX 50R would be a great tool to elevate your art and craft with. Today, we bring an answer for all portrait and fashion photographers out there. Looking at this set by Chennai-based fashion photographer Bhagathkumar Bhagavathi, we think it’s a resounding yes. Bhagavathi decided to do his first shoot with the Fujifilm GFX 50R in classy and elegant black and white, which is a fine choice given that it’s a popular style for fine art portrait photography. In his collection of shots, we see him playing around with several elements; contrasts, shadow and light play, textures, and bokeh.

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Marina Weishaupt’s Swiss Mountain Photos Are a Compositional Dream

All images by Marina Weishaupt. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the mountains bring you peace and creative motivation, you’ll find a kindred spirit in German photographer Marina Weishaupt and her breathtaking mountain snaps. Today, we place the spotlight on her surreal set Winter in August, featuring the snowy peaks of the Piz Feiss in eastern Switzerland. Weishaupt, a self-taught photographer based in Ulm in Southern Germany, has found her passion in nature, animals, and the environment, with a keen interest for rough landscapes. It comes as no surprise then that she now focuses on capturing mountainous locations with rough structures and unique shapes, and is constantly looking for new places off the beaten path. Sure enough, Piz Feiss isn’t the first to come to mind when we speak of Swiss peaks (that distinction belonging to the Swiss Alps), yet its stunning beauty and dramatic vistas are also worth the adoration.

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Realistic Advice for the Freelancer: Photography Can be a Grim Business

A recent thread on Reddit traced that professional creatives often have a pretty tough time.

If I were to go back in time and give any sort of advice to my younger self when I first quit my day job to run The Phoblographer full time, it would have involved a whole lot about money and personal health. Luckily, I don’t seem to be alone as a recent Reddit thread echoed the sentiments of many other freelancers in the US. For all of us, it seems very grim because of how our system works. And in general, it’s easy to say that a lot of us are often pretty scared of the things that those with full time jobs don’t even think about yet complain about to their higher ups pretty often.

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Sebastian Magnani Imagines the Less Heroic Daily Life of Batman

All images by Sebastian Magnani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re all familiar with Batman as a bat-inspired figure of justice that sets to work at night. But surely, we’ve all wondered at some point, what if he doesn’t shed off his superhero identity to become Bruce Wayne and goes on with his days as the Caped Crusader? To our rescue comes Zurich-based photographer and conceptual artist Sebastian Magnani with his awesome series aptly called Daily Batman.

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