Here’s an Infographic for Photographers Who Need Extra Cash

We’re sure this infographic will come in handy if you’re a creative professional looking for non-traditional ways to get gigs and extra income.

You probably don’t know it yet, but we’re sure you’ll find the infographic below very useful one day… or very soon. Given that a good portion of professional creatives like photographers, retouchers, videographers, and graphic designers often lead non-traditional careers, it’s a valuable resource for those who are looking for various non-conventional ways to score gigs and some extra cash.

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Slava Semeniuta Explores Light and Darkness Through “Splitting” Portraits

All photos by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Russian artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta has been one of our go-to creatives when it comes to imagery dripping in vibrant and surreal colors. His latest portrait series is no exception. Titled Splitting, this body of work is a great example of creative use of lighting for emotive and clever portrait photography. If you’re looking for experimental visuals for your next portrait work, we’re sure you’ll pick up some ideas and inspiration from this series!

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You Can Own a Vintage “Tintype” of Edgar Allan Poe for $150,000

If you’re an avid collector of historic tintype images or simply interested in curious-looking, antique pieces, this ebay listing should get you intrigued at least.

Previously in our non-camera vintage finds, we’ve seen a number of interesting and historic prints come up, including a vintage Ansel Adams print, signed Henri Cartier-Bresson prints, and a rare Andy Warhol Polaroid self-portrait. Today, we’re adding another intriguing item to our list; a vintage tintype of American poet, editor, and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe. If that’s something you’d like to add to your collection of vintage curiosities, it’s going to cost you $150,000.

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Ilker Karaman’s Street Photography Uses Depth in a Refreshing Way

All images by Ilker Karaman. Used with permission.

“…a street photographer should have a creative, different set of eyes from others,” says Ilker Karaman. He continues, “They should use these eyes to show people the images that they cannot see in their daily lives.” Based in Ankara, Turkey, Ilker is making great waves in street photography. His exceptionally well layered, colorful street frames are deserving of your admiration. This is further evident through his inclusion in the finals of the San Fran Street Foto festival, where for the second time he will be included in their annual exhibition. He’s a deep thinker and persistent observer of life – two of the best ingredients for being a street photographer. Ilker thrives off the challenge and he loves to create. In his words, “I am constantly in search of photos that are difficult to take.”

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Double Exposure Blends Nordic Nature and Hong Kong in “Neonland”

Double exposure remains a powerful technique for creative portrait work, but Christoffer Relander shows us that it also works great for juxtaposing vastly different locations.

When it comes to creative photography techniques, double exposure (and even multiple exposures) remains a favorite of experimental photographers. As we’ve previously seen in the works of Christoffer Relander, it’s perfect for creating dreamy silhouette portraits whether in color or black and white. If you’re wondering what else can be done with this technique, the Finland-based fine art photographer has yet another impressive example; juxtaposing two locations that are immensely different from each other in every way.

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Marco Grassi’s Aerial Photography Reveals Earth’s Most Otherworldly Textures

Marco Grassi shows us more of nature’s wonders that aerial photography opens our eyes to.

With the advent of drone photography came greater accessibility to the art (and technicality) of aerial photography, and it’s been truly amazing to see what photographers have been creating with it. Tom Hegen‘s minimalist-inspired projects are great examples, and we definitely are keen on adding more to the pile. The latest in our roster of favorites is the stunning, otherworldly series of Italian photographer Marco Grassi. If you’re interested in aerial photography or drone photography, we’re sure this series will give you the inspiration and further push that you need.

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Christoffer Relander Merges the Beauty of Nature with the Human Form

All photos by Christoffer Relander. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Despite its analog origins, double exposure remains a popular creative technique, even for the digital photographers of today. This is now easy with all the technology available, whether you opt to do it on post or in-camera. Given that we’re more interested in what photographers can do in-camera, we’ve been fascinated with the double exposure series done by Christoffer Relander — both in medium format film and digital using a Nikon D700. Today, we take a look at another series showcasing his impressive doubles and multiple exposures done in camera, where he blends the beauty of foliage with the human form.

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These Environmental Portraits Put the Emphasis on Artist Studios

In this portrait project by Danny Santos II, we get to see how looking beyond our own creative fields can give us inspiration for photography projects.

At its core, the goal of portrait photography is to tell us something about the subject, their personality, their passions, and even a sense of mystery in their gaze. A portrait project of Singapore-based Danny Santos II gives us all of those and a little extra: we also get a glimpse of the creative spaces where his artist subjects make their masterpieces. We’ve reminded our fellow photographers not so long ago about the importance of having other hobbies and exploring other interests outside of photography; this series could give you an idea about which one to pick up!

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Stian Klo Reveals the Surreal Vistas of Finnish Lapland

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve seen a fair bit of beautiful landscape photography, in all its surreal glory. It’s stuff we’ll never get tired of. That’s why we’re adding one more series to our favorites: the snaps of Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo during his visit to the frozen Finnish Lapland in early January 2019. Whether you have yet to tick off this destination from your bucket list or already have plans to explore its snowy expanse, we’re sure this series will inspire you to brave the cold and bring home some stunning photographic keepsakes of your own!

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Dean Bradshaw Celebrates Weekend Warriors in “Golden Years” Portraits

All photos by Dean Bradshaw. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The last time we put the spotlight on the work of Los Angeles-based photographer and director Dean Bradshaw he opened our eyes to the interesting and imaginative world of the real-life superhero subculture. In this clever project, however, he wanted to bring our attention to the playful concept of weekend warriors past their prime who still lead active lifestyles. Fine art photographers looking to add humor to their conceptual work will do well to learn from this body of work!

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Tye Martinez: A True Artist with Cyberpunk Renaissance Horror (NSFW)

All images by Tye Martinez. Used with permission.

“I think true creative art is rare,” says Washington based photographer, Tye Martinez (aka Tye Died.) “But when an artist gets exceptional at creating their own unique style, that is when they truly contribute to the artistic world.” For The Phoblographer, Tye is undoubtedly someone who has taken their style and ran with it. His moody, dark, and sometimes twisted concepts are, in their own way, stunning. Every idea has meaning, and each detail is an essential cog in his creative wheel. Online, he is somewhat of a mysterious character. He says very little, however, whatever he does say delivers significant impact – that’s why we were so intrigued by his work. Eager to know more about the person behind these marvelous creations, we reached out to Tye; he gave us one of the most insightful and engaging interviews to date.

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Nate Rochefort: Photographing Imaginary Planets Made of Everyday Stuff

The mysterious imaginary worlds made and photographed by Nate Rochefort are worth checking out if you’re looking for an original photography project that will inspire you to get creative with your own.

Mankind has been turning to the stars and planets from our solar system and beyond in the name of art and science. With so much still out there to discover, the cosmos remains a potent source of creative inspiration for many. Take Nate Rochefort, for example, who has been busy making planets out of everyday things and photographing them. He’s got quite a fascinating selection of imaginary worlds now, all of them guaranteed to tickle the fancy of space fans and astrophotographers (who definitely have photographing real planets on their bucket list).

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Benji Messmer’s Leica M9 Snaps Feature a Scenic Weekend Roadtrip in the Dolomites

Itching to take your Leica M9 on a road trip? These beautiful travel photos shot by Benji Messmer during a weekend in the Dolomites will make you get even more excited.

Last time we featured Benji Messmer and his Leica M9 snaps from around the world, we had a look at how they remind us of chrome film’s classic look. This time, we place the spotlight on his wanderlust-inducing road trip photos shot in the picturesque Dolomites. If you’ve been thinking of bringing your own Leica M9 on an upcoming trip, prepare to get inspired with this beautiful travel diary.

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Tia Lloyd Documents Skinheads with a Powerful Portrait Project

Photos from “Skinheads, We Never Left” by Tia Lloyd. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the United States has the Greaser subculture, the United Kingdom has the Skinhead movement. Both are predominantly youth subcultures that emerged from the working class, each with their own style elements. It’s always interesting to see how these groups have endured to this day, and even evolved in some ways. UK-based Tia Lloyd, a Staffordshire University BA Hons photography graduate, has been documenting skinhead groups that still remain across the country, satisfying her curiosity and introducing us to the faces of the British subculture in the process.

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Benji Messmer’s Leica M9 Travel Snaps Remind Us of Chrome Film

All Leica M9 photos by Benji Messmer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Leica cameras have been popular compact companions not only of street photographers, but also of on-the-go photographers. The Leica M9 in particular, despite turning 10 years old this year, remains a favorite travel camera of many today. We think we know exactly why: it gives a timeless chrome film look to those travel snaps. Just take a look at the work of Germany-based art director Benji Messmer and you’ll see what we mean!

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Oleksandr Malyy Channels Solid Steampunk Vibes in Wet Plate Project

All photos by Oleksandr Malyy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Wet plate photography, also known as wet collodion process, is among the topics we like to keep tabs on. It’s amazing how this centuries-old photographic process is kept alive in the digital age. The projects made with this process today never fail to show just how timeless the craft can be. Case in point is the wet plate photos of Kiev-based Oleksandr Malyy, which is a testament to how perfect it is for photographing steampunk-themed projects!

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Dean Bradshaw Unveils “Real Life Superheroes” in Creative Portraits

All photos by Dean Bradshaw. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Superheroes always make fun subjects for creative projects, so it’s not surprising to find a lot of noteworthy photography projects out there. It’s especially the case for cosplay photography, as superheroes are among the favorites of the subculture. However, did you also know that there’s actually a subculture dedicated to real life superheroes? Don’t take our word for it — just take a look at this beautiful portrait project of Los Angeles-based photographer and director Dean Bradshaw!

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Francesco Gregori Gives Us a Peek at Beijing’s Underground Scene

“Beijing Underground” photos by Francesco Gregori. Used with Creative Commons permission.

So much is out there about Beijing as an important global capital, historical center, and financial district. But as with any city, it’s also home to some vibrant subcultures. All you need to know where and what to look for. In his 2012 documentary project, Italian photographer Francesco Gregori takes us to some gigs, parties, and hangouts to introduce us to some of the colorful faces of the city’s energetic underground scene.

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Mortal Kombat Cosplay Photos Show Creative Process from Photography to Digital Art

This Mortal Kombat cosplay project gives us a peek into the process involved in transforming photography into digital art specific to the subculture.

Cosplay photography remains one of the most popular and vibrant photography sub-genres, and cosplay is a visual art in its own right. Most of the impressive cosplay imagery we see begins with costumes and props made as detailed and accurate as possible, and is then followed up with great portrait photography. But when you really need to push the art further and make it more striking, you can draw inspiration from the retouching process of Chilean art director Marce Moya Ochoa and this Mortal Kombat project.

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Andy Lee Used Infrared Photography for this Surreal Landscape Series

All photos by Andy Lee. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Infrared photography has always been a powerful tool for surreal and breathtaking landscape snaps, as we’ve seen some of our previously featured photographers do. So, we’re thrilled to add one more impressive project to the pile with yet another feature on Pembroke-based Andy Lee. Landscape photographers looking into experimenting with infrared imagery will surely find it nothing short of fascinating!

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Michael Tullberg: Taking on the Role of a Rave Historian

All text and rave photos by Michael Tullberg. Used with permission.

My name is Michael Tullberg, and I’ve been a music and pop culture photojournalist in Los Angeles for the past two decades now. I currently photograph for Getty Images’ Entertainment division, and have shot personally for artists like Diana Ross, Jane’s Addiction, and Robyn. However, my modern music work is only one reason why I’m contacting you. I’m also one of the longest-running electronic music journalists in this country, having gotten started in the L.A. rave underground in the mid-90s. Back then, I was writing and photographing for most of the dance music mags of the day, and shooting album covers for electronic music icons like Carl Cox and Ferry Corsten, to name just a couple.

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