NYT Production Assistant John Kurdewan Recounts Bill Cunningham

All images from John Kurdewan’s Instagram. Used with permission.

Bill Cunningham is one of the most iconic figures in our industry. A fashion photographer for the New York Times, he was best known for taking candid images of America’s best-dressed people. As with most successful photographers, there’s always a team behind them. John Kurdewan was both Bill’s close friend and production assistant at the New York Times. For Bill’s famous feature ‘On The Street’, John was right there beside him helping to put it all together.  Their friendship and professional relationship lasted for over 20 years, until Bill’s passing in 2016. “We never had a single argument,” says John.

So what was life like working so close to one of the greatest photographers of a generation?

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This Rare Leica IIIf was Made for the Swedish Army in 1956

Feast your eyes on this rare Leica IIIf model if you fancy another military-issued vintage beauty to add to your collection.

It’s time once again for us to share our latest vintage find to those of you keen on expanding your camera collection with another rare addition. This time, it’s another early edition Leica which not only comes in stunning black color and some brassing here and there, but also with a fascinating military history. If military-issued cameras are your thing, you better make space — and find funds — for this beauty!

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These Signed Henri Cartier-Bresson Prints are Going for $25,000 Each

If you’re an avid collector of iconic photography, these signed Henri Cartier-Bresson prints might just be worthy of being your next acquisition. 

Once in a while, we put the spotlight on some rare, original prints by iconic photographers instead of cameras and gear for our noteworthy vintage finds. Among these are Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Self-Portrait, Bert Stein’s worksheet from the Last Sitting with Marilyn Monroe, and a framed Ansel Adams print. Today, we’re adding a signed Henri Cartier-Bresson print to the pile. Whether you’re a street photography enthusiast, a Cartier-Bresson fan, or simply an avid collector of iconic photography, you might want to check this out.

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Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum on Using Photography for Healing

Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum talked to the Phoblographer’s Dan Ginn about how she’s evolved as a photographer and her business.

“Do you feel like photography is helping you with body confidence and helping you with where you are?” asks Dan to Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum in our latest video. Jen goes on to relate about how she’s been finding a way to turn her battle with cancer into something beautiful. And if you’ve been following the famous photographer, you’ll know just about what that journey has been like for her.

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The Tintype Studio: Revisiting a Chapter of Photography History

If you loved our feature on how old school photography studios are standing out today, here’s our full interview with The Tintype Studio for additional reading.

If you’re surprised that film is still alive and kicking, you’d definitely be even more astonished to find out that even more antiquated photography processes — tintypes and ambrotypes — are still around. Best of all, you can book a sitting today with studios offering portrait sessions in these unique processes. We very recently got in touch with a bunch of these old school photography studios to find out how they are standing out from their modern counterparts. You’ve most likely read about that here. However, we also wanted to share with our readers our full interview with each of these studios to paint a clearer picture of their visions, how they work, and what it’s like running their unique spaces. For today, the spotlight is on The Tintype Studio, which offers a fun and retro take on portrait sessions in their creative space in downtown Toronto.

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More Stunning Astrophotography Shot Using Polaroid Instant Camera

Daniel Stein continues to take astrophotography to new heights with more examples of otherworldly snaps using a Polaroid instant camera.

Ever wanted to explore the possibilities of Polaroid photography? How about taking it to the stars? A couple of years ago, Daniel Stein showed us it’s possible to do some stunning instant photos of the Milky Way with a Polaroid camera. If you were amazed with those snaps, we’re glad to report that he’s back with more to wow and inspire us.

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The Mobile Darkroom Can Print Without Negatives and Enlarger

Itching to try darkroom printing for your photos? With The Mobile Darkroom, you won’t need any negatives and enlargers to get started.

While Spanish-American photographer Adrian Otero was feeling under the weather for a week, he had plenty of time to come up with a little project. He ended up putting together something he calls The Mobile Darkroom. If you’re interested in darkroom printing your own photos — whether film or digital — his bright idea might be something you’d like to try yourself.

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Through the Lens: Ian Berry on Photographing Some of South Africa’s Historic Photos

For the first episode of the BBC Culture video series Through the Lens, photojournalist Ian Berry talks about witnessing and photographing a defining moment in South African history.

On March 21 1960, Magnum photographer Ian Berry was present to cover the Sharpeville massacre, which turned out to be a pivotal point in South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement. The British photojournalist recalls the event in the first episode of BBC Culture’s Through the Lens, and talks about the photos he took during the event, as well as in the four decades that followed as he lived with apartheid.

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Michael Massaia’s Fine Art Photography Is a Quest for Perfection

All images by Michael Massaia. Used with permission.

Michael Massaia likes to walk amongst the creatures of the night. It is where he is most content and able to create stunning fine art photography. A self-described perfectionist, Michael takes his time in order to bring captivating concepts to fruition. His work has been exhibited far and wide and his prints admired, purchased, and hung by many people who love his work.

We caught up with Michael to see what life is like as a fine art photographer always on the quest to find perfection.

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Walter Rothwell’s Street Photography Puts a Unique Spin On London

All images by Walter Rothwell. Used with permission.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in popularity for street photography. One of the driving forces behind its current success is London based street photographer, Walter Rothwell. He is a co-founder of one of the biggest communities in the scene, Street Photography International, which has an impressive 800,000 followers on Instagram alone. His work is dark and gritty, whilst still holding an artistic aesthetic. To him, street photography is much more than just hitting the shutter button. He understands the psychology behind the craft and the intimate approaches that make the difference between a snapshot and a street photograph – that’s probably why he is so good at it!

For a man who is juggling a successful freelance career, a popular community and a dedication to all things street photography, we were lucky to catch him to discuss what life is like being Walter Rothwell.

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This Gorgeous Mamiya 645 PRO TL is a Rare Commemorative Edition

Looking for another gorgeous camera to add to your camera collection? We’ve found a rare and stunning Mamiya now yours for the taking.


Editor’s Update: We recently got a tip from someone who owns one of these Mamiya cameras that the fair market price of this edition is only $1,500 to $2,000, with the regular black model at around $300. We suggest full caution against predatory selling practices when checking out listings with hefty price tags. We’ll do the same.

Mamiya medium format SLRs are among the most coveted by photographers and camera collectors alike, so we won’t be surprised if this gorgeous, pearly white model catches your fancy: a special edition Mamiya 645 PRO TL. While it’s not exactly vintage, it still makes a pretty addition to every photographer’s collection. If your camera shelf and wallet are both ready, allow us to usher you into our latest ebay find.

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Rafal Krol’s Hasselblad 503 CX Reveals Minimalist Charm of a Port City

All images by Rafal Krol. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Minimalist photography, with its unique focus on shapes, textures, and silhouettes, is something we’ve been keenly looking at in recent years. The latest to catch our attention is a serene and moody set of travel snaps by Rafal Krol, who takes us around the historic port town of Saint-Malo in Brittany, France. If you’re a fan of details, black and white imagery, and atmospheric minimalism, this series is definitely one to check out.

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Black Station’s Cityscapes of Dubai in the Fog are Both Eerie and Soothing

All images by Black Stallion. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Dubai has perhaps one of the most famous skylines in the world.  The sprawling desert city sprouts from the the flat land, and is dominated by some of the largest buildings on the planet. The large glass, futuristic looking towers are spectacular all by themselves, but add in some advection fog, and this city gets completely transformed. Photographer Black Station has been able to capture the beauty of the Dubai with the fog swirling around the buildings, and the effects are positively stunning. After the break we will share with you some of his breathtaking cityscape photography with you. Continue reading…

Noel Bodle Creates Masterful Black and White Photos of the British Landscape

All images by Noel Bodle. Used with permission.

The British landscape will leave people in awe when they view it. For all the grey clouds and wet weather, the beautiful sites of the British landscape make it a hot spot for tourists and landscape photographers. Whilst many try to recreate the amazing scenery through their lens, few achieve it. Noel Bodle, however, is a photographer who has been able to transfer the majestic wonderment of Britain to his photographs. Borrowing from the natural elements, Noel is creating some truly stunning landscape photography – the kind that belongs on your wall.

We asked if he would take us on a journey, he was more than happy to oblige.

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An Original Contact Sheet of Marilyn Monroe’s Last Sitting is Up for $195,000

Here’s your chance to grab a contact print from the famous Last Sitting by renowned fashion and commercial photographer Bert Stern.

Our latest vintage find may not be a camera or old school photography equipment. Yet, it’s the stuff that many collectors of all things vintage photography would pay a fortune to have. And a fortune is precisely what you’ll need if you want to grab this item: an original contact sheet from the so-called last sitting of Marilyn Monroe for renowned fashion and commercial photographer Bert Stern.

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Przemyslaw Kruk Shares His “Misty Impressions” of Austria’s Ötztal Alps

All images by Przemyslaw Kruk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Poraj-based Przemyslaw Kruk has been one of our go-to landscape photographers for breathtaking mountain scenery, and he continues to wow us with his recent works. One of these is his collection of dreamy snaps of the Ötztal Alps, a mountain range traversing Austria and Italy. It’s definitely a fitting addition to our growing list of landscape photography to look out for, so you might want to check this set out if the genre is particularly interesting for you.

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Salvatore Matarazzo Takes Us to a Vibrant “Pocket Beach” Vacation

All images by Salvatore Matarazzo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Along the stretch of the Marina Di Massa in central Italy’s Province of Massa and Carrara is a 2.5-kilometer beach that caught the attention of Salvatore Matarazzo in the summer of 2018. There, he documented the animated scene of locals flocking to the pocket beach for a quick and cheap vacation. If you’re looking for some fearless street photography to inspire you to get close and keep going for the shot, this set will do just that.

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Tabitha Soren Explores Our Complicated Relationship with Technology in “Surface Tension”

All images © Tabitha Soren 2018. Used with permission

Our relationship with technology and devices is a tricky one. They’re supposed to make our lives easier, pamper us with convenience, and entertain us for as long as we need it. But at their worst, they become a constant source of distraction, discontent, and distress. Photo-based artist Tabitha Soren offers a unique view into this reality with a thought-provoking new series. Titled Surface Tension, this body of work shows us how greasy fingerprints and smears serve as evidence that we spend much of our lives glued to our screens, tapping and swiping away in an unnoticed “dance of fingers.”

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Dax Ward: Documenting Impermanence Through Urban Exploration

All images and text by Dax Ward. Used with permission.

Every derelict location comes with its own individual history, but each one is also connected in the sense that they are reminders of what once was, what might’ve been, and what happens when we forget. They are no longer freshly painted, not shiny and new anymore. Windows are broken. Doors, furniture, light fixtures, and most metal has been either stolen or scrapped. They are not as they once were, nor will they ever be again. Nonetheless, despite the decay and rust that many see as unsightly blots on the landscape, the allure for urban explorers and photographers lies in identifying and capturing the remaining beauty of these forgotten locations. If we look closely, it isn’t hard to find.

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Gustavo Rosas’s Street Photography in Buenos Aires Shows Pops of Color

All images by Gustavo Rosas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Black and white is the quintessential look of street photography, but the craft is also now impressive in color. Some of our favorites aren’t just simple captures of what’s happening here and there — they’re also clever exercises on how to catch the eyes with pops of color. A perfect example is today’s featured set by Gustavo Rosas, who uses this technique in his street snaps of Buenos Aires. Continue reading…

Tiina Törmänen Captures Dreamy Underwater Lakescapes

All images by Tiina Törmänen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Underwater photography is one of the most challenging yet also breath-taking genres to get into, as we’ve seen in a lot of stunning projects we’ve featured in the past. Today, we bring yet another unique addition in the works of Finland-based Tiina Törmänen, who take us into the dreamworlds beneath the lakes of her country. If you’re a nature lover keen on discovering the beauty of underwater scenes, this set will make you want to take the plunge.

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