Dillon Marsh Imagines Expressive Faces on Rural Abandoned Houses

All photos by Dillon Marsh. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Like many creatives, photographers are often trained to spot details that can serve as elements of interest in their photos. These often include textures, shapes, and patterns, but it’s also not unheard of to see faces in random places. We have pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in nature or everyday objects, to thank for making it easier to indulge in this creative exercise. Today’s featured work by Cape Town-based fine art photographer Dillon Marsh is a great application of this phenomenon. So if you’re looking for a fun photography project to boost your creativity, this series could give you some ideas.

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For $95,000 You’ll Own a Rare Leica MP Titanium and Black MP-3

Looking for the next rare Leica cameras to add to your collection? This bundle we spotted easily fits the bill — and the hefty price tag that goes along with it.

Leica cameras, especially the rare, limited-edition models, are especially sought after both by rangefinder shooters and camera collectors. The two models in our latest eBay find are no exception, especially for those who have an ardent appreciation for the classic film models. If this sounds like you, here’s your chance to score a rare Leica MP Titanium and limited edition Black Paint MP-3 LHSA together. Of course, providing you have the fortune to spare for them!

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Daniel Anez Discusses His Colorful Street Photography

All street photography images by Daniel Anez. Used with permission. 

“There is value in pushing yourself creatively not just skillfully,” says Daniel Anez. He’s a street photographer who wants to think outside the box. He wants to go beyond the fundamentals and create street photography that encourages his audience to build their own narrative. Through the use of color, varied angles, and story-telling, Daniel has created an aesthetic that belongs to him. It’s his vision of the world, a world that he invites us to explore with him. Although his work suggests otherwise, Daniel is relatively new to the world of street photography. He spoke to us to share what his journey has been like so far.

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Elizaveta Porodina Makes a Mesmerizing Play of Colors in “Colourbook”

All photos by Elizaveta Porodina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Experimenting with colors is one of the best ways to make portraits interesting. A particular color scheme — or the absence of it — can set the mood and aesthetic of a photo. We see this at work with photography trends like retro, neon, and pastels. Today, we have yet another perfect example of portrait photography made more eye-catching in the latest series of Munich-based fashion and fine art photographer Elizaveta Porodina.

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Should Sony Release an A99 III or Are DSLRs Dead to Them and Others?

A recent gaffe about a potential Sony A99 III sparked a frenzy in a website’s comment section, and it makes us wonder about the situation DSLRs find themselves in.

The debate about whether or not DSLRs are on their way out seems to be getting louder and louder with every passing day. It’s almost impossible to visit message boards without seeing someone proclaim that Mirrorless is the new king and that DSLRs are dead. However, a recent error on a post about a potentially new Sony A9 II (which was soon fixed by the website) whipped up a frenzy in the comment section there. The title read The Upcoming A99 III, instead of A9 II, and the reaction in the comment section got us thinking about the current situation regarding DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. Let’s talk about the issue after the break. Continue reading…

Jenna Shouldice’s Powerful Black and White Documentary Photography (NSFW)

All documentary photography by Jenna Shouldice. Used with permission. 

“During labor, I feel like a magnet to the experience,” explains Jenna Shouldice. She’s a documentary photographer based on Vancouver Island. Her curiosity in the human experience has led her to document one of the most emotional moments a person can go through – giving birth. The process of giving birth is often misunderstood. People cringe at the thought of blood, pain, sweat, and tears. But in her series, The Labor Process, Jenna has managed to show the beautiful, gentle, binding journey people go on when moving into parenthood. This project is extremely moving. To see such a moment of vulnerability communicated in a series of powerful images is special. We spoke to Jenna to learn about how she first had the idea, and to understand how the process of putting it all together was for her.

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This Milky Way Photo Was Shot on Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Here’s something to inspire you to shoot something new — like Milky Way photos — with your film cameras. 

Can you still shoot Milky Way photos or star trails with film? Why yes, of course, and there are still photographers who get pretty good results out of it. We recently spotted an r/analog thread that shows what you can expect should you be brave enough to finally try it out. This Milky Way snap was shot by Nick Cheng (u/EpicNarwhals on Reddit) using a Canon EOS Rebel K2 loaded with a Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400. In his thread, he also mentioned equipping this film camera with the Rokinon 14mm f2.8 lens that he was using with his Canon EOS RP (and thought “what the hell”) to see if anything would come out.

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Al Mefer Reimagines Alien Worlds Through Familiar Landscapes

All photos by Al Mefer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Since the dawn of space exploration, mankind has been dreaming of the worlds that could possibly be out there, just waiting to be discovered. Would they look anything like ours? Could they be our home away from home as humans evolve into a spacefaring race in the distant future? We’ve often turned to art, guided by our limitless imagination, to answer these questions of science. It’s always fascinating to see what photographers come up with. Spanish photographer and visual artist Al Mefer, for example, takes us to worlds both alien and familiar in his whimsical two-part series aptly titled Sleepwalking in Outer Space.

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Steve Simon’s Empty Sky Explores the Immediate Post-9/11 NYC

All images by Steve Simon. Used with permission.

“And I wasn’t there, and I selfishly kind of wanted to be there,” states photojournalist Steve Simon when recalling what transpired on 9/11. “Not just as a photographer, but just as a New Yorker to kind of sort of see if there was anything I could do.” It seems almost inconceivable that the attack on the Twin Towers occurred 18 years ago. Many of us still remember everything that happened on that fateful Tuesday morning as vividly as if it had just transpired. When we look back on the World Trade Center attack we tend to see a lot of images of Ground Zero along with the Twin Towers. If you were to look for images of the periphery and of the people drawn towards the area, there’s a good chance the photos were captured by Simon. As fate would have it, Steve was scheduled to fly back to New York on September 11th and wound up not being able to return until a week later. His project, titled Empty Sky: The Pilgrimage to Ground Zero, is part of the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s permanent collection. It focuses on the people looking toward and drawn to where the Twin Towers once stood, and the sweeping emotions surrounding lower Manhattan.

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Surreal White Sand Dune Landscapes by Navid Baraty

All photos by Navid Baraty. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you find inspiration in surreal scenery and alien landscapes, today’s series will blow your mind. Seattle-based Navid Baraty takes us to the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, where he photographed some of the most stunning sand dune landscapes on the planet. You’ll definitely want to add this location to your travel and landscape photography bucket list after seeing his snaps!

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Elizaveta Porodina’s Expressive and Conceptual Portraits Tell Stories

All photos by Elizaveta Porodina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Apart from straightforward headshots and stylish fashion editorials, portrait photography has also been a potent tool for imparting emotive visual narratives and ideas. This is why we’re always on the lookout for photography inspiration that digs deeper into the human psyche. The latest of our favorites is a recent series by Elizaveta Porodina. Brimming with drama and expression, it’s a perfect example of how portraiture can be a vehicle for exploring the human mind, heart, and body.

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Tom Hegen’s Beautiful Abstract Photos Explore the Namib Desert

All photos by Tom Hegen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking for some landscape photography, abstract photography, and aerial photography inspiration? Today’s featured series by Munich-based Tom Hegen is all of those, rolled into one. He’s one of the talented aerial photographers that we’ve been following for some time now for their stunning perspectives of the most fascinating spots on the planet. Sand dunes, for example, are one of the famous natural wonders that hold aerial photographers spellbound. The latest example is Hegen’s Sand Dune Series, the most recent in his collection of beautiful aerial snaps.

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Ben Geier Captures the Melancholy in Abandoned Buildings

All photos by Ben Geier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Abandoned buildings, whether they’re deserted houses, old buildings, or crumbling ruins, have a certain mood to them that has been inspiring photographers. There’s an interesting genre dedicated to photographing these empty and often forgotten spaces: urban exploration photography. For some, it’s an act of documentation as part of urban exploration itself. For others, it’s also an exploration of the stories, atmosphere, and history that remain alongside all the decay. Today’s featured series by Ben Geier falls into the second category, and will definitely motivate those who want to capture the often melancholic mood of these deserted places.

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Photography Humor: Add a Red Dot to Your Camera to Make it a Leica

Today’s photography humor is for Leica fans and skeptics alike. 

We photographers have our own jokes and brand of humor which can either brighten our day or give us a bit of motivation. If you’re in need of some photography humor today, we’re sure you’ll definitely get this. This one will make some Leica fans raise their eyebrows and some skeptics chuckling!

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Photographers, If You Photoshop Your Images Tell the Truth About Them

Be proud of your work and don’t lie about it when asked or confronted about it.

Ah, Photoshop – the digital playground many photographers and media creators use to manipulate, and edit beyond all recognition, the images they spent time taking. There is nothing wrong at all with using Photoshop to alter your pictures, unless, of course, you use it to lie and draw money out of others. Recently, a pretty high-level influencer on Instagram was called out for an incredibly poor Photoshop job, and for somehow duping a client. Join us after the break for all the juicy details. Continue reading…

This Problem with the Hasselblad 203FE Will Drive Photographers Mad

Alastair Bird’s latest photos, shot with the Hasselblad 203FE, were ruined because of this problem. Did you ever encounter it with your Hasselblad system as well?

One of the most frustrating things that could happen to film photographers is getting ruined photos because of a camera issue. It’s always a risk when you’re working with an old camera, especially one that hasn’t been serviced, or one with lenses that haven’t been CLA’d (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) in a long time. In his latest video, Alastair Bird shared with us a recent issue he encountered with his Hasselblad 203FE, which caused a roll of medium format film to get ruined. You might want to keep this in your bookmarks if you also have a Hasselblad system.

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Daniel Turan: Finding the Love for Photography in the Street

Dubai-based Daniel Turan talks passionately about falling in love with street photography after shooting with a Pentax K1000 and drawing inspiration from other photographers’ work.

My name is Daniel Turan and I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, I spent most of my adolescence in Europe, before packing my things and moving to the Middle East for a job opportunity. I lived and worked in places like Iraq, Sudan, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Lebanon and those place shaped me and my ‘Western’ mindset profoundly. Currently based in Dubai with a job in the digital industry, my day consists of meetings, workshops, and countless discussions. Photography for me now is a way to bring silence and deceleration into an otherwise hectic lifestyle.

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Wafaa Samir Captures What Remains of New Gourna Village in Egypt

All photos by Wafaa Samir. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Egypt is home to some of the most iconic landmarks, heritage sites, and architectural marvels, the best known of which are the Pyramids of Giza. Then, there’s one that deserves a little more attention: the New Gourna Village in Luxor, West Bank. Through his What Remains series, Cairo-based photographer Wafaa Samir opens our eyes to what’s left of this remarkable example of ingenious architecture.

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Skander Khlif: Laid-Back Travel Scenes from Lago Di Garda

All photos by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Everyone into travel photography is in it for documenting the unforgettable moments, places, and faces of our trips. Apart from helping us remember our own personal experiences, travel photography also serves as a perfect opportunity for us to tell compelling visual stories. Munich-based Skander Khlif has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to beautiful travel stories and everyday city scenes. He reinforces that position with his latest street photography series, shot from his trip to Italy’s famous Lago di Garda.

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Marta Syrko Uses Water and Glass for Creative Portrait Photography

All photos by Marta Syrko. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking to be inspired by creative approaches to portrait photography? We’re sure this featured series deserves a spot in your bookmarks and moodboards. Our spotlight is back on Ukranian photographer Marta Syrko, whose clever fashion portraits we’ve previously featured. In a new series, she explores the idea of narcissism as inspired by Greek Mythology and creative use of the fluid visual effects of water and glass.

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Henri Prestes Takes Us Around a Cinematic “Velvet Winter” in Portugal

All photos by Henri Prestes. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Winter is one of the best times for photographers to capture moody scenes, as our featured photographer will show you today. London-based Henri Prestes, who previously took on cinematic night drives, is back with another beautiful collection of photos. If you’re into dreamy imagery created by misty and foggy scenery, we’re sure you’ll find this new series gorgeous and inspiring.

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