PSA: If You’re Going to Shoot Street Photography, Please Wear a Mask

To those who shoot street photography during this time, please distance yourselves and wear masks.

Testing cameras has made it apparent that many of the traditional tenets of street photography need to go out the window right now. The best solution possible is to just not do it right now. But I sympathize, empathize, and relate to folks not wanting to stay in all day. They want to go out and shoot. So if you do, I urge you to please be careful. COVID-19 is real. Nothing Trump says will help, and here in the US, we are far behind most of the world when it comes to recovery. If you’re going to do street photography, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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You Need to See These Powerful Documentary Projects That Focus on COVID-19

Photographers are doing some solid documentary projects right now, and we want to show them to you.

Here at The Pholographer, we love sinking our teeth into some good documentary photography. We appreciate the vision, time, and execution photographers put into sharing the world’s most important stories. And while some projects fail to hit the mark, many hit the sweet spot and make a substantial impact on society. With everything that’s going on the world, a deadly virus and quarantines, some photographers are capturing the moment wonderfully. So, while we could wax lyrical about our love for the genre, let’s move on to this round-up of fantastic documentary projects that you all need to know about.

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OP-Ed: Street Photography Has Lost Its Soul. Here’s How to Find It

Let’s take a look at how street photography can remain fresh and relevant in the future.

I’ve been consuming a lot of street photography of late. Partly because that’s my job, and also because I’m stuck at home. Through my Instagram, I’ve been able to connect to many street photographers I’d not come across before, while also being introduced to some fantastic work in the process. But as I scroll through hashtags and feeds, I see many of the same styles and approaches, most of which offer very little substance. Right now, those styles are popular, not just on Instagram, but throughout the community as a whole. But like most styles, they have a lifespan, and here’s what I feel street photographers need to do to keep the scene nice and fresh as we move into the future.

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5 YouTube Channels Perfect for Learning About Landscape Photography

If you want to develop your skills in landscape photography, these YouTube channels are a good source of education.

Landscape photography takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. Endless scouting for the perfect scene, long hikes to the ideal spot, and a deep understanding of light are all parts of creating an amazing photograph. But what makes it so tricky also makes it so enjoyable, especially if you love the great outdoors. If you’re struggling to create the same magical landscape photos as the photographers who inspire you, you need quality tutorials — below we share exactly what you need.

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A Checklist for the Photographers of the Graduating Class of 2020

Congratulations, photographers, you’ve been thrust into one of the oddest economic situations the world has seen since 2008/2009.

There are two ways of thinking about situations like this: sink or swim. I founded this site in 2009 at the height of the last great economic recession. And we’re here a decade later due to transparency and consistently leading with goodwill. Oh, networking helped. And finding the right people. And a slew of other things. But you’re graduating into a different world than I did. Yet in some ways, it’s very alike. In recessions like what we’re going through now, lots of great businesses and ideas are formed. And lots unfortunately collapse. So now that you’ve got a photography degree let’s go through a checklist.

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I Miss the Canon 5D Mk II: An Ode to Canon’s Most Perfect DSLR

The Canon 5D Mk II was a pretty perfect DSLR that changed the entire industry.

Her name was Dahlia–and she was my Canon 5D Mk II that I adored in so many ways. This is the camera that I really, truly forged my career with as an Editor in Chief and camera tester. It served its need and purpose for a long time and I ultimately miss this camera. Despite how much grief I’ve given Canon over the years, the Canon 5D Mk II is something that will always stand out to me as something that they did right. There were complaints about it based on how the industry was evolving, but the camera was still a fantastic one in the hands of a photographer that knew how to work with its quirks.

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Looking Back: Samsung’s Fantastic Mirrorless Cameras of Yesteryear

If Samsung had just kept trying, they probably would have used their better technology to go after a new generation of photographers and could have rivaled Sony.

Samsung, like Sony, faced a pretty rough hill getting the respect of many a photographer. But after a while, they earned the respect of the press because they were making genuinely good products. Unfortunately, as soon as they really started to take off, Samsung pulled the plug. The company presented ideas that were very ahead of its time, such as putting Android into a camera, their specific interface for touch navigation, etc. While we can attest to the quality of their phones, I can also still testify to the quality of their cameras and their lenses.

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Canon or Sony: Which One Is Better for Shooting a Party?

We shot the same party with both Sony and Canon in an informal test. Guess which did better?

When I used to shoot weddings and events, I reached for Canon. But as I changed as a photographer, Sony started to suit more and more of my own personal needs. Today, there isn’t a single camera system that’s bad or that can’t accomplish a lot. They’re all good. And they can all do a whole lot of various things very well. To each their own for sure. But a while back, we had the opportunity to play with both the Sony and Canon systems for a party. The results? Well, they’re both good. And they both have pluses and minuses over each other.

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On Creativity: Refilling Creative Juices for Photographers

Creativity is a finite resource that needs to be replenished — hence the term creative juices feels accurate, even for photography.

Creativity is a big part of our craft as photographers. It’s what fuels our best ideas, defines our personal style, and sets our work apart from random snaps and throwaway photos. It’s so crucial for both professional and personal work that we find ourselves restless whenever we feel we’re not being creative enough with our concepts or execution. I’ve lost track of all the ideas or projects I abandoned the moment I realized they were mediocre or not creative enough. I swoon at projects — photography related or otherwise — brought to life by creativity and originality. However, I also concede that creativity is a highly subjective construct, and our notions of what makes something creative also tend to change with time. So, it only follows that we eventually formulate our own ways of coping with creative blocks. For those who are yet to figure it out, however, getting unstuck from a creative rut can be frustrating.

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The Flying Darkroom: A Traveling Container for Children in Need

Serbest Salih has been helping Syrian refugee children creatively express themselves with the Sirkhane DARKROOM.

“Seeing children learn photography and getting the chance to express themselves motivates me to continue this workshop and make it bigger,” says 26-year-old Serbest Salih. Currently based in Turkey, he is the Director of Sirkhane DARKROOM, a photography school in an impoverished neighborhood in the city of Nusaybin. “It gives young people the opportunity to develop life skills such as group dynamics, adopting universal values, improving coordination and concentration, therefore developing a healthy personality and healthy social communication skills.” Now, he’s trying to turn this into a bigger project with the Darkroom. Sometimes called the Flying Darkroom, it’s a giant shipping container that has been converted for educational and Darkroom usage. The vessel will travel every three months to serve underprivileged communities–or at least that’s the goal. For Serbest, this project is all about helping children express themselves.

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A Love Letter to the Discontinued Fujifilm X Pro 1, and Why I Still Love It

fujifilm lenses

I still love and adore my Fujifilm X Pro 1; it continues to be my backup.

Almost a decade ago, Fujifilm introduced the Fujifilm X Pro 1, the first interchangeable lens camera with a hybrid viewfinder system and a rangefinder-style camera body. When it was announced at CES, many photographers went wild. It reminded so many of the Contax G2 series of cameras. With its gorgeous looks and retro styling, it and its predecessors are still hard to deny. Even though I own the Fujifilm X Pro 3, I still adore my X Pro 1. It’s showing its age, but continues to deliver images that always amaze me. In fact, I find that it’s a camera that creates images that are hard to not find charming.

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EXCLUSIVE: RNI Films is Working on Infrared Film Simulation Presets

We got an exclusive look at the next big project from RNI Films: Infrared Film Simulation Presets.

Photographers have been enamored with the look of Infrared films like Kodak Aerochrome. It spawned things like the creation of Lomochrome Purple and a few other emulsions. But, photographers have wanted it digitally for a while, which hasn’t been easy to create, and in fact, it still isn’t. But, RNI Films is working on a project to bring those to life. A film like this is pretty difficult to duplicate because of what it does–like turning greens into a red, purple, or pink. Granted, Aerochrome has been long gone for years, but photographers still pick it up on eBay or have some that’s frozen in their fridge. If you’ve been looking to find a way to get this look with ease, RNI films is arguably the best company to do so. They use a lot of science, studying, and time to figure out how to make just the right tweaks to images. So, we talked to Oliver on the company’s support team to discuss how this is all happening.

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5 Street Photographers Highlighting the Power of The Fujifilm X100V

The Fujifilm X100V is a fantastic street shooter, and these photographers prove it.

The X100 series has long been a popular choice amongst the street photography community. The sleek design, fixed lens, and rangefinder-style are perfect ingredients for a reliable, well-performing camera for street photography. But, of course, a good camera is only part of the battle: it has to find the right hands to really fulfill its potential. Thankfully, there are some super dope street photographers that have been able to do the X100V the justice it deserves.

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COVID-19 Proves How Invaluable Street Photography Is to Society

Street photography is seldom free of criticism, but during a global pandemic, we should be grateful it exists.

Tired, cliche, easy: these are just some of the words used to describe street photography. Those who practice candid shooting are often labeled as voyeurs, loners, and creeps. I believe no other community in the industry has to defend itself more than street photography. But, when a global epidemic comes along, and the world as we know it gets flipped on its axis, it’s not portrait or landscape photography people turn to for visual documentation — it’s street photography.

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5 Quick-Fire Tips to Make You Even Better at Street Photography

Although street photography takes time to perfect, these five quick-fire tips will help you get to grips with the fundamentals.

Street photography can be as equally frustrating as it is rewarding. It’s not easy creating a compelling photograph out of a scene you seemingly have no control over. That’s why many fall at the first hurdle, deeming it too difficult to do well. But like anything, practice prevails, and if you master the basics, you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re creating fantastic street images. To help you on your path to glory, here are five quick fire tips for better street photography.

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Charlie Lieberman: From Filming “Heroes” to Loving His Leica

All images by Charlies Lieberman. Used with permission.

“A while ago, I found myself getting restless about my career choice,” says Charlie Lieberman to us in an interview. “Since my youth, I had admired good photographs and was envious of those who made them. So, I decided to change everything and see if I could teach myself how to make good photographs and prints.” The photographer who became a cinematographer then came back to photography earned a big break after teaching himself how to make what he calls “good photographs and prints.” His work leads him to photograph indigenous cultures for Anthropology books. Crazy, right? It’s not the first thing you think of when you talk about being a successful photographer, but it’s undoubtedly a dream for many, whether they realize it or not. After being discovered by a documentary filmmaker and tasked with shooting production stills, Charlie moved entirely into cinematography and worked on the show Heroes. With that past him, he returned to the world of the still photo.

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Fujifilm: ACROS II Had a “Steadily Increasing” Pro Photographer in Mind

Fujifilm ACROS II is likely to excite photographers as much as the growing market of professional photographers that Fujifilm sees.

“The Professional segment has been steadily increasing for the last couple of years. Usage of professional film in this segment is primarily driven by wedding and portrait photographers. This is not novelty use,” says Manny Almeida, Division President, Imaging Division, Fujifilm North America Corporation in an interview with the Phoblographer regard the development of the Fujifilm ACROS II 100 film. The emulsion is $12 a roll in either 35mm or 120. Indeed, if you look around the web, you’ll see lots of photographers either embracing the film look or probably shooting film. In fact, one of them won a World Press Photo Award in 2020. Now don’t get us wrong; film isn’t as strong as digital by a long shot. But, it’s a growing market in some ways. Otherwise, why would Kodak, Lomography, and Fujifilm come out with new emulsions?

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A Theory on Why Asian American Photographers Are Being Held Back

While Asia is very much the home for most of the modern photography industry, Asian American Photographers are rarely seen in the limelight.

Asian Pacific Americans (APA) are poorly represented within our industry. Considering much of today’s photography industry bares Asian roots, the amount of recognition received by photographers of APA descent feels disproportionate. Why aren’t more prominent Asian Pacific American photographers being featured?

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Alessio Trerotoli Delivers Needed, Refreshing Take on Street Photography

All images by Alessio Trerotoli. Used with permission. 

“This series is a sort of art therapy to me,” says Italian Street Photographer, Alessio Trerotoli. He adds, “…I’m a guy full of joy, irony, and love, but I know I have a dark side somewhere, and I need to accept it and to live with it.” He’s talking about Raindrop Blues, his series that mixes street photography and fine art to create a set of compelling and emotional images. It’s a refreshing twist on a genre that has risked becoming stale over the years. And when The Phoblographer first saw the work, we were excited at the thought of sharing it with our readers.

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5 Asian Pacific American Photographers Share Their Journeys as Artists

All images used with permission, lead image by Andrew Kung.

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we spoke with five of the top photographers of APA descent working in the industry today. Their specialties range from automotive, commercial, documentary, lifestyle, music, and weddings. We asked them one simple question, “How far have you come as an artist since you first began your journey as a photographer?” Here are their stories:

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Missing Street Photography? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do Indoors

If you love street photography, being quarantined is likely to be your worst nightmare. Here are some things you can do.

Street photography doesn’t exist unless you have streets full of people. Right now, those streets are empty, as all of us remain indoors during the current epidemic. If you practice street photography, there’s a good chance you’re feeling a little forlorn right now. But you shouldn’t. At this moment, you have the opportunity to focus on other areas of the photographic practice while keeping it linked to the genre of photography you love the most.

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