5 of Our Favorite Capture One Styles Packs (Presets)

If you’re looking for presets in your transition to Capture One, here are some of our favorites.

If you’ve transitioned to Capture One and away from the slow processing speeds and sluggish workflow of Lightroom, then you’re probably missing one big thing: presets. If you’re a working photographer then you know presets help speed up your workflow and often help provide signature looks to the work you put out. While Capture One also absolutely gives you better color, we figured we’d share some of our favorite Styles Packs.

RNI Films Capture One Lite

Kodak Ektar 100

What Makes it So Great?: The RNI film simulations from Lightroom made their way to Capture One, and they’re absolutely fantastic. On Lightroom (and for geeks), these are the absolutely tried and true closest things to film simulations on digital. The looks are really fantastic when combined with filmic white balances.

Who Is it For?: Photographers who want that analog look and are too scared to shoot film. Sadly, that’s true, but it’s also fantastic for those of us who shoot film and want that look.

Capture One Styles Editorial Pack

What Makes it So Great?: The Editorial pack is designed for editorial shoots and offers a variety of unique looks that you can’t get anywhere else, even in Lightroom. I truly haven’t seen anything like what’s offered here, but all the editorial styles are pretty handsome.

Who Is it For?: The photographer who wants a look they can’t get anywhere else.

Capture One Styles Seasonal


What Makes it So Great?: The Capture One Styles Seasonal pack was one of the first ones released. It’s designed for natural light shoots that (obviously) take place outdoors and embrace both warm and cooler tones when needed but neither at the same time–thank god!

Who Is it For?: Photographers who want to find a better way to work with natural light.

Capture One Style Black and White Pack

Black and White Matte

What Makes it So Great?: The photographer who loves experimenting with black and white looks is best off working with the Capture One Black and White pack. There are a number of really fun options here.

Who Is it For?: The photographer who is a black and white purist and looking to be inspired all the time.

Capture One Styles Film Pack

What Makes it So Great?: The Capture One film styles pack isn’t as solid as RNI’s option, but it offers photographers a number of unique looks with variations. But, I wouldn’t call these film at all…

Who Is it For?: The photographers who like the “analog” look but really just want to embrace the look of expired films and Polaroids.