Surprisingly Great! Jared Platt Lightroom Profiles and Curves Review

In a way, the staff and I are all spoiled. We’re photographers who work to get the looks in-camera that you do in post-production. It’s a lot of extra work, but to us, it’s always worth it. And for that reason, we tend to stay away from presets. But, the Jared Platt Lightroom Profiles and Curves package is pretty awesome. It’s part of the 2021 5 Day Deal package. And if I were still using Lightroom often, I’d be addicted to these. They’re fun, and if you’re going for the trendy, super redscale look, then you’ll love these.

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Luminar AI Update 3 – Just How Good Is the Update?

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In addition to native support for Apple’s new M1 machines, the latest update to Luminar AI promises improvements for a handful of features. Enhancements to their Sky AI algorithm are at the top of the list to provide more realistic looks and greater control for your sky replacement cravings. There’s also better sky detection and separate controls for moving your replaced sky and its reflection (if any). Augmented Sky AI is a new tool added to help with the addition of objects to your sky. Keep reading to see how these updates fared in our tests.

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Avalanche Helps Lightroom Users Easily Migrate to Capture One

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If you were worried Capture One couldn’t transfer the majority of your edits done in your Adobe Lightroom catalogue, say hello to Avalanche. I started using Adobe Lightroom in 2008 (at least my catalogue says so). I don’t think there was a competing software with an image cataloguing workflow combined with powerful editing tools for many years later. Adobe Lightroom was (and still is) an excellent post-processing tool, but it continues to be known as a resource hog. Exporting a batch of 10 raw files to jpeg full resolution still tends to spike the CPU usage indicator even on my new M1 Mac Mini. I believe it was around the release of Capture One 8 when many photographers and image editors began to seriously consider it as an alternative to Lightroom. I’ve read countless reviews about how it gives them better results, especially when editing RAW files. There’s also the customization of the work panel, which is more flexible than Adobe Lightroom.

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Can a Free Photoshop Alternative Edit Just as Well? A Photopea Review

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Photoshop is so synonymous with photo editing that it’s both a noun and a verb. With that fame comes a steady stream of copycats, including free Photoshop alternatives. Photopea is one such program. The free software is web-based, so besides not needing a credit card, photographers also don’t even need to download anything. The program has been around since 2013, but it’s enjoying some recent Reddit fame.

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This A.I. Culls Photos For You — And It’s Not Half Bad: Optyx Review

Optyx A.I. Photo Manager can help speed up culls for big shoots — but don’t fall for the idea that you can be done in mere seconds.

Culling photos from a big shoot such as a  wedding is a process that typically takes hours. For me, the photo cull is a boring task that’s best tackled with Netflix and some snacks. But, can artificial intelligence turn that hours-long process into a few minutes? Optyx A.I. Photo Manager is an app that uses artificial intelligence to ease the bore of the cull. Using A.I., the app groups photos together, then searches for the sharpest one. But, mixing artificial intelligence with art is a precarious teeter-totter. Can A.I. really find your best shots?

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New Tricks. Same Old Annoyances. Nik Collection 4 Review

Nik Collection 4 offers more realistic film grain and an improved user experience.

DxO is back with the most recent iteration of its Nik software, Nik Collection 4. It’s lacking the pomp and circumstance of the complete overhaul it received after being acquired from Google. Instead, the revamped Nik Collection 4 is more like a soft crescendo. It is similar to an S-version release with the subtle refinements we’ve come to know and appreciate. But, it has a whole lot of room to improve. Before you download it, be absolutely sure that you’ve got a lot of hard drive space. You’ll see why.

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These Capture One Nordic Style Packs Are One-Click Editing Wonders

These 12 Capture One presets include both a light, soft light look and exaggerated shadows for drama.

Presets tend to be either one-click editing wonders or catastrophes. And then, there are the preset packs where you’ll spend hours sorting through styles to find the ones you actually like. Capture One’s newest preset packs take on a minimalist approach, each with just three variations of two styles for a total of six presets in each pack. The Capture One Nordic Editorial and Nordic Lifestyle preset packs are inspired, as the name suggests, by Nordic art and light.

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Add Drama and Flair to Your Images Easily: Boris FX Optics Review

The Boris FX Optics suite is a powerful, easy-to-use photo editor that puts tons of effects at your fingertips.

There are dozens of photo editing suites on the market right now. Apart from Luminar, which offers AI editing features, the rest are just basic editors that allow you to change exposure values, remove blemishes, crop, and so on. Optics, from Boris FX, is different. While you can indeed make basic changes with Boris FX Optics, this package is more about adding flair and drama to your images through effects such as lightning, shadows, fog, stars, and more. We’ve had a short time to get to play with the Boris FX Optics suite. Is it right for you? Find out in our review.

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We Raced 5 Photo Editors. The Results May Surprise You

When you need to get from shoot to published the fastest, which photo editor excels at culling, importing, and exporting?

Between the shoot and the edit is the cull — the dreaded time spent sitting behind the computer, sifting through photos for keepers. Slow software only makes the tedious task worse. Importing can take several minutes, even hours, with large uploads. But, can a specific photo editor speed up the culling process?

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The Best Thing to Happen to Photo Editing in a While: RNI Aero Review

RNI Aero is one of the best and most innovative things to happen to photography in a while.

There’s a particular look that is of value to many photographers. For years, they’ve been trying to find a simple way to emulate Kodak Aerochrome. This legendary film turns greens into pinks/oranges/red. And RNI finally accomplished it with RNI Aero. We talked to them about how they were doing it a while back. The application is available as Lightroom Presets, a Capture One integration, and on your phone. With this look, you’re getting a much different approach to the standard images you shoot, and embracing something very different. But we’ve been using it for a while.

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It Taught a Pro Something. Serge Ramelli’s Lightroom Masterclass Review

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As one of the more popular photo editors, Lightroom tutorials are easy to find. But, learning the photo editor and asset management system through random YouTube tutorials creates a hole-riddled foundation. The Lightroom Masterclass with Serge Ramelli is designed to create a complete understanding of the software. With classes on both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC — and even a taste of Photoshop — the Mastercourse is the ideal start-to-finish course. Both beginners and intermediate users can build a complete understanding of editing in Lightroom.

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New Tools Clear the Haze in This Photo Editor: Capture One 21 Review

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While most photo editing software offers a list of similar features, the same tool’s performance may vary across the board. Capture One has consistently delivered more flexibility with RAW photo editing than the competition. It starts with better noise reduction algorithms to squeeze out a bit more shadow recovery, and runs the gamut. But they’re not done yet. Announced today, Capture One 21 adds several new features topped by a customizable Dehaze tool and Speed Edits.

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Is This Extra? PhotoWhoa 5100+ Lightroom Photo Presets Bundle Review

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Lightroom presets are good for more than just faster photo edits. Presets can serve as creative fodder when you’re stuck. They can introduce new effects you never thought to try. Presets can also keep the style consistent across an album or photo story. And so, if Lightroom presets can be used for more than just one thing, it makes sense to have more than one preset. Like, 5100+ Lightroom Photo Presets, right?

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A Woman’s Perspective on the Nino Batista Retouching Tutorial Series

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Retouching is part art, part technical savvy. The Nino Batista Premium Retouching Video tutorials build on the latter. The series of 30 retouching videos cover topics from retouching skin to perfecting color. Skin is one of the trickiest edits — and as a glamour photographer, Nino Batista does a lot to work with in his edits.

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A.I. Edited This Photo, It’s Not Bad: Luminar A.I. Review

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From replacing the sky to correcting acne, Skylum Luminar is one of the most forward-thinking photo editors using artificial intelligence. Now, Skylum has re-packaged the biggest A.I. tools into a single, straight-forward program. Using A.I.-based templates mixed with traditional editing tools, Luminar A.I. aims to both help photographers edit faster and help non-photographers complete advanced edits.

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How to Save Tons of Time. Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets Review

The Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets are only one part of the 5 Day Deal, and they seriously surprised me.

Years ago, I used to create all my own Brush Presets in Lightroom. So I never took all the on-market ones very seriously. But the Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets are some of the first that I’m genuinely impressed with. The cool thing is that they make Lightroom even easier to use. Better yet, they’re well-tailored to the hobbyists and the photographers who don’t want to do a ton of editing. These are something Capture One only wishes it had. What’s more, they saved me a lot of time and headaches. Rather than playing with the brush adjustments back and forth for a while until I became bleary-eyed, the preset brushes just worked. I’m incredibly impressed.

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Capture One’s Beyond Collection Gives Your Images a Film Inspired Look

The Capture One Beyond Collection offers a lot of versatile styles for photographers that have a fondness for classic analog imagery.

Capture One is introducing two new style packs today: Beyond B&W and Beyond Film. These style packs take inspiration from timeless black and white images and classic film emulsions, respectively. While created with classic film stocks and imagery in mind, the Beyond Collection aren’t designed to emulate the look of film emulsions like styles from RNI or Mastin Labs do. Both new style packs were created to provide a quick and repeatable workflow for photographers and photo editors. Like other style packs from Capture One, the Beyond Collection styles packs installs easily with a simple double click and work right out of the box. We got a chance to test-drive these new styles before their public release. Head on after the jump to check out the results.

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DxO Brings a New Perspective to Their Plugins: Nik Collection 3 Review

Nik Collection 3 by DxO introduces a redesigned and more user-friendly user interface alongside the new Perspective Efex plugin.

It’s been nearly a year since DxO released version 2 of their popular Nik Collection of plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and DxO PhotoLab. Today, the French software company is announcing the release of Nik Collection 3. Photographers that want to further reduce their dependency on Adobe will be glad to know that Nik Collection 3 now supports Serif Affinity Photo 1.8 as well. This new release also includes a number of changes, including an updated Nik Selective Tool, the introduction of non-destructive workflows (sort of), the addition of the Perspective Efex plugin, as well as the ability to simulate tilt-shift lens effects. They’re more or press taking the features from their previous Perspective program and merging it into Nik. But there’s more! We had the opportunity to test out Nik Collection 3 prior to its public release to see how these new additions fared.

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The Latest Capture One Update MAY Make You Leave Lightroom for Good

Capture One 20 is already superior to Lightroom in many ways, but it still lacks some features that hinder it from exerting total dominance.

A new update is coming to Capture One 20 today. We’ve been testing the beta for the better part of the past month. So far, the improvements included in this update seem quite promising. Chief amongst them is the newly enhanced Heal and Clone tools, and there’s a new Before & After tool as well. Photographers looking to break free from Adobe will also appreciate the new Lightroom catalog importer. The best part: all this is gratis for existing Capture One 20 users! Photographers shooting exclusively with Nikon gear will be glad to know that a Nikon specific version of Capture One 20 will now be available too. Capture One for Nikon is a full-featured version of Capture One Pro available for a reduced cost. The only limit is that it will only work with Nikon raw files, like other brand-specific versions of the software that are already available.

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One of the Smartest Photo Organizing Softwares Ever: Mylio Review

Mylio is a promising yet imperfect software solution that aims to be the swiss army knife for your photo organization, management, and editing needs.

One of the unintended side effects of living in the digital age is that we all inevitably experience digital clutter in one form or another. Known sometimes as storage creep, this phenomenon certainly applies to photographers as well. I personally know photographers that have a drawer containing nothing but hard drives and memory cards that are full of images (you know who you are). That doesn’t even include all the photos we have taken or saved on our phones or tablets. If you were Marie Kondo, having to juggle thousands of images across all of these devices certainly doesn’t spark joy. This is where Mylio comes in, with the goal of bringing order to your digital chaos. Mylio allows you to consolidate all of your photos and videos into one place, syncing them across all of your devices so that you can access them everywhere. Sounds promising for sure, but does Mylio deliver? Find out after the jump.

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Review: Capture One 20 (More Refined, and More Powerful Than Ever)

Small, yet highly impactful changes make Capture One 20 better than ever.

Capture One has been trying to chip away at the dominance of Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop in the photo editing space for a while. When Capture One 12 was released last year, huge strides were made over previous editions–and the software became more compelling than ever. The staff here at The Phoblographer switched to Capture One 12 because of the greatly enhanced results we were getting from it with our own images. Capture One is incredibly powerfully; there’s simply no denying that it can do more than Lightroom can, and can get more out of RAW and DNG files. But, Capture One 12 still wasn’t perfect. Phase One has been hard at work, and they listened to the feedback that poured in from users around the globe. Their efforts to create the ultimate photo editing software have culminated in Capture One 20. Has Phase One done enough to make Capture One 20 more accessible and easier to use?

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