Save 70%: 1,675 Presets, Overlays, and Brushes for Just $29

Make photo editing fun and easy with these overlays, presets, and brushes.

Photo editing can quickly become a chore, and it can also be incredibly time-consuming if you have a large batch of images to go through. You may quickly find that many of your pictures will go untouched because you simply run out of steam or time to edit them all, but if you use overlays, brushes, and presets, not only can photo editing become fun again, it can also save a ton of time. This fantastic bundle will get you 750 Lightroom presets, 650 Adobe Camera Raw presets, 225 Overlays, and 50 retouching brushes for just $29! Not only will you be able to edit like a pro, but you’ll also save time too. Click past the break for more details and sample images.

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Cheap Photo: Over 1500 Top Drawer Presets and Overlays For Just $29

This $29 bundle of presets has 300+ Ps Actions, 500+ Lr Presets, 300+ Overlays, and 500+ Camera Raw Presets!

These days it’s hard to use just one piece of software to edit our photos. We often find ourselves switching between Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera RAW so that we can make our images look the best they possibly can. Buying presets can be a pain because you need to purchase bundles that work with each piece of software, but this bundle makes it easy! For just $29, you can get your hands on 300+ Ps Actions, 500+ Lr Presets, 300+ Overlays, and 500+ Camera Raw Presets. That’s right, this one bundle will cover all of your bases. Find out all the details, and see some sample images that have been created using this bundle after the break.

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Dynapak MKI Presets and Profiles Aim to Enhance M4/3 RAW Files

Dynapak MkI

The Dynapak MKI profiles and presets pack could be what you need for your Micro Four Thirds RAW files.

Do you ever wish you could eek-out a little more from your Micro Four Thirds RAW files? Do you ever wish you could have a little more control over dynamic range and overall colors? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then the Dynapak MKI presets and profiles which have been designed exclusively to work with M4/3 RAW files could be for you. Join us after the break to see how this bundle might be able to help. Continue reading…

Loupedeck+ Update Enables Users to Edit Within Photoshop Camera Raw

Photography accessories

The latest update to the Loupedeck+ makes the peripheral even more attractive to photo editors and content creators.

Until today, Loupedeck+ users have been confined to the realms of Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Audition if they wanted to use their editing console, but a new update has just enabled the Loupedeck+ to be used in Camera Raw in Photoshop. This will no doubt please those who are more comfortable editing their photos in Camera Raw as opposed to Lightroom, and it means that the Loupedeck+ is even more compatible within the Adobe Ecosystem. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

This Mac App Will Convert Your Lightroom Presets to Camera Raw Presets in One Click

Using Lightroom Presets in Camera RAW has always been possible, but also a pain to set up. But not anymore, thanks to Preset Brewery.

While it may not be the most common issue for photographers to run into, it is possible that you have at some point or another wanted to utilize the creative looks made available by some of your Lightroom presets while processing an image in Photoshop. This would usually mean opening the image in Lightroom, applying the preset, and then using Lightroom to open the image in Photoshop. But what if you didn’t want to open Lightroom first?

You could convert your Lightroom presets to Camera RAW presets and just process the image complete in Photoshop. But unfortunately, Lightroom presets and Camera RAW presets are not interchangeable, despite being almost identical. So one must convert their Lightroom presets to Camera RAW presets and the process has always been convoluted and annoying. But that issue, at least for Mac users using macOS 10.10+, is a thing of the past thanks to an app called Preset Brewery. Continue reading…

Adobe’s Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate Can Now Be Downloaded

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Lightroom 5 review images (11 of 13)

Adobe has announced the latest release candidates for their Lightroom and Camera Raw software. And with it comes a load of new changes and bug squashes such as Sony’s 18-55mm lens being detected as a Hasselblad lens. Plus loads of new cameras such as the A7 and A7r are now supported.

The full Lightroom change list is after the jump. You can download the latest version right here.

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Adobe Announces Camera Raw and DNG Converter 8.1 Release Candidates


Adobe today announced the release candidates of both Camera Raw and DNG Converter version 8.1. Besides support for HiDPI monitors, the softwares add support for the following new cameras and lenses:

  • Hasselblad H5D-60
  • Olympus PEN E-P5
  • Olympus PEN E-PL6
  • Phase One IQ260*
  • Pentax Ricoh GR
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G6
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LF1
  • Canon PowerShot G1 X (lens)
  • Canon PowerShot G15 (lens)
  • Hasselblad HCD 4.8/24
  • NIKON COOLPIX A (lens)
  • NIKON COOLPIX P330 (lens)
  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR
  • HD PENTAX-DA 560mm F5.6ED AW
  • SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC HSM A013
  • SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM C013
  • SIGMA 19mm F2.8 DN A013
  • SIGMA 30mm F2.8 DN A013
  • SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC HSM A013
  • SIGMA 19mm F2.8 DN A013
  • SIGMA 30mm F2.8 DN

You can download the software from Adobe’s website.

Adobe’s New Photoshop CC Takes Everything to the Cloud


Today at the MAX 2013 conference, Adobe is announcing not only the new Creative Cloud Suite in a move away from the CS naming convention, but they’re also announcing loads of new features in Photoshop. We were able to take a sneak peak at this earlier on last week, and the new product seems like quite the powerhouse. First off, they’re incorporating nearly all of the major features introduced into Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta earlier this year: which means that Upright, Radial filters, and of course the Healing and Clone brush stays there. But they’re also including other newer features such as Intelligent Upsampling–which will not make images have extremely jagged and pixelated looks anymore. Users will also like the new Smart Sharpening feature which will create significantly less image noise when sharpening an image.

As reported earlier on as well, Camera Shake Reduction is also incorporated. Other features of interest include better integration with Behance, and Camera RAW adjustments being able to be added as layers.

The full rundown and screenshots are after the jump.

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Adobe Announces Release Candidates for Lightroom 4.4 and Camera RAW 7.4

Adobe Lightroom 4 Packaging

Today, Adobe has released release candidates for both Lightroom and Camera Raw available for download and testing at Adobe Labs. Both Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4 have received a bug fix which addresses issues users have been encountering when trying to work with images from a Fujifilm X-Trans sensor camera. Additionally, this update provides raw file support for nine new cameras, which are listed below.

•        Canon EOS 1D C

•        Casio Exilim EX-ZR700

•        Fujifilm X100s

•        Fujifilm X20

•        Hasselblad Lunar

•        Leica M

•        Nikon 1 V3

•        Nikon 1 S1

•        Pentax MX-1



Adobe Updates to Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3

Adobe Lightroom 4 Packaging


Adobe has announced a new available update to their Lightroom and Camera Raw software. This update finally brings Lightroom’s Library and Develop modules to the Retina level, otherwise known as HiDPI support. Along with that comes RAW file format support for numerous cameras such as the Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D5200, and Sony RX1 to name the popular ones.

The full list of newly supported cameras include:

  •        Canon EOS 6D
  •        Canon PowerShot S110
  •        Canon PowerShot G15
  •        Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
  •        Casio Exilim EX-ZR1000
  •        Casio Exilim EX-FC300S
  •        Leica M-E
  •        Nikon 1 V2
  •        Nikon D5200
  •        Nikon D600
  •        Olympus PEN E-PL5
  •        Olympus PEN E-PM2
  •        Olympus STYLUS XZ-2 iHS
  •        Panasonic DMC-GH3
  •        Pentax K-5 II
  •        Pentax K-5 IIs
  •        Pentax Q10
  •        Sony DSC-RX1
  •        Sony NEX-VG30
  •        Sony NEX-VG900

Lightroom 4.3 Release Candidate and Camera Raw 7.3 Beta Are Released

Just after having a heavy discussion about HiDPI here at The Phoblographer internally, Adobe goes ahead and releases Lightroom 4.3 Candidate. When a product is released as a candidate this just means that they feel that it is well tested but it would benefit from additional testing before being released to the masses. Along with HiDPI support they a squashing quite a few bugs.

Along with version 4.3 of Lightroom they are also releasing Camera Raw beta 7.3. The big cameras added this round are several canon point and shoots, the new Olympus Pens including the XZ-2, the new Pentax K-5 II and IIs and full support of the Nikon D600.

You can find the press release here as well as the Lightroom Canidate 4.3 here and the Camera Raw beta 7.3 here.

Adobe: Cinema DNG Initiative Retired from Adobe Labs


Today, the world lost a ton of potential in the video world. According to EOSHD on Twitter, Adobe has chosen to retire their Cinema DNG initiative. This was confirmed via their blog. To backtrack, DNG is Adobe’s raw format and stands for digital negative. It is essentially their attempt to standardize RAW formats vs having to have every company create their own; this isn’t really news to photographers. Cinema DNG is the same thing but for video. Instead of a camcorder shooting MPEGs (which are essentially a ton of JPEG images) it shot RAW.

Now why is this so significant? Well, the Black Magic Cinema Camera was all set to shoot Cinema DNG; and the cameras out there already do. Now that Adobe has decided to retire the standard, support for the format will be severely lacking; as well as more potential for the video industry at the budget level of the BMCC. In order to get RAW files, you’ll need to go for a RED camera.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out; maybe Adobe will realize that it was a giant mistake.