Dynapak MKI Presets and Profiles Aim to Enhance M4/3 RAW Files

Dynapak MkI

The Dynapak MKI profiles and presets pack could be what you need for your Micro Four Thirds RAW files.

Do you ever wish you could eek-out a little more from your Micro Four Thirds RAW files? Do you ever wish you could have a little more control over dynamic range and overall colors? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then the Dynapak MKI presets and profiles which have been designed exclusively to work with M4/3 RAW files could be for you. Join us after the break to see how this bundle might be able to help.

The Dynapak MKI profiles and presets pack is designed to help Micro Four Thirds users get big, bold colors and better dynamic range from their small sensors. The color profiles that come with the bundle have been created to work with Adobe’s Camera Raw software and Adobe’s Lightroom. The profiles help the software get closer to the light-data that has been captured by the camera’s sensor, which in turn should allow for more dynamic range, and much deeper, more vibrant colors than you could get without the profiles in place.

The Dynapak MKI bundle comes with four color profiles that will help get the most out of your Micro Four Thirds RAW files. Dynamax has been designed to maximize dynamic range and color response of Micro 4/3rds sensors. O-Neg Super is perfect to use on images that are bright and contrasty. It’s useful, for example, if you want to bring attention to blue skies while preserving details in the shadows of a scene. Panachrome BC offers excellent colors, superb sharpness, and gorgeous fine grain. It’s recommended for bright light situations where you want to emphasize deep, vibrant colors. Finally, Micropan offers a classic black-and-white look that allows for maximum flexibility and even tonality.

dynapak mki

The bundle also comes with 11 creative presets, a Dynapak MKI training video that will teach how to get the most out of the profiles, and free updates. The Dynapak MKI Profiles and Presets bundle will work with Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Lightroom CC mobile so you can edit while you’re on the road. The Bundle is available now for $60. Head to Dynapak MKI Product Page for more information.

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