How to Get More Vivid Colors From Your Camera Without Post-Production

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There isn’t anything better than getting great colors in camera and not needing post-production on a photo. Vivid colors are certainly possible to achieve, but most people don’t know how to get them. Many times, people end up just ignoring it altogether. We know a few tricks, though. So we’re going to explain how you get more vivid colors. And we’re also going to share what we know about how this all works.

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Dynapak MKI Presets and Profiles Aim to Enhance M4/3 RAW Files

Dynapak MkI

The Dynapak MKI profiles and presets pack could be what you need for your Micro Four Thirds RAW files.

Do you ever wish you could eek-out a little more from your Micro Four Thirds RAW files? Do you ever wish you could have a little more control over dynamic range and overall colors? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then the Dynapak MKI presets and profiles which have been designed exclusively to work with M4/3 RAW files could be for you. Join us after the break to see how this bundle might be able to help. Continue reading…

Luminar 2018 Gets New Camera Profiles and Plugin Support; DAM Coming

Skylum has just launched version 1.3.0 of their popular Luminar 2018 Image processor

Image processors are constantly being updated to take advantage of the latest cameras, to fine tune their processing engines, and to fix issues that we all run into from time to time. Today, Skylum unveiled an update to both the MacOS and Windows version of their Luminar 2018 software, both of which are now on version 1.3.0. This could be confusing for some; support for various features is different on MacOS and Windows. Continue reading…

Adobe Lightroom’s Latest Update Changes Camera Profiles and Your Presets

Camera Profiles become ‘Profiles’ in Adobe’s latest Lightroom Ecosystem update

Adobe is continuing to bring new updates to Lightroom and Camera RAW in an effort to address many of the concerns users have been voicing about the software. In the latest update, announced earlier today, they have decided to completely revamp their Camera Profiles functionality and add it to Lightroom CC. Oh, and they are no longer called Camera Profiles, instead being shortened to simply ‘Profiles’.

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RNI All Films 4 Includes Custom Camera Profiles

With RNI All Films 4, photographers who don’t necessarily want to take the risks involved with film photography can enjoy something close to the emulsions–though no the experience. Really Nice Images has created one of the best film mimicking presets for a while now. With the company’s recently announced the availability of RNI All Films 4.0, you get the ability to take 50 film stock presets and make them available for Photoshop and Lightroom users. Then you can combine this with 300 presets from various Negative, Slide, Instant, BW and Vintage film emulsions.

The update also includes customized camera profiles.

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