Lightroom 4.3 Release Candidate and Camera Raw 7.3 Beta Are Released

Just after having a heavy discussion about HiDPI here at The Phoblographer internally, Adobe goes ahead and releases Lightroom 4.3 Candidate. When a product is released as a candidate this just means that they feel that it is well tested but it would benefit from additional testing before being released to the masses. Along with HiDPI support they a squashing quite a few bugs.

Along with version 4.3 of Lightroom they are also releasing Camera Raw beta 7.3. The big cameras added this round are several canon point and shoots, the new Olympus Pens including the XZ-2, the new Pentax K-5 II and IIs and full support of the Nikon D600.

You can find the press release here as well as the Lightroom Canidate 4.3 here and the Camera Raw beta 7.3 here.