More Delays Await People Who Have Preordered a Black Magic Cinema Camera

Delay after delay keeps hitting the Black Magic company and sadly it appears to be the same issue which happens to be contaminated glass. The company who is producing the sensor has diagnostics and checks on the sensor but they do not have one for after the glass is attached to the sensor. Black Magic seems to be pretty upset at their incompetence to get the issue under control and have sent their own engineers over to help speed up the resolution.

The silver lining of this is that the current company making the sensor is not the original company who made the first batch of the cameras, those cameras were produced in small numbers by someone else altogether. They are in talks now for the original manufacturer to make the sensors for the BMCC since they appear to have a good head on their shoulders.

I for one am going to be buying this camera but since I do not need the camera right now per say I am waiting till next year to make my purchase, I don’t think I would have a say regardless if I wanted one now or not anyways! I wonder if that $4,000 RED ONE MX is looking good to anyone about now. Read the official response by Black Magic here.