Adobe: Cinema DNG Initiative Retired from Adobe Labs


Today, the world lost a ton of potential in the video world. According to EOSHD on Twitter, Adobe has chosen to retire their Cinema DNG initiative. This was confirmed via their blog. To backtrack, DNG is Adobe’s raw format and stands for digital negative. It is essentially their attempt to standardize RAW formats vs having to have every company create their own; this isn’t really news to photographers. Cinema DNG is the same thing but for video. Instead of a camcorder shooting MPEGs (which are essentially a ton of JPEG images) it shot RAW.

Now why is this so significant? Well, the Black Magic Cinema Camera was all set to shoot Cinema DNG; and the cameras out there already do. Now that Adobe has decided to retire the standard, support for the format will be severely lacking; as well as more potential for the video industry at the budget level of the BMCC. In order to get RAW files, you’ll need to go for a RED camera.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out; maybe Adobe will realize that it was a giant mistake.