Is the New Capture One for iPad Enough to Win Over Lightroom Users?

Capture One for iPad is finally making its debut eight years after competitor Adobe Lightroom came to the platform. This is the future CEO Rafael Orta spoke about with us last year. And while this is a new beginning for Capture One’s mobile future, we’re not yet seeing the AI features he hinted at. Maybe that will come in future releases. At the moment, Capture One for iPad is most likely going to change how so many photographers use the program. Here’s what you need to know about Capture One for iPad.

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VSCO Is Back! Can Adobe Alum Make Them Great Again?

The big news today is that VSCO is making a return. Not that they were gone, but we haven’t heard very much about them for a while now. When they first launched, VSCO felt like a community that would take on Instagram the same way EyeEm did. While the latter seemingly turned their editors into AI algorithms, the former became quietly focused on itself. VSCO is still around and has worked on many ways to make your photos look cool, and they’ve been hard at work on other things. Today, they’re announcing that former Adobe employees have hopped onboard to their upper management. Will this make them the apple of a photographer’s eye again?

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Capture One is Now One Step Closer to the Product We Want

Today, a pretty big update is coming to Capture One. It starts with the fact that you can now finally import images from the iPad app into Capture One Pro on the computer. But then things like Sony wireless tethering have come too. While some folks may sit there and think that it’s simply Capture One catching up to Adobe, it’s so much more than that. Once you consider that Capture One works with the manufacturers on support of their products, you start to see how much better the camera world is about to get.

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Why Everyone Uses Lightroom Classic Over CC. The Simple Answer

Lightroom Classic is, for better or worse, the industry standard for many photographers. Both new and experienced photographers alike often use Lightroom Classic instead of Lightroom CC. Introduced a few years ago, Lightroom CC was designed to address various speed and performance issues. It’s a lightweight version of the program. But that also means it’s not as powerful as photographers need it to be.

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It’s 2021, and Pixel Peeping Has Ruined the Photo Industry

The ideas behind pixel peeping are creating a culture that’s been prevalent for two decades, and that needs to take a hike.

For the past two decades, photographers have asked the industry to engineer the fun out of lenses and software. It would’ve been one thing if it was just one side of photography doing it, but it was both. First, the manufacturers tried to create more clinical lenses. They’d champion their MTF charts to show how perfect the lenses were. But then Adobe, Capture One, and others did the same. They came up with better colors, Upright, Dehaze, and a lot more. So if your photo wasn’t too clinical to begin with, it could get a second round of plastic surgery in post-production. Further, the entire industry in the past decade has been all about fixing it in post-production. But 20 years have been enough, and it’s time to stop. It started with pixel peeping, and went beyond that.

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Is It Good For Photographers? Lenovo Yoga 9i 15-inch Review

The Lenovo Yoga 9i offers a lot of promise for photographers but falls flat in some ways.

When it was announced, I wondered how the Lenovo Yoga 9i would do for photographers. Like many of you, I still own a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro. That, for us, was the best laptop you could get your hands on for photography. But we’re now six years later. And PCs have come a long way. Unfortunately, they’re not all still appealing to photographers. The Lenovo Yoga 9i is targeted at both gamers and creatives. Lenovo got a whole lot right about this laptop. But they also did some things that made me not want to use it at all.

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$9 A Month Can Help You Save Big On Photography Tutorials, More

photography tutorials

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$9 won’t buy you a lot of things these days. A couple cups of designer coffee. One lunch at a casual diner, a few energy drinks perhaps. What if we told you, though, that $9 can get you access to some of the best deals on photography tutorials, presets, and more? Well, it’s true. Just $9 per month can help you save hundreds on stuff you actually need to help you improve your photography. Photowhoa has launched a service called Plus Membership. This membership will allow you to save an extra 20% on all their photography bundles, which include presets, photography tutorials, software, and more. You’ll also get six free bundles per year worth $399 for just $9 per month! Find out more about this exciting new plan after the break.

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Spend $9 Per Month and Get $399 Worth of Presets and Freebies

That’s right, $399 of presets, tutorials, and more can be yours for free when you become a Plus member with Photowhoa.

Wow! Now, this is a deal you can’t afford to miss out on. We’ve found a deal that will save you money all year long on presets, tutorials, software, and more. Photowhoa has launched a service called Plus Membership. This membership will allow you to save an extra 20% on all their photography bundles. You’ll also get six free bundles per year worth $399 for just $99! We have also found five free deals that can be your with no strings attached. Just download and enjoy them! Find out more about this exciting new plan and the freebies after the break.

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Save an Extra 20% and Get Photography Bundles Worth $399 for FREE

If you love learning new skills and using presets and overlays, this deal on photography bundles shouldn’t be missed.

Here at The Phoblographer, we constantly search the web to find significant savings on the products you love. We do this so that you can keep some extra cash in your pockets. And we just hit the jackpot! We found a deal that will save you money all year long. Photowhoa has launched a service called Plus Membership. This membership will allow you to save an extra 20% on all their photography bundles. You’ll also get six free bundles per year worth $399 for just $99! Find out more about this exciting new plan after the break.

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Loupedeck and Adobe Get Cozy With A New Plugin For Photoshop

Owners of the Loupedeck CT and Louepdeck Live will be treated to seamless integration into Photoshop with the free plugin.

Loupedeck has been trying to make what we do behind the scenes as creators easier for a few years now. The company’s innovative controllers give quick access to the most common functions in post-production software. Using sliders and dials to control tools in programs like Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and more is incredibly intuitive. In fact, these tools can even make editing fun. Now, Loupedeck is making its Loupedeck Creative Tool and Loupedeck Live even better with a free Photoshop plugin. This plugin will enhance the user experience and will make you much more efficient. We have all the deets about the update after the jump.

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5DayDeal: Learn from the Best for Just $89, Save a Massive $2,875

The clock is ticking on the 5DayDeal which features 26 class-leading photography packages for just $89!

By now, you have likely seen and heard about the incredible Complete Photography Bundle 2020 from 5DayDeal. If you haven’t taken the plunge on this deal yet, you might want to act soon. At Noon PST on October 20th, this incredible deal will be gone forever. This package of photography tutorials isn’t your run-of-the-mill bundle. This deal features photography tutorials from some of the best photographers, editors, and creators in the world. You’ll get them all for only $89. If purchased individually from the artists directly, this package would cost close to $3,000! Come on in to see what you can get, what you can win, and who you can help.

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We’ve Made New, Thought Provoking Findings in Our Leica M10R Review

The Leica M10R review we did when the camera first came out sent waves through the camera world.

It’s never my intention to get people to not purchase a camera. It’s only ever been our intention to report our findings. Amazingly, we stopped people from buying the Leica M10R. We’ve got a reputation for finding issues with lenses and cameras that no one else even bothers to look for. And that was the case with the Leica M10R. I got a ton of emails about this camera over time, and I’ve dealt with them accordingly. We found a significant problem with the camera’s compatibility with Capture One 20. Leica champions Adobe Lightroom with editing, but the Leica M10R shoots the universal DNG file. We test all our RAW files in Capture One 20 as industry manufacturers openly champion it over Adobe support. But we’ve also just found C1 to be so much better. Capture One support for the Leica M10R still isn’t available, but you can edit the RAW files. Nevertheless, you’ll get slightly better performance in Adobe Lightroom.

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Get 6 Photography Bundles Free with This Great $99 Deal

If you love learning new skills and using presets and overlays, this deal on photography bundles shouldn’t be missed.

For some time now, we have been bringing you the best deals on photography guides and presets. We scour the web searching for significant savings so that you can keep some extra cash in your pockets. Now, we have found a deal that can save you money all year long. Photowhoa has launched a service called Plus Membership. This membership will allow you to save an extra 20% on almost all their photography bundles. You’ll also get six free bundles per year for just $99! Find out more about this new plan after the break.

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Deal Alert: Get Over 5100 Professional Lightroom Presets For Just $29!

This bundle of over 5,100 Lightroom presets will help you create a much more efficient workflow and enhance your images.

If you value your time behind the camera, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at using presets. Presets allow us to get close to certain looks with the single click of a mouse, and we then get to tweak those presets to perfection. Presets, of course, save us a ton of time when it comes to editing, and they enable us to get back some of our time so that we can be out doing what we love – making more images. Right now, you can get your hands on over 5,100 Lightroom presets for just $29! Now, that’s a bargain. Never again will you be stumped for ideas when it comes to editing. Find out more details about this bundle of Lightroom presets, and see some image sample, after the break.

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Video: How We Do High ISO Tests on Cameras We Review (And More!)

Join us on Pro Camera Reviews as we discuss some of the latest trends in the photography tech space and share our thoughts on the newest gear. Register Now!

Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show by the Reviews Team of The Phoblographer. Join Gear Editor Brett Day, Reviews Editor Paul Ip, and Editor in Chief Chris Gampat as they candidly discuss the products they’re actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. Open Q and A from the audience towards the end of the show. Every Sunday at 7pm EST.

Please Register here

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The Latest Capture One Update MAY Make You Leave Lightroom for Good

Capture One 20 is already superior to Lightroom in many ways, but it still lacks some features that hinder it from exerting total dominance.

A new update is coming to Capture One 20 today. We’ve been testing the beta for the better part of the past month. So far, the improvements included in this update seem quite promising. Chief amongst them is the newly enhanced Heal and Clone tools, and there’s a new Before & After tool as well. Photographers looking to break free from Adobe will also appreciate the new Lightroom catalog importer. The best part: all this is gratis for existing Capture One 20 users! Photographers shooting exclusively with Nikon gear will be glad to know that a Nikon specific version of Capture One 20 will now be available too. Capture One for Nikon is a full-featured version of Capture One Pro available for a reduced cost. The only limit is that it will only work with Nikon raw files, like other brand-specific versions of the software that are already available.

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Useful Photography Tip #199: How to Dehaze a Photo In Camera, No Post!

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click Here.

Lots of photographers will teach you tutorials about how to get more details out of a scene in post-production. But the truth is that you don’t need it. Instead, we believe in the philosophy of getting rid of the problem to begin with. Lots of you who use Adobe Lightroom know about using the Dehaze tool and all it does. Indeed, when it launched it really was pretty innovative, and in some ways it can still prove very useful. But to be honest, you don’t need it. Instead, there’s a little thing that photographers have been using for years to get rid of haze, boost color, and enhance clarity right in camera.

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Get All The LR and PS Presets You’ll Ever Need for Just $39 (Save 95%)

7500 Lightroom and Photoshop presets that work on both mobile and desktop versions for a price this low is insanity!

How would you like to save countless hours when it comes to editing your images and getting them to look their best? What if we told you that instead of spending hours sitting in front of your computer, you could just spend a few minutes and still get the high-quality results you’re used to? Well, you can with this bundle of 7500 presets, which has dropped in price to just $39! Better yet, this bundle of presets works on Lightroom Mobile and traditional desktop versions of Lightroom, including CC, and they work in all desktop versions of Photoshop. Get all the details on this incredible deal after the break.

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Save Over $1,400 on This 2500+ Photoshop Overlays Bundle (Just $29)

If you want to add a whole new layer of flair to your images, and make peoples’ jaws drop, check out this incredible bundle of Photoshop overlays.

Do you want to take your images to a new level in 2020, and make your work stand out from the crowd? If you answered yes (that really should be everyone), you should start thinking about how Photoshop overlays can help. With just a few clicks, you can transform your image from looking good to looking incredible. Right now, you can save over $1,400 on this huge Photoshop bundle (it’s just $29) that comes with over 2,500 overlays, which will enable you to achieve any effect at any time. Check out all the details about this bundle after the break.

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Adobe RGB vs sRGB: Explaining It in the Simplest Terms to Photographers

Adobe RGB vs sRGB: what is the difference and what should photographers know?

Fact: most cameras are automatically set to the sRGB color mode straight out of the box. This applies to JPEG images as said cameras are also typically set to shoot JPEGs when taken right out of the box. But the Adobe RGB color mode is arguably more important. In the most common vernacular, the sRGB color standard is what has applied to the web for many years. It’s a certain number of colors, and for those years most monitors only rendered within this color space. As time progressed, monitors have become better and so too has the web. This has resulted in more tests being done to accommodate to the Adobe RGB color space, which is much larger than the sRGB color space. For practicality, unless you’re willing to stop worrying about dynamic range and high ISO output, you’re probably not going to care about the Adobe RGB space and the sRGB space.

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How Photo Conferences Still Alienate Women in the Photo Industry

PhotoPlus Expo is the epitome of the autumnal photographic conference: an industry tradition of networking, investigating and testing out new products, asking experts questions, and listening to presentations from inspiring and talented brand-sponsored photographers.

That said, without question, when I attend this conference every year, my fellow attendees are more often male in identification. It’s a commonly acknowledged fact with other women in attendance and is beginning to get noticed by other parts of the industry as well. As such, I was given a critical lens through which to examine PPE (as a test model for conferences in general, a sample subject if you will): How can conferences make themselves more accessible to women, and what presently contributes to them being male-dominated?

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