Eye-Fi Pro X2 Cards + Nearly Endless Storage = Awesome

Eye-Fi announced the availability of their new flagship Pro X2 8GB + WiFi SD cards designed for professionals. The card should make usage easier and faster while out there in the field blogging, shooting an event or even just uploading to Flickr. Complete with 802.11n Wifi, it should be very awesome and further speed up the workflow of many photographers. The even more awesome part is that once you fill up those 8GB (which is truthfully hard to do) the card will automatically delete photos that have been uploaded to the interwebs. For $150, this will be more than worth it for many pros shooting with D90s or 50Ds, and there are lots of them out there. Press release is after the jump; I’ll be trying to get my hands on a review item soon as Eye-Fi gear is highly recommended by me.

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New Canon Product Target Analysis for CES 2010

Canon made a lot of announcements today: everything from a new lens, point and shoot cameras, and camcorders. Amongst it all though, I’ve realized amongst readers that it can be confusing what product they should get or what they may be interested in. As a result, here are the basic specs of each product and their intended target.

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Tips on Shooting Photos For Professional Agencies

Gerard Butler on the set of "The Bounty"

Many photographers dream and aspire to work for the professional agencies. Having a name like Magnum, Getty, Zooma, Associated Press etc. sure means that you’re good and at the top of your game. Most photographers though don’t know what these agencies call for. From my time working for Magnum Photos, Spotlight Press and talking to Brad Elterman of Buzzfoto, I learned quite a bit that shocked and amazed me and even colleagues of mine. Some of those tips after the jump.

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The Noob Guide: Symbols and Meanings On Your Camera

There are lots of symbols on your camera that you or people you may know don’t know how to interpret. Part of this is from not reading your manual. Sadly, cameras are only going to get more complicated to offer you more options. I previously explained about the shooting modes on your camera and how to use them. In this posting, you’ll get a quick overview of the different symbols and meanings in lay man’s terms. Hit the jump for more.

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Cheap Photo: Step-Up Cameras

For those of you that think that a DSLR will be too expensive of a choice: think again. Entry-level ones are becoming cheaper and cheaper and some are even rivaling prices of premium point and shoot cameras.

Canon XS with 18-55mm lens: $439.99 with free shipping from eCrater. If you want a more familiar dealer, Abe’s of Maine has it for only $10 more.

Samsung CL65 12MP Premium Point and Shoot with WiFi, Bluetooth, Geotagging and HDMI: $299.00 with free shipping from Amazon via LogicBuy.

So there you have it, a high-tech point and shoot or an economical DSLR. Make your choice, young jedi.

Cheap Photo: Nikon D3000 for $459.95

There are some great items available today for Cheap Photo after scouring the interwebs: check out some of these awesome deals here.

Nikon D3000 w/ 18-55mm kit lens: $459.95 (includes shipping, from Unique Photo)

Eye-Fi 4GB Explore Video SDHC Memory Card: $87.79 (includes shipping, from Amazon)

Canon Powershot G11: $429 (includes shipping, from Abes of Maine)

Canon Powershot SX200: $284 (free shipping, from Newegg)

Anyone else find anything good?

Tips For Photographing a Memorable New Year's Eve

Times Square HDR 12/28/08

New Year’s is coming up and we’re all bound to be partying the day before. That means you’re sure to have your camera with you. Even if you’re not known as the person with the camera in your social circle, you can take images that later on people will look at and really show emotion over. Read more after the jump.

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DSLR Videography: Items You May Want To Get

The worlds of photography and videography are emerging even more as time progresses. It has become inevitable. They’ve been used to film major motion pictures as well as television shows. Because of this, you should also perhaps be looking into gear to support those features of your DSLR. Chances are that your flashes, diffusers, and wireless transmitters really won’t help you very much. That being said, here are some items to start out with that won’t really break the bank.

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Cheap Photo: Free Lesson at Web Photo School

Everyday I’m going to try to bring you cheap deals in the photography world. If you have something that you’re selling or offering, please email me at ChrisGampat[at]gmail.com.

Today, Web Photo School is offering a free lesson to its readers: Hot Rod Pin-Up Portraits. Written by guest contributor David Perry, the lesson takes you through how to light your model properly and comes complete with strobist diagrams. Be sure to check out the videos as well.

The awesome part: it’s all done with a Canon 20D. So that means you don’t need something like a 5D Mk II to do this work. Check it out when you get a chance. (Warning: SOME PHOTOS NSFW)

Link us to some of your own work in the comments below or let us know about your photo deals that you may find.

Know Yourself: How to Choose a Point and Shoot

Maria Sharapova and her Canon Powershot Diamond Collection

We’re in a recession, so consumers (and photographers) naturally have to rely upon themselves to make smarter financial decisions. This can be tough, especially when choosing a camera. You probably have a camera right now and are not happy with it or you’ve got the money for one and are looking to make a purchase without breaking the bank. Throw what you know about megapixels, zooms, features, colors and compactness out the window right now. It’s time to know how to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase for a long time.

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A Brief Explanation of Your Camera's Shooting/Scene Modes

Fact: most people don’t read their manuals when they buy a new camera. Further, if they do, they have no idea what most of it means to them. If you’re one of those people, or know them, then this is the blog post for you. As a photography instructor, I’ve seen lots of people take photos then look at their images and wonder why they’re not getting the results that they want. Something I learned in computer programming is that technology only does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do. More on how to tell your camera what you want after the jump in a concise compilation.

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Top Sellings DSLRs for Sun Dec 27 2009

Every week, 1001NoisyCameras features their own top selling DSLR chart for the week. This week, we can see that pricing still holds the biggest attraction to consumers. Consumers being used as a particular term as they purchase the most cameras vs professionals, enthusiasts, etc. That said, the Canon XSi still holds supreme. I’ve shot with that camera and loved it. Otherwise, Canon and Nikon are still holding the main spots with Panasonic starting to creep in a bit with the GF1 and Pentax doing well with the K-x.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Please answer this poll too if you’d like.

Would You Want to Edit Photos on the iTablet?

Lots of photographers edit their photos with a tablet device of some sort. There is so much on the interwebs about the rumored Apple iTablet. In addition, there are so many clues pointing towards it’s inevitable release. But the question for us photographers is this: would you want to edit your photos on one? There are lots of pros and cons to the issue. The newer guys may say, “I want it now!” while people with bad vision (like my fellow Blind Photographers) may say, “I want my big screens.” More after the jump.

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Field Review: The Arctic Butterfly

Though not a new product at all, VisibleDust’s Arctic Butterfly is still something that photographers may want to keep in their bags as it can prove invaluable to cleaning their camera. Some photographers may prefer their Zeeion Blower for safety reasons, but the Butterfly has served me well over the past year that I’ve used it (I got it at least years Photo Plus) with only minor problems. More after the jump.

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