AI Saying We’ve Got Instagram-Worthy Photos Isn’t the Same as Making a Person’s Jaw Drop

An AI can give you a seemingly impressive breakdown of your photo’s Instagram-worthiness, but don’t expect it to be a telling critique of your work

If you’ve yet to realize your goal — or dream — of becoming an Instagram celebrity, you could be on the way by enlisting the help of a chatbot. Not your Instagram junkie friends, your photography mentor, or a social media marketing expert. All you need is some nifty artificial intelligence to tell you if your photo has the potential to make it big in terms of garnering likes and comments.

This is what the AI-powered chatbot developed by BBC Tomorrow’s World promises, probably put out there just for fun (or intriguing display of the potential applications of AI in the photography world). The free Facebook Messenger chatbot ties directly into your Instagram account and gets access to your Instagram content once you grant it permission. Next, it will ask you to upload the next photo you want to post. The chatbot will proceed to analyze the colors, composition, and even landmarks in the image for roughly five to ten minutes.

What follows is a video that gives you a rundown of the components of your photo, along with the scores they garnered. Interestingly, the chatbot also grades the photo based on the emotions that the colors will evoke, as puts your overall Instagram following into consideration.

The folks of DP Review gave it a test run using and also found some tips from the chatbot about how to make the most of the trends to make it big on Instagram. For example, blue is said to “evoke feelings of serenity and calmness”, and “breakfast” is the platform’s most popular hashtag. Now, if only we can make an all-blue breakfast, maybe that would be our claim to fame and give us our big break.

We can all surely have a go at the chatbot for fun. But of course, nothing compares to showing a real person our photos and getting a “wow, this is great.” We may not get a breakdown of their technical criteria for judging, but seeing the genuine amazement on their face is definitely worth more than all the Instagram “likes”.

Visit the chatbot’s page to install it and give it a try.