Behance’s Moodboard Feature Is an Ethical Alternative to Pinterest

With Behance having recently reintroduced their Moodboard feature, we now have a better alternative to Pinterest. 

Whether it’s for a personal project or a client shoot, a lot of photographers rely on moodboards to draw inspiration from the work of other creatives. Pinterest became a hugely popular “capturing” tool for this purpose, as well as for personal creative curation. However, it turns out that the social network is among the companies supporting Unsplash as a partner, and that could be a source of internal conflict for the ethical photographer. Behance offers a solution, as the creative platform has reintroduced its Collections feature as Moodboards.

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Flickr Rolls Out a Fresh Look to its Galleries

If you haven’t been around Flickr for a while, you might want to check out the platform’s recently revamped galleries. 

Heads up, Flickr users! The platform has recently revamped its galleries, so you might want to take a look what has changed if you haven’t been making galleries of your favorite works by your favorite creatives.

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AI Saying We’ve Got Instagram-Worthy Photos Isn’t the Same as Making a Person’s Jaw Drop

An AI can give you a seemingly impressive breakdown of your photo’s Instagram-worthiness, but don’t expect it to be a telling critique of your work

If you’ve yet to realize your goal — or dream — of becoming an Instagram celebrity, you could be on the way by enlisting the help of a chatbot. Not your Instagram junkie friends, your photography mentor, or a social media marketing expert. All you need is some nifty artificial intelligence to tell you if your photo has the potential to make it big in terms of garnering likes and comments.

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Forbidden City: Jonathan Higbee’s Exploration of the World He’s Banned From

All images by Jonathan Higbee. Used with permission.

At a certain point earlier on in his Forbidden City project, Jonathan Higbee started to wonder where the project should go. You see, it’s much different from a lot of the work he typically does. Jonathan is a street photographer and surrealist photographer who does some commissions on the side. His work has always been expressive in some way or another, but nothing quite as deep as what’s being portrayed in Forbidden City. Forbidden City is a project that uses Google Street View to showcase places that he and his husband aren’t allowed to travel.

There are lots of questions involved with the curation of a project like this. And indeed, this is a very curatorial project.

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