Flickr Rolls Out a Fresh Look to its Galleries

If you haven’t been around Flickr for a while, you might want to check out the platform’s recently revamped galleries. 

Heads up, Flickr users! The platform has recently revamped its galleries, so you might want to take a look what has changed if you haven’t been making galleries of your favorite works by your favorite creatives.

According to the Flickr blog post announcing the long overdue revamp, the all new galleries now showcase photos and videos in a much larger layout to take advantage of today’s new screen sizes and resolutions. The limit on photos that users can add to galleries have also been increased from 50 to 500. They also added a new modal batch for adding photos straight from our Faves.

The galleries list page has also been given a nice refresh, where we can now see a triptych of photos with the cover photo being slightly larger than the next two most recently added ones. The gallery metadeta at-a-glance also comes in a new card style that Flickr uses in the gallery itself.


Apart from these changes, Flickr has retained most of the functionality of galleries that we’re already familiar with. For those who want to share their galleries outside of the platform, there’s also an intuitive share sheet that will make sure your galleries are presented nicely on social networks.

If you haven’t tried making galleries, what use would this feature probably have for you? If you like making moodboards for your shoots and projects, or simply want to see the best work of your favorite photographers for inspiration, it would be a great platform. You might also want to give it a go if you’re into curating the awesome stuff you come across according to styles, genres, and subjects.


Check out the all new Flickr galleries now and if you want, leave Flickr your feedback in the Help Forum.