Behance’s Moodboard Feature Is an Ethical Alternative to Pinterest

With Behance having recently reintroduced their Moodboard feature, we now have a better alternative to Pinterest. 

Whether it’s for a personal project or a client shoot, a lot of photographers rely on moodboards to draw inspiration from the work of other creatives. Pinterest became a hugely popular “capturing” tool for this purpose, as well as for personal creative curation. However, it turns out that the social network is among the companies supporting Unsplash as a partner, and that could be a source of internal conflict for the ethical photographer. Behance offers a solution, as the creative platform has reintroduced its Collections feature as Moodboards.

It’s most likely known to many that we often turn to Behance when it comes to outstanding photographers to feature and contact for interviews. Their Curated Galleries are a significant source of inspiration to us, and we think it’s also the case for those looking for ideas for their next projects. We see the Moodboard function (formerly Collections) as an extension to this by serving as a tool for organizing and curating images and projects according to common themes. Best of all, everything is done within the Behance platform, so you can be sure the photos you’re curating aren’t being used unethically.

If you’re new to the issue about Unsplash, we’ve been quite vocal in spreading awareness about how photographers are giving up their work for free when they upload on the platform. Anyone who uses these images gets full commercial access and can manipulate them as they please — and the photographers often remain uncredited. Our mission to break photographers away from Unsplash also extends to the companies who support it, such as Pinterest, Peak Design, SquareSpace, and Dropbox.

We hope you’ll help spread the word that there are better ways for photographers and other creatives to share their work without having to give up their image rights. Behance is just one. Give the Moodboard feature a spin and see how it’s another reason to give the platform your support!