ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Production Starts in Early August

It’s finally ‘all systems go’ for the much-awaited ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film.

In the latest update for the ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film, we learned the exciting news that the production team is set to begin true production in “T-Minus 1 Week”. We’ve been closely following their updates and have been ecstatic since their “latest (and greatest) tests” showing the film will likely turn out great. So, after training, testing, and working for about a month to familiarize themselves with the entire system, the team is now ready to begin production in early August.

The update mentions that the team first needed to troubleshoot some “pesky problems” they encountered after they switched their primary parts production method from laser-cut to die-cut. After finalizing last-minute tweaks to their process and design, they’re set to get the actual production up and running on August 5th.

The team is just as curious as we are about their production rate, and whether it compares to their calculations and guess-timations. Christopher says it’s a “surprising amount of packs per week” but we’ll have to wait until the next update to find out how much exactly. “I’m not going to take the risk of sharing my guesstimates with you here, but going forward, each update will include an up-to-date and true-to-life tally of total units produced.”

So, for now, they instead have some nice examples of the latest ONE INSTANT results from their tests, as well as a preview of where all the peel-apart instant film magic happens.

A gorgeous shot taken with the 600SE by Elias Dockal (unser Praktikant). The scans do not do it justice!

Another by Elias

Polaroid Land Camera 350 – example of light-leaks

A typical example of the coverage we are getting. Will try slightly fatter pods to see if we can make up the difference…

A “happy accident”. This is what happens when you don’t pull straight…

Another modification test (strange color banding, otherwise pretty nice)

Organized chaos of testing (Photo © by Ákos Burg)

(Photo © by Ákos Burg)

(Photo © by Ákos Burg)

The goal, of course, is to come up with a product that satisfies all requirements of an outstanding peel-apart instant film. Christopher described this as having full coverage, good color, smooth operation, and no light leaks. They also noted there are other factors to ensure great output. “We’ve learned, however, that the camera, the quality, and cleanliness of the rollers, and the way in which it is pulled out can all have a surprisingly profound influence on the quality of the image.” To address these, the team is set to release a series of videos that cover topics such as basic instructions for use, pro tips, cleaning the camera, and even a tour of the ONE INSTANT factory. We’re definitely looking forward to the next update!


Photos from the ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Kickstarter update