You Need the Patience of a Saint: Jollylook Instant Camera Review

Whether you’ve yet to receive your Jollylook Instant Camera — the first model — or are thinking of getting one, here are some of the things you can expect.

The new Jollylook Auto was recently released and already fully funded on Kickstarter. However, some of the backers of the first campaign yet to receive theirs must be wondering what the original Jollylook Instant Camera has in store for them. Those familiar with it already know it looks fancy but built simply, so this review will have more quick insights into the shooting experience instead of a rundown of features.

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HVSQ Ver. 2 Lets You Shoot Instax Square Film with Various Medium Format Cameras

The HVSQ Ver. 2 is an interesting contraption to consider if you want to shoot instant film, specifically Instax Square film, with your medium format camera.

Instant photography is very much alive, albeit with limited film options. Because of this, we’ve been seeing some bright minds coming up with accessories like instant backs to help increase our options for cameras that can accommodate the instant films available today. Instant backs that allow you to shoot Instax films using Hasselblad cameras have been particularly popular in recent times. The latest of these is the HVSQ Ver. 2, the second version of the Instax Square film back made by Shenzen-based photographer John Yang for the Hasselblad V-System.

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Doomed Kodak Stab at Instant Film

We bet you didn’t know about the failed Kodak foray into instant photography, so let this vintage camera commercial give you an idea.

With the late 1970s and 1980s being a prime time for instant photography, it’s not surprising that camera companies thought about challenging the reign of Polaroid. Perhaps unknown to many today or forgotten by most, Kodak released their doomed attempt at instant cameras and film in 1977. Allow us to refresh your memory or give you an idea with today’s featured vintage camera commercial for the Kodak Handle.

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Vintage Polaroid Commercial Teaches Us How to Press the Perfect Picture

Nothing like a vintage camera commercial to remind us why Polaroid cameras continue to be popular.

Despite the prevalence of Fujifilm Instax cameras, Polaroid cameras from decades past remain popular to this day. Among them is the Polaroid Sun 600, which is the star of today’s featured vintage camera commercial. Today, this instant camera is among the iconic models that continue to be sought after in vintage stores and secondhand markets, thanks to word of mouth among film photographers. Still, it’s always interesting to see how these cameras were marketed back then, often with the help of celebrities and well-known photographers, like Hugh Laurie for this 1980s commercial.

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Hasselback Portrait Lets You Shoot Instax Mini Film With Hasselblad V-System Cameras

If you’ve been hoping to shoot instant film with your Hasselblad V-System camera, there’s finally a camera back that will let you do so with Instax Mini films.

Since it’s been difficult to get hold of pack film for the most common Polaroid back for Hasselblad cameras, there have been many attempts to create hacks to shoot Instax Mini films with it. Now, we finally have a viable option in the aptly named Hasselback Portrait, dubbed as the first fully-compatible Instax film back for the Hasselblad V-System camera. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your Hasselblad into an instant camera, this new contraption looks like your best bet.

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The Jollylook Auto Instant Camera Gives Photographers Aperture Priority

If the first version of the Jollylook was too basic for your liking, its latest iteration, the Jollylook Auto, could be more interesting.

When the original version of the vintage-styled Jollylook instant camera came out three years ago, the camera only had simple controls and cardboard construction. Some were not too impressed with it, and the makers responded by putting together a bunch of substantial improvements — both in form and features. If you’ve been eyeing the Jollylook but haven’t been impressed, maybe the latest iteration now being funded on Kickstarter can be a more interesting option.

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This Polaroid Land 104 Commercial Will Make You Nostalgic About Pack Film

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of pack film through ONE INSTANT, we think this old Polaroid commercial will remind you of the medium’s good old days.

If the discontinuation of pack film was among the saddest news in the film photography world, its return through the ONE INSTANT project certainly brings some hope. The dream is to have it as readily available as current instant film formats, but while we’re waiting that out, we have a little something for all you pack film fans. Whether you’re new to the medium or simply want to relive the glory days of Polaroid pack film, we’re sure this old commercial will be interesting to you.

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You Secretly Want This Rare, Unused Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 for $3,215

Anything Hello Kitty touches is guaranteed to be saleable, but we’re not sure a Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 should be going for this much.

If you’ve been following our vintage finds, you’ll know that we keep our eyes peeled for all things noteworthy, cool, and sometimes overpriced. Today’s find has all three ticked: a rare Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, in unused condition, going for $3,215. It’s definitely a collectible item both for Hello Kitty fans and Polaroid photographers (and Polaroid photographers who are also Hello Kitty fans). But whether it warrants the hefty price tag is another matter altogether.

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ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Production Starts in Early August

It’s finally ‘all systems go’ for the much-awaited ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film.

In the latest update for the ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film, we learned the exciting news that the production team is set to begin true production in “T-Minus 1 Week”. We’ve been closely following their updates and have been ecstatic since their “latest (and greatest) tests” showing the film will likely turn out great. So, after training, testing, and working for about a month to familiarize themselves with the entire system, the team is now ready to begin production in early August.

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The Female Gaze: Polaroid Nudes by Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde (NSFW)

All Polaroid photos by Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde. Used with permission.

Not so long ago, we got in touch with Brussels-based freelance photographer Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde to share with us her insights on Polaroid as a popular medium today for fine art nude photography. Since discovering Polaroid accidentally three years ago, she found it the perfect medium for nude photography, especially for the authenticity that it imparts into her work. Her artsy Polaroid nudes are indeed a testament to the dreamy aesthetic that the medium has become well-known and loved for; but above all, she sees each photo as a one-of-a-kind piece of art. We’re sharing the full interview below, in case any of you have been interested in what she has to say about Polaroid nudes, the response to her work, and the role of social media in her decision towards this very specific genre. And of course, more of her dreamy nude snaps!

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Polaroid as a Popular Medium for Fine Art Nude Photography Today (NSFW)

Polaroid remains a medium of choice for many photographers because of the unique quality it brings to their projects — including nude photography.

Cover photo by Anastasia Egonyan

A quick browse at #Polaroid on Instagram will show a mix of mostly random shots, but among the most eye-catching are the portraits with either a fashion slant or a more experimental look. Dig into the hashtags and accounts and you’ll begin to narrow down the posts to actual Polaroid photos, with even more interesting portraits popping up. Dig enough and you’ll eventually notice that Polaroid has become a popular medium not only for fashion photography and documenting youth culture but also for photographers exploring artful nude photography.

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AGFA is Helping Instant Peel-Apart Film Come Back from the Dead

The hardworking folks behind the ONE INSTANT Peel-Apart Film have found an able ally in AGFA, they say in their latest project update.

A few days ago, backers of the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter campaign were treated to some great news; the passionate folks behind the project have proudly announced the developments of the project so far. Among these developments is their partnership with AGFA in Belgium, getting the prototype design through to the production model, and assembling the One Instant manufacturing team. Exciting times are ahead, as they report things are coming together nicely!

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The MiNT InstantKon RF70 Gets Updated with Auto and Manual

Heads up, instant film photographers! The folks of MiNT have finally and officially unveiled the InstantKon RF70 with not one, but two models!

It’s already been a year since we last heard about the InstantKon RF70 and took it for a test run. Now, the folks of MiNT have made it official. Not only did they just launch one model, but also an Auto version for those who are still learning the ropes of manual controls. If you’re only hearing about this instant camera now, allow us to introduce you to this wide-angled wonder.

Updated with more official specs

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Latest Update Shows ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Could Be Great!

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for updates on the ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for this!

Anyone who has backed the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter project and been keeping tabs on the updates must be brimming with excitement now. They’ve dropped the latest on the production prototypes so far. It’s a success, and as they say, the devil is in the details! It’s amazing to see them so close to finally “hacking” the peel-apart instant film system, and they have the “latest (and greatest) tests” to prove it!

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PolaRoad Aims to Make Travel More Memorable Using Instant Photos

PolaRoad wants to make exploring the Italian city of Siena more fun for travelers through their nifty guides and instant photography.

For a good number of film photographers and travelers, an instant camera already has a place in their trip essentials. But a project called PolaRoad aims to make it a crucial component of a different and more fun experience for travelers who want to explore the city of Siena in Italy’s Tuscany region. If you have plans to visit the charming town anytime soon, this could be a project you’d like to support!

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20×24 Studio Berlin: Keeping Large Format Instant Photography Alive Today

If you loved our feature on how old school photography studios are standing out today, here’s our full interview with 20×24 Studio Berlin’s Markus Mahla for additional reading.

We’re confident that some of you are shocked that the film industry is still alive and kicking. If you fall into this camp, you’d be even more astonished to find out that even older, more ancient, antiquated photography processes — tintypes and ambrotypes — are still around. Best of all, you can book a sitting today with studios offering portrait sessions in these unique processes. We very recently got in touch with a bunch of these old school photography studios to find out how they are standing out from their modern counterparts. You’ve most likely read about that here. However, we also wanted to share with our readers our full interview with each of these studios to paint a clearer picture of their visions, how they work, and what it’s like running their unique spaces.

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More Stunning Astrophotography Shot Using Polaroid Instant Camera

Daniel Stein continues to take astrophotography to new heights with more examples of otherworldly snaps using a Polaroid instant camera.

Ever wanted to explore the possibilities of Polaroid photography? How about taking it to the stars? A couple of years ago, Daniel Stein showed us it’s possible to do some stunning instant photos of the Milky Way with a Polaroid camera. If you were amazed with those snaps, we’re glad to report that he’s back with more to wow and inspire us.

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It’s Not Photoshop! How Old School Photography Studios are Standing Out in 2019

The next time you need a one-of-a-kind portrait, consider turning to one of these old school photography studios.

There’s no doubt that photography has gone a long way, from the equipment down to the techniques, and even the purpose of each shot. However, we haven’t really forgotten about the craft’s humble beginnings. If the fact that film is still very much alive surprises many today, imagine the astonishment once they learn that even more archaic photographic techniques are still being practiced. Wet collodion photography is as old school as it gets, and there are still a good number of studios out there that offer the unique experience and result it brings.

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Paul Hoi Used a Mamiya RZ67 and Expired Polaroids for These Surreal Landscapes

All images by Paul Hoi. Used with permission.

Traveling with film of all kinds and formats has become increasingly popular these days, and we all have the analog resurgence to thank for it. Instant films are now among the staples of traveling film photographers, and some would even be keen on experimenting with what expired Polaroid films are still out there. The results, as experimental landscape photographer Paul Hoi found out four years ago, can be rewarding.

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What It’s Like to Take the World’s Largest Polaroid Photo

Ever wondered how big Polaroid photos can be? We have the answer in this fascinating video.

If no one has told you yet, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Polaroid films go bigger than the 4×5 peel apart instant films you’ve probably seen. Snoop around at the Polaroid Originals website and you’ll see some handmade 8×10 instant films for large format cameras. But, it gets even bigger than that. How big exactly, this interesting video shows us, complete with a photo shoot!

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The Escura Instant 60s Is a Retro-Looking, Hand-Powered Instant Camera

The Escura Instant 60s could be interesting for those who have a penchant for nostalgic designs and instant photography.

Heads up instant photography fans! Hong Kong-based brand CARBON has developed a new instant camera that may tickle your fancy for nostalgia and novelty. Called Escura Instant 60s, this latest creation is a fully manual and fully hand-powered camera with a noticeably retro-inspired design.

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