You Secretly Want This Rare, Unused Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 for $3,215

Anything Hello Kitty touches is guaranteed to be saleable, but we’re not sure a Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 should be going for this much.

If you’ve been following our vintage finds, you’ll know that we keep our eyes peeled for all things noteworthy, cool, and sometimes overpriced. Today’s find has all three ticked: a rare Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, in unused condition, going for $3,215. It’s definitely a collectible item both for Hello Kitty fans and Polaroid photographers (and Polaroid photographers who are also Hello Kitty fans). But whether it warrants the hefty price tag is another matter altogether.

The Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 instant camera listed by Tokyo-based ebay seller arcadia*japon is a limited edition model released in the late 1990s. It was produced in collaboration with toy manufacturer TOMY and sold exclusively in Japan. What’s noteworthy about this listing is that it still comes in its original packaging, complete with accessories like the cute camera bag and photo album for the prints. The listing says it’s been stored for a long time, so the Polaroid 600 film that comes with it will definitely be expired and may only be kept for collection purposes.

All these factors could be contributing to the insane listing price, but if it’s beyond your budget — or what you’re willing to pay — you actually have plenty of options. For a limited edition camera, it’s actually pretty accessible. On eBay alone, you can grab them from under $100 from other Japanese sellers, and the ones with the box and accessories included go for a little more than that. It’s also interesting that the same seller has several listings for this camera, with one listing for the Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, along with a Hello Kitty Fujifilm EPION APS camera, and a Hello Kitty 35mm point and shoot camera (not working, so it’s for collection purposes only), all for $273. Lastly, Polaroid Originals also still has it for $429, which is how far we’re guessing everyone will go for this camera, cute as it is.

Well, in case you want to satisfy your curiosity anyway, or make an inquiry about this item, go ahead and check out the eBay listing here.


All photos from the eBay listings by arcadia*japon