The Phoblographer Answers: What Is the White Part of an Instant Film Photo?

Ever wonder why your Polaroid and Instant Film photos have that border?

It’s always really nice to see your Instant Film Photo and the natural white border it has, but did you know there’s a scientific reason for this border? Yes, while the beautiful border on your Polaroid or Instant film photo is cool, there’s an important reason why it’s there.

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Review: Instant Dreams Is a Beautifully Flawed Marketing Flick

Instant Dreams is fundamentally a marketing flick that hides behind the guise of a documentary, and is as beautifully flawed as the Polaroid film it celebrates.

Since November 2017, there has been anxious hype around Instant Dreams–a documentary that is supposed to give the Instant film initiative a major pat on the back. The film, done by Willem Baptist, offers hypnotizing visuals while following the stories of a few key individuals who adore Polaroid and the culture. Those visuals are some very gorgeous scenes mixed in with perplexing shots and motion graphics that cause someone to either look away or be hypnotized without intense concentration. At the same time, Instant Dreams does very little to tell the stories of these folks, and does even less to humanize them through the lens of objectivity. Overall, it ignores a few elephants in the room.

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20×24 Studio Berlin: Keeping Large Format Instant Photography Alive Today

If you loved our feature on how old school photography studios are standing out today, here’s our full interview with 20×24 Studio Berlin’s Markus Mahla for additional reading.

We’re confident that some of you are shocked that the film industry is still alive and kicking. If you fall into this camp, you’d be even more astonished to find out that even older, more ancient, antiquated photography processes — tintypes and ambrotypes — are still around. Best of all, you can book a sitting today with studios offering portrait sessions in these unique processes. We very recently got in touch with a bunch of these old school photography studios to find out how they are standing out from their modern counterparts. You’ve most likely read about that here. However, we also wanted to share with our readers our full interview with each of these studios to paint a clearer picture of their visions, how they work, and what it’s like running their unique spaces.

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This Terrible History of Photographs Skit Will Make you Laugh out Loud

If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out this video from Gloves and Boots that explores the terrible history of photographs.

We all take photography pretty seriously, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the lighter side of the art. Glove and Boots, a YouTube channel which is filled with adorable puppets just released a video that explores the terrible history of photographs, and it will have you in stitches. Watch as puppet hosts, Mario and Fafa have a tongue in cheek discussion about photographs and all things photography. It will be the funniest thing you see all day. Check out the video after the break. Continue reading…

More Stunning Astrophotography Shot Using Polaroid Instant Camera

Daniel Stein continues to take astrophotography to new heights with more examples of otherworldly snaps using a Polaroid instant camera.

Ever wanted to explore the possibilities of Polaroid photography? How about taking it to the stars? A couple of years ago, Daniel Stein showed us it’s possible to do some stunning instant photos of the Milky Way with a Polaroid camera. If you were amazed with those snaps, we’re glad to report that he’s back with more to wow and inspire us.

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This Rare Andy Warhol Polaroid Self-Portrait is Yours for $65,000

A fan of all things pop art and Andy Warhol? Here’s your chance to hang one of his rare and original self-portraits in your home or work space.

Andy Warhol has taken a number of well-known Polaroid snaps of the rich and the famous during his time — including himself. Now, with our latest vintage find, you can grab the chance to snag one of those precious Polaroid self-portraits. Not a reprint or replica, but an original framed print! Just prepare to part with a whopping $65,000 and it’s all yours to adorn your home or office.

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Instant Print Cameras are Dead! Long Live Instant Print Cameras!

As we begin to tire of the digital age, retro is becoming cool again, with instant print cameras becoming the victors.

Before Smartphones lived in our pockets and gave us access to cameras 24/7, instant print cameras from the likes of Polaroid were all the rage. As the digital revolution took over, the instant print camera business and many others started their sharp decline. Before we knew it, these fun cameras that gave use immediate prints were all but dead. Times are starting to change though as these retro, easy to use, colorful cameras are making a comeback in a huge way. Read on after the break to learn about how these analog gems are coming back in a big way. Continue reading…


This Kickstarter is probably our last chance to ensure that Packfilm returns to the world; let’s not screw this up!

We’ve previously reported on Florian Kaps being hard at work to bring back packfilm–and now we have learned we’re at the final crossroads. Today, him and Supersense are announcing a brand new Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is asking for funding to get the film production back up and running. For the uninitiated, Kaps was one of the folks behind the Impossible Project which later became Polaroid Originals. Without his help, much of the film for the old Polaroid cameras would be gone. This new peel-apart pack film is going to be called ONE INSTANT.

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Paul Hoi Used a Mamiya RZ67 and Expired Polaroids for These Surreal Landscapes

All images by Paul Hoi. Used with permission.

Traveling with film of all kinds and formats has become increasingly popular these days, and we all have the analog resurgence to thank for it. Instant films are now among the staples of traveling film photographers, and some would even be keen on experimenting with what expired Polaroid films are still out there. The results, as experimental landscape photographer Paul Hoi found out four years ago, can be rewarding.

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What It’s Like to Take the World’s Largest Polaroid Photo

Ever wondered how big Polaroid photos can be? We have the answer in this fascinating video.

If no one has told you yet, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Polaroid films go bigger than the 4×5 peel apart instant films you’ve probably seen. Snoop around at the Polaroid Originals website and you’ll see some handmade 8×10 instant films for large format cameras. But, it gets even bigger than that. How big exactly, this interesting video shows us, complete with a photo shoot!

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This Nearly $7,000 Pack of Polaroid Film was Signed by Andy Warhol

The great photographer and artist Andy Warhol had a major affinity for Polaroid film and here’s some extra proof.

Photographer Andy Warhol and his love of Polaroid film is no real secret if you pay attention to history. This recent find on eBay is a major treasure for any fan of Polaroid, Instant film, or even Warhol himself. Also known as the creator of Pop Art, Andy is also closely known for his many Polaroid photos shot over the years–some were taken in his studio while others were shot at parties almost Photo Booth style. Said “treasure” is none other than a pack of Polaroid film signed by Andy himself. Technically, one could argue that this belongs in a museum. But on the other hand, it would make much more sense in the collection of a photographer or a designer.

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There’s a Super Rare Instax Wide Back for Mamiya Universal Cameras on eBay Right Now

Instax Wide backs for the Mamiya Universal Press and Polaroid 600SE cameras were readily available, until they weren’t.

If you’re browsing eBay, the equivalent of an Instax Unicorn has surfaced on the web: an Instax Wide back for the Mamiya Universal camera. This adapter lets you load up Fujifilm Instax Wide film and shoot it with the medium format lenses used by the system. In addition to that, the system gives you full manual control over the image. With that said, you have full manual control over a modern Instant film format–currently the largest available on the market to consumers. Serious portrait photographers will adore the ability to do this with a camera that can fire off flashes and do so much more. The only other cameras that is nearly this versatile is the Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 series of medium format cameras.

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Polaroid: Please Give Up on ZINK and Focus on Instant Film

Polaroid, we know you’ve been at it for a while now, but please, just quit the ZINK stuff and just get more of your instant films going. 

It’s easy to see the need to make something for the selfie crowd, hence the decision to introduce the Polaroid Mint line (comprised of a 2-in-1 photo printing camera and pocket printer), during the recent IFA in Berlin and earlier at the CE Week in New York. But really, we hope Polaroid would give up the ZINK stuff and make more of what they became famous for: instant film.

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Polaroid Originals Makes Instant Photography Extra Creative with OneStep+ and App

Polaroid Originals lets you get extra creative with your Polaroid snaps with the new OneStep+ i-Type Camera.

If you missed out on the Polaroid OneStep 2, it could actually be a good thing. You might be getting a better option with the new OneStep+ and all its fun upgrades. This new i-Type Polaroid camera promises to give you more ways to play by simply connecting it to the Polaroid Originals app.

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Score This Rare Ronald McDonald’s Polaroid Prototype for $1,500

Fans of McDonald’s, Polaroid, and all things cameras and vintage: you might want to add this gem to your collection.

Polaroid was one of those camera makers that often churned out one-of-a-kind editions that sent (and still do, actually) collectors in a frenzy. If you’re one of them and you happen to have $1,500 to spare, our latest find might interest you.

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What I Learned After One Year of Trying to Make My Own Zine

I spent a year rounding up the work of some of the best analog photographers for a zine, and I learned so much along the way.

It’s 2018; who the hell in their right mind would want to sit there and create a zine? Well for one, me. In fact, tons of photographers do it for their own marketing purposes. Emulsion, my latest zine and experiment with my company, was more or less a labor of love for a year. Editorially, I had no help. Business wise, I need to thank my good buddy Justin Kirck for helping to keep me sane throughout the process. Kickstarting this was difficult, going through all the submissions was daunting, laying out and coordinating all the assets was draining, and getting all of this printed was as smooth as it could have possibly been from Blurb with all the variables we had. But after a year, I did it. Though I’m very forward about typically saying “we” on this blog, this venture was something specifically spearheaded and done by me.

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Get Crafty With Your Instant Photos and Make Some Polaroid Transparencies

Feeling experimental with your Polaroid snaps? Here’s a simple tutorial that will transform them into fun Polaroid transparencies.

The MiNT team has recently shared with us a quick and easy project for instant photography fans, particularly those who are fond of shooting with Polaroid films. Aside from emulsion lifts, transfers, collages, or simply hanging them up or taping them on your wall, why not try making Polaroid transparencies?

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Travel Centric Instant Film Cameras You’ll Want on Your Next Trip

Instant cameras will bring a new dimension to your travel work through a deeper connection to the craft of photography.

At first glance, looking at a print from an instant camera will stir judgements about the crummy colors, lack of sharpness, and the fact that the print is a one-off. But that would be far off base when thinking about instant photography. Creating with instant cameras is far deeper when you look below the surface. When creating with instant cameras you’ll experience a closer human connection, a genuine photographic print and way to connect with another human being that’s not social media. Creating with an instant camera is less an ego play and more an act of pure photography. Free yourself from the distractions of social media, the desire to spend hours in post, and practice your craft. You’ll become a better photographer by shooting with an instant. Here’s some solid choices when looking for instant cameras.

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Cheap Photo: Amazon Deals for Photographers You Need to See!

If you’re looking for some amazing deals on photography gear then check out this roundup curated from Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s largest shopping mall. Sometimes, trying to find a good deal on photography gear can suck up hours of time when you should be out shooting. In this roundup, I scour the deals on Amazon and curate what stands out. Photography deals can be limited in quantity, refurbs, open boxed or otherwise. Click the Amazon links to read details on these photo deals.

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