Polaroid: Please Give Up on ZINK and Focus on Instant Film

Polaroid, we know you’ve been at it for a while now, but please, just quit the ZINK stuff and just get more of your instant films going. 

It’s easy to see the need to make something for the selfie crowd, hence the decision to introduce the Polaroid Mint line (comprised of a 2-in-1 photo printing camera and pocket printer), during the recent IFA in Berlin and earlier at the CE Week in New York. But really, we hope Polaroid would give up the ZINK stuff and make more of what they became famous for: instant film.

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Polaroid Originals Makes Instant Photography Extra Creative with OneStep+ and App

Polaroid Originals lets you get extra creative with your Polaroid snaps with the new OneStep+ i-Type Camera.

If you missed out on the Polaroid OneStep 2, it could actually be a good thing. You might be getting a better option with the new OneStep+ and all its fun upgrades. This new i-Type Polaroid camera promises to give you more ways to play by simply connecting it to the Polaroid Originals app.

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Score This Rare Ronald McDonald’s Polaroid Prototype for $1,500

Fans of McDonald’s, Polaroid, and all things cameras and vintage: you might want to add this gem to your collection.

Polaroid was one of those camera makers that often churned out one-of-a-kind editions that sent (and still do, actually) collectors in a frenzy. If you’re one of them and you happen to have $1,500 to spare, our latest find might interest you.

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What I Learned After One Year of Trying to Make My Own Zine

I spent a year rounding up the work of some of the best analog photographers for a zine, and I learned so much along the way.

It’s 2018; who the hell in their right mind would want to sit there and create a zine? Well for one, me. In fact, tons of photographers do it for their own marketing purposes. Emulsion, my latest zine and experiment with my company, was more or less a labor of love for a year. Editorially, I had no help. Business wise, I need to thank my good buddy Justin Kirck for helping to keep me sane throughout the process. Kickstarting this was difficult, going through all the submissions was daunting, laying out and coordinating all the assets was draining, and getting all of this printed was as smooth as it could have possibly been from Blurb with all the variables we had. But after a year, I did it. Though I’m very forward about typically saying “we” on this blog, this venture was something specifically spearheaded and done by me.

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Get Crafty With Your Instant Photos and Make Some Polaroid Transparencies

Feeling experimental with your Polaroid snaps? Here’s a simple tutorial that will transform them into fun Polaroid transparencies.

The MiNT team has recently shared with us a quick and easy project for instant photography fans, particularly those who are fond of shooting with Polaroid films. Aside from emulsion lifts, transfers, collages, or simply hanging them up or taping them on your wall, why not try making Polaroid transparencies?

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Travel Centric Instant Film Cameras You’ll Want on Your Next Trip

Instant cameras will bring a new dimension to your travel work through a deeper connection to the craft of photography.

At first glance, looking at a print from an instant camera will stir judgements about the crummy colors, lack of sharpness, and the fact that the print is a one-off. But that would be far off base when thinking about instant photography. Creating with instant cameras is far deeper when you look below the surface. When creating with instant cameras you’ll experience a closer human connection, a genuine photographic print and way to connect with another human being that’s not social media. Creating with an instant camera is less an ego play and more an act of pure photography. Free yourself from the distractions of social media, the desire to spend hours in post, and practice your craft. You’ll become a better photographer by shooting with an instant. Here’s some solid choices when looking for instant cameras.

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Cheap Photo: Amazon Deals for Photographers You Need to See!

If you’re looking for some amazing deals on photography gear then check out this roundup curated from Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s largest shopping mall. Sometimes, trying to find a good deal on photography gear can suck up hours of time when you should be out shooting. In this roundup, I scour the deals on Amazon and curate what stands out. Photography deals can be limited in quantity, refurbs, open boxed or otherwise. Click the Amazon links to read details on these photo deals.

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Can You Guess What’s So Special About This Polaroid Land Camera 185?

If you’re keen on adding a limited edition folding Polaroid Land Camera 185 to your collection, better be ready to shell out a little over $1,800.

Polaroid cameras, especially the rare ones, remain some of the most sought after gems both by camera collectors and instant photography lovers. There’s a special place in every Polaroid fan’s collection for our latest ebay find: a limited edition Polaroid Land Camera 185. Even if it’s a very recent model compared to the usual folding Polaroid cameras, this interesting camera is going for a big sum. Is it worth the $1,840 buy it now price?

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Lorenzo Papadia Explores Impermanence Using a Polaroid SX-70

All images by Lorenzo Papadia. Used with permission.

Lovers of instant photography, particularly the retro-hued images revealed by Polaroid film, find it a particularly striking and an effective medium for emotional, visual stories despite the imperfections. Among these is Italian photographer Lorenzo Papadia, who is also the latest to share with us his dreamy Polaroid project titled Fade Point.

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Can You Guess What Polaroid Originals is Hinting at with Instant Film?

Polaroid Originals CEO says they’re up to some “very interesting projects” to grab some of the market from Fujifilm’s immensely successful Instax films.

While we’re yet to see Polaroid Originals and Fujifilm battle it out in court for the latter’s Instax Square being almost identical to the former’s trademark square film, things are still getting interesting for the two instant photography giants. In a recent interview, Polaroid Originals has hinted on brewing some strategies to snatch some of the market from Fujifilm’s whopping 99% share.

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20×24 Studio to Keep Operating Throughout 2018

Don’t put off that 20×24 Studio experience any longer!

If trying out the fabled 20×24 Polaroid folding camera has been on your photography bucket list, we have some good news for you. The 20×24 Studio, in New York City, has recently announced they will continue to be open for studio and production operations throughout 2018. According to their announcement, there were previous plans to cease operations at the end of 2017. However, that changed with the improvements in reagent recipes and production procedures this summer. With these, the studio saw enhanced performance of the remaining film stock for the iconic 20×24 Polaroid camera.

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Vintage Camera Review: The Polaroid SX70

The Polaroid SX70 is one of the most iconic and well known analog film cameras ever made. It was designed to be simple to use, compact, yet versatile. In today’s culture, it is a camera often associated with the hipster culture, and many people don’t even know that film is still made for it. Using film from the Impossible Project and Polaroid originals, your Polaroid SX70 is an option bound to not only look great on a bookcase, but also will be fun to use. Many companies tend to buy them up, refurbish them and then flip them for sale.

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MiNT SLR670-S Instant Camera Prices to Go Up in January 2018

The MiNT SLR670 is arguably one of the best cameras around to use Polaroid Originals’ film…

Don’t have a MiNT SLR670-S instant camera yet but have been planning to get your hands on one? Now would be the best time (not only in time for the holidays) as MiNT Camera has recently announced a price hike for early 2018.

MiNT’s SLR670 cameras are still among the best Polaroid cameras you can use with Impossible Project/Polaroid Originals films. If you’ve been putting off getting one, you have to be quick, as the price tag for these instant beauties is set to go up effective on January 15, 2018. From $699 for the SLR670-S, the price will go up to $726, and from $649 for the SLR670-S Classic, it will go up to $675.

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Instant Film Review: Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome

We’ve waited a long time for Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome film and it’s finally here!

One of the best things to have happened in the Polaroid/Instant Film world in so many years is the arrival of Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome. Announced earlier this year, the new film is a highly needed item that shows Fujifilm’s commitment to the Fujifilm Instax Wide format. The company has Mini, Square and Wide–and for a while the Wide format hasn’t been shown very much, if any, love. Perhaps this is because the other formats are much more portable, but Fujifilm Instax Wide has an appeal to photographers on the higher end. It is the largest format of all the Instant film formats and when put into the right cameras, the images sing.

Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome could be the absolute sharpest black and white instant film emulsion I’ve seen or used in years. In my opinion, it’s capable of outdoing even the old Fujifilm 3000B. Yes, I seriously never thought I’d say that. While I miss the excitement of the peel apart process, I’ll be the first to admit Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome is a superior film. And you can get Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome on Amazon now.

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The Old NPC ProBack Let You Shoot Polaroid Peel-Apart Films with a Nikon SLR

The NPC ProBack was a pretty nifty idea, if not a waste of film

Once in awhile, you come across a photography contraption whose purpose or use eludes you. Some of the ones that occasionally still pop up on eBay and photography forums is the NPC Polaroid ProBack, a camera back that was designed to take Polaroid peel-apart instant films for checking exposure, lighting, and composition on the spot. Back in the days, Polaroid films had a different purpose in photography than what most of us today use (and love) them for. They were very helpful for photographers who needed precise exposures for demanding projects. For those who wanted or needed to do this without an actual Polaroid camera (or wanted to get a preview of their camera setup), there was the bulky and unwieldy Speed Magny for those used Nikon F cameras. The cool factor of this was that the back essentially turned the 35 mm Nikon F camera into an instant or large format camera.

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Polaroid is Demanding that Fujifilm Pay Up on Rights for Instant Film

Fujifilm and Polaroid are butting heads on the Instant film front

It was only a matter of time until Fujifilm and Polaroid were going to duke it out on the legal battlefront; and apparently that’s what may be happening right now. According to a recent report, Fujifilm has asked a US district court to clear it of any wrongdoing after it was allegedly threatened with trademark litigation by Polaroid in regards to borders around photographs.

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The Wait for a Peel-Apart Instant Pack Film Revival Continues

When Fujifilm slated the FP-3000B Instant Black and White Film for discontinuation, it was the only black and white instant film in 3×4 format in the market. Four years later and we’re on a mad scramble after the last stocks of FP-100C, which Fuji discontinued in early 2016. Despite the many exciting developments in the instant photography arena, the beloved peel-apart films still remain sorely missed. The task to revive it appears difficult, apparently even for Polaroid Originals, so we are left waiting (impatiently, for some of us) for its return.

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First Impressions: Polaroid Originals One Step 2

The Polaroid Originals One Step 2 is a throwback to the classic camera.

If you use the Polaroid Originals One Step 2, you’ll probably be really enamored with its retro aesthetics if you’re not put off by its chunky size. But I thought the same thing about the Instax Mini 8 and other cameras; and they sell out really well. While I’d prefer a camera like the SX-70, I can see how and why folks will like the Polaroid Originals One Step 2. If you owned or used the Impossible Project’s I-1 camera, then you should know that the new Polaroid Originals One Step 2 camera has more or less the same type of body. Of course, it isn’t as advanced as the I-1: it doesn’t have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. But you’ll also not be too worried about the pretty low price tag associated with the camera.

And perhaps most interesting is the claim of a 60 day battery life.

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