This Film vs. Digital Shoot-Out Shows the Comparison We Need

This fashion shoot-out video is a must-watch if you’re caught between the film vs. digital debate.

Let’s face it: the film vs. digital debate isn’t going away anytime soon. People will always have opinions and find something to compare between the two mediums. Preferences will always be put on the table. But, for those who are new to photography – and the question of which is better between the two – here’s a fun video that shows what it’s like to work with both.

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The Easiest Black and White Film Emulsions to Start with

Black and white film is much easier to start with than color.

The saying goes that with most black and white film, you can get all of the forgiveness in the world. For the most part that’s true; and that’s why so many schools encourage students to start out with black and white film if they’re teaching film photography. Indeed, black and white film shooting also makes you think in a different way about the images you’re going to shoot – which teaches you to look at scenes in a way digital won’t. With lots of new photographers getting into the game, many are also trying to experience film for themselves for the first time. Why? Well, lots of these new folks haven’t had that experience.

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Start Your Film Photography Journey with These Budget 35mm Cameras

The budget 35mm cameras are plentiful!

Keen on getting into film photography but want to start with something cheap? If you want something more advanced than point and shoot cameras to have more control over your exposures, film SLR cameras are the way to go. Sure, they will also cost more, but they’ll be a great investment that will let you learn as you shoot. In a recent video, Aidan Moneyhon lists some of the best budget 35mm SLR cameras that will get you shooting in no time.

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The Complete Guide to Manual Settings on Your DSLR Camera

Everything you need to know to start shooting in manual mode. This is a syndicated blog post from Format originally done by Brit Weaver.

Ready to get more creative with your photography? At first, having a digital or analog SLR camera is an exhilarating and intimidating experience. Most beginners play it safe with the automatic modes, but if you’re looking to step up your photography game it might be time to switch to the manual settings. Not only will you see a difference in the quality of shots, you will also have more creative control over the outcomes. In this guide, you will learn about the tools you need to get set up, various photography terms and how to put all the information together to get the shot that you want. No filter needed.

First, knowing how you want the shot to look is key to getting your desired results. This guide will provide you with a little introduction to all the things that go into making a beautiful shot.

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A Modern Photographer’s Introduction to Portrait Lighting Essentials

This is a syndicated blog post from Digital Photo Pro, part of the Madavor network

The art of portrait lighting is the art of bringing out the essence of an individual—identifying the person’s personality and facial features, and coming up with a lighting scheme that will synchronize with them. Many photographers fall into the habit of using a stock setup for all of their work without consideration of the person they’re photographing. Some can pull this off quite well, creating a body of work that takes some variability out of a series of images.

For most, however, this becomes a “Hey! Look at me and what I can do!” kind of thing. The photographer trying to impress by imposing inappropriate lighting on the subject is flirting with disaster. That’s because many photographers fail to embrace and practice the basics of lighting technique.

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