How to Achieve Great Portraits in Open Shade Lighting

Here’s how you can take advantage of open shade lighting to get beautiful portraits.

Whether you’re not yet well-versed in studio lighting setup or simply prefer shooting in natural light, here’s an easy tutorial that will help you get stunning results. Just look for a location with open shade lighting and you’re halfway there! Mark Wallace demonstrates how you can work with this simple but clean lighting for your next natural light portrait sessions.

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How to Get Stunning Low Key Portraits with One Light Source

Find out how you can achieve great low key portraits with a simple light setup.

Do you have a portrait project in mind that requires a contrasty, low key look? Unlike high-key lighting, this technique usually lets you play with light and shadow to lend a dramatic mood on your portraits. However, it’s also possible to get beautiful results without all the harsh shadows dominating your subject’s features. Daniel Norton shows us how to put together a simple setup for clean-looking low key portraits in his recent OnSet episode.

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The Digital Photographer’s Introduction to Black and White Film Photography

Black and white film photography is more complicated than you may have thought.

Black and white film photography is back for sure. And with many folks returning to film photography, I wanted to pass on some knowledge that wasn’t given to me initially. Everyone always used to say, “Go shoot Tri-X,” and that was it. After shooting with other films, all that means to me now is that they didn’t know anything else beyond that. There are so many more films beyond that and so much more you should know.

Another myth is that black and white film is more or less the same when it comes to versatility. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are black and white equivalents for negative and positive films. Still confused? We’ll show you the differences. Prepare to be surprised.

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Analogue Photography Reference Manual: A Tome for Film Photographers

Analogue Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film is a must-have book for today’s generation of film photographers.

Analogue Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film is most likely the most extensive film photography resource to come in printed form in a very long time. A project by Andrew Bellamy and published by Rome-based Ars-Imago, the book celebrates both the beauty of analog photography and the magical cameras from many decades past.

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High-Profile Shoot Lessons: Photographing the US Vice President and an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

When it comes to a high-profile shoot, being prepared isn’t simply about showing up with your gear.

Every genre of photography comes with its own set of challenges, but all of them can also present the opportunity for a very important, high-profile shoot. And when such a chance comes along, you need to be thoroughly prepared for it. How thorough exactly? J.T. of the Run N Gun YouTube channel gives us an idea in one of his recent videos.

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Pull Off Unique Camera Angles in Tight Spaces with These Simple Steps

Experimenting with unique camera angles for photo and video projects is easy with these tips.

Ever wanted to try creating cool perspectives from a tight space like a mailbox, oven, or cabinet? Jay P. Morgan, of The Slanted Lens channel, has a quick video tutorial showing how you can pull off unique camera angles with just a few simple steps. Such unique camera angles have many creative applications for various projects – whether it’s commercial work or a personal project. It can be challenging to set up your gear for shoots of this kind, but Jay has your back in this short video.

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The 37 Best Portrait Photographers to Follow on Instagram

This is a syndicated blog post on Be sure to sign up for their mailing list, tutorials and follow them on Instagram.

Looking for new portrait photography inspiration on Instagram? ​Here are 37 accounts that consistently post interesting portrait photographs. They’re listed in no particular order, though Richard Avedon and Irving Penn go first because they’re the best… obviously! To follow ​the ones you like, just click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of each profile. If you have a good suggestion for this list, let us know. If I like what I see, I’ll add it!

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5 Quick Ways to Rock Your Next Engagement Shoot

Posing a couple? Oh trust us, it’s not that simple.

Photographing a single subject has its fair share challenges: posing, lighting, framing, composition, etc. Photographing couples can sometimes seem like double the work! Why? Well, you’ve got two people to work with for starters and then there are different body shapes, personalities, wardrobe, etc. Here’s a quick guide to help take your work with couples to the next level.

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