What is High Key Lighting? How The Popular Lighting Technique Works With Portrait Photography

High key lighting is a technique that has been used for many, many years now. For the most part, you can associate it with a certain Amazon patent, but high key lighting has been used year after year for portrait photography and cinematography. Essentially, it gives your subject this sort of angelic, bright and airy look. These days it is typically more associated with backlighting a portrait subject. So if you love working with natural lighting, then you’ll probably really like high key lighting.

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Simpler Than You Think: The Secret To Metering a Portrait Photo With a Flash

Sooooooooo many photographers are completely and totally scared of using a flash, but in all truthfulness it’s probably sometimes easier than metering for natural light. Because a camera has options like aperture priority for a photographer to tell the camera only what depth of field a photographer wants, lots of photographers tend to opt for this setting more than anything else. If you’re shooting in manual mode, this can work too but it isn’t always worth doing.

Now what if I told you that when working with a flash, you can set it and forget it? Well, it’s true for the most part.

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Tips on How to Make Money as a Landscape Photographer

One of the most difficult things to do as a landscape photographer is making money. For many, it trumps being able to figure out the perfect exposure to use and the right time to wake up to catch the sunrise. Lots of photographers used to sell stock photography and yet others do sales of prints. So if you're looking for ways to make money, consider thinking just a bit different.

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National Geographic Photographer Ira Block Gives Tips for Instagram and Documentary Photographers

Photographer Ira Block has traveled around the world and these days is both a National Geographic Photographer and a Sony Artisan. To that end, he's one of the perfect photographers to speak to about documentary photography. Earlier this year, he spent some time in front of the camera with us talking about modern documentary photography and how it's changed over the years. To start with though, Ira imparts a few tips for photographers looking to get into documentary photography. Not to our surprise, he tells us a lot of it has to do with passion and preparation.

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Film Photography Tutorial: Choosing Your First Ilford Film

ILFORD PHOTO offer the biggest and broadest range of black & white films on the market today. While this is perfect for experienced film photographers who love having a choice, we appreciate that it can be a bit confusing for people new to film photography.

If you are looking to try film photography for the first time and are wondering where to start, then you have come to the right place.

We should start by pointing out that there is no ‘wrong’ choice when it comes to ILFORD films. They are all fantastic, and your choice will boil down to a combination of personal preference (for example grain structure) and how/what you plan to shoot (speed and exposure latitude).

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The Awkward Photographer’s Guide to Networking With Other People

Networking events are part of the whole body of the photography industry no matter what part of it you happen to be in. They’re essential when it comes to building your business, building your name, and even just to keep the door open to possibly working with folks in the future. It’s also no secret the industry is more often than not about who you know more than what you know. So if you’re looking to network with other photographers, editors, Instagramers, gallery curators, wedding planners, etc. then read on for a few tips.

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Boosting Your Creativity as a Photographer Through Self Care

As a creative, I’ve grown to be protective of my ability to actually be creative. Did you know the human mind can experience decision fatigue? Some sources cite that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions a day. This means at some point during the day we can literally grow weary of making decisions that serve us well. Often ordering a coffee in the morning uses up dozens of those decisions. In fact, most of us use almost 300 decisions just around food. Even more often we make our worst decisions at night, whether it is with wine, ice cream, snacks, etc. It is useful to establish habits that reserve as many decisions as possible to be used on the important creative decisions we will make as artists.

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10 Tips on How to Get Your Photography Exhibited

Featured image pulled from video featured below. Credit to Shutterbug and Jordan Matter

When you are getting into photography there are some things that many aspiring photographers dream about accomplishing; for some that something is like getting published in a big name magazine; for others, that something is like having their work exhibited at a gallery. Both are lofty goals, but today we are going to take a look at the latter. Jordan Matter recently teamed up with Shutterbug to put together this great video featuring 10 tips on how to get your photography exhibited, and it offers some great advice!

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