Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Is Attractive And Fun!

I’ve recently begun integrating instant film into my photoshoots. My clients love the fun nostalgia and walking away with a tangible image from their sessions. Instant film is the magical ingredient that users of all ages and skill levels enjoy. Fujifilm Instax cameras have become a staple over the years, and their smartphone printers have been instant hits. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo is the next evolution within the lineup and aims to bridge the gap between its cameras and printers. Is this the hybrid digital camera and smartphone you’ve been waiting for? Keep reading to find out.

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Minolta Made an Instant Camera. But Why Though?

Do you remember Minolta? Well, the brand is back and making a resurgence into the photography world with its take on instant cameras. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the Minolta Instapix 2-in-1 camera because you are not alone. They’ve been available on QVC and Amazon for over two years. There are a lot of questions that come to mind, with the most pressing question being why?

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You Need the Patience of a Saint: Jollylook Instant Camera Review

Whether you’ve yet to receive your Jollylook Instant Camera — the first model — or are thinking of getting one, here are some of the things you can expect.

The new Jollylook Auto was recently released and already fully funded on Kickstarter. However, some of the backers of the first campaign yet to receive theirs must be wondering what the original Jollylook Instant Camera has in store for them. Those familiar with it already know it looks fancy but built simply, so this review will have more quick insights into the shooting experience instead of a rundown of features.

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Doomed Kodak Stab at Instant Film

We bet you didn’t know about the failed Kodak foray into instant photography, so let this vintage camera commercial give you an idea.

With the late 1970s and 1980s being a prime time for instant photography, it’s not surprising that camera companies thought about challenging the reign of Polaroid. Perhaps unknown to many today or forgotten by most, Kodak released their doomed attempt at instant cameras and film in 1977. Allow us to refresh your memory or give you an idea with today’s featured vintage camera commercial for the Kodak Handle.

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Vintage Polaroid Commercial Teaches Us How to Press the Perfect Picture

Nothing like a vintage camera commercial to remind us why Polaroid cameras continue to be popular.

Despite the prevalence of Fujifilm Instax cameras, Polaroid cameras from decades past remain popular to this day. Among them is the Polaroid Sun 600, which is the star of today’s featured vintage camera commercial. Today, this instant camera is among the iconic models that continue to be sought after in vintage stores and secondhand markets, thanks to word of mouth among film photographers. Still, it’s always interesting to see how these cameras were marketed back then, often with the help of celebrities and well-known photographers, like Hugh Laurie for this 1980s commercial.

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The Jollylook Auto Instant Camera Gives Photographers Aperture Priority

If the first version of the Jollylook was too basic for your liking, its latest iteration, the Jollylook Auto, could be more interesting.

When the original version of the vintage-styled Jollylook instant camera came out three years ago, the camera only had simple controls and cardboard construction. Some were not too impressed with it, and the makers responded by putting together a bunch of substantial improvements — both in form and features. If you’ve been eyeing the Jollylook but haven’t been impressed, maybe the latest iteration now being funded on Kickstarter can be a more interesting option.

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This Vintage Camera Ad Reminds Us of the “Countdown” Polaroid

Does anyone remember this Polaroid Land Camera with a “countdown” feature? Let this vintage camera ad remind you if you’ve forgotten!

Polaroid cameras from decades past remain among the most popular and beloved when it comes to vintage cameras, revered alongside their modern counterparts. That’s why, apart from the cameras themselves, a lot of instant photography fans find themselves fascinated with the vintage camera ads that feature them. Today, put the spotlight on one such ad, which takes us back all the way to 1970.

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This Polaroid Land 104 Commercial Will Make You Nostalgic About Pack Film

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of pack film through ONE INSTANT, we think this old Polaroid commercial will remind you of the medium’s good old days.

If the discontinuation of pack film was among the saddest news in the film photography world, its return through the ONE INSTANT project certainly brings some hope. The dream is to have it as readily available as current instant film formats, but while we’re waiting that out, we have a little something for all you pack film fans. Whether you’re new to the medium or simply want to relive the glory days of Polaroid pack film, we’re sure this old commercial will be interesting to you.

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Instant Camera Review: Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer

The Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer is fun for selfies at parties but hampered by the limitations of ZINK print technology.

The Canon IVY CLIQ+ is the company’s way of tackling the Instant camera market that has made a massive comeback in recent years. Printing photos has seen a resurgence in popularity. This is a welcomed trend considering pretty much everyone has a camera in their pockets at all times these days. While more photos are being taken than ever before, very few are printed. Most are never looked at again. Seeing a physical print from an instant camera never gets old. People instinctively gather for selfies whenever someone busts out an instant camera. Canon is hoping to tap into this market with the newest product in their IVY line: the Canon IVY CLIQ+. It uses Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Technology to make prints that double as stickers. It’s both a pocketable instant camera and a mobile printer. In addition to taking photos and creating prints on the fly, you can even use the IVY CLIQ+ to print images from your phone. So, does the Canon IVY CLIQ+ live up to the hype?

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Instant Camera Review: Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer

While instant cameras are great fun at parties, the Canon IVY CLIQ’s ZINK prints will leave you wanting more.

The popularity of instant cameras has seen a resurgence in recent years, and the IVY CLIQ is the Canon’s entry-level product targeted at this market. Fujifilm is currently dominating the instant camera market with their various Instax cameras and printers. Canon is hoping to compete by pricing the IVY CLIQ at just under US $100. Lacking some of the features of the more premium IVY CLIQ+, the IVY CLIQ is a no-thrills instant camera that creates photo prints using Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Technology. The prints have a peel-apart back that turns them into stickers as well. The compact size of the IVY CLIQ allows it to fit into most pants and shirt pockets, making it easy to carry around. Is the Canon IVY CLIQ the right instant camera for you?

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You Secretly Want This Rare, Unused Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 for $3,215

Anything Hello Kitty touches is guaranteed to be saleable, but we’re not sure a Hello Kitty Polaroid 600 should be going for this much.

If you’ve been following our vintage finds, you’ll know that we keep our eyes peeled for all things noteworthy, cool, and sometimes overpriced. Today’s find has all three ticked: a rare Hello Kitty Polaroid 600, in unused condition, going for $3,215. It’s definitely a collectible item both for Hello Kitty fans and Polaroid photographers (and Polaroid photographers who are also Hello Kitty fans). But whether it warrants the hefty price tag is another matter altogether.

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The MiNT InstantKon RF70 Gets Updated with Auto and Manual

Heads up, instant film photographers! The folks of MiNT have finally and officially unveiled the InstantKon RF70 with not one, but two models!

It’s already been a year since we last heard about the InstantKon RF70 and took it for a test run. Now, the folks of MiNT have made it official. Not only did they just launch one model, but also an Auto version for those who are still learning the ropes of manual controls. If you’re only hearing about this instant camera now, allow us to introduce you to this wide-angled wonder.

Updated with more official specs

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What It’s Like to Take the World’s Largest Polaroid Photo

Ever wondered how big Polaroid photos can be? We have the answer in this fascinating video.

If no one has told you yet, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Polaroid films go bigger than the 4×5 peel apart instant films you’ve probably seen. Snoop around at the Polaroid Originals website and you’ll see some handmade 8×10 instant films for large format cameras. But, it gets even bigger than that. How big exactly, this interesting video shows us, complete with a photo shoot!

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The Escura Instant 60s Is a Retro-Looking, Hand-Powered Instant Camera

The Escura Instant 60s could be interesting for those who have a penchant for nostalgic designs and instant photography.

Heads up instant photography fans! Hong Kong-based brand CARBON has developed a new instant camera that may tickle your fancy for nostalgia and novelty. Called Escura Instant 60s, this latest creation is a fully manual and fully hand-powered camera with a noticeably retro-inspired design.

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Leica Instant M Concept Describes an Instant Camera With Leica M Lens

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to have an instant camera with the revered Leica M lens, the short answer is yes.

Leica may already have its own instant camera in the form of the Sofort, introduced in 2016. But, let’s face it: it feels more like a glorified Fuji Instax Mini than a truly premium instax camera with the Leica brand. Shanghai-based product designer Daniel Huang took up the noble challenge to make the first instant camera designed for the Leica M lens. The result is a minimalist masterpiece that will delight the Leica fans, and intrigue instant photography lovers.

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Score This Rare Ronald McDonald’s Polaroid Prototype for $1,500

Fans of McDonald’s, Polaroid, and all things cameras and vintage: you might want to add this gem to your collection.

Polaroid was one of those camera makers that often churned out one-of-a-kind editions that sent (and still do, actually) collectors in a frenzy. If you’re one of them and you happen to have $1,500 to spare, our latest find might interest you.

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Jollylook Faces Fiasco After Over a Year of Delay and Manufacturing Problems

The Jollylook was a promising project that was funded by over 6,000 backers, but one manufacturing problem after the other right up to recent times has it facing a fiasco.

Does anyone still remember the Jollylook? The quirky but kind of cool foldout camera was geared to be the first cardboard Instax camera, a novelty that garnered way over its funding goal of $15,000 thanks to over 6,000 backers. But, over a year later, the Jollylook team was still facing some manufacturing issues and have only started shipping last month. The ones who have received their cameras are reportedly unhappy with non-functioning units. Some are furious to have found the Jollylook out in retail stores when they aren’t even sure when they’re getting their cameras. What a fiasco this is turning out to be.

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The Instant Magny 35 Turns Your SLR and Rangefinder into an Instant Camera

With the curious-looking Instant Magny 35, you won’t need an extra instant camera; your trusty 35mm film SLR or rangefinder camera will do!

With the popularity of the Fujifilm Instax Mini and Instax Square photos, everyone seems to be going after Instax cameras these days. They are definitely loads of fun to use and make swapping photos easy, but they don’t really give you much control over your photos. The analog answer to this has always been instant backs for film SLR cameras. The latest of these is the curious-looking Instant Magny 35 currently being funded on Kickstarter. Continue reading…

Can You Guess What’s So Special About This Polaroid Land Camera 185?

If you’re keen on adding a limited edition folding Polaroid Land Camera 185 to your collection, better be ready to shell out a little over $1,800.

Polaroid cameras, especially the rare ones, remain some of the most sought after gems both by camera collectors and instant photography lovers. There’s a special place in every Polaroid fan’s collection for our latest ebay find: a limited edition Polaroid Land Camera 185. Even if it’s a very recent model compared to the usual folding Polaroid cameras, this interesting camera is going for a big sum. Is it worth the $1,840 buy it now price?

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