The Jollylook Auto Instant Camera Gives Photographers Aperture Priority

If the first version of the Jollylook was too basic for your liking, its latest iteration, the Jollylook Auto, could be more interesting.

When the original version of the vintage-styled Jollylook instant camera came out three years ago, the camera only had simple controls and cardboard construction. Some were not too impressed with it, and the makers responded by putting together a bunch of substantial improvements — both in form and features. If you’ve been eyeing the Jollylook but haven’t been impressed, maybe the latest iteration now being funded on Kickstarter can be a more interesting option.

Dubbed Jollylook Auto, this version takes pride in combining a classic design with environmentally-friendly materials, as well as improved features like manual developing mechanics, automatic shutter, and a flash. It still has the same steampunk-inspired bellowed look of the first version and still uses Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film. However, it now comes in two colors: the red and black palette of the first version and a more vintage-y wood brown option.

The improvements bring some new functionalities and changes to how Jollylook Auto operates. The auto exposure and built-in flash allow for well-exposed photos, while the aperture selection (f16, f22, f32, f45, f64, pinhole) makes it possible to achieve your desired depth of field. The flash is powered by an internal Lithium-ion battery which can be charged using a standard micro USB smartphone charger. The shutter speed is now set automatically by a light sensor, from 1/200 sec to 60 sec, plus Bulb. The focusing scale has also been improved for easier setting. And there’s now a multiple exposure functionality and an attached polarizing filter.

According to the Jollylook team, it took them 14 months developing the Jollylook Auto. Apart from reworking a design that retained the vintage steampunk aesthetic and putting together the improvements and added features, they also found the best and most cost-effective option for the material of the camera body. The wood-fiber they selected looks great, required less gluing than plywood, doesn’t contain formaldehyde, has a surface that requires no additional processing, and can be easily manufactured with their in-house laser cutter.

All these features present the Jollylook Auto as a significantly better and sturdier unit, promising to be a more reliable version of the cardboard version. Those interested in the original Jollylook may certainly opt for this one, and backers who pledged in the first campaign who are yet to receive their rewards may also opt for the Jollylook Auto in this campaign.

Jollylook Auto Technical Specifications

  • Automatic instant camera with manual development unit.
  • Shutter body and aperture constructed from laminated fibreboard.
  • Shutter: electro-mechanical.
  • Viewfinder – Fresnel reduction lens.
  • Lens – Optical quality acrylic meniscus with a focal length of 110mm.
  • Light filter – polarized neutral.
  • Pinhole – a perfectly round hole in a copper foil with a diameter of 0.38 mm – located on the diaphragm plate.
  • Aperture – manual selection for five values: f/16, f/22; f/32; f/45; f/64 + pinhole.
  • Shutter speed – set automatically by a light sensor.1/200 second to 60 seconds plus Bulb
  • Multiple exposure functionality.
  • A built-in flash unit.
  • Attached polarizing filter.
  • Standard tripod mount.
  • Power supply -Internal lithium-ion battery with charging via micro USB using a standard phone charger (not included).
  • Battery charge life – in excess of 80 images based upon initial testing (Assumes 50% flash use).
  • Film ejection – manual crank drive mechanism.
  • Operating temperature – 10 – 35C in dry weather.
  • Size – 135/95/65 mm or 5.3/3.7/2.55 Inch (when folded).
  • Weight – 420 Grams(g) / 15 oz.
  • Storage conditions – in a dry place out of direct sun at room temperature.

Head to the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about the Jollylook Auto and the rewards available, and make your pledge.

All photos from the Jollylook Auto Kickstarter campaign