Alice Camera Is Hoping to Make Your Photography Almost Effortless

“A drive to embrace new technology and change,” answers data scientist and CEO of Alice Camera, Vishal Kumar, when queried about what sets Alice Camera apart from other camera companies. He found that existing mirrorless cameras were too cumbersome and decided that a shift was needed in the camera industry. This stirred up multiple ideas in his head, which eventually led to the creation of the Alice Camera. We caught up with Vishal and his team for an exclusive interview about the upcoming camera and an insight into the AI algorithm it uses to produce pictures.

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Luminar AI Update 3 – Just How Good Is the Update?

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In addition to native support for Apple’s new M1 machines, the latest update to Luminar AI promises improvements for a handful of features. Enhancements to their Sky AI algorithm are at the top of the list to provide more realistic looks and greater control for your sky replacement cravings. There’s also better sky detection and separate controls for moving your replaced sky and its reflection (if any). Augmented Sky AI is a new tool added to help with the addition of objects to your sky. Keep reading to see how these updates fared in our tests.

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Google Photos Colorizing Old Black and White Photos Using AI is Why Tech Can Be Terrible

Colorizing old black and white photos will soon be a task Google Photos can take using an upcoming AI-driven feature. Or will it really?

Move over photographers and photo colorists: a new AI-driven feature soon to be rolled out on Google Photos will satisfy everyone’s curiosity about what old black and white photos will look like in color. This means the next time you flip through your grandparents’ photo albums you can just snap them with your phone and Google Photos’ AI will render it in color for you.

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AI Saying We’ve Got Instagram-Worthy Photos Isn’t the Same as Making a Person’s Jaw Drop

An AI can give you a seemingly impressive breakdown of your photo’s Instagram-worthiness, but don’t expect it to be a telling critique of your work

If you’ve yet to realize your goal — or dream — of becoming an Instagram celebrity, you could be on the way by enlisting the help of a chatbot. Not your Instagram junkie friends, your photography mentor, or a social media marketing expert. All you need is some nifty artificial intelligence to tell you if your photo has the potential to make it big in terms of garnering likes and comments.

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