The Fotcase Harness Strap Pledges to Be Comfortable and Stylish

The new Fotcase promises style and comfort when lugging cameras for both the adventurous amateur and the pro on the go

Harness style camera straps have become staple accessories for photographers wanting comfort while carrying hefty cameras. The latest of these is the sleek Fotcase strap, which has just launched on Kickstarter. This strap is equipped with a special X-bracing on the back to ensure comfort, and a safety cord to attach to your camera for extra security.

Fotcase co-founder and creator Anton Semenov had the idea for a strap to solve a problem he shares with a lot of pro photographers. “A year ago, I faced a problem. None of my camera straps could solve two problems at once: maximum comfort and a stylish look. The straps on my neck and shoulders were not comfortable and looked awkward. And so the first prototype of Fotcase was produced — the world’s first strap not only for the camera, but also for the photographer!”

As with most harness type straps, Fotcase features a design that evenly distributes weight across both shoulders. With the cameras easily accessible and ready-at-hand from the sides, this strap is great for pro photographers on the go. The main leather strap comes with a stainless steel carabiner that can support up to 500 kg, while a secondary safety cord keeps cameras safe even if the main camera mount unscrews.

The Fotcase strap will be available in two versions to cater to your shooting style and requirements: Cross One, for use with one camera, and Cross Two for two cameras. To make sure that it will be a perfect fit for all, it will also come in three sizes:  S-M (up to 155-170 cm height), M-L (170-175 cm height), and L-XL (175 cm and higher).

The Kickstarter campaign for Fotcase will run for 30 days with a funding goal of $15,000. You can get the Cross One for as low as $79 and the Cross Two for $99 as the Super Early Bird rewards. If you think the Fotcase is for you, head to the campaign page to learn more and grab one (or two) of this simple yet stylish harness strap.